Theres a wolf in the fold...

Theres a wolf in the fold...

*the Non-Fiction*

It was the first day of class. I wasn't nervous; it's a technical nerd school so I felt right in. My name is T.K., and I was in NO way prepared for classes this semester...sure I studied and aced the class but I failed the most important test....

In my second class I saw this tall looking dude, kind of bumped into him didn't really care about his existence at all....then after passing him I did my occasional look back to check out what I just walked away If I wasn't in love with him I know I was in love with his walk....his clothes, pretty much everything about him. A week passes and I notice him in class a few times. We hook up for a few group projects but nothing serious. He caught a glimpse of my transformers wallpaper on my laptop and commented it...that’s how we started talking and became friends...

One day Mr. "wolf" was sitting in the student lobby on his laptop. I noticed how he was sitting it turned me on a bit. I sat in the barstool next to him staring at his perfectly round ass. (Does he shape that thing daily, or what?) I took an awkward seating position so that it was looking like I was working on my laptop but I was really getting a bird-eye view of his crotch. I wasn't even gay or bi at the time but there was something about this guy....his hair, his height, his stance. I kept thinking to myself "If I was gay, this would be Mr. Right." So after a while we started chatting online and exchanging details about ourselves...then after a few key words were exchanged

T.K.: I'm a virgin

Wolf: me too. I hate being a virgin.

T.K.: I guess I’m used to it...

Wolf: you know what? We should just have sex with each other and get it over with. =P jk

T.K.: lol

lol?! Is that all I could say? The most perfect guy on the face of the Earth just basically invited me for a hot, steamy fuckfest and I say "lol"?
Eventually this lead to us having cyber sex a few times, in which he seemed to love taking the submissive roll of giving a blowjob. He even called me "master" a bi-guys dream!!
We got so intense with our cyber sex that we even made plans to meet up outside of school to have sex....but both of us kept getting cold feet. For two virgins, it was a huge step for both of us. We would do this often until wolf just got fed up one day....

*the semi-fiction*

so one day in class I was doing my routine staring at the wolf hoping that he would sweep me off my feet, throw me in the back of his truck and fuck me like a jackrabbit. Class was over; I packed up all my crap. My laptop hasn't been touched since my last cyber session with wolf. At the student lounge I popped open my laptop and turned it on...I went to grab a mountain dew (big mistake) and I walk back to my laptop to see my and wolf's friend Jessica staring at the screen. It turns out that I hit the hibernate function instead of shutting down. She was reading our cyber sex fantasies...out loud...

Jessica: "wolf takes TK's giant member down his throat and swallows every drop of cum."

TK: dude what the fuck?! Stop reading that!!

Adam: Bow chicka bow wow! What were you guys doing last night?

*wolf walks up*

Jessica: we KNOW what they were doing last night. haha *winks at wolf*

Wolf: *looks at screen* WHAT THE FUCK?! *pushes me into the counter*

TK: whoa chill dude.

Wolf: how could you show them that?! What the hell is wrong with you?! *storms out into the parking lot...*

Adam: trouble in paradise?

TK: shut up! *packs up his things and goes into the parking lot* man this sucks. *bangs head against roof of car*

*wolf drives off in his Chevy truck*

TK: *gets into his car and heads to the mall to meet up with some friends*

*wolf follows tk's car at a safe distance*

TK: *parks car in the multilevel parking garage, in the corner* (I would park my lancer far away because the paint was flawless....before I wrecked it...)

Wolf: *pulled up beside me before I could even shut the door*

TK: uh...DUDE! Look imp so sorry! I didn't Kno-- *was interrupted by wolfs tongue down his throat*

TK: *pushes wolf back* whoa....wh...what?!

wolf: yeah, I don't know.

TK: Look, I said I was sorry.

wolf: shut up and get in the truck.

tk: *looks around (like the moron that I am)* me?

wolf: *pushes tk towards the truck* get in.

TK: *begins to climb into the extended cab truck*

wolf: *spanks me while climbing up*

TK: Look man, again I'm so--

Surprised, I was once again greeted by wolf's tongue which seemed to have grown some since the last time we met. Wolf pushed me back onto the floor of his back seat. Still locked in oral kombat, (pun intended) we two college freshmen wrestled each others clothes off until wolf was in his boxers and I was in my briefs. I grabbed onto wolf's chest, it was so rugged...much more manlier than mine. He was quite hairy all the way down to the rim of his boxers. Now I know why they call him "Wolf". He guided my hands to his waste where I kept groping that oh so perfect ass of his. I was horny as hell... The bulge in my tighty whities was completely unhidable...but did it matter? isn't this what we really wanted all along? I kept playing with his ass while he kept trying to choke me with his tongue. His long, white cock poked out of the front opening of his boxers. There it was hovering over my tummy...waiting on me to do something with it...but what? I attempted to finger wolf through his boxers...I know it had to feel uncomfortable so Instead I pushed him back. I pushed him to the same effect that he pushed me in the student lounge earlier that day. He looked at me, puzzled, but wanting...I hurried over and threw my head on his cock. I used every bit of empty space in my mouth to create a powerful suction. I rubbed the tip of his cock on the back of my throat. It felt great to me...but did it to him? I looked up at him with curious eyes and his facial expression was very uncertain....but the pre-cum that trickled down my throat told me everything that I needed to know....he was enjoying it more than he wanted me to know....then I looked up at him again...this time he through his head back almost as if he were in pain...but it wasn't pain. It was pleasure. I pulled my lips off of his member and it made a loud popping noise when I mouth was slightly sore from the hoover vacuum suction that I performed on him. As I gasped for air, we just sat there staring at each other. It’s obvious that we were both wondering the same thing; "what the hell are we doing?! How did Cyber sex turn into this?" I wouldn't dare speak to ruin the moment, but I had to know..."did that feel good?” I asked. "Your turn.” wolf replied. He grabbed my briefs and pulled them down off of my cock. Then he hunched his back down and started licking my cock up and down until it was shiny and glossy. I didn't know what to make of it at first, it didn't feel as good as I hoped....but then he did something unexpected....He deep throated my whole entire cock. He gagged on it a bit then he kept moving his head up and down in a fast continuous motion. I just about died. It felt sooo good. I couldn't even move my body....He was going so fast that it was unbelievable. I thought I would cum. I think I did a little...he took his head off and started licking his lips...then he started breathing really hard. "Oh you...” he trailed off.”What?” I begged. "You taste good", He smiled. I didn't know how to take it....I mean He's not my he? I’ve never had a boyfriend before...shit. We sat there staring at each other. I think the mixed expressions of surprise, fear, relief, and confusion on our face let us know how the other felt...this was indeed a brand new relationship. I grabbed his hand and moved forward, towards him. "So...we're boyfriends now?" I asked, uncertainly. "Yeah....secret boyfriends...don't tell anyone.” he whispered. I nodded...I began to get out of the truck when, I was pulled backward by some sort of strange was him. He grabbed my waste and pulled me back. I felt this body against felt like we were one.

I felt something hard poking underneath my scrotum (nut sack for the uneducated.) Low and behold it was my best friend...I never bottomed before....ever. I don't even think I did in our cyber sex sessions....Wolf grabbed me and bent me over into the front seat, and then I didn't know what to expect...pain...pleasure...death? 0_o I just closed my eyes, then I opened them completely unexpectedly....I thought he was just going to ram his cock in my ass...instead he slowly eased it in my felt awkward but it was a smooth transition. He was moving in and out, going in deeper each time. Releasing a sigh every time he went in...He was applying a lot of pressure...but I could handle it. I actually moved back onto his cock so he wouldn’t be doing all the work. Our teamwork got him inside of me about halfway. Then he started moving in a more routine motion. For some reason he didn't go in any deeper...I'm almost certain that there was enough room for him. Our combined motion must have been pretty good because he kept moaning loud moans of pleasure. We moved faster and faster, I think the whole truck started shaking. I lost my balance a few times and on the last time, I fell flat on my stomach. Then wolf was right over me instead of behind me. He humped me like no tomorrow. He still didn't go deep......I felt something grab my shoulder then right after that I heard him yell really loudly. Then...I felt hot, steamy cum flowing down into me...I heard it being ejected from his cock, too. Then he pulled out a bit and cum splashed my crack and my lower back. Then wolf collapsed right on top of me. We were both breathing fast. It was insane...We laid there for a while...Felt like forever. It was only ten minutes, however. I rolled over, while he was on me. I was facing him. We kissed a couple of times. Then he got up. "I should be getting back home" he said. "My dad is going to kill me if im late.” he added. I nodded and began to collect my clothes...then something caught my eye...he was laying flat on the backseat floor. His ass was so inviting.....I reached back and wiped some of his now cold cum off of my back and lubed my own cock with it. I was still as hard as a stick of dynamite. I did something that I never thought I would be able to do. I smacked his ass and Jumped on him. He groaned in pain, but then I positioned myself over him so that my cock was grazing his butt cheeks. He smiled back and said, "fuck me, tk. I love you." I looked at his ass, then back at his head. "I love you too wolf." I grabbed his hips and thrusted my cock into him. I humped up and down until I couldn't go any deeper...He moaned, but then quickly sucked it up. I was pounding his ass much harder than he pounded mine...I couldn't help it...He was....PERFECT. I loved him, probably much more than He loved me. I looked down and he shot a small cumshot. I guess I was pounding against his prostate gland or something. It was magical...but I knew I was far off from I pulled out, and then began gathering my clothes again.

wolf: what do you think you’re doing?

TK: dude, we need to get going. We both have people waiting on us.

Wolf: I’m not letting you go to waste ever again. Neither of us will ever have to masturbate again.

TK: what do you mean?

Wolf: put it this way.

There he was, sucking me off again...even after I had shoved my cock up his ass...what a trooper. He sucked a bit less intense than last time but at last...I felt it...I came right down his throat and he licked every bit of it off of me.

We both dressed each other, when I hopped out of his truck. I could barely walk. I think I fell at least twice. I was weak in the knees and not to mention my butt hole was now 2 inches wider....wolf drove off and I watched him hop on the freeway. My brother john walks up to me at the mall entrance. "Tk where the fuck have you been, your over an hour late!" he fussed. "To me it was a lifetime, john." I told him while walking awkwardly into the mall.

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