The Tennis Adonis

The Tennis Adonis

"The score is 40-15 and its championship point yet again for the invincible Andy Cruise!" The crowd roared their approval as Andy served for the championship. Serving his trademark ace, the opponent could only look to the sky with a resigned look and accept defeat graciously. For Andy, it was his 8th Grand Slam in two years. He had become so used to winning that it had become a monotonous routine. Still, life had been good to him and he was always thankful for that. After the victory ceremony, Andy headed back to the sanctuary of his hotel room to take a soothing shower and get some peace and quiet. Getting out of the shower, he inspected his physique in the mirror. He had to admit that the media had got at least one thing right, he really was a little handsome. Of course, being modest and all, that was quite an understatement! 'The Tennis Adonis' he was called, and he smiled at the media epithet. Standing at 6 feet, with intense blue eyes, long brown hair, a rugged masculine face and an athletic sculpted body, he was constantly voted as the 'Sexiest Man Alive'. He'd had his fair share of highly publicized dalliances which kept the girls restless and the media happy. Andy awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and active. He decided to go for a swim before catching some breakfast. He put on a t-shirt and grey shorts and proceeded towards the pool. It was in the hotel lobby that he saw her first. She was chatting animatedly on her cell phone and wasn't too aware of her surroundings. She was wearing figure-hugging white shorts and a matching blouse which showed off her flat midriff. Trying to stare as discreetly as possible, Andy quickly went over the Holy Trinity of all malekind-face, breasts and ass. She appeared to be in her mid twenties and was around 5'7" in height. She had long blonde hair with brown streaks, beautiful grey eyes and glossy red lips. Her skin was pearly white and smooth. Her breasts were perfect orbs (34 D in his opinion), firm and smooth, as if shining the way towards heaven should one care to traverse that path. They were straining against the soft fabric. The image was so enticing that Andy would've happy traded all his Grand Slams for a peek.They seemed to be hand made for caressing, licking and sucking. Andy walked past her and looked back to admire her ass. Her ass was just like the rest of her sexy body-perfect! It was supple and graceful, the shorts hugging her bottom seductively, converting any atheist into a lifelong believer. Andy's brain was losing awareness, blood flowing away to his most vital organ. His cock sprang upright, straining for a peek and cursing the damned zipper for blocking his view. Andy was so engrossed in her body that he forgot everything else within a ten mile radius. Struggling to come back to reality, he quickly headed towards the pool to cool off, all the while hoping that she would do the same. He changed into his sleek swimming trunks which clearly outlined his pride and joy-his 8" cock which seemed ready to poke through the trunks. He jumped into the pool to swim a few laps. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the same gorgeous lady diving into the pool. She had changed into a flimsy black bikini which caught the attention of every hot-blooded male in the arena. Her boobs seemed to spill out of her top, rooting every male observer to the spot. Andy quickly went underwater to catch a glimpse of her sexy bottom. Unfortunately, she chose that same moment to go under as well, catching Andy in the act! Acting as though nothing had happened, Andy surfaced only to find her mere inches away from him. "You're Andy Cruise, right?", she enquired. "Umm...Yeah i am", he replied nervously. "Do you always stare as rudely as a shark in heat?" Feeling like a fish out of water, Andy went for the kill, sincerely hoping that offense was the best defense in this case. "Only if the object is so tempting", he replied cheekily. Shock flirted on her face for an instant before turning into anger. She began shouting out insults by the dozen. With no other option left and also because he didn't want to create a scene, Andy did the only thing he could, he caught her in his arms and kissed her. She struggled for a moment, but as soon as he began kissing her more passionately, her resistance melted away. Snaking his tongue into her mouth, he felt each and every inch of her hot oral orifice, plundering her mouth completely. She moaned in his mouth, completely lost in their fiery coupling. He moved his tongue erotically around her lips, outling them with sweet kisses making her shiver in his arms. With their kiss threatening to reach epic dimensions, hey broke off the kiss, only to find everyone staring and clapping at them. Andy looked into her eyes and saw the same raw lust he felt. "Let's go to your room", he advised and she just nodded. Drying off as quickly as possible, they hurried to her room to continue their interrupted activity. The sexual tension between them was so thick that if you could bottle it, you'd have become a millionare overnight. As soon as they were through the door, they were in each other's arms. Andy pushed her against a wall and began kissing her like there was no tomorrow. He moved his hands all over her body, lightly caressing her breasts and thighs. She moaned in his mouth and kissed him more passionately, dueling with his tongue, trying to taste every bit of him. He broke off the kiss and proceeded to undress her. Off came the flimsy bikini top and the even flimsier bottom. Her nipples were pink and erect, with rosy pink areolas highlighting their magnificence. Her pussy was beautiful, with blond curls shaved into a triangle just above her wet slit. He stripped off as well, straining to get into her and fuck her into oblivion. When he was completely nude, he looked up and saw her staring at his 8" cock, erect and ready for battle. He quickly took her in his arms and carried her towards the bed. As soon as they were both on it, she climbed on top and began planting soft kisses on his entire body. He cupped her ass, feeling its firmness and getting more aroused than ever. She took his erect cock in her hand and kissed it on the tip. His cock jerked up and he couldn't help but moan at her ministrations. She began pumping it with her left hand, pausing in between to swirl her tongue around the head before pumping it back again. Andy was fighting to control the inevitable, determined to last as long as possible. She stopped jacking him off, instead she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking it all over. She flicked her tongue along the base, stimulating his cock to new levels of hardness and arousal. She took over three-fourths of him in her mouth, her throat muscles flexing around it, giving him unbelievably new sensations. Andy was playing with her tits, tweaking and caressing them with his fingers. She cupped his heavy balls in her hand, running her fingers all around his nut sac. "I'm gonna cum", he whispered but she only increased her speed, sucking him harder and faster. Sure enough, he shuddered and squirted his cum, depositing load after load of his hot cum in her waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop and continued sucking him off till he couldn't cum any further, licking him clean before releasing his cock. Spent after cumming so hard, he got up and kissed her passionately, determined to make her cum just as strongly as he had. He made her lie back on the bed, his hands travelling all over her body, his fingertips leaving a trail of delicate sensations along the way. He took her boobs in his hand, testing their weight and kneading them thoroughly. He licked and kissed each and every bit of them except the tits, making her moan in want and push her tits towards his mouth. He refused to rise to the bait, content with kissing her soft firm boobs. She moaned sensuously, trying to entice him with her deliciously poised nipple, ensnaring him in her arms and legs. He took one pink nipple in his mouth and sucked it, rolling the other nipple with his left hand. He alternated between her right and left tit, making both of them puffy and full. He continued caressing them to a frenzy. She was moaning and sighing loudly, totally lost in her carnal delight. Making sure to strike while the iron was hot, Andy set out for her Holy Grail. He gently kissed her inner thighs and slowly moved his fingers on her wet slit. She bucked her hips in response, eager for him to continue. He licked her up and down, her musky scent affecting him like no perfume had ever done. He licked her puffy outer lips and then sucked them hungrily. He prised open her lips with his fingers and inserted his tongue into her hot vaginal orifice. She shivered on his touch, taking his head and pulling it towards her exposed pussy. She was muttering incoherently but it wouldn't have taken a Sigmond Freud to know that she was on the edge. He flicked his tongue on her clit, nibbling on it while simultaneously finger fucking her. That sent her over the edge. She screamed out his name and came in a torrent of juices, thrashing wildly. Andy's face was flooded with her hot cum. He licked up her pussy, making sure not to miss any drop. Andy came up and they shared a long erotic kiss. "Please Andy...Fuck me...Fuck me hard. I can't take it anymore", she begged. Not the one to refuse such a request, Andy quickly went down and started rubbing his rejuvenatized cock on her slit, making it slick and wet. She took his cock in her hand and guided him to her opening. He thrust gently, making both of them groan with the intimate contact. He pushed further, parting her pussy lips, her vaginal walls holding his cock in a vice-like grip. Inch by inch he buried himself in her, her slippery walls stretching to accomodate him. He buried himself to the hilt then paused for a second before backing out and thrusting harder. She wrapped her legs around his back, taking more of him in her. "Oh my God...Faster... Andy fuck me faster...", she implored. Andy increased his pace, thrusting harder and playing with her taut nipples at the same time. Her pussy felt so tight and wet. He was beginning to loose control. He stopped suddenly, flipping her over and entering from behind. He gripped her hips and continued ramming his cock into her tight pussy, his balls slapping her ass. His cock was lightly touching her clit everytime he thrust into her making her lose control. He continued in that vein, grabbing her breasts for support and tweaking her nipples in the process. "Oh my God...I'm cumming...OH OH OH", she screamed, cumming harder than ever, her pussy squeezing the life out of his cock. That sent him over the edge and he pumped spurts of cum into her tight cunt, depositing every last drop in her. Her pussy squeezed on his spewing cock, milking it completely. Andy took his cock out, shining with their combined love juices. They collapsed on the bed, trying to regain their breath after their collective orgasms. Andy fell asleep soon after, exhausted from their sensual lovemaking. When Andy woke up, he was lying in his bed with a huge puddle of cum in his shorts. "Oh Fuck, it was just a dream", he said aloud, punching the pillow in disgust. "Might as well go for a swim", he thought as he got out of bed...

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