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Kyle in Chicago

Hey My name is Kyle Eliott. My friends call me “strummer” because I have been known to strum a mean guitar. More about that later but for now these pages will tell the story of my sex life over the last 2 years. Believe me when I tell you, ever since my divorce two years ago, it has been a wild wild ride. I married young (20) and we stayed together for 19 years. One night she said she had enough and left me for another WOMAN!!! Imagine that!!! That moment I turned my life around. I started working out getting...


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“Nothing sucks worse than a new pussy doctor,” Victoria thought as she stepped into the doctor’s office. She had recently moved to a new city and had run out of birth control a week later, which meant a new pussy doctor in a new town. Victoria took a deep breath and stepped toward the window in the room where the receptionist sat. She wrote down her name and scheduled appointment time on the paper in the window. The receptionist gave her the usual ton of paperwork to fill out while she waited to be seen by the doctor. Victoria quickly filled...


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Taboo Confesions

Taboo Confessions I started a hot line for people to tell about the over 18 taboo events in their lives. No names, locations and my caller I.D. turned off. I didn’t know or want to know them, only their stories. Here is the first call I got. ----------- “I’m a girl, 18, I love my daddy and my brother both so much, I started wanting to have sex with them. I had nice tits now and they both started take notice. It started with my brother wanting feel my tits, and I let him. It gave me hot feelings and tingles...


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Once upon a Daddy's Pregnant Daughter Part 1

The nights I lay here waiting for her to come are becoming harder and harder to bear. The softness of her skin and the warmth of her touch are as addicting as a narcotic drug. I have been subdued by her many times but for many reasons, I can never get enough. *************************************************** I am a simple man, carpenter by trade. I specialize in making furniture and especially beds. I never thought that the day I delivered a particular bed that I would be so thankful for the fruits of my labor. I pulled up to the house of 7777 Lucky...


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Tales of the eKids Chapter 04

Tales of the eKids: E-man Loves Emmy © 2004 by Andrew Wiggin Disclaimer: Swear to God, I never heard of “The Day after Tomorrow” until last week. I planned this plot line about six months ago. My loyal readers know that I would never stoop to steal a plot from a “B” movie. I steal my plots from much classier sources; in this case: “A Brain for All Seasons – Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change” by William H. Calvin. Part 11 Helen Randolph was officially the publicist for New Man, Inc. In reality she was the liaison between the Adkins...


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Making of a college slut

When my sister left for college she was fairly shy, very religious, and a virgin. It wasn’t for lack of interested men. She constantly had guys asking her out, and many trying to take her virginity from her. She was 5’6” with curly red hair and 32C’s. She could be very hot if she wanted to, but she often covered it all up with pony tails and loose fitting clothing. Chloe’s life pretty much revolved around her church group activities. But, something changed while she was at college. (and if you have read my other story about her, you know what...


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Danny becomes Danni. Part 5 the ending..

Aunt Lynn picked up Danni...walking in 6 inch heels...make up with blush and lipstick...new blonde wig...just so beautiful that Aunt Lynn stood and drank her in. Her nephew when this started became a woman before her eyes. And Danni knew she was something more than a lesbian...she was now bisexual... As Lynn drove down the road she asked Danni why she wanted to hear his Aunt Lynn have an orgasm on the phone. Unlike previous times..where Danni was choked up...she simply admitted that how she felt that first night...watching Aunt Lynn use her vibrator...seeing how it was going in...and watching his...


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BimboTech Chapter 9: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake

BimboTech Chapter Nine: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals “What?” the Black man asked, blinking at my question as I rubbed on his cock through his jeans. My pussy clenched so hard. I shouldn't be doing this. There was something wrong with the intelligence serum. The cabin pressure of the plane we flew on was affecting it in me. The bimboness kept swamping over and me, covering in me... Yummy, delicious, marshmallowy delight. I giggled, my pussy clenching, eager to be filled. “Do you want to feed my pussykitty?” I...


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Blowjob in the back seat

It has been about 6 months since our last event with Tyler and Jessica. We have gone on a few fun adventures with barely a mention of our drunken night encounter: a boating trip, an apple picking adventure, and a Halloween corn maze. Basically, we acted like nothing really happened. Tyler and I had a little tension on our first encounter after he fucked my wife; but the second and third we were back to being friends, talking about life and making plans for future fun together. That all changed the night we received a phone call from Jessica. “Hello,” answered...


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Brittany and Me part 1

Another new series of stories. This one is a lot longer, focusing a lot on character building and romance, so if that's not your thing, I must redirect you to my other works, as you probably won't enjoy this(or at least skip forward if you don't care for characters much). This story goes into great detail about a friendship that flourishes into more. If you like long stories with lots of detail, etc, then please, enjoy the story: The story starts in their freshman year of high school and lasts for many years thereafter. Justin and Brittany were complete strangers as...


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