My Dream of You

My Dream of You

I find myself swimming through a mist-filled lake suddenly…not really remembering how I got there, to this place of magic and mystery…green streamers of moss and old branches, writing the stories of their once beautiful blooming flowers on the warm, clear water. I can hear the echo of gentle waves lapping the shores of a distant beach somewhere in the distance. The night is bright with radiant stars and a glowing full moon. I swim around the lake, enjoying the warmth and steam as it envelops my naked body. I float on my back for a while, staring up at the branches of the verdant trees and breathing in the sweet aroma of their petals. As I slowly start to drift towards the shore, I spy a flash of white through the trees. At first, I assume it is just one of the flowers, gently gliding to its final resting place upon the soft loam of the forest floor, but then I spy it again, this time just a fleeting glance. I decide to investigate further and begin swimming towards the shore. The soft white sand of the beach is still warm from the day’s sun.

Upon the beach rests a pair of shorts and loose linen shirt, presumably the clothing I had on when I arrived here. I slip into the clothing and spy a torch lying a short distance away. As I approach the woven wicker and bamboo contraption, I again spy the flash that drew me out of the warm waters. I snatch up the torch, which somehow by the magic of this place lights up with merry crackle, illuminating the way before me. The cool light of the stars and moon is quickly replaced by the yellow and warm glow of its dancing flames. As the wood surrounding the beach fill with its light, I can see that elusive fluttering speck of white disappearing into the darkness. I chase after it, dodging through the trees and falling flowers hoping to spy what it is. As I draw nearer to it, I can hear a faint laughter traveling on the wind and a trace of perfume that is sweeter even than the rain of petals I race through. Just ahead through the trees I can see the figure of a woman, dressed in a long flowing white robe and bare feet, skipping and running through the trees, her short black hair ruffling in the gentle breath of breeze. I realize soon that she lead me on a merry chase in a circle through the woods. As she bursts out of the trees, she glances back at me with her slightly slanted dark brown eyes, and winks. I slow at little as we approach the water’s edge. The trees have given way to a soft and rolling field of grass that creeps all the way to the lake ending in a group of soft rounded and smooth rocks. The full moon shines brightly off the waves brushing up against the rocky shore, the sigh and murmur of the water fills the night with a soft music of nature. The mysterious woman stands there, her back to me, staring out over the water.

I stop at the edge of the trees and thrust the torch into the soft earth. Slowly the woman begins to slide her robe down her body, at first just a shoulder then the other. She glances once again over her shoulder at me as if to say stay there. A slow and delicious smile spreads across her lovely face, the warmth of it filling her eyes. She giggles slightly and slowly slips the robe down to small of her back. I can see one of her full breasts and perky nipple, caressed by the light of the moon. Slowly ever so slowly, the robe slips further down until the very top of her shapely, soft butt, sliding ever so slowly down, revealing the full beauty if her curves. My heart begins to pound as the robe finally falls to ground, discarded like the wings of an angel, shining out in the night. I can see the full beauty of her body as she stands there, demure and silent, seemingly reveling in the heat of the night. She stretches languidly, her arms reaching for the silent stars and exhales deeply. She glances over her shoulder at me standing there and slowly begins to spread her long and shapely legs apart, her cute little dainty feet digging into the green grass.
She slowly starts to bend over, arching her back like some exotic animal, revealing a shaved little patch of hair and pouty lips, sparkling in the torchlight from the faint hint of moisture down there. Her perky butt sticking up in the air, she sticks a finger in her mouth, slowly sucking on it. Pulling it seductively from her mouth, she traces the outline of those sweet lips, a soft moan escaping her lips. I can see the tight little puckered hole of her butt clenching a little as her fingers graze her clit. I gasp in desire as this sight passes before my eyes.

I start to step forward, but something in her eyes tells me no again, so I wait, though my cock was swelling and pulsing from the urge to go to her. That sweet smile seemed to beckon to me, but for now, I was content to watch. Still bent over my mystery goddess begins petting that luscious pussy, coaxing more and more juices from it as the lips begin to part and her pink little clit begins to poke its sensitive head from underneath it’s hood. I see the delight and arousal in her beautiful eyes as a soft little moan escapes her lips. She closes her eyes for a moment as the tip of her finger presses close to flowering opening of her. As the very tip of it slides ever so slowly in, she opens her eyes, piercing me with a look of lust as it slides deeper and deeper. Those succulent lips part with ecstasy and I see her shiver. She pushes deeper until she takes it all in, sighing with the fullness of it. Then, still fixing me with that look she slides it out, dripping with the sweet nectar of woman and slowly brings the tip to her mouth. Smiling she taste it, delight in her eyes as I stand there, straining against the fabric of my shorts, the wet outline of my cock obvious for her to see.

Standing up she slowly turns to face me, and I can finally see the full beauty of those breasts. She cups them in her hands, pinching the nipples so softly and grins as they begin to harden in her fingers. Giving them one final twist, she backs up to the waters edge, sitting upon a rock still facing me. She beckons me closer and of course I oblige, slowly walking towards her over the verdant field of grass, the sweet perfume of her growing stronger as I neared. When I have come as close as I could with out touching her, she stops me. Slowly she reaches out to me from her sit on the rock and slowly caresses the bulge in my shorts. When I reach out to her, she moves back and playfully slaps my hand away. Her eyes communicate to me only to watch for now…but more is sure to come. I discard my shirt and sit down to enjoy my own private show.

With once last caress at my raging hardness she sits back making herself comfortable on the water-smoothed rocks. With one leg propped up on nearby rock, I can see the full beauty of her. Even her tight little anus is exposed to my view and I long to touch her there! Sighing contently, my beautiful woman begins to stroke her little clit ever so softly, urging it out if its hiding place once more. Her soft moans begin to fill the night air and her pussy lips part and I can see the wetness begging to form on them. Taking her other hand and all the while transfixing me with those eyes, she slides her other finger deep into her pussy. I am in rapture as I watch her bringing herself to a sweet and gentle orgasm, her delicate fingers sliding in and out, the other softly caressing her now swollen clit. Her moans become louder and more desperate as the orgasm approaches, her breasts quivering as she shivers from the pleasure of her own hands. Her lips part and her eyes close and she throws back her head in delight as a quiet orgasm works it way through her delicious body. As the tremors subside, she still works her finger around and around getting it wetter and wetter, then slowly taking it out, she offers it to me to taste. I lean forward, smelling that sweet fragrance of her rapture. I close my eyes and slowly lick her cum off her fingers. She moans as my lips wrap around it slowly sucking.

She takes back her hand and looks at me suggestively as her wet finger slowly drifts past those pouting wet lips and begins to slowly pet the tight entrance to her anus. Her eyebrows lift up as if to ask if I would like her to play with that too. I nod, scarcely believing what I was watching, my breath coming in quicker and quicker gasps. I am so hard that I can feel every beat of my heart in my now somewhat tight shorts. With one finger slowly circling her rosy clit, this beautiful creature presses the tip of that delicate finger into that tight, dark entrance. Her eyes widen and she lets out a little yelp as it pops into that most forbidden of places. Smiling seductively at me, she wiggles that shapely butt and pushes herself deeper onto that intruding finger. My lips part and I struggle to keep composed as she begins to slide it slowly back and forth, deeper and deeper. Her hand begin to frantically work her clit as she builds up the pace, and she starts to pant and moan loudly, her pretty face flushing as she works herself into a frenzy. I can take it no more and I stand ripping off my shorts and holding myself, presenting her with my turgid member.

Her eyes stay fixed on it as she touches her self and she beckons me closer. She brings her head a little close and in between a moan slowly takes my cock into her mouth, all the while still working her finger in that very hot little butt of hers. I can feel her hot breath on me and I almost stumble as those hot lips envelope me. She traps my gaze with those liquid eyes as she works herself into another orgasm, her cries stifled by my member captured in her lips. I can barely hold back as she sucks frantically, licking and moaning as the orgasm rip through her body. As it subsides, this most erotic of beings, lets go of my cock and smiles, sighing as she slide her finger out of her rear. She smiles at me slightly again and shows me her opened anus, dipping a petite little finger in and out, sighing with pleasure. She then drops to her knees in front of me and takes me once more into her willing mouth, this grasping it her warm, soft hands making it wet her desire. My knees tremble as those wet lips, travel up and down my length in the sweetest torture. She looks up at me then gently stroking and rubbing, and the dives back down again , swallowing as much of me as she can, one hand traveling to her still wet and opened anus, piercing herself once more. I can feel her stiffen as she pushes it deeper inside. Her mouth opens wider and I gasp as I feel her whole mouth surround me and feel myself throbbing and straining. She comes back up with a gasp, giggling as my knees buckles a little. Over and over she does this until I can scarcely stand any longer all the while her finger thrusting in and out of herself, moaning in her passion and mine.

Finally, with a resounding pop, she releases me and lies down on the soft grass, her legs open and inviting. I grin and fall down to my knees, gently kissing her neck and breasts. She moans and presses that nubile body against mine and I can feel her wetness gently rubbing against me. I let my urge overwhelm me, press her down to ground, and slowly slip inside her. She gasps as my cock fills her suddenly and completely and she grinds her hips against me seeking to fill herself up more. I back all the way out until I hear her soft moan of dismay as just the tip remains and suddenly thrust deep inside. Her yelps and smiles in delight as my hips press tight with hers. She grabs my butt and begins to thrust back and for a moment with are both lost in each other’ rhythms and lust. Soon I feel her become even wetter, her cries of passion become louder, she tosses her head back, and screams as an orgasm rips through her once again. I slow the pace of my thrust, feeling her warm juices trickle down the length of my cock. She smiles at me and then nestles her head in my shoulder for a moment before pushing me away. I pull my length out if her slowly, tantalizingly and she gasps again as it pops free.

With a sassy smile and whip of her hair, this creature again surprises me by flipping over suddenly and raising that big, beautiful butt into the air. Glancing over her shoulder like before, she winks and waits. With one hand underneath her, she pats her clit and thrust that sweet pussy back onto my awaiting cock. Overcome for moment I fall onto her back and bask in the warmth of that tight, hot pussy. I rear back a little and begin to pound away in earnest, motivated by her cries of pleasure at every resounding slap. Tentatively at first, I give that round butt a little slap. I am a rewarded with a cry and little gush of juice as it lands, leaving only the outline of my hand traced in rosy red. Spurred on by this I smack it repeatedly till both cheeks are red with my handprints and sounds of your delicious yelps. I grab onto her waist with my hands and begin to thrust as hard and as deep as I can. That sweet pussy grows wetter and wetter with every move and till finally, she screams in delightful agony and I can feel her exploding with the intensity of her pleasure. I feel a gush of wetness as she cums and nearly cum myself when I can feel it dripping out of that warm pussy. I slow my thrusts a little and begin to slowly pump it all the way in and then all the way out. She is now gasping and panting, her face pressed into the ground as I savor the feeling of her wrapped tightly around my cock. To my surprise, she reaches back behind herself with one hand as I slide in and out, giving herself a little spank. I grin back at her and slap the other cheek. With a beautiful smile and a devious look, this beautiful woman then slowly slides one finger into her butt. I can feel her pussy contract and quiver as the slender digit works its way deeper and deeper. She moans then and leaves her finger firmly embedded deep inside. I thrust harder and harder, watching as she works her finger around, eyes shut and her face captured in a moment of ecstasy. Again, I feel her pussy tighten with another orgasm as she arches her back and presses tight to me, impaling herself deeply with my hard length. Shuddering and moaning she cums for a long time, that sweet pussy clenching and squeezing me as she rocks through her rapture.

Panting and smiling, she slowly pulls her finger out of her little derri? and slowly eases forward, sliding my length out of her. I can see my cock covered in the sweet juices of her pleasure and shining in the faint light of the torch and the moon. With one last final look before she shuts her eyes, she lifts my cock and places the swollen tip of it on her anus. Once in place she takes a hold of her clit between her legs and pushes herself against my hard long dick. I gasp aloud as the hot tightness surrounds me. She too is moaning as it slides deeper and deeper inside that smooth hole. I can feel her hands rubbing at her clit as the tip of it finally pops inside. She cries out and thrust herself even harder onto me. The feeling is scarcely describable as I feel her rippling and moving against me, those soft cheeks slapping gently against me as she moves herself back and forth, moving me deeper and deeper inside with every little push and pull. My own desire is mounting and I begin to push back against her, feeling her breath quicken as I meet her pace. Both of us are lost in the sounds of our combined pleasure as I feel that tight hole contract and quiver and feel a stream of warmth heat my legs as she explodes, her warm tight pussy cumming so hard it shoots across the warm grass. The ultimate ferocity of her orgasm pulls me to the brink, I begin to thrust hard, and slow deep inside her feeling the pressure build within my loins as the first stirrings of my orgasm begin to swell. I lose myself in her for that moment, hearing her pleas for me to cum floating across the water. With one final thrust, I push deep inside of her and she pushes back hard against me grinding her hips and I cry out with the sheer force of my lust and finally it breaks and I cum so hard my back arches and I bury myself hard within her. Her hand reaches back and pulls me even closer her body seeking to drain every last drop out of me. A small moan escape her lips as she feels my warmth fill her and she slowly starts to draw back, my length becoming exposed inch by inch until finally she frees me. I fall back and she snuggles up to me. I stare up at the stars basking in the warm glow of her and the night. I wonder who this fantastic utterly sensual woman of this place is as I can feel the first stirrings of sleep begin deep inside my mind. I turn to ask this if her before I fall asleep, with her nestled in my arms. But before I can ask she turns, gently holding me and simply says…”You’ve known me all along.”

And as I look deep into your eyes I realize that this beautiful creature is mine and her name is ...

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