Former Playboy Playmates Part 5: Stephanie and Son

Former Playboy Playmates Part 5: Stephanie and Son

Author’s note: This part of series involving fictional former Playboy Playmates. They are all sisters and will each have two stories – the first one will be interracial, the second will be incest.

This is Stephanie’s second story and it takes place a little over a year after her first story. This story also takes place about four months after part 3 of the series. You don’t have to read either of those, but to sum it up, Stephanie witnesses an incestuous act with her older sister Diane in part 3. This serves as a catalyst for her own incest story, opening up latent naughty desires.

Former Playboy Playmates Pt. 05: Stephanie and Son

¬¬¬Chapter 1

“Hi honey,” Stephanie said, stepping out of her bathroom, a large white towel wrapped around her body.

“What are you doing in mommy’s bedroom?” She asked. There was no one in the room but her.

“Oopsie,” Stephanie undid the towel, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her naked body. “Mommy is so very clumsy.”

Pretending her son, Dan, was sitting on her bed, watching, she continued playing make believe. “I’ll just bend down and pick the towel up, unless you want to take a nice long look at me. I don’t mind, honey.”

“Mom? You there?” Her daughter, Carrie, called to her, making her way up the stairs. Stephanie gasped, quickly picking up the towel.

“In here!” She said wrapping it around her body.

“Who were you talking to?” Carrie asked, barging into her mother’s room.

“Huh? Uh -”

“You called someone ‘honey.’”

“Oh, uh, no, I said, bunny,” Stephanie lied, her eyes darting from side-to-side.

Carrie raised an eyebrow, looking at her mother suspiciously. “Right. Because you posed in Playboy. Playboy Bunny. Gotcha. Anyway.”

Stephanie blushed, sitting on the edge of her bed.

Carrie rolled her eyes, “Listen, I gotta go back to the store and get more groceries for you to take to the cabin tomorrow. Is there anything else you can think of we might need? I don’t want to take a chance of being snowed in without enough food for all of us.”

“Nope, I think we’re good sweetie,” Stephanie replied, still embarrassed.

“Alright, well if you think of anything just call or text me. I’ll be back later,” Carrie said, taking her leave, giving her mother one more look before she left.

Stephanie sighed heavily; her daughter nearly caught her playing pretend. Waiting for the sound of the front door to close, she looked to her right at a pillow where she imagined Dan sitting. “Don’t laugh at your mother, young man. I’ll give you a spanking.”

Stephanie leaned over, pretending to run her hand over Dan’s thigh, “Maybe you’d like that. Hmm?”

Just then images from four months earlier popped into her head. She recalled seeing her older sister, Diane, sucking a cock. The cock belonged to Stephanie’s nephew, Elliot – Diane’s son. Stephanie was a wreck in the few weeks that followed. Unsure of what to think of the incestuous event she secretly witnessed.

As the months passed, she looked at her own son, Dan, differently. She always thought he looked incredible, always thought about flirting playfully with him, but taking inspiration of sorts from Diane, Stephanie couldn’t help but think of him as a grown man with sexual needs.

Then the fantasies started. She pretended Dan would join her in a bubble bath, the shower, her bed, holding her from behind, feeling an erection against her back. Then Stephanie rubbed her clit to her fantasies for the first time two months after seeing Diane and Elliot. She never came so hard in her life. The taboo, naughty fantasy sent her over the edge quicker than sex with any man.

She started flirting more and more with her son, purposely trying to make him feel awkward and uncomfortable, pushing boundaries each time. She would sit on his lap, tickle him, when her daughters weren’t looking, grab his ass. Christmas at her house was quite entertaining – for her. Dan, on the other hand, seemed visibly annoyed and confused by her behavior. Stephanie told herself she’d never cross the line that Diane and Elliot did.

That changed when she masturbated a week ago with a new Christmas present she bought herself. It was a six inch dildo, fairly modest in girth, nowhere near as insane as her other dildos. Stephanie bought it for the sole purpose of pretending the flesh-colored toy was Dan’s penis.

It was much smaller than cocks she had taken in real life, much smaller than her other toys, but that was the point. She didn’t care about Dan’s size – he was her honey. Christmas Day night, when her son and daughters left her home, pretending Dan stayed behind, she sat the dildo on a pillow, climbed on top, guiding it inside her, nearly climaxing immediately.

Moments later, feeling the orgasm building, she thought about Dan lying under her, smiling up at her. “I’m going to do it! I’m going to cum,” she thought. “It’s going to happen.”

She let herself climax, pretending Dan was inside her, no fingers stimulating her. It felt real, it felt wrong, and it felt amazing. After Stephanie’s shaking and convulsing body calmed down, she rolled off the pillow, thinking about her actions. “Would I really do this? Would I really do what Diane did with her son?”

Stephanie had no idea, settling on using the toy to help realize her most naughty of fantasies instead of Dan’s real penis.

On this night, before she and Dan left the next morning to spend a few days in their North Dakota cabin for New Year’s, Stephanie found herself again, sliding a dildo in and out of her. She was pretending she and Dan were having fun before the rest of the family arrived tomorrow night.

She orgasmed again, just before Carrie got back with groceries. She greeted her daughter, helping her put them away, going over plans for the next day of travel. Dan was picking his mother up in the morning, driving a few hours north to the cabin; Stephanie’s daughters would drive up that evening after work.

Stephanie figured she and Dan would have about six hours alone, including time alone in the car. She thought about flirting with him, being affectionate, purposely making him blush. She looked forward to it, but told herself nothing sexual would happen – only in her mind.

She hugged Carrie goodnight, telling her she’d see her tomorrow night. In her room, Stephanie took off her pajamas, climbed in bed, quickly going to sleep pretending Dan was holding her naked body.

Chapter 2

Dan arrived the next morning at 8am, greeted by a braless and panty-less mother. Stephanie hugged him tightly, pressing her large, sweater-covered, breasts against him.

“Ugh, Mom, you’re choking me,” Dan said. “Can’t breathe.”

“Sorry,” his mother giggled, ending the hug.

“You get a haircut since Christmas?” Dan asked, walking past her.

“Yep, just shortened the back some and trimmed my bangs a little,” Stephanie smiled, running her fingers through her blond hair, which now framed her face. “I want to look good for my honey.”

“Your honey? What to do mean?” Dan asked, getting groceries Carrie bought out of the refrigerator.

“You!” Stephanie said, slapping Dan’s butt.

“Ah! Geez Mom,” Dan said, trying to play off her advances. He changed the subject. “This fridge is packed. We should have more than enough if we get snowed in.”

Her 27-year-old son finished loading his SUV, going inside to let his mother know, “You ready? Where’s your luggage, I’ll load it for you.”

“Here,” Stephanie handing him a small suitcase.

“This is it? Where’s the rest? We’re going to be there for a few days,” Dan said.

“Mmhmm, I’m packing light. It’s ok,” Stephanie smiled, grabbing her coat, walking out the front door. She only packed toiletry items, a couple sweaters and jeans, and a bikini for the hot tub. No underwear, bras, or pajamas.

Dan shrugged, making his way to his vehicle, while his mother locked her door.

“I’m so excited!” She said, climbing into the passenger seat. “We’ll get about six hours of alone time. Just me and you!”

“Yeah,” Dan nodded, backing out of her driveway.

“You sound so very excited,” Stephanie joked.

“Nah, it’ll be cool,” Dan nodded, glancing over to her.

“Give me that hand,” She demanded, reaching over to grab his right hand, placing it on her thigh, casually caressing it while he drove.

When Dan exited the interstate, a few snowflakes landed on his windshield.


“Doesn’t that sound nice?” Stephanie asked. She had been talking on and on about the things she and Dan could do before the rest of the family arrived. She mentioned Dan building a fire and joining her on the couch to sip hot chocolate.

“Uh yeah, sure,” Dan said, halfway paying attention, more focused on driving in the increasing snow. They had about an hour before they arrived at the cabin and he wanted to make sure he didn’t make a wrong turn on the back-country roads.

“Humph. Well I think it sounds romantic,” Stephanie pouted, looking out the window.

“Romantic? Really?” Dan laughed.

“Yes. Romantic. You and me, spending quality time together,” Stephanie traced his hand, still on her thigh, with her fingers.

“Mom, you’re,” Dan shook his head. “You’ve been acting a little weird lately.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

“You’ve just been more affectionate lately. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ve been flirting with me. Quite a bit too.”

“Maybe I am. Is this a problem, young man?”

“Heh. Well, I mean, not really. It’s just unusual. Are you lonely? Have you thought about dating someone?” Dan asked, looking to the “Welcome to North Dakota” sign on the side of the road, indicating they weren’t in Minnesota anymore.

“No I’m not lonely. No I haven’t thought about dating. Have you?” his mother asked.


“Well it’s been almost two years since Alice broke up with you. I’m surprised you haven’t found a new woman. I mean look at you,” Stephanie smiled.

“Mom,” Dan sighed.

“Maybe you could let your mother mend your broken heart,” She whispered.

Dan glanced at her smiling face, doing a double take. “See? That’s a little odd, don’t you think?”

“Oh please. I’m just being silly. You need to loosen up a bit. Have fun, flirt back if you want, it’s just me,” Stephanie said.

Dan shook his head, continuing their northwestern drive into North Dakota. “Ok Mom,” he replied, hoping she’d change the subject.

“We’re going to have a wonderful time, trust me,” Stephanie said, squeezing his hand. She meant it too. When her daughters Carrie and Vanessa arrived, with Vanessa’s husband, she knew they would all laugh, eat, and enjoy each other’s company. Carrie was going through a divorce, and seemed more miserable than she was when she was married. It was a sad circumstance, but it would be nice to spend this time at the cabin together.

Chapter 3

They arrived at the cabin a little later, the snowfall picking up quite a bit. Dan unloaded his SUV, his mother helping put groceries away in the kitchen.

“Carrie sure did stock up on booze,” He noted.

“Yep. We’ll be sure to drink it up,” Stephanie winked, jabbing his side.

Dan inspected the cabin, checking out the three bedrooms, making sure faucets worked and so on. He’d be sharing a room with Carrie, Vanessa would be with her husband, and Stephanie would have the master bedroom to herself.

He peeped out on the back deck, seeing the hot tub covered with snow. He had no interest in getting in there, but he recalled fun times playing as a kid, feeling totally warm and comfortable even though the winter air was freezing.

When Dan made his way back to the living room his mother was sitting on the couch, her feet curled up beneath her, sipping on hot chocolate.

“There should be some firewood around back,” Stephanie said.

“Oh right. You want me to build a fire.”

“And join me on the couch. Yes,” Stephanie smiled.

“Ok, give me a few and I’ll get one going for you,” Dan said.

After the room was nice and toasty, the fire roaring, he stood admiring his work. Dan turned around, seeing his mother smile, patting the cushion next to her. He smiled back, indulging her, humoring her, sitting on the couch next to her. Stephanie moved his arm around her, snuggled in close, and gave him his hot chocolate.

“See? This is great. Mom and son, spending quality time together,” Stephanie said, kissing his cheek.

“Yeah Mom. It’s nice.”

Stephanie chuckled, knowing Dan wasn’t entirely thrilled about this, but was being a good sport anyway.

“So do you like my hair?” Stephanie asked, after a few moments of quiet.

“Yeah, it looks nice,” Dan said, sipping his hot chocolate, eyes to the fire.

“Good,” She smiled, initializing her flirting process, running her fingers through Dan’s short hair.

Dan flinched, slightly moving his head away from her. “Does that tickle?” Stephanie asked.

“A little.”

“Well then,” Stephanie sat her hot chocolate on the table in front of the couch. “Maybe this will tickle too.”

She jabbed and tickled at his side, causing him to nearly spill his hot chocolate, “Mom! Careful.”

She took his mug from him, placing it on the table, and resumed her ticklish flirts.

Dan squirmed and tried to move away. “Ok! Ok, that’s enough. You got me,” he said, his hands on Stephanie’s arms, holding his mother still.

She smiled and kissed his lips.

“Mom,” Dan released her arms, looking away.

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t like me giving you a kiss,” Stephanie said.

“No, it’s just,” Dan sighed, sitting up, grabbing his drink for another sip. Stephanie ran her fingernails up and down his back.

“Just what?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder what’s gotten into you. You’re really flirty.”

“I told you I’m just being silly. I said you can flirt back if you want,” Stephanie said.


“Do you want to?”

Dan shrugged, taking another sip, thinking about her words. He wondered if perhaps she was just being silly and having fun. He thought maybe he could loosen up a bit.

Looking over his shoulder at his mother, he placed his mug down, turned around, quickly tickling her sides. Stephanie squealed, laughing as Dan continued tickling her.

“See? I can loosen up,” Dan said.

“Yes you can,” Stephanie replied, snuggling into him, when he sat back on the couch. She put his hand on her hip, kissing his cheek.

“You’re hand is awfully close to my butt.”

“You put it there mom.”

“Mmhmm. You going to grab it?” She asked, kissing his cheek once more.

“I don’t think so. I can tickle and cuddle, but I’m not too sure about that.”

“If you want to, you can,” She whispered in his ear.

“Yeah? I’ll keep that in mind,” Dan said, getting up, walking to the window, and looking at the snow coming down even harder.

“I hope Carrie and Vanessa are able to – ”

Dan’s sentence was interrupted by an older, blonde woman, grabbing his ass. “Ummm,” he said, frozen.

“I’ll grab yours. It’s no big deal,” Stephanie said, pressing her breasts into his back, hoping Dan was feeling uncomfortable.

“Heh, right, yeah,” He gulped. “You can release them now.”

“Aww,” Stephanie released her tight grip on his butt cheeks. She hugged him from behind, her hands trailing up and down his torso. She closed her eyes, breathing in his scent.

“You smell nice, honey.”

“Thanks, I try to bathe regularly,” Dan said moving away from the window, his mother still latching on to him.

“You going to follow me around like that?” Dan chuckled, making his way to the kitchen.

“Maybe. You and I will be inseparable until your sisters get here.”

“Ah I see. So then you’ll stop flirting with me when they arrive?” Dan asked.

“Nope. I’ll just do it more discreetly.”

“You are silly, you know that?”

“Yes, now turn around,” His mother ordered him.

Dan did, looking to her smiling face. “Well?”

“Kiss me.”

Dan laughed. “Really? Ok Mom,” he bent down and kissed her cheek.

“Not like that. Kiss my lips.”

“Ugh, geez,” he sighed, quickly giving her a peck on the lips.

“Better. But maybe a little longer?” she asked, knowing Dan was feeling uncomfortable.

“Mom,” he said.

“Pretend I’m a hot young woman. Pretend I’m a much nicer girl than Alice and I’m treating you much better than she ever did,” Stephanie said.

Dan sighed, shaking his head. “I’ll kiss you once more and then you gotta lay off. I know you’re having fun and being silly, but, I mean, come on. I’m your son.”

“Fine, fine, just kiss me.”

Dan took a deep breath, held her face in his hands, slowly leaning down, closing his eyes and kissed her full lips. It lasted for several seconds, breaking when he thought he heard his mother moan.

“Ok, there. We’re done,” Dan said, backing away, looking through the various cabinets in the kitchen, ignoring a tingling in his spine.

“Oh no we’re not,” Stephanie thought to herself, smiling mischievously, slapping his ass as she walked by him, rejoining her hot chocolate on the couch.

Chapter 4

Stephanie behaved herself – for a little while. She managed to convince Dan to sit on the floor in front of the couch so she could rub his shoulders. She, again, kept it normal up until the end of the massage.

She brought his head back in her lap, bent down, and kissed his lips several times. “Mom! I thought you – ”

“I couldn’t resist! Sorry!” Stephanie pretended to apologize.

Dan wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, glancing to his phone to check the time. He figured his sisters and brother-in-law would arrive in another couple hours. While his mother ran her fingers through his hair again he heard her phone ring in her bedroom.

“Mom, that’s your phone, right?”


“You going to get it?”

“Nope,” she replied, rubbing her hands all over Dan’s head.

A moment later Dan heard the phone beep, indicating a voicemail. “You may want to check it. It could be Carrie or Vanessa.”

“Ugh. Oh all right,” Stephanie getting off the couch, not before purposely bending so her breasts would bang against the back of Dan’s head.

He watched her leave the room, downed his now lukewarm chocolate, and sat on the couch.

Stephanie did receive a voicemail. It was from Vanessa. She called her daughter back, closing her bedroom door.

“Hey mom. It’s snowing really hard here. Normally it’s not a problem, but it’s getting darker and the road is completely covered. I think it’s best we stay here another night. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be better.”

“Oh no,” Stephanie faked disappointment.

“Yeah. We don’t want to take any risks. So it’s you and Dan tonight. We’ll try to make it up there tomorrow,” Vanessa said.

Stephanie’s heart was pounding, trying to calm herself, she replied, “Yes I don’t want you all to drive off the road somewhere in this weather. We’ll be fine here.”

Stephanie glanced out into the living room from her cracked bedroom door, watching Dan sit on the couch. “We’ll be nice and warm here.”

“Ok great. I’ll call you tomorrow,” Vanessa said, ending the call. Stephanie wanted to jump for joy. Instead she slowly removed her clothes and put on her tiny blue bikini.

Dan was startled when his mother snuck up behind him, putting her hands over his eyes. “I have some very good news to share with you.”

“Um, ok?”

Stephanie removed her hands, standing in front of her son in her bikini. “I’ll tell you in the hot tub.”

Dan blinked a few times, his eyes glancing at her hourglass figure, “Uh, well I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

“Then you’ll have to wear your boxers.”

“Mom, please I don’t really feel like – ”

“I’ll be waiting,” Stephanie interrupted him. She smiled, making her way to the back deck area, glancing over her shoulder at Dan entering his bedroom to change.

She shivered outside, dusting off the snow, pulling the lid off. She quickly turned the dial to 99 out of 110 temperature setting – hot but not too hot. Waiting a few moments for the hot tub to start bubbling and heat up the water, Stephanie slid in, her body warming up quickly, making her way across the tub, waiting for Dan.

Dan opened the door to the back deck, shivering as well, making his way to the tub. Stephanie whistled at him, he ignored it and got in, throwing the hot water onto his arms and chest.

“What’s so important that you just HAD to tell me in the hot tub,” Dan asked.

His mother grinned, gliding across the tub, straddling Dan, grabbing his face. “They aren’t coming tonight. Too much snow. It’s going to be just you and mommy.”

Dan’s eyes shot open in fear. When his mother kissed him, hard, he nearly choked. “Mom! Wait!” he managed to push her away, breaking the kiss.

“What? They aren’t coming tonight?”

“Nope. Vanessa said she’ll call me tomorrow and let me know how the roads look. It’s just you and me tonight honey,” Stephanie said, still holding his face, kissing his lips again.

Dan squirmed, attempting to break the kiss. “Ok, wait. Wait!”

Stephanie backed away, sitting on his lap instead of straddling him. Dan caught his breath.

“Alright. That’s fine,” he said, calming himself down. “Maybe we could play cards or something. Since there’s no TV.”

“We could. Or maybe, we could play another game,” Stephanie suggested.

Dan closed his eyes, thinking he needed to suggest non-flirty things to do, innocent games. He glanced down to her thigh in the bubbling water, then slowly looked up her abdomen and large breasts. “Ok, what other game could we play,” he asked nervously.

“Truth or dare?”

Chapter 5

“Mom, no, we aren’t playing truth or dare. I’m 27, not 17,” Dan rolled his eyes.

“Yes we are. I’ll be right back,” Stephanie said, getting off his lap, Dan looking to her nearly bare ass in her thong bikini.

“Shit,” he thought.

Stephanie returned with booze. She poured herself some wine and Dan a strong rum and coke. “Drink up,” she smiled.
Dan obliged, wincing at the burn of the rum in his mouth. He wasn’t much of a drinker, but short of being mean to his mother and hurting her feelings, he decided to drink up and play along with her little games.

After guzzling his rum, shaking his head, “That was a little too strong, Mom.”

Stephanie sipped her wine, straddling her son once again. “Ready to play?”

“I guess,” Dan shrugged.

“Good. Truth or dare?”

“Truth, it’s always going to be truth,” Dan said.

“Fine,” Stephanie rolled her eyes. “Sex. When was the last time you had it?”

“Ugh. I should’ve known you’d ask,” Dan said. Pausing a moment, he quietly replied, “Alice.”

“THAT long!?!” his mother exclaimed.

“Yes. That long. There aren’t exactly many women in the small town I live in.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” Stephanie caressed his face, then hugged him tightly in the hot tub. “Two years is way too long.”

“Yeah, well, whatever.”

“Ok my turn,” she smiled.

“Truth or dare?” Dan asked.


Dan paused again, thinking of a mundane question to ask. “Where, um, did you have any boyfriends when you lived in Atlanta?”

Stephanie burst out laughing, “Horrible! I will answer the same question I asked you.”

“Mom, that’s not how the game works.”

“Three months,” Stephanie said.

“Three months? You had sex three months ago?”

Stephanie didn’t reply, she only asked, “Truth or dare?”

“Again, truth.”

“What’s the wildest thing you and Alice did in bed?”

“Mom,” Dan closed his eyes, shaking his head. “Do we really need to play this game?”

“We can play strip poker instead.”

“We tried back door stuff. Anal,” Dan answered immediately, ignoring his mother’s strip poker suggestion. He grabbed his glass, hoping to catch some melted ice and left over rum.

“I’ll get you a refill,” his mother said, taking his glass, stepping out of the hot tub.

“I’m going to need more to get through this night,” Dan thought to himself.

A moment later, Stephanie returned, sitting hard on Dan’s lap. “Careful,” he winced.

“I’m sorry. Do you need to adjust yourself? Or do you want me to do it?” Stephanie winked at her son.

Dan didn’t reply, slipping his hand under the water, adjusting his balls and shaft so his mother’s weight wouldn’t crush them.

“Better?” She asked handing him his glass. Dan nodded, taking a sip, watching his mother straddle him again, trying not to glance at her breasts.

“Ok my turn,” Stephanie said. “What’s the wildest thing I’ve done sexually?” She asked herself out loud. Dan quietly sipping his drink.

“Well, there was the college student. She was so sweet,” Stephanie said. Dan’s eyes shot open. He said nothing. “We hung out a few times before I moved away from Atlanta. She loved playing with these,” Stephanie added, moving her shoulders, causing her breasts to jiggle.

Dan closed his eyes, “Please hurry up,” he said to himself, begging the rum to get him drunk enough to where he didn’t feel as uncomfortable.

His mother kept going. “Then there was a threeway.”

Dan face reddened again, “This is a nightmare,” he thought, closing his eyes, gulping his rum.

“Gosh, that was a wild experience. They were both going In and out – ”

“Just answer the question!” Dan gritted his teeth, glaring at his mother.

“Hey, you don’t have to be mean. I was thinking of an answer,” Stephanie sipped her wine, loving how crazy she was driving Dan. She sighed, setting her glass on the side of the tub, wrapping her arms around Dan, kissing his cheek.

“Promise you won’t be mad?” she asked.

“Mad? About what?”

She kissed his neck and jaw line, “About the wildest thing I’ve done. It involves someone you know.”

The alcohol taking effect, his spine tingling from her kisses again, “Mom, it’s fine.”

“Patrick,” Stephanie answered.

“Patrick?” Dan asked, referring to his soon-to-be former brother-in-law, his sister Carrie’s husband.

“What about him?”

Stephanie sat up, running her hands up and down Dan’s chest. “Your mommy is naughty. A naughty mommy-in-law too.”

“You slept with Patrick? Are you serious? No way. Did Carrie know?”


“Is it why they are divorcing?”

“Not that I know of. Patrick vowed to keep it a secret.”

“Mom, I can’t believe that! You really had sex with your son-in-law?” Dan asked, the alcohol not causing him to be as angry.

“I did. Are you mad?”

Dan rested his head on the edge of the tub. “Well, I don’t know. I mean, if it didn’t cause the divorce. It’s still pretty messed up though. Was he the last one you did that with?”


“Heh, lucky bastard.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Stephanie asked, a small smile forming on her face.

“Well I mean, he has, or had a hot looking mom-in-law. He’s kinda lucky. AND he got lucky with her,” Dan took another huge gulp of the rum.

“Are you telling me that you think I’m hot, young man?”

“Oh crap. Uh, I meant, you aren’t a bad looking lady,” Dan answered, the liquor causing him to not be careful with his words.

“Well thank you. You take after your mother,” Stephanie winked.

“Wow, can’t believe that little twerp got it on with his mom-in-law.”

“Truth or dare?” his mother asked.

“Oh right. I forgot, the game. Truth.”

“Did you ever look at my Playboy photos when you were younger?” she asked.


“Liar. Are you saying you never once were curious?”

“Mom, I’m not lying. I didn’t look because those pictures weren’t for family members to see. You didn’t take them for your son to look at it. That’d be weird.”

“You never once wondered what these looked like?” Stephanie asked, again, jiggling her tits.

Dan shrugged. “Barely. I tried not to think about it.”

“Would you like to see them now?” his mother asked.

“Oh geez. No. Alright? No,” Dan answered, growing more agitated, taking another sip, hoping the rum would keep him from fussing at his mother, hurting her feelings.

“Listen, I’m getting tired. It’s been a long day,” Dan said.

“Awww, don’t leave. Stay with me. Please?” Stephanie said, kissing at his cheek and lips again.

“Mom,” Dan said. He gently pushed her away, his hands going to her waist under the water. They stared into each other’s face for a moment.

“Can’t believe you and Patrick,” he said.

“Look, I walked in on your sister cheating on him. Alright? I felt horrible for him. He’s always been so sweet to me, it just happened,” Stephanie said, her hands going to Dan’s, sliding them around to her lower back. “We did it for several months. Then he decided he needed to divorce Carrie and move on with his life. I just helped him get through that rough time.”

Stephanie paused, running her fingers over Dan’s shoulders. “Carrie never knew about Patrick and I, but I’m glad I was able to help him move on. I sort of helped him realize he deserved better than what my daughter was giving him. There was a girl he dated in college, I suggested he call her up and see where it goes.”

Dan and Stephanie were quiet for a few moments, the information she told Dan sinking in.

Dan smiled, “I bet he did enjoy it.”

“I know he did,” Stephanie caressed Dan’s face. “Sex with me is very enjoyable.”

Dan gulped, cleared his throat, feeling blood rushing to his crotch. “Um, yeah, well, I think I’ll head inside now.

“Me too,” his mother slowly grinded her hips into what she thought was a growing erection.

Chapter 6

“I’m going to shower,” Dan said, stumbling to the bathroom.

“I’ll join you,” his mother said again.

“No, no, you aren’t showering with me. I won’t be long, just wait.”

“Are you scared of me seeing you naked?” she asked. “We can turn the lights off. It’ll be pitch black.”

“No, no, we aren’t doing that. It’d be a little too weird,” Dan slurred.

His mother nodded, slowly looking downward, sticking her bottom lip out, pouting.


Dan sighed, a few moments later, feeling his mother lather up his back with soap in the shower. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Relax. This’ll be nice. I’ll clean your back, you can clean mine,” She said, running her hands over his back in the pitch black bathroom.

“Turn around,” she said. “Sorry in advance if I accidentally grab something. It’s hard to see in here.”

Dan reluctantly turned around, staring forward in the darkness, while his mother lathered up his chest and stomach with soap.

“Alice never did this?”


“That’s a shame. So many wonderful things can happen in shower,” Stephanie said.

She leaned into him, pressing her bare breasts against his upper abdomen. “Geez mom,” Dan said, backing away a bit after feeling her tits on his skin.

“It’s just me.”

“I know, but still.”

“You don’t like big boobs up against you?” she asked.

“Mom, please, let’s just rinse off and get out of here.”

“You going wash down there? Or do you want me to do it?”

“I’m perfectly capable of cleaning myself,” Dan said, quickly washing his crotch and ass. “There, done. I’m getting out now.”

“But you didn’t wash my back!” Stephanie said, hearing Dan pull back the curtain and leave.

“Sorry!” he called out to her, grabbing his towel, exiting the bathroom.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, putting on some socks,” This is crazy. She’s crazy.” He climbed in bed, hoping his sisters would be able to join them tomorrow. He was still in shock that she slept with Patrick, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but think how lucky the guy was to have a mother-in-law like his mother.

Taking a few deep breaths, thinking about the next day, he heard a knock at his door. “Oh no. Please just go to bed,” he whispered.

“Honey? I need to borrow some clothes,” She said, knocking again.


Stephanie entered his room, a towel wrapped around her body. “Wouldn’t you know I forgot to pack pajamas!”

“I’m not surprised,” Dan muttered, rolling over onto his side, facing away from his mother.

“I’ll just grab some of your boxers and a t-shirt,” She said, rummaging through his bag. Dan heard her towel drop to the floor as she changed into his under garments.

“There, much better. Now then, come to bed,” she said.

“I am in bed.”

“No. Come to my bed.”

“I’m not going to your bed. That’s your room, this is my room. Goodnight.”

Stephanie was quiet. Dan sat up, seeing his mother standing, looking down, her bottom lip stuck out, pouting.


“Mmm, there we go. Nice and warm with my honey,” Stephanie said a few moments later, climbing into her bed, in Dan’s arms. He rolled his eyes, staring to the ceiling.

She moved Dan’s arm to her waist, her breasts pressing against his chest, and kissed at his jaw and neck again. “I’m so lucky to have a nice looking young man to keep me warm.”

“Mmhmm,” Dan replied, his eyes shut tight.

Stephanie turned his face to her, kissing his lips hard, moaning. “Goodnight honey.”


Stephanie smiled, reaching behind her, guiding Dan’s hand to her ass. He grunted in annoyance, quickly moving his hand, hoping his sisters would arrive as early as possible tomorrow.

Stephanie smiled, sitting up in bed, looking at her son, his eyes shut. She thought to herself, ”I hope your sisters stay home another day.”

Chapter 7

The next morning Dan woke to the smell of bacon and the sight of his mother, in his boxers and t-shirt, cooking eggs.

“Hi there. I sure did sleep wonderfully. I had a gorgeous man to snuggle with,” Stephanie greeted him upon his entry to the kitchen.

He said nothing, not in the mood for her inappropriate flirts and dialogue.

Sitting down at the small table, she filled his plate with bacon and eggs. “Look outside. It’s a winter wonderland.”

Dan glanced to his left, seeing the fresh snow covering everything.

“We can get in the hot tub again to warm up,” Stephanie said, standing behind him, rubbing his shoulders.

“Maybe they’ll arrive later today. We can all get in there,” Dan spoke up, hoping the rest of the family would get there soon and save him.

“Maybe. They’ll call me soon and let me know how the roads down there are.”

Dan was quiet the rest of the morning, keeping himself busy, mostly outside to avoid his mother. He fought with himself, with his cock, with his thoughts, acknowledging how good it felt to have her snuggled up against his body. He tried thinking of how much he missed his ex-girlfriend, only to have his mother’s words ‘Maybe you could let your mother mend your broken heart’ ring in his head.

After running out of things to do outside, plus being cold and wet from the snow, Dan went inside. He saw his mother on the back deck, sweeping snow off the hot tub. He took off his wet coat, boots, gloves and sat down in a chair.

Stephanie came in a few minutes later, Dan ignored her. Stephanie kicked off her boots, still wearing only boxers and a t-shirt and walked over to Dan.

“You’re all wet,” She said, patting the leg of his pants. She pushed Dan back against the chair, moved his arms, and slowly lowered herself on him, straddling him.

“Mmm,” she moaned, her crotch coming into contact with his. “I’m wet too.”

Dan picked up on the innuendo, looking away.

“See?” She asked, taking Dan’s hand to her waist so he could feel her damp shirt. “All the snow out there. Some got on me when I cleaned the deck.”

She tipped his chin back with her index finger, kissing him slowly, their eyes closing. “I’ll fix lunch soon,” she said, getting off his lap.

Dan gulped, his breathing rate increased, watching her move away in his boxer shorts, her hips swaying. He struggled to stop the erection from growing. He quickly made his way to his room, shut the door, got on dry clothes and lay down.

Stephanie was busy making sandwiches when she heard her phone ringing in her bedroom. She rushed to it, seeing it was Vanessa.

“Hi,” she said. “How’s the weather down there?”

“Pretty bad. It’s been icing . We lost power too,” Vanessa answered. “The roads don’t look any better from what I can tell.”

“Oh no. Does that mean?”

“Yes. I’m sorry mom. We can’t come up in this mess,” Vanessa said.

Stephanie was already stepping out of Dan’s boxer shorts, “Oh my, I’m so sorry. We will miss you.”

“Yeah, hope you guys are ok there. You should have more than enough food. Is the weather bad there?”

“It just snowed a lot,” Stephanie said, pulling Dan’s t-shirt off, climbing on her bed.

“Ok mom, well I better go. Again I’m sorry. I know you were looking forward to all of us being there. But at least you can spend some quality time with Dan,” Vanessa said.

“Uh huh,” Stephanie replied, her fingers plunging into her pussy.

“See you when you two get back in a couple days. I love you,” Vanessa said.

“I love you too,” Stephanie hung up, grinned, tossing the phone aside and furiously began rubbing her clit with one hand, the other, sliding three fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

Across the hall, Dan had drifted off to sleep. He thought he was dreaming when he heard his mother moan from across the hall. He sat up in bed, “Mom? Did we – ” he didn’t finish the thought, seeing he was alone. He laid back down to finish his nap.

Chapter 8

Stephanie behaved for the rest of the evening, fixing a wonderful meal for her and her son. They finished a couple wine bottles, both were feeling tipsy.

“Dessert is in the hot tub, honey,” Stephanie said.

“Mom, I’m not getting in the hot tub. I’m not playing truth or dare.”

“We don’t have to. I just want to enjoy the hot water with you.”

Dan shook his head. “So they aren’t coming at all?”

“No, the weather is still bad there. It’s just you and me,” she smiled.

“Mom, you gotta calm down tonight. Alright?”

“I’m very calm.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Just join me in the hot tub. It’ll be ok, I promise,” Stephanie said, taking her and his plates to the kitchen. “Go out there, turn it on, and I’ll join you.”

“Don’t try any funny business,” Dan mumbled. “I should say no.”

Stephanie ignored him, cleaned the dishes, and then changed into her tiny blue bikini. Several minutes later, she arrived, finding Dan’s arms crossed, leaning back in the tub.

Stephanie started with his feet. She sat across from him, grabbing them and massaging them. “Feel good?” she asked.


She kissed them, then moved her way up his calf, watching him relax. Next were his thighs. She sat in the middle of the tub, in between his legs, rubbing both of his thighs, staring at his closed eyes.

“You like this?” she asked.

Dan nodded. Stephanie moved closer, her large breasts coming to rest on Dan’s crotch, feeling an erection. She stood, slowly straddling him once more, bringing her crotch on top of his.

“I can feel that you like it,” she whispered in his ear.

“Mom, please,” Dan said.

Stephanie placed more kisses along his neck and ear, “I like it too. A lot”

Dan winced, his erection painfully throbbing against her warm body. “I uh,”

“Relax. Let me take care of you,” Stephanie thought, holding his arms down, kissing lips. “Mmmm,” she moaned, her tongue lightly lapping against his lips.

Slowly grinding her hips against his crotch, she thought about crossing the line, she thought about the bad weather at home being a sign, she thought about witnessing her sister and nephew as a catalyst for awaking her own urges. Stephanie didn’t realize, as these thoughts ran through her mind that she was making out with her son.

Dan was lost in her kisses, her tongue, her moans. She was so very good at kissing, not too much tongue, not too little – far better than Alice.

Alice. He thought of her. “Wait,” he told himself. “This isn’t right.”

“Mom,” he broke the kiss, Stephanie nibbled at his bottom lip. “Get off me.”


“Get off me!” He pushed her away, adjusting his erection and stood. “We gotta stop. You’re killing me here.”

“Honey, I don’t – ”

“No. No more playing around, no more of this,” Dan said, motioning to the tub. He grabbed his towel, drying his face.

“But I thought you could play with me, if you wanted to,” Stephanie said, standing in the middle of the hot tub.

“No, no more playing. This isn’t right,” Dan said, turning to head inside.

Stephanie made a decision, one fueled by lust and desire for Dan. She quickly undid her bikini top. “Dan.”

“What?” He called over his shoulder.

“Are you sure you don’t want to play with me?”

“I told you I – ” Dan turned around, eyes wide open, frozen. He watched his mother drop the blue bikini top in the bubbling water. His mouth hung open. He couldn’t turn away from her breasts.

“I, uh, I,” He stuttered, watching his mother step out of the tub, walking toward him.

“It’ll be our little secret,” She said pulling him in for a kiss. His hands went to her waist, pulling her close to his body as they kissed.

Coming to his senses, he broke the kiss, grabbed his towel and ran inside to his room, closing the door behind him.

“This is insane. This is a nightmare,” he said, sitting on the side of the bed. “Is this really happening?”

Dan looked to the erection in his boxer shorts. “No. It can’t be. This has got to be some sort of bad dream.”

There was a knock at his door. “Please don’t come in,” he thought. She did. Not saying a word, Stephanie, still topless, entered Dan’s room.

His eyes went to the floor, avoiding looking at his mother’s body. She kneeled in front of him, tipping his chin with her index finger once more, “Dan, let me take care of you.”

He shut his eyes, shaking his head, “It’s wrong.”

“Please, honey, please let me take the edge off.”

Dan shook his head again.

“It’ll be our little secret. When we leave here, things will be back to normal.”

Dan glanced at her smiling face, he felt like a young kid, being asked by his mother to do something he was unsure off. “You won’t tell anyone?” he asked.

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Stephanie, on her knees, moved forward, her large breasts resting on Dan’s crotch.

She gently placed her fingers into the waistband of his boxer shorts. “May I?”

Her sweet smile, adorable face, beautiful breasts, he couldn’t say no. Dan slowly nodded his head.

Pulling his boxers down, Stephanie’s eyes lit up, “Oh wow, oh wow!” she thought, seeing his erection. It was all hers.

“Beautiful, just as I knew it would be,” Stephanie said, a hand going to the base of Dan’s cock. He closed his eyes.

“Hey, it’s fine,” she said, slowly stroking. “It’s just me. I’m going to take care of this.”

“Mom,” Dan whispered.

She engulfed his cock, his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Stephanie moaned, tasting the most delicious cock she had ever tasted. She immediately slid a finger of her free hand into her bikini bottoms, furiously rubbing her clit. She was in heaven. “I’m doing it! I’m actually doing it,” She thought.

Lovingly servicing Dan’s cock, rubbing her own clit, Stephanie felt euphoric. “Mom,” Dan said. “Stop.”

Popping his cockhead out of her mouth, she smiled at him, “Enjoying it, honey?”

“I um, I don’t think I can last long,”

“That’s fine,” She grinned. “You can go in my mouth. I would love to taste you.”

“Are, are you sure?”

“Of course. Don’t worry about a thing and let me drink you up,” Stephanie answered.

Dan took a deep breath; he couldn’t believe this was happening, that he was letting his mother do this, that he was going to allow himself to ejaculate in her mouth.

Stephanie resumed, jacking his shaft with one hand, sucking on that bulbous tip with her mouth, her other hand playing with her clit. This was real, it wasn’t a toy, this was really her honey.

Dan started shaking, watching his mother work. “Ahhh,” he groaned.

“Cum in my mouth, cover my tongue, I want this so bad,” Stephanie thought, feeling her own orgasm approaching.

“Here it,” Dan gulped, unable to stop his balls from emptying, feeling them tense up. “Comes,” he finished his sentence.

“Yes! Yes!” Stephanie screamed in her head. “Give that cum!” she thought. Her own body began tensing, her pussy spasming.

Then she tasted it - that delicious salty semen erupting from Dan’s cock. “Uhnnn” Dan moaned loudly as he ejaculated.

Stephanie’s mouth began to fill with cum, her legs began shaking, she was moaning, hungrily sucking every last drop from Dan while her own orgasm washed over her.

Dan, out of breath, lay back on the mattress, eyes to the ceiling, in shock. He couldn’t believe he let her do that. Stephanie was still on her knees, recovering from her own orgasm, licking, kissing, and lapping up semen and saliva from Dan’s dick. She cleaned it thoroughly, climbed on the bed, snuggling with Dan.

“Thank you, honey. That was delicious,” She kissed his cheek.

“Yeah,” he said, catching his breath.

“Did you like it? Did mommy do a good job?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good. Do you want mommy to do it again. Because I would love to.”


“Mmmm, good. Rest up and I will,” Stephanie kissed his cheek, resting her head on Dan’s shoulder.

He replayed the best blow job he ever received in his mind several times, holding her against him, wondering why he felt no guilt or shame.

Chapter 9

“Mmm, I love it. I love it. So good,” Stephanie was saying an hour later, Dan lying on his back, watching her head bob up and down on his cock.

“I love the way you taste, Dan,” She was sliding her tongue up and down his shaft, covering it with drool. “Mommy loves taking care of you.”

Dan said nothing, silently watching his mother work, still in shock.

“I could do this all day,” Stephanie said. “In fact, I think that’s what we’re going to do. Do me a favor? When you feel like cumming, let me know and I’ll stop for a moment, then keep going. Mommy will be playing with herself while she’s working. Is that ok?”

Dan cleared his throat, “Uh sure.”

“Good. Now you lay there, relax, and let me suck this thing the rest of the afternoon. If I get a little loud when I have an orgasm, it’s ok,” Stephanie said.

Dan watched his mother for the next few hours suck his cock, her hand in her bikini bottoms, playing with herself while she did. He was in awe, unable to focus hard enough to cum again, mesmerized by this gorgeous woman taking so much pleasure in sucking his cock.

“Oh shoot! I need to fix us some dinner!” Stephanie exclaimed, after another self-induced orgasm subsided. It had been three hours of sucking Dan’s cock raw. Her jaws were also starting to hurt a bit, but she didn’t care.

“Do your mother a favor and let me taste you before I go cook dinner,” Stephanie said.

Dan nodded, watching her suck his cockhead, her cheeks sinking inward with each hard suck. It felt so good, so perfect. He loved the sounds she made, the slurping noises, the soft moans, the loud cries of pleasure while she simultaneously masturbated.

After he filled her mouth again, she thanked him, kissed his cheek, and made her way to the kitchen, still topless. Dan was alone, staring at the ceiling once more. “This is real,” he told himself. “She spent most of the day giving me a blow job.”

Dan sat up, gathering his thoughts. He rummaged through his bag, getting some new boxers, pajama pants and a t-shirt. Fully clothed, walking to the bed room door, a single thought hit him, “I loved it.”

He left the room to join his mother in the kitchen.

Stephanie was naked. She had kicked off her bikini bottoms and was busy cooking spaghetti. Dan stood, mouth agape, watching her.

“Oh hi there!” she called out to him. “Aww, you put on pajamas. I was hoping you’d get naked with me.”

“Um, I,” Dan said, watching her move about the kitchen, staring at her ass.

“Well, call it a hunch, but I think you and I will be naked together later tonight,” Stephanie winked.

Dan was quiet throughout dinner, his mother talking on and on about random, normal things, still naked. He watched her put the plates and silverware in the sink.

“Join me in the shower,” Stephanie said, kissing his cheek, walking pass him.


The lights were on in the bathroom this time. They were passionately making out.

“Are you going to let me clean you down there?” Stephanie asked, breaking their kiss. Dan smiled and nodded. He watched her lather up his cock and balls, tenderly cleaning them, rinsing them off, and then giving his cockhead a quick kiss.

“Would you clean me?” She asked. Dan grabbed the soap, his mother turning around, her back against him.

He lathered up her large breasts and stomach, his hands all over her. Stephanie moaned, extending her arms above her head, behind Dan’s neck. “Wow,” he whispered.

“You like them?” his mother asked.

“Yeah,” he replied, squeezing her handfuls of tit flesh.

“Clean me down there too,” Stephanie said. “No need to be shy.”

One of Dan’s hands traveled down his mother’s soapy body, the other still massaging a tit. “There we go, just like that,” She said.

“I can do this,” Dan told himself, encouraging his hand to go to a forbidden area. He kept sliding it down, reaching her trimmed pubic hair. He kept going, urging himself southward, his hand traveling over her clitoral hood, over her labia lips, covering her in soap.

“Yes, that’s it,” she said. “Clean me, rub me,” she grabbed his hand, holding it in place.

Dan knew what she wanted. He placed slow kisses on her neck, tweaked and pinched her nipple, and then guided two fingers inside her. She was so warm, so wet, and again, so perfect.

“Mmm,” She moaned. Dan kept sliding his fingers in and out of her.

“Here, work this area some more,” She said, guiding his hand to her clit. “Rub me really good there.”

Dan thought about Alice, the last pussy he had touched; she always liked it this way too. This was different though. This woman, Stephanie, wasn’t some woman who might dump him a couple years after “falling out of love”, or a woman who would be dissatisfied with his skills, or lack thereof, in bed. This woman loved him unconditionally. Rubbing her clit, kissing her neck, massaging her breast, he felt this woman orgasm in his arms, right there in the steaming shower.

When his mother’s climax ended, she turned around, grabbed his face, kissing Dan with all her might. “I love you. You know what’s next?” she asked.

Dan shook his head.

“We’ll dry off, go to bed, and this,” she said, grabbing his erection, “is going inside me.”

“Are, are you sure?”

Stephanie kissed him again, answering his question non-verbally. She broke the kiss, “Mmhmm, we’re going to have a busy night ahead of us.”

She kissed him again, then stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel, making her way to her bedroom.

Dan was alone, thinking about his situation. “We’re going to have sex. We’re going to – ” he couldn’t complete the sentence, disbelief, mixing with some form of excitement taking over.

Chapter 10

“There you are. Get in here!” Stephanie said, pulling away the towel wrapped around her son’s waist.

She pushed him on the bed, tickling his sides, climbing on top of him. “This is going to be so much fun. Are you ready?” She asked, sitting on his throbbing erection, running her hands over his chest.

“I think so,” he smiled weakly.

She leaned down, kissing his lips, “Don’t be afraid. This won’t change things for the worse, I promise. Ok?”


She kissed him again, whispering, “Make love to me.”

Dan sat up, his fingers going through his mother’s hair, kissing her in return. Stephanie grabbed the base of his cock, guiding it to her dripping wet cunt, slowly lowering herself down on it. “There we go,” she smiled.

Dan was inside her – all the way. She rested her hands on his shoulders, shaking lightly, “I did it.”


“You’re inside me. You feel so good,” She opened her eyes. “I’ve wanted this for awhile, maybe years and didn’t even realize it.”

“I, I don’t think I will last long doing this either,” Dan admitted.

Stephanie laughed, “Shut up. I don’t care about that. I just want to feel you explode in me, knowing I caused it, is all I need.”

Dan nodded, mother and son gazing into each other’s eyes, “Are you ready?” she asked.

“Good. Keep looking in my eyes. I want to see your face when you,” Stephanie paused, “cum in me.”

“Ok,” he smiled.

“I love you,” his mother said.

“I love you too.”

Her hands resting on his shoulders, Stephanie rose up to squatting position, paused and impaled herself on his cock again. “Yes,” She thought; the real thing inside of her, not her dildo.

She did it again, Dan wincing with pleasure, his eyes not looking away from hers. A third time, she squat up and down on his cock, watching his face. His moved his hands to her waist to support her.

“This is amazing,” she said aloud, her son agreeing.

Stephanie started going faster, her mission, to make Dan cum inside her. “Dan,” she whimpered, bouncing up and down on his cock. “I love you. Give it to me.”

“Mom! You feel so good,” he said, grabbing her waist, watching her tits bounce with her.

Dan closed his eyes, her pussy walls, sliding up and down his shaft, giving him so much pleasure. “Look at me. Don’t close your eyes,” Stephanie said.

She was getting out of breath, squatting up and down, “So good,” she managed to say.

“I won’t last much longer,” Dan said, in between breaths.

“Good, fill me. Give me everything, honey,” his mother said. “I won’t stop bouncing, until you tell me to.”

“Ahhh, uhnnn,” he moaned, feeling his balls tighten again, his cock tingling. “Yes!”

Stephanie bounced several more times, then stopped when she felt the first spurt of semen against her cervix. “Oh Dan, yes, fill me up,” she cried, her legs wobbling, his warm cum splashing inside her, sending her to her own climax.

She felt another spurt inside her, Dan moaning, his face contorted. Stephanie started bouncing again, faster this time, her pussy milking his cock dry, her own orgasm coursing through her. She grabbed the back of his head, holding it still, her forehead against his, cumming hard on his cock – harder than ever before. There was no cock more perfect than his.

When her orgasm subsided, both were out of breath, Dan easing back on the mattress, holding his mother in his arms, his cock still embedded in her. “Wow,” he said.

Stephanie was still shaking, saying “I love you” over and over again, kissing at neck.

After a few moments, having caught their breath, Dan spoke up, “Maybe this could continue when we get back home.”

Stephanie rose up on her elbows, smiling at her son, “That’s music to my ears.”

Dan chuckled, holding her close, “Yep. That Patrick is one lucky little bastard.”

“No,” Stephanie said. “He WAS. And only for a brief time. You ARE now until you no longer desire me.”

“To be honest, I think I’ll desire you for a very, very long time.”

Chapter 11

The next morning, Stephanie was woken up by her cell phone. It was 11:30 in the morning, she was exhausted and sore – in a good way.

She answered the phone, Vanessa saying hello on the other end. Stephanie looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a total mess, her huge breasts were covered in hickeys due to the hours of Dan sucking them, worshiping them with his mouth. Her nipples were sore. Her legs were weak and sore. Her pussy was slightly chafed and her back hurt. She couldn’t help but smile.

Dan was no better. His cock was hypersensitive, sore to the touch. His butt muscles were sore due to pumping and pounding Stephanie. He listened to his mother chat with his sister, a smile on his face.

“Ok great. We’ll see you tomorrow then. I’m glad the weather cleared up. Oh I know. But we can come back here again, maybe in the summer,” Stephanie was saying.

She ended the call, joining Dan back in bed.

Later they showered, Dan slowly gliding his cock in and out of her from behind, kissing her neck, squeezing her breasts. He didn’t care if he was sore, she didn’t either. They kept going and going, cumming all day.

After dinner, they were in the hot tub, relaxing, making out for an hour or so. They were attempting to let their sex organs take a break, enjoying each other’s company.

“Truth or dare?” Dan asked, breaking the kiss.

“Truth,” his mother replied.

“What in the world happed here?” Dan laughed.

“We crossed a line,” she smiled.

“I know that, but how? Why? What caused this?”

“I think these urges have been in me for awhile now. Something woke them up.”

“What woke them up?” Dan asked.

“Your Aunt Diane.”


Stephanie leaned kissing, nibbling at his ear, “She and your cousin, Elliot, are like this.”

“They are?”

“Mmhmm, and I saw them in the act.”

“Wow,” Dan said.

“Truth or dare?” she asked.


“Are you ok? You and I have been getting it on so much in the last 24 hours, we haven’t talked much. Are you fine with us being like this?” his mother asked.

Dan paused a moment, looking into her loving, sweet face. “Mom, yes, of course I am. This has been the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I was reluctant at first, but when I gave in,” He paused, grabbing a breast, bringing it to his mouth, gently kissing a nipple.

Stephanie arched her back, allowing Dan to keep tenderly kissing her sore nip

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Nerd son and Mom

Nerd son & Mom A Mom and her Nerdy son, a four-part story of becoming a cum slut. Janet Bigs was a 38-year-old widow, she had red hair, a set of 38E tits an ass she kept tight by working out three days a week. Janet was a MILF. Her son Wally was a small boy for his age but being a sophomore in high school he had several years yet to grow. Wally was he class brain, so kids were always asking him with help on their homework. He tried out for the soccer team he just made the cut...


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Oh, Ollie Introduction

My best friend, Oliver, was the kind of guy any girl would go crazy over. Since he used to be a key player in our school's track team, he easily had the body to leave girls drooling, but that's not what kept their attention. Oliver was kind, but not a push-over, smart, but not a know-it-all, protective, but not jealous, and just an overall great person. His hazel eyes were always full of emotion and he always knew what to say. That's what kept the girls coming back. I, on the other hand, was not the kind of girl you would...


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