BimboTech Chapter 9: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake

BimboTech Chapter 9: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake

Chapter Nine: Bimbo Wife's Big Black Mistake
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

“What?” the Black man asked, blinking at my question as I rubbed on his cock through his jeans.
My pussy clenched so hard. I shouldn't be doing this. There was something wrong with the intelligence serum. The cabin pressure of the plane we flew on was affecting it in me. The bimboness kept swamping over and me, covering in me...

Yummy, delicious, marshmallowy delight.

I giggled, my pussy clenching, eager to be filled. “Do you want to feed my pussykitty?” I asked in a bubbly voice, squeezing at his hardening cock. “It's so very hungry. And it loves Black cream so very much.” I squeezed his cock again. “And yours feels like such a hugenormous feeder.”

“What?” he blinked again, his eyes locked on my breasts as they swayed. They were such big, yummy tits held in the blue, stretchy material of my dress. They were such big, perfect breasts. My super smart sciency husband made them.

“Don't you want to feed my pussykitty?” I purred slowly so he could understand. I had trouble understanding people sometimes. So many words. I grabbed my skirt, sliding it up my thighs, flashing my pussy at him. It was bare of any hair because I was a bimbo. And so juicy because I was horny.

“Holy shit,” he groaned then glanced at the sleeping Black woman beside him.

“It's a very hungry pussykitty,” I giggled, his dick throbbing so hard. “Oh, please, won't you feed her?”

He reached out, and I groaned as his thick, dark finger slid through the wet folds of my pussy, sending a hot wave of heat shivering through me. My cunt clenched and my clit throbbed. Delight washed through me.

I had to stop this. I had to get back to first class. Frank was in the lavatory fucking Donna. No one was watching the rest of our bimbo wives. He thought I was fine. He thought the intelligence serum had given me my normal...

“Oh, yes,” I purred, gooey delight coating all my thoughts. The old me, the boring me, kept trying to interfere. It was time to have fun. “I want you to feed my pussykitty on the plane. So I can be in the high mile club.”

“Mile high,” the man groaned, his finger sinking into my wet, juicy depths. “Holy shit.”

“You keep saying that,” I giggled. “But there's nothing holy about that. Let's talk about nice things. Like my pussykitty. Isn't she so soft and wet and juicy?”

“Oh, yes,” he groaned, breathless, sweat beading his ebony forehead.

“And doesn't your cock just ache to feed my pussykitty? To slide that big, ebony shaft into me? I looooove ebony shafts. They're so big. They stretch me sooooo open.”

“Holy shit.”

“Come on,” I purred, my fingers reaching down, unzipping his fly.

“Shit, here?” His fingers ripped out of my pussy. “No, no, go to the bathroom at the back of the plane.”

“Bathroom?” I frowned. “Planes don't have bathrooms.”

“The lavatories,” he groaned. “Right back there.”

“Oh, okay,” I giggled, straightening up. “You should call things by the rightproper names.”

I swayed as I walked down the aisle, such wonderful delight shivering through me. This would be so much fun. I was going to feed my pussykitty with a big, thick ebony cock and—

I blinked, shaking my head, freezing midway down the aisle. I threw a look over my shoulder at the first class curtain. The man, glancing at me, rose. He had such a hard bulge. And he was so big with a build of an ex-football player. I really, really shouldn't do this. No one was watching the bimbos. They could get out of control.

But that cock felt so big. And my pussy was so wet, so horny and...

I let out a giggle of delight. The man was following with his big, thick, Black cock. My pussy wanted it so very badly. I hurried down the aisle, my titties bouncing in my dress. Men stared at me with such hungry eyes. They all wanted to feed my pussykitty. But they would have to take their turns. Ooh, I was joining the high mile club.

I reached the lavatory and frowned at the sign on the door above the handle. It was green and said vacancy. I cocked my head, struggling to remember what that word meant and why it would be on the door. Didn't motels have that sign? For free rooms, right? Did I have to rent the lavatory?

“Jesus, get in there before my wife realizes what we're doing,” the Black man groaned. “Fucking bimbo.”

“I am a bimbo,” I said proudly. “But we have to rent it, right? It says there's a vacancy. Like a motel.”

He reached past me and pulled open the door. Then he pushed me in. A flight attendant said, “Excuse me sir,” right before he joined me, closing the door. It was so tight in the lavatory. He pressed behind me, his hard cock rubbing on my ass.

I liked that. I rubbed back into him, giggling in delight. Someone knocked at the door, but he locked it, muttering to himself. Something about that he was such an idiot, but that I was so hot he couldn't control himself.

I was so hot.

“Feed my pussykitty,” I moaned, wiggling my hips. I groaned, shuddering, blinking. “Just pound me. Hurry up. Those bimbos up front are unsupervised. I need to cum.” A giggle burst from my lips. “I need a yummy-wummy cum.”

“Jesus, you sound like two different people,” he growled, hiking up my skirt.

“Ooh, if I was two people, I would have two pussykitties that could be fed at the same time! That would be so much yummy fun!”

I gasped as his hard dick slapped into my ass. I looked over my shoulder, smiling at his thick, ebony shaft resting on my pale ass. I wiggled in delight, my pussy clenching as he moved his cock down through my butt-cheeks and nudged at my married pussy.

I blinked. “Oh, Frank's going to be so mad at me.”

“Who's Frank?”

I giggled. “My super smart sciency husband. He's the bestest! I love him so much.”

“Right, then why are you panting after my dick?”

“Black men have the biggest dicks!” I giggled. “I love them, too! Feed me! Please, please!”

“Yes,” he groaned and slammed his cock into me.

“I'm in the high mile club!” I shouted as his cock speared so deep into my pussy.

He groaned, savoring my married pussy while I savored his big, Black dick. He stretched my cunt out. Delicious, yummy pleasure surged through me. I shivered, wiggling my hips, drinking in the bliss as he pumped his cock over and over into me, sliding it in and out of my dripping snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, his crotch smacking into my ass.

“Damn, you are so hot and tight,” he grunted. “I wouldn't think a dumb bimbo like you could have a tight pussy. You must fuck so many cocks.”

“So many!” I moaned, blinking. “The Venus Serum works wonders. It makes everyone into a hot slut. It'll improve your wife. Watch for it when it hits the market.”

“What are you talking about?” he grunted, his balls smacking into my clit.

I giggled. “Why, being a bimbo!” My pussy clenched on his dick. “It's the bestest thing in the world. Oh, you're wife will love it. I love being a bimbo and my husband and feeding my pussykitty big, Black dicks! Yay!”

“You are fucked up,” he groaned, slamming his dick faster and faster into me.

“I am fucked up,” I giggled. “Fucked up so high in the air. We're in the sky! That's as high as you can fuck.”

He only grunted, plowing my pussy, sliding that wonderful cock in and out of my depths. I loved it. I clenched my pussy down on his dick, the friction so hot and yummy. My juices dripped down my thighs as his big, thick cock stretched me open. I felt so full.

It was the bestest feeling in the world.

I blinked, groaning, loving his cock ramming into me. He thrust into me hard, my hands braced against the fuselage of the plane. The vibrations of the engines humming through the hull. I groaned, savoring how naughty this was. People would hear him fucking my married cunt, pounding me, cumming in me with that huge, Black dick.

“Oh, yes, fuck me,” I groaned. “Pound me. Mmm, yes. You don't want your wife to catch you in here with me.” I giggled, my voice so breathy now. “Oh, no, you wouldn't. She's not a bimbo like me. She doesn't understand how yummy and marshmallowy good this is!”

His hands swept up my body, grabbing my tits. “You are fucked up, girl. But I love your cunt.”

“It's the bestest,” I giggled, writhing my hips, loving how his hands massaged my big, soft titties.

My nipples ached and tingled as he pulled down the top of my dress. He pinched and rolled them. He tugged on them, making them ache and throb. I groaned, loving the lovely sensations shooting from my nipples right down to my pussykitty.

And my hungry pussykitty devoured his cock. Oh, it was so wonderful as his thick girthed sawed in and out of me, slamming all the way into my juicy depths before withdrawing. I gasped each and every time, letting him know how much I loved it.

And I know he loved it. I heard him grunt and moan. His heavy balls thwacked into the back of my thighs he reamed me. Ooh, that was so naughty. I blinked, groaning, the friction of his thrusts building and building the pleasure in me.

“Yes, I'm going to cum on this cock!” I groaned. “Oh, it's good. Mmm, yes, fuck me! Harder! Pound me!”

“Such a slut!” he growled.

“Yes! I'm such a naughty, slutty wife! I love big, Black dicks!” I giggled. “They are so big and thick and big! Yay! Pound me!”

His fingers pinched harder on my nipples, his fingers digging into the flesh of my tits. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Every thrust sent naughty waves through me. I loved it. I loved fucking. It was the bestest, most sexiest thing in the world.

He growled, burying his cock deep into my pussykitty. He had to be so close to feeding her. She was so hungry for his jizz. I wiggled my hips, churning his big, fat dick through me. Oh, it was just the bestest.

“Fuck,” he snarled. “Yes!”

He slammed into me.

Someone pounded hard on the door. “Reggie, you better not be in there fucking a whore!”

“Fuck,” he groaned as his cum spilled into my pussy.

“Yes!” I moaned as my pussy drank in his jizz. Spurt after spurt of his yummy cum flooded my hungry pussykitty.

And she rewarded me with a marshmallowy delight. My orgasm shot through my body. The pleasure coated me in gooey goodness. I shivered and moaned, my cunt spasming on his dick, milking out every last drop of cum.

“Oh, god damn, I'm fucking dead,” he groaned.

The door rattled again. “I know you're in there. I can hear you bustin' your nut in that skank's ass!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled. “He's flooding my pussy with so much yummy cum! I love your husband's cock.”

“Oh, you fucking bitch! I'll claw your face up!”

I didn't understand. Why didn't she sound so happy for me? I just had the bestest orgasm and her husband fed my pussykitty. His cock wasn't hard any longer. I cured his blue balls and drained them of all the yummy cum. I shivered, savoring the hot jizz in me.

I blinked.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned as the angry Black woman pounded on the lavatory door again.


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“What,” I groaned, trembling as I fired the last blast of cum into Donna's pussy. I was in the first class lavatory trying to breed the black-haired bimbo when the flight attendant, whom I had bribed to look the other way, pounded on the door. “My women?”

“They're...doing things. Inappropriate things in first class. Sir, they can't do these things. We...discussed this.”

“Fuck,” I muttered. Alice was supposed to be keeping a watch on them while I had my fun. Then she could choose her bimbo and come into the lavatory to have her fun.

I pulled out of Donna with a sigh. She shuddered, still happily groaning as her orgasm rippled through her. She clamped her hand over her pussy, trapping my cum in there. She was so eager to be bred. I put my cock away still wet with pussy juices and zipped up my jeans. Grunting, I turned in the tight confines of the lavatory and opened the door.

The flight attendant had crimson cheeks as she pointed to my women.

Janet and Becca were kissing each other hard, both their tits out, their hands were massaging each other's breasts. Becca's blonde curls spilled over onto Janet's black tresses. The younger bimbo pinched and rolled both of Janet's fat nipples.

Nicole and Veronica were even naughtier. Nicole's brown hair piled about Veronica's thighs as the former cop turned into curvaceous bimbo had her face buried into Veronica's pussy, tonguing her pussy as hard as she could, the former CEO of BT Chemicals squeezing her tits through her stretchy dress, her face twisting with pleasure.

“They won't stop,” the flight attendant complained.

“Ladies,” I growled in an authoritative voice. Where was Alice? She wasn't in first class at all. I had rented the entirety of first class so my bimbos could have some privacy from the rest of coach, separated by the curtain across the aisle. They were always horny, a side-effect of the bimbo serum, and needed to supervised or they would just start fucking in public.

I was lucky they hadn't spilled into back of the plane.

“Ladies!” I growled again. “You are all in so much trouble.”

Becca gasped, breaking her kiss with Janet. “We are, Frank?” The eighteen-year-old girl's voice quivered. “B-but, we had such horny pussies and—”

“What did I say?”

“No sex on the plane,” Nicole said sheepishly, her lips smeared with Veronica's pussy juices.

“And what are you doing?”

“Having sex on the plane,” Veronica said, pushing down her skirt. “We're sorry, Frank.”

“We're sorry,” Janet said, tears in her eyes. “You can spank us.”

“Spank...” the flight attendant choked.

“And where is Alice?” I asked. “She was supposed to be keeping on eye on you.”

“She went back there,” Janet said. “Were we supposed to follow her?”

“She didn't say,” Veronica added while Nicole wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“No, you were supposed to—”

“Bitch, I will kick your skank ass,” shouted from the back of the plane.

People were murmuring in coach. I groaned. I had a feeling I knew what the shouting was about. “Put those tits away,” I said, heading down the aisle. “And stay in your seats, or you'll be in even more trouble.”

“Yes, Frank,” my four wives chorused.

I threw open the curtain. At the far end of the plane a stout Black woman pounded on the rear lavatory door. Several flight attendants were around her, trying to get her back to her seats. Everyone in coach was craning over their seats to watch.

What the fuck was Alice thinking? She took the Intelligence Serum. This was something I'd expect from her as a bimbo.

“Ooh, I will kick your skank ass for fucking my man,” the woman said.

I really wish I had the bimbo serum on me. But I didn't. It was too tempting to rely on it all the time to solve problems. And that just created more of them. I couldn't have the wrong impression of the drug get out there. And there were so many people on the plane, their phones pointed to the back. Planes had WiFi these days. If I used the bimbo serum on this woman, it would be on YouTube and Facebook before the plane even landed.

“Ma'am,” I said, moving back there. “Please, calm down, Ma'am.”

“Calm down?” she demanded as I reached the back, shaking off a flight attendant's arm.

“Yes, ma'am,” the flight attendant said, an older woman with graying hair, “if you don't calm down, we'll have to land the plane and have the police remove you.”

“Fine!” the Black woman snarled. “Worth it to kick that skank's ass.” She pounded on the lavatory door. “I know you're in there, Reggie. I heard you groaning. Get out here now.”

“Ma'am, please,” I said. “You're making a scene.”

She turned on me, big tits stretching her blouse. “And what business of it is yours? Come back here, thinking you can boss me around just because you in an expensive suit. Huh? Think you're powerful, White man?”

“No,” I said, my cheeks going red. “That's my wife in there.”

“Oh,” she said, her arms crossed. “Figures, your little White pecker wasn't enough for your wife, so she had to sniff around my man's big dick, huh?”

“Frank has the bestest cock,” Alice said from inside. “Hi, honey.”

“Hi, Alice,” I said. Did she just say, bestest? Was the intelligence serum not working. “You're in a lot of trouble.”

“I know,” she said, the bubbly, girly bimbo inflection gone from her words. “There's a problem.”

“You better believe there is,” the Black woman said. “Get your ass out here so I can kick it.”

“Shit,” a man said. Then the lavatory door opened and a big Black man, who was probably a defensive back during college, stepped out.

His wife slapped him. “You son of a bitch! On the plane! While I'm sleeping!”

“Honey, I—”

She slapped him again.

I tried to slip past him and grab Alice as she adjusted her dress. Her face was pale with fright. And then she shivered and a giggle burst out of her lips. “Oh, Frank, he had such a big cock. And he fed my pussykitty with so much cum. See!”

She lifted her skirt, flashing her pussy like a proud bimbo. Cum dripped down her thighs.

Then she blinked and groaned, shoving her dress down. “Dammit. Get me out of here, Frank, there's something wrong.”

“You better believe there's something wrong,” the Black woman shouted as her husband pushed her back into the galley, the flight attendants retreating with her.

Everyone behind us was filming. My shoulders writhed. Anger burned in my cheeks. They all knew my wife had cheated on me. I could hear them sniggering. It was one thing for Alice to have her fun, but everyone on the plane knew about it.

Fuck, this was embarrassing.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her out. She slipped past the Black man, her breasts almost popping out of her dress. I pushed her in front of me as she let out another giggle, her eyes going vacant. She was oscillating between being a bimbo and...

“Fuck, the altitude?” I groaned.

Alice blinked. “Yes. The lower cabin pressure clearly effects how the intelligence...thingie affects” She giggled. “My thinking place.”


“Yes, brain. You're so super smart, Frank. Just the bestest. I love you.”

“Love you, too,” I said, pushing her down the aisle as people kept filming us, following our progress.

“Did you see how much cum he fired into me?” she asked, reaching for her hem.

“Stop that, Alice,” I groaned. “We're being filmed.”

“We're making a movie!” she gasped, clapping her hands. “Oh, that's...” She blinked.. “Dammit it!” She walked faster down the aisle.

We reached first class, sweeping aside the curtain. The Black woman's screech echoed down the plane. I grabbed my wife, pushed her into the window seat, and sat her down. I took the seat beside her, my other bimbo wives peering at us.

“What is going on back there?” the flight attendant asked.

“Domestic argument,” I answered, keeping a firm grip on Alice's hand.

“My fault,” Alice groaned, rubbing her head and leaning over.

I bit my lip. “Are you okay?”

“Just feeling so embarrassed right now.” She glanced at me. “I'm so sorry, Frank. All those people filming... It's going to be on the internet. People are going to know who we are and...” She giggled, a big smile crossed her lips. “And we'll be super-duper famous. Oh, everyone will see me. I'm a movie star, Frank.”

“Yes, you are,” I sighed, patting her hand. “And one who is in a lot of trouble, just like other people in our family.”

The other bimbos all squirmed.

“Not me,” Donna said brightly. “I was good. I had sex in the lavatory like we were supposed to.”

Alice's giggles died and she groaned again. “You're really going to spank me for this, Frank?”

I glanced at her, biting my lip. “I've spanked you for things you've done as a bimbo before. Don't pretend you don't like it.”

She blushed.

The Black woman's screeches weren't as loud now. “I think she's calming down.” I patted my wife's hand. “Okay?”

“Okay,” she said, squeezing it.

“Did you cum hard?”

“So hard, Frank.” She gave me a smile. “Did you have fun with Donna?”

“So much fun.”

“He made me preggers!” Donna giggled.

Alice bounced in her seat, her face transforming. “Yay!”


Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

I was so relieved when the plane landed without the Black woman slapping me. I felt so bad for ruining their marriage. She would probably divorce him. But mostly, I was just glad that I wasn't oscillating between being smart and a bimbo. One moment, I was happy as I could be, and the next I felt bad for all the problems I caused. Frank had to babysit me, not that he complained.

We hurried off the plane before the Black woman could rush forward and find me. I had a feeling she still wanted to kick my ass. Frank and I herded out bimbo wives through Dulles International Airport. It wasn't busy so late at night. We headed down to baggage claim to get our luggage. We each had our own suitcase and there was an additional one full of sex toys.

I bet the TSA screeners had a blast with that one.

The bimbos were all excited but tired. It had been a long day for all of us. I just wanted to get to the hotel and get our discipline over with. I flushed when I spotted the Black woman on the other side of the baggage carousal staring daggers. Her husband didn't stand anywhere near her. Frank hovered nearby, ready to protect me.

I was glad when she grabbed her bag and marched off without her husband. He gave me a look, a mix of resignation and hope that I might go with him. I leaned against Frank, entwining my arm with his. The Black man snagged his luggage and stalked off fuming.

Poor guy. I mean, he didn't have to fuck me. I didn't make him, but what guy could resist a bimbo? Maybe in a few months, once the Venus Serum hit the market, he could patch things up with his wife. She would transform from the stout woman into a beautiful, Black goddess eager to please her man.

A limo waited for us outside, the driver holding a sign that read Jackman on it. He didn't even blink at the sight of Frank walking up with a bevy of busty, giggly women who could all be supermodels.

Probably not the first time it has happened.

In no time, we were at our hotel, the Ritz-Carlton. It was breathtaking with marble floors and crystal chandeliers. Me and all the bimbos gasped in awe as we crowded around Frank. They squealed and giggled with such excitement. I wish I was a bimbo right now, too. I wanted that innocent joy bubbling through me.

Frank checked us in, using the company card to pay, and then we were whisked up to the Presidential Suite. It. Was. Gorgeous. There was a living room that led off to several bedrooms, the furniture a soft, sleek gray that matched gray, maze-like pattern of the carpeting. Beautiful paintings hung on the wall. The doors leading to the bedroom were double French doors with curtains for privacy.

It was nicer than our first apartment. Way nicer. It was even bigger.

“Wow,” I said, smiling at my husband. “”

“Yeah,” he grinned. “Nothing but the best for my bimbo wives.”

“There's potpourri,” gushed Janet, bending down to smell the dried flower petals on the marble coffee table. The tight skirt of her dress rode up, flashing her naked pussy at us. She dripped with her excitement.

“And so comfy,” Becca said, falling on a chair, her tits almost bouncing out of her dress.

“Tasseled pillows!” squealed Veronica, scooping one off the couch and hugging it to her tits, rubbing her cheeks into the tassels like she was a big, sexy kitten.

“We get to live here?” Donna asked in awe.

“No, we're just staying here,” Frank laughed.

“Yes, silly,” Nicole said. “You stay in hotels. You live in homes.”

“Hotel rooms don't have living rooms,” protested Donna. “And look, bedrooms.”

“It's still a hotel,” I told her. “Okay? We don't live here.”

Donna gave me a relieved smile. I pulled her to me and gave her a hot kiss on the mouth. She used to be my horrid boss. She made every day miserable at my work. And now she was my bimbo wife. She would do anything to make me happy.

And I loved the feel of her big breasts pressed into mine. My nipples were so hard against the fabric. Our kiss deepened as my excitement quickened. Our tongues dueled, our hands roaming each other's bodies, slipping beneath each other's dresses.

My hot pussy pressed into her thigh. She was so wet against mine.

“Alice,” Frank said. “None of that. You need to be punished. You all do.”

Donna broke the kiss. “Even me? I thought I was good on the plane.”

“Except you, Donna.” Frank gave her a grin. “But you get to help me punish the others.”

“Yay!” she clapped.

I glanced at my husband. “What's going through your head, Frank?”

His grin turned to me. He was so handsome and excited. “Well, we'll be here all night if I spank you naughty bimbos separately. So we'll do it all at once.”

I frowned. “How?”

His grin broadened, flashing teeth.

Everyone stripped naked after that, Frank coming out of his suit, revealing his fit, athletic body. He never fit the stereotype of the weak nerd. He was always in great shape, running, exercising, even lifting weights. Even back in college he was like that. Yes, he was a big nerd. He could talk Star Trek, Star Wars, and far more obscure minutia with any geek out there.

But he did it while looking like a member of the Track and Field Team.

Frank sat down in the chintz chair, his cock thrusting before him. “Okay, line up. Alice at the end. Donna, don't join.”

The bimbos all lined up before him, jostling for position. Veronica ended up at the front, bouncing in excitement. Janet was right behind her, then Nicole, with Becca right before me. I took my place at the end, staring at the eighteen-year-old bimbo's perfect ass.

“Okay, Veronica,” Frank said, pulling her onto his lap. The bimbo, with a graceful swivel of her hips, impaled herself on his cock with a wanton moan. “Now don't ride me. Just sit there and enjoy it.”

“Yes,” Frank,” she moaned.

“Not much of a punishment,” I said with a smile.

“It's a reward,” Becca giggled.

“Now, here's what we're doing. Donna's going to spank Alice, then she'll spank Becca, then Becca, you'll spank Nicole, who'll spank Janet, who will spank Veronica.”

“Who do I spank?” Veronica asked, shifting on Frank's cock.

“Alice, but that's when we switch and you head to the back of the line. Then Donna will spank your ass and we'll start all over again.”

“Okay,” she beamed.

“Donna, you'll administer five spankings per bimbo. Can you remember that?”

“It's this many,” Donna said, holding her fingers spread wide on her left hand. “I can count that high!”

“Good,” Frank said. “Begin.”

Donna's hand smacked into my ass. I groaned, savoring the burning warmth spreading to my pussy. Then I spanked Becca's ass with a loud crack. She yelped, a bright-red handprint glowing on her ass.

Her hand cracked onto Nicole's ass. Spankings worked down the line until Veronica groaned as she squirmed on Frank's dick. I shivered, loving it, my pussy growing so hot as Donna's hand drew back and cracked on my ass again.

The rippling cracks worked down the line over and over. My butt grew warmer and warmer as Donna spanked me, alternating which asscheek she smacked. I reddened Becca's cute tush, the blonde shivering as she spanked Janet.

And then we hit five.

“Switch!” Donna called.

Veronica groaned as she slid off Frank's cock, her ass red. We all moved up, Janet mounting Frank with a lusty sigh. My husband groaned, savoring a new pussy impaled on his cock. Veronica moved behind me.


Donna's hand fell on Veronica's butt.

Her hand spanked harder on my ass. My pussy clenched. Juices dribbled down my thighs.

My hand surged forward.


Becca jumped, gasping as I spanked her red bottom.

Nicole groaned. And then Janet gasped, wiggling on Frank's cock, her ass growing brighter and brighter. Then Donna started it again. My ass burned hotter as Veronica spanked me again. And again. And again.

I loved it. It was so exciting smacking Becca's ass over and over, Veronica stinging my rear more and more. As the pain swelled, so did my excitement. We shuffled forward, Janet hurrying to the back of the line as Nicole mounted Frank.

“Oh, yes,” she gasped as the spankings rippled down the line.

My pussy grew wetter and wetter as my ass grew hotter and hotter. We were all moaning and squirming, though Nicole, impaled on Frank's cock, moaned the most. She bucked on his dick, pressing her big breasts into his face. The former cop loved it as Becca's hand fell on her ass.

“Switch!” Donna called out in a giggly voice. “Now I get to spank Nicole's ass.”

“Oh, phooey,” Nicole groaned as she raised herself off Frank's cock. His dick spilled out of her pussy with a wet plop.

Frank groaned, too, clearly getting closer and closer to cumming.

Becca giggled and hopped onto his lap, her big tits slapping together. The blonde, with all the energy of an eighteen year old, impaled herself on his dick, her burning ass clenching. I stepped up behind her waiting for the spankings to begin.

The ripples of smacks echoed down the line. Veronica's hand cracked into my ass. My hand cracked into Becca's. She groaned, bouncing on Frank's cock. Her pussy slid up his shaft then back down, my husband groaning, his face twisting.

The cracks rushed down the line. My ass burned.

I smacked Becca on the ass again, grinning as she bucked.

And again.

I savored the way her butt-cheeks bounced as she writhed on my husband's cock. Her voice was so throaty with pleasure. Her back arched as I spanked her for the fourth time, her blonde hair flying about her head.

The cracks rushed towards me, each bimbo squeaking in pain.

I gasped as Veronica spanked me.

My hand landed hard on Becca's ass.

“Yes!” the bimbo squealed in pure delight as she came. “Yes, yes, yes. I was so naughty!”

“So naughty,” Frank groaned, feeling her pussy writhe on his dick.

“Switch!” Donna happily called.

“Oh, yes. So good! So yummy!” moaned Becca.

“Switch, Becca,” Donna said with cute annoyance. “It's my turn to spank you!”

“Got to switch,” Frank groaned as the blonde bimbo bucked and spasmed.

“Oh, yes,” Becca groaned, struggling to get off. She stumbled back and I caught her. Her blue eyes were glazed with pleasure. Juices flooded down her thighs as she staggered to the back of the line.

I shivered, my pussy on fire as I stared at Frank's cock marinated by all the other bimbos before me. He seized my hips, pulling me to him. I groaned as he grasped my burning ass, squeezing it, sending a hot shudder through my body as I sank down onto his dick.

His cock slid into me. Not as thick as the Black man I fucked on the plane, but plenty thick enough. I took him all into my molten ass. His hands slid up my back, leaving my burning ass clear for Veronica's spanks.

“Oh, god, Frank, my ass is on fire.”

“Only five more,” he grinned at me.

Donna spanked Becca who spanked Nicole who spanked Janet who spanked Veronica.

Who spanked me.


My pussy clenched on my husband's cock as my back arched. My tits bounced, brushing his face. Pain shot through me from my ass. I groaned, the agony turning into pleasure as my pussy slid up and down his cock.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!


I moaned as the second spanking landed on my ass. My vision fuzzed as I bounced harder on Frank's cock. The pleasure built in my depths. The pain spiked through me. It made me so dizzy. So lusty. The next line of cracks echoed through the bimbos, racing towards my burning ass and—


“Yes,” I moaned as the third spanking burned across both my butt-cheeks. “Yes, yes, yes. Punish me! I was so naughty!”

I loved it. The pleasure built and built in me, crowing in my depths. I slammed down his cock as another cracking echo rushed towards me, each one louder and louder. The bimbos moaning out their pain and pleasure at their discipline and—


“Fuck!” I moaned, my pussy clenching so hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Janet gasped. “So good! I was so naughty!”

“So naughty,” giggled Donna. “Last one!”

Crack! Smack! Spank! Slap! Whack!


The pain stung hot as Veronica's hand fell hard. I bucked on Frank's dick, the pain shooting to the depths of my pussy. I rose on his cock and then slammed down it. The friction sparked through me. My clit crashed into his pubic bone.

Sparks of rapture shot through me.

I came.

My body thrashed in Frank's embrace. His hands slid down, grasping my burning ass. Behind me, the bimbos moaned and gasped, soothing each other's burning asses. Ecstasy shot through me, boiling my mind.

“Such a naughty wife,” Frank groaned, his voice so throaty.

“So naughty,” I moaned as I bucked on his cock, my pussy writhing on it. I needed his cum in me. “Flood me! Flood my naughty, cheating pussy!”

His hands squeezed hard on my ass. The flare of pain triggered another orgasm. My eyes shot wide open as the pain surged through me. It was intense. It rippled through my body. I moaned and gasped, bucking on his dick.

He grunted, “Alice!”

And flooded me.

I savored my husband's cum spurting into the depths of my pussy. I stared into his dark eyes. I leaned forward, pressing my big tits into his chest. My nipples throbbed as my orgasm boiled through my body. I kissed my husband as he gripped my naughty, burning ass.

I loved it when he disciplined me after I was a cheating whore.

I loved being his bimbo wife. We were going to have so much fun at the party tomorrow night. I would cheat on him. I just knew it. And then he would have to spank me again and again. I squirmed on his cock, our tongues dueling.

I loved this man so much.


Delilah Murphy, Senator of the Great State of Indiana

“How do I look?” I asked, strutting a pose in the black cocktail dress I wore for my gala this evening. I had dark thigh-high stockings on, my blonde hair curled and styled to perfection. I wore a diamond necklace my husband bought me for our tenth wedding anniversary, matching diamond earrings dangling from my lobes.

“You look like a sexy, modern princess,” gushed my bimbo lover. Natasha sat naked on our bed in my secret loft in DC, the love nest where I kept her out of sight of the world.

No one could know I was gay. I would lose my senate seat in the next election. My constituents weren't that liberal. I had to keep up the facade of loving wife and mother in public, the senator doing it all.

“Just so yummy,” Natasha giggled, her big tits bouncing.

I loved brunettes. I loved big tits. Natasha had both. I was so glad I bought her from her husband, liberating her from the demeaning acts of that redneck asshole. So far, he had kept the secret. I had paid him well enough, but it nibbled at the back of his mind he might try to go to the tabloids. No one would believe him and yet... Rumors like that were salacious.

Natasha bounded off the bed, rushing to me, puppy dog happiness crossing her gorgeous face. The bimbo serum had transformed her into a perfect beauty. She reached me, throwing her hands around my neck and leaned into kiss me.

“You'll smear my lipstick,” I gasped, stopping her from planting her hungry, wet lips on me. “Sorry.”

“Oh, right,” she giggled. “You have to be beautiful for tonight!”


Then she pouted. “You'll have so much fun and I'll be here. Alone. I want to go.”

“Remember. You're my secret lesbian wife. No one can know about you.”

“George knows about me.” George was my driver and confidant, a gay man I trusted impeccably—I paid him well for that trust.

“George doesn't count.” I gave her a smile. “I would love to parade you on my arm, to let everyone see what a sexy, gorgeous, hot wife I had.” It was the truth. My heart quickened. The last two weeks with Natasha had been a blur of hot sex whenever I could squeeze it in between meetings and Senate sessions. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she said.

“And I bought you a present.”

Her eyes lit up. Girlish excitement exploded across her face. “A present! Where?”

I turned from her and grabbed the discreet, brown bag off my desk and handed it over. “It's a new vibrator. Double pronged.”

She pulled it out, holding the pink vibrator. It had two shafts, one thinner for her ass, the other thicker to stretch her horny cunt wide. She squealed in delight and darted to the bed. She threw herself on it.

“Batteries are already in it,” I told her. “And there's a change of batteries in the nightstand drawer.”

“I'll wear them all out,” she moaned, bringing the smaller shaft to her mouth, sucking on it. Then, mumbling around the end of the toy, she said, “I love it! I love you!”

“I love you,” I smiled as she popped it out and then brought it to her pussy and asshole.

My pussy clenched, my poor, black panties soaking up my juices as she groaned, big tits bouncing. She worked the vibrator into both her asshole and pussy. And then she turned on the vibrator. She moaned out in delight.

A new sex toy could keep her occupied for hours.

The intercom by the elevator buzzed. I walked over on my five inch heels and hit the button. “Yes?”

“Senator,” George said, “I'm here with your husband.”

“Good, I'll be right down.”

Natasha moaned and gasped as I stepped into the elevator. I smiled. Tonight, I would size up Frank Jackman and figure out just how hard he would be to destroy. The bimbo serum couldn't be in his hands. It needed to be in more responsible hands.

Like my friend Magnolia Savage and her company, Femme Allure.


Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

Annalee bounced in the limo seat beside me in her sparkling, silver dress. I was eager to bring her to the gala and show off her beauty. I loved parading hot women around. It was delicious having girls just as hot as the other powerful men of DC. They had their sluts, and I had mine. And mine would blow them away.

I didn't know what game Delilah was up to inviting Frank Jackman to the party, but I had plans. I needed to crack the bimbo formula my spy had given me. So far, my R&D hadn't figured it out. I needed something

If the Senator thought she could screw me over and cut a deal with Frank, then I would ensure that my company brought the bimbo serum to market first.

The burner cell phone chirped in my purse. I pulled it out, staring at the simple screen, reading the text message. “In position. Target has just arrived.”

I texted back a single word. “Proceed.”

To be continued...

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