Fitness By Flash: Sherri

Fitness By Flash: Sherri

Sherri Kimbelsen stood silent and completely naked at attention in front of Flash Johnson’s desk in the vacant gymnasium. The day before, she had officially completed a three-week weight loss program that allowed her to tone and tighten up her body and lose a pesky 25 pounds. Now weighing in at a svelte 113, the beautiful buxom blonde with the killer legs was waiting for instructions on what was next.

Flash: “Miss. Kimbelsen, now that your program is completed, we must plan a schedule of weekly workouts to keep your body in tip top shape. Of course, we should also begin collecting your gym membership fees. We’ll talk about that in a minute. First things first though, do you have a pledge yet?”

Sherri: “Yes, I do. Her name is Elena Kane.”

Flash: “Well then, give me her particulars.”

Sherri: “Well, she also works at the secretarial pool. She’s really short, only about 4’10”. She has dark hair; big boobs and oh…she is from Hawaii.”

Flash: “I didn’t hear a motherfucking weight in all dat!”

Sherri: “She’s got a very pretty face but…she weighs about 180 pounds.”

Flash: “Great! So, she’s fat as fuck! And a midget at that! I told you that there was a requirement!”

Sherri: “She was the only person that I could find. Please, Elena’s a very pretty girl she’s just a little overweight.”

The hot blonde began to look ill. She didn’t want to upset Mr. Johnson. Not after all that they’ve been through in the last three weeks. There was also a queasy feeling starting to form in the pit of her stomach. Mr. Johnson saw this and felt a little empathy.

Flash: “Alright Miss Kimbelsen, I’ll give you points for at least getting a pledge. I’m sure me and my boys can whip this little bitch into shape, but you still owe me one. Now let’s talk about your membership fees. As you know, today is your 22nd straight day coming here. I charge $100 a day for my services so that means you owe me $2200.”

Sherri’s face showed shock. She had no clue that the gym fees were so steep. She nervously tried to think of a way to tell Mr. Johnson that she didn’t have the funds to pay a sum like that, but couldn’t think of anything but the god’s honest truth.

Sherri: “I’m sorry Mr. Johnson, I just don’t have that kind of money.”

Flash: “Yeah, I figured as much.”

Mr. Johnson walked out from behind his desk. He took his shirt and then his shorts off and was now naked just as Sherri was. She watched him undress without any movement or emotion. His ten-inches hung down flaccid in front of him like a meaty black boa constrictor.

Flash: “Get down and give me some head!”

Sherri dutifully squatted down in a crouch on her toes in front of him and put his penis into her mouth and began to suck it. After three weeks of the program, sucking on a black penis wasn’t anything out of the norm for Sherri. She’d done so before with not only Mr. Johnson, but with some of the other black men that worked for him as personal trainers.

It was part of how Flash Johnson ran his gym. He helped white women, sometimes married white women, lose weight rapidly while engaging in sexual activity during their workouts. It was a specific practice that hadn’t failed yet and the women ended up having change of life experiences. Sure, some of them would eventually leave their husbands and get divorced. Some even stayed married but continued the program too. The facts were that they all lost the weight that they had desired to lose, and Flash and his crew got all of the white pussy that they could ever dream of. It wasn’t their problem that these women also all became black cock addicts.

At first, the young blonde bombshell had resisted the sexual part of the program, but as he was known to do, the tough looking Mr. Johnson broke her down with intimidation. He had a crude way of making women do whatever he wanted and right now he was once again stuffing his cock down Sherri’s throat. Sherri’s lips and tongue kissed, suckled, and painted Mr. Johnson’s large ebony fuck tool with copious amounts of saliva and steadfast hungry precision. The further that she got it into her throat the more that she would audibly gag. As she did so, Mr. Johnson began to dictate the terms of Sherri’s future.

Flash: “Miss Kimbelsen, since you are now in impeccable shape, we are gonna pare your weekly workouts down to two days a week. We’ll make it every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm sharp. Never be late or there will be penance, and there can be NO cancellations, understand?”

Sherri just nodded in affirmation not willing to remove his cock from her hungry mouth. She had a good six-inches of it deep in her throat and was still gagging trying to deep throat the whole ten inches down to the balls. A feat that she hadn’t been able to do with any black prick that she had taken in her mouth the past few weeks.

Flash: “Now, as for the money you owe, someone from the gym will be by your house every Monday. Your name has now just been flagged for collection. Your account is now in the red. Understand? So, whatever black dick shows up at yo door on Mondays, you are now bound to take care of, you feel me?”

Sherri nodded yes again. She thought about black men visiting her weekly at her residence and what her neighbors might say. It was a fleeting moment of concern which quickly disappeared from her mind, and was replaced by the thoughts of the unknown amount of black cock that she would be receiving during those visits. Her pussy was starting to respond to those thoughts too. Sensing her arousals, Mr. Johnson suddenly pulled himself all the way out of her mouth and slapped her on the left side of her face with his cock then pushed it back in as deep as it would go, then completely removed it again.

Flash: “Now get up and lay across my desk! I’m gonna finish in that sweet pussy of yours.”

Sherri stood up and leaned over the desk with her ass up in the air. A few seconds later, Mr. Johnson was pushing his black meat dagger into her tight pink pussy. Each time he thrust forward; Sherri’s body would push higher up on the desk to the point that she was eventually on her tippy-toes.

Sherri: “Fuck me! Oh yes! Fuck me harder! I love your big black dick in my pussy! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Fuck yeah! Ohhhhhh!”

Flash: “You like that huh? You fucking white Ho! All little white mother fucking bitches like the black cock deep up in their shit!”

Sherri: “Yes! Ohhhhhh yes! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! I’m gonna cum! Oh God! It’s so big! Ahhhhh!”

At that exact second Sherri’s legs tensed up and she grabbed the edges of the desk and she came hard and loud. She coated Mr. Johnson’s cock with about a pint of her pussy juices. With that extra lubrication, he was able to get all of his ten-inches into her cunt. He was now power fucking her and the sounds of his big black balls peppering her pussy lips was echoing off of the gym’s walls with loud claps.


Mr. Johnson began to huff and puff and then with one massive thrust forward he splooged hard and deep into Sherri’s womb. It was so much cum; it was like he replenished the quart of juices that she expelled earlier. When he finally stopped cumming, Mr. Johnson pumped her slowly for another three minutes before finally pulling out completely and forcing her to her knees again to clean up his cock.

Flash: “That’s it, clean it all up! And when you finished, you go do 50 push-ups and sit-ups then call it a day. I’ll expect the fat Kane girl here over the weekend.”

Sherri just nodded sheepishly. She knew that she was in trouble. She hadn’t talked to Elena about the gym yet. She just lied to Mr. Johnson because she couldn’t find anyone else that was viably interested so she just blurted out the first girl’s name that popped into her head. It was now Thursday, and she knew that her time was running short.

She did her exercises in rapid fashion then quickly got dressed and left the gym. That afternoon Sherri went and visited with her friend Elena at Elena’s apartment. The two friends spoke mostly about work for a good solid hour over some tea before Sherri finally mustered the courage and broached the subject of the gym and it’s program. Expertly, Sherri made her pitch.

Sherri: “You know Elly, there is a way that you could have things better.”

Elena: “Oh?”

Sherri then told Elena about the gym and about Flash Johnson. She explained the workouts in detail but she purposely left out all of the sex requirements. Sherri needed to sell Flash’s program and she was doing a great job of doing so. Elena was still a bit skeptical though.

Elena: “I don’t know. Isn’t Willowbrook a bad area? I mean, there’s a lot of black gangs there isn’t there?”

Sherri: “Well yes, but I’m telling you that this gym, it’s well worth it. I myself always was a good 25 pounds heavier, and no matter what I did I just couldn’t lose the remaining weight that I so desired. Then I went to Flash Johnson’s gym and within weeks I looked like this.”

She stood up and put her arms out in projection of her fit figure. Sherri was beautiful and looked as physically fit as a super-model would look. Everywhere that she went men were always hitting on her. Elena never saw Sherri out with a man though which was a little odd, but she always would attract plenty of attention. She stood at a tall model-esque 5’8”, 113 lbs. with 34-22-32 measurements, long blonde hair flowing halfway down her back, and the longest legs showcased by the types of high heels that she always seemed to wear. Sherri was a bombshell pure and simple and she always dressed the part, wearing short skirts and jaw-dropping cleavage-showing blouses.

Elena: “Oh I don’t think I could ever look like you do.”

Sherri: “Stop it! You are a very pretty girl. I’m telling you, all you’ve got to do is just lose the weight. Go see Flash. He’ll help you out. After a few months of his program you won’t even believe how great you’ll look. It’s a life changer. I think you should really, really consider it.”

Elena: “Well, I DO have the service break coming up. I suppose it can’t hurt to go check it out.”

In an effort to keep a fresh image amongst their clients, the company that staffed the secretarial pool gave the ladies employed with them a yearly paid five-week break. It was a nice benefit that wasn’t common with other companies but it did wonders for the women who worked for them.

Sherri: “Good idea! Five weeks of Flash is exactly what you could use. I guarantee it that you come back a brand-new woman.”

Elena: “Gee I hope so.”

Sherri: “So you’re gonna go and join the gym, right?”

Elena: “I’m thinking about it.”

Sherri: “Honestly Sweetie, I don’t think that there’s much more to think about.”

They got up from the table and Sherri kissed Elena on the left side of her face high up on her cheek. She then leaned in close to her left ear and whispered.

Sherri: “I’m telling you, it’s the only way to go.”

The weekend went by without any connections to the gym. Sherri was nerved up that whole time hoping that Elena had taken her advice and joined up. Getting Elena to join was imperative. She wanted to call her and try and do some more convincing but she figured she’d do a lot more harm than good trying to oversell it. By Monday she was a wreck. She hardly slept. She finally climbed out of bed around 11am and showered and got dressed. She put on a cute little pair of tight lavender jean shorts and a matching button up blouse that was styled completely opened in the front and knotted at the bottom of it. Underneath the blouse she wore a clearly visible small black bra, and she put on her house sneakers. She didn’t wear any panties.

Sherri only knew Mr. Johnson for a few weeks but he had proven to her during all of that time to be a man of his word. Today was Monday and a black man, or maybe a few black men, would be calling soon. She was nervous with anticipation and her pussy was chronically dripping the entire day. But, what if no one showed? Would that be a sign that Elena hadn’t joined the gym? What would be the repercussions? Flash Johnson had never done anything to physically harm her, but there always was that lingering threat. His barking was always enough to suffice without any bite.

She agonized on her living room couch about it all day until her doorbell finally rang around 7pm. She jumped up and looked at herself in a mirror and did a quick fix of her hair then went to the window to look outside. On her stoop stood both OJ and TW, two of Mr. Johnson’s underlings from the gym. Sherri opened the door to let them both in with a big broad but fake smile on her face.

Sherri: “Hi guys!”

Tony: “Never mind this ‘Hi’ shit! You know why we here right?”

Sherri watched them walk in and closed the door behind them. She looked down to the floor in embarrassment before sullenly answering him.

Sherri: “Yes. I owe some money.”

Tony: “Well damn bitch, if you know then why the fuck is you dressed then? New rule starting today; from now on every Monday you are to be completely nekkid! When niggas show up collectin’ we don’t want no mother fucking clothes on our bitches! Dat means ALL of Monday! Cause you see, we don’t punch a mother fucking clock! On Sunday night when you go to bed, if you wearing even a hat you best wake up at midnight and take dat shit off! You’ve done lost all of yo mother fucking Monday clothing privileges!”

Sherri: “But…what if I have to work on a Monday? I mean, sometimes they do schedule me.”

Tony: “Then you best go to work nekkid! Or call in sick or some shit! Now take all those mother fucking clothes off right now! Come on…. let’s go!”

Sherri frowned a little but she obeyed his request and removed all of her clothing including her sneakers. Two minutes later, she stood there completely bare ass in front of the two hulking black men as they all stood there in the living room. She nervously moved her arms around, wanting to cover herself the best that she could but also afraid to get scolded for doing so. Eventually she just put her arms down awkwardly by her sides.

Tony: “Dat’s better. But judging by that little frowny face, I don’t believe you understand the gravity of this here sitchy-ation. So, let me ask ya this; did you eat anything today?”

Sherri: “What?”

Tony: “Bitch you heard me! Did you eat anything today?”

Sherri: “Well, actually no. My mind has been otherwise occupied.”

Tony: “Good! Get on your fucking knees then! We got a treat for ya! Come on OJ!”

The two black men began to take off all of their clothing as Sherri got down on her knees in front of them. She watched as their large black hammers swayed between their thighs at half chub. Even semi-erect their penises looked freakishly humongous. Instinctively, Sherri reached out for TW’s cock but he pushed her hand away to her surprise.

Tony: “Naw bitch not yet! We gonna give ya somethin’ to chew on first! See, we both gonna turn around, and you gonna take dat pretty little white tongue of yours and you gonna lick both of our motherfucking asses clean!”

A look of horror came across her face. Lick their asses? Disgusting! Of all the sex that she had participated in during the program since joining the gym, blowjobs and straight sex is all that she had done. Now she was being told to put her tongue in their asses and she didn’t know if she could do it. TW turned around and stuck his stinky asshole right near her face while OJ stared at her with a silly smile.

Tony: “Go on bitch! Git yo tongue up in there! I had me some fries and a big mac last night, let’s see if you can taste it!”

Sherri: “Ewww! It stinks!”

Tony: “Of course it does! It’s a mother fucking asshole! Now git busy now! I ain’t playin’!”

She leaned forward and half-heartedly put her tongue out with her eyes squinted and a disgusted look on her face. TW reached around and palmed the back of her head and pushed her face forcefully into his anus and her tongue went right into his hole. He held her head in place and her nose was smushed against his hairy ass crack.

Tony: “Ahh yeah! Dat’s it Bitch! Git deep up in there! Put your hands on my cheeks and open it up! Clean all dat shit out!”

Sherri brought her hands up and spread TW’s ass cheeks. It was really revolting but there wasn’t anything that she could do. The taste of it was horrible but it got better as she licked and got everything wet with her saliva. It was degrading and horrible. She licked his stinky balloon knot for the next five minutes.

Tony: “Aight, dat’s enough! Take care of OJ now!”

Sherri slid across the floor on her knees and Orville turned around to accommodate her. She shook her head in disgust for a moment but then she committed and went full in and stuck her face between OJ’s ass cheeks. The abhorrent shit smell and nasty flavor returned which again made Sherri want to gag. For the next ten minutes Sherri then rotated her licking between the two black men’s asses. It felt like an eternity and lasted until TW abruptly disappeared into the bathroom and when he returned it was with a bottle of mouthwash. He threw the bottle at Sherri’s feet.

Tony: “Aight, dat’s enough! Rinse your mouth out!”

She happily picked up the mouthwash and took a big swig of it and swished it around in her mouth for a few seconds. At this point she was afraid to get up so she just swallowed it.

Orville: “Damn G, I ain’t never had no bitch lick my ass! This bitch is nasty!”

Tony: “Well if she wasn’t, she be dat way now! Aight, git up on that couch! I’m fixin’ to git me some of dat pussy!”

Sherri wiped her mouth with her arm and went over and lay back on the couch. As TW approached her, she raised her lusciously long legs up high in the air and secured her heels on his big broad shoulders. He stuck his index finger into her pussy and moved it around a bit. It was like he was checking her oil.

Tony: “Yup! Wetter than a mother fucker!”

TW smiled then pushed a good four inches of his cock slowly into her. On the third thrust he sent all nine inches completely in and held it there about three seconds. He then pulled all the way out and spanked the outside of her vagina with the bottom of his shaft before driving it full force back in this time to the hilt. Sherri’s mouth opened and for a few seconds she made no sound. Then she started to moan.

Sherri: “Oh fuck! Fuck yeah! Oh, baby that feels so good!”

Tony: “Come on OJ! Fill her mouth up and shut this bitch up!”

Orville walked over and put his blotchy-skinned cock in Sherri’s face. She took about two inches of his ten-inches into her mouth and started to suck. They boned her that way for the next ten minutes before finally switching places. Sherri came twice in that ten minutes and then once more after the switch. When they switched again, they placed her up on all fours and took her mouth and pussy that way. Harder and harder they pounded the sexy blonde. The first one to shoot a load on her was Orville. He painted her pretty face with his hot sticky black sperm, temporarily blinding her. TW then came around and followed suit with another batch making wiping it away futile.

Tony: “Now we gonna fuck that ass!”

Sherri: “Wait…what? My ass?!?!?”

Tony: “Shit yeah bitch! You into hock for a lot mo than just pussy! You still got one hole of payment and this here particular collection agency don’t leave no money on the table!”

Sherri: “Money on the table?”

Orville: “What the brutha is tryin’ to say is, bend the fuck over!”

Sherri hadn’t ever had a penis in her asshole before. The very thought of it scared her. She bent across the arm of the couch tentatively laying over some stacked couch pillows for support and spread her legs apart against the side of the couch. TW pushed Sherri’s right leg up onto the couch arm and spit into his hand and started to spackle it around her little puckered sphincter. Her anus was tight and each time TW pressed his index finger against her hole it felt like it was sucking it in like a bird would a worm. TW then took his pussy juice and sperm covered tool and started to work it in regardless.

Sherri: “Ohhhhhh! Oh god! Fuck!” It’s too big! Please. It hurts! It’s too big! You can’t fit it in! Nooooo! Nooooo! Please stop!”

TW continued his black monster cock assault on Sherri’s small white anus. The tight little butthole was trying to stay intact but with each jab of TW’s meaty cock head her O-rings elasticity began to show physical wear. It took a good four and a half minutes to finally get inside. Ten minutes after that, TW had his full nine inches pounding in and out of her sphincter with ease, slapping his large black balls against Sherri’s pussy lips with each thrust. Her demeanor changed, and gone were the fears of having a large black penis fucking her up her ass.

Sherri: “Ahh-AHHHHHH!!! Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck my ass! AHHHHHH!!!!!”

Tony: “See bitch, the word ‘can’t’ doesn’t exist when it comes to black cock.”

TW continued slamming his cock into the buxom blonde’s widening asshole. Orville watched on with a smile on his face while he pulled on his own cock, jerking it to attention. TW went another five minutes before finally pulling out and spraying his seed all over Sherri’s back. He pumped his cock against the top of Sherri’s ass crack for a few more minutes trying to drain the last of his cum out.

Orville: “Alright nigga, out the way! Let me get some of dat!”

The men shifted. Orville got behind Sherri and started to feed his cock into her gaping asshole. OJ’s cock was slightly bigger and wider than TW’s which meant that Sherri’s anal cavity was about to be stretched open a little wider. TW crawled on the couch up near Sherri’s face for her to lick his cock clean. Before long the sounds of flesh slapping flesh and Sherri’s screams of sexual pleasure echoed off the walls again as Orville pounded his 10-inches in and out with power and vigor.

Sherri: “Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck it! Harder! Give me all of that black cock! Oh yeah! Yeaaaah! Oh fuck!”

Eventually, Orville tensed up and came hard in Sherri’s well fucked asshole. The feeling was so heavenly that Sherri came hard as well and ended up leaking out all over the arm of the couch. OJ finally pulled out and Sherri licked him clean too.

Orville: “Damn man! This bitch was an ultra fuck! I’m hopin’ to get another piece of dat soon!”

Tony: “Oh we gonna run the train regular on this Ho! Bitch see ya next week!”

With that they both dressed and left. Sherri stayed on the couch for a while. She enjoyed every bit of that fucking and never thought that taking a penis in her asshole would be such a turn on. She finally got up and went to the toilet and tried to remove as much of the cum in her ass that she could. No matter how much she wiped away, more would leak out. She finally gave up and just ended up going to bed.

The next day, Sherri slept in for most of it. She finally climbed out of bed around 4pm. As she walked around her house, her asshole was very sore. It felt like there was still something in it. Walking hurt, sitting hurt, she eventually just grabbed her cell phone and went to her living room couch and lay down on her side. The puddle of sexual juices that was made the night before was dried up by now and there was a large stain on the couch arm and the nearest cushion. She just turned the cushion over and dialed Mr. Johnson.

Sherri: “Hi, Mr. Johnson. I was wondering if my friend Elena showed up at all this weekend?”

Flash: “Yeah, she got here Sunday. Fatter than a mother fucker though. It’ll take me a while, but me and the boys will fuck da fat right off dat bitch! I heard you got it in the ass last night?”

Sherri: “Oh. Yeah. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Flash: “Well, now dat they know you can take it, they gonna wanna do it again. If I was you, I’d go get myself a butt plug. A big fuckin’ one. You wear one of those mother fuckers all the time, yo ass will get used to it.”

Sherri: “Ok thank you Mr. Johnson.”

They said goodbye and she hung up. Sherri worried about taking cocks in her ass again. She reached back and felt her sore puckered hole with her fingers and it still felt like it was opened. It wasn’t gaping like the night before, but it was still opened up, very tender, and oozing cum. After worrying about it for the rest of the night, she decided that if they were gonna fuck her like that in the future, she’d might as well make things as comfortable as she possibly could. She didn’t want to go through that kind of pain again even if it was followed by all of that pleasure.

She made a decision that she would go to a porno store. Mr. Johnson had told her of a place called The Fun Zone a few towns over from where she lived. It was twenty minutes away in a taxi. The store was a little hole in the wall, and giving the 9:30am time, it was sparse on customers. Sherri hadn’t a clue what to look for so she approached the middle-aged store clerk at the counter.

Sherri: “Excuse me? I’m looking for something but…. Oh, geez this is embarrassing…”

Clerk: “It’s okay Sweetie, I’ve heard it all. You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

He smiled creepily and when he did, she could see his missing front tooth. Sherri could feel his eyes roaming her body which made her very uneasy. He was sleazy and overweight, white, a beard, with long greasy hair that was in a ponytail. He looked exactly like the comic book guy on the Simpsons. She was disgusted by him, and wanted to just leave but knew that she couldn’t until she got what she came for.

Sherri: “I’ve been experimenting with anal sex. I’m looking for something that could make things…you know…easier and less painful.”

Clerk: “Well, let’s see, this right here could do the trick.”

The clerk Put a silver butt plug on the table made of metal. He smiled again in that sleazy creepy gap-toothed way.

Sherri: “I…hmm. I don’t think that will be big enough.”

Clerk: “Not big enough? This thing is standard and will open the anal cavity a good inch and a half in diameter.”

Sherri: “Oh, I forgot to tell you…Flash Johnson sent me.”

Clerk: “Oh I see! You’re one of Flash’s girls. Well, well well…Oh, then this here it just won’t do. You’re gonna need some extreme help!”

The clerk’s demeaner changed and the creepy smile disappeared. When he first saw Sherri enter the store, he pegged the pretty blonde girl as someone who was just young and recently married who was looking to try something new out with her husband. He now knew that she was one of Flash’s white whores who was being fucked regularly by large black cocks, and that he needed to be more professional.

Clerk: “Hold on just a second, I know just what you need.”

He fumbled around in the back room of the counter for a few minutes and finally re-emerged with a cardboard box which he opened and put the contents of on the counter. They were black, rubber, and in three different sizes. They were each shaped like a spade, almost triangle-like in that the top was the thinnest point and looked like a penis head, and as you gradually went down the shaft the probe got wider. Just after the widest part of the shaft, there was a complete drop off in width which was like the stem of a spade. Beyond that there was a flat circular part that would hug against your ass after the whole probe was completely inserted.

Clerk: “This right here is a three in one. It’s an anal sex training set. You wear each one in your anus for a good two days each, starting with the smaller one and your anal cavity will then begin to get used to having large things in it.”

Sherri looked at the three black rubber anal probes in front of her. The first one was six inches long and at its widest was two inches in diameter. The second one was eight inches long and at its widest three inches in diameter. The last one though was freakishly large. It clocked in at ten inches long and five inches wide in diameter at its widest point.

Clerk: “Now this here adjustable elastic belt goes around your waist and attaches to the bottom of the probes holding them in place comfortably while you go about your day. I’ll throw in this large tube of lubrication for free, will there be anything else?”

Sherri looked around the store really quick and then back at the clerk then smiled.

Sherri: “No, I believe that’ll be it.”

She paid for the kit and then left. On the cab ride home, she started to fantasize about what it was going to feel like wearing one of the anal probes in her ass all day. Her pussy started to respond to the thoughts of having her asshole stretched open again and she was getting pretty wet from the thoughts. There was also a weird itching feeling going on in her rectum which made her uncomfortable. The kind of itching that needed immediate relief. The bumping around of the cab ride did nothing to help her forget about the itching either, as she bounced around in the back seat.

Sherri finally arrived home and couldn’t wait to get into the house. She went straight up to the bedroom and nervously fumbled to open up her new purchase. Once it was all opened and strewn about her bed, she lubed up the smallest of the three probes very generously, then put it down on the floor. Then as she removed her underwear and pulled her skirt up around her waist, she squatted down over the lubed-up probe and carefully let it enter into her anal cavity. Her sore asshole pushed apart outward and the pain felt like her skin was tearing. Gritting her teeth, Sherri crammed it in slowly hoping that the lube would medicate her asshole in some way. After getting the tip of the probe in she pushed her weight slowly down over the probe and began to fuck it trying to get it in deeper and eventually completely.

Sherri: “Oh fuck! This thing is huge!”

Each time she slid downward on the probe she could feel it stretching her asshole wider and wider. It was like she was trying to take an orange construction site cone up her ass and the pressure of it made her feel so full. Finally, after twenty minutes of cramming, she felt her ass bottom out past the thickest part and fall flush against the flat round part at the bottom. The complete six inches of the probe was now all inside her ass and she strapped it in around her waist with the belt. When she stood up and walked, she could feel the probe rubbing against her anal cavity walls and it felt great the more that she moved around.

Sherri spent the next five days wearing the anal probes and her sphincter was responding to them staying dilated and open each time one was removed or replaced. It began to get easier to add and remove the probes to and from her rectum. By the third day, she had decided to not wear panties anymore because with the probe in her ass, her pussy was constantly wet. By the next Monday morning, Sherri had spent nearly 22 hours a day with at least one of the anal probes plugging her hinny hole. She remembered what TW had told her about clothing on Mondays and she made sure to stay completely naked the entire day. Around 6pm that night, TW arrived along with OJ and this time they had Curtis Struthers with them.

Tony: “Hey bitch! How it be?”

Orville: “All ready for some more nigga dick?”

Sherri: “Uh huh.”

TW grabbed Sherri and forcibly turned her around and then pushed her back down and bent her over. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and spread them as wide as he could.

Tony: “See dat? Two black bones a mother fuckin’ week ago and the bitch still be opened.”

Orville: “Shit, I’m going in nigga!”

OJ nudged TW aside with one hand and pulled his semi-erect dick out of his sweat pants with his other. Seconds later he was feeding his blotchy ten inches into Sherri’s gaping asshole. After a full week of anal probes, Sherri’s ass was better accepting and she took OJ’s cock completely in immediately balls deep to the hilt.

Sherri: “Oh fuck! Oh god! Fuck my ass! Yeah!”

OJ pounded Sherri’s stink hole with hard and powerful thrusts peppering her pussy lips with slaps from his huge black balls again. Sherri bent over further to the floor to secure her balance. It took six minutes of pounding, but OJ finally pulled out and jacked his hot sticky seed all over Sherri’s back.

TW and Curtis were already naked by this point. TW then lifted up Sherri by her waist and walked her into the bedroom and threw her onto her bed. She turned around onto her back and TW lifted her legs high in the air. He then fed his black cock into her pussy which was drenched with sexual excitement.

Tony: “Damn this bitch is tight!”

Orville: “Yeah…yeah…yeah! Fuck that white Ho! Here bitch! Clean your ass off my cock!”

OJ stuffed his ass-juice glistened cock into Sherri’s mouth and she worked her mouth over it trying her best to clean it up. Meanwhile TW pounded her pussy sending her into orgasmic ecstasy. TW then pushed her legs up further and adjusted his fucking up a little higher. From behind TW, Curtis then pushed his wide nine inches into Sherri’s ass making her scream out.

Sherri: “AAAAAHHHHHHHH! Oh my god!”

The three of them then stuffed her three fuck holes air tight for the next ten minutes or so until TW tensed up and filled her cunt with his black cum. The next three hours was more of the same. Each man took turns in each of her holes, making sure to dump a cum load deep into all three at some point. Sherri herself came hard four more times as the three black men fucked her senseless in multiple positions.

Tony: “Bitch if we didn’t knock yo ass up today, then we never will!”

Curtis: “Sheet mon, dere be a black baby in dere real soon!”

OJ pulled his cock from Sherri’s mouth and painted her face with some more black cum making sure to drench her eyes and nostrils in the process. The three men then started to get dressed, leaving the well fucked blonde on her bed wiping the cum from her eyes.

Sherri was a sweaty cum stuffed mess again and she finally sat up when she heard them all leaving. ‘What if she was pregnant?’ she thought. How could she ever tell her parents? What about her two brothers? What would they say? It was at this point that Sherri felt that she would have to start taking some kind of birth control. She wasn’t ready for a baby period let alone a black one.

The next two Mondays was more of the same. One week she was gang banged by four of them when Nick Anvayney joined in on the crew. At one point she two cocks in her ass simultaneously which was a physical feat onto itself. Between the black cocks and the anal probes, Sherri’s asshole was perpetually stretched open. It had been four weeks now since Sherri spoke to her friend Elena. Each week she signed her pay check, cashed it and then mailed the majority of it to Mr. Johnson at the gym.

The extreme changes in Sherri’s life were now shaping her future. She missed work three Mondays and Tuesdays in a row which made the boss at the secretarial pool concerned. When she was in work, she stopped talking to co-workers and kept mostly to herself and her duties, mainly because she didn’t want anyone to know that she was still wearing the anal probes in her ass to keep her anal cavity opened.

At the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mr. Johnson wasn’t there during her workouts anymore. Slick Willie Williams was in charge of her weekly workouts now and aside from the blow job that she was required to give him at the beginning of each session, sex wasn’t part of her workouts anymore. Her body was saved for paying off her gym fees so it was a blowjob, weights and exercises, then all done each time. Sherri didn’t mind blowing Slick Willie who was in his late 40’s. His cock was only a thin 7-inches, and after being exposed the last month or so to cocks that were much bigger and girthier, she was able to take it with ease and make him cum faster than the others.

At home, she was taking estrogen and progesterone daily for birth control to combat her weekly Monday fuck days and all of the black sperm that was being splooged into her. Contact with family members and friends dwindled down to a bare minimum. The only person that she knew of that was going through the same experience as her was Elena and she didn’t want to call her because she was afraid that she might interrupt the program. Then that Sunday Sherri received a rogue phone call from Mr. Johnson. She hadn’t spoken to him since the day after her first Monday fucking.

Flash: “Hey bitch. Just calling to tell y’all that your new training times on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be at 2pm every week.”

Sherri: “What about Mondays?”

Flash: “Mondays what? Yo white ass is in arears remember? That shit doesn’t stop until you paid in full! So that particular collection agency will be collectin’ indefinitely!”

He paused for a moment. Sherri thought about what he just said and how many Mondays she would have to endure TW and the rest of his clan. She shuddered at the thought of Monday sex, followed by Tuesday morning work, followed by Tuesday afternoon workouts. This was going to happen every single week and Sherri for the first time was thinking that her job might not be as important. Quitting would mean that she couldn’t pay the back or current gym arrears so it looked like there wasn’t a way out.

Flash: “Now, there IS a few ways to expediate all dat. If you’re interested.”

Sherri: “Expediate? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

Flash: “Well, I know a lot of niggas. I know niggas who own clubs, niggas who have money, and I also know a ton of broke ass niggas that wouldn’t mind gettin’ a white piece if ya know what I mean. I know three ways dat you can quickly get me my money. They called; Train, Dance, or Auction.”

Mr. Johnson paused again this time for a response but Sherri didn’t answer. She was still confused but intrigued by what the alternatives to her status quo could be. She listened intently to his explanations.

Flash: “Okay I see by your silence you interested. First, I got Dance. I know this brother who runs a strip joint downtown called Juicy Jiggles. The offer is six nights a week, you shake your shit on the stage at JJ’s for a full year. Mondays and work-out days stay the same during this.”

She actually wouldn’t mind stripping. The only thing that makes this option unattractive was that she still would have to do Mondays. He continued.

Flash: “Second, I’ve got Train. Five times in a month’s time, I send every nigga I know to your house in a 24-hour period and you take care of them one by one. On this option, Mondays and workout days are rescinded.”

Sherri: “No Mondays? I like that! Wait…. how many men each time?”

Flash: “Shit girl, I just said I know a lot of niggas! Could run close to a 100. Maybe even 150.”

Sherri: “A hundred and fifty! That’s a lot! What’s the last option?”

Flash: “The last one is Auction. I sell your debt to the highest bidder and whatever nigga buys your ass, you become his problem. Usually you become his escort and you end up doin’ whatever that motherfucker wants. Mondays and workouts are rescinded here too.”

Sherri: “You mean, become his slave?”

Flash: “Depends on the nigga! Shit I’ve seen bitches become wives and shit through this option! And these mother fuckers have some real dough! Could be worse alternatives. There is the probability dat you get a hardcore nigga too.”

Sherri’s heart sank. There was pluses and minuses with each option. The stripping one, and far more attractive option, was the only one that would require her to continue workouts and Mondays. The Train was the shortest in time served, but to Sherri that was just way too many sex partners. She’d be opening herself up to STD’s and diseases. The irony of getting banged just a few weeks ago by four black cocks amazingly was lost on her thinking here though.

Now, the escort option would get her away from the gym and Mr. Johnson. But it was a crapshoot on who would end up buying her ‘contract’. The way she was just told, there would be a 50 percent chance that she could end up in a worse situation. Still though, Mondays would be over with and she could easily end up in a better situation instead.

Flash: “Well Miss. Kimbelsen, I don’t have all day. What’s it gonna be?”

Sherri: “I guess I’ll take…I think I want the Auction.”

Flash: “Really? Wow! I wasn’t expecting that choice. I mean, it’s more money in MY pocket, but alright! Come to the gym tomorrow night at 9pm. Mondays and workout days are now officially done. Wear a trench coat and heels and nothing else. And Miss Kimbelsen, if you don’t show…then everything you owe becomes doubled. You hear me?”

Sherri: “Yes. I do. I’ll be there. I just want to pay off what I owe.”

Flash: “Oh you will, and then some. After tomorrow night you and I will be squared away.”

They hung up the phone. Sherri sat there for a while and thought hard about the decision that she just made. There was no going back now. The more she thought about it, being an escort to just one man was the way to go. There was a hell of a lot of risk though. Risks that the pretty white blonde didn’t think of but soon found out.

The auction night finally came. Sherri showed up at the gym ten minutes early and was met by Mr. Johnson just inside the door. Inside, the gym was darkened except for one area in front of the locker room that had an elevated platform-like stage, and what looked like about a dozen chairs in front of it. The ‘stage’ area was all lit up and there was a large black curtain pulled behind it in front of the locker room doors.

Flash: “A little early I see. Good job Miss. Kimbelsen! There’s a couple of other girls in the locker room already. In a second, I want you to go join them. First, the ground rules! When this shit gets started and you come back out here, leave that fucking coat in the back! You can leave the shoes on but that’s it! When you git up on the stage, you take whatever direction that is told to you! And don’t fucking talk at all! Not one word, you hear me?”

Sherri: “Yes.”

Flash: “Good! Now git in the back with da other bitches!”

In the locker room, there were three other women and they were all hanging around completely naked. There was a very tall pale redhead with longer legs than Sherri had wearing just a pair of white heels standing against some lockers smoking a cigarette. Her name was Amber and she looked to be in her mid-twenties. She had a piece of masking tape on her left shoulder that read ‘Amber – Santa Barbara’.

In fact, the other women had masking tape on their shoulders too. Sitting down on a bench both with their legs crossed was a short young Oriental girl with short black hair, and next to her was an older woman with long light brown hair. The Oriental girl was named Jade from Osaka, Japan, and the other woman’s tape read ‘Claudia – Phoenix’. The brown-haired woman was also smoking a cigarette. When Sherri walked in, they all looked at her with blank looks on their faces.

Claudia: “Come on in honey. Get undressed and write your name and where you’re from on some tape over there. Better hurry because I believe they’re about to start.”

Sherri quickly took her robe off and was now completely naked except for her heels just like the others. She took the sharpie and tape and wrote ‘Sherri – San Diego’ on it and then affixed it to her left shoulder.

Sherri: “So anyone like know how this all goes? I mean, what exactly is gonna happen here tonight?”

Amber: “You’re being sold blondie! We all are. There’s a couple of rich niggers out there that are gonna bid big money on each of us.”

Sherri: “So this is like some kind of sex trade? Like the ones I’ve seen on TV?”

Claudia: “It’s not as bad as all that honey. I’ve been through this before.”

Sherri: “Wait…before?”

Claudia: “Yes. I was ‘sold’ to a very old black man two years ago. Technically, I was loaned to him so that’s why I still owe Flash money. The old man was alone, in his 60’s, and he had heart disease. I was told to do whatever he wanted, which I did. It wasn’t a bad gig. He only wanted sex once a month and I cooked and cleaned for him daily. We didn’t leave the house often because of his afflictions. Then one day, a few weeks ago, he died suddenly of a heart attack. I was told to come back here and go through it all again. Yay for me, right?”

The older woman took another long drag of her cigarette then expelled out the smoke and it formed a big white cloud above her head. She looked to be about late thirties or even early forties, but truth be told she was only 33 years old. The cigarettes combined with the hard life that she was leading had withered her appearance a bit. She was still very pretty though.

Amber: “I just hope all these guys are from America. I really don’t want to end up overseas. I mean, it’d be alright for this little rice cake here, but…in fact…”

The tall redhead stopped mid-sentence and just shook her head and laughed as Jade looked up at her with an angry look on her face. Amber then walked by them all over to the locker room door and took a peek out into the gym.

Amber: “Oh shit! There IS a couple of foreign guys out there. One of them is wearing one of those long white Arab getups too! You know…. sheets and all. Fuck! Damn, I hope he don’t buy me.”

Sherri started to get nervous about this whole thing. Overseas? Could she really end up having to go with some stranger out of the country? She walked over to the bench and sat down on the other side of Jade and crossed her legs. The tiny oriental woman was very cute and extremely young. Sherri didn’t find out until later that Jade was 19 years old but she could definitely pass for much younger.

Jade was a foreign exchange student from Osaka, Japan who came to America to attend Berkeley. Just like most of Mr. Johnson’s girls, she was introduced to the gym as a pledge from another girl who had already gone through the program. Yes Mr. Johnson had a very intricate racket going, far bigger than first appearances.

Sherri: “So how much do you all owe Mr. Johnson?”

Amber: “Does it really matter? Asshole put us all in debt and now we’re all royally fucked! If my Father ever finds out how many black men…how much black dick I’ve had sex with this past month he’s gonna kill me! That’s if I ever see him again. What’s the difference, I can’t ever go home again. Might as well end up with some black asshole from another country.”

She threw her cigarette on the floor and then stepped on it with her heel. She then walked back over to the lockers and sat down on a chair by them. Sherri looked back over towards Claudia’s direction. But before she could ask anything, Clevon Lawson, another one of Flash’s workers came in. Sherri hadn’t met him yet.

Clee: “Aight ladies, let’s see what we got here! Listen up, here’s how it all go tonight! When I point at you, you’re next! You go out, walk around a little and if one of them niggas asked you to do something….do it! When it’s done, you go with who ever bought you. Your belongings will be brought to you before you leave. DO NOT come back in here! Okay…! You’re first. Get your little China ass out there!”

Jade: “I’m from Japan.”

Clee: “Like it really fucking matters! Get yo little ass out dere!”

Jade got up and tentatively walked towards the door, and then finally disappeared out to the stage. They could hear the hoots and hollas coming from the gym as Jade showed them all of her naked wares. Of the four women on auction that night, Jade was the shortest, youngest, and she had the smallest breasts. Claudia was the oldest and most full-figured, and of course well experienced. Amber was the tallest, and probably the prettiest. Sherri fit somewhere in the middle of the four of them in all mentioned categories.

Amber: “Geez. Would you listen to them? Girl must be dancing her little heart out.”

Claudia: “Oh there isn’t any dancing. Not unless they ask for it. You’re just supposed to stand there and turn when you are told to. It’s not bad actually.”

Twenty minutes later Claudia was called to the stage. Then shortly afterwards Amber got the call. Sherri was last called and when she finally got out to the stage, she couldn’t believe how dark it was. She could barely see the men sitting in their chairs, but she could hear them laughing and talking amongst themselves. Then Mr. Johnson spoke on a microphone.

Flash: “This one here is brand new! 24 years old, a secretary from San Diego! Really likes it in the ass! Bidding starts at $5000. Hey Miss Kimbelsen bend over and spread your ass for them.”

Sherri turned around and then bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Her asshole was still dilated a little due to the butt plug probes she’d been using. She was a bit upset that Mr. Johnson stated that she liked anal when truth be told, she was trying to get away from it. So much so that she was willing to be sold to the highest bidder in hopes of never having to do it again. She was too naïve. The next thing she heard was men from the crowd yelling out and making bids.

Man #1: “$5500.”

Man #2: “I need me some dat azz! $7500!”

Man #3: “Ten thousand!”

Man #2: “You giraffe foocker! Two more! I bid twelve grands!”

Man #3: “Man who the fuck you callin’ a giraffe fucker? Fuck you, nigga! 15 grands!”

As the two men argued a fourth voice from the back chimed in with an unheard-of bid which silenced them and got gasps from the other men in the gym.

Man #4: “Fifty thousand dollars.”

Sherri couldn’t believe what she just heard. $50,000 was ten times the money that Mr. Johnson opened her bid on. She stood there bent over with her ass cheeks still spread, looking back between her legs trying to see the faces of the men in the chairs but to no avail. It was just too dark.

Flash: “Going once? Going twice? Sold to the African Prince.”

A tall skinny African woman who looked to be in her forties came out from the darkness and then climbed up onto the stage. She was barefoot, and wearing an African style long dark orange skirt that went all the way down to the top of her ankles. The rest of her body was completely bare of clothing, wearing only a multi-flowered lei around her neck. The woman’s large black breasts hung down low below the lei, and her nipples were pierced with large silver rings and a chain was connected to both of the rings and both of her large pink nipples pointed down towards the floor.

The black woman had a collar and leash set and she affixed the collar around Sherri’s neck then quickly walked her from the stage. She led Sherri to the back door of the gym and outside to a long dark black limousine. The woman then removed the leash from the collar around Sherri’s neck.

Black Woman: “Get inside and wait. Go on now…do as I say.”

Sherri got into the limo and noticed that someone else was sitting in there. It was Jade, the young oriental girl from the locker room. Jade also had a collar around her neck. She had tears in her eyes.

Sherri: “What’s going on? Where are we going?”

Jade: “We’ve been purchased by Prince Masango Kaluba. We’re going to Africa.”

Sherri: “Africa!!! No!!!”

Sherri turned and tried to open the car door but it was locked. She tried banging on it too but to no avail. The limo then suddenly started to move and Sherri just put her face into her hands and began to cry. Jade hugged her as the darkened limo moved swiftly through the streets. They drove for a good forty minutes before arriving at LAX. The limo continued on through the airport out towards the private plane tarmac towards a small private plane that was apparently owned by the Prince. Once the limo stopped, the partition to the front powered down and the black woman who had led Sherri to the limo on a leash was sitting there in the passenger’s seat.

Black Woman: “Here are your robes. You may put them on. We shall be waitin’ here until the Prince boards the plane, then we shall board ourselves.”

Sherri: “Excuse me, but I can’t leave the country. I have a job and an apartment; I’ve got my family…”

Black Woman: “Dat is all done for now my dear. You have to pay off your debts to the Prince now.”

Jade: “So where exactly are you taking us? Where is the Prince from?”

Black Woman: “We are goin’ to Africa and that is all that you need to know.

They sat for the next ten minutes in silence before they were allowed to board the plane.

The End

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