BBW real estate agent

BBW real estate agent

It was time to move.
I had come into some money from good investments and inheriting some extra money so I decided an upgrade was in order. I found a local Realtor and made an appointment to talk to somebody about finding the perfect place. The receptionist gave me a date for the next day with a woman named Jennifer.
When I arrived at the office the receptionist showed me into the office and told me to have a seat and Jennifer would be with me shortly. It was not long before the lovely Jennifer came into the office. She was medium height and had long dark brown hair that went to below her shoulders even all around but the bangs were pushed up with barrettes. She wore rectangular rimless glasses over her deep green eyes. She was a big girl with chubby round cheeks, thin pink lips and a cute button nose.
Normally I do not get into chubby girls but this one was sexy in her tight black skirt, black stockings and high heels with the navy blue short sleeve blouse that dipped low exposing the valley between her e cup breasts. I was not sure whether that was done on purpose but when she bent over to reach into drawers I got a nice view of her powder blue lace bra. Her silver chain necklace dangling in the valley of the breast.
My mind kept drifting to the thought of how she might looked naked. But I shook it off as she spoke in her deep sultry tones.
“so Mr. Finch, you want to buy some property?”
“call me Kirk please, and yes, I am thinking I want a place in a loft or condo building. Something industrial looking can you help me?”
“certainly” She said as we looked across her desk at each other as she ran her finger tips across her upper chest like she was scratching but not really. “I can get you anything you desire”
“well good” I said sitting forward at her desk. Where do we start?
“well give me day to line up a couple of showings and I will call you”
She was true to her word as she called the next morning and we made a time to meet in the market area downtown where she had found two places to show me within walking distance of one another. We met, I bought her a coffee. I found myself wanting to get to know her a little.
I tried not to stare at her ass as she walked in a suede skirt and red silk button up shirt with her hair held up by a clip with a long pin through it. We went into a brand new building just built. It was nice but a little too modern looking. She just said okay and we walked to the next place which was the same. Older but newly renovated and sterile. I told her what I really wanted was something with brick walls and wood floors, big windows and a view of either the city or a natural landscape.
“Okay Kirk” she said making notes in her book and brushing her bangs behind her ear. I wanted nothing more than to nibble her neck. “tell you what tomorrow’s the day I show you your dream home.” She said with a wink. We went our separate ways but I will admit going home and jerking off thinking about that voluptuous goddess.
It took her several days but she finally called and set up another meet. Not far from her office she met me at looked like an old warehouse. She was dressed similar to the other days I met her except her hair was in pig tails and she had on a bit more make up on. She gave me sly wink and a flirty smile as she shook my hand.
She quickly explained it was an old public works building sold off by the city and developed into loft apartments on the second and third floor above restaurants and shops on the ground floor.
“follow me” she turned and walked with a roll to her hips. I could have watched her move that ass all day. She led me through a side door and to the old service elevator and after I was in she closed the gates and we went to the third floor.
Off the elevator we walked to big blue metal door with rivets in it. She unlocked the door and pushed it open with some effort. The place was perfect it was everything I told her I wanted. large living area a second floor where the bedroom and an on suite bathroom were as well as a large gourmet kitchen.
“what are they asking?”
“it comes on the market at midnight if you want it I will put an offer in right at midnight”
“what will it cost me?”
“I will do the offering as part of my job, I work day and night. They are asking 300 for it but I know the building ownership I can probably get about 75 knocked off that” she brushed up against me walking by. “If I were motivated that is”
“well I think a hefty commission would do it” She just smiled and led me back out of the building.
“if you can get it for 225 great but I will pay the 300 if I must”
“K I will get it for you” then in a very sexy voice. “and you can find a way to thank me”
If she only knew how close I came to trying to fuck her right there in the elevator.
I awoke the next morning with an excited feeling that I would soon own my own home when Jennifer called and said she wanted to show me one last place. I asked her if it was as nice as the last one she said it was, so I said okay I would meet her. Disappointment filled me as I assumed I did not get the place I really liked.
When I caught up with her she was standing outside a building that looked old and solid. On a bit more high end street but that was okay. She met me on the street in a black below the knee one piece dress that had a slit that opened to just below her ass and a red leather jacket. Her hair was up in a bun and she wore a simple pearl necklace. She had on blue suede boots that went to her knees and zipped up the sides. She said she could not wait to show me this place.
“what if I still like the other one better?”
“its possible”
“then you will have waisted my time”
“tell yah what Kirk” she stepped up and whispered in my ear. “if you don’t like it more than the other place, I will suck your cock”
“wh what did you say?”
“I said I will suck your cock if you do not like this place.” She patted my ass. “I’ll swallow too”
“lead the way then” Not believing that she would give me motivation to hate the place.
She smiled and led me up the stairs.
We toured the apartment and it was nice. Real nice, clean, nice cement walls and well kept, lots of space a fire place even but I still thought the other place was better and I told her so. We ended the tour in the bedroom where there was a king size bed white soft Egyptian cotton sheets and a fluffy comforter.
She looked at me with a disappointed smile.
“you aren’t saying that so I will blow you are you?”
“no. But it is incentive. I feel the other place is better” I crossed my heart. “No lies, it is too bad I could not get that one.”
“fine” she said taking off her jacket and throwing it on a chair. “time to suck you off”
She hiked up the dress and knelt before me and un zipped my pants. I took off my coat too and threw it on top of hers as she took my hardening seven inch cock. She had a look of amazement on her face. “holy fuck your hung”
“try not to choke sweetie”
She slowly deep throated me as she spit and lubed my shaft as she kept it deep in her mouth. Her mouth was nice and moist and her lips soft on my rod. After a few minutes of hard sucking she looked up at me jerking me off.
“Kirk, I have a confession”
“oh yeah let me guess your married”
“fuck no, not this girl. Never. No, this is actually my place. I brought you here so I could seduce and fuck you”.
“bad girl!...” I smiled. “you did not have to trick me I would have fucked you any where”
“good, I put the offer in on the loft.” she spit on my rod and rubbed it in. “You would not believe how fast they took it. They really want it sold.” She licked me again “You can move in next month”
“really! I guess that means I owe you a bonus” She smiled and stood up. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me and stuck my tongue down her throat. I quickly un zipped the dress and it fell to the floor.
“then I did not shave my pussy, not wear underpants and put on my new garter belt for nothing.”
I peeled her out of her bra and let her giant tits rub against me as I fingered her pussy. I had her leave the boots on and the garter and pushed her down on the bed and crawled between her legs and let my cock rub against her clit as I sucked her nipples. I loved the feel of her big pink nipples between my teeth, her sensitive areola turning rock hard under my tongue. she had her leg wrapped around me pulling herself hard against my cock.
“Fuck me hard, pound my fat pussy” she begged as she ran her fingers through my hair. “I want you inside me, please”
“don’t beg lady its not sexy” I said as I grabbed my shaft and slid into her tighter than expected cunt to the satisfied moan of a woman needing to get laid. I started slow, staying deep with short thrusts. Slowly I built momentum and was gradually full pump in and out of her as she built and built her climax. By the time I was sitting up with her left leg in the air and her right leg around my side and me with a hand full of nipple she was rolling into a massive orgasm.
“do it Jen, I wanna feel your cum leak down my balls” All it took was me rubbing her clit as I fucked her and she came hard. She groaned and yelped and growled for a few minutes.
When I saw she was calming down I decided she needed a merciless dog fuck. So I stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed and rolled her to face down and pulled her to all fours using the garter as a handle.
“fuck you are so sexy” She looked over her shoulder and smiled a glassy eyed grin. The nicely managed bun in her hair now loose and hair falling down giving her a sexy ridden hard look as I slid my dick into her greedy wet cunt.
“now I fuck you like a dog”
“more like a horse since your hung like one”
“quiet babe, I just want to look at your big ass as I pound you” I slapped on hand on her ass and watched the chubby buttocks ripple before I gripped the thin lace elastic holding her stockings up and used them to pull her onto me as I thrust into her. The soft suede of her boots rubbed against my skin as I slammed into her causing ass ripples with every slap against her hot body.
I grabbed her under the chin as I hit full speed in piston thrusting.
“come for me stud!” she taunted. “show me your all man come like a tsunami!”
“fuck I am going to blow all over your big fat tits, how bout that huh?”
“thats what they are made for, yer big cock spraying hot seed all over them”
I slid out of her slowly. Jerking myself off as she sat up and moved to the edge of the bed and sat there. To get the juices flowing I stuck my dick in her mouth and she gave it a good sloppy round of sucking before I stuck the first four inches in between the mammoth melons and pushed her hands under mine as I pressed them together and fucked her tits. She looked up at me with a sexy look on her cute face surrounded by falling waves of dark hair her eyes begging for me to finish.
I took a step back and gave the dick a tug or two and sprayed about seven streams of hot thick come all over her tits, chest and chin.
She just smiled and stood up and went to clean herself up.
“you get this kind of bonus from all your clients Jennifer”
“no your the first” she said putting on an Asian robe and coming back over to kiss me. “but I may have to start doing it more”
“well when I get to the new place it will be available for booty calls.” I slapped her ass and kissed her.
“I think I know the perfect house warming gift” She kissed me and smiled.
“and what is that?”
“A chubby. horny. cute. flirty blonde who likes the way you fuck her.”

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