Seducing the whole family Part 3

Seducing the whole family Part 3

After our exciting and very energetic early morning activities, we all knew how we would part of the rest of the day but at that stage we were totally spent, so we went our separate ways to shower and, in the case of Jim and me, have a short nap (We needed it, OK?). Actually, as I discovered later, Daniella invited Tracey and Josh to join her in the shower and apparently quite a bit of “afterplay” went on in the process of getting each other clean – see what you miss when you are napping?

We reconvened later for brunch (we also needed energy at this stage) and, whilst Jim and I were dressed as we normally would – Tee shirt and shorts – Josh, Tracey and Daniella each appeared wearing just an oversize Tee shirt with, as we discovered during the morning, nothing underneath. The frequent glimpses afforded us of my daughter’s bare pussy and Daniella’s trimmed black bush with the slightly protruding pussylips, pretty well ensured that both Jim and my son had permanent hard-ons (clear to everyone in Josh’s case as his Tee shirt by no means covered it) and I was just permanently wet.

We had brunch and tried to go about our usual Saturday tasks but to say we were distracted would be an understatement (like saying Hitler was a little annoyed with the Jews!) One thing I did notice was that where Tracey had been attempting to do her homework, there was a definite damp spot on her seat which I couldn’t resist furtively sniffing (I blame the hormones). Definitely pussy juice. Since I also had now changed into just a Tee shirt, I’m sure I was leaving similar territorial marks.

Around mid afternoon the temptation obviously got too much because I walked into the kitchen to find Daniella sitting up on the kitchen countertop, fingering her cunt, watching and giving helpful hints as a squatting Tracey deep throated Josh, who was, in turn, staring at Daniella’s busy fingers.

“OK!” I sternly interrupted “One rule about this Tracey. You and Josh can have sex, in fact I would prefer you practiced on each other rather than with strangers, but only when your father and I are watching.”

Josh said “Well you better call Dad because I’m sure as hell not stopping now!” and Tracey added, after she had removed her brother’s cock from her throat, “Daniella’s going to teach me how to swallow cum because I’ve never been game to do it with my boyfriend and he shoots in my hair all the time and it’s really annoying.”

So I obediently summoned Jim, who had been watching proceeding from another doorway and still had his permanent hard-on, to sit on a chair while I lowered myself slowly onto his cock. God, with all my new lesbian experiences I had forgotten how good it felt to have a thick rod filling my cunt and two hands fondling my breasts from behind.

So we sat, as I slowly moved up and down on Jim’s lap , and watched our gorgeous housekeeper fingering her cunt and my 16 year old daughter deep throating our 14 year old son. I have never been a fan of porno movies (terrible plots) but I wished right at this moment that I had a camera to preserve this particular family bonding activity. Am I now perverted or what?

Way too soon for my liking, Josh yelled “I’m gonna cum!” and Daniella instructed Tracey to slowly pull back her head so that she had only the tip of Josh’s cock in her mouth.

“Now play with his balls with one hand while you move his foreskin up and down with the other” she advised “and when he cums, take it all into your mouth and let a little dribble out of the sides of your mouth before you swallow. Boys love zat!”

Tracey did as instructed except that Josh shot such a big wad that she gagged and quite a lot dripped down her chin. “Very good for a first attempt. Now hold it in your mouth until it goes soft” Daniella advised.

“If she does that I don’t think I’ll ever go soft” muttered Josh, to everyone’s great amusement.

Now Josh and Tracey were alternately watching Danielle shoving two fingers into her cunt and me riding his father’s cock. “Don’t take too long to get hard again little brother” giggled Tracey “I want you to fuck me! And I didn’t think I’d ever find myself saying that” she giggled again.

I was sooo horny that I wanted more of Daniella’s tongue while I was being fucked by Jim. “Daniella, come and lick me” I demanded.

Daniella squatted in front of me and, as I slid up and down on Jim’s cock she tongued my clit. Oh my God the feeling was amazing! To have your cunt filled with cock and an expert tongue flicking your clit is something every woman should experience. I am loath to advise that they do it with their children watching but it sure added to the excitement!

What sent me over the edge was when Jim managed to get his hand under me and slid a finger into my arse. I came like I never have before, gripping Jim’s cock with my cunt, his finger with my sphincter and glazing Daniella’s face with my juices.

At that, my daughter bent over a chair, exposing her arse to her brother (who was hard yet again!) and shouted “Josh! Fuck me right now!”

Josh, confronted with two holes and remembering his experience with Daniella, asked “Which hole?”
“I don’t care! Pick one! Pick both of them!” hissed Tracey

“Let me show you” said Daniella as she walked over “Put zee cock in her pussy and zee finger in her bottom” and that’s exactly what Josh did. He plunged his rigid cock into her sopping cunt with a comment something like “and to think I complained about having an older sister!” (I was busy too, remember) and, after a few strokes, slowly worked the tip of his finger into her arsehole. He pulled his finger in and out a few times in rhythm with his cock and then, still taking instructions from Daniella, plunged it all the way into her arse, giving his sister the biggest orgasm (and perhaps the first real orgasm) of her life in a very short time. And since Danielle also had her finger in Josh’s arse and was playing with his balls, he came at about the same time, pulling out at the last moment (afraid of getting his sister pregnant I guess) and shooting his load over her back and into her hair.

“Oh, shit. Not my hair again!” exclaimed Tracey as we all fell about laughing once again.

Since that experience, we have had many very satisfactory family bonding Saturdays. One one occasion Josh even brought a school friend to sleep over and join the family. But that’s another story!

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