Taboo Confesions

Taboo Confesions

Taboo Confessions

I started a hot line for people to tell about the over 18 taboo events in their lives. No names, locations and my caller I.D. turned off. I didn’t know or want to know them, only their stories.

Here is the first call I got.

“I’m a girl, 18, I love my daddy and my brother both so much, I started wanting to have sex with them. I had nice tits now and they both started take notice. It started with my brother wanting feel my tits, and I let him. It gave me hot feelings and tingles in my pussy. My daddy noticed too. I liked this attention and began to act sexy around them, teasing them with my body. My brother came in my bedroom one night and told me to be quiet. He laid down beside me and said how hot I looked and started feeling my tits.

I was so excited and felt his body back. We lay side by side with his hand under my night gown feeling me up. He had on boxers and I felt him too as his hand went in my panties. I felt his finger going up and down my slit, I gasp, as the feeling was awesome. I felt his hard lump in his boxers. He took off my nightgown and then my panties.

My heart was beating so fast with the excitement, my heart was beating so fast. I pulled on his boxers and he removed them. We lay side by side feeling us for a while. His dick was rock hard, but soft skin through. He worked his finger up and down my slit until it got very wet, and he slipped his finger up in me. I loved the feeling and open my legs wide for him. I stroked his dick up and down like I’d seen in the porn vids online, only this time is was me, and real. I got new hot feelings every where.

I kissed him, He paused…then kissed me back, way better than any boy ever kissed me before. We kept kissing and he started putting his tongue across my lips. I about fainted it felt so good. I started stroking his dick faster for him, as he moved his finger in and out of my pussy. He moaned,…. and then I felt his cum shoot out all over my hand and my tummy. He moved his hips with my stroking him, and more cum came out as I keep stroking him using his cum as a slick lotion. My pussy was really wet now as he had two fingers in it. I felt a good feeling building up and up then it peaked, and I felt this glorious feeling which made me squirm and I moaned too. It made me shake and squeeze my pussy tight on his fingers.

We listened….all quiet in the house. We didn’t really know how loud our moans got. He grabbed his boxers and left my bedroom. I kept rubbing my own pussy inside, like he did, but one spot was tingling real good. It was my clit, so I rubbed it with my other hand more. Soon more feelings came on, and the more I rubbed my clit, the more they rose up inside of me. I kept going until it peaked and I shuddered and came so good, I lost my breath.

I had discovered real masturbation like I heard the others girls talk about. Thanks to my brother. I had to reward him.”
She said she had to go because her Husband would be home soon. I had not said a word during all of her story. I quick told her she would be “001” and I was: ”Blue” and to call back anytime. I told her that was a wonderful story and please call back and continued it. She giggled and whispered: (“..did my story give you big hardon?” ) I chuckled and said: “Hell yes, 001, I can’t wait for you to call back.” She giggled and gave me a sexy “Good byeeeee, Blue.”
The next call I got was that evening was from a mom and son both on the line. She started first and told how she and her son were having sex.
“My son __ and I started having feelings for each other when he was 18 . It started when we hugged and I felt a lump in his pants pressing against me. It gave me a hot feeling thinking my own son has the hots for me. I tried to forget it, but no use. I hugged him every chance I got and he hugged me too. Soon we were pressing our selves together and moving his dick on my pussy real hot every time.”
“Mom, you started it….you were making my hardon grow big, I couldn’t help but keep it up.” the son said. They both giggled.
She continued….

“We kept doing this as it was building up and up. Then one night I was in my robe and him in his pajama bottoms and he came in the kitchen and he hugged me real big. Dad was watching T.V. and we were out of sight of him. He wiggled his dick on the front of me and my robe came open in the front a little. His dick came out the front of his pajamas. I had no panties on and I felt his dick on my pussy for the first time. I froze with a gasp…. as it felt so damn good. He rubbed it right on my pussy, and I shuddered and had an orgasm right then. I quick closed my robe and felt his dick and put it back in his pajamas. I was shook up and whispered to him. (“..tomorrow night, …(breath)…dad will be out of town, I’ll come to your room and we can…a a a… play a little.., now shhhh!”)
“Mom you made me so hot when said that, I had to run out of the kitchen so dad wouldn’t see my hardon!” They both giggled.
The mom continued…
“ I was so excited waiting for dad to go, I was wet the whole time. I wanted ____ in the worst way, I fantasized about feeling him naked and him on top of me, fucking me and cuming in me, making me moan and climax so good. The risk and taboo of it all was turning us both on as we snuck feels and kissed when dad was not looking. I had to hide my trembling hands at times, so dad wouldn’t notice.”
The son said:….
“I was wanking all the time waiting for the night, my mom has a very hot body and big tits. I just want to feel her body and put my hardon in her. It was fun torture though.”
The mom continued….
“You just don’t know how intense it is unless you’ve done it. This was building up for a very long time now, and my pussy quivered, dripped, and felt so hot inside. I had never been this turned on in my life! My husband is good to us, but I found girls panties in his car, about the time he quit fucking me. That was a long time ago. That’s when my sexual feelings went up for my son. He made me feel hot again, and I got those tingles in my pussy, I use to feel.

That wonderful night, my tummy tingled as I went to his room. I had on just a thin nightie, no bra, no panties. I went in and he was waiting for me naked with a big hardon. My heart was beating so fast as I got in bet with him. Our arms went around us in a flash. We kissed like boyfriend and girlfriend. I felt new feelings in my pussy like never before. We lay side by side kissing and gasping for breath. He had never felt my tits and his trembling hands felt me so good and gentle.

Moans came out of my mouth automatically. I felt his dick finally, so hard and warm. I took my time feeling it and feeling his balls. He couldn’t wait anymore and felt my pussy and rubbed it. He put 2 fingers in me and worked them in and out. His thumb was right on my clit, massaging it too. I pulled him on top of me and put his dick in me….oh!….my!…god!….he felt better than his dad ever did. He kissed me with passion and our tongues met and went around and around. It was only his 3rd time fucking a girl. He moaned so beautiful and he started fucking me slow, at first. I was in sexual heaven.

He pushed, and I pulled his dick in me deep….I felt like I would pass out with the excitement….we both started fucking faster and moaning. My body was racing up to a climax. Then I felt it….his hot cum shooting in my hot pussy as he yelled out..”Oh Jezzzzz, OHHHH” and we both came together as I let out a yell like no other I had ever had….”OHHH MY GOD!!!!…BABY!….OOOO“. I held him in me tight as the climax lasted and lasted as he kept shooing hot cum in me, over and over. We moaned for a long time and both finally collapsed.
…, the son said….
“Mom blew my mind. The other girls I had fucked weren’t anything as hot as she was, and this was just our first time!”
Mom filled in…
“I woke up dizzy…like in a dream. His dick was still in me and it would jump a little, causing me to weakly squeeze it more.
We still fuck today when we can sneak it. He has girlfriends and nobody knows what we do. We like it this way When dad goes fishing for the weekend….he comes over and attacks me so good. I squeal and run from him as we laugh and play. Next time I may attack him and chase him all over the house. We giggle and we may end up fucking right in front of dads chair……
I told them both that was a great story. Their number would be 002, and I’m Blue, call back anytime If you have another story.
I typed as fast as I could, not wanting to leave out anything. Two calls, and I was exhausted….wow… My girlfriend, who sits beside me sometimes when I type came by and she giggled as I drug her into the bedroom and started stripping her clothes off. She said: “No need to ask how the phone line went…OMG….

I sent her home with her mind in a daze….smiling.
That night, I got one more call. It was a dad who was fucking his18 yr old daughter. (he said he was a Cop) They both really like it. It started when daughter started coming on to dad with her sexy body. She liked seeing him get hot over her. So she started doing it more. She found she could make him get a hardon anytime, anyplace she wanted to, and got attention from him.

She fondled and teased him all the time. She was sexy, long blond hair, new young tits that stuck out firm, and now her feeling grew and she had the hots for her dad big time. His resistance was wearing down as she stepped up her desire to have sex with her dad. He worked long hours at night and his wife got lonely. His is wife started running around with other men. Daughter wanted dad and knew she could have him if she worked it right.

He said:…..

“She came in one morning and got in bed with me. Mom never came home that night, not unusual for her to be gone for days, somewhere. She laid on top of me and started kissing me and wiggled her pussy on my dick, teasing me. This time I kissed her back with passion, as our tongues went wild in our mouths. She was all excited now and felt my big hardon and put her pussy right on it. She started breathing hard and told me how much she loved her daddy and wanted to love him more.

She reached down and put her hand on my bare boner and started stroking it. I pulled her panties down and my boxers and now it was skin to skin. She put my boner between her legs and started stroking me with her tight legs as she rubbed it on her pussy. I pulled her nightie off and her panties too. She pulled my boxers off and continued to rub my boner, on her wet pussy. She was soon panting out of breath and moaning …’oh daddy, you feel so good, I want you in me so bad.’ She reached down and put my boner in her tight little pussy. She was very wet, but it slowly slipped right in.

She moaned and started sliding back and forth on top of me, moaning and kissing me. She kept moaning…’oh daddy…oh daddy!’ as she moved faster on me. I held her little butt cheeks and we got a rhythm going. She got to moaning louder and louder and wrapped her arms around my neck and really started fucking me fast. She moaned in pulses…’oh…oh…oh…oh…Oh….Oh..Oh Daddy!’ and as I let go with a big cum, she yelled…”OH god DADDYYYYYEEEE” and started shaking and twisting her body on me. Her hands went crazy feeling me and kissing me with her tongue twisting in my mouth. She pulsed her pussy on my dick over and over, squeezing it tight. She lay trembling out of breath as we drifted off to blissful sleep.”
I thanked him and told him he was # 003, and to call back with any more stories or updates.
Next was #004...a girl that rocked my world…..
This girl had a very different story to confess. Her voice was kind of a whisper at first, like there were people in the room and she didn’t want them to hear her, but…. It was just her sexy voice. She gave me chills as she talked so sexy. She seemed to be obsessed with sexual attention. She said she lived on a farm, and her husband was working all the time, and she got lonely. She had a son, 18, that she started lusting for. She started in enticing him sexually and he started responding slowly. She would kiss him like a lover and feeling him more and more. He started getting excited and soon they were both getting strong sexual feelings for each other. Their feelings grew into hot lusty groping of each others body’s like two lovers sneaking a feel up and hot passionate kisses.

She continued in her sexy whisper voice……..

“He was making me so horny, I would wait until he got up in the morning with just his underpants on. I would wear a see through long nightie so he could see my big tits and my dark bush. Dad was already gone to work. I watched his eyes look at my sexy body and smile. He knew I was lusting for him and we started hugging and groping each other. I wanted to have sex with him so bad, I had to have it. That morning we kissed and felt us up and slowly moved back into his bedroom.

I closed and locked his door. Oh…yes, I was going make it happen now. I worked my hand into his underwear and moved them down. He had a full nice erection. I shuddered as I felt it, warm and firm. His hands went to my tits and he squeezed them full on for the first time, not just a passing brush or a side feel up. He was as excited as I was. He whispered out of breath: (“…mom, your driving me crazy…I want you so bad I dream about you…your so sexy and hot looking…my balls hurt, they are so full of cum for just you”..) I melted with desire for him and I felt a trembling in my stomach.

He started kissing me so hot, our tongues both touched and the passion increased with hot desire that he and I had never felt before. I loved the feelings I felt as he slowly started inching up my nightie. I got such chills as my nightie came up and up and off. I pulled is underwear down and It dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. We stood gasping and kissing as our hands felt all of us over and over.”
She paused…her telling the story was causing her to relive the event, and I heard her breathing in the phone increase to a pause for breath, more and more. She admitted she was making herself very hot telling all this, and she may have to call back as she may have to go masturbate right now….I said quickly…”Your #004, I’m ’Blue’ please call back your story is the best on so far”…. I heard her pause…and then she whispered: (“…keep talking while I rub myself, your making me very hot…keep talking,…. please….talk to me and tell me how much my story makes you desire me right now…I know my story is making you hot too”…
(Well…how could I turn this down.)
I said: “It’s true….your story has turned me on. I picture your hot body, and want it so bad right now. I have a huge erection thinking about you and…..” She interrupted me, gasping for air and said: (“…oh yes, keep talking blue...I’m getting so hot and rubbing my pussy for you…your going to make me climax...oh yes…Oh… tell me how your erection feels in me….I….oooooooo“…………..
She stopped talking and just moaned, louder and louder. I heard her climax by her voice pausing and moaning….“Ohhhhhhhhhhh“…..
There was a long pause as I heard little gasps in the phone……..then she hung up.

Well… I hadn’t planned a phone sex line, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to turn this down, this woman was good at it and I had to cool down.

My girlfriend was liking this because that night we had more great sex. She asked: “When do I get to read what you’ve written?”…I replied…”When my dick stops being sore!”
I wanted #004 to call back and continue. That night late, she called. “Blue?” There was no mistaking that voice. “Number 004?” I asked…I heard her breathing increase. “Where did I leave off blue?” I told her that her and her son were naked, standing up in his bedroom, feeling each other up. She said ‘oh yes’…and continued in that whisper sexy voice of hers:

“Blue….you made me feel so good, my son has left and gone to a life of his own. Can I please call you when I need to rub myself real bad?” I said yes, anytime #004. She said to please call her__ I said ok _____. She started getting hot again, I could tell by her breath on the phone. I said: “For now, try and continue your very hot story.” She said: “…oh blue...I’m sorry I’ll try to continue“…….

“My son and I stood holding each other and feeling us as the tension built up and up. He felt my pussy so gently and ran his finger up and down my wet slit. I jumped as his finger touched my wet clit. My legs shook a little as his tongue slowly entered my mouth so gently. I moved him over to his bed and I got on my back as he laid on top of me. He felt heavenly, so warm on me with his hot erection between my legs. He moved down, kissing my body all the way down. I felt an orgasm building, I held it off, but no use. I orgasmed as his tongue licked my pubic hair. I was a nervous trembling woman, wanting him to enter me so bad. I wanted to feel his erection go deep in me and explode with all his cum.”

She began to take breaths as she talked. …. “……I wish it was you on top of me right now…this is making me so hot”…” Please continue, after the story we’ll cum together right here on the phone.” I said. I heard a big gasp…”I’ll try blue”…she said.
“He began to lick my pussy deeper and deeper as his lips touched my clit with each lick. My arms wouldn’t hold still as I felt his hair and squirmed in ecstasy. He was such a lover to his mom, and I only got sex once and a great while with is dad. Finally I pulled him up to me, opened my legs wide and guided his erection in me. He eased it in slowly, as he trembled too.

I saw stars in my head, it felt so good. I could hold back no more and wrapped my legs around him and started thrusting my pussy to him as deep as I could….he moaned so sweet and started fucking me faster as we both moaned louder. Our body’s slapped together faster and faster…as I pulled him deep with each stroke, I felt the head of his dick bulge bigger in me….I was in another world with him in me, ready to shoot his hot cum in me. My pussy squeezed his dick so tight I shook….then we both moaned real loud as I felt his hot cum shooting out and flooding my pussy….

I lost it when I climaxed so big, I started to pass out…yelling: “OH Baby, Cum with me NOW!”…or something like that, I was so out of it, I don’t really remember. I felt euphoria travel thru my body and he kept pumping more hot cum in me….my hips meeting his with each stroke…we slowly went weak, gasping for breath….our body’s trembling as I pulled his dick in me and held it tight…never wanting to let go.”
“Blue?…are you still there? I said yes, that I just got caught up in the story…(breath)…take off all your clothes because I’m hot for you and we’re going to cum together ….right now. She moaned and gasped as she got naked. We had the best phone sex ever, for me and her.
Panting for air was all we finally heard, over and over….I said: “Goodnight , call back anytime lover…” She moaned me a kiss as I hung up.

The next day #001 called back….”Hi blue….can you take more of my story, you know now I just love giving you a big erection.” I said “Yes you do, please continue your story with your brother. You left off wanting to reward him, so go ahead and give me a super good erection #001...and I‘ll give you the best phone sex you‘ve ever had…ok?” There was a pause, I could hear her gasp ….she said: “…oh blue, you just gave me the best pussy tingles when you said that…(breath)…we have a deal.”
“I wanted to have sex with my brother, in the worst way. He resisted and wanted to just wanted to keep it finger and hand fucking. I had a plan in mind to get what I wanted. I was a few nights later and I asked him to come to my room late tonight. I saw him smile and gulp. He said we’ll see. Still resisting, but I was tempting him. I could see it in his reaction. Two nights went by, then about 1 am,

I felt someone feeling my tits. I knew it as him and I pulled him on top of me, to his surprise. Now his dick rested on my pussy, as I wiggled it against him. I pulled my nightie slowly up, and his boxers down so we we’re dick to pussy naked. He got hard fast as I put it between my legs and started kissing him with passion. I started moving my hips so the insides of my legs stroke his hardon.

I pushed him slowly down and opened up my legs wide. His dick came up and touched then entrance to my pussy. He was trembling as was I. I pulled him to me as his dick slide right in. I moaned as I felt my first dick in me. He couldn’t resist now and started fucking me. Oh my god….. he felt so good in my tight pussy, but it soon opened up more and fit perfect as he started fucking me faster and we made soft moaning sounds. About 10 strokes in me and I felt his cum shoot in me.

The feeling of hot cum shooting in me was mind blowing heaven, as I squirmed and had my first climax hard with his cum still shooting in me. We moaned in each others mouths as we kissed. Finally breaking for air, gasping and letting our arms go wild feeling our body’s. We just lay there quietly, enjoying the after glow of our first sex…..
She whispered in her most sexy voice (“Oh are you doing now?” ) “Can you call back, someone is at the door #1?” I said.
“You promised hot phone sex, blue, don’t forget.” she said. I said I wouldn’t forget…bye #1, and I hung up.

I gathered my wits and took a deep breath. My dick was sore and hard again. There was no one at the door. I knew #004 would call that evening and my girlfriend was suppose to come over, and I had a sore dick. The phone rang again…I had no caller I.D. so I didn’t know if it #4, # 1 or who.
I answered: “Taboo Confessions”…go ahead and tell your story. It was a new girl, (#005) with a young sounding voice. She said: “Hi, I’m 18, and I want to tell my story about my mom, dad and I having sex all together.”

I took a deep breath and said: “Go ahead”.


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