Elena and Eric

Elena and Eric

Growing up, I thought I knew how my life was going to pan out. I had graduated from High School 3 years prior, and now I was working my way through College. Eventually I would graduate with my degree, find a job somewhere, save money, and get my own place. I figured at some point I would also find a nice girl to bring home and introduce to the family, but unfortunately for me, I'm kind of shy when it comes to women. It's been a problem that has plagued me since I developed my first crush in 2nd Grade. I get butterflies in my stomach, my body shakes, and my voice sounds shaky and nervous. I've gone on a few dates, but I've never really had a girlfriend. Suffice to say I watch alot of porn on my phone. Getting back to going through life, I never expected the 2 curveballs that life was going to throw at me and my family. One was good, the other was bad. I'll explain below.

My family lived in a simple two story, three bedroom, two bathroom house. As soon as you came in through the front door, there were stairs leading to the second floor where Elena's and my bedroom was, as well as the second floor bathroom that we shared. To the left of the front door was our living room, complete with couch, TV, and a fireplace. At the back of the living room, to the right was a hallway that led to the second bathroom, and further down, our parents bedroom. Also at the back of the living room, to the left, was the kitchen. Off of the kitchen, at the back of the house, was a small sitting area. Also in that part of the house was the laundry room and office.

My parents were unremarkable people, or so we thought. They had basic jobs, Dad worked as an accountant, Mom was a Nurse. They both working from 9am-5pm, 5 days a week. We weren't a rich family, but they worked hard enough to give me and my sister everything we needed. My father, Logan, was 39. Tall, at 6' 3", dark hair, blue eyes, a very handsome man. My mother, Chloe, 38, was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was 5' 8", dark hair, dark eyes, an hourglass body, and large, round 34DD breasts (I know she's my mom, but I couldn't help but stare). Even with full time jobs they still found time to do things together, and I could tell, even after all these years together, our parents were still very much in love. I wished I could have a love like theirs one day. Together, they had my sister Elena and I 21 years ago. Elena is like a younger version of my mom. 5' 8", dark hair, an incredible pair of grey eyes, 32DD breasts, she's as skinny as a stick too, except for a round, shapely ass, which I admit I have openly stared at more than once. Except for a narrower chin, she could almost pass as a lookalike for Alexandra Daddario. Her metabolism is higher than mine as well, meaning she can eat anything and not gain a pound. I'm not so lucky. As for me, my name is Eric, I'm Elena's "older brother" by a scant 2 minutes. I'm 6' 4", dark hair, hazel eyes. Matter of fact, if I grew my hair and beard out, slapped on some tattoos, I could probably pass as a stunt double for Jason Momoa. I'm not as bulked up as he is, but I'm in pretty good shape from exercising and cutting wood.

Elena and I are very close. We're more than brother and sister, we're best friends. We're always there for each other if one of us has a problem, or if they need someone to talk to about something. She and I never had a big social circle in school, we had a few friends, but not many. After we graduated from high school, our respective social circles gradually shrank as the years went by. Elena has had a couple boyfriends, but nothing long-term. What I admire and respect about her is that she doesn't need a man to keep her happy. She dates when she feels like it. She's perfectly content to just being in her room reading a book, or playing videogames and watching movies with me. We're avid outdoor lovers as well. During the summers, out family would often take camping trips. We love going on hikes, appreciating nature, and just listening to the sounds of the wind move through the trees. I've lost count of how many smores I've eaten around a campfire.

Elena and I were on winter break from college. Snow had fallen in the last couple days, and it was forecasted to snow again more today. It was Monday morning and our parents were up and getting ready for work. My alarm on my phone went off and I groaned and swiped up turning it off. I sat up, feeling stiffness in my spine, so I twisted and sighed as my back audibly cracked. I've never had much trouble getting up in the morning. After a few minutes of grogginess I'm good to go. Yawning, I slipped on a black pair of sweatpants, a hoodie, and slid my feet into my favorite pair of Ugg slippers. I headed downstairs to the kitchen where I saw my parents about to head out the door,

"Morning, bud." My Dad greeted me, dressed in his usual slacks, button up shirt, and tie.

"Morning, sweetie." My mom said sweetly, dressed in her scrubs.

"Hey, guys." I said as I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with iced tea.

"Ran into a little problem this morning." Dad said, "The battery on my truck died, I even tried jumping it and it didn't wanna start. So, your mother is driving me to work today. I don't know if you have any plans, but I would appreciate it if you headed over to the auto store and got a replacement battery. I left money on the table for you."

I nodded, "Sure, Dad. I'll take care of it."

"Thanks, son. Love you." Dad said as he slipped on his jacket and headed to the front door.

Mom slipped on her coat as well, and kissed my cheek as she passed, "Have a good day, sweetie. We love you."

"See ya." I said as the front door closed. I heard my mother's car start, and I looked out the front window and watched them leave. I scrolled through my phone for a few minutes before my grumbling stomach told me I should start thinking about breakfast. I headed back upstairs to Elena's room. If she was awake, I wanted to see if she was hungry. I paused at her door and nocked. I heard a slight murmur from the other side, so I turned the nob and stepped in. Elena's room was dark, except for the light peeking around the curtains in her bedroom window. Elena lay in her bed, covered in blankets, and one of her arms was covering her eyes. I kneeled on the floor, "Good morning, I was wondering if you were in the mood for breakfast."

"Mm-hmm." Elena mumbled, still covering her eyes. Elena has never been much of a morning person.

I smiled at seeing her like this, "What are you in the mood for?" I asked.

"Chef's choice." She said, removing her arm and looking up at me. I was captivated by her amazing eyes.

"Your wish is my command, mademoiselle." I said in a fake French accent as I stood up.

It seemed to happen in slow motion. Elena grabbed one of her pillows, and threw it in my face. But the sudden movement on the bed forced her blankets down, and I was treated to a view of her large, perfect breasts and amazing cleavage, which shook as she threw the pillow at me. I stood there staring stupidly until the pillow hit me in the face. That's what I get for staring,

"You're so stupid." She said giggling.

"Oh am I?" Then how come you haven't beaten me in Call of Duty?" I asked as I stood in her doorway.

"Excuse me? Little sis here has totally kicked your ass in Call of Duty!" She said defiantly.

"Oh yeah? Name one time." I said teasing her.

Elena's eyes moved left and right as she tried and failed to recall when she had bested me, "I can't remember, but it happened!" She persisted.

"Alright, fine. You'll get a chance to beat me later today." I said laughing as I closed the door. I headed back to the kitchen and pulled out two pans. I grabbed eggs, English Muffins, butter, cheese, bacon, olive oil, and salt and pepper. I'm not much of a culinary chef, but I can make a good breakfast sandwich. I turned on the two stove burners, and when the pans were hot enough I added oil. I threw the bacon in one pan, and eggs in the other. I buttered the muffins and stuck them in the toaster oven. When the egg was sufficiently cooked I added salt, pepper, and cheese. I grabbed the muffins from the toaster oven and put the sandwiches together. I pulled out my phone to text Elena,

Me: Your breakfast is ready, want me to bring it up to you? A few seconds later her reply came.

Elena: No, thanks. I'll be down in a minute.

I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with orange juice for her. I also pulled out strawberry yogurts for the both of us. Then, Elena came shuffling in to the room. She had changed into a pair of leggings, hoodie, and fuzzy slippers. She smiled at the breakfast I had prepared for her, and gave me a kiss on the cheek as a thank you. The skin on my cheek tingled where she kissed me. We quietly dug into the breakfast, watching videos on our phones,

"So what you got going on? Any plans today?" I asked.

Elena shook her head, "Nothing really, other than some laundry."

I nodded, "Sounds good. I gotta head over to the auto store and get a new battery for Dad's truck. After I get back, we can waste the afternoon playing Call of Duty if you want."

Elena smiled and nodded, "Yeah, totally!" We finished our breakfast and since I cooked Elena volunteered to clean up. I changed into jeans, boots, and a winter jacket. I also grabbed a backpack to carry the battery in. At the door, Elena handed me a hat and gloves, "Let me know when you're close to home and I'll have some hot chocolate waiting for you."

Smiling I slipped on the hat and gloves, "Okay, thanks sis." Elena kissed me on the cheek again and I trudged out into the cold. The sudden change in temperature made me shudder, but I got used to it. The 2 mile walk wasn't that bad. My mind wandered and I looked at the various snow covered trees. Mostly I thought about Elena. She was so beautiful and so perfect. I wished I could find a woman like her. Eventually I reached the auto store. Finding the battery was easy and soon enough I was heading back. When I was five minutes form home I texted Elena to let her know I would be home in a few minutes. When I walked in the front door Elena was standing there holding a steaming mug of hot chocolate. I took off my jacket and boots and thanked her and took sip, enjoying the hot liquid warm my insides.

I headed out to the garage behind the house and installed the new battery on my Dad's truck. He had a dark grey, 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. I closed the hood, opened the door to the truck and got behind the wheel. I put the key in the ignition and the truck started up with a throaty roar. I smiled and hoped to inherit Dad's truck one day. I loved it. With my chore complete for the day, Elena and I wasted a couple hours playing videogames, and watching movies. She didn't succeed in kicking my ass, which led to her pouncing on me alot and tickling me. I tickled her back until our sides were sore from laughter. When we watched movies she sat close to me, and I put my arm around her holding her close.

Later on in the day, towards night, snow started to fall again. It gradually got heavier, until it was nearly a blizzard outside. As it got dark, I thought it was strange that I hadn't heard from Mom or Dad. If one of them had gotten held up at work, or if they were running late, one of them would have at least called, or texted us. As time passed, and with no word from them, I started to get worried. I called both their cells, but both went straight to voicemail. Maybe both their phones died? I tried to reason with myself. But it didn't ease my concern. Elena came down carrying a laundry basket and she asked if I had heard from either Mom or Dad, I shook my head no. She looked worried, but I tried to ease her concerns as well as my own.

Dinner time came and they still weren't home so I warmed up some leftover pizza. We downed the pepperoni and cheese slices, while washing it down with glasses of Pepsi. While we ate, we watched an episode of Mr. Iglesias on Netfiix. At times we choked on our soda as we drank, the show was hilarious. As we were cleaning up from dinner the doorbell rang. We looked at each other,

"Who could that be?" I asked. Elena shrugged. I looked through the living room window to see a police car in the driveway. My heart crept into my throat. This couldn't be good, "Elena." I called out.

"Yeah?" She called back.

"There's a police car in the driveway." I said.

Elena appeared beside me, "Maybe he's asking for directions?" She said uncertainly.

"Let's find out." I opened the door to see a somber-looking police officer standing there. He removed his hat,

"Good, evening. I'm Officer Jones. Is this the Stevens residence?"

"Yes, Officer." I said slowly.

"And you are..." He pulled out a small notepad, "Eric and Elena?"

"Yes, Officer. What's this about?" I asked.

He hesitated, "Something terrible has happened. May I come in?"

"Of course." I opened the door wider and Officer Jones stepped in. Elena stood beside me, and took my hand in hers, her other hand was wrapped around my bicep.

"Eric, Elena, I'm very sorry to bring you these news, but your parents..." The lump in my throat grew hard as stone, and Elena gripped me tighter, "... your parents... are dead. They were killed in a car accident." Elena drew in a sharp breath and her eyes grew wide with unshed tears. I felt my eyes well up as well,

"What happened?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"From what we can tell, their car lost control and went off the road. The roads were wet, slushy, and bad. The car went through a guard rail and tumbled down a hill. I'm very sorry, they didn't make it."

Elena was audibly crying now, and I wasn't too far behind. I felt as if my heart had been ripped from my chest, "So what do we do now?" I asked after processing this.

"Someone will be by in the morning to take you and your sister to the morgue. We found a lawyer's business card in your father's wallet. We called him and he said he would be reaching out to you tomorrow regarding your parents will."

"Okay, Officer. Thank you." I opened the door for him to leave.

Officer Jones paused in the doorway and gave me his card, "Please give me a call if you need anything. Again, my condolences for your loss."

"Thank you, Officer." I shut the door as Officer Jones left. Elena and I stood there silently as we let the reality of our situation sink in. Then, we rushed toward one another, and seized each other as if our lives depended on it. Elena's tears flowed from her beautiful grey eyes. I dropped a few tears as well, but I wiped them away. Eventually, Elena's crying turned to sniffles, and I grabbed her a tissue. She blew into it and threw it in a waste basket. Taking Elena's hand in mine, I led her up the stairs to my room. I stripped down to boxers and a t-shirt, and Elena slipped out of her hoodie and leggings down to a pair of panties and a tank top. I couldn't help, but stare at Elena's cleavage and long, smooth, legs as they were revealed to me. We pulled the covers back on my bed, and we laid down together. I lay on my back staring at the ceiling, Elena was lying half on me, half on the bed. One of her legs was across both mine, and her arms were wrapped around my shoulders. We lay there for awhile, listening to each other breathe, thinking our own private thoughts. Elena broke the silence,

"Eric?" She said looking up at me.

"Yeah?" I said quietly, looking down at her.

"Please promise me nothing will happen to you. I never imagined we'd lose Mom, and Dad, but... if I were to lose you too. I wouldn't survive." Tears flowed from her eyes again as she said this.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her to me, "I promise you, I'm not going anywhere. I would never ever leave you. I love you too much for that. You're the Moon of my Life." I said referencing our favorite TV Show, Game of Thrones.

Elena pulled back and looked at me, "And you're My Sun and Stars." She said quietly. We looked at each other, and before I knew it, Elena had leaned in and kissed me softly. Once I got over the initial shock, I pulled back and looked at my twin sister, "In her eyes, I saw the fear that she had of losing me. What I also saw, was the total adoration and love that she had for me. I knew that my eyes reflected the same feelings. This whole time I had been wondering when I would find someone who would love me, who I would be comfortable around to share my deepest thoughts with, who I would do anything for. It was like I had just been zapped with a taser, Elena was who I had been looking for. Sure we were siblings, and that incest was frowned upon by society, but she was the love of my life, and I would never ever let her go. With just one kiss, I had fallen in love. Fuck society, I didn't care if she was my sister. I kissed her back, pulling her to me. Elena moaned and straddled me in the bed. Her fantastic chest was pressed hard against my chest, her legs spread, straddling my body as she lay on top of me. My cock grew rock hard in record time. I knew Elena could feel it pressing into her, and to my amazement, it seemed as if she was rubbing herself against it,

"God I love you." I said as we kissed over and over.

"I love you too!" Elena gasped as she kissed me. My hands ran up and down her body. I so badly wanted to take one of her breasts in my hands, but I didn't want to rush things. Eventually we stopped kissing, and just held each other. I looked at the clock, it was 9:30 p.m. It had been 2 hours since we learned the news of our parents death. Elena slid off of me, and turned on her side. She pulled my arm with her, and I slid up behind her, with my arm across her stomach, "Goodnight, my dear brother." Elena said tiredly,

"Goodnight Elena." I said, as sleep took me.

I awoke at 8:00 a.m. the next morning. Immediately I realized two things. First, last night was no dream, Elena and I had lost our parents, and found a deeper, more intense love for each other. Second, my right hand was occupied with cupping Elena's large, perfect right breast. I couldn't believe it. So many times I had wondered how they felt and here I was with it in my hand. From what I could feel, they were round, full, heavy, but still soft. I could feel her hardened nipple against my fingers. Slowly, I removed my hand trying to not wake up Elena. I failed.

Elena's eyes opened and she saw my hand leaving her breast. She smiled at the sight. The only man she had ever truly loved, and now realized she had a deeper more intense love for than she had ever realized, was touching her where no other man had. Her dates had tried to feel her up in the past, but none had been successful. She rolled over and faced me, "Good morning, Eric."

My eyes immediately went to her breast. What I hadn't realized at the time, was that the tank top had slipped down in her sleep, and I had been holding her bare boob. That boob was now right in front of me and I saw it completely bare for the first time. Elena had small pink areolas, capped by small nipples. How I wanted to take it in my mouth, but I resisted. The sight made me hard as steel though. Elena looked down and saw her exposed breast, "Sorry." She said recovering it.

I shook my head, "No apology necessary. I'm just sorry for staring." I said trying to be modest.

"I'm not sorry you stared." Elena said with an interesting tone in her voice. Before I could ask her what she meant, she spoke again, "I wonder what time we're going to the morgue?" She asked sadly.

Before I could answer her, the doorbell rang again. We looked at each other, and nodded sadly. I kissed her cheek, and slipped back into my clothes from yesterday and headed to the front door. I saw another police car in the driveway. I opened the door and the officer standing there removed his hat,

"Good morning. I'm here to take you and your sister to the morgue." He said sadly.

I nodded, "Thank you, we'll be out in a few minutes." The officer nodded and headed back to his car. I pulled on my boots and headed up to Elena's room. As I entered, I was greeted with the sight of her bare ass as she slid on a fresh pair of panties and leggings. Her ass was perfectly rounded and shaped. My hands shook a little as I wished I could knead it. When Elena finished pulling her leggings on, she turned and faced me, "It's time." I said quietly. Elena nodded, slipped on a pair of shoes and a hoodie. I grabbed a housekey and we left through the front door.

At the morgue, Elena and I met with the mortician and he led us over to a pair of silver doors built into the wall. He opened them both and slid out the trays. Silently, he slid the sheets down, uncovering our parent's faces. They lay there, still, lifeless, and grey. That was enough for Elena, after letting out a choking sob, she turned and headed for the hallway. The officer who drove us said he would wait with her. I barely heard the mortician as he asked me questions, I had to ask him to repeat himself several times. Eventually, he re-covered their bodies, slid their bodies back into the freezer, and shut the doors. As they shut, I felt as if my soul was shattering. I thanked the mortician and left. I found Elena waiting on a bench, with the officer nearby. Before I could say anything I felt my cellphone vibrating, a number was calling me that wasn't in my contacts. I took the call and spoke with the person on the other end briefly before hanging up,

"That was our parent's attorney. He's asking us to meet with him at his office." Elena nodded, took my hand and stood up, "Do you mind giving us a ride to the lawyer's office before you take us home?" I asked the officer.

"No problem." He replied. The drive only took ten minutes, but it felt like two hours. This whole thing felt so surreal. When the officer pulled in the parking lot, he said he would wait for us outside. Elena and I went in and were shown to the lawyer's office by his secretary. The lawyer, a balding, spectacled man in a grey suit, rose from his desk and shook our hands, and gestured for us to take a seat,

"Good morning, I'm Stan Welnick. I'm your parent's attorney. I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances. Your parents were wonderful people."

"Thank you, you said that you had something to show us." I said as Elena sat beside me, her hand in mine.

Stan nodded, "Yes, your parents left wills. Each will covered various circumstances if one parent passed away before the other. This specific will covers if something happened to both of them. I was also instructed to give this to you." Stan removed an envelope from a folder and handed it to me. I opened it up and found a handwritten letter. I recognized it as my Dad's handwriting. Elena leaned in closer as we read it together:

My children,

If you are reading this, then the worst has happened. Your mother and I are gone. Kids, we are so very sorry that this has happened to you. Your mother and I tried to be good parents, and to give you as much love, affection, and support as a mother and father should. We're sorry we won't be there as you continue to grow into the amazing adults you have already become. Just know, that you were the best children that any parents could ever ask for, and your mother and I loved you more than life itself. Eric, take care of Elena. You're the man of the house now, she'll need you to be strong for the both of you. Elena, take care of Eric. You will need each other's love and support to get through this pain that no son or daughter should have to go through. Eric, my truck is yours, please take care of it and use it as you need to. Our house, is now your house, dear ones. I wish it was under better circumstances. Take care of yourselves, and take care of each other, your mother and I will always be watching over you.


Mom and Dad

We sniffled and took tissues that were offered to us. When we were done, Stan continued, handing us sheets of paper represent charts and graphs, "Your parents were very smart people, your father in particular. He knew where the money was and where to invest, and where not to. Over the years, after several investments and stock purchases, your parents accumulated an account for the two of you, with funds around 20 million dollars."

In any other circumstance we would be jumping for joy, but we just sat there silently. Then, Elena shook her head, "I don't care about money, I just want our parents back!" She stood and left the room.

"I'm sorry." I said, not knowing what else to say.

Stan shook his head, "Don't worry about it, you kids have been through so much in a short time. Just read over these papers here, sign them, and I'll see to it that the funds are transferred into your account, and that funeral arrangements are taken care of." I read through the documents carefully and signed both, shook Stan's hand, and left. I found Elena in the waiting area, she looked up as I approached,

"I'm sorry, Eric." She said quietly.

"Don't be." I said, "Come one, let's go home." The officer drove us home and we thanked him for the lift. We went in through the front door, but the house didn't feel like ours. It felt foreign to us. We were exhausted after such an emotional morning so we headed back to my room, laid down, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

I awoke a couple of hours later, Elena was still sleeping. I slowly detached myself from her and headed downstairs. I stood in the living room, unsure what to do. My gaze lingered on the few pieces of wood by the fire place. We needed firewood. I slipped on my boots and headed outside. I couldn't find the good axe that Dad and I used for chopping wood, so I had to get the old crappy one from the shed. The wood on the hand was rough and the blade wasn't that sharp, but it was all I had. I set the wood up on the chopping block, and began cutting. I quickly fell into a rhythm. The axe wasn't the best. The dull blade didn't always cut through, so many times I had to chop at it a second time, or slam the wood against the ground. As I cut, my mind wandered. I tried not to, but I couldn't stop thinking of my parents. Seeing their pale, lifeless bodies filled me with such sadness it took my breath away. I kept hearing the sound of the freezer doors shutting every time I split a piece of wood. I shouted as yet another piece of wood refused to split.

Elena awoke and realized I was not in bed. She turned and looked around my room, but it was empty. She heard noise from outside, looked out my bedroom window and saw me chopping wood. She slipped on her shoes and headed outside, "Are you okay?" She asked as she approached me. I didn't hear her, I was absorbed in chopping wood. Elena looked more close and she saw blood on the ground in front of me. She looked at my hands and could see blood squeezing through my fingers, "Eric, stop cutting." She said. I still didn't hear her, "Eric, stop!" She shouted, "Your hands are bleeding." She said putting a hand on my shoulder.

I dropped the axe, and slowly opened my hands, the rough wood on the axe had eaten away at my hands. Then, I fell to my knees and let out everything I had been holding in. I sobbed long, loud, and hard. Elena wrapped her arms around me, and we rocked back and forth, crying together. Eventually, I cried myself out and wiped the tears from my eyes,

"Come with me." Elena said pulling me to my feet, "Let's get those hands taken care of." Elena had me sit down on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom while she got the first aid kit. After cleaning the blood off my hands, she poured hydrogen peroxide onto my skin, and wrapped bandages around my hands, "There." She said as she kissed the tops of my hands. My skin tingled on my hands, I looked at her beautiful face and I felt this intense need building up inside me,

"Elena?" I said softly. She looked up at me, "Last night, and again this morning, it wasn't a fluke was it? You're feeling what I'm feeling?"

Elena felt as if her heart was melting, "Oh, Eric." She said softly as we both stood, "You're right, it was no fluke. I am very deeply in love with you. I always have been." She said softly. I pulled her to me, and we kissed passionately, our mouths opened and our tongues touched, we both moaned. We separated and I saw a deep desire in Elena's grey eyes, "Take me." I picked her up and carried her to my room, our lips were locked the whole way. We quickly began shedding our clothes. I ripped off my shirt and saw Elena rip off her shirt and tank top. Her glorious, perfect breasts bounced free and I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth, while squeezing her other breast. Elena moaned and her hand gripped my steel hard cock through my jeans. My cock twitched as I felt her fingers feel my length and squeeze my cock head.

I pulled myself from Elena's breast and we pulled our pants down. At the sight of her bare, hairless pussy, I took a second to admire it. It was totally smooth, a perfect camel toe, and I could see that she was heavily aroused considering how wet it looked. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to my bed. I leaned back, brought her pussy to my face and began to eat Elena out. She moaned loudly as my tongue delved into depths no other man had been before. I squeezed her perfect ass and pulled her pussy tighter to my face. Elena shuddered as a mini orgasm ripped through her body. She pushed my head away from her snatch, and kissed me hard. We moaned and our tongues met once again. Elena kissed her way down my body until she was face to face with my cock. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip and her tongue licked it away. She kissed my cock head before taking it and my whole cock into her mouth, without the slightest bit of gag.

Her perfect pussy and ass was facing me so I wasted no time and began feasting once again. Elena moaned on my cock and her pussy got even wetter as I ate her. I tongued her clit and flicked it with my fingers. Her mouth left my cock as she moaned loudly, she spun around and looked at me, her grey eyes were burning with lust. My hands reached up and squeezed and grabbed her perfect tits. One of her hands grabbed my firm, erect cock, lined it up with her pussy, and she slid it into herself in one smooth motion. I felt my cock plow through her hymen and Elena quickly shrieked at the pain, but quickly began moaning as my cock eased deeper and deeper inside her. My hands slid to her hips and I began thrusting up into her. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as my cock pounded into her again and again. Her breasts were bouncing with every thrust, and I leaned up and sucked on each of her nipples every few seconds.

Elena forced me onto my back, kissing me, as my cock continued it's assault on her pussy, "I want to look at you as you fill me up with your cum!" She moaned. The thought hadn't occurred to me until now, but the idea of cumming inside my twin sister was insanely hot. With her breasts flattened against my chest, I felt myself nearly ready to burst. My hands slid down to her ass and I pulled her as tightly to me as I could as the inevitable hit me,

"Cumming!" I grunted.

"Fill me up!" Elena cried out as my cock shot a huge amount of cum into her pussy. We gasped and held each other and kissed softly as we caught our breath,

"God this is amazing." I said as lay there with Elena in my arms.

She smiled and kissed me, "I know, I feel the same."

A sudden thought occured to me, "You said earlier, that you've always been in love with me." She nodded, "Why didn't you ever say anything?"

"How was I supposed to? Was I supposed to go up to you and say, 'Hey, I know we're brother and sister and all, but I'm in love with you! Let's start dating!' ?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I wouldn't have known what to do either. I'm just glad that it finally happened."

"I wish it was under better circumstances." Elena said quietly.

I nodded, "Yeah." We lay there for a few minutes before Elena pulled herself from me,

"I gotta wash your cum out of my pussy. Join me for a shower?" The water quickly heated up, filling the room with steam. We stepped in together and I stood and watched as Elena soaped herself up. Watching the suds run down her body, not to mention between her breasts and ass was enough to make me hard again. I stepped behind Elena and palmed both of her breasts again, sliding my cock between her ass cheeks,

"Do you know what you do to me?" I asked as I kissed her neck.

"I think I have some idea." Elena gasped as my fingers found her clit again,

"I want you again." I growled into her ear,

"Then take me!" She moaned. I spread her legs and slid my cock into her wet pussy once again. The shower amplified the sounds of our hips slapping together. My hands groped her breasts and pulled on her nipples as we fucked. We repositioned and I pressed her up against the shower glass, flattening her breasts. I wiped some of the steam from the glass and could see her flattened breasts and perfect nipples reflected in the bathroom mirror. It didn't take long before I was cumming inside her once again. We cleaned each other up, stepped out and began to dry off. As Elena bent over to dry her legs, I was presented with a view of her perfect ass and pussy. I couldn't believe it, but I was ready for a third round. Elena tied the towel across her chest and I stepped behind her once again and squeezed her breasts through the towel. She felt my hard cock between her ass cheeks once again,

"Oh my God, again?" She moaned.

"I just can't help it, you're irresistible. Plus I've always wanted to do this to a girl." I reached up and untied the towel, it fell in a pool around Elena's feet, her breasts fell free. She spread her legs and braced her hands against the counter as I positioned myself behind her again,

"Do it, fuck me, Eric!" I slid into her well-fucked pussy again and fucked her for the third time today. The sight of her jiggling breasts in the mirror was totally fucking hot. I actually felt myself get harder as I fucked her. Elena turned her head and kissed me as I fucked her from behind. I pulled her up from the counter so she was standing upright, and I fucked her while squeezing her breasts. I slipped out of her, picked Elena up, and set her down on the counter. She kissed me and my neck as I slid my cock into her once again. Elena wrapped her legs around my waist and squeezed me tighter to her with every thrust. Her hands gripped my arms while mine held her hips firmly. Seeing her facial expressions change as she got closer and closer to orgasm almost made me bust my load more than once.

Eventually, the sight of her jiggling breasts, sexy moans, and the tightness of her pussy, was enough to bring me to the edge once again, "Oh God Elena, here it comes!"

"Fill my womb with your seed, Eric!" Elena cried out as I came inside her for the third time. We held each other tight and kissed over and over as I milked the last of my cum inside her. We made another trip to the shower and cleaned ourselves off again. We didn't have sex again, because we both needed a break. As we got back into bed, naked this time, we pulled the sheets over us and felt weariness take over our bodies. Before sleep claimed us, I looked down at my sister in my arms, and realized that despite the sadness of what we were both going through, we had both found the perfect person for each other. I didn't know what tomorrow would bring, or how we would make our newfound relationship work, but one thing was for sure: Elena was the love of my life, and I wanted to spend my life with her. Elena yawned, and I kissed her perfect lips one more time,

"I love you, Elena." I said softy.

Her arms tightened around me, "I love you too, Eric." We closed our eyes, and fell asleep.

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