The Island, Chapter 20

The Island, Chapter 20

Chapter 20

After reuniting with the group at the lake, we all trooped back to camp, tired and happy. Janie’s fun with Christopher had left her horny and unfulfilled, so I spent my last remaining energy fucking her before bed, entertaining her with stories of my latest sexual encounters with Alyssa and Alison. I suggested she might need to have a talk with Madison; the girl was a little precocious for her own good. She surprised me by admitting nothing had come of the hunting trip with the field hockey team. They had neither caught a pig nor had any sort of “celebration” of the kind Janie had been looking for. “Are you sure they like women?” she asked plaintively, bouncing on my dick with gusto.

“No question,” I assured her. “They must have not been in the mood after an unsuccessful hunt. Try again tomorrow and things may be different.” We climaxed together in delicious union, then fell asleep happily in each other’s arms.

The following morning dawned cloudy and windy. It looked like rain was on its way. After breakfast and a morning swim, I directed some of the early risers to help secure and cover our supplies so that it wouldn’t get wet. The shower turned out to be fairly minimal, and it was almost enjoyable. The kids, and a few of the adults, capered around in the downpour while it lasted. Soon, however, the squall passed and the sun shone down stronger than ever.

Janie and the hunters again set off to try their luck at getting another pig. I hoped for her sake she also got some pussy while she was out (plus I wanted to hear the story while I fucked her tonight). I roamed the beach aimlessly, lending a hand as Horace and the hippies finished the chicken coop and placed our poultry inside. I fed the goats, who seemed to have adjusted well to camp life. I was amused and a little touched to see a cluster of women around Dkembe. Nothing sets off the mothering instinct like a man suffering from a loss like his. I was glad our community members were so supportive of one another. In fact, I wondered why we seemed to have no bad apples on the beach. It seemed to defy all odds of human behavior. We should have one token asshole, shouldn’t we? As usual, however, my brain seemed not to want to consider unpleasant subjects for very long, and that avenue of thought was cut off internally fairly quickly.

Stu approached me, and asked if I would hear out an idea in Janie’s absence.

“Sure,” I said. “What’ve you got in mind?”

“Remember the beach on the other side of the island, where we found that net?” I nodded. “Well, we’ve been thinking. It’s a little stifling having to be so buttoned-down with all these kids and other people around.” Only a hippie could think of this beach as “buttoned-down,” I thought with amusement. “What if we designated the other beach as a ‘clothing optional’ area? That way we could be more comfortable and not have to worry about offending anyone.”

“I don’t have any problem with that,” I said. “I don’t think Janie will mind either. You’ll probably have to put up with some spying by the kids, but I suspect they’ll get used to it pretty quickly. Adults are the ones that tend to have the hangups about nudity. Why don’t you guys make some kind of sign, and we can talk about posting it when the hunters come back later?”

“Righteous,” Stu opined, giving me a fist-bump. He ambled back to his crew to tell them the news. I chuckled, wondering if everyone would end up gravitating toward the nude beach in the end. We may end up a nudist colony after all! Janie would feel right at home.

I noticed farther down the beach the cheerleaders had organized themselves and seemed to be having their own exercise and cheer session. They must have been inspired by our Tae Kwon Do classes, I thought. I considered wandering over and watching, but I didn’t want to make them self-conscious, or to have them think of me as a pervert (although I freely admit I am). Maybe they would give an exhibition later and we could all watch. The thought had my prick stirring slightly.

My fantasies were interrupted by Tran, who appeared silently at my side, startling me. “You come help my girl?” she asked in her pidgin English.

“Is she hurt?” I asked, alarmed.

“No, no. She need help. Miss Janie say I ask you. You be good to help her. I need to teach her and you help me.”

I was mystified what she meant, but if Janie had told her to ask me it must be all right. I wondered if she wanted medical training. Was she a nurse or something? She led me down the path past the pool, and then around the slope of the larger peak toward the Southeast. We were following a crude trail that had been beaten out of the jungle, and I realized we were heading to the hot springs. Trying to ascertain what exactly Tran wanted of me, I asked, “So, are you in the medical field?”

“No. I do massage. I work in DC but we now move to Korea. My sister start a new place in Seoul. She move from Ho Chi Minh City and want me to come.”

I envisioned she wanted some chiropractic-type advice, and was worried she would be disappointed in my lack of knowledge. Regular MDs didn’t get any training in manipulation these days, just the osteopaths. I was opening my mouth to tell her so, when we rounded a corner and arrived at the hot springs.

Nothing emerged from my mouth, but it hung open nonetheless. Tran and her daughter had arranged a row of seat cushions covered in a towel into a makeshift massage table. There were a couple of buckets next to the water, and another empty one lying on its side. Various bottles and jars stood around the buckets, and behind them sat Truk, wearing a thin white cotton dress.

She smiled and bowed when she saw me, and I returned the greeting, completely perplexed. I looked at Tran questioningly, and she motioned me over to the “table.” “Truk need to learn massage properly. She go to work in my sister parlor when we get to Seoul. If we get to Seoul,” she amended with a small frown. “She need to learn on man. Miss Janie say you be good for training.” She did, did she? I began to get an inkling of what this might entail, but I figured I wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

“This is what you want to do?” I asked the girl. She nodded “yes” shyly. “And you’re OK with this?” I said to her mother.

“Yes, yes!” she insisted. “She must learn. Woman no good for training.”

“OK, I guess. What do you want me to do?”

“Lie on belly.” She handed me a towel, and pointed to the cushions. “Take off clothes and lie here.” I stared at her goggle-eyed for a minute, then shrugged and turned around, stripping quickly and wrapping the towel around my waist. I laid down, wondering what in the hell was going to happen next. I heard the two of them talking in rapid fire Vietnamese, and some banging of buckets and jars. There was a pause, then warm, scented water began pouring over my back. They must have gotten some herbs or something and placed them in some spring water in the bucket. It felt wonderful, and a sigh escaped me. The water started at my head and went all the way to my feet. More Vietnamese peppered the air, and I next felt a soapy rag washing my back. It was a little aggressive, but not painful. It seemed like a good exfoliation. The scrubbing moved down my lower back, and then the towel was dragged down and my buttocks scrubbed just as thoroughly. The towel was replaced over my ass, and then she started on my thighs, gradually making it to my feet. The rag disappeared, and small fingers began digging into the sole of my foot, which was now all sudsy. Using her knuckles and palms, as well as fingers, she hit every pressure point in my foot. I was trying not to shout, but it was pretty painful. I managed to confine myself to mild writhing as the deep massage skipped to my other foot. It was just as brutal on the other side, and I gritted my teeth and waited it out. She finished with the feet, and I untensed gradually, realizing it had actually done me some good.

“Now turn over,” I was instructed. I did so, and was stunned to see Truk completely nude, the dress folded neatly off to the side. She was a tiny thing, about 5’2”, probably less than 100 pounds. She had small breasts, basically tan bumps with fat brown nipples on the tips, and a light spray of straight, black pubes on her mound.

“Hey!” I said with no little alarm. “How old is she? Is this OK?”

“She 14,” Tran replied. “She ready to start work. This how we do things. You be good help and be still.”

Not knowing exactly what else to do, I shut my mouth and closed my eyes. As much as I wanted to ogle Truk’s young body, I just couldn’t do it with her mother standing right next to me. Soon more hot water drenched my body, and the soapy rag began scrubbing my legs, working its way upward. The hands worked their magic on my calves, and then moved up to my thighs. The thought of this young nude Asian girl caressing my thighs just inches from my dick had my boner growing in no time. I was glad I had a towel covering me, but I had to adjust it slightly so it wasn’t tented so obviously. The two exchanged some more words in their language, and the girl giggled slightly. I hoped it wasn’t at my expense. She finished my thighs, the last strokes of her soapy hands brushing my nutsack lightly and giving me shivers. I knew the towel must now be rucked up enough that she was staring at my scrotum. My mind tried to be embarrassed, but my body was pretty happy with the idea, and I couldn’t help getting a thrill while imagining her looking at my balls as her mother sat just feet away. This whole situation, as surreal as it was, was getting me incredibly horny.

Disappointingly the hands pulled away, and I heard some rattling, and the sounds of water swishing. Soon another cascade of hot spring water poured over my hair, and Truk began shampooing me, giving me a wonderful scalp massage in the process. There was something very sensual about having someone else washing my hair, and I was getting goosebumps from the sensation. She massaged my temples, and then started washing my shoulders. I opened my eyes just enough to watch her jiggling little tits as she worked, the thick pencil-eraser nipples looking so appetizing my mouth actually began watering. I flicked my eyes to her face, and was embarrassed to see her looking at me, knowing she had caught me checking her out. A small smile graced her lips, so I guess she didn’t mind.

Her fantastic fingers worked their way down my chest, her fingers running through my chest hairs slowly. She said something to her mother in Vietnamese, and her mother replied. I guess she wasn’t used to seeing body hair on men, perhaps having only seen Asian men so far. The magic hands moved farther south, and I was thrilled to see her leaning farther over me, her taught little belly right over my face as she reached my stomach. The soapy rag went back into the bucket once more, and the next thing I knew, the towel was whisked away, laying my erection bare. Another bucket of warm water cascaded over my groin, and I jumped in surprise. My hands moved instinctively to cover myself, but I forced them back down, not wanting to seem like a prude. If she didn’t mind checking out my cock, and her mother wasn’t bothered, I wouldn’t be either.

Soon the delicious sensation of soapy fingers running through my pubes galvanized me. The little minx slowly caressed my nether regions, just barely touching my penis occasionally, as if by mistake. After what seemed like an hour of suspense, she finally began washing my dick, stroking the shaft slowly with her small hands. She worked her way around my balls, rolling them around, then slid her lathered-up hand into my crack, soaping up my asshole and thoroughly washing the area. I was about ready to explode, my manhood throbbing in time to my racing pulse, and my breath coming in pants, when she stopped and poured another bucket of water over me, washing off the soap.

“Turn over,” she said in a quiet voice.

I did, disappointed my wiener wash was at an end. I didn’t bother with the towel anymore; that ship had sailed. She moved to her collection of bottles and picked one out of one of the buckets. Warm coconut oil shot onto my back, and strong little fingers began working it into my skin. I closed my eyes, enjoying the incredible massage as she unknotted every muscle in my back with her talented hands.

The girl next started on my palms, digging into the small muscles of my hand with the tips of her fingers. After one was done, she worked her way up the arm and worked the kinks out of my shoulder, then started on the other hand and arm. By the time she had finished with the second shoulder, I felt like a limp dishrag I was so relaxed.

Another squirt of oil landed on my ass, and she attacked my glutes with gusto, kneading me like dough. Soon the dancing digits worked their way into my ass crack again, stroking my anus gently and rubbing the oil into the sensitive flesh with almost excruciating care. I moaned softly, and Tran said something to her daughter in Vietnamese. More oil shot onto my legs, and she went to work first on the soles of my feet, much gentler this time, and then on my calf muscles. Her thumbs dug into the tight tissues firmly but with light enough touch that there was no pain. She moved to my thighs, and again her moving fingers brushed my scrotum repeatedly as she unknotted my hamstrings. My dick was now oozing onto the wet towel beneath me, and I was sweating as I tried to maintain control.

She finished my back half, and again requested that I turn over. I rolled onto my back, letting my massive boner flop into view. I watched her take it in, wide-eyed, and she glanced at her mother and said something in their language that caused Tran to laugh and reply in kind. This time she started on my shins, squirting more of the warm oil onto me and working her thumbs up each side of my tibias until she reached my quads. I watched this 14-year-old honey diligently kneading the thick muscles of my upper legs, all the while staring at my rigid cock, just inches from her face. The tip of her little pink tongue protruded from her open mouth, and I imagined that tongue caressing my prick with the same care she was taking with my legs. More precum dribbled out, glistening on my near-purple cockhead.

She finished with the legs, and scooted up next to my head. Squirting some of the fragrant oil onto her hands, she rubbed them together and then started in on my face, gently stroking the planes of my cheeks and forehead, then my jawline and neck. The light caresses were giving me goosebumps again, and I kept my eyes closed so as to fully enjoy the sensation. Soon her rhythmically kneading hands were on my chest, and another shot of oil caused me to open my eyes again. Her little tits were right over my face, the nipples almost brushing my lips as they swayed back and forth in time with the long strokes of her hands down my ribs.

She squirted another gout of warm liquid on my belly and began working that part of me, inching closer to my groin. I was in an agony of anticipation now, my cock aching for attention. I wasn’t sure how far this was going to go, but I was hoping for more. The massage stopped momentarily, and I held my breath waiting to see what would happen. I wasn’t disappointed; another jet of warm oil shot right onto my cock, and her small fingers encircled my shaft and began caressing my most sensitive tissues with light strokes.

“Oh, God yes!” I groaned involuntarily as she finally gave me what I needed. She kneaded my aching meat carefully, one fingertip massaging the glans and mixing my dribbling fluids in with the warm oil. Those tiny hands stroked my dick faster and faster, then moved to my balls, rolling the engorged orbs back and forth as she worked the scented oil into my sack. She paused a moment, and said something to her mother. They conversed for a moment, then Tran said, “You want happy ending, right?”

“Hell yes!” I cried out. “Don’t stop now!”

I opened my eyes, and was treated to the sight of Truk’s gaping pussy just in front of my face. I could smell her sublime cooze, the aroma mingling with the scent of coconut in a heady combination that had me salivating again. She resumed her ministrations on my johnson, one hand working my nuts while the other stroked my shaft ever more vigorously. She was obviously enjoying this, as her little cunny was juicing up nicely, the clear drops of her own lubricant shining enticingly on those thin, brown lips of hers. I exhaled on her pussy, a warm gust of air that made her jump a little in surprise. She continued jerking me off, but now settled a little lower so that her sparse pubes were now brushing my lips. I wasn’t sure if this was part of the standard program, or if she was just angling for a little more stimulation for herself, but I didn’t care. I stuck my tongue out, making contact with her narrow slit and tasting her for the first time. She was divine, a mixture of metallic tang and a sweetness almost like strawberry. She gasped as my tongue probed her dripping little slit, exploring the wrinkled tissues of her cunt lips and clit, and her pumping on my rod increased in speed. I wasn’t going to last much longer, and I inhaled her sexual perfume once more, then drove my tongue deep into her tight vaginal opening. She grunted, settling lower on my face as she frantically worked my boner with a twisting motion that soon had me spurting a massive load right in her overhanging face.

We continued our near-69-ing as my cum-jets erupted one after another, dribbling over her slowing hand and down onto my twitching nuts. Gauging from the muffled groans of her own, and the flood of sweet nectar that filled my mouth, she had reached her own climax at the same time.

Finally her moving hand stilled, and we both sighed heavily, catching our respective breaths. Tran began haranguing the girl in Vietnamese, the rapid-fire phrases sounding more sharp and angry than before. The girl seemed embarrassed, and quickly climbed off me and began wiping up the puddle of cum in my lap with another towel.

“I tell her she not supposed to make you pleasure her,” Tran said apologetically. “This supposed to be about the man enjoyment, not her. She still young and not professional.” She let loose with another tirade that had the poor girl blushing and hunched over in shame as she finished cleaning me up.

“Hey, I enjoyed it,” I protested. “I’m the one who started that. She’s just so beautiful, and was making me feel so good, that I wanted to share the love a little. It’s not her fault. If I broke the rules, blame me.” I turned to the girl, who now appeared a little less upset. “Thank you, Truk. That was the best massage I’ve ever had. I’m going to think of you every time I smell coconut now.”

She giggled, her good humor returned.

“You like coconut?” Tran asked.

“I always have,” I replied. “Now I think I like it even more.”

“You take bottle of oil,” she told me, proffering the item.

“I don’t want to take your massage oil,” I said. “Won’t you need it?”

“I making more already,” she said. “I have many coconut drying so I can press out oil. You take this,” she insisted, thrusting the bottle into my hands.

“Thank you,” I said, surprised. I could definitely think of several uses for the stuff, and the vision of me rubbing it into Janie’s ass in preparation for a good reaming made my limp peter twitch a little despite its recent workout. I groaned and sat up, and Truk hurriedly dipped a small cup into the bucket of cold water she had handy and brought it to my lips.

“You drink so you not get dizzy,” her mother said. “You lose much body fluid, you must get some back.”

I guzzled the cool water, enjoying the sight of my sexy young massage therapist’s tight titties and sparse, fluffy bush as she served me. This was shaping up to be an awesome day!

To be continued….

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