Rich boys love 17

Rich boys love 17

I have decided to write the rest of my story put please note my story isnt all about sex having saying that this part does have sex in it and btw the person who wrote that comment saying they inpersonate me and harvey when he jacks off your gross!

when me and harvey faced the front of the class we listened for about 20 minutes then harvey tapped on his desk to get my attention. i looked over at him and he was rubbing him self though his jeans i reached over with my head and wispered "need some help with that?" harvey smiled and said "i cant help it you make me hot" anyway at the end off the lesson me and harvey walked out of class holding hands like we always do now. we went to the toilet and i pulled harvey jeans down and his boxers i took harveys dick in my mouth and worked it for the 15 minute break we was allowed he cummed in my mouth and i drank it

on the way to lesson i asked harvey "have you ever been to a dinner party?" harvey said "yeah dont you remember coming to mine" i smiled and tried not to sound to harsh when i said "harvey this is kind of a formal dinner party" harvey with a look of panic on his face said "o right ive never been to a formal anythink before" "its okay all you have to do is wear a suit come to my house a hour early so i can show you how to use your cutlery" harvey smiled and agreed. school went on and it was the end of the day i asked harvey for a ride home he gave me a ride and said "can i go get changed first then i can come to your house for you to show me how to use the cutlery"

when we got to harvey i got out the car he went to hold my hand but i said "your mom dont know" harvey laughed and carried on walking. when he laughed at me i was sort of pissed off but i let it go. we went into harvey house and was greated by his mom. harvey kissed me on the lips and said "i told my mom ages ago" "and im fine with it leon" she said "hey mam" "stop calling me mam leon call me bella" "sure bella" harvey went to go get changed and i waited with his mom when harvey came out again he looked so sexy and well presented in a suit. bella said to him "you look nice son have fun at the party" i had a crazy idea and asked to use the bathroom. when i was in the bathroom i called my mom and asked if bella could come too my mom said "sure i would be more than happy to meet harveys mom" i came out of the bathroom and said to bella "do you want to come to the dinner party?. there is a place if you want it" bella looked at harvey and he with a smile said "hey you was invited so you get to answer" "i would love to come leon but i havent anything to wear" "dont worry about that my mom has the biggest closet your ever see" all 3 of use got into harveys car and drove to my house

at my house my mom and dad greeded bella and started talking. i inturpted and asked my mom could i have a word in private please. my mom walked into the living room with me and i said "bella doesnt have anything to wear" my mom looked at me then smiled "i brought you up right didnt i? dont worry she can have some thing from my closet and i will do her make up and hair" "thanks mom it means alot" me and harvey went upstair into my room harvey looked so hot in his suit i had to have him i took harveys hand and walked into the bathroom locking the door behind us i started kissing harvey and he said "i knew you wanted me when you seen me all smart" i carried on kissing him and we undressed when we was completely naked i laid harvey on the floor and shoved my dick into him i siad "we have to be quick" "give it to me" harvey said in his sexy tone he uses when we have sex i was fucking harvey for 2o minutes going really fast i cummed in him and moaned a little load and hoped no one heard me we laid on the floor for 10 minutes and both decided we needed a shower now so we showered and got dressed in harveys case got dressed again we restyled are hairs and went down stairs to see bella in a gorgous chanel white dress and her hair curled with a nice face of makeup and red lips mom you look nice i said to my own mom and harvey said the same to his mom "im going to show harvey how to use his cutlery mom" bella said "i dont know how to use formal cutlery" so i told her i will show her to

i told them to take a seat at the living room table and went to the kitchen for two cutlery sets when i got back they was at the table i handed them a set each and said "your folks go to your left and you knifes to the right" they did that then i said "the spoons go after your last knife and will be the first peice of cutlery you will use" they both did that a nodded for me to carry on "you take your napkin and place it on your lap" they did that and then i said " your first course will be soup so you use the soup spoon also when eatting you put the cutlery in your mouth you never lean in to eat " "glasses they go from left to right they go water white wine read wine then champagine" "per course you work your way outside in when it comes to cutlery" they nodded and said they understand "when eatting a main course only cut a peice of food big enough for you to put in your mouth" okay they said "once you have finished a meal place the cutlery over the plate in a parallel way and the knifes edge must face inwards" "also dont be alarmed then your glasses are removed from the table you will be asked what you would like to drink and will be given the right glass but the water glass will stay on the table at all time filled to the 2/3 point" they said o right "after every meal you will be given a bowl of worm water this is to wash your hand in then you use the napkin to dry them" bella said to me there is a lot to remember and i said "you get use to it"

to be continued (reluctunly)

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