A Day Never Forgotten- Part 1

A Day Never Forgotten- Part 1

NOTE: I suppose you could call this story rape. It wasn't much, but it impacted me farther than anything has before. Yes, this really and truly happened to me. Read on, please. There's not much sexuality in part 1, but in parts 2 + 3, THERE'S A LOT.

I had no idea what was in store for me as I disobeyed my fathers wishes and left the trailer pack when he was at work. He'll never know... I thought innocently as I did a wheelie high in the air on my dark brown Felt bike. Alongside me were three of my best friends, Sam who was 13 and walked. Then there was Josh and James, two 14 year old brothers who were flying along the road on skateboards. Birds chirped, the sun shone, it seemed as if nothing could ruin this day. I was only 12, and I was also named Sam. So you don't get confused, we'll call the 13 year old Sammi, and me, plain ol' Sam will do.

And so we went, i was riding slow on account of Sammi's walking pace. Josh and James were already in their driveway, which was only slightly farther down the road, and were waiting for us. I chatted nonchalantly with Sammi, just enjoying the day and being in the company of friends. When we finally pulled into the driveway, Sammi and I had ended up talking about the pot we were going to buy.

“I'm serious, though,” Sammi said to me. She was talking about the amount of pot we would need, and how many joints we wanted, etc. etc.

“I know you are. That's what bugs me. We don't need two joints each. Hell, we don't even need ONE each! We can each share.”

Sammi continued to argue, and I finally gave in. Enough pot for one joint each. That was going to be plenty, on top of the Corona, Blue Light, cigarettes, and various illegal products we were going to consume that weekend. Back behind the trailer park where I live, there are a bunch of well-concealed trails that hide 4 young men and women as we smoked, drank, and played truth or dare while we were high! Interesting combo, if you ask me. We were planning on having a party that weekend. Me and my boyfriend, Sammi and the guy she liked, Josh with his girlfriend, and James with his. All in all, it was going to be a kick-ass party!

Back on subject- I hopped off of my bike and walked the rest of the driveway with Sammi, Josh and James flanking me. I put my bike against the side of his house and immediately opened the door to walk upstairs. It was a normal habit- Josh and James didn't knock when they come over, I don't knock when I come over. Plus, they were right behind me. I climbed the stairs to the main floor of their house and lightly stepped down the hallway to their bedroom. Once again, I opened the door without question and waltzed right in. I plopped down on the bed and waited for my companions to do the same. Once we were all situated, I asked:

“What are we gonna do first?” As was ritual in our regular meetings. It was Sammi who responded first. I remembered right after she opened her mouth that it was Sammi's turn to choose what we did. Josh, James, and I had already had our turns. Josh had chosen pot smoking, his favorite hobby. James had chosen skateboarding, his favorite hobby, and when it was finally my turn, I chose to egg my neighbors! We had an awesome time. Finally, Sammi posed her idea.

“I think we should play truth or dare!” she exclaimed. Josh, James, and I all groaned.

“It's no fun when we aren't high!” James complained. Of course.

“No, but imagine all the dares we can think up when our heads are clear!” she argued back. I stayed out of it, because I knew Sammi would win the exchange- she always did.

"I suppose you have a point..." James said cautiously. He rubbed his finger against his chin, clearly thinking of possible ways to humiliate his friends. That was his second hobby. "All right," he caved. "But you go first," he pointed to Sammi.

"Whatev," she stated in a bored tone. This is where the real story starts, in case any of you have gotten bored. "Sam, I dare you to play touchy-touchy feely-feely with Josh."

My eyes stretched wide and I whipped around to face my friend. "Are you insane?!" I nearly shouted. My virgin mind was scrambling to keep up with the images that raced in my eyes. I shook my head to clear the unwanted visions. "Josh has a girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend!" But Josh didn't even care. Didn't even care that his girlfriend was one of my best friends and that she would beat his ass if she found out. Mine, too.

Josh shrugged his shoulders and raised himself to his feet. By this time I was shaking all over. I was a virgin back then, even if I watched and read about porn almost every night, I was only 12 years old. I didn't know what to do. Should I stay? Should I run? So many questions, yet no answers. Then, Josh walked towards me, an evil grin on his face.

I panicked right then and there. I shot up from my position on the bed, my large (for my age) tits jiggled a bit, and Josh's gaze snapped down to them. I put my arm gently over my breasts. "Josh, I really, really don't think we should do this. We're both in relationships!"

But he kept walking closer, closer. I was against the door. I fumbled for the doorknob, and found it. With a silent sight of relief, I twisted the door knob, but nothing happened. It locked from the outside. I looked to Sammi, hoping for support, but my gaze found her sprawled on the floor, blood seeping from a wide slice across her temple. I don't know how I didn't notice her before. My gaze traveled to James, he was always the nicest between him and his brother. But as I stared, I saw the replica of Josh's evil smile spread across his face. From his right index finger swung a key on a ring.

I had a feeling this was going far past Truth or Dare.

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