Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 1

Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 1

Barbara Lewis sat at her kitchen table in her apartment with a worried look on her face. In front of her on the table were a bunch of bills. She was behind on them, some by even more than thirty days, and she needed close to $1000 dollars to pay them all off. She hadn’t a clue as to how she was going to achieve that feat. Well, there was one way, but she wasn’t sure she could do it.

About two days before, her friend Lena had told her about this underground place she had went to once in the red light district. It was called The Gauntlet. Lena’s explanation was that it was a place where a woman could get some quick money but she had to ‘run a gauntlet’ to get to it. There were specific rules and the prize money wasn’t guaranteed. Everything depended on how you played and what moves you made next.

Barbara hesitation had its merits. Never mind that it involved her performing sexual activity, which was one thing. What bothered her most was that the fee to enter The Gauntlet. Any girl who would participate in this weird ‘game’ was usually a woman looking for money, so a monetary fee would be counter productive. Instead, participants would be required to sign waivers to allow that everything they did would be video taped and could be sold by the company sponsoring it all. This made her feel like she was entering the world of pornography, which she ideally was in a back door kind of way.

Just then the phone rang. It was a collection agency for one of her outstanding bill balances, the one for the bank that had loaned her money for her car. Barbara spent twenty minutes trying to buy some more time but the agent on the other end of the line wasn’t budging from the deadline he was setting. The man told her that if she hadn’t paid what she owed in seven days time then they were going to repossess her car. Barbara was devastated. She couldn’t afford to lose her transportation. If she did then it would be a domino effect where she would eventually lose her job and her apartment as well.

She looked at the bills on the table again. With great reluctance, Barbara realized that she had to try and get the money the way that her friend Lena had advised her to. In her mind it was the only way. She was that desperate.

The next day, a Saturday afternoon, Barbara arrived at the address that Lena had given her. She met with this skinny tall white guy named Gregory Mills. After the preliminary introductions, Mr. Mills began to explain what would be required of Barbara for her to take her chances to win the $1000 dollars that she was seeking.

Mr Mills: “Basically Miss Lewis what you will do is this, you will first remove all of your clothing and you will enter a hallway that has three doors in it marked A, B, and C. You will choose one of the doors, and inside there will be a small podium with directions that will specifically tell you the sexual activity you will be required to do for that room. You will have one minute to become aware of your instructions and then your partner or partners will enter and you will commence with the activity for an hour’s time. There are cameras watching you at all times so please commence with that room’s activity with great eagerness or you may be disqualified. Once you choose a room, the door behind you will lock so you cannot go backwards. Also, every room has an exit to the street but if you choose to leave through one of those exits, then you will be disqualified and you will not be able to run The Gauntlet ever again so choose to leave at your own peril.”

Mr Mills rose to his feet and pulled a map of the building down that was rolled up on the wall like in a classroom behind his desk. He continued using a laser pointer.

Mr Mills: “Here is the first hallway. There are the three doors and there are the rooms that they lead to. As you can see, there is another hallway connected to the three rooms on the other side of them with 3 more rooms connected to that and so on and so on. After you finish with one room’s task you will enter into the next hallway and you will select another room from another A, B, or C choice. In total, you will be entering seven different hallways, and making seven different choices. Now, this game isn’t without its pitfalls and triumphs. You may enter a room and it just might be the same activity you had just participated in the room before it. It will be different partners of course but you must go through with it again. You also may enter a room that requires you to do nothing. Those are ‘pass’ rooms, and it’s just your lucky break that you would have chosen one of those rooms.”

Barbara: “So, I just sit there in those rooms and do nothing and I won’t get disqualified?”

Mr. Mills: “That is correct. Choosing one of those rooms earns you a 30-minute rest period. There are also penalty rooms.”

Barbara: “Penalty rooms?”

Mr. Mills: “Yes penalty rooms. A penalty room is just a room that has a corridor in it that will lead you right back to the first hallway. Those rooms can only be found on the ends the A and C doors. But I promise you that B rooms are the most hardcore rooms on each level so just choosing those rooms and staying away from the ends wouldn’t be wise either. That is why this is a game of chance. Now, once you reach the seventh hallway, the one with the last three doors, that choice will be your biggest choice of them all. You see at that level, one door will be a penalty door, and one door will have your money in it, and the other one will be an exit to the street. Now that exit one isn’t a lifetime ban but you will be disqualified for a day’s try. Understand?”

Barbara: “Yes, I do. This whole thing is a very elaborate set-up. It’s intriguing though. Do you get many women here who want to go through it all?”

Mr. Mills: “In fact, we do. We’ve had a lot of money winners too so your odds of walking out a winner are pretty good. Just remember to archive room selections in your mind so you can remember where they are if you hit any penalty rooms. Now, if there aren’t any more questions, I’m going to need you to read and sign this waiver.”

Barbara read the two-page document carefully. Just like Lena had told her it was just a release for them to videotape and to sell the tapes as they see fit. She signed the second page and handed the form back to Mr. Mills.

Mr Mills: “Ok Miss Lewis, your first hallway is beyond that door right there. You may now remove all of your clothing including your shoes. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the money room, your clothing will be waiting for you there. If you end up on the street you will not get your clothes back until 24 hours later so please do not come around to the beginning and try to retrieve them. I’m sorry Miss Lewis but you will be on the street naked and you will be on your own at that point, which is part of the game. So I please state again, choose wisely Hun.”

Barbara began to remove her clothing and placed each piece one by one into the bag that Mr. Mills was holding open for her. She felt very uneasy with him staring at her the whole time. He smiled a weird smile when she removed her bra and panties which really creep-ed her out. Once she was completely naked she entered the first hallway and saw the three doors marked A, B, and C. She deduced that a penalty door wasn’t possible after the first hallway because a room couldn’t lead to itself so she decided to choose an end door right off the bat and skip the harsher ‘B’ door.

After entering through the door marked ‘A’ she heard it lock when she closed it behind her. She saw the podium and a small padded matt in the middle of the floor a little after it that was lit up with plenty of light. She figured that it was well lit because of the cameras, but she didn’t know where any of the cameras actually were. She opened the folder on the podium and read the instructions:

[You have entered a Blow Bang room. 3 men will enter the room and for one full hour you will be required to give all three of them oral sex. You will also be required to swallow any semen that they release and you must not stop until the hour is complete.]

Barbara felt a little bit of relief as she waited for her partners. She enjoyed giving head and she knew that there were obviously some rooms that were going to be far harder than this one. She felt that she had chosen wisely. Barbara walked over to the mat and kneeled down on it.

Just then 3 men walked into the room from a side door. All were naked and fit and all three of them were white. They stood around Barbara with their hard pricks pointing outward and Barbara began to blow them. The sizes of their penises varied, from five inches to about seven and neither guy was all that hairy. They definitely were avid fans of the whole manscaping fad and kept themselves groomed timely. The first guy who came in her mouth did so after only eleven minutes of sucking into the session. Barbara expertly rotated from cock to cock swirling her tongue and she would deep-throat their pricks with eagerness and perfection. By the time the hour was up she had taken seven total loads into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. The men filed out of the room and a green light went on above the door that Barbara needed to go thru to advance to the next hallway.

Barbara got herself a quick drink of water from the bubbler she noticed was there in hallway #2. She stared at the three doors with the A, B, and C markings as she cleansed her pallet and thought of which one she would be choosing. After much debate, Barbara decided that a B door might be the best choice here because she couldn’t decided which end one might be a penalty door. So she entered thru the B door and heard it lock behind her. This room had a well-lit skinny table in it. And there was a high pad on one end of it. She walked to the podium and read that room’s instructions:

[You have entered An Anal Sex room. You will lie across the padded side of the table in a doggie position. Five guys will enter the room and you will take each man’s cock deep into your anus for one full hour’s time. The men will shoot their semen into your asshole. When the hour is completed, you will find a shower area to rinse your body off in the next hallway area.]

Barbara quickly got herself into position on the table. She had received anal sex in her life before, but it wasn’t something that she enjoyed very much or had experienced very often. As Mr. Mills had stated, ‘B’ doors were more hardcore than the A or C doors and it didn’t get any more hardcore than anal sex.

The five men entered the room. Five white guys of different weights and sizes with penises that ranged in sizes between 5 and 8 inches. The first man had a small bottle of lubrication, which he stuck into Barbara’s asshole and squeezed very generously. Her ass felt funky and cool. The first man began pushing his 6-inch cock into her anus and after a few pumps he was able to slide in with ease. He pumped his cock with faster strokes and his balls began to slap her pussy lips making her moan in delight. The second man then took his turn and Barbara immediately felt the difference in sizes. The second guy was easily 8-inches long and was clearly a bit wider in circumference than the first man. Barbara began to breath heavy as the man pumped faster and deeper into her asshole with his big tool. She was on the verge of an orgasm when he abruptly pulled out and another man entered in. Each man then rotated thru his turn deep in her asshole. By the end of the session she had swallowed four more loads of jizz and took a few more loads into her ass.

The hour ended and Barbara watched as the five men filed out of the room. She then entered Hallway #3 and found the shower that was there and she quickly sprayed herself as clean as she could get trying to remove their semen from her asshole. She then took another drink at another bubbler and decided to choose the door marked ‘A’. This room had a couch in it but it wasn’t lit up. In fact, the room was darker than the previous ones. Barbara read the instructions on the podium:

[Congratulations! You have earned a rest period. Take a rest on the couch and when the green light goes on above the next-door continue your journey.]

Barbara lay down on the couch and waited. She started to feel cocky. She hadn’t even had to have vaginal sex yet and she was already at hallway #4. She was almost halfway through this whole thing and she felt confident that she was going home with money for her bills by the end of the night. The 30-minutes went by quickly and the green light above the door buzzed and Barbara got up and entered hallway #4. Once again she was afraid to pick an end-lettered door so she decided to pick ‘B’ again.

[You have entered a double-vaginal room. Two men will enter and you will allow them both to fuck you in your vagina at the same time. You will allow them to do so for one hour’s time.]

Barbara was shocked as she read it. Two cocks at once? Was that even possible? She started to panic as she waited on the mattress that was on the floor in the middle of the room. She was hoping that the two men had dicks on the smaller side. Those thoughts subsided quickly when she noticed two tall white men come in and each had what looked like 9-inch baseball bats dangling between their legs. Her vagina began to water as she stared at the two cock beasts and the first man position himself between her legs. He pushed himself between her pussy lips and Barbara moaned very loud.

After the first man pumped his cock in and out a few strokes, the second man positioned behind him and started to wedge his pole against the first guy trying to shoehorn his way in. This really hurt and Barbara began to scream. The two men ignored her screams and they pumped and prodded and wedged themselves into her until they both were finally inside. Then simultaneously they pumped Barbara’s cunt with wreck less abuse and uncaring. During the duration of the hour neither man pulled himself out of her, not even when they came.

Barbara was thrashing about wildly as both cocks stretched her vaginal walls beyond maximum capacity. She did some cumming of her own during this powerful session too. Finally and mercifully the hour ended and the two men pulled out and left the room. Barbara could hardly walk but she got herself into hallway #5 and got another drink of water. She also took the removable showerhead from the shower and rinsed her swollen cunt for a bit.

It was then what happened next to Barbara that killed her spirit and knocked all the cockiness from her mind. She chose door ‘C’ and it was a penalty room. She began to cry to herself as she walked the long corridor that led her all the way back to hallway #1. This was a setback that Barbara didn’t think was going to come and she wasn’t prepared for it. But after a few minutes, she composed herself and looked to move on.

Dejected and sad, she remembered that door ‘A’ in that first hallway was the blow bang room so she re-chose it. Both her asshole and especially her pussy needed the break anyhow.

Three men entered and she positioned herself on her knees on the pad and began to suck their cocks. They were three different men from the last time she was in this room. One of them was Spanish and one was oriental and none of them were very fit. Barbara did her hour and swallowed whatever was shot into her mouth. She continued on to hallway #2. Knowing that door ‘B’ in this hallway was anal sex, she decided to pick door ‘C’ to see what it had in it:

[You have chosen the Fat Lesbian Oral Room. In this room you will be required to lick and suck the vagina of a very overweight woman. You will do so in one hour’s time and you may not remove your face from between her legs until the full hour is complete.]

Barbara had never done anything sexual with a woman before. It didn’t even occur to her that any other women would be involved in this whole thing. Just then a large naked white woman who looked to be about 5 feet 250 lbs. waddled into the room and got up on the table that was there. She told Barbara to help her put her legs into the stirrups that were connected to the end of it. Barbara could smell her vagina and it was rancid. She could see the sweat dripping from the folds of her stomach. It was sickening.

Once the stirrups where correctly fastened to the fat lady’s ankles, Barbara began her assignment and started to spread the woman’s sweaty cunt lips. She stuck her face closer and began to lick her. Barbara held back her reflexes to vomit as she licked and finger fucked the smelly vagina that was before her. This hour went by so slow and Barbara could feel herself getting sicker by the moment. It took a good 35 minutes, but the big woman finally came and squirted her juices all over Barbara’s face.

Barbara continued on like a trooper until the full hour had ended. When she got back to hallway #3 she stuck her face under the showerhead and she rinsed it thoroughly. She also squatted and peed in the shower drain and spent some more time at the bubbler. She then entered door ‘A’ knowing it was the rest room she was in earlier and lied down on the couch again. Thirty minutes of rest and she was back up and in hallway #4 for the second time of the night. Door ‘B’ was double vagina last time she was here so she decided to pick door ‘C’:

[You have chosen the Triple Penetration room. Three men will enter and you will be taken in all three of your holes simultaneously for one full hour’s time. If you would like to cut your time by 30 minutes, you may choose extreme triple penetration, which includes three men whose cocks are abnormally oversized.]

Barbara hesitated and thought about the shortened time, but in the end she decided to go with the easier but longer timed task. This meant the hour route and three men with seven inches or less appeared and they tripled teamed her for the next hour. During this fucking Barbara tried to compute just how long she had been doing this whole thing. Each room had been an hour long and she was already thinking that she had put in a ten or twelve-hour day. It had been around 1pm when she had started so she was thinking it had to be at the very least between 11pm and 1am. The three men shot their loads a few times and they switched places in her holes a few times too.

When the hour ended Barbara went on to hallway #5. Door ‘C’ was her downfall last time so she had to decide between the other two doors. Door ‘B’ would most likely be brutal so she deduced door ‘A’ was the ticket. A ticket it was too because it was another rest room. 30-minutes of rest later and for the first time Barbara had reached hallway #6.

Barbara had amazing luck in hallway #6. She chose door ‘C’ and hit her second straight rest room. After 30 more minutes Barbara was now at the Holy Grail. She stood in hallway #7. Behind one of these doors was the money she was trying to win. The other two doors would be fatal choices. One would lead her back to hallway #1 and she would have to restart the whole thing again, and the other would lead her to the street where it would be after midnight and she would be stark naked. This was going to be a very hard decision. Barbara got some more water and she tried to make a pattern in her mind of the other doors and other hallways but none of it fit together.

After much deliberation, Barbara chose door ‘B’ and it turned out being the worst of the three choices. She was now standing completely naked outside on the sidewalk. She looked around and noticed that no one was around so she quickly moved to the nearest alley she could find. She found a dumpster and pulled a plastic garbage bag from it and emptied the trash from it and put it around her body.

She then walked back to the street and scanned around looking for a pay phone, which she found on the side of a closed gas station. The asphalt was very cold under Barbara’s bare feet as she walked to the gas station. Two homeless men walked by her and one pulled at the garbage bag around her body but she hastily smacked his hand and walked quickly away from them. Once at the phone, she dialed her friend Lena collect and through tears explained how badly she had failed at running the gauntlet.

Lena agreed to pick her up. She told her to stay out of sight and to stop crying that they would figure it all out. About 20 minutes later, Lena arrived and started laughing when she saw Barbara wearing just a dirty plastic garbage bag.

Barbara: “Yeah yeah. It was the only thing I could think to find. At least if I do this all again I’ll know which door leads to the street.”

Lena: “Oh Barb I hate to tell you but…. they change the rooms around everyday.”

Barbara: “They do? Dammit! I don’t care! I need the money! How quickly can I try again?”

Lena: “Well, you can go back after 6pm tonight but I wouldn’t go there on a Sunday.”

Barbara: “Why not?”

Lena: “Well, every room is doubled on a Sunday. They double the time and they double the sex act, and they even double the prize money too. For instance what room was your worst one?”

Barbara thought a minute then remembered.

Barbara: “It was the double vaginal one. I had to take two huge cocks in my pussy at the same time.”

Lena: “Ouch! I can’t imagine how they’ll double that. Barb, there is something else about Sunday nights too that I didn’t tell you about.”

Barbara: “What’s that?”

Lena: “It’s all interracial. Every room is black men.”

Barbara: “Get the fuck out of here!”

Lena: “Listen these guys are serious about the double stuff on a Sunday. And black dicks are double the size of white ones.”

For the rest of the car ride home Barbara thought about returning later that night. She had six days left to get the money to pay her bills and she really couldn’t waste one chance. Once home, she went directly into the shower and power cleaned her body of the day’s debauchery. As she walked around her apartment in her robe afterwards, she stared at her bills that were still on the kitchen table for a while. It was at that point she realized that she just had to return and run The Gauntlet later that night. She honestly didn’t think there was any other way. For right now though, she needed some sleep.

To be continued

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