Lust Part 2

Lust Part 2

Part 2

On my drive home from the gym I could notice the wetness coming out of my pussy. I was really excited because finally, things like this didn't feel as wrong anymore. Knowing that my husband was approving of everything I was doing, was a huge turn on for me.

When I got home there was nobody there. I went upstairs, got on the bed and watched the two videos I had in my phone. Both of them were extremely explicit and got me so hot that I had to take my vibrator out and masturbate right there. When my husband came home we had dinner and I told him about the surprise I had for him. We went to bed early that night so we could spend a little more time on the video session. He was shocked with the results and I could see it because his cock was rock hard even before I started the videos. I figured out how to display the videos from my phone into the Apple TV so he could see how much of a slut I had been just a few hours before. I showed him the first video that the guys did of me and sucked his dick for about 5 minutes before he came in my mouth right after Steve showed how he was fucking my pussy with his fingers. I told him how early he was, but by the end of the first video he got hard again just by watching John cumming all over my face. I asked him what he thought and he gave me some great feedback and told me how much he loved the “new me”.

“If you love me that much right now, just wait until you see the next video", I said.

“Another vid…” He hadn't finished the sentence when I hit play.

He couldn't believe I had been with the guys again that afternoon but he quickly paid attention to the start of the video. He was hard the whole time and I decided to help his cock by putting it in my pussy. I made him get behind me while I was in all fours and we were both watching the video while fucking. He was really horny by what he was seeing. I noticed he would fuck me harder on his favorite parts like when John was fucking my asshole with his finger and then with his cock. Finally we climaxed together while the front desk guy was cumming all over me in the video. After cumming twice, my husband was exhausted but he loved the videos and asked me when I would give him more. He said he definitely didn't want me to do this every day but he would understand if that was my need as long as he could get a video of me doing it. I smiled at him and told him I wouldn't need that every day but I wouldn't mind doing it every other week.

Later on that week my husband had a business trip for a couple of days so I was feeling lonely. I was horny but I could handle it with just watching my videos and masturbating with my toy at home.

The second night after my husband was gone our neighbors house was robbed while there were at the movie theater. I was really scared that it was so close to our house and could have been us. I called my husband but he was in meetings all day and couldn't talk right away. I was panicking so I grabbed my sons computer and started googling security companies and different ways to make your house safer. I decided that I wanted to install a security system in the house with cameras and at least an alarm. It wouldn't be cheap but it would make me feel better. I started noticing that every time I was typing something in Google, with just a couple of letters, different options would popup on the drop down menu. What was weird was that most of them were obvious porn websites. I tried to type security and with just the SE I could see at least 5 different sex websites. I'm not a genius in computers but I have average knowledge as far as how to navigate and look stuff up. I got curious and decided to look in the browser history. It was mostly porn sites. I could see most of his visits were to an amateur sex website and I couldn't stop myself from going in. I clicked on the home page and on the login space there was a username and a password auto-signed.

I couldn't believe how stupid my son was, but Once again my curiosity won and I ended up clicking the log-in button. Once I was in I saw that his username on the website was Davidxx. I was never a porn person but since I started making my videos I change a little bit. The videos in the home page were more appealing now to me. There were all kinds of categories in this website. From normal sex to things I would never imagine me doing like incest and orgies. Three weeks ago I would have never imagined me doing those kinds of things, but I was a different woman now and my appetite for sex was growing. I watched a couple of normal videos in the amateur categories. I saw many things that got me more and more horny. Girls showing themselves in public, girls getting cum all over their faces and bodies, swingers, anals, but one video caught my attention. It was titled “how i became a cuckold”. It had a blonde lady about my age sucking on a big black dick on the picture. I clicked on it not knowing what a cuckold was exactly. The video started with a kind of presentation that described how this guys got his wife to become a “dirty black lover slut”. He shows how he started buying black dildos and then bigger and bigger rubber dicks. Then he asked her to dress more slutty, to walk around bars and tease guys, then flirt with them and pretend to be single while he was watching from the side. He even showed one littler trailer of her in what he called a glory hole and it was just her on this kind of bathroom sucking a dick that came out of the wall. Finally he shows how it all came down to them being in this hotel room and how he was gonna share his wife with this big black guy. Needless to say she got fucked in every way by a huge dick while her husband was pretty much coaching her and telling her how to act for the camera. Finally the guy comes in her pussy and tells her how much he wants her to get pregnant by that load of cum he just shot up her cunt. The video was great and got me really hot and I started touching my self. I took a mental note about the story in the video and wondered if that was my husband’s fantasy.

I kept navigating the website and found my sons user profile page. He described himself as a white guy that just wanted to relieve his sexual tension. Right next to that statement there was a picture of a dick that I hadn't realized was probably my son's. I was shocked by the realization but something in me kept wanting to see more. It wasn't a big dick but it was average. White and shaved to the base. Suddenly I realized that I was just looking at a dick and it wasn't my son's anymore, it was just another dick, hard, veiny and ready to fuck. I kept looking and the next tab contained some other pictures of his dick and some of his dick cumming. This shocked me again but I never stopped touching myself. The next tab said favorites. I clicked through it and started to have an idea about his sexual taste. He had mostly teenagers, blondes, girls in skirts, some in long socks and some in short shorts. Most of them were amateur videos made in someone's home. Then the next page was the biggest shock of the night. It was full of incest videos and it had the biggest number of videos. I didn't know what to think about this at first, but I could see that most of the videos had young looking boys and girls scenes and I realized that my son had a thing for his little sister. He wasn't much older than her and she was becoming a nice little hottie.

I kept looking trough his page and kept finding revealing things. He liked videos about sleeping teens, throat fucking (the very sloppy kind), anal, domination and he even had a special section for bestiality. That one shocked me the most, but with how horny I had been feeling lately, this just made me more curious. One of the videos in his favorites showed a very young looking gal that looked just like my daughter getting fucked by a dog in all fours. This blew my mind and I watched the video until I exploded in a great orgasm synchronized with the little bitch in the screen.

I took note of as much data as I could and went back to my room to clean up. Then, an idea popped up in my brain. If my son had all this stuff in his computer, what would my daughter hide in hers?. I knew I had enough time to be alone in the house to spy on my daughter. I went in her room, turned the computer on, and started snooping. It took me a second to find anything since she didn't spend as much time on sex websites as her brother. Her history showed that one of the most visited sites was a chat page. I clicked on that one, curious to see what she spent so much time talking about on the internet. One more time, technology played against one of my kids who decided to let the computer auto log-in to the website.

The website wasn’t a sex site, however, as soon as I logged-in I had all this new windows popping-up with what looked like other users trying to talk to me. I didn't want her to know someone had been using her account so I switched it to off-line. I started closing the windows from people that kept trying to talk to me and was very surprised by their names. They were mostly guys, obviously, and had usernames like sugardaddy58, teenlover88, cumtributer_12, and very revealing user pictures that let me know that, whatever my daughter was talking about with these guys, wasn't very innocent. I searched through the web site and found that I could read the history of some of her last conversations. I was shocked with what I found. My daughter was talking to a guy who was at least in his 40s and they were discussing all kinds of sex related things. This guy was having sex conversations with my teenage daughter and she was obviously very into it. She liked answering his questions and he was very demanding. She even agreed to send him some pictures of her tits while she was in the bathroom and thank god she left her face out of them. The other conversations were mostly the same and some of the guys even offered to buy stuff for her if she agreed to send them pictures. Reading this conversations got me really horny again even though it was kind of sick that this older guys were seeing my girl naked. However, my sex drive wasn't the same since my gym experience and I felt like everything in my life was about sex from that point on.

I turned her computer off and went to the living room to watch some TV and relax, however, it was impossible. I couldn't stop thinking about how perverted my to kids were. Just the day before, I had been thinking how innocent and good they were, and now I was realizing how far away from innocent their little minds were. I decided to watch some porn in my computer to relieve myself. I immediately went to my sons favorite website and started looking at some of the brother-sister videos. They were pretty hot. I played with my pussy and for some reason started fantasizing of making those scenes a reality in my household. The videos got me so horny that I couldn't stop masturbating until I came with a plan to make my little girl a little bitch for my son. And boy if I came up with a plan.

I decided to create a fake user in my daughter’s chat website. I was pretty sure she was into some kind of domination or sugar daddy kind of stuff. I created my profile name as yourdaddy24 and stole one of my son’s dick pictures and set it as my user picture. My plan was to start talking to my daughter as one of the old guys she likes to chat with, and create such a good relationship that she could be easily manipulated into fucking her brother. Im not sure why but this became my obsession for the next few weeks but it was quite enjoyable.

That night, I ate dinner with my kids when they got home and as soon as we were done eating, everyone went to their rooms. I now knew that they weren’t working on homework or watching little kids comics anymore, I knew exactly what they were up to. I signed into the chat website to see what my girl was up to. I saw her online and sent her a chat request. She accepted immediately, out of curiosity I imagine, and she even started the conversation.

“Hi, how are you”.

“I’m good princess, how are you doing?” I knew she loved to be called princess since my husband always calls her that.

“I’ve never seen you in this chat before”.

“I’m a first timer in this. Not really much experience with chats” I said.

“Really? What made you start?”.

“I’m looking for someone I can talk to without any judgement”.

“And why would someone judge you for just talking?”.

“Well let’s say I have very unique conversation subjects that most people wouldn’t approve”.

“I like that. I’m not like most people”.

“Oh yeah? What do you like to talk about?”.

“I really like to talk about my fantasies without being judge”.

“Today is your lucky day. I don’t judge”.

“I like that. Most people just get in here to ask for naked pictures”.

“I’m not most people either. Do you do that a lot? Send naked pictures I mean”. I asked interested in what she would answer.

“ Well I do it sometimes. Only when I’m feeling very horny”.

“What gets you horny?”.

“Well I really like it when guys give me directions on what to do. Like some guys just tell me to do things and then order me to send them pictures of me doing stuff and I do it but only when I’m feeling horny”.

“Interesting. What is the craziest thing somebody’s ever asked you to do?”.

“LOL, I cant tell you that. It’s too embarrassing”.

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise ”.

“It’s really embarrassing though”.

“My lips are sealed”.

“This one guy asked me to send him a picture of me and my friend Jenny”.

“What’s so bad about that?”.

“Well we had to do a kiss picture”.

“Ok still not so bad”.

“It gets worse”.

“I’m reading”.

“We had to be naked while we kissed”.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My innocent little girl was telling this strange guy she just met on the internet how she was playing naked lesbian games with her best friend and sending the pictures to another guy.

“Well that’s kind of hot”.

“It felt weird, but I think I liked it”.

“So you like girls then?”.

“No not really, I like guys but me and my best friend are very close so it wasn't a big deal”.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, not really”.

“Not really? What does that mean?”.

“Well I’m kind of seeing someone, I guess”.

“Explain that”.

“It’s a kid from school, but it’s nothing serious”.

“You two having sex?”.

“Not quite”.

“What does that mean?”.

“Well he was spying on me from behind when I was chatting with a guy on my cellphone and he saw some dirty pictures of me and my friend Jenny so during break he threatened me with telling the teacher”.

“So he blackmailed you into having sex?”.

“Well he asked me to meet him in the gym and there he asked me to give him a blowjob”.

“Tell me more about it”.

“Well when I got to the gym, it was just him and I. He locked the door into the males locker room and then asked me to suck his dick. He pulled it out and I started licking and sucking”.

“Was this your first timed doing this?”.

“Yeah I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I don’t think he did either”.

“How did it end”.

“It wasn’t very long. Probably five minutes into it he started saying he was cuming. He told me to lift my shirt up and he came all over my belly”.

“That’s crazy. Did you like it?”.

“I don’t really like him but I really liked sucking his dick and playing with his cum underneath my shirt after we went back to class. That felt nice. I even tasted some. It was weird but in a sexy way”.

“That’s a great story. I really want to hear more of those”.

“Well I don’t really have any more”.

“We can change that. How about you and I start playing a game called Daddy Says”. I decided to play all my cards here, since I knew she had to be getting horny after telling me her sexual experiences.

“That sound like my kind of game. Is there any rules”.

“Well rule number one: I’m your daddy and that’s all you can call me”.

“I can do that”.

“Rule number 2: Everything I say, you have to do. I want no hesitation at all. If you hesitate you will be punished”.

“I will say yes to that but you gotta promise not to make me do anything too crazy because I still live with my parents and if they see me doing anything, they’ll kill me”.

“Interesting. Who else do you live with?”

“My brother”.

“How old is he?”

“He is 2 years older than me”.

“Are your parents always at home?”

“My mom is most of the time, but my dad travels a lot”.

“Ok I promise I won’t make you do anything too crazy…for now”

“Are those all the rules”

“They are. At least until you accept and then I will give some more”.

“Well ok then I’ll do it”.

“You’ll be my little bitch daughter that does everything her daddy asks for?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes daddy”

“Good girl”.

“What are you wearing right now?”

“My sweatpants and a t-shirt”

“Is that what you usually wear?”

“Most of the time”.

“Well that’s gotta change”.

“What do you want me to wear daddy?”

“Go get the smallest shorts you have and send me a picture modeling them”.

It took a minute to get an answer back but there she was, wearing her old volleyball shorts that were more like the size of underwear.

“Are those ok daddy?”

“Those are great. Now do you have any knee high black socks?”

“Yes daddy”.

“Ok go put them on”

“She sent me another picture without even asking”.

I went back to my son’s porn website and looked through his favorite pictures. My daughter was starting to look like one of those in the pictures. She just needed a small shirt that would let her boobs show a little bit.

“What size are your tits honey?”

“They’re not too big daddy. 32C”.

“I think those are the perfect size. How about you go put a tank top on”.

She sent me another picture and she looked pretty hot. One more thing and I would be ready to execute the first part of my plan.

“Loose the bra honey, I don’t want you using those while you’re at home from now on”.

Another picture showed her with the tank top but without the bra. Her tits looked really good and she looked really hot, even hotter than the girls on the website.

“Is your brother at home?”

“Yes why?”

“I want you to go ask him something. You have to figure out what. I want you to notice his reaction to the new outfit you’re gonna be wearing at home most of the times”.

“Wait but why my brother, he’s gonna think that I’m just a slut dressed like this”.

“Well I think I need another male opinion and I’m sure the pictures don’t make you look as hot as you really are. And it doesn’t matter if he thinks you are a slut, because you are. You are my little slut daughter, aren’t you?”.

“Well yeah but I don’t know what to ask him”.

“Figure it out slut. You have five minutes and when you come back I want you to tell me if you think he likes your new outfit”.

“Yes daddy”.

I got off my computer and opened my door quietly. She had to pass my room to get to her brother’s. I got into the hallway and I could hear them talking. I peeked in my son’s room and saw them talking about school work. She was walking around his room (I’m sure to let him take a good look at her full body) and I could tell he was almost hypnotized looking straight at her butt and legs from behind. She grabbed one of his old books from his library and then went to give him a thank you hug. That was her personal slutty touch, I didn’t ask her to do that. I could tell he enjoyed that a lot since I saw him looking at her braless pointy tits perking through her shirt. I got back in my room and waited for her to message me.

“I can’t believe I just did that”.

“Do you think he likes your new outfit?”

“He’s my brother, I can’t believe he was looking at me like that”.

“He’s a guy”

“Yeah but he’s my brother”.

“So? Do you really think he cares? If I was a teenager and you were my sister coming in my room dressed like that I wouldn’t have cared either”.

“Yeah I guess, I just think it’s weird that he was looking at me like that”.

“I’m sure you didn’t completely hate it”

“Well it was weird but at the same time it’s nice to be looked at like that”.

“Good, that means that we can keep playing Daddy says”.

“I’m liking this game daddy”.

“Well be online tomorrow night at 8 PM and You will have a much more fun night”.

“I can’t wait”.

I went offline. I needed to relieve myself after controlling my daughter like that so she could show herself to her brother. I played one of my son’s favorite videos where the guy was fucking his sister while she was sleeping in her bed and masturbated until I came. I went to bed that night planning on what to do for the next one.

The next day I stayed at home but couldn't help to only think about what I could make my daughter do that night. I had a lot of plans in my head but I couldn't figure out how to put them in practice. When they got home from school she immediately went to her room. I knew she was probably checking her computer. I started cooking dinner and we all ate together talking about everyones day. Finally I told them I was going to take a bath to relax and decompress a little bit. We all went to our rooms. I wasn't really planning on taking a bath of course, however I wanted them to think that I was. I logged into my account so she could see me connected but I wasn't going to start the conversation. After a couple of minutes she started talking to me. I got in the bathroom and turned the shower on so they would think I was in there.

“What are we doing tonight Daddy?” I couldn't believe what a little horny slut my daughter was.

I waited a couple of minutes. “I have a very special plan for you hon”.

“I like the way that sounds”

“What are you wearing?”

“A t-shirt and my sweatpants”

“Bad girl. I told you the rules for dressing in the house yesterday”.

“I’m sorry it’s just that my mom would probably freak out on me if she sees me dressed like that”.

“You have 30 seconds to change and prove that you changed”

A few seconds later a picture cam through with her in little gym shorts and a belly shirt with no bra on.

“Are you wearing underwear?”

“I took my bra off but I still have my bottoms”

“Take them off and put a skirt on instead”

“I feel cold now”

“Are your nipples hard?”


“Great that’s perfect for our little challenge for the night”

“Oh yeah and what is that going to be”

“Are you texting from your computer or your phone?”


“Ok I want you to move to your phone and close the chat on the computer but I want you leave you computer web-cam on”


She turned her web cam on and I could see her sitting in front of her computer just focused on her phone.

“Now this is going to require some good acting skills. Are you up to?”

“My mom is taking a bath and my brother is in his computer as usual so I think I’m up to as long as is not too crazy”

“I want you to get your brother to help you figure out a problem with your computer. Then I want you to get on your bed and keep texting me from your phone. I’ll give you more steps when I see him in the room.”

“Ok I’m going right now”.

I cold see that she was a little nervous through the cam.

A moment later they both came into the room. I could see him sitting in front of the computer and I could see my daughter sitting at the edge of the bed. They were talking about her Facebook privacy and how she could fix it.

"Can you see him?"

"I can see both of you, that's great. Now rest your head and your back on the headboard and relax. Keep talking to him while you look at your phone"


"Now bend your legs leaving your knees up"

"He's gonna freak out"

I could see how she was uncomfortable with this since she was bending her legs really slow while looking at her brother.

"Now put your feet apart so he can see the best of you"

She placed her feet at least 12" apart.

"Keep talking to him but stare at the phone"

She kept asking him questions but he wasn't really looking at her. Finally he went to ask her something about her computer when I recognized his surprise look. He couldn't finish his sentence. My daughter wasn't looking at him so this gave him the perfect opportunity to stare at his sister's pussy, although I think even if she was looking at him he wouldn't have been able to look away. He finally came back to his senses after she had asked him twice what he was going to say. They kept talking, but now he was looking at her every time she asked something or every time he wanted to say something.

"He's really staring at your pussy you know"

"You think so?"

"I can see his pervert look"

"Haha this is fun"

"I bet he has a bonner"

"There is no way"

"Well you tell me. When he's done I want you to go to the computer and try whatever you asked him to fix to see if it's working. But don't let him stand up. I want you to sit on his lap. And try to let your skirt go up a little bit when you get of the bed so when you sit on him, you can perfectly feel his dick with your naked ass"

"OMG he's gonna freak out"

"Do it and before you get off his lap give him a hug and a slow kiss on the cheek"

A couple of minutes passed by and he finally told her that he was done while still looking at her pussy without caring if he got caught. As the good girl she was, she got of the bed through the longest way possible so her skirt would go up. When I saw her standing up I could almost see her pussy because of how high the skirt was. She didn't even try to fix herself.

“Here, I wanna try it before you leave"

He went to stand up but she was too fast and sat on him without any notice. Once again the look of surprise of my son had no price.

She sat in him initially on his lower thighs but a few seconds later pushed her self up so she could be on his lap. I don't think he could believe it but he definitely didn't complain. She took her time testing the website. Finally she looked at the web cam, smiled and turned to her brother and hugged him saying how thankful she was and how she owed him one. Then she gave him a little kiss on the cheek as a thank you present. She got off his lap and stood there waiting for him to leave but not fixing her skirt that, by this time, had to make her look like a dirty whore. He got up and left for his room closing the door on his way out.

"That was awesome" she texted me.

"How hard was his dick?"

"OMG it was hard I could really feel it poking my ass cheek."

"Is that why you moved back a little bit?"

"No I just really wanted to rub it against my pussy"

"Is your pussy wet right now?"

"I'm so wet I think when I got off his lap I probably left a stain on his shorts"

"You must have really liked feeling your brothers dick"

"Well it sound weird if you put it like that"

"Well you better get used to weird because you're gonna be doing a lot of this weird things in the near future hon"

"I can't wait"

"Ill tell you what. I think you need some relieve for tonight so I want you to go to bed and rub your pussy thinking about your brother’s dick and how he was looking at you when you were on the bed. I need some time to think about your next assignment, but if I don't talk to you for the next couple of days I want you to dress like a little slut at home so your mom can get use to it. I also want you to keep teasing your brother every chance you have and every night, play with yourself thinking of him putting his hard dick in your pretty little tight pussy"

“I will miss talking to you but I can't wait for my next task”

I saw her smiling when she was reading that last message she got from me. I knew she was happy that I was telling her to act like a little slut. I logged out of my computer and got some relieve in the bathtub finally taking that bath that had been waiting for me. At the same time I was thinking of all the possibilities I had to entertain myself with my kids while at home and I came up with some really good ones that would proof to be even better than what I thought.

The next day while they were at school I called the security company I had talked to before to get our outside cam system. I made an appointment for one of the technicians to come look at the house to see how much it would cost. The guy would be here right after noon. I showered and changed into comfy clothes and waited for him to get there. Finally a guy in a van parked outside rang the bell. I went to receive him. It was a young white guy with blonde hair that couldn't be more than 21. He introduced himself and started asking all kinds of questions about the security system we wanted. I went through all the locations we needed outside and then we came back in the house so he could give me an approximate of the job value. Once inside I offered him a drink and went to the kitchen to get it. I was nervous about what I was gonna ask but when I came back I had the courage to do talk.

“Hey do you mind if I ask you a weird question?”

“Sure go ahead”

“Do people ever install cameras inside their houses?”

“Yeah all the time. Would you like to add some of inside the house too?”

“Well yeah but the thing is that I don’t want my family to notice them. Do you think that’s possible?”

“Well the company has a very strict policy about hidden cameras”

“Oh really?” I said with a sad face.

“Yeah but I got a friend who could help you. I work with him on some jobs installing systems when he gets clients”

“Oh thats great. Do you think he could help me?”

“Yeah definitively. How many cameras are you thinking”

“Well I want to have a clear view of my whole house. So I don't know if that’s possible, what do you think?”

“Well it would have to be quite a few but it’s doable”

“The price is really not a problem but I would need you to do it as fast as you can”

“Well for a place like this we would need at least a couple of days”

“I can’t afford that because my family comes home every night”

“It’s a lot of cable that we would need to hide and install across the house so it would take time”

“Well I think I can figure something out”

“When are you looking to start the job?”

“Do you think this weekend would work for you guys?”

“Well I would have to talk to my friend but I would say yes”

“Ok then talk to him and let me know so I can figure out where I can take my family for the weekend”

“I will Ma’am”

He left and my mind started working out how I could make this work. I called my best friend who was also Jenny’s mom. Jenny was my daughter’s best friend. I asked her if it would be possible for her to have my kids for the weekend since they would be doing construction in my place. She taught it would be a good idea since the kids could play in the pool and hang out in the basement watching movies and entertaining themselves while she was at work. She was a restaurant owner who would usually work on the weekends from morning to midnight managing her own place. I thanked her and offered to have Jenny at my place next weekend for labor day since was doing me the favor this weekend. She happily agreed.

I wanted to be at home so I could tell the guys exactly the angles I wanted for all the rooms. My kids came home later that day and I told them the news. My daughter was really exited but my son didn't sound that happy at all. I asked them to start packing for the next day and then to come down so we could all watch a movie together. They both went upstairs and I stayed in the living room. I ordered a pizza and waited by the TV. I logged into the chat to see if my daughter would talk to me. Immediately I got news from her.

“Hey I'm not spending this weekend at home so I may not be able to be connected so much”

“That’s not ok. Where are you going?”

“Well my mom is sending me and my brother to my best friends house for the weekend so they can do some construction around the house”

“Interesting. Is this the friend who you play lesbian games with?”

“Yeah but that was only once so don't get any ideas”

“Oh I’m getting some really good ones. Is your brother going to be there too?”

“Yeah he’s coming with me”

“Good, that way we can play some games this weekend. What are you doing right now”

“Just packing for tomorrow”

“Well make sure you pack light. I don't want any jeans or big shirts on you this weekend. Also no bras or underwear”

“Yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking plus my bathing suit”

“Is it a sexy one?”

“No it’s normal and covers me well. I only have another one but it’s old and I don't think it would fit me”

“Show me”

A few minutes later she send me a picture of her in her old bathing suit. I had bought it for her a couple of years ago, but now it was really small on her boobs and marked the shape of her pussy really tight.

“I want you to take that one instead. Let’s keep your brother horny all weekend while you play in the pool”

“It’s really tight on me and it almost shows my nipples but I’ll take it”

“Do you have any plans for tonight?”

“I’m probably just gonna watch a movie with my mom and my brother”

“What are you gonna wear?”

“Well I was thinking of volleyball shorts with a tank top”

“I bet your brother is gonna like that”

“I hope so”

“I want you to keep texting me through the movie so we can play some games with him”

“I like that idea but my mom is gonna be there with us”

“Well start by bringing a blanket then”


“Let me know when you’re in your living room”

I stayed in the living room thinking of the best options to let my kids “play” while I was “unaware” of what they were doing.There were only two couches in the living room. They both had two seats but in one you could sit and face the TV straight and on the other one you had to turn your head to the side or lay down to be comfortable. I decided to lay on this one since it would give them more chances to play if I was facing away from them. When my son came down he sat down on the other couch and we waited for my daughter to start the movie. When she came down she was dressed even sluttier than I asked her to. Her volleyball shorts were so tight that I could clearly see her pussy lips marked on the front and her top was just an old tank top that was tight on her and let us see most of her boobs on the front and her side while letting a few inches of her belly show also. I acted like I was being indifferent so she wouldn't change. She sat down next to my son and asked about the movie. I asked her to get it from the TV stand knowing that this would let us take a good look at her ass while she was on her knees. She got down and put the movie in the DVD while being in all fours. Im sure she was making her brother see stars from his point of view. Her ass looked really nice and if you paid enough attention you could see her pussy lips from behind also. I couldn't believe she was doing this in front of me but I guess she was probably very horny too. She finally sat back down and we started the movie. I got a message in my phone that was on vibrator. I waited a couple of minutes to not make my daughter suspicious.

“I’m watching the movie now”

“Are you sitting by yourself?”

“No I'm sitting on the same couch as my brother”

“Perfect. Why don't you get comfy and lay down with your legs on him”

A few seconds later I heard her.

“Do you mind if I lay down, my legs are killing me”

My son obviously didn't care so she moved her legs on top of his lap while her head was on the other side of the couch.

“I did it. I got my legs on him”

“Make sure he can see your pussy clearly”

I wasn't looking straight at them but I could see what she was doing through the TV stand glass reflection. She pushed her hips up and pulled her shorts up I guess giving her brother a better view of her pussy lips shape if he looked to the side. We kept watching the movie for a few more minutes and then the pizza guy rang the bell. I asked my daughter to get it for us since she was closer to the door. She got up and brought the pizza to the coffee table and then got the money and went back to the door to pay. On the way there, she dropped some change and turned around to pick it up. I could see the pizza guy smile while looking at my daughters ass with no restriction. He got the money from her and left. I sat down to eat the pizza and my daughter did the same thing. She sat down with her feet on top of my sons thighs. I could not believe how slutty she was being in front of me and not caring what I would think of her. I went back to laying down and texted her.

“Ask your brother to give you a foot massage”

I saw her adjusting again trough the reflection and she whisper something I couldn't her. Her brother started massaging her feet. She positioned one of her feet on his lap pretty much were I think his dick was and I assumed she could feel it.

“Is he doing it?”

“Yes it feels really good”

“Do you think he is hard right now?

“Well he put my foot on his lap and I think I can feel his dick right under my foot so I think he is really hard”

“Good. Why don’t you start rocking your foot to see what he does”

“He’s not watching the movie, his eyes are closed. I think he’s enjoying this”

“He’s probably gonna cum soon. Ask him to massage your legs too, not just your feet”

“Ok he’s massaging my legs now. That feels really good too”

“Is he wearing shorts?”


“I want you to make him cum with you feet and when he cums I want you to switch sides and lay your head on his lap right were you think he came and stay there until the movie is done”

“What if he doesn't cum?”

“He will. Just work on his dick with your feet and let him see something good”

She kept rocking her feet on his lap and I could see how now she was pulling her belly shirt up passing her fingers from the top of her shorts to the bottom of her tits. He was looking straight at her now not caring about the movie any more. She grabbed his hands and pull them towards her thighs and he started massaging that area. I couldn't see if he was going all the way down to her pussy but I suspected this is what was going on.

“He’s massaging my upper thighs. Do you think I should let him touch my pussy?”

“Pull the inner part of your shorts to the side so he can finger your pussy”

Once again I saw her moving. She grabbed his left hand and brought it close to her pussy. Then she took his middle finger and started playing with it in her pussy. At the same time she was playing underneath her shirt with her boobs and pulling her nipples most likely showing part of them to him. I was surprised this was going this far but I was way too horny to stop them.

“Do you think you're gonna cum?”

“I don't want to”

“Why not?”

“When I’m really horny and I finger myself and cum, I cant control my body and start shaking really bad”

“Well you better make him cum first then”

“I’m trying, his dick is pointing in my direction under his shorts so I’m stroking it over his shorts with both my feet. Plus he can also see me playing with my tits underneath my shirt”

“Can he see them”

“No. Do you want me to show him”

“I want you to let one out and put a finger in your mouth and make your nipple wet while you look straight at him”

A few seconds later I could hear my son’s breathing getting pretty fast and then he started quietly moaning. My daughter then sat down and then repositioned with her head on my sons lap.

“I made him cum! I made my brother cum!”

“Is your head on his lap like I told you”

“Yeah and I can feel how sticky and wet his shorts are. And the smell is also pretty strong”

“Awesome go from the bottom of his shorts and get some of his cum with your fingers and then face him and suck your fingers dry. Makes sure you get a good amount, we don't want your brother to be all wet around the house”

I could see her more clearly now though the TV stand. She put her hand inside his shorts and then faced him and while he was looking at her she sucked her fingers. Then she did it again two more times which I didn't ask her to. It was almost the end of the movie so she sat up next to her brother and when the movie finished we all got up and went to our rooms.

I really needed to get off but I wanted to talk to my daughter about what just happened. I played in bed with my computer and waited for her to log in. In the meantime I started touching my pussy reading her texts and wishing I had a new vibrator. I made a mental note to get a vibrator this weekend to see what kind of fun I could have with it, my last one stopped performing its duties. My daughter finally logged in and immediately turned the webcam on. She was still wearing the same clothing.

“OMG I’m so horny right now”

“”You should have let your brother make you cum”

“I cant believe that just happened”

“I”m sure he can’t believe it either”

“I was so close to having an orgasm but I’m glad I didn't my mom would've found out”

“Tell me more about what happens when you cum”

“Well it’s only happened a couple of times but it’s like when I get really horny and I masturbate my whole body starts shaking. It’s like having convulsions”

“Does it feel good?”

“It feels amazing”

“How long does it last?”

“It’s usually a good 30 seconds were I can’t control my shakes”

“How horny are you right now?”

“Well after all that I’m really horny”

“Do you have a vibrator?”

“No my friend Jenna has one. I borrowed it once and it was great but she took it back when she left”

“Have you ever experienced with other toys?”

“No just that one”

“Well how about we find you a new toy. Are you ready for a new game?”

“I can’t wait”

“Go to the kitchen and find the closest thing to a dick you can find”

“Ok give me one sec”

I heard her walking downstairs and then getting back into her room.

“I don’t know how close this is. Do you think it could work?”

My daughter was on the cam showing me this 7 inch long thick cucumber and I could see her little smile that she gets when she know she’s doing something evil.

“Is that gonna be too big for you?”

“No Jenna’s vibrator was a little bigger and it went in fine after a while”

“After a while?”

“Well I really wanted to know how a dick in my pussy would feel but I didn't want to do it with a guy yet so I asked Jenna to let me use it.”

“Was it painful?”

“Yeah the first time it was. But after that it felt better and better.”

“Ok I want you to lay down on the bed and start playing with it, but when you're ready to cum let me know”

She started rubbing her pussy and the cucumber started going in and out. First it was just part of it but after a while she had most of it inside and was going faster every time. After about five minutes she stopped for a second.

“Ok Im too horny I really need to cum”

I went down to the kitchen and texted her from there.

“I have one more task for you before I let you cum”

“What is it?”

“Go to the kitchen and get another toy, but this time make it smaller, maybe a shot glass or something like that”

“I dont think anything else will fit but sure I’ll get it”

“Also, you have to go downstairs with the cucumber in you. And make sure it doesn't come out. I want you to experience the risk of your brother catching you on your way down”

“OMG I don’t know if I'm gonna be able to do that. I’ll try”

She went downstairs hoping that there was nobody there since we were all supposed to be in our rooms. She was really surprised when she saw me. She was wearing the shirt and the shorts from earlier but with a quick look at her pussy I could see that there was a bulk trying to come out of her shorts. She was also walking funny and stopped when she saw me but kept going after a second. She went to the fridge not knowing what to do.

“what are you doing up so late baby?”

“I was just a little hungry”

“Oh there is some leftovers from lunch”

“No I just wanted something soft”

“Oh you should get some bananas then, I just bought them today”

I passed her the biggest one on purpose. It wasn't that big, but it probably was for what I wanted her to do. She took the banana not knowing what other excuses she could use and went back to her room. I followed her upstairs and saw the cucumber almost sticking out of her shorts on the bottom while I was behind her on the stairs. She was still walking funny but making an effort to walk straight.

“Good night Darling”

“good night mom” she said with a soft voice.

After a few seconds she texted me.

“OMG I almost got caught”


“My mom was in the kitchen when I went downstairs with this thing in my pussy”

“Did you keep it inside?”

“Of course I did. I didn't have any other options. It was really hard to keep my pussy that tight for that long”

“Did you get the shot glass?”

“No I couldn’t. I didn't have any other excuses except for being hungry so she gave me a banana and I couldn't say no”

“Well that’s gonna be your punishment then”

“What am I supposed to do with it?”

“First lay back on the bed and take your shorts off. Take the cucumber out. Get the banana and lubricate it in your pussy”

“Ok hold on”

She got the cucumber out and I couldn't believe the size of that thing in what should be a small pussy like my daughter’s. She then started working the banana inside of her until she had it all inside. It wasn't hard since it was a lot smaller than the cucumber.

“Ok now I want you to work it in your ass”

She looked at the camera with her eyes wide opened. I don't think she had ever done that.

“I have never done that before”

“Do it princess or you wont cum tonight”

She started working the banana in her ass while making pain faces. She tried different positions and finally got half of it in her tight hole.

“Ok it’s in, can I cum now?”

“how do is it feel?”

“It feels weird. It’s different from my pussy but also good”

“Would you let your brother put his dick in your ass?”

She started moving the banana in and out and smiled when she read that.

“Maybe, but only if you ask me to”

“How about your daddy’s dick in your asshole?”

One more time she smiled and had a dirty pleasure face on her while working her ass with the banana.

“I wouldn't mind that either”

“Well then I guess you wouldn't mind having them both inside at the same time. How about you put that cucumber back in your pussy and fuck yourself like you think your daddy and your brother would fuck your little slut holes at the same time”

She put the cucumber back in and laid back on the bed not paying attention to the computer anymore. I knew she was probably thinking about her daddy and her brother fucking her at the same time. She moved the cucumber and the banana insanely fast in and out with one hand while she worked her clit with her other hand. I could tell how much pleasure she was having by how focused she was. She started arching up lifting her hips of the while keeping the rhythm fast and after a few seconds she had crazy orgasm.

I had never seen anything like it. She was convulsing in all directions like she was having a seizure. Her eyes were blank and her legs were shaking uncontrollably. I worried for a second about her but she started coming back to herself after about 20 seconds. Her body shocks started spacing out and she was now smiling at the camera.

“I’m sorry I couldn't hold it anymore”

“Did it get you too horny to think about your brother and your daddy fucking you?”

“That was crazy. It was probably one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had”

“Well maybe we can work on making this crazy fantasy of yours a little more realistic. I’m pretty sure you already have your brother on board”

“Only if you let me” She said giving me a dirty smile.

“Ok now bring the fruits back down and don't wash them. Maybe your mom or your brother can eat them tomorrow for breakfast. After that you can go to sleep my dirty slut”

“Good night”

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