The Battered Lamp Chapter Twenty-Nine: Harem of the Warrior

The Battered Lamp Chapter Twenty-Nine: Harem of the Warrior

Battered Lamp
by mypenname3000
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Harem of the Warrior
Copyright 2014

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this.

Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Kyle Unmei Jr.: Half-Japanese/Half-Kurdish owner of Aaliyah and wielder of Earthbones. Poisoned by Burke as they fought.

Aaliyah Unmei: A Jann sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Djinn. Kyle's First Wife. Reunited with Kyle.

Fatima Unmei : Kyle's younger sister and wife, wielder of Fireheart.

Christy Unmei nee Leonardson: Kyle's long-time girlfriend turned third wife.

Fumi Unmei nee Nakamura: Kyle's fourth wife. A succubus-like Yuki-onna and wielder of Windfeather. She is blind.

Britney Kingston: Kyle's best friend since elementary school. She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to defend Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and has claimed Phillipa as her mate. Wielder of Waterclaw.


Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: The despotic ruler of the Djinn and leader of the Marid clan. Wants Aaliyah dead to thwart the prophecy.

Hecate: The Dark Goddess that both Ms. Franklin and Burke served. Sent a familiar to seize Faiza's soul when she died. Hecate has possessed Faiza.

Faiza Unmei: Kyle and Fatima's widowed mother. Killed by Burke. Her soul was stolen by a familiar of Hecate. Resurrected by Hecate as an instrument of the Dark Goddess's vengeance against Kyle. Hecate has possessed Faiza.

Makerah: An Unbound Marid, a Djinn that has violated the Laws of his people and escaped punishment through a dark ritual. A servant of Sultan Rashid and his son. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

Aljihm: An Unbound Ifrit and servant of Sultan Rashid. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

Aalizunah: An Unbound Si'lat and servant of Sultan Rashid. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them. Slain by Britney.

Jowdah: An Unbound Ghul and servant of Sultan Rashid. Killed by Zaritha.

Khiana: An Unbound Jann. Once a bitter rival to Sultan Rashid but now a servant of the Sultan. Ordered to hunt down Aaliyah and Zaritha and kill them.

Ms. Franklin: The deceased servant of Burke and leader of the coven. Also known as Celestite.

Principal Burke: The identity assumed by Alphonse of Toulouse, a nine-hundred-year-old knight. A warlock serving Hecate. Killed by Kyle.


Chyna Unmei nee Coel: Kyle's first concubine. Ms. Franklin cast a spell on Kyle and Chyna, forcing them into a slave/master relationship.

Shannon Unmei nee Coel: Chyna's hot mom and Kyle's second concubine.

Alexina Unmei nee Kendrick: Blonde concubine.

Carla Unmei nee Tyler: Redhead concubine.

Antoinette “Toni” Unmei nee Buckley: Cheerleader concubine.

Daniella “Ms. Capello” Unmei nee Capello: Kyle's English teacher and concubine.

Lois Unmei nee Smilingfox: A lesbian Domme that serves Kyle as a concubine.

Ann Unmei nee Weaver: Fatima's friend and strawberry-blonde hair.

Kayleah Unmei nee Peterson: Fatima's bleached blonde concubine and former rival.

Teleisia Unmei nee Otis: Aaliyah's African American concubine.

Phillipa Kingston nee Stoddard: Former member of Ms. Franklin's coven where she was known as Jade. Captured by Britney, Phillipa submitted to Britney and became her mate, discovering that she is a masochist.

Mindy Unmei nee Stoneking: A nurse at the hospital where Fatima is sick and Kyle's newest concubine.

Sable Unmei nee Purcell: Also known as Tourmaline, she was a member of Ms. Franklin's witch coven. While fighting with Christy, she was hit by a Love Elemental's attack and now completely loves Christy.

Zaritha Unmei: An Ifrit serving the despotic ruler of the Djinn and sent to kill Aaliyah. After saving Aaliyah, she now serves Kyle as a faithful concubine.

Other Characters

Shiekh Umar ibn al-Jann: Aaliyah's father. Rules the Jann from Khoshilat Maqandeli

Ishtar: The Goddess of Magic Christy, Sable, and Phillipa now serve.

Sarai: The daughter of Rashid. She is angry at her father and helps Kyle, pledging the Marid's support to his rule if he overthrows Rashid.

Thursday, January 28th – The Jann Desert, the Hidden Realm

Britney's head throbbed.

Smoke tickled her nose while palm trees crackled about as Fatima's fire spread. Phillipa, her mate, knelt beside her, reaching out to touch her head. Britney winced and Phillipa's hand came away red.

“I'm fine,” the Rakshasa growled, her blood still pumping with adrenaline after the fight.

“Let me heal you,” Phillipa smiled, her almond-shape eyes full of concern. “Kyle knocked you in the head pretty hard.”

“I am not the only one injured,” Britney said. “There are others hurt worse.”

“And Christy and Sable are attending to them.” Phillipa's soft hands touched her face. “Ishtar, share your love with this Rakshasa and restore her health.” Phillipa's amulet flashed with jade light and Britney shivered as her split scalp knitted back together and her headache faded. “There, better?”

“It is,” Britney smiled.

Phillipa leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. Then a second kiss.

“We do not have time for that,” Britney said, cupping her mate's face.

“Really?” A smile played on Phillipa's perfect face. “Kyle has just been reunited with Aaliyah. Look at them. We are not leaving for a little while.”

Britney glanced over at the growing mob of Kyle's concubines crowding around him and his wives. She took a deep breath, the air thick with feminine lust. An orgy was on the verge of breaking out.

“All the more reason for me to be on guard,” Britney said. “They are all slaves to their lust right now.”

“Kyle!” Phillipa shouted. “You need to make a wish.”

“What?” Kyle asked, breaking away from Aaliyah's hungry lips.

“Have Aaliyah protect us.”

Kyle nodded. “Yeah, right. Good idea, Phillipa.”

“There, problem solved,” Phillipa beamed. “My heart's beating with such excitement. I need to bleed off some energy.”

Britney's cock swelled in her sweatpants. “Okay,” she sighed as her mate's lips found her mouth, her tongue thrusting in.

The fires burning suddenly extinguished. At least Fatima had the good sense to put those out before letting herself get carried away.

Phillipa pushed them down into the soft soil, her body warm and lithe atop Britney's. Her cock swelled more as Phillipa's hands slid beneath her sweatshirt, grasping her round breast and pinching her hard nipples. Britney moaned into her lips, wrapping her arms around her mate.

She rolled them over, Phillipa's black hair spreading across the ground. Britney broke the kiss, looking down at her mate and her beautiful smile. Britney brushed a lock of her hair from her cheek, then leaned over, nuzzling at Phillipa's neck, nipping her flesh.

Phillipa gasped in pain. “Britney,” she moaned, the pain adding to her pleasure. Britney dug her teeth in harder, loving the feel of her lover's flesh in her mouth. Phillipa writhed beneath her, gasping happily, her hands sliding down Britney's back, pushing into her sweatpants and groping Britney's butt, her fingernails digging into her flesh.

Britney humped her hips, rubbing her cock into Phillipa's crotch, pleasure tingling through her. Her hands pushed up Phillipa's shirt, exposing her round, olive breasts and her hard, dark nipples. Britney kissed down to them, nipping the hard nub hard.

“You know how I love it,” Phillipa cooed as Britney gave her nipple another bite.

Britney loved the way her mate gasped when she hurt Phillipa. Her cock throbbed hard as she gripped Phillipa's nipple, pulling with her teeth and stretching her tit out. Phillipa gasped and moaned, her hands shoving down Britney's pants to find her hard cock.

“I need this so bad,” Phillipa moaned. “Fuck me.”

Britney looked up at her mate's flushed face. She inhaled her nose, filling with Phillipa's tart juices. “I think you need to feel a little more pain.”

Phillipa's face lit up. “Maybe.”

Britney slid down her mate's body, pushing her skirt up. Her panties were soaked with her excitement. Britney tore them off, loving the red marks the cloth left against Phillipa's flesh. Then her face buried into Phillipa's pussy, licking and nuzzling, drinking in the flavor of her mate. Phillipa's labia were fat and Britney didn't hesitate to bite them, pulling on them with her teeth, loving the way it made Phillipa gasp and moan.

“That's it! Hurt me! Umm, I love it!”

Britney bit harder, loving the squirms her mate made as she inflicted more pain. Phillipa's hips jerked, bucking her pussy into Britney's hungry mouth. Britney spread Phillipa's pussy open, working her tongue in deep while she pinched Phillipa's clit hard, abusing the poor nub.

Phillipa was in heaven.

Her screams grew louder, inflaming Britney to pinch harder while her tongue worked around the depths of Phillipa's pussy, drinking in the flood of tangy juices. Phillipa's black hair tossed about her head as she thrashed and moaned, savoring the wonderful pain and pleasure Britney gave her.

“Britney!” she screamed as she came. Juices squirted into Britney's hungry mouth, leaking down her chin. Britney drank them all down, reveling in the passion of her mate's climax. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

Britney licked her chops, looking up her mate's heaving form, a big smile plastered on her face. She loved making Phillipa cum almost as much as she loved hurting her. Britney's cock throbbed in her sweatpants, aching to be buried in Phillipa's sweet flesh.

“Roll over,” Britney hissed.

Phillipa smiled, rolling onto her stomach, her bubbly, olive-toned ass clenching in anticipation. “Are you fucking my ass?”


“Without lube?”

Britney trembled. “Yes, I am.”

“That's going to hurt so much,” panted Phillipa, her hands reaching behind her to spread her butt-cheeks apart and exposed her dark sphincter. “Do it! Hurt me! Make me scream.”

Britney shoved her sweatpants down, her hard cock popping out, dripping a little bit of precum—it wasn't enough to lube the way. She crawled over her mate, licking Phillipa's cheek up to her ear. “Are you read, my love?”

“I am,” she purred. “Do it. Make me burn with sweet agony.”

Phillipa was such a pain slut. She was perfect.

Britney thrust her cock into Phillipa's hot, velvety ass. It was so hard to drive into her unlubed hole, Phillipa's flesh resisting her entrance. She had to fuck her mate harder. Phillipa screamed in pain, her body shuddering beneath Britney's thrusts.

“Fuck my ass!” gasped Phillipa. “Tear me up! Do it! Don't be gentle!”

Britney planted her hands on the ground beside Phillipa's shoulders, drawing her hips back—the pleasure was intense, shuddering through her body—and drove her cock deep into Phillipa's bowels. Over and over, the friction burning both their bodies. Delight filled the Rakshasa as she violated her mate's ass over and over.

“That's it! Take my cock! Feel every painful inch of me!”

“I am!” Phillipa sobbed, tears leaking from her eyes. “So much pain! You're ripping me apart!”

Britney licked the salt of her mate's tears from her cheek, her hips hammering her harder and harder. Phillipa squirmed and moaned beneath her. Moans and pants joined her sobs, her hips bucking up to meet Britney's thrusts.

The pleasure built inside Britney, her pussy leaking out a flood of juices, clenching in anticipation of her orgasm. The pleasure flowed down to the tip of her cock buried in Phillipa's tight ass, itching to explode into her mate's bowels.

“Britney! Yes! So hard! Oh, fuck! Love me harder! Make me cum! You wonderful mate!”

Phillipa's ass clenched about Britney's dick, massaging her. Phillipa howled her orgasm, joining the other feminine cries echoing through the oasis. The pleasure swelled at the tip of Britney's cock. She stabbed deep into Phillipa's bowels, her teeth nipping Phillipa's neck.

The cum exploded out of her.

The pleasure was intense, pulsing in time to her eruptions of cum. Britney screeched and hissed as the bliss overwhelmed her.

Then she collapsed on her mate's back, mewling into her ear.

“I love you,” Phillipa murmured, her eyes closing.

Darkness was falling on the oasis, the sun setting. Britney took in a deep breath of her mate's scent, loving the feel of her warm body beneath her and closed her eyes. After the fight, and the wonderful sex, she could use a cat nap.

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Aaliyah was swarmed by her wives and husband. Around the oasis, hulking homunculi, conjured out of the desert sands, guarded them. Kyle&#039;s wish was smart, freeing them to love each without worrying. Her heart beat for joy as Kyle&#039;s strong arms wrapped around her.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered in her ear as Fatima&#039;s lips sucked enthusiastically at her right breast. “I can&#039;t lose any more of the people I love.”

Grief beat in Aaliyah&#039;s heart. She had just learned of her mother-in-law&#039;s death at Burke&#039;s hand. And then Fumi&#039;s wonderful tongue worked between her thighs, nuzzling at her pussy, replacing grief with joy. The Japanese succubus was enthusiastic, her tongue finding all the delightful spots in her cunt that brought such joy to Aaliyah.

“I&#039;m glad you&#039;re back,” Christy said, almost sounding surprised with herself.

Aaliyah smiled at the woman, pulling her close. Christy&#039;s lips found Aaliyah&#039;s other nipple, sucking and nibbling, adding the pleasure to the bliss Fatima and Fumi were giving her. She stretched out on the ground, Kyle&#039;s strong lips finding hers as she let her lovers lick and suck at her flesh.

It was so wonderful. She was back where she belonged. Kyle&#039;s strong hands roamed her flesh, joining the soft touches of her wives. Aaliyah moaned into his lips as the pleasure swelled inside her. Fumi&#039;s fingers delicately slipped into her pussy, pumping in and out, as the succubus tongue swirled about her clit.

I love you all so much, she sent to her spouses. Thank you for coming for me!

*Nothing could have kept us away,* Kyle answered. *Even the concubines risked death to find you!*

*We love you so much!* Fatima squealed in her mind. *I&#039;d break into hell to save you.*

Tears built in her eyes as she felt their love. Her hands reached out, touching all of them, loving the feel of Fatima&#039;s budding breasts, Fumi&#039;s porcelain face, Christy&#039;s wet pussy, and Kyle&#039;s hard cock. Her hand lingered on his shaft, stroking him.

She wanted to feel her husband inside her.

Make me cum, Fumi! Get me ready for our husband&#039;s love!

*Gladly! the succubus responded, her tongue sucking harder at Aaliyah&#039;s bud.

The pleasure built, shuddering through her. She thrust her tongue into Kyle&#039;s mouth, swirling about his tongue as her body tensed. And then she exploded. Her body bucked beneath her wives hungry mouths. Her spicy juices squirted into Fumi&#039;s lips as the bliss burned through her. Fatima and Christy sucked harder at her tits, prolonging the rolling waves of her passion.

And then the bliss died.

“She&#039;s all ready for you, Kyle,” purred Fumi.

Fatima tackled Fumi, driving the succubus to the ground to lick Aaliyah&#039;s juices off Fumi&#039;s face. Their bodies pressed together, both petite, though Fatima&#039;s was duskier. Their hips writhed together, tribbing their pussies as they enjoyed each other&#039;s flesh.

“She&#039;s eager for your cock, Kyle,” Christy said, grasping Kyle&#039;s dick as he mounted Aaliyah.

The Jann looked up at her husband looming over her, his body covered in rock-hard muscles that made her shiver with desire. Her legs spread for him, submitting to the desires and needs of her husband. Christy guided his cock, proving that she no longer harbored jealousy towards the Jann.

“I love you, Christy,” Aaliyah said, finally forgiving the witch completely.

Kyle&#039;s cock touched her lips as tears brimmed in Christy&#039;s hazel eyes. “Thank you,” she whispered, rubbing Kyle&#039;s cock up and down Aaliyah&#039;s pussy.

“Do you love me?” Kyle asked.

“Absolutely,” Aaliyah and Christy said together, then giggled.

Kyle thrust into her.

Aaliyah&#039;s body surged with pleasure. She arched her back, humping her pussy into his thrusts. She loved the feel of him in her flesh, squeezing down about him. She loved fooling around with her wives and concubines, but this is what her body truly craved—to be one with her husband and lord.

“Kyle!” she moaned, her arms wrapping around him, pulling him tight into her embrace. Her nipples rubbed against his heavy muscles, tingling with pleasure as her hips bucked to meet him. “Love me!”

“Always,” he moaned. “You&#039;re my Genie and wife forever.”

Their hips moved together, pleasure swirling through her. She kissed and nibbled at his strong jawline, his stubble rasping on her lips. Her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him tight, not wanting to let him go.

Darkness fell as they made love, the stars coming out above her. She gasped and moaned, every stroke of her husband&#039;s cock building the pleasure in her core. He moaned in her ear, groaning her name as her pussy pleasured him.

His thrust grew harder, his pubic bone mashing into her clit. Sparks flew and she worked her hips harder, loving the pleasure. Her fingernails bit into his back as the passion swelled within her, filling up her body.

“Kyle!” she screamed as her orgasm exploded through her.

So wonderful. The stars overhead swam and danced.

Bliss consumed her.

Kyle&#039;s hard cock hammered her, prolonging her rapture.

“Kyle, Kyle, Kyle!” she moaned. “Give me your love! Pour it into me!”

“Yes!” he moaned. “My sweet Aaliyah!”

Kyle&#039;s words sent another shudder through her. His thrusts were hard and frantic, the need to erupt building in his balls. She couldn&#039;t wait, her pussy clenching and spasming about his cock, milking him, eager to fill his cum.


His cum burst into her, a flood of molten passion. She spasmed beneath him, more rapture exploding through her. She loved this moment, her body drinking in the seed, maybe kindling new life inside her.

“I love you,” he whispered.”

Aaliyah smiled and kissed him and wanted to hold him forever.

But the concubines were waiting to share their love as well and she let Kyle be pulled away and welcomed their exuberant embrace. Teleisia, Aaliyah&#039;s ebony concubine, nuzzled between her thighs, licking up Kyle&#039;s cum as it flowed out.

“I missed you, my Queen,” she cried, showing her love.

Aaliyah smiled at the ebony beauty. “I missed you as well. Flip around and we&#039;ll sixty-nine.”

Teleisia squealed, her dark thighs straddling Aaliyah&#039;s head and the Genie eagerly licked at her concubines pussy.

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kyle was pulled away by Ms. Capello and Shannon, their heavy breasts swaying. “Christy gave us a few enhancements that the other girls didn&#039;t get,” Shannon purred as the two women stretched out side by side, pulling Kyle on top of him.

“Oh, yeah?” Kyle asked his MILF concubine, his eyes going from her heavy tits to Ms. Capello&#039;s magnificent rack.

“Yes,” Ms. Capello purred, pinching her dark, fat nipple. Milk leaked out, white in the starlight, leaking down her tan breast.

Kyle&#039;s cock hardened at the sight. “Shit,” he muttered, leaning down and sucking on her nipple. Wonderful, hot, creamy milk flooded his mouth. He sucked hard, letting the sweet liquid pour into him, swirling it around, then swallowing it. There was a delightful, melony flavor to the milk, far sweeter than a cow&#039;s, and far more delicious.

“I think he likes it,” purred Shannon, proffering her heavy tit.

Kyle licked his milk stained lips and moved to Shannon&#039;s heavy tit, sucking the milk into his lips, loving it as much as Ms. Capello&#039;s. His cock was grasped by Ms. Capello&#039;s supple hand, stroking him as he feasted on Shannon&#039;s delights.

And then a taboo thought burned in him. “Chyna!” he cried out.

“Yes, Master!” her voice called out, thick with passion.

“Get over here!”

Chyna pulled out of a pile of concubine flesh, leaving behind Toni, Alexina, and Mindy as they sucked and nibbled on each other. She came over, her heavy breasts swaying. She was a younger version of Shannon, just as beautiful, a budding flower compared to her mother&#039;s full bloom.

“Nurse your daughter, Shannon,” Kyle groaned, moving back to Ms. Capello&#039;s breast.

Shannon shuddered and Chyna let out a squeal as she fell on her mother.

“You&#039;re lactating!” she gasped before her lips engulfed Shannon&#039;s fat nipple, sucking for all her worth. Her cheeks hallowed, letting Shannon&#039;s milk flood her hungry mouth.

“That&#039;s it, baby girl,” Shannon moaned. “Oh, I loved nursing you when you were a child. That&#039;s it. Suck Mommy&#039;s milk. Drink it all down so you can become a big girl.”

“I want to, Mommy!” she groaned. “I want to grow big and strong!”

Kyle&#039;s cock throbbed with need. He buried into Ms. Capello&#039;s sopping cunt, bending down to suck at her breast while watching the incestuous nursing to his left. Ms. Capello moaned, her hips bucking up to meet his thrusts as her rich milk flooded his mouth.

Shannon stroked her daughter&#039;s hair, legs entwining, rubbing their hot pussies on each other&#039;s thighs. Chyna&#039;s cheeks hallowed as she nursed, adding the depraved sound of her suckling to Kyle&#039;s. Her eyes flashed with delight as she suckled from her mother&#039;s teat, her hips sliding her wet cunt up and down Shannon&#039;s thighs.

“That&#039;s it! Oh, yes! You are so wonderful. My beautiful, lovely, passionate daughter! Oh, yes! Oh, fucking yes!”

“Mommy! I love you so much!”

Kyle&#039;s balls slapped into Ms. Capello&#039;s taint, heavy with his cum. His cock throbbed, his passion boiling over quick. Between the hot milk flooding his mouth, the velvety cunt wrapped around his dick, and the incestuous nursing beside him, Kyle&#039;s balls were on the verge of erupting.

“Yes, yes! Suck harder, baby girl!” screamed Shannon, her free hand pinching at her other nipple. Milk squirted up into the air as she body bucked. “I&#039;m cumming! Your wonderful mouth made mommy cum!”

Kyle shuddered as Chyna writhed and spasmed about her mother, her mouth not releasing her tit as she orgasmed. Kyle buried his cock into Ms. Capello, sucking hard at her tit and getting a mouthful of her delicious milk.

Then he came in her, basting her cunt with as much of his cum as he could. The pleasure burst out of him, basting Ms. Capello&#039;s cunt with his thick load. He shuddered, swallowing her sweet milk as she climaxed beneath him.

“Fuck, that was wild,” Kyle moaned. “I need to thank Christy for this.”

“You&#039;re welcome,” she purred, sliding beside him and taking a suck at Ms. Capello&#039;s tit. Then she kissed him and shoved her milk-filled cum into his lips. “You can thank me with this hard cock.”

Christy&#039;s hand grasped him, and he grinned. “I love you.”

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zaritha watched the orgy of the concubines, sitting by herself.

She was alive. She had thought she had sacrificed her life for Aaliyah, a final act of defiance against Rashid for betraying her. And now she had her chance to take the fight to him. She had always been loyal to him. She had secured his alliance with the Ifrit and arranged for Aaliyah&#039;s father to fall.

She had a new master now. Her soul was no longer tied between her two oaths. Rashid had discarded her service, and she had no compunctions serving Kyle now. Her heart burned with rage and fire.

He lounged with his wife Christy, their passions spent, and she crossed to him. His eyes fell on her body as she crossed, hunger glinting in his eyes. He had the appetite for all these women heaving their bodies together in the oasis.

She knelt before him, pressing her face into the earth. “I humbly apologize, my husband, for kidnapping your wife. I am your concubine fully now. My heart shall only beat to your cause.”

His hands cupped her cheeks, lifting up her face. He stared into her eyes, his fingers hard as stone on her cheeks. “You will tell me everything about Rashid&#039;s plans, minions, and defenses. You will hold nothing back.”

“Nothing,” she smiled. “You are my husband. I swore to be your concubine. I was disobedient, but no longer. I am Zaritha of the Ifrit, and I submit wholly to you.”

“Wholly?” he asked, his cock growing hard, shiny with Christy&#039;s juices.

“You may take your pleasure in my body,” Zaritha answered, her pussy growing damp. “Let my fires warm you this night.”

She turned, kneeling, presenting herself, letting her fires burn away the red silks draping her body, revealing her dusky beauty to her master&#039;s eyes. His hands touched her, squeezing her ass, her cheeks spread open. She shuddered as his thumb brushed her asshole.

Would he want to take me there?

She gasped as his thumb pressed into her sphincter, stirring burning pleasure through her. She looked over her shoulder, smiling at his muscular body. This was going to be her life. The price for destroying Rashid.

His cock nudged the lips of her pussy, sliding up and down her lips. His thumb stabbed deeper. Her body shuddered, his dick teasing her. She bit her lips, staring at him, wanting him to thrust his cock into her sopping depths.

“Master,” she panted, pushing her hips back, the tip of his cock just entering her sopping hole.

“What?” he asked, a grin on his face. “What do you want?”

She could see it in his eyes; he wanted her to submit. To beg him for his cock. He liked to dominate his women. She remembered the afternoon last week when she let Kyle dominate her in the hallway to protect herself from Aaliyah&#039;s powers.

“Fuck me, Master,” she moaned. “Take me like you did in the hallway!”

“Because you&#039;re my slut?” he growled, sliding his dick in just another inch. “Because your horny, Ifrit cunt needs my cock?”

“It does! Fuck me! I&#039;m your slut! Your dirty, Ifrit whore!” Her body shuddered as she spoke, finding delight in submitting to him. “Please, Master, Take your pleasure in me.”

He ripped his thumb out of her ass and pulled his cock back. Panic flooded her. Did she do something wrong? She let out almost a whining moan, wanting her Master to just ravish her, to plunge his cock over and over—

His cock shoved into her ass.

She let out a low moan, his lubed shaft plunging all the way into her bowels. He was taking her the way he wanted, not hers. She shuddered, his cock igniting an inferno through her body. He drew back and shoved back in, every inch of his cock building the fire to even more intense heat, melting her.

“Fuck me, Master!” Zaritha gasped. “Oh, yes! Fuck my ass!”

Aaliyah appeared before her, naked and flushed, her eyes sparkling. “You are submitting fully,” she purred, stroking Zaritha&#039;s cheek.

“I am,” the Ifrit moaned, her cheek burning where her Sultana touched her. “He&#039;s my Sultan.”

Aaliyah smiled, then leaned and kissed Zaritha, thrusting her tongue into the Ifrit&#039;s mouth.

Kyle&#039;s thrust grew harder, his balls slapping into her taint. Zaritha pushed her hips back, gasping into the Jann&#039;s lips as she loved her Master&#039;s cock reaming her ass. The pleasure swelled inside her, sparks flying inside her.

Then the fires erupted.

Her pussy clenched and her ass writhed about Kyle&#039;s cock. She broke her kiss with Aaliyah, throwing back her head, her back arching, and cried out her cries into the night sky, fire dancing about her skin.

“Fuck, she&#039;s hot,” groaned Kyle.

Aaliyah crawled past her, pressing her naked body against Kyle&#039;s frame. “Is this slut pleasing you, my love?”

“So much,” he grunted. “She&#039;s on fire. Listen to the slut cum!”

“I am, Master! You made me cum so hard!”

Her orgasm dwindled, but the pleasure kept roaring through her, Kyle&#039;s cock still reaming her tight ass. Kyle grunted, his thrusts wild and frantic, full of his strength. His hands seized her hips, pulling her back, burying his cock deep into his bowels.

“Cum in the slut!” moaned Aaliyah.

“Dirty Ifrit!” grunted Kyle and then his cum flooded in her. Zaritha smiled, another, smaller orgasm tumbling through her. Submitting to Kyle wasn&#039;t a bad life. And it was far more pleasurable than submitting to Rashid.

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kyle woke up with Aaliyah in his arms, Fatima pressed into his back. Christy was on the other side of Aaliyah, her arms wrapped around the Genie, holding her almost as tight as Kyle did. Fumi was cuddling up to Christy&#039;s back, her black hair spread across Christy&#039;s shoulders.

It was the first time he had slept with all four of his wives together on the comfortable bower that Aaliyah had conjured as the orgy petered out last night. His concubines were cuddled in twos and threes on their own bowers, looking so beautiful in the gray, predawn light. Around the edges of the oasis were Aaliyah&#039;s homunculi, giants made of the desert.

His cock was hard with the need to piss, so he stood up, looking around for a concubine. He walked over to the nearest bed, stepping carefully to not wake up his wives, and shook Toni. His cheerleader concubine rolled over, her auburn hair spilling across the mattress.

“Master,” she murmured, her eyes falling on his cock. “Do you need to pee?”

He grinned at her as she sat up and submitted to him. He relaxed his bladder, flooding her mouth, groaning as he relieved himself. There was something so powerful about a woman that is so submissive that she would let him piss in her mouth. She swallowed, her green eyes shining up at him.

“We need to talk, Kyle,” Britney said, walking up, unfazed that he was pissing in a woman&#039;s mouth.


“What do we do now? Our goal was to rescue Aaliyah and that is accomplished. Are we going to take on the Marid&#039;s and make you the Sultan?”

“Yes,” Kyle nodded, looking around at his sleeping women. “We are going to conquer the Marids. This Rashid will never stop hunting Aaliyah down. He will never let us return to our world unmolested.” Kyle grimaced. “Not that there&#039;s anything for us to return.”

“It&#039;ll get better,” Toni whispered, lifting her lips from his cock. “Slowly the hole your mother&#039;s death left in you will fill up. Focus on your wives, use their love to fill the void.”

“And not yours?” Kyle asked and her freckled face blushed.

“And use your concubines&#039; love, too, Master,” she smiled.

“Then what shall our next step be?” Britney asked.

“We are a day&#039;s walk from Khoshilat Maqandeli, my father&#039;s court. I was sent to make alliance with the Mortal that would save my people.” Aaliyah stood up, brushing her dark hair from her lovely face. “The Jann will support you, and we can figure out our next step from there.”

Kyle smiled. “I guess it&#039;s time to meet your family, Aaliyah.”

“My father, Sheikh Umar ibn al-Jann, will be so happy to see you,” Aaliyah smiled, slipping her arm around Kyle. She wrapped her hands in Toni&#039;s auburn hair and guided the concubine&#039;s lips to her pussy. Kyle&#039;s cock stirred as she flooded Toni&#039;s lips with piss, the concubine submitting to his wife just as readily as she submitted to him.

Aaliyah conjured breakfast and clothing to wear for the trip across the desert. Everyone wrapped themselves in black linens, turbans around their heads. Aaliyah looked like a Sultana wrapped in her gold-trimmed robes, and she conjured equally fine robes for Fatima, Christy, and Fumi, their robes trimmed in red, brown, and green.

Aaliyah pointed the direction to go, her homunculi tromping along beside them. Britney took point, then the concubines ringed around Kyle, his wives, and the two other witches. The heat grew as they marched across the sands, sweat beading Kyle&#039;s forehead. Zaritha flashed ahead, whirling across the sky as a column of fire, scouting for danger.

“It is so wonderful to be home,” Aaliyah purred, her feet stepping light across the sand, somehow not sinking in like Kyle&#039;s boots did. She almost seemed to dance as she walked. She took in a deep breath. “That wonderful scent of dry sand. No moisture to clump everything into nasty dirt.”

“You don&#039;t like the water, do you?” Kyle grinned.

“Oh, water can have it&#039;s moments,” she smiled. “But I am of the Earth, and Earth and Water can be as bitter enemies as Earth and Air.”

“What about Fire?”

“Before the Ifrit betrayed the Hidden People and threw their lot in with the Marid, my people and and Zaritha&#039;s were fast friends.”

They had to break every hour. While the concubines had been enhanced by Christy&#039;s spell, and Aaliyah and Britney seemed unfazed, the others were not so fortunate. Kyle roasted, even in the cooling robes, and Fumi seemed to wilt like a flower.

“I&#039;m a creature of winter,” she moaned, taking a long drink from a canteen Aaliyah had conjured. “Not of this dry desert.”

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed. “I grew up in rainy Washington. I don&#039;t think I&#039;ve ever felt air this dry before.” His lips seemed to parch the moment he put down the canteen, the air leaching the moisture out of him. “Do you need a longer break?”

She shook her head. “I have enough of your cum in me to last me the day.” Her grin grew sly. “But tonight, I must insist you perform your husbandly duties and fuck me hard.”

He stroked her face. “Gladly.”

The desert had no features. Only endless dunes of sand, mirages dancing at their peaks. And then, past midday, they crested a dune and witnessed a city rising out of the sand. Slender, white minarets seemed to waiver and dance in the heat above rippling, white walls.

“Khoshilat Maqandeli,” Aaliyah smiled. “As beautiful as I remember.”

The sight of the city buoyed everyone spirits. They walked faster, eager to reach shelter. In the skies above, whirling sand flew, Jann flitting about them. Aaliyah nodded up at them, her back straightening, her walk and bearing becoming regal. Kyle emulated her, placing his hand upon Earthbones hanging from a belt at his side. The concubines began to strut and even Fumi marched with a more grace then she had possessed all afternoon, no longer wilted by the pounding sun.

“Make us clean,” Christy whispered. “We need to look impressive.”

“Right,” Aaliyah nodded, and the dust vanished from all their clothing as they neared the edge of the city. It was built right upon the sand, a sharp line delineating the alabaster buildings and paved streets from the desert.

Jann flashed down from the sky, the whirling dust taking on their human forms. They looked like Aaliyah, dusky skin, black hair, their eyes dark brown or yellow. They bowed, calling out in Arabic, their words rolling across Kyle&#039;s ears.

“What are they saying?” Kyle whispered.

Aaliyah started, then blinked. “Make a wish to understand them,” she responded. “This is your home, you need to speak to them.”

Kyle did, and suddenly he heard the cries of “Savior,” and “the Sultan.” He smiled, looking out at these people. They had been waiting for him to drive back the Marid&#039;s tyranny. From a distance, the Alabaster buildings had looked pristine and majestic, but up close he could see the cracks in the facade, the disrepair slowly consuming the Jann.

They walked down the main road through the city to the palace, the domes covered in shining gold. Standing at the gates were homunculi, like the ones Aaliyah had conjured, but these gripped fearsome spears. They seemed more solid than the ones his wife had created, made of dust compressed so hard it may as well be rock now.

Aaliyah trembled as they swept in, the homunculi pushing open the wooden doors before them. It was cool in the palace, the hallway did not have walls, only columns, and looked out on small gardens of verdant plants and flowers. Beautiful women lounged in these gardens, wearing gauzy, yellow silk. Aaliyah had been dressed similarly when she had appeared out of her lamp weeks ago.

“Those aren&#039;t my father&#039;s wives and concubines,” she whispered, concern in her voice.

“It&#039;s been a thousand years. He&#039;s probably found some more,” Kyle shrugged.

“Maybe. But where is Hani&#039;ah, Basinah, and Rahiq? What has happened since I was away?”

“I&#039;m sure we&#039;ll find out,” Kyle nodded as another, more ornately carved door, loomed ahead. Another pair of powerful homunculi guarded this door. Their broad hands reached out, pushing it open onto the court of the Jann.

The floor was made of polished stone that reflected the vaulted ceiling above like a mirror. Columns spread out in two rows down the throne, studded with yellow stones. Richly dressed Jann, all male, stood in fine robes of golden silk, their beards white and oiled. A throne of Tourmaline set at the far end upon a dais. A younger Jann sat upon it, his body lean and muscular, his chest bare, and a golden turban wrapped about his head.

“Who comes before the court of Sihab ibn al-Jann?” a muscular, dark-skinned Jann beside the throne bellowed.

“Kyle Unmei,” Kyle announced, projecting his voice with confidence. He could not show any weakness if these Jann were going to follow him He had to be a leader. Like Dad. “And his wives and concubines.”

“Where is our father?” Aaliyah called out. “Why do you sit on his throne, Brother?”

A ripple passed through the room and Aaliyah flushed, looking down. She had grown used to being in America where women spoke their minds.

“Your tongue is as bold as ever, dear sister,” Sihab announced, rising from his throne.

“My apologies, Brother,” Aaliyah muttered. “I forgot my place.”

Sahib&#039;s turned to Kyle, eyeing him up, his youthful face growing hard. “You are a thousand years late.”

Kyle shrugged. “I&#039;m here now.”

“He is the one,” an old, wizened Jann woman croaked. “He is the one I saw in the frankincense. And he has his consorts and companion. Six shall be one, the Marid defeated.” She cackled at Sihab. “Just like I told you and your foolish father.”

Aaliyah&#039;s face was pale, her body trembling.

“What happened to Umar ibn al-Jann?” Kyle asked.

Sihab swallowed, his eyes hardening as they fell on Aaliyah. “Our father is gone, dear sister. Dead. He sought to contend with Rashid and lost.”

“He never had a chance,” the crone continued.

Kyle frowned, wondering why this woman spoke and was respected when the Jann clearly did not allow women to voice their opinion. Was it hypocrisy? Or did this woman have that strong of a personality? Every Jann nobleman she cast her gaze on flinched and looked away.

“I told him when he set out on his folly that his daughter would one day emerge. But he lost hope as the centuries piled on.”

Aaliyah back went rigid, her eyes watering, but she kept her regal poise. Kyle wanted to hug her and grieve with her. The loss of his mother welled up inside him, but he had to be strong, to become as hard as the mountains if he was going to defeat the Marid.

“Sihab ibn al-Jann, will you swear fealty to the rightful Sultan?” Kyle asked, his voice booming. “I have married your sister and come to fulfill the agreement.”

“Do you think you can really defeat Rashid?” Fear tinged the Sheikh&#039;s voice.

“Yes.” Kyle fixed him with a hard stare. “I have the strength of the mountains at my side.” He touched the hilt of Earthbones. “We shall defeat the Marid&#039;s with or without your help.”

“Kneel to him,” the crone cackled. “Do not make your father&#039;s mistake.”

Sihab slipped from his throne and fell to his knees. “You have my pledge of support. I honor the agreement of my father. The Jann shall be at your back, Sultan.”

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Khiana stroked his white beard stained with rust as he walked through the midnight streets of Khoshilat Maqandeli. The Unbound Jann brimmed with twisted disgust as he walked through the fading glory of the city. He had not stepped foot in its alabaster majesty since his disastrous attempt to defeat Rashid.

He had gambled all and failed.

But being unbound freed him. He was no longer shackled by the chains of custom and duty that had once held him firm and strong. He could do what he wanted, go where whim took him, and indulge whichever vices he pleased.

And with the reward Rashid promised, he could indulge in vices for the next thousand years.

“Do you think your plan will work?” Aljihm asked, fire glowing through the cracks of his blackened body.

Khiana smiled at the Unbound Ifrit. “Aalizunah and Jowdah have all ready been felled by this mortal and his women. He must have seen through Aalizunah&#039;s whorish act and Jowdah was always too stupid to try anything subtle.”

“But will the Jann obey you?” Aljihm asked.

“Of course they will,” he grinned. “They are a cowed people. Rashid stamped all the fight out of them. They don&#039;t even care for the city anymore.” He spat in disgust. “Only Sihab provides them with any backbone.”

They reached the west wall of the palace and Khiana opened up the hidden door. A narrow tunnel appeared, barely wide for a man to walk down. Khiana strode down it, the Ifrit following. The rough-carved stone led to the far end of the palace, to the quarters of the Sheikh and his harem. It ended at a simple wall that parted when Khiana touched it.

The wall still recognized who Khiana had once been.

Sihab slept with his favorite concubine, Maymunah. She was pretty, her breasts small and naked. Khiana&#039;s cock stirred at the sight of her innocence. He crossed the room, climbing onto the Sihab&#039;s bed, the mattress shifting beneath his weight. Khiana kicked the sleeping Sihab&#039;s foot.

“What?” the young Jann murmured as he came awake. He looked up, horror in his eyes. “You!”

“Hello, my loving son,” Khiana grinned, then his hand shot out, punching through Sihab&#039;s chest and squeezing his heart. Sihab gasped and groaned, his body spasming. The concubine awoke, her shriek cut off by Aljihm&#039;s black hand. Maymunah&#039;s skin crisped as the Ifrit reduced her perfect flesh to ash.

What a waste.

“Please, father,” gasped Sihab. “Aaliyah&#039;”

“I no longer care about that.” Khiana&#039;s hand squeezed, crushing his son&#039;s heart to dust. It was time to regain his Sheikhdom. It would only cost him the life of one, sniveling, rebellious daughter.

To be continued...

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