Honey for sale part 2

Honey for sale part 2

Honey for sale 2

I was holding the check out to Jeb, but he wasn’t reaching to take it and I began to worry that he might back out of the deal.

Jeb scratched his balls and sniffed his fingers; the odor must have met with his approval because he looked at me, rolled the match stick in his mouth to the other side and said. “I got a couple stip-a-lations ta add ta this’en greement.” He said trying to sound all lawyer like.

“What kind of stipulations?” I eyed him suspiciously.

“Well,” he paused, “you gonna be taking my young’en and I be gonna wan’ta see her least once a munth, cause I gonna miss her so much. Yer kin fetch her back here or’in yer kin pay fer the Trailways bus ta take me ta yer place.”

I figured that I only lived about an hour away and his request was a reasonable one but I wasn’t stupid enough to believe that he was requesting these meetings out of love for his daughter, more likely than not he would be missing his regular pussy and blow jobs. I’m not sure how much resistance Sugar would give him regarding her making up for the loss of Honey’s duties but I would bet Sugar wasn’t going to give it up easily.

“So you want me to bring Honey back home every month so you can fuck her.” I stated.

He looked at me with a startled expression, then he let a sly smile slide across his face and chewed on the match stick, then he said “Yep.”

I smiled back at him and told him, ”I don’t have a problem with that. What else?”

“You gotta git me n’ her one O them fancy shell phones so’in she can call n’ talk ta her sister n’ me.”

“OK, but I’m not sure that you can get reception out here.” I took my iphone out of my pocket and was surprised to see that it had three bars. “anything else?”

“Nope,” and he snatched the check out of my hand.

Sugar was crying and hugging her sister. It was clear that there was a close bond between the two girls. Honey seemed to accept her fate with the same resignation as she showed at having to fuck a stranger. It was what her dad told her to do so she was going to do it.

Honey had dressed in a pair of thread bare blue jean cut-offs that were so tight that the seam between her legs deeply divided her cunt neatly in half. She also had on a black Grateful Dead “T” shirt and a pair of raggedy old flip flops. Sugar handed Honey a paper bag with what I assumed were the young girl’s worldly possessions.

“OK, its Monday,” I said to the lanky man. “So I’ll get your cell phone to you before the weekend.”

Jeb loaded the big yellow dog into the back of my car and slammed the hatch. The share cropper had put a thin rope around the dog’s neck as a makeshift leash. The mutt had no collar.

“What’s his name?” I asked the weathered man.

“Boner,” he responded with a grin. “Kinda fits doan it?”

Everyone said their tearful goodbyes and Jeb gave me directions out of there. Honey crawled up into the Grand Cherokee and ran her hand with wonder over the leather seats as I put the black Jeep in gear slowly proceeded away from the only home she had ever known. She turned, knelt backwards in her seat and waved at the two figures perched on the rickety old porch.

When we reached the paved road I showed her how to buckle her seat belt. She had been tugging the seam in her shorts in a futile attempt to get some relief from the material cutting into her pussy.

“Are those shorts hurting you?” I asked her as she wiggled in her seat.

She looked up at me with those big green eyes and nodded.

“If you want you can take them off so you can be more comfortable.”

She smiled at me, unbuckled her seat belt, quickly stripped the denim rag off of her body and began rubbing her hairless little pussy where the cloth had cut an angry red path through her cunny.

I could not keep my eyes off that precious little pussy and my cock began to get uncomfortably tight in my pants, so I reached into the rear seat grabbed a towel that I kept in the car to wipe my hands with on the rare occasion that I had to inspect some farmer’s equipment and I told her she could cover up with it.

She smiled up at me again and said, ”I don’t mind sittin naked, besides it’s much better’n them shorts.” Just then I realized that was the first time that she had spoken directly to me.

“I’m sure that it does feel better, but your cute little body is causing ME discomfort now.”

She grinned, unbuckled her seat belt, scooted over beside me and wrapped her tiny hand around my dick through my pants then said, “I can fix that for you,” and reached for my zipper.

“Whoa, young lady.” I said a little too abruptly. “It’s not safe to do that kind of stuff while I’m driving. You scoot back over there, buckle your seat belt. And drape that towel over that tasty little pussy so I can get us home in one piece.”

She snatched her hand away from my cock as if it were on fire, quickly moved back to her place and fumbled with her seat belt. I could see her lower lip quiver and a tear trickle down her cheek.

“Hey,” I said as I reached over and lovingly wiped the tear from her cheek. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to snap at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. You just didn’t know that we shouldn’t play while I am driving. OK?”

She looked over at me and nodded. Another tear escaped from the corner of her eye and she leaned against the door and fell silent.

I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed Boner in the back calmly watching the scenery fly by.

I turned my attention back to the road; my thoughts went to my wife and what her reaction would be to me bringing a nine year old ‘whore’ and her ‘fucking’ dog home with me. I actually wasn’t too worried about the girl; I was more worried about the dog. Beth does not like dogs. Never has. She has never told me why, but she has refused to let me get one for the farm. As far as the girl was concerned’ I felt that since we had been talking about the possibly of adopting a child some day, that she would welcome Honey with open arms. Although I wasn’t too sure about how she would take the ‘whore’ part.

Beth and I are, for lack of a better word ‘swingers’. I do a little fucking around with Beth’s knowledge, but it is she, that is the real slut in the family. She has my permission to spread her legs whenever the whim strikes her and she exercises that option frequently. Occasionally we gather anywhere between five and twenty men to gangbang her into a sexual stupor.

So I felt that I had every reason to believe that my wife would embrace Honey as a fellow slut and maybe even as a temporary daughter. At least I was hoping that would be the case. The reality was that I was flying by the hair on my balls and was probably fucking up big time, but since I have already stepped in this bucket of shit I may as well track it all over my marriage and hope for the best.

I was weighing my options as to whether I should call my wife or not. I finally decided that I should at least give her some idea of what to expect when we got home.

“Hello dear,”

(Me listening to Beth)

“Yes, I am about thirty minutes from home but I have to make a stop on the way.”


“Ok, but I have something to tell you.” I continued.


“Well, I’m bringing someone home with me.”


“It’s someone that I think you will like very much, but I would like you to just greet her and…….”


Yes, it’s a her. Look I don’t want to get into it on the phone. Just go with me on this. When we get there let’s make her comfortable and get her settled in one of the guest rooms and we can talk about it later.


Sweet heart, just trust me on this. Let’s welcome her and when she goes to sleep I will explain everything. Yes, thank you. I love you too. See you soon. Oh yea,” I quickly added. “Watch your language, OK?”


Ok, ok, take it easy, no, I wasn’t criticizing; I just wanted to prepare you. I love you too. Yes, bye.”

My wife has a gutter mouth. Beth’s vocabulary consists of mostly four letter words and I did not want to shock Honey with Beth’s language. I truthfully doubted that Honey could or would be shocked by any language, but I wanted to be careful just the same

We drove south into Ray City. Ray City, Ga is a fairly small comunity that is just north of Moody Air force base, which is just north of Valdosta. As we passed the city limits sign I spied a Wal-Mart and pulled in.

I instructed Honey to stay in the car while I went in and got her something to wear. I took the cut-offs with me to judge what size not to get and blew her a kiss. She smiled shyly at me and scrunched down in her seat.

Boner barked twice letting me know he wanted out.

I quickly picked out a pale blue pleated skirt with butterflies on it that I thought would fit and a three pack of panties. As I headed to checkout I passed the pet supplies isle and grabbed a small bag of dog food for Boner, paid for the items and rushed back to the car.

When I got back into the Cherokee I set the dog food on the floor behind her seat and handed her the blue and white plastic bag and told her to get dressed.

She pulled the pack of panties out of the bag and looked at me with wide eyes. “For me?” she said excitedly.

“Of course, how many other pretty young ladies do you see sitting in this car?

She quickly tore open the plastic package and caressed the silky garments with her fingers and then she pressed them to her cheek and giggled.

“There sooo soft.” She said in wonder.

“Well,” I said with anticipation in my voice. “Put them on and see if they fit.”

She kicked off the towel and shimmied into the white panties.

“Oh, they feel so good.” She said running her small fingers over the material. “Their perfect.”

“Now the skirt.” I offered as I pulled it from the bag.

She took it from me and slid the blue skirt up her legs, the elastic waist band hugged her small hips and she looked as if she wanted to stand up in the car and model her new clothes but there wasn’t enough room.

I had done well with the sizes and Honey seemed happy. She still could not get over the panties and her skirt was around her waist the rest of the way home as she admired them. Needless to say my cock was rock hard by the time we arrived.

We parked the Cherokee in the barn and got out. I popped the rear door and Boner shot out of the car before I could grab the rope. I need not have worried because the yellow mutt stopped just outside of the vehicle and relieved his bladder. I picked up the rope and waited for him to finish. Honey came up and stood next to me as her eyes roamed in wonder through the open barn doors at our huge house.

I am in insurance and have done very well for myself in the past few years. Bethany and I just built this house last year. It was way more than we needed, but we have begun to “entertain” and decided that for now we would splurge and see how this farm worked out.

We weren’t hurting for money. Last time I checked we were worth about six million and had very little debt. Even though I was still in my mid-thirties, I actually no longer needed to work, but I built this business from nothing and now it is an integral part of me. I have turned the day-to-day operations of the business over to a wonderfully capable woman, my sister. I personally only handle the exclusive accounts and the political smoozing that I have come to enjoy so much.

I am considered a pillar of the Valdosta community as well the state of Georgia and many powerful and important people consider me their friend. I am also lovingly known as a pervert and sexual deviant among those same people. Most of whom have fucked my wife many times.

I tied Boner to a post in the barn and filled a bucket with water and placed it within his reach, but not so close that he could wrap the rope around it and turn it over. I got the dog food out of the car and poured some on the ground because I had nothing to put it in. Boner sniffed the dry pellets and looked back up at me as if to say ‘What the fuck is this stuff?’

I shrugged and told him, “If you get hungry you will eat it.”

Taking Honey’s hand we headed for the house. Beth was standing on the veranda that wrapped around our fourteen room two story colonial home. We walked up the steps and I kissed my wife on the cheek. She looked at me with a thousand questions in her eyes.

I said, “Beth, this is Honey. Honey, this is my wife, Beth.”

“Hello Honey. I am so glad to meet you.” Beth stood bent at the waist and held her hand out to Honey.

Honey took the offered hand and blushed. “I never met such a beautiful lady like you before.”

Beth looked up at me again. I read confusion in her eyes, but she turned back to the nine year old and said. “Thank you Honey, your sweet.

Honey responded, “Yes.”

I laughed and explained to my thoroughly bewildered wife that Honey’s last name is Sweet. Honey Sweet. As the name rolled off of my tongue I thought to myself, ‘that sounds like a stripper’s name.’

Honey piped up and volunteered, “And I have a sister named Sugar”

“Beth, Let’s go inside and get Honey cleaned up, then we can have dinner and get her to bed.” I suggested.

Beth nodded as if in a fog.

“I forgot, I left Honey’s things in the car. Sweetheart, take our guest to the bathroom and get her cleaned up, while I get her things.”

Beth and Honey turned and walked into the house. I returned to the barn and checked on Boner. I apologized to him, letting him know that he would be tied up for the night. He looked at me as though he understood and that he could deal with it. I really think it was just wishful thinking on my part; at least he hadn’t started barking.

I retrieved the paper bag with Honey’s things, picked up the extra panties that she had placed on the seat and slipped them into the bag and headed for the house. As I walked I peeked in the tattered bag and wished I had looked in it earlier. There were two “T” shirts, a thin Green sun dress similar to the one her sister had on back at the shack and a pair of boys’ briefs with several holes in it. But the most telling things were an old pink tooth brush that had been worn about half way down. The bristles were sticking out haphazardly in all directions and it looked as though someone had been using it to scrub auto parts. There was also a plastic comb that had half of its teeth missing.

I found Beth in the kitchen preparing dinner.

As I walked in she hissed through gritted teeth, “What the FUCK is going on here cocksucker?”

Even though I don’t actually suck cocks, when Bethany is angry with me she will often call me that. I dodged her question and asked if Honey was taking a bath. She angrily acknowledged that she was and repeated her demand.

“Look,” I said, “She is a little girl that is staying with us for a while. There isn’t enough time to properly discuss this right this minute, it’s complicated. I promise that as soon as she goes to bed I will explain everything and we can decide what to do, together, tonight, for as long as it takes.”

I could tell she didn’t like my answer but decided to wait until I could explain in detail.

Then Beth turned and said, “You know what that little girl asked me Henry?”

I shook my head no.

“She asked me where the other people were. I asked her what other people and then she said the other people that are living in this hotel. When I told her that this wasn’t a hotel, that it was our house and that the only people that lived here was you and I and do you know what the fuck she said then?”

Again I indicated that I did not.

“Bull shit,”

“Honest dear, I have no idea what she said.” I defended myself.

“No,” Beth uttered irritatedly. “That’s what Honey said, ‘Bull shit’. A nine year old girl, sitting in a tub of soap bubbles, told me candidly that I was full of shit right to my face.”

My wife glared at me with her hands on her hips.

I nodded and told her. “I believe it. You didn’t see where she came from. What if I told you that everything that she owns is in this paper bag? I don’t mean that this is everything that she brought with her, I‘m talking about everything, everywhere, is in this bag. Then I tossed it to her.”

Bethany dumped the contents of the bag on the counter. The toothbrush rolled down the pile of clothes and almost went on the floor but she caught it.

She held it up and inspected it. “Holey motherfucking shit.” Then she rummaged through the other items and discovered the tattered underwear and comb. “Fuck me.” She uttered under her breath.

“Her family is dirt poor. It’s no wonder that she thinks this is a hotel.”

My wife sat heavily down in one of the kitchenette chairs still holding the tooth brush. She gazed up at me and started to speak when Honey walked into the kitchen dripping water naked as eve without fig leafs.

“I didn’t know which towel to use so I thought I had better ask.” The tiny redheaded girl asked meekly.

Beth jumped up and hustled the small girl back to the bathroom, while I got the mop from the pantry and cleaned up the watery foot prints. I was all of a sudden finding it hard to believe that I had fucked that little girl less than four hours ago and I wasn’t feeling too good about it. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like I had made a huge mistake bringing her to my home.

I put the mop away and ran into Beth in the hall way. Her eyes were moist and she looked as if she were about to cry.

She looked up at me and said. “She‘s never used toothpaste Henry only baking soda when she could get it.”

I drew my wife to me and held her tight as she continued, “I had a new toothbrush in the medicine chest.” Bethany whispered into my chest. “That little girl practically danced around the bathroom when I gave it to her. She told me that she would clean it good as new when she finished with it. When I told it was hers to keep you would have thought I had given her a diamond necklace. Then I threw that old pink piece of crap tooth brush in the waste basket. Do you know what she did then Henry?”

I did not answer.

My wife continued her account of the past few minutes. “Honey fished that worthless piece of plastic out of the garbage washed it off and said that she would return it to her sister who had made her to take it with her. They were sharing that raged ass old tooth brush Henry……. What the fuck have you got us into?” My wife of twelve years said as she gazed questioningly into my eyes.

I looked down at her and shrugged. “It seemed like such a good idea at the time.”

My wife sighed and told me she had prepared the blue bedroom for Honey to sleep in. Then she returned to the kitchen to finish dinner.

Honey stepped out of the bathroom still naked but this time she was dry. She was excitedly telling me about the new tooth brush and the bubble bath. It was the second bath that she could remember having that had bubbles. I was barely listening to her excited chatter as I took her hand and led her to her room.

“Shit,” she exclaimed. “This is beautiful. Can I sit on the bed?”

“It’s your bed.” I said. “This is your room. Do whatever you like in here. I would prefer however that you don’t set it on fire or anything.”

“Oh I would never do that.” She said earnestly, as she crawled up on the queen sized bed. “Mmmmm, it is so soft.” She lay back on the frilly bed and moved her arms and legs like she was making a snow angel. “I’ve never fucked on a bed this soft before.” And she spread her legs wide. “Do you want to fuck me now Mr…… I don’t know your name sir.”

“It’s Henry Hastings, and as for the fucking let’s wait awhile before we decide to do that.”

“Ok,” she replied, “but I get pretty horney if I don’t fuck at least once a day. Sometimes when daddy gets drunk and I can’t find the dogs, I have my sister eat my pussy for me cause I get soooo horney.”

Surprised, I asked her. “I thought Sugar didn’t like sex.”

“Oh no, she loves sex. She just don’t want to fuck daddy so she tells him she don’t like it. She says it ain’t right to fuck your kin.

“Well, she eats your pussy and you are kin.” I challenged.

“Eatin pussy ain’t fucking.” She clarified.

I smiled at the simplicity of her reasoning and I told her I would get her things.

When I returned she was still on the bed with her legs spread unabashedly playing with her little pussy. As I tossed the brown bag on her bed she asked me with wonder.

“I get this whole room all by myself?”

“Yes,” I said, “It’s all yours, all by yourself.”

“I ain’t never slept by myself before.” She replied worriedly as she continued to stroke her tiny slit. “Where do you sleep?” She asked.

“I sleep with my wife down the hall.” I clarified. “Get dressed for bed and then come down for dinner.” Then I left her diddeling that beautiful little bald pussy.

I set the table for three and cleaned up what I could as Beth finished dinner. I would have helped with the cooking but I suck at it. I can grill enough to be able to get through a small bar-B-Q but that’s about it. My wife accuses me of being the only person she knows that can burn water.

Honey came into the kitchen; I assume she was ready for bed. She had on a faded yellow Sponge Bob “T” shirt that didn’t come all the way to her navel and a pair of her new panties. For some reason she had the panties pulled up ‘hi-waisted’ so that the crotch was pulled up into her cunt crack and the lips of her pussy were displayed on the outside of the panties.

When Beth saw the preteen boldly standing there, her eyes shot to me. I returned the disturbed look she gave me with a helpless shrug and a shake of my head.

My wife went to Honey and fussed over her, “Here, Let me help you with those. A young lady doesn’t wear her panties that way.” She said as she stuck her fingers in each leg hole and pried the silky material from the girl’s moist pussy.

“But I like them like that.” Honey whined, “They feel good when I pull them up tight.” And she promptly grabbed the material between her legs and snatched it up until her cunt lips popped out of each side.

Wide eyed, Bethany stumbled back and absent mindedly smelled her fingers. When she saw me staring at her with surprise, she turned bright red and rushed to the stove to tend to her cooking.

I took Honey’s hand and lead her through the swinging door that led to the dining room and indicated which seat was hers. Before she climbed into her chair she caressed the valor seat and marveled at its texture. I stood behind her looking at her cute little ass as the panties were also pulled up in her butt crack like a thong. It seemed to me that there was a method to her display.

She looked up at me with those big green eyes and nailed me. “You haven’t told your wife that I am a whore yet have you?”

“Ahhhhh,” I stammered, as I realized what she was doing. “No I haven’t and I would appreciate it if you let me tell her in my own way and in my own time, you little devil.” And I tickled her ribs and she squealed with delight. “Now fix your panties and behave yourself.” I told her smiling at her antics. “And by the way, you are no longer a whore, you might be my little slut but you are not a whore.”

Giggling, she pulled the panties out of her crotch and climbed up into the chair. Sitting there in that big chair she reminded me of Lilly Tomlin on Saturday Night Live many years ago.

“What would you like to drink?” I asked her.

Her smile faded and she looked at me if I were from outer space.

“We have juice, milk, soda and water.”

“We only have water at home.” She told me.

“Well, I probed, “what do you like?”

She shrugged, “A man once bought me a Yoo-hoo after I sucked him off in a gas station bathroom. It was delicious, he didn’t taste bad either. Did you know,” she continued, “that an older man’s cum taste better than younger men’s cum.?”

“No, I didn’t” I replied.

“Well, it does. Don’t ask me why but older guys taste more like pussy and pussy tastes almost as good as Yoo-hoo.”

Beth came in the room and began placing food on the table.

I got four glasses and filled three with ice and water from the fridge. The fourth I filled with milk, added some chocolate syrup and made Honey a Yoo-hoo.

When I set the chocolate milk in front of her she clapped her tiny hands and exclaimed. “Being with you is like having Christmas all the time!”

“Well,” I said to her, “you deserve to have Christmas all the time.”

I glanced over at my wife and she was looking as though she had just put a piece of a puzzle in place and the picture was getting clearer.

I asked my wife if she would like wine with dinner.

“Merlot.” She stated simply and left to bring in the rest of the meal.

I poured two glasses and set them at our places.

Beth brought in a small pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I held her chair for her and then sat at the head of the table with Honey on my left and Bethany on my right.

Honey was inspecting her plate by turning it from side to side. She knocked on it with her knuckles. “We ain’t got any like this, ours are plastic.” She paused, and brightened. “But we got forks like this one but they ain’t so shiny and they don’t match.”

For the most part we ate in silence except the occasional praise Honey heaped on Beth’s cooking and the amazed comments the little girl made as to the opulence of her surroundings. I was surprised and delighted that she had an understanding of common table manners, although it was clear that she was not used to using them.

Beth seemed a little more at ease, but I could tell she could not wait to put Honey to bed and drag me to the confines of our bedroom.

When we finished Honey helped cleanup. She was amazed that there was actually a ‘machine’ that washed dished.

Together we took Honey to her room. Beth tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead.

“Sugar kisses me like that some times,” the little girl said matter of factly, “but momma never did. I always wondered why?”

Then she looked over at me, “I know you aren’t the president cause he’s black so you must be somebody very important to have a house like this and a beautiful wife like Miss Beth.

I smiled at her and said. “No, sweetie, I’m no one special. I’m just a very lucky man. Good night.”

As my wife left the room she grasped my hand and drug me out. I was just able to swing the door shut as I stumbled after her.

She pushed me through our bedroom door and I sat on the edge of the bed.

She closed the door and put her hands on her hips and said, “Ok, you cock sucking motherfucker.”
(I never fucked my mother either)

I patted the bed next to me and she reluctantly moved over and sat down where I had indicated.

I am just going to tell what happened this morning and then we can decide what to do.

Forty minutes later she sat in what I assumed was a stunned silence.

Slowly she looked up at me “I have one question, ”She calmly stated while searching deep into my eyes……. What, in that big fat stupid head of yours, believed that you would NOT fall in love with that little girl? I’m already in love with her and I saw you at the dinner table, so I know you have too.

I was shocked! And at the same time, I knew she was absolutely right. I had not even considered that I might fall in love with Honey. She was just going to be a little fuck toy for me to play with, yet I had fallen in love with her, not as a lover or a wife, but as a daughter. I had already been thinking of her as MY daughter!

“Huh.” I uttered in dismay.

“Wait, I lied!” Beth exclaimed. I have two questions. “How did you think I would let a DOG stay here?

“I didn’t, I hoped.”

“Well he can’t.” she stated flatly.

“Ok,” I said, “I will take him back Friday when I visit Jeb and take him his cell phone.

She looked sharply at me again. “So you plan to continue with this fucked up half assed adoption?.... You know,” she stated, “the longer she stays here the more we are going to become attached to her. How in the FUCK will we be able to give her up at the end of a month much less a year?”

“Well,” I asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know, but I can tell you what I don’t want to do. I don’t want to send her back to that horney old bastard pimp of a father. I don’t want the state to take her and put her and her sister into that cluster fuck they call DCF. I don’t want her ending up on the street, pulling tricks and getting the shit beat out of her. That’s what I fucking don’t want done.

“So what’s left?”

We sat in silence for several minutes.

“I guess we keep her,” Beth sighed, “but no fucking until we get things straightened out.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“No, but I can’t think of any fucking thing else to do; besides, like I said, I’m already love the little bitch.”

“No, I was asking about the fucking.” I teased, grinning at her.

She punched my arm and I kissed her tenderly. We lay down and I snuggled up behind her, put my arm over her and cupped her breast.

We lay there like that for a few minutes, neither of was sleepy.

I whispered in her ear, “You have made it clear that you don’t like dogs but you have never told me why you have a problem with them?”

She lay there silent, unmoving. I was almost sure that she wasn’t asleep, but I wasn’t positive. If she wasn’t asleep, then she was either pretending to be or she was trying to decide if she wanted to tell me the answer to my question. Then she spoke.

“When I was seven my asshole brother brought home an ugly ass stray dog. I have no idea what the fuck kind of dog it was but it was fucking HUGE. I was scared as shit of it. The bastard mutt would jump up on me and lick my face. I would scream and my cock sucking brother just stood there and laughed at me.”

“One day the dog grabbed me around the fucking waist and started humping me. I didn’t know what he was doing, because I knew nothing about sex. I thought the mongrel was trying to bite me, because when I tried to get out from under him, he growled at me. My dick head of a brother just laughed and called me a dog bitch. I had no idea what that was at the time, but I knew that whatever it was it was probably nasty. The dog eventually shot his load all over my legs, then lay under a tree and licked himself.”

“I cried all the way home and told my mom what happened. She comforted me and made my brother get rid of the nasty animal.”

“Ever since that day, I have been deathly afraid of all fucking dogs, especially big ones.”

“Would you consider trying to conquer your fear of dogs?”

“I’m afraid.” At that moment it was if I were talking to a seven year old.

I let go of her breast and put my other arm around her and held her tight. “Ok, just think about it.”

We lay there awhile longer, and then I got up and asked Beth if she wanted anything, that I was going to the kitchen to get something to drink. She asked me to bring her some water.

When I opened my bed room door a red mop of hair fell into the room at my feet.

Honey had fallen asleep outside our door and was now scrambling to get up.

“I don’t like sleeping alone,” she whimpered. I picked her up and put her on my hip like a little baby.

“What do you say Beth? Can sleep in our bed?”

My wife smiled and nodded.

“I’m going to get something to drink you want something?” I asked the pre-teen.

“Can I have some more yoo-hoo?”

“Sure pumpkin. Let’s go make some.”

“She sat at the island counter in the kitchen as I mixed her chocolate milk.

She was staring at me with those piercing green eyes. After a moment she said, “Do you really love me?”

I laughed, “you rascal, How long were you out side of that door?”

“Right after you closed it.” She said candidly. “So, do you?”

“Yes, as hard as it as for me to believe, I love you more than I thought could be possible in such a short time. I love you as if you were my own daughter.”

“I don’t understand,” She said after taking a sip of her milk. “My daddy is my father and he never told me he loved me.”

“Well I can’t speak for your father, but I can assure you that Beth and I both love you and we think you are an adorable little girl.”

“I’m not so little.” She defended. “I can fuck a twenty two inch donkey dick. It hurts a little but I can make that shaggy old fucker cum buckets.”

I ruffled her hair, “I never doubted that you could.”

After finishing her milk she rinsed out her glass and put it in the machine that washes dished. I took her hand in mine and we brought Beth’s water to her.

Honey crawled into the bed between my wife and I and snuggled down in the covers.

I woke up to Beth groaning. “Are you all right?” I asked alarmed.

“Oh, fuck! Beth exclaimed. “This little cunt has a fucking magic mouth.”

That’s when I noticed a large bump under the covers. I pulled the blanket and sheet back only to find a nine year old cunt sucking, red headed leech attached to my wife’s pussy.

“Jesus H. Christ! Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhhhh, Damm that was good.”

Bethany hauled Honey up by the ears and kissed her all over her sloppy face. I think we’re going to keep you forever.

“Ok,” Honey said. “Can he fuck me now?”

“Only if I watch.” My wife told the little slut.

Over the next few days, Beth and Honey tried their best to grant the clothing industry a stimulus package all of their own.

I acquired the necessary cell phones and discussed the situation with a friend of mine who is a judge. With his help I was able to get documentation stating that I was Honey’s legal guardian. With that I would be able to enroll the little girl into school in September. He said it would be fine unless Jeb or Honey’s mother contested it. Part of the price for all of his help was that he and several of his subordinates would get to take Honey to his cabin for an extended weekend. I was a little concerned about letting Honey spend three days with six or seven horney men, but then I figured that they were all adults, so if she hurt them I wasn’t going to worry about it.

Honey fucked and sucked Boner inside the barn. My wife watched from inside the Grand Cherokee. Then Bethany helped Honey blow one of our horses. Then my wife tried it. Unlike Honey, who drank almost everything the stallion could give her. Beth had equine sperm all over her and everything else within twenty feet of the animal. Her only comment was that she never thought a horse could cum that much. “It was like a fucking fire hose!”

Friday rolled around and we piled into the black Cherokee, along with pile of boxes that that nearly blocked my vision from the rear view mirror out back window. In these boxes were gifts that Honey and Beth had bought for Sugar.

Boner was not going with us this trip. The big dog had accepted his new home with an ease that surprised me. I no longer kept him tied up and he would chase our cars to the end of the drive, but would stop at the road and then return to the barn.

Beth was getting more comfortable around the yellow mutt but would not allow him to get close enough for him to touch her. ‘Time,’ I thought, ‘all things change with time.’

For most of the hour trip we happily chatted and played driving games. As we turned onto the last paved stretch of rural road before reaching the dirt road that led to the Sweet residence drive way, two police cars and an ambulance rushed around us as I pulled to the side of the road. Honey speculated that something must have happened to old Miss Veronica.

“She’s been feeling poorly since her husband passed a couple years ago,” the little girl explained matter-of-factly.

“How old is Miss Veronica?” Beth asked.

“About two hundred I guess.” Honey responded as serious as a nine year old can be.

Dust was in the air as we pulled onto the Sweet’s old rutted driveway and when we rounded the big tree we were met with flashing red and blue lights.

We were stopped by a Berrien County Sherriff’s deputy as we approached the old shack. An ambulance was out by the barn and I could just make out an old rusty tractor on the other side of the emergency vehicle. The dogs were excitedly barking and running in all directions.

I rolled down my window and the deputy stuck his head into the coolness of the air-conditioned car.

“What’s going on officer?” I asked.

“Thar’s been an accident.” He replied. “What’s your business here?” The deputy asked, in his slow Georgia drawl.

“We are friends of Mr. Sweet and we were just dropping buy for a visit.”

I didn’t want to say anything about Honey being Jeb’s Daughter unless I was forced too.

The uniformed officer eyed me suspiciously. He obviously knew Jeb and the thought of him having friends like the ones in this brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee were pretty unlikely.

Honey shouted. “Is my sister ok Dwayne?”

“Honey, Is that you? I didn’t recognize you all prettied up like that.” The young officer said in surprise.

“Dwayne!” Honey yelled again. “IS SUGAR HURT?” The tiny girl demand in a voice that expected an answer.

“No, no, Sugars just fine Honey.” The man paused, “It’s your daddy Honey. He got drunk and decided to do some plowing. We think he was getting off the tractor when he must have bumped the shift lever and jammed it in gear. The big wheel rolled over him and then he got caught up in the plowing rig and was drug all the way from the north pasture. It’s pretty nasty. The tractor finally stopped when it ran into the barn. That’s when Sugar heard the noise and found him. She had to run all of the way over to the Baker’s to use their phone. I think he was kilt as soon as the big wheel ran over him so he probably didn’t suffer too much.”

By now Honey was trying to climb over Beth to get out of the car. I grabbed her by the arm and held her back.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to see your father right now.” I told her earnestly.

“Fuck my father!” She screamed at me and jerked her arm from my grasp. “I want to see Sugar!”

Beth opened the door and the little girl dove from the car and ran toward the dilapidated shack. Just then Sugar exited through the screen door and the two embraced.

A lieutenant with the Berrian Sheriff’s Department who was on the scene and in charge of the investigation spoke with a Barrien County judge after my friend, who is a Lowendes County judge called the magistrate and greased the way for Beth and I to take Honey and Sugar with us until the next of kin could be notified.

The ride home was not nearly as exuberant as the drive out.

To be continued.

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