The Son of Lust Chapter 19: Sister's Naughty Training Incentive

The Son of Lust Chapter 19: Sister's Naughty Training Incentive

The Son of Lust

Chapter Nineteen: Sister's Naughty Training Incentive

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: This story was commissioned by Ultrasound 7 and has allowed me to share it with you. This may contain scenarios and acts that I normally wouldn't write. There will be a strong sex slave/domination theme. I will keep this from violating any cannon established in the world and I developed the mythology that drives this story.

Kurtis – Ankush, The Queendom of Naith

I had two weeks to get good for the fight.

The next day, after having a good sleep with my women, I felt invigorated. Ready to train. I stepped onto the sands of the small square; Princess Lavhi's personal training sands. It was about thirty feet on each side with a covered walkway around it where my women watched.

“Good luck, Master,” whimpered Lavhi. She lay on her side, a dildo buzzing away in her cunt. The rakshasa-princesses had a dreamy smile on her lips. She looked to be in paradise.

“I can do this,” I said, wearing my armor for the first time. My left arm felt so weighed down. I had a bracer around my forearm, a couter around my elbow, and a pauldron over my shoulder with a gardbrace to cover my upper arm. That and the chainmail kilt was all I wore. My chest was bare to the sun and the attacks of the others.

“You look hot in gladiator armor, Master,” Princess Naryu said.

“Okay,” Pyrriah said. “Just sparring. We're going to gauge how good you are.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, swinging my wooden practice sword before me. It was shaped and balanced like my tulwar. “I'm ready.”

“We'll see,” said Korvan, Princess Lavhi's guard captain. Well, he was my guard captain I guessed. I owned all her slaves. The one-eyed man grinned at me and then rushed in, swinging his wooden blade, a straight sword.

Our weapons clattered together. The training Pyrriah gave me on the Treasure Box came back to me. I faced the man with confidence. I could do this. I could triumph over the asshole. I attacked, whipping my blade at him.

He blocked and parried. The man was good, but he didn't have Pyrriah's skill. And she had taught me. I grinned and knocked back blows. My confidence swelled and swelled with every moment. I would prevail. I would triumph over this cock-sucker.

I smacked back his attack. He squinted his good eye. His cockiness had vanished. He took me seriously now. I definitely could do this. I swung in at him. He knocked my sword to the side then did something I didn't expect.

As he retreated, he dug the toes of his sandaled foot into the ground and then kicked sand into my face. I gasped as it sprayed over my features. It clung to my lips and got in my mouth. But worse, it was in my eyes.

“Gods damn!” I gasped, blinking. My eyes hurt. My vision blurred. I couldn't see anything. Anger surged through me. He cheated—

His sword slammed into my chest. Pain burst across where he hit me. I gasped and fell back on the sand. I wheezed for air while I rubbed the sand out of my eyes. Tears spilled down my cheeks as I blinked out the last of the grip.

“What was that?” I demanded. “You have to cheat?”

“No rules in the arena,” said the guard.

“He's right, Master,” said Princess Naryu. “Kicking sand in your face is a part of it.”

“Damn,” I groaned.

“You need to do better,” said Pyrriah. “If Korvan had taken you seriously from the start, he would have defeated you before then.”

“What?” I muttered, standing up.

“You need encouragement.” Pyrriah cupped her head over my ear and whispered.



Kurtis stared at our sister in shock. His jaw dropped. I had never seen him looked so stunned before. I squirmed, curiosity brimming inside of me. I glanced at my sister as she marched off the sand. She rejoined me.

“What did you whisper?” I asked her. “Please, please tell me.”

“That he would get no pussy from any of us if he can't beat Korvan.”

I burst into wicked giggles. “That's so mean.”

She shrugged. “He wants to do this idiocy. I won't let him get himself killed, so I have to do what I can to keep him alive.”

“What about the sex slaves?”

“I'll stop them,” Pyrriah promised.

I believed her. There was something serious in Pyrriah that had never been in her. This iron in her eyes and her spine. This fight was bringing some part of her that had long been buried in her. It made her so different from me. I couldn't fight. I couldn't march into the arena.

I couldn't defy our brother the way she did.

What made her different from me? Was it our mothers? That had to be it. Even though we looked identical, save for our hair color, we had different mothers. That had to affect us. It was easy to think that the three of us were triplets, but I was really their half-sister.

Pyrriah's arm went around my waist. She pulled me to her as if she could sense the pain I was feeling. I leaned my head against her shoulder and smiled. I was so comforted by her touch. Her hand slid up and down my side. She found my breast, kneaded it.

My pussy grew wet.

“That's really, really not fair,” muttered our brother. He had the sand out of his eyes and was ready to begin. “I can feel you turning Lasla on.”

“I can have pussy,” Pyrriah said. “You're the one that needs to get better.”

This time, it was clear that Korvan didn't hold out from the start, but our brother was amazing. He danced around the sand. He battered back the swords, flowing. It was almost beautiful. The sun glinted off his muscular chest. He looked so sexy in his armor that only covered his left arm.

My pussy grew hotter. Our brother could sense it, the poor guy. But that was the way life worked sometimes. Woman's pussies got all nice and juicy. What were you going to do about it? My cunt was on fire. Just dripping with such excitement.

I gasped and squealed and cheered my brother on.

Sweat flew from their bodies. Both men were handsome, but my brother was gorgeous. Their blades traded clattering blows. My pussy clenched as I waited to see who would win, Pyrriah massaging my tit the entire time.

It was so naughty of her. I loved it.

I licked my lips, the heat dripping down my thighs. Kurtis swung his weapon a few times then he had disarmed his opponent. I cheered as he tripped the one-eyed fighter and knocked him on his ass. He landed there heavily. He panted, staring up at my brother.

“You did it!”I squealed.

“Yes, I did,” Kurtis said.

“Okay, you won that fight,” Pyrriah said. “You get to enjoy Lasla's pussy. One fuck and then you have to get back to training.”

I squealed in delight and rushed to my brother right there on the sands. Korvan rolled over and up, rubbing his thigh where he had been hit. I didn't care. I just reached my brother and attacked the belt holding up his chainmail kilt.

It fell off of him with a rattle and his big dick sprung out. I groaned at the sight of him. I wanted to suck on him, but he had to get back to his training. I spun around and knelt on the ground where Korvan had lain. I wiggled my rump, pussy cream soaking my black bush.

“Fuck me!” I moaned, so eager to be taken in the bright sunlight while our family and slaves watched us.

“Damn,” he growled and fell to his knees behind me. His cock smacked into my rump. I shivered in delight at the contact of his dick on my flesh.

Then, even better, my sister knelt before me. Pyrriah's drenched red bush appeared before my face as her thighs scissored open. My tongue danced over my lips. I dove my head for her cunt, nuzzling into her wet curls. I kissed at her tangy pussy.

I licked at her. I lapped at her with hunger. My tongue flew over her folds. I loved devouring my sister's cunt. It was the best pussy in the world. Hers and my mother's. I missed my mother and my daughters. I closed my eyes against that longing.

I would see them again.

Kurtis pressed his cock into my bush. He wasted no time finding my dripping cuntlips and thrust. His cock rammed into my pussy. I groaned at the incestuous thrill of being filled by my brother's cock. It was so amazing.

So I thrust my tongue into my sister's juicy snatch. As my brother rammed to the hilt in my cunt, I invaded hers. She moaned, squeezing her thighs around my face and holding my lips to her pussy. I licked at her. Lapped at her.

“Las's big dick,” groaned our brother. He thrust into my cunt. He buried deep and hard into my snatch.

I shuddered, loving that dick slamming into me. It was amazing to experience him filling up my pussy while I licked at our sister's pussy. I devoured Pyrriah's twat with hunger. She groaned, her round boobs jiggling.

“Mmm, that's it,” groaned my brother. He pumped away at my cunt. “Eat eat that pussy.”

“When doesn't Lasla eat pussy?” groaned Pyrriah. “Ooh, she's got her tongue deep in me.”

“Good!” grunted our brother.

My pussy clenched down on his cock. I held him tight as he buried into my snatch again and again. I wiggled my hips around his dick. I trembled, reveling in this pleasure. It was fantastic. The incestuous delight swelled my orgasm. I would have such a big one. Just a mighty explosion of cum.

My cunt clenched about him, increasing that friction. I reveled in the heat swelling in me. I would have such a bit explosion of bliss. Just a huge burst of ecstasy that would sweep through me. It was fantastic. I shuddered, building towards that orgasmic moment.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned into my sister's pussy.

I flicked my tongue up to her clit. I suckled on her bud. She gasped, humping her snatch into my mouth. She smeared her hot flesh against my hungry lips. Her clit slipped from my lips, but I found it and latched back on.

She groaned, “Lasla!”

“Mmm, make her cum!” growled Kurtis as he pounded my cunt, his balls smacking into my bush. He drove into me hard and fast. He buried into me again and again. It was so awesome to feel him ramming into me. He buried into my cunt with such power.

“Oh, god, yes!” I groaned, clenching about him. “That's it. That's so good. I'm going to explode!”

I suckled hard on my sister's cunt.

She squeezed her thighs around my face. She held me tight. I loved it. I nursed on her with hunger. My tongue danced around her nubs. It was great. I shuddered, my pussy squeezing so tight around my brother's dick. It was awesome. Amazing.

He buried into me again and again. I loved every moment of it. I savored every last second of Kurtis's big dick burying into me. He stirred me up with all his virile passion. I squeezed my eyes shut, the pressure building and building in me.

Pyrriah bucked. Tangy juices gushed into my mouth.

I licked up my sister's flood. I lapped up all that wonderful spunk that gushed into my mouth. My body quivered. I groaned, the heat rushing through me. I shuddered, my pussy clenching on my brother's cock. This heat rippled through m snatch.

I came.

I lapped at my sister's snatch as the pleasure rushed through my body. My cunt spasmed around Kurtis's cock. I squealed as I licked up Pyrriah's cream. The pleasure burst out of me and swept through my body.

“Oh, my god, yes!” I moaned. “Cum in me, Kurtis!”

“Cum in our sister!” Pyrriah gasped, her body quivering, her tits jiggling.

“Yes!” growled Kurtis, his cock driving to the hilt in my convulsing cunt. “Gods damn!”

His spunk fired into my pussy. He pumped my snatch full of his spunk. I groaned, my twat rippling and writhing around his dick. The pleasure flowed over my mind. I drowned on the pleasure as his cum basted my twat. It was amazing.

I lapped up Pyrriah's yummy cream as Kurtis's spilled the last of his spunk into my pussy. I quivered there, my orgasm reaching the wonderful heights of ecstasy. I shuddered as I sank into bliss.

“Damn,” Kurtis said. “I guess... I guess I need to get back to training. That way I can earn some more pussy, eh, Pyrriah?”

“Oh, yes,” she said. “As soon as you defeat Korvan and two of his guards without getting hurt, you'll get more pussy, brother.”

“What?” he gasped. “Three?”

“You want to win the Trial of Steel or not,” Pyrriah said. “I am not letting you go out there unless you're good enough. So, three men. Then you'll get pussy. I mean it, Kurtis. You need motivation. It's the only thing that will work with you.”

“Illth's poxed cum,” he muttered. “Three? I can't beat three.”

“Sure you can,” purred Pyrriah. “Because you'll get some delicious and wonderful pussy if you do. How does that sound?”

“Damn,” he groaned. “Gods damn, okay. Let's do this!”



I put on my chainmail kilt and then picked up my practice tulwar. This time, Korvan came at me with two of his other guards on me. I glanced over at my women. Lasla was still looking happy from her orgasm while Pyrriah had this iron-hard gleam in her eyes.

Damn, she was truly serious. Three of them, huh. Well, I would just have to get it done. Nothing else to do about it. I rolled my shoulders and faced the men as they came at me. They spread out and then they were encircling me.

What did I do about that?

They growled and charged in at me. I blocked Korvan's swing and then dodged Shak's hard swing. I danced to the right, barely avoiding Thov's swipe. They were around me. Swinging at me from every side.

I twisted. Parried. I struggled to think.


Korvan hit me across the back. I stumbled forward, grunting. I stretched out my back.

“Again,” Pyrriah called.

The three went back into position. I rolled my shoulders. They rushed at me. I had to remember to use my armor. Parry with my left side. And I couldn't let them get around me. How to do that? I kicked sand at Thov. He raised a warding arm. The other two swept in.

“Gods damn!” I cursed and darted back. The swords slashed the air before me. I blocked Korvan's sword with my bracer. And swung to deal him a finishing blow only for Shak's blade to flash in under my swinging arm and hit me in the side.

I grunted.

“Again!” barked Pyrriah.

They rushed at me. I swung at Shak. He blocked. Then I pivoted and slashed a hard blow at Korvan. He took it on his armored arm and kicked at me. I jumped back and ran right into Thov's sword, the blunted end slamming into my kidney.

Pain flared.


It was impossible to keep my eye on all three of them. As I attacked one, the other two were hitting my blind spots.


I ached as I launched into a hard attack. I had to kill one of them to even the odds. Thov blocked the first three hits as the other two rushed in to attack. I cursed and caught Shak's blow on my sword and raised my bracer-clad left arm to block Korvan's.

Thov's thrust hit my chest.


They swarmed me.


They came at me from every side.


I did everything I could.


Tried different tactics.


I needed to get some pussy. It had been two hours. I was sore everywhere, sweat dripping down my face and stinging my eyes. I had to beat them. I just had to.


I didn't want to go all night without getting any cunt.


But they were too good. Too fast. I just couldn't kill one of them. And I had to. Pyrriah was right. I had to be better. Tharaka was the champion and her brother was a troll. If I wanted to win, I had to be better.




It had been a long, long week. A week of not being fucked by Kurtis.

The entire harem was horny. We were all clawing at the sheets, waiting for Kurtis to beat the three. We begged to Pyrriah to just let us fuck him, but she said no every time, glaring at us with that fire that burned in her.

My pussy ached. Dildos just weren't enough. No matter how many times Pyrriah or Mother Azuliana or Princess Naryu or Nephi fucked me with a vibrating strap-on, it just wasn't enough. My pussy craved my brother's cock. His cum. I was a daughter of Las.

Not being fucked by my brother for this long was torture.

I whimpered as I watched him fight. He had gotten better. It took him three days to defeat one of them. And then he couldn't repeat that success for two more days. Now he was skilled at taking one out, but he always left himself open.

He had come close yesterday, getting down to just Korvan, but finishing off Thov had given Korvan the opening to take Kurtis out moments later. Still, he was getting so much better. His body growing stronger and stronger.

“It's not natural,” muttered Thov the other day. He didn't know I was listening. “He's putting on muscle fast. And he's recovering from the blows without any healing magic.”

Just proof that my brother was a demigod.

It was the eighth day of his training. He had gone seven nights without sleeping with us. Seven nights without sliding into my pussy or Pyrriah's. Not even his mother or another sex slave. I shuddered, needing him to win.

“Kurtis!” I cheered, bouncing up and down as the fifth bout of the day commenced.

“You can do it,” moaned Mother Azuliana. She rubbed at her pussy through the slit in her chastity belt.

“Master! Master!” moaned Princess Naryu. “Please, please, win. Please!”

Even Nephi looked to be at her breaking point. Only Pyrriah stood with her arms fold, her eyes boring in on the fight. Kurtis rushed in to attack the right flank, Shak this time. He had found the most success with that function.

My pussy clenched as he knocked aside Shak's sword and smacked into his guts. Then Kurtis whirled and parried Korvan's blow with a clash of their wooden swords. A moment later, he blocked Thov's attack with his armored arm. His foot lashed out, kicking Korvan in the knee. He gasped and fell. Kurtis grabbed Thov's sword arm and pushed him back.

His tulwar took Thov in the guts.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned with feverish heat. Kurtis whirled as Korvan gained his feet.

One on one. He could do this. My cunt clenched with every clatter of their swords. Three quick exchanges and then Kurtis slammed his blade into Korvan's stomach. My brother stepped into a guard stance and...


“YES!” squealed from all his women. Then we were rushing him.



My women swarmed me.

Pyrriah was at their lead, Lasla at her side. My dragon-mother, Nephi, and Princess Naryu were all scrambling to get my dick while Princess Lavhi quivered as she lay on her side, lost to the bliss of the vibrator humming away in her.

“Brother!” Pyrriah moaned and then threw herself at me. Her legs went around my waist. The force of her impact threw me back. I stumbled and fell to the ground, landing on the sun-warmed sand. Her tongue thrust into my mouth while her hands...

Her hands off my belt and then shoved down my chainmail skirt. She fished my cock out and stroked me. I shuddered as she pressed me right against her pussy and then she slammed down my cock.


Wonderful, glorious, amazing, tight, incestuous pussy. I groaned as her snatch engulfed me in a moment. My dick throbbed in her cunt. It had been a week—a week!—without this rapturous sheath squeezing about my cock.

She broke the kiss and rose, her breasts bouncing before her. She flexed her toned thighs, her boobs heaving up and down. She moaned as she savored me. Then Lasla was sitting on my face, dropping her black-furred muff to my lips.

“If I can't have your cock, I'll have your mouth!” she squealed.

“Fine by me,” I moaned, tasting pussy for the first time in so many days.

Spicy, succulent, sisterly pussy.

I licked and lapped at her cunt as Pyrriah worked her pussy up and down my dick. She rode me with such feverish passion. I groaned, savoring the feel of her cunt working up and down my dick. It was incredible to enjoy.

I gasped, my eyes squeezing shut. This pleasure rushed through me. it was amazing to enjoy. I love every moment of it. I savored every last second of her plunging her cunt down my dick, massaging my shaft. I groaned into Lasla's spicy twat, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Gods,” I moaned and thrust my tongue into my sister's twat.

Lasla gasped as I swirled around in her. I could feel their feverish heat. They weren't the only ones denied rapture for the last seven days. Yes, they had each other, but it was my cock that they truly craved. My sisters needed my dick.

And I needed their pussies.

I swirled my tongue around in Lasla's cunt, drinking her cream that trickled into my mouth. My dick throbbed as Pyrriah rode me fast, her pussy clenching down as she slid up. She held me in her tight grip. It was amazing. Wonderful. I loved every second of it.

She stirred her cunt around my cock, rotating her hips. I groaned, my balls tightening. The ache built and built at the tip of my dick. I would have such a huge explosion of cum. I would just baste her twat with my spunk.

“Yes, yes, yes,” moaned Lasla. “That's so good. Gods, I'm going to gush so much cream.”

“Mmm, flood his mouth!” panted Pyrriah. “Drown our brother in pussy cream. Just gush all those cunt juices into his mouth.”

“Yes!” I growled.

I fluttered my tongue through her folds, brushing her clit, feeling her pleasure swell. My dick throbbed as my other sister rode me. My twin worked her cunt up and down my dick with such force. Her pussy squeezed about me. It was amazing to feel. I groaned, hurtling towards that moment when I would explode.

My balls ached. Relief was at hand.

Lasla ground her furred muff on my face, her butt-cheeks clenching before my eyes. I groaned, stroking her thighs as my tongue stroked through her hot flesh. Pyrriah slammed her cunt down my cock, her pussy swallowing every inch of it.

“Gods,” I groaned, so close.

My tongue thrust into Lasla's cunt, stirring around in her while my dick throbbed in Pyrriah's pussy. Both my sister's orgasms were swelling to their release. They would cum at the same moment if I timed it right. As Pyrriah slammed down my cock, I sucked Lasla's clit into my mouth.

They exploded.

Pussy cream gushed into my mouth. I drank down Lasla's wonderful flood. I swallowed my sister's passion while my twin's cunt writhed around my dick. She sucked at me in that wonderful way. Pussy was amazing. Outstanding.

“LAS'S MIGHTY COCK!” I roared and exploded.

I came and came and came.

Cum fired from my dick. Spurt after spurt of jizz flooded out of me. I growled as I finally had that release. The ache in my balls relieved as I basted my sister's snatch. I pumped load after load of cum into her. I savored every moment. My body shuddered. I spasmed on the ground.

“Oh, Gods, yes,” moaned Pyrriah. “Flood me. Pump all that cum into my cunt! Yes, yes!”

“Las's big dick!” Lasla moaned. “Oh, Kurtis, just having my pussy eaten was amazing. I love you!”

“Love you!” gasped my other sister.

I growled, drinking pussy cream cumming over and over again. The pleasure slammed into my mind. Sparks burst across my thoughts. I groaned, savoring every moment of this bliss. Every last second of this rapturous flood. It was incredible to enjoy. An amazing delight. I savored every second of it.

I fired so much jizz into my sister. I basted her twat with every drop of cum I had in my balls. I groaned, drinking Lasla's spicy delight while wondering if my balls would ever run dry. I groaned and shuddered, hitting the peak of my ecstasy.

“Gods, yes!” I groaned, her pussy finally draining me dry.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Lasla moaned. “Oh, that's so good. My turn.”

“No!” Pyrriah gasped. “He beat three men at the same time only once. He gets no pussy until he beats them ten times in a row without getting any.”

“What?” I gasped,.

“Again!” she moaned. “You're going to do it.



Two days later, my brother achieved the delight of pussy again. It was then that I knew we had a chance. There were no guarantees, but at least he wasn't helpless. Being denied pussy had motivated him like nothing else could.

I would see my brother protected no matter the cost. It was my destiny. That need to fight at his side burned in me.



All my practicing had come down to this moment. The match.

I stood in the antechamber, the stairs leading up to the arena before me. Lasla was making the final checks on my armor. My sister had a nervous look on her face, her black hair swaying about her pale features. I wore a chainmail kilt that went down to my knees and a pauldron on my left shoulder. Plates of armor went down that arm, giving me protection. My chest was bare and oiled. I had even more muscles than on the island. I had spent the last two weeks practicing, barely getting any pussy until the last few days.

I was as skilled as Pyrriah could make me.

My sister wore something similar to me, her red hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had a band of chainmail around her tits and her skirt was shorter than mine, barely covering her rump. She had the same shoulder and left arm protection, leaving her sword arm free to swing her tulwar.

“It's time,” Princess Naryu purred. She knelt before the stairs, naked, her dark-brown skin covered in the same oil as Pyrriah and me. Beside her, Princess Lavhi lay bound and gagged, vibrators in her pussy and asshole giving her the fix she craved.

“Good luck,” Lasla moaned. “May our father's lusts protect you.” Her blue eyes still brimmed with doubt. “I love you both!”

Lasla threw her arms around Pyrriah and me, pulling us into a three-way, incestuous kiss. My two sister's lips were on mine. The shouts of the crowd dwindled before this wonderful sensation. I closed my eyes, loving my women.

I would prevail. I had to believe that. I had to have as much confidence as when I rammed my cock into Queen Athirmi's cunt. I could do this. My sister had trained me. She was the best there was. Nothing would stop me from succeeding.


I broke the kiss, and my dragon mother was there. She had her collar and chastity belt on, preventing her from turning into a dragon. I would not allow myself to have her swoop in to save me. I had to do this myself.

I cupped her face and stared into her blue eyes.

“I understand why you're doing this, Master,” she said. “You will win. Take the orc. She's female. You'll overpower her one way or the other.”

I nodded and kissed my mother. Her lips tasted so sweet. I groaned as I savored the kiss. Then I broke away from her and turned to Nephi. My sphinx purred as she licked my lips, her tongue grazing the tip of my nose.

“Kick the skank's ass, Master,” she moaned. “You tamed me. What orc can compare to a sphinx.”

“So true.”

“She's right,” Princess Naryu said. “Look at what you did to my cousin, Master. But you must go. If you spend more time down here, it'll be a forfeit.”

I nodded and drew in a deep breath. Then I took my twin sister's hand. As I felt the warmth of her grip, everything felt so right. In control. It was like she was born to fight at my side. That was why she had her powers.

Together, we marched up the stone stairs and out into the coliseum.

The sound was deafening. The roars of the Naithans surged around us. Mostly humans filled the stands, the poorer the citizens, the higher they sat. The rakshasas were in the royal box. Queen Athirmi watched with her cadre of strange slaves. It looked like her lamia was between her thighs while her twins knelt to lick at her feet.

The queen knew how to oversee the fun.

The arena was an oval of sand. At the far end, Tharaka and her troll brother appeared. The father of the troll had raped Tharaka's mother. Had the woman survived bearing a troll. They were some of the most brutish of the races spawned by my father.

Trolls and ogres were vile creatures. Women shouldn't be brutalized by monsters. They should be loved and given pleasures. Their bodies mastered until they quivered in jelly and begged to be fucked and bred.

“Don't think about sex,” Pyrriah said. “We'll be fighting for our lives.”

“I always think about sex,” I told her.

“I know.” She shifted. “Lasla and I can feel it. Makes us think about sex.”

“Just picture how hard I'm going to fuck you once we win.”

“We haven't won yet,” she said. “Don't get cocky, Kurtis.”

We stopped a third of the way into the arena. Tharaka and Solja did the same. She wore armor similar to mine, though hers had gold filigree that caught the sunlight reflecting over it. She drew a heavy sword, not the slender tulwar that I held. Solja wore nothing but a loincloth, not even chain. He stood tall, his woody body full of craggy shadows. He grinned, holding a ram-dao in one hand. It was a cleaver-like blade, heavy and supposed to be wielded in two hands. He could cut a horse in half with that.

The queen rose, her head that of a tiger. The lamia kept licking at her pussy, her purple robes, trimmed in gold, falling over the catgirl's head. Athirmi surveyed us. I tensed, waiting for the order to fight to be given. My heart pounded faster and faster.

“Two new challengers have come to defeat my champions,” roared the queen. I could feel the pleasure building and building in her as the lamia licked at that royal cunt. “They have come far to our city seeking to win my favor. Kurtis of Coral Isle and his sister, Pyrriah Firehair!”

Some cheers erupted, but there were more boos.

“Tharaka and her brother have never been defeated in the arenas,” Queen Athirmi cried. “Can Kurtis and his sister overcome the Trial of Steel?”

The crowd roared, “NOOOOOOOOO!”

I grinned, tensing, preparing. Pyrriah's red hair already flickered with her fiery countenance. How did she have that? Did it come from our mother? Though most dragons breathed fire, Mother breathed steam. One of her hermaphrodite mothers had been a naiad.

I had to focus.

“May the most cunning and vicious win!” roared the queen.

Tharaka and her brother sprang at us, the orc's tits heaving in her chainmail top. It was two triangles of metal held on by leather straps that covered her large, green tits. Her thick, black hair swept behind her. Sunlit glinted on the bone piercings adorning her ears and face. She growled, raising her heavy sword over her head.

I darted in and swung my tulwar in a whipping strike at her. She slid to a stop and blocked with her sword. Our weapons clanged. Sandy dust rose around our feet. She grinned at me and fell into a guard stance. I matched her, my feet planted just as Pyrriah had taught me.

Tharaka attacked, a flicking blow to cut my throat. I parried and riposte, forcing her to retreat and slap my blade to the side. Solja lumbered by me to fight my sister as my slender tulwar whipped through the air in a blur of silver.

Confidence swelled in me as Tharaka retreated. Her dark eyes narrowing. I pressed the attack as she blocked and parried. I drove her back step by step. Sparks flared every time our weapons clashed. The impacts shook up the blade.

I slashed.



This was going way better than I thought. I was dominating her. It wouldn't be long before I had her at my mercy. Her eyes focused hard, watching my blade as I sliced for her chest. She parried it, retreated a step and...

She was studying me. She was paying attention to my attacks. I didn't have her on the defensive like I thought. She was scrutinizing me. Looking for a weakness in my technique. An opening she could exploit.

I slashed in and her sword blurred, battering my blade aside and then lunging for my throat.



I dove to the side.

The troll's ram-dao slammed into the sands where I stood. I came up and whirled. He swung that cleaver blade right for my head, already recovered from his hard attack. I ducked it. Wind whipped over me from its passage.

He was immensely strong. To wield that blade one-handed was a threat. It gave him more dexterity than wielding it with two. And the reach of his longer weapon and his greater height would make it hard for me to close the distance and hurt him.

Worse, he swung his weapon fast.

It was counterintuitive, but the longer a weapon was, the faster its tip traveled. The length lets it slice over more surface area. I was no scholar—I didn't understand the math—but I just knew the reality of what I faced.

The knowledge burned in me.

I had to be faster. Smarter.

He swung his weapon. The tip of his blade blurred as it swept across the battlefield. He recovered fast from such brutal swings. I couldn't close the distance enough to get in an attack before I would be vulnerable to his next slash.

I had to disrupt his form. Had to create a distraction.

I began using my weapon to deflect. I couldn't block the powerful sword, it would slash through my tulwar and cut me in half, but I could knock it to the side. Make it miss me. I studied him, looking for weaknesses in his technique.

“Going to dance?” he asked. “Or fight?”

“You should know that every girl loves to dance,” I purred and flicked his sword to the side then darted to the right, my ponytail flying behind me.

“We'll see how you dance when my cock is ramming into your ass!”

“Only one man gets to enjoy my ass,” she said. “A better man than you.”

“But not a bigger man!” he roared and swung his weapon at me.

I found my opening.

As he swung, I kicked sand into his face. The dusty grains splashed across his gnarled features. He cursed and stumbled back. I darted in to slash open his belly. My sword swung in a blurring arc for his guts.

His foot kicked out even faster.

I didn't even see it until the last heartbeat. His toe struck my solar plexus. The air exploded for my lungs as the force threw me back. I flew a dozen feet and landed on the sand with a groaning impact. I coughed and wheezed.

He rushed at me.



I winced for Pyrriah. Then I gasped in fear as the troll rushed at her.

I turned to my step-mother. “I have to release you!”

“No!” Her voice was iron. “Only Kurtis can. My daughter has talents that she has yet to even unveil. You'll see.”

I bit my lip and turned to see the troll raising his weapon to cut my sister in half. She had to unveil them now.



Tharaka attacked with skill, but I was blocking. Parrying. It was no longer that one-sided battle. We danced around each other on the sands, kicking up the dust as we moved around each other. Our blades clattered and clanged.

She got beneath my guard, cutting for my side.

I raised my left wrist and blocked it with my bracer. The metal rang, the steel band knocking back her sword. I thrust at her. She jumped back and slashed at the air before us. I breathed heavily, more than just oil gleaming on my skin now. Sweat poured down my brown from my hair.

She kicked sand up at my face. I spun around to let it spray over my back and slashed in at her, barreling in. She caught my blade in a block, our weapons binding. We were pushing on each other. She had a gorgeous figure. Tall and strong. The muscles rippled in her arms and lush thighs.

But I had grown strong, too.

“Las's cock!” I growled and threw her back.

She stumbled from me. I kicked out my foot and hooked the back of her ankle. She growled something in orcish as she fell on her back. Her boobs heaved in her chainmail top. I darted in and planted my boot on her right wrist, pinning her sword arm to the sand. I thrust my sword at her throat.

“Yield!” I growled.

She grinned at me.

I pushed the point of my throat against her throat. “Yield, or I will—”


Her roar thundered from her. Every muscle in her body bulged, even the ones in her face. Her arm flexed beneath my boot and threw me back. I hit the ground hard, dusty sand bursting around me. I rolled and scrambled to my feet.

Her eyes had a red, murderous glint to them. She snarled like a beast, foam flecking on her lips. I knew what this was. I had heard all the stories of my hero Thrak.

She was a berserker!



The sword slammed down at me.

My hair burned bright. I rolled to the side and kicked up. The sword slammed past me and hit the ground. I thrust my blade into his stomach. It penetrated through the woody flesh. I stared up at him and twisted the weapon in his guts.

“You won't beat me with that puny thing,” Solja growled, his breath spilling hot over me. “I won't allow you to take away my chance for vengeance.”

“Vengeance?” I asked. I cut my blade up. “Sorry, but you're already dead.” I ripped my sword free and expected to see his guts spill out.

Instead, his wounds healed. Regenerated.

“I'll win,” he said.

I swallowed as I stared at that. Regeneration?

I groaned. Of course, he was a troll. This was bad. I struggled to pay for time. “Why are you telling me this? Trying to weaken my resolve. Get me to surrender so you can have your vengeance?”

He laughed and headed butted me.

The blow slammed me back down. Light flashed across my vision. I hid the ground hard on my back, groaning from the blow. He kicked me, sending me tumbling. I groaned as I lay there on the ground. He advanced on me.

“My vengeance against the naga won't be stopped by you!” roared the troll.

His sword slammed down at me.



Before I could thrust my sword into Tharaka's gullet, she battered it aside. Her hands shot up and grabbed my shoulders. Her head slammed into mine. Stars burst across my vision. I stumbled back and crashed onto my ass, my chainmail kilt rustling around my lefts.

“Gods,” I breathed, my head throbbing. Fuzzy ripples ran over my mind.

The orc bellowed and gained her feet. The berserker loomed over me, the sun falling behind her head, casting her maddened rages into fierce shadows. I cursed and thrust my sword right for her unarmored guts.

She grabbed my blade with her left hand. Her fingers squeezed about it, blood welling between her digits. Then she yanked hard on my weapon. I gasped, gripping it with all my strength. She hauled me to my feet as I struggled to hold onto it. She marched back, dragging me across the sand.

My hand slipped.

She ripped the sword from my grasp and threw it to the side. Then she lunged in at me, foam flexing on her lips. I dodged her first punch, backpedaling. My body remembered hot to move even as my mind grappled with what to do.

How did Faoril tame Thrak when he raged? Sex. That was the only way to stop a berserk orc. You had to make them cum. I threw out my lust into her as she rushed in at me, her hair streaming behind her.

“Gods, I am going to fuck you—”

Her fist slammed into my stomach. The air whooshed from my lungs and exploded out of my lips. I bent over. Her elbow slammed into the back of my head, driving me to my knees. I wheezed, struggling to breathe.

I had to flood her with—

Her knee slammed into my forehead. My head snapped back, pain bursting in my neck. I groaned, dust rising around me. The crowd roared with excitement as I realized I lay sprawled on the sands. The orc fell on me.

Murder and fury brimmed in her dark eyes as she drew back her fist to pummel my head into gelatin.

Had I made a mistake?

To be continued...

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