Quadruplets-Part 2

Quadruplets-Part 2

By popular request I am continuing this story. I hope that you like the continuing adventures of the Quad’s, find it arousing and fun to read.

I awoke the next morning and went to stretch when I felt a warm soft body beside me. Rolling to the side, I noticed the beautiful face of my sister Stacy, and the pervious nights activities came back to me. Let me explain.

Stacy and I, along with our brother and sister, Shane and Stephanie, are quadruplets. My name is Shawn by the way. The previous night we had gone to the senior dance at school, and then came back to have sex with each other for the first time. Our parents were gone for the weekend, so we had no problem with being caught. Both Shane and I were a few inches over six feet, and had muscles built up from years of weight lifting with our father. Stephanie and Stacy were about a six inches shorter than us, and had swimmers bodies like our mother. All of us were close the whole time we were growing up, and got even closer last night.

Being careful not to wake Stacy, I got out of bed and threw on some sweats to walk down to the kitchen. Softly closing the door, I walked across the hall to the girl’s room. Quietly opening their door, I looked in and saw Stephanie put on a long nightshirt over her naked body, while Shane was asleep in their bed. Seeing me standing there, she smiled and walked out into the hallway with me. When I had closed their door, Stephanie threw her arms around my neck, stepped up on her tiptoes, and French kissed me.

“Morning Shawn. Thank you for last night.”

“Morning back munchkin, but like I said, you and Stacy didn’t have to do what you did.”

“Are you telling me that you didn’t enjoy it?” She asked me unwrapping her arms, poking me in the stomach and laughing.

“Of course I did, and you know that I will always love you regardless if we do it again or not.”

“Good, now lets go eat. I am hungry from exerting all that energy last night.”

“Lets go,” I threw her over my shoulder like a rag doll, and carried her to the kitchen squealing and laughing.

We sat about cooking up eggs, bacon, hash browns, grits, toast and orange juice. By the time we got done cooking, Shane and Stacy had joined us. Stacy greeted me in the same way as Stephanie had, and Stephanie did the same to Shane. While eating we discussed what we would do that day. Our house was a large two-story, sitting on approximately an acre and a-half of well manicured land, and it was mine and Shane’s responsibility to take care of the yard. Shane and I wanted to treat the girls for last night, so we decided to take them to dinner later on. The girls were going to get some work done inside, and then join us in the yard. After we got done eating, Stephanie and Stacy started to clean the breakfast dishes, and Shane and I got dressed to go outside.

With it being May, the weather outside was in the 80’s, and within a few hours Shane and I had worked up a good sweat. We had approximately half the yard done when the girls came out carrying tall glass of ice water for us. They were wearing Daisy Dukes, and cut off t-shirts that showed their bare midriffs. If they bent over just right, you could see all of their God given beauty. With the girls helping us, we had the yard done and looking good by mid-afternoon.

All of us needed a good bath, and decided to use mom and dads walk in shower. When dad had the house built, he had the large shower put in and had six showerheads around the walls. We didn’t know why he built it, that’s is until later. (That’s another story.)

When all four of us were in the shower, we soaped each other up and washed together, not missing one inch of our bodies. When we had finished washing, Stephanie started to kiss me, and Stacy was kissing Shane. Our hands were roaming over each other’s bodies, not missing anything. By then, Shane’s cock and mine were rock hard, and needed some attention. We picked the girls up, impaled them on our cocks, and sandwiched them in between us so that they were back to back.

As we were pounding into them, we could feel the vibrations from each other’s bodies. Stephanie and Stacey surprised us when they turned their bodies to face each other, and started to kiss. This was no sisterly kiss, this was a kiss with their tongues exploring each other’s mouth, and they were also massaging and pinching each other’s nipples. This was turning Shane and I on even more, and we started to really pound into them. Stephanie and Stacy felt our cocks swell in them, stopped playing with each other’s nipples, and started to rub each other’s clits. We pounded into them a few more times, and then buried our cocks deep in their pussies. The girls started to shake with orgasms as they felt our cum shot deep in them. When we settled down, we untangled our bodies and cleaned each other off again.

“Ok, what gives? Are you two into each other also?” Shane asked them before I could.

“No,” Stacy told him. “When we started to read up on this stuff, Stephanie and I tried it on each other, and have been doing it since. I hope you guys don’t mind?”

“We don’t mind,” I told her. “But don’t expect Shane and I to do it, because that is where I draw the line.”

“You don’t have to hun,” Stephanie told me. “But, there is one more thing that I would like to do.”

“What’s that?” I asked her.

She got down on her knees, and sucked Shane’s cock into her mouth getting it hard again. Stacy had done the same thing to me, and they proceeded to give the both of us blowjobs while the shower rained down on us. Stacy got my cock as far into her mouth as she could, and then relaxed her throat and took the rest of it in like Stephanie had done last night. Stacy took her time, and slowly sucked me in and out of her mouth while running her tongue around the head, and up and down the thick vein on the underside. If Stephanie was doing the same thing to Shane, then he was in heaven like I was. After a few minutes of the slow and steady sucking, they picked their pace up a little more. All four of us were really getting into it, and Shane and I were moaning and groaning with pleasure. The girls sped up a little more, and I didn’t know about Shane, but I was about to blow my load. I felt my cock swell, and then I was shooting my cum down Stacy’s throat. She kept sucking, and drinking it all down. Not long after I let go, I heard Shane yell out, and then he pulled his cock out of Stephanie’s mouth and started to shot his sperm all over her face and tits. Stephanie licked what she could off her face, and rubbed what was on her tits into her skin.

We again washed each other off, and then finally got out of the shower.

When we left for dinner, Stephanie and Stacy felt like seafood, so we took them to a well-known restaurant on the coast. Shane and I had steak and lobster, Stephanie had Trout Amandine, and Stacy had Halibut with Sherry Sauce. Through out dinner, we talked of small things. When the other customers would come in, they would think of us as siblings having a nice dinner together. We did manage a few stares, with people taking double takes on our looks; we are practically identical to each other.

On the way home, we stopped and picked up a few movies. One romantic comedy, and one action film.

When we got back, all of us changed into something comfortable. The girls put on their long nightshirts, and Shane and I put on sweat shorts and t-shirts. We got some popcorn and drinks, and then sat down to watch the movies. We put in the action flick first, and then watched the romantic comedy. But the time the movies were over, all four of us were ready for bed. We were going to split up again when Shane suggested that we could sleep in our parent’s king size bed. Stephanie didn’t like the idea of sleeping in their bed, so we decide that we would push mine and Shane’s beds together and sleep there.

When we had the beds pushed together, the girls pulled their nightshirts off and crawled under the covers totally naked. Shane and I looked at each other, and then pulled our clothes off and crawled in after them.

Stephanie wrapped her arms around me and we started kissing. I moved my hand down to her breast, and started to softly rub and massage them. Stephanie brought her hand up, and was running it through my hair. I didn’t have to look to know that Stacy and Shane were doing the same.

I rolled Stephanie over on her back, and leaned half way on her while we were still kissing. I moved my hand down to her stomach, and then down to her waiting womanhood. She parted her legs, and I rubbed her lips up and down, not penetrating them. Stephanie had moved her hand down to my chest, and was pinching my nipple. I then took my index finger, and pushed it past her lips into her waiting pussy. When I got it in, I bent my hand over and started to massage her clit. I felt her pussy muscles grab hold of my finger, and she moaned into my mouth. I slowly started to move my finger in and out of her. On the down stroke, I would rub my finger over her clit and feel her move around on the bed. Stephanie moved her hand down from my chest to grab hold of my dick and start to pump it. After a few more minutes of this, I felt her shudder under me as she had her orgasm. When I felt her juices flow from her, I pumped my finger a few more times, and then I pulled it out to replace it with my hard dick.

I got on top of her, and Stephanie guided me into her. With her lubed up pretty good, I slid in with no problem. After I was buried all the way in, I stopped to feel her wonderful pussy grab hold on me and not let go. She then took my finger I had in her, and put it in her mouth to suck the juices off it. When she relaxed a little, I slowly started to pump in and out of her. When I was pulling out, I felt her muscles grab hold not wanting to let go, and when I was pushing back in she relaxed a little. I wasn’t pumping into her like a sex-crazed maniac, but like a lover who wanted to enjoy the slow lovemaking.

I looked over at Shane, and Stacy had him on his back while she was riding him facing toward the foot of the bed. While still in Stephanie, I turned over so that she was on top, and then flipped around so that my head was at the foot of the bed. Stephanie sat up, and when she saw how Stacy was, she sat all the way down on me, and spun around so that she was facing the head of the bed. We stayed in this position for a while letting the girls ride us. Stacy then leaned over and started to kiss me, while still working her hips so that Shane was going in and out of her. Stephanie leaned over herself, and started to kiss Shane while riding me. I didn’t know how the girls were doing it. They were riding one person, while kissing the other. I wasn’t complaining any, because all of us were enjoying it. We stayed like this for a while, and then the girls sat back up again.

We had been going at for about thirty minutes when the girls started to go faster. They turned to each other, and started to kiss and play with each other’s clit as they had done in the shower. I reached up and started to pinch Stacy’s nipple. Shane was the first one to let go when he yelled that he was cuming, then he grabbed Stacy’s waist to bring her down on his dick. I pinched her nipple harder, and then she started to shake again with orgasm. Stephanie felt me swell in her, slammed down on me as she felt my cum shot into her, and then she started to shake with her own orgasm.

When all of us had calmed down, the girls pushed Shane and I apart, switched with each other, and then at down on our faces. Stacy sat on mine, and Stephanie sat on Shane’s. Then they leaned over and started to give us blowjobs. Stacy was sitting on my face and sucking Shane off, while Stephanie sat on Shane’s face and was sucking me off. We were cleaning our love juices off each other; I tasted a combination of Shane and Stacy’s juices. Even though we had just cum, Shane and I were hard in no time, and ready to go again.

Stephanie had been sucking me for about fifteen minutes when I felt my dick swell in her mouth. She started to speed up, and I knew that I would blow at any second. Shane must have been close also, because Stacy started to speed up on him. When I felt my first shot shoot through my dick and into Stephanie’s mouth, I sucked Stacy’s clit into my mouth, and lightly bit down on it. Stacy started to shake with her own orgasm, and then I heard Shane groan as he blew his load. A few seconds later, I felt Stephanie shake herself.

After we untangled from each other, we got back under the covers and went to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms. The next morning, I woke first and knew it was a little late in the morning by the sun shining through the window. I stretched, looked at the foot of the bed, and froze.

My parents were sitting in chairs watching us.

Should I continue on with the Quadruplets’s? What are the parent’s going to do? I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Anything from a kind word to what you would like to see next. I work a full time job in addition to writing and everyone who writes knows that writing stories takes a lot of time, effort and thought. I personally do it because I love to write and the idea of people enjoying what I have written.

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