Delila Spell

Delila Spell

Delila Spell




Part 1


     They say seeing is believing, that everything in the universe can be explained with a logical background. They say that people in their nature will lean towards fiction and the paranormal because under all the na say excuses it promises the idea of making something out of nothing. I was one of those people who said that, that when people weren’t presented with a clear-cut answer to life’s big questions, they leaped at the opportunity to create something of their own. I’m on my knees now praying to God because of it. I don’t know if I could have done anything, if my presences or my ability to assess a situation could have saved anyone’s life. Part of me says I should thank God for my obliviousness to his situation, and what I’m doing now is a mistake. But one thing is certain, He’s is dead, he asked me for help and now he’s dead.


   Greg Pachaug was a guy who had a unique ignorance to social quota. At one point in life people sacrifice their sense of self to fit in society. Depending where they are, they enjoy it for a little bit before regretting it for the rest of their lives. Greg couldn’t do that, he was weird but weird by choice. He was into conspiracy theories, rituals, more than questionable anime themes, something called “creepypasta” and he was very public about these things and people knew it. Now during that period in your life (middle school and high school) it’s obvious shit like that is just gonna bring in the wrong attention but he didn’t care. with all his quarks one thing seems to be very out of place for him, his sense of courage. I mean this guy actually learned a couple of Kong Fu moves because he kept coming back to the same bullies that liked to beat him up in middle school. I met this kid while breaking up one of these fights and when I asked him why he kept doing this to himself he spit out some blood and said he liked the progress he was making with the shit he found on YouTube. I can’t remember how I reacted to that on that day but what I do know is we were best friends ever since. We should of graduated High school together, we should of became seniors, both of us, but we didn’t.


   During the summer Greg got into some weird shit, weirder then usual. Said he wanted to make a paranormal podcast show or something like that. I live on the middle of a path that turns into a cul-de-sac a couple of houses down. On the right side before the side walk rings back to the other side there is a dirt path that goes, turns, and keeps going deeper in the forest. Now where we live in is usually a family area, but it wasn’t always like this. A couple of years ago before I was born somebodies kid went out in the forest and was never seen again. Because of this the parents of the area got together and created a lookout system for everybody. Everyone was responsible for everyone’s other kids. If you saw little Timmy playing by the woods without a parent, you were to call his mother. It’s sad to say but the disappearance of one child really did bring the community together. Samantha was having sex with Thomas in the back of his old pick up truck, a group of kids Roger, Matt and Christian were skipping school to buy drugs from somewhere between the school and home, someone was actually selling drugs to children, Sally was being bullied by a bunch of girls everyone thought were her friends and Samantha, when busted about having sex with Thomas instead of pushing her grades up at school she got back at Mrs. Watson by seducing and having sex with her husband Philip… Samantha is 17 years old. Ok so the Watsons and Williams don’t get along anymore after that, and Samantha was known as a little hoe but besides that everyone loved each other and had each other’s back. Nobody knew our neighborhood had a drug problem or Sally was being bullied or Samantha… to my understanding Phillip at the time was a 40-year-old man pushing 50 so I don’t know what’s exactly wrong with Samantha, but it was there, and nobody knew about it. Point is, our area needed a neighborhood watch for some time and a kid going missing and never coming back brought it all together.


   I’m saying all this because the dirt road I mentioned before trailed on into the forest and if you follow it long enough, you’ll see a beautiful abandoned mansion on the left side of it. This is where it was thought that kid ran off to and was the reason parents banded together to keep their kids from exploring. They knew from a child’s perspective the mansion looked fun and from a teenager’s perspective it was a good place to do other things, best the two not bump into each other. The official report was that the mansion was there before the entire neighborhood was even formed and it was a wonder nobody ever notices the pathway there until now and it was true, nobody did have a clue why they didn’t recognize the out of place dirt road to there christen looking neighborhood. Weird thing was the dirt path leading to the mansion always looked fresh. There were no footprints, no evidence of weeds, stones, dry or moist patches on the soil based on the weather, it always looked like a fresh patch of dirt on the ground. Not only that but there were streams that pointed down the path along the edges. The reason why this is important is because exposed dirt will have an old look after a while of different climates keeping it from always looking soft. This however, did not apply to this patch of dirt. It was nice and clean with no indication of time or weather. The only time it showed any ware and tear is when you pass the area where the mansion is. You don’t notice at first, but it will eventually turn into the dirt pathway it was always meant to be. But with all that going on with it there was a bigger question. Where were the tire tracks from cop cars that went down the road? they all saw them go down there that night but eventually somebody noticed nothing was left behind. There was so much going on during that time, discovered at another date would have left at least an eye brow raised but the neighborhood was concerned with bigger things. Nobody cared about what a bunch of dirt was doing and not doing, a child was missing and at the time and everybody felt an obligation to find him, however a body was never found. Time went on and eventually everyone let it go. The mom moved away with the heart-breaking reality she will never find the remains of her poor boy and the other Parents took action to make sure nothing like this would ever happen again. This is where Greg wanted to explore.


   I told him he was too late, the events of that story happened years ago, and the mansion had probably already been explored, lived in and has been the roof of some pretty shady thing done by kids worst then you and me. He didn’t want to hear it, he’s always been fascinated with that house ever since he was a kid. We did get a chance to explore it a couple of time, one thing he always noticed was how it always stayed clean. The so called “Abandoned” mansion had an unusual relationship with cleanliness and Greg wasn’t going to give that up.


   But I said no. It was about to be our Senior year and I wanted to enjoy it like everybody else. This one thing that would only last one year I didn’t want ruined because Greg wanted to cry about a haunted building in the middle of nowhere. Not just for me, but for Greg too. I admired the guy for who he was, but the fact of the matter was that it was just me and him. I didn’t want Greg to look back at life and think all that time in school and he only made one friend. I wanted Greg to experience real, I mean what’s right here REAL life. Greg wasn’t ugly and in his life there were three, BEAUTIFUL girls that this son of a bitch let slip passed his fingers. I wasn’t going to let another hair brained “Adventure” take away his last year of being a high schooler.


   We fought long and hard that day. I just wanted him to experience one year of being a normal kid, I didn’t think he would reject that so violently. I told him he was dangerously close to becoming a man child and when he heard that he lost his shit. “I’m going to die like this! There is nothing in your world that I’d be proud to be a part of. I know what you consider as normal, I don’t want to be normal, I know about bullies and girls who talk behind our backs, I know about rumors, about lies that ruins the lives of perfectly ok girls because one person said she was a slut, because one person said he wasn’t cool, because life is so hatful and demanding like you ought to be like this and that’s the sickest part. They look… so normal with it. It’s so second nature for them to do stuff like that. They torture people, they tortured me, your telling me to be a part of that. I can feel myself getting used to it. Losing the importance of who they really are and once it’s gone it won’t exist anymore, everything is going to be NORMAL. No Kevin, I will not be a part of that. There’s not much I can say about who I am during these years, but I’d like to think at least I kept this alive.”


   That was the last thing he said to me. Three months passed, and his body ended up at my front door. Dehydrated, eyes dilated, cracked bones in the hands and torso, it looked like the limbs were pulled out the sockets slightly, and there was this… look in his eye, like something had him horrified but amazed at the same time. There was something peaceful about it but a very unnatural peace, like… “and this was the last time you spoke Mr. Spear?” the officer asked while jotting down my statement. “No officer, but this was the last significant thing that ever happened between us. Things were weird between me and Greg after that. I still wanted to be his friend, so I called up to apologize but no answer. It was so long since we actually talked I got desperate and got his mother to force a sit down between us. He said it was nothing and patched things up but still, we weren’t like the way we use to be. His family had to force him to parties and picnics and generally force him to start living and every time he never failed to disappear, I couldn’t even keep my eyes on him. I assumed he was knee deep into that shit so I gave in. I tried calling him to say I wanted to be a part of whatever he wanted to be a part of and that he shouldn’t be alone, but before I could finish dialing his number his mom called me instead.


    She called asking if I knew where he was, apparently there were night’s where he just didn’t show up and when he did, he just looked excused. Now it was rolling over in the middle of the next day and they still had no sign of the boy. Actually, now that I think about it there should have been a couple of police report about a teenage boy going…” “I know you’re not going to like this son but the fact is there’s always going to be a report of a missing teenage anything and usually it’s ends up just a bunch of kids getting into shit that they shouldn’t because their young and dumb and like getting into shit that they shouldn’t. I’m sorry about your friend but I assure you anytime we were called about a missing person in this neighborhood we gave it the same amount of respect we would give anything else” … “well maybe that’s why he ended up dead.” I said bluntly letting him know I didn’t care for his tone. “Look all I’m saying is this is an ab…” “save it officer, I’m not playing a blame game. I just wanna know what you found out about that house, this has that damned mansion written all over it.”


   “Mansion!? The hell are you talking about?” “Are you serious? Was I talking to a brick wall just now? The mansion Greg was so fucking interested in, I know he had to have been there. Your telling me after all this time nobody has checked the one place that has been connected to the disappearance of two people now!?” “*sigh* look, Kevin. We’re trying the best we can. I don’t know what’s going on in this seemingly quit little town, but I promise you I will find your friend Justice” he said as he put a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry son, I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Tell me everything you know about this mansion.”


   Oh Greg, around this time you would have said something corny to me that would have sound better in an action movie. How beginnings are the best part of an adventure because no matter what happens everything is up in the air. No fate, no real authority, just the influences that tries so desperately to control us. I know how much you hated them Greg, but I think you only said that as a curtesy of me. I wanted to be you so much Greg I couldn’t help it. To be considered so much a loser and to be free, immune all at the same time. No matter what I did I never went as deep as you. I could never find what I sacrificed and what you kept your entire life. In the end you were right, we had such a surreal true life together that the whole world was missing out on and you were always the center of it. You shook hands with things that would eventually lead to a normal man’s suicide and you treated them like they were fathers that raised you in a way you specifically asked for. My last year of school starts tomorrow and I’m scared Greg. I never once considered myself as an equal. With you gone everything seems like a grey piece of paper, the same grey piece of paper that was handed to me and everyone else that said this is who you are now. The one you lit on fire and dared the world to retaliate, the same…*Phone rings*




“Hello is this Kevin Spear?”


“Yes, who wants to know?”


“You know you really tell quite the story young man”


“Excuse me?”


“I mean all that shit about a kid being immune to society, granted, we did do our research, the kid was out there, and he was doing it on purpose too.”

“Where the fuck are you?” I said in a calmly manner. “hm? You wanna say something give me a time and place so I can quietly ring your neck.”


“Um how bout now, and at your place, you just threatened a cop motherfucker”




“It’s Officer Bullet Kevin and I just did a history sweep, a small search, I fucking question every single resident in your area, Kevin why did you lie to me?”


“Officer Bullet what do you mean?”


“The Mansion Kevin, we looked for it ourselves. It doesn’t exist?”




“Then you can lead us straight to it and explain why you’re the only one who knows about this mansion. Kevin are you some sort of sociopath? Do you get off on purposely wasting and officers time? We used a helicopter Kevin? I don’t know what type of game your playing boy but you coming with us, I’m on my way as I speak and If you are even remotely innocent, you’ll stay put until I get there?


   … are you fucking serious? You can’t find the dirt road in middle of a suburban area that’s so out of place it looked like a noose around someone’s neck? I was hysterical, I really thought Officer Bullet wanted to find Greg’s killer. I got a snack and waited on the dirt path instead, if they really need me to hold their hand and drag them to the mansion myself then that was what I was going to do. I saw about five cop cars pull into the driveway and waited for someone to be lucky enough to turn their head and spot me.


“*Phone rings* anything wrong Officer Bullet?” I said sarcastically losing patience for him to turn around and look at me.


“You killed him didn’t you?”



   …My pulse ran cold as I held my nose to stop anymore blood from escaping. At the moment of my earlier break down I decided I was going to rush at Officer Bullet and shove his nose into the dirt road he couldn’t find until I ran into a wall made out of nothing.




“*voice trembling* O-Officer Bullet, can you see me?”


Our eyes made contact as he spoke into the phone and said no.


   The pathway is quite beautiful, huge fields of blank space only interrupted by a once in a while tree disturbing it with its presence. The Officer just stood there yelling into the phone waiting for a response that I couldn’t manage to give him. I was looking right at the guy and he couldn’t see me. I couldn’t go to him and he couldn’t see me. I started to think to myself what did happen to that little boy? The more I thought about it the more I realized the conditions of the mansion didn’t make sense. Not with the actual mansion but the neighborhood connected to the mansion. Now that I was out here in what I’m afraid to say might be another dimension for some reason I can see things clear the way I should of seen things. I mentioned this before, when the boy disappeared a new pathway appeared in replacement. I know that at the time the neighborhood was dealing with a lot but that’s exactly why they should have focused on this so much. Why was it so easy for them to accept the random road that pops out of nowhere? why did I never question the mansion being so clean despite how old it was claimed to be? And more importantly, now that I’m lifted from whatever influence this place had over the cul-de-sac why was I the only one?


   Contrary to my earlier sentence there were a good amount of trees near the pathway, not much but more considered what you’d see to the rest of the fields. When you saw trees around the path more often then you should have it was a sign you were getting close to the mansion. I wondered if Greg had to deal with this? Then I wondered If Greg HAD to deal with this? Supernatural speaking, I wasn’t the one who was at all in to that stuff, and Greg was into a lot but as far as I’ve seen kept a distance away from actually going out and pursuing something like that to this degree. For someone like him, he was always at the last minute of caution when it came to the supernatural. VERY contrary to what I’ve been saying about the guy so far Greg didn’t want to push his luck with stuff like this, even when he did rituals, he NEVER tried to summon anything. He said he loved the dance with danger and distress, but ghost and evil spirits are just out of the question, that you can’t predict just how bad something can happen when it comes to things like that and more importantly you don’t know what exactly your putting at risk, He’d wink at me after and say he didn’t mind getting me and himself killed for a cheap thrill but ghost, no, that there was no actual proof that dying is the only thing you had to face when it came to supernatural beings and there were plenty of cases against the argument. I wanted to ask myself why I didn’t argue that when he had the sudden change of heart, but I had a sudden realization, I was here.


   The property was massive, it stood facing the pathway looking past it to the rest of the fields. It was guarded by an old-fashioned black fence with sharp edges protruding from the top, though it seemed pointless, the gates were closed but seen no attempts to be locked. On the property the soil felt a little colder even through my shoes. There was a walkway though a field of lawn that felt strange passing by. It’s like as if you could take a bundle of different emotions and put it somewhere for safe keeping and this somewhere could soak up these emotions and it could not escape. That is what I was feeling from this lawn, a strange energy that was so unique I knew it wasn’t the same, like how seasons change so did these feelings. By the time I got to the doors I felt tired and sick.


   Greg, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I don’t think I can survive going back out there. I opened the doors which were surprisingly lighter then they looked and all the little sounds that yours accustom to, all the little hints that something small was happening around you like a wind blowing from a distance, a leaf flying into a pebble and it has just enough push to slightly lift or unbalance it just for it to fall back into place, the wooden sounds of sticks         moving and breaking for whatever reason, if you take a moment to just listen to the sound of your version of silence you’ll notice that there is a lot happening for you in the background that in a way makes our version silence alive and I am eternally grateful because right at that moment everything I just mentions I didn’t know I was a custom to died… and that was the scariest part of this experience.


   I was met with a fine wood lobby with a wide red rug that covered most but not all of the floor. Along the edge there was a gold line near the end throughout the entire piece. On each corner of this rug there was a design similar to calligraphy to indicate this was indeed a corner made out of a lighter and peach in color line while in the middle was this weird symbol in silver. It reminded me of a crown, the one with the white fur on it with the red fabric covering the head. It was fused with a diamond like cage all described in a series of silver lines.


   There were six doors in completion. Two on each side of the wall closest to the entrance, two on each side furthest and two above and below each other in the middle of a grand double stare case. The doors closest to the entrance had the walls form part octagon revealing that whatever those doors led to was massive. The two other rooms were different, they weren’t parallel to each other like the first two. The door on the right was right on the edge of the octagon surrounding of the other door. The door on the left however gave that area some space and dwelled in the middle of the wall in the upper left area. After that there were two openings, one on each side that lead to bigger rooms and beyond them there were hallways.


   It was a big house, I had sometimes explored the building with Greg but never when It was getting late and never to this extent. The first time I explored, there were at least four floors but now I’m not so sure. Nothing about the building matched the way it should have with my memory. There were times I would walk in a hallway and then all of a sudden I would walk into a kitchen or a living room with a toilet on the side like this was a house based on how dreams would put things together that normally wouldn’t work but sense it was a dream it was designed that way. There was one thing that always was a constant. I always ended up back into the lobby. It was like I was making the wrong decision and the house regurgitated every time until I got the answer right.


   It stayed like that until I entered the bottom door of the staircase. In that room was not a maze but like a garden of shelves stacked high with books as far as can see, it was carnival like almost. I was looking at the most elegant and complicated library I’m pretty sure anyone has ever seen. “actually, I’m pretty sure there’s a library somewhere hidden deep in the dessert. They collected all the worlds knowledge on purpose, this is just whatever I happen to pick up.” Ok, this must have been the second most elegant and complicated libr webereberwery what?? “I’m sorry, did disturb a thought or something?”


“weberberberber who are you?”


“oh, I’m sorry, where are my manners? My name is Delila Spell” the pretty girl with a cuter smile said to me.


“and who might you be?”




“it’s ok you can take your time *giggle*”


“uh right, my name Is Kevin, Kevin Spear.”


“oo that was a clever one, what next are you going to say you like your drink shaken not stirred?”




“sorry, I tease a lot. I don’t usually get visitors that often, do me a favor and deal with my bad jokes pretty please?”


   …Was this the demon I expected to be here? This 5’3 looking girl that appeared around my age gave me this tease of a look as if she wasn’t worried by how taken back I was because that’s how she wanted me. She looked at me with golden yellow eyes that would pierce into you and destroy your perception of time if you let it with a face that said I didn’t have luck making her scared of anything. She had cherry red hair that could dance in any direction completely independent from each other strain of hair and still ended up dancing as one with a pony tail on top that looks like it gave way on purpose to let the hair do what it wants. Her body had a weird balance of slender and shape that almost didn’t make sense with a calm pink tint to her skin as if it was a complement to her hair as it curved like a metaphor for the perfect story line. She smiled and placed her hands on her hips to turn around just enough to show me where those lines ended as I watched them wrap and hold her butt cheeks in place to make it defy gravity all nice and plump. Her legs were slender yet shapely, like if you paid close attention you could see the details of muscle that imprinted on her leg as it eventually dominated thick enough to carry her ass. she was wearing a vans sk8 hi black, red and checkered pattern on the bottom pair of sneakers with Japanese writing written all over it with red socks that didn’t quite escape the height of the shoe while wearing a extra short ripped pair of jean booty shorts with a sleeveless summer belly shirt that said “run while you still can” on the front of her open boozem. AND HER BREAST, her breast made everything I said about her into a podium meant to worship two perfect circles that looked like would fight for dominance if they couldn’t invade their surrounding free space wrapped nice and snug in the shirt I mentioned.


“*giggle* that was quit the story Kevin, have you ever thought about poetry?”


“how-how did you know I was…”


“oh it’s quit alright, I know what my body tells people, I’m used to it… plus, you were just staring at me for a whole two minutes.” She said putting her hand to her mouth not trying too hard to hold back a laugh.


“so, Kevin, ever read any Don’io [Don-yo]?”


“um no, I'll be completely honest I never even heard of him”

“that’s a shame, most people don't”

“what was he about?”

“*giggle* he wrote a lot about sex and what it's really about" she said while strangely inching toward me.

“oh uhh... really?, I can't say I ever read something like that.”

“well I like it, granted I only picked it up because it's written in French and I like how the words feel. I guess that's why girls like the French language so much, it gives lots of fun uses for the tongue.”  



   I couldn’t believe it. here I was dragged to this forsaken mansion wandering around for hours to eventually find this... extremely HOT girl talking to me about books and sex. I knew this was some sort of trick and a corny one at that. she was teasing me! Her fucking shirt said, “run while you still can” and as much as I wanted to smack myself back to reality… there was something so nice about just being there in the moment. call me a bad guy but there was this thing about her voice that made me want to stay there forever. It was like a combination of something quirky that descended into something more chill. something inside me fought for the chance to ask what really mattered but I was afraid. I really liked this moment and if I had asked that question whatever roos she was a part of would lift. I choose to say nothing. 

“w-w-what is it about? the sex I mean.”

"hmp" she smiled as she walked closer to me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders caressing my head and leaned in where I can feel the presence of her lips on my ear. the feeling of voice she made travel through my body was was... I don't know what to say about that. 

"that no matter how big and bad you think you are the right girl can turn you back into a little boy in bed" she whispered as a purr as if it was low enough for her to blow the words in my ear directly.

I was suddenly shocked with a huge pain coming from my chest. It felt like a heart attack but more violent and pulsing.

“*yawn* I gotta say I'm kinda disappointed Kevin, your friend Greg would of never fell for something so predictable.”

   I held my stomach in agony as I rived in pain. I can feel the front of my stomach trying to bust out of my body and a weird force protruding from the rest of it trying to push out the front "wha-what, what did you do to me?"


“*giggle* does it tickle? Not many people have such a violent reaction, but I guess you and your friend are some strong human beings.” she said as she watched me fall to my knees.


   The plan was to gain some composure and stare that bitch down but what happen instead horrified me. I saw her body electrocute itself and change before my very eyes. The beams seemed to strike at her skin destroying layers of fake pigment and replacing it with demon red skin as rectangle patches. Her beautiful red hair seemed to react to her electricity as it changed in type. It got shorter in the front and eventually turned into bangs while the tie of her ponytail suddenly gained the confidence to lift all the way up giving the hair life to defy the rest of the head making it curve and bouncy. It turned from a beautiful cherry to a pure black while horns still covered in that red skin curved around her bangs and protruded outwards. Her teeth were like vampires leaving long pointy fangs on both sides of her jaw as she smiled at me and her eyes… her eyes that were a golden yellow sparkle turned into a golden orange tint snake like in shape while the rest of the eye turned yellow.


   I should of ran. I wanted to run all the way back to the cul de sack, somehow break this curse and tell everybody what I found but I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. I was about to go in my Senior year into high school. I have been through thick and thin with Greg, no matter what, he had my back and never questioned whether or not I had his. I've been through shit with him for six fucking years and final as we enter our prime, I'm left all alone to taste it by myself. Nobody deserved this more than Greg Pachaug and this bitch stole it from him.


   I charged her with everything I had. Swung at her from the left, missed her. Back hand from the same arm following with a spin kick move blessed with annoying years of Greg forcing to be my sensei, she dodged it again and giggled but I wasn’t done yet I was searching for something, I wasn’t going to be best friends with the schools famous Greg Pachaug without picking up some of his bad habits. This bitch was obviously playing with me but I was at an advantage. I was in the air at the moment but the way my body was moving I was in position to land another punch with my other arm. I struck down on the girl under me missing her by an inch making contact with the concreate floor below. I grit my teeth in pain as she counter attacks with a round kick to the jaw… just as planned. I quickly nodded my head, dodged the attack and bite her tail. I retreated with the tail in my mouth having her follow, took the tail, winded up and threw that bitch into one of her beloved book selves. “you knew Greg. I figured if you were going to grow horns and red skin you were going to grow a tail somewhere too, that’s something classic I learned from him and since you knew him and know that I’m his friend you shouldn’t have been so carless!” “hmhm I see, so there is more promise in you then I thought and how is my favorite boytoy?” “dow…don’t play dumb with me you evil bitch, GREG IS DEAD BECAUSE OF THE LIKES OF YOUUU!!!!!!!!” when she flew into the bookshelve a mid-evil design of two swords in a shield dropped from the shelve near me. I took those swords and I raged at her, I was going to end this right here and now. She jumped in the air above me and propelled off the shelve behind her. I ran to her before she landed and was prepared to kill her before she touched the floor but she landed on the tip of the sword with her hand and propelled off it like it was nothing. She was juggling herself in the air using my desperate attempts to kill her. I eventually let her back on the ground and she gracefully landed on one foot like a ballerina and  spun to give me this big toothed smile proud that I finally caught on. I struck her over and over again and she just stopped the blade between her middle finger and thumb each time. I was getting tired and she knew it, I made one last desperate attempt to throw her off her game. I threw myself at her and she bent back low to the ground missing me completely. I heard a vvp sound and I landed on the other side with the tip of my sword in the floor as I use that leverage to propel backwards turning my body into a cyclone of blades going at her. She dodged but before she could complete her dodge, I tossed one of the swords at her at an angle that forced her to alternate so she wouldn’t get struck in the head giving me enough time to appear back above her with the other sword in my hand. This was it, the final blow! No matter what trick she had up her sleeve she was going to get a face full of sword. She smiled at me and winked as she thrusted her hand into my unzipped pants and grabbed my groin… that sneaky bitch.


   I shuttered in mid-air throwing off my entire plan as I stumbled on the floor trying to get this bitch off my member, but she went limp. “SORE-LOSER!!!” I yelled as I did about almost anything to get her off of me, I could hear her laughing hysterically. At one point she pulled back behind me which had me fly face down on the floor. I tried to get up, but she pulled on my groin sending me back down in position as she pulled down my pants and stuck her tongue in my ass.


   I feel this warm moist sensation travel from inside me and tickles on my spine that is so elusive I didn’t understand what was happening for the first two seconds. “di-did you just…” “mhmmmm” she moaned slowly as she ate my ambitions away. “W-where was the time for this? When exactly did this turn sexual? When was my zipper down? WHY MY ASS? how…” was all I could contemplate before the moment of what she was doing washed over me and stared to bathe my body in hyperactive ecstasy. My body wasn’t listening to me, I didn’t want to move and when I tried my limbs would vibrate in pleasure making it feel all the more good. I didn’t know what my motivation was anymore. I felt my legs and arms go limp as I felt a purr/squeal escape my lips that sounded a lot louder then I expected to as it echoed through the library.


   She was laughing inside of me and moaned as she started eating me harder, filling my hole more and more with tongue, more tongue then a human being should be able to cultivate as it rushed deep inside me, wave after wave like it was dick. She thrust inside me more then the amount of thoughts I was able to think at the time. I didn’t know if it was the demonic influence or the fact that I never had something like this done to me before, but I was in a bliss that made me confused of what I originally came here for. In a matter of seconds she had me in the air ready to kill her to limp on the floor ass up moaning like a little girl with a voice I didn’t know that was in me. “hmhm do you like that Kevin? I told you the right girl could make you weak like a little boy.” whatever pain I had in my stomach turned into a high that washed out and massaged all throughout my body as a vibrant tingling sensation. It joined forces with the pleasure I was already feeling in my rectum and magnified it tenfold, She had me crying like a baby.


   I felt her finger go inside the opening of my boxers and massage the roof of my cock while her hand was wrapped around my member slowly jerking me off with the fabric. I heard a high pitch breathing coming from my throat as I betrayed Greg with a high whispered “don’t stop”


   I felt her pick up pace as she started eating my ass faster, thrashing her tongue all over my spots. She pulled my dick out from under me bare and started jerking it insane. The feeling in my dick was the only thing reminding me I was a guy as at that moment my body felt like an ocean with my feet curled on there tops, legs stretched, and ass perked up as a pillow for Delila’s face, a pillow she used as she smothered herself eating me out like a pussy. Without warning my body got hot and pulsed all at the same time as I could feel my dick pulsing in Delila’s hand. She laughed hard hysterically in a voice that was so deep in my rectum that they felt like ghost of waves flying through an ocean already in progress. “oh no. not like this.”


   I gripped my finger nails into the concrete, back arched as my ass was wiggling in her face in anticipation for what’s to come, I think my body was trying to tip her off on what was about to happen, but it didn’t need to. Delila held my legs together in her arm, arched me higher and wiggled her tongue inside of me hitting everything so violently, it made my spots feel like explosions as she gripped my dick and I could feel the impact portraying directly off her palm as I felt a dragged out explosion shooting deep into it, the explosion felt so intense I felt the fire power stretching my urethra.


   I don’t know what was louder, my cries of Nirvana or the cries of joy coming from the demon. Long thick tongue slowly left the insides of me leaving my asshole a loose wet mess as she kissed it making it pucker tight. “mhh hahaha what’s the matter? Nobodies played with this part before” she said rubbing in her kiss with the tip of her finger making me scared but at the same time pulse for more. “wah… what the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you just do that to somebody out of nowhere?” “hmhm it seems you don’t know exactly what you bargained with” she said as I hear licking sounds coming from behind me. I look over and see her licking the cum off her hand and then stared deeply into my eyes, she gave me this demonic satisfied glare when I realized the cum was evaporating in her hand. “wha, what are you?!” “I don’t know Kevin, what do you think I am?” she giggled as she started to crawl toward me with that demonic look in her eye. “No, no! I don’t want this. Stop. Stay the fuck away from me!” The moment I got up I heard the snap of her fingers and I was back on the floor riving with the same pain in my stomach but this time it was coming everywhere from in my body. I didn’t want to stop there, I gained the incentive to crawl on my arm as I could feel the satisfaction coming off the demon as she walked with me shuttering to how cute this must have been “It’s not going to work like that Kevin, once I get a taste of your hot D.N.A. you might as well turn over and open your legs because your mine.”


   I felt a comfortable tingly feeling coming from my arm as it moved around to the other side having my body turn halfway on my back. Any resistance I provided was met with a settle amount of pain that matched the level of resistance I was fighting with like my body was trying to teach me that I wasn’t in charge and that I should follow her ordered. Almost completely on my back my elbows were the only thing I could manage to make not give up keeping me upright as I looked at the demon who had a hand grasped on her face with the warm satisfied look of pure excite, she was touching herself, her other hand deep into her pants as she stood there watching me struggle with desperation, fighting to regain the will power of my own body as she was making a mess down her right thigh that dripped down the rest of her leg. Her eyes were like still portraits that were coming alive, nothing that actually moved but somehow you knew it was breathing. Her eyes grew more powerful in my attention taking me to a place that was here and nowhere at all as I dripped into a deep state of mediation. Holy fuck this is a trance! I immediately snap out of it using the intense form of pain I receive from disobeying this demon as I got back on all fours and forcefully crawl my way out of this fucked up situation. She giggled impressed with my strong conviction as she pounced on to me sending me back to the floor and contained me in her grasp nuzzling the side of her face into mine in delight. In that moment tears rolled down my face, I could feel myself betraying Greg again, all I wanted to do was give up completely and stay in this moment snuggling with this beautiful demon. I grit my teeth in anger and decided to betray myself instead. I grabbed the bitch by her open top and rolled over her, got on my feet and threw her like a sack of potatoes, using the pain she provides me to inspire greater strength (something Greg has been trying to teach me for years). I grabbed that same top before she flew and threw her harder in the opposite direction. She went into the same heap of shelve she flew into before and the density of the air got thicker like it was trying to tell me that I royally fucked up.


   Like a broken microphone she laughed maniacally in a demonic high and low tone as she rose up from the pile of books making them float in mid-air. she stood arms completely limp with a stretched-out top hanging off her arm looking at me with a smile that only hinted the lost of sanity. “I loved this shirt.” In a blink she was on top of me lips locked onto mine suckling on it waiting for my teeth to go numb. I fall backward completely god smacked by the best kiss I will ever get in my life. I just sat there and took it as my mouth was rolling around with her saliva and tongue. She dotted and coiled around my tongue as hers slipped in and ticked the back of my throat. She stroked my tongue backwards and fucked my throat as the stimulation was so loving and intimate I would of fell in the coma that was trying to claim me if it promised I could still be present in the moment for this. Her saliva tasted delicious and creamy and HOLY FUCK THIS WAS IN MY ASS. I grab her shoulders and I push and shove. I do everything I can to get her off me, but she was sucking my face so hard there was nothing I could do to detach. She held my face in place as her tongue went further, she lapped around and formed a knot inside my throat that stretched out my neck.


  So this was it, I was going to die by being suffocated by the best kiss a man could ever experience. I was losing air and I felt myself slipping away, I’m sorry Greg, I tried to get you revenge, I trying to figure out what’s going on, I wanted to make sure this would never happen again but now, in these final moments I felt better than I ever felt in my life. I want to die giving her everything. Just as I’m about to succumb to the lack of oxygen she retracts the tongue completely from my throat and arches back on top of me. A childish laughter came from her throat as she contorts and looks down on me in pity with tears of joy in her eyes. “hahaha, I’m sorry Kevin. I almost got carried away. I just get so into it I can’t help myself, YOUR SO FUN TO PLAY WITH.” “*heavy breathing*…*gasp*…*gasp*… PLEASE… JUST TELL ME*gasp*…WHAT ARE YOU!?” she laid her body completely on mine and nuzzled our foreheads together. “You need to work hard on your manners Kevin, I would of answered your question eons ago if you just said please” she said before giving me a quick kiss then sat up on top of me slowly grinding herself on my crotch. “My kind has been around for eons, we are the physical carnation of sexual desire. There are a lot of myths and stories about us, so I’m surprised you haven’t heard already. Greg already knew a bunch of myths about us. They were all wrong, but I thought it was sweet how he knew about me before he got here?” “wha… what rumors are you talking about?” “*giggle* The ones about sucking out your souls silly.” I shrieked as I got on the back of my hands and started to crawl backwards trying to get from under her. “*giggle* don’t worry, it’s just an old wives tale.” She said before snapping her fingers, making my body go limp.  “The only thing we need to survive is the nourishment that we get from your semen, besides that we just like having lots of fun playing with our prey” she said slowly lowering herself back onto me digging in my groin harder. I didn’t listen my head was turned away focused on the concreate floor ahead of me. “but don’t get me wrong we’re still demons, and I personally am known for taking things waaaaayyy to far. So I hope you don’t mind girls who like FUCKING THEIR TOYS TO DEATH.” she said in a surreal serious tone that was so morbidly curious I made the fatal mistake of making the slightest contact with her eyes.


   Before I could say anything, we burst into flames. She sat up straight and laughed viciously, dry humping me hard as as she watched me rived in agony. “Aw come on Kevin I haven’t even stuck it in yet” she said as she dug and wiggled herself deeper into me as the fabric of our clothes was burning away and through all the pain and agony I still somehow managed to feel the touch of something soft and surreal on my quickly exposing member.




“APOLIGIZE! *she said in a demonic tone*”




“I SAID APOLIGIZE KEVIN” she said rubbing on top of me harder purposely keeping the pain away from my groin but quickly letting it set in making me get the point.




















   I felt a kiss on the nose. “It’s ok, I’m magical and can fix this shirt any time I want” she said in a cheerful sweet tone. I look down and I notice that I’m no longer on fire, not only that but I’m complete naked. I get stiff and turn a bright glowing red as I refuse to look at her.


   “Hey Kevin.” She says seductively, lifting my head up with her fingers making me look at everything putting me awe. “you know I put in all this time and effort making you feel good, it be rude if you didn’t do the same for me. hmp… you better not be afraid of a little wet pussy.” she said as it hits me my pole was lathered in her slippery wet juices that drenched and bathed my balls leaving a small puddled between my thighs. My eyes tear up and I can’t stop crying. “I can’t believe people get to die like this.” “Hmp, indeed they do Kevin, indeed they do.” She grabs my face and goes in for a kiss until I stop her leaving her slightly annoyed. I rest my head under her neck and cried in her boozem. “I…I…I can’t do it… I won’t. You killed my friend you monster. He was my best friend and you took him away from me… why… why’d you do it?” I start to get angry. “GODDAMNIT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GRADUATE TOGETHER, AND YOU RUINED IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled giving it all up in an attempt to kill her again until she just grabbed my face again and looked me dead in the eye. “In all honesty I have no Idea what you’re talking about.” And my dick slipped right into her pussy.


“oh no, no, no. I… I need answers, I…”

“I know, I know, and you’ll get them, but right now how bout you just focus on this.” she said rocking her hips slowly in a way that was so enticing it made me sleepy and pleasant in ways I didn’t think could be turned sexual. My back gave out while I was still muttering questions not out necessity but out of a subconscious force of habit. She was scrubbing my glands clean with pleasure having her pussy suck every nook and cranny. It pulled, sucked, and released in such a motion that sent different forms of sensation into my body that waved and tickled me from the inside over and over. “I know you feel that.” She said hands on my shoulders rocking my body like she was surfing, her face on mine waiting for a response. “bu, buda, buda dudu” is the incoherent language I muttered while whatever conviction or consciousness I had was being scrubbed clean. The pleasure was making me so mentally confused it felt like my legs were about to fly out of its physical form.  My dick was moving around with no sense of self but just pure intimidating pleasure being poured into me as she laid there having fun watching it travel through my body and out of my face.


   “your integrity amazes me Kevin, but it’s making me lose patience” as she gets serious and bulks her hips harder. I didn’t even have the choice to just lay there and take it. I wrapped my arms around her and nuzzled myself under her neck as she used me like the toy I was. She played with me like a joy stick controller and I loved every second of it feeling my legs jolt and contort into nothing. She made me feel like a prisoner being electrocuted in the electric chair as I felt my pupils try to escape by burying themselves in the back of my head.


   “hmmm? You like that baby?” she said as the consciousness almost completely drained from my face as it turned to a slight shade of white. She bounced and laughed at me as she realized what was going on “aaw haw hwahh, are we no longer here Kevin? Come on, don’t fall asleep just yet. I know the pussy good but I need you to be a big boy and hang in there with me ok?” “I... I-I can’t… it’s too good… too… much… I don’t… think… I can, make it” “well if you’re going to be such a little bitch about it I’m just gonna have to do thiiisss” she said riding my dick slower turning up the heat. “yyeaaahhh, you like that Kevin? I know you fucking feel how that feels” she moans as she rocks her hips in wilder and angry as she watches me sweat and shutter on the ground in disbelieve to what I’m feeling. “I, I, no, you, you can’t do this to, I, I…” “Kevin your hilarious baby, I can do whatever I want” she says as she makes her pussy even hotter. “ah! ah! Wait, stop, it’s getting too hot!” “oh don’t worry I know what I’m doing. After all, since you just want to lay down and take it how bout you leave it all to mommy and lay down and TAKE IT!” she screams as she turns up to a dangerous degree. “AAAAAHHHH WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” “IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT MY FEELINGS THEN I’M NOT GOING TO TRY SO HARD HOLDING BACK NOW FUCK ME!!!” she demanded as she puts her back into it. I had no choice but to match it or she was going to turn her pussy into a oven with my dick inside. I bucked my hip as hard as humanly possible considering it felt like my dick was on fire as she bounced on me wildly with her tongue out flapping all over the place in animated, sadistic fun. “DELILA PLEASE! I’LL FUCK YOU AS HARD AS YOU WANT JUST PLEASE PUT THE FIRE OUT” “OH NO BABY *pant**pant* I WANT IT LIKE THIS, YOU WANT TO GET RID OF THIS FIRE YOUR GOING TO HAVE TO PUT IT OUT YOURSELF” she said as she banged into me harder.


   She slammed me into the concrete floor laughing in a demonic tone squeezing my shoulders so tight I was afraid she would of ripped my arms off clean if it ever crossed her minded. She looked at me with this inhuman demonic look on her face as her arms unhinged from her sockets and crawled to her back muscles all still under her skin, two arms then shot out of her sockets and went straight for the naps of my neck while the other two went for the wrist of my arms so I would stop riving around in pain. She held me in place showing complete dominance as she dug in my pelvis so hard I thought it would break. “I know you wanna cum, I can see it on your contorting face, give it all to me baby, I’ll make you beg to stay here forever!” she said flapping her tail around, boobs flying and knocking into each other like two red clackers with nipples that flew ahead of the breast, small and pointy, swinging around but never actually looking at each other.


   I’m sorry Greg, this show is no longer about you. I remember the days after our last conversation when I actually saw you, you would just stare with a blank look in your eyes like nothing mattered, like nothing in this world could ever be of interest to you again. I was scared but I think I understand now and I think I understand how you ended up on my front porch. I was your best friend and you couldn’t help but share me your last adventure. All this time I thought Delila’s been laughing at my agony, but she’s sprung in euphoria. My dick is deep in her pussy and it is getting the best stimuli It will ever receive. It’s so hot that steam is coming from both of our bodies and all I want to do is suck on her neck and fuck her back just as ferocious. I lift myself up and do so nuzzling up in her nap and sucking on it. She purred that ended with a hmmm sound proud that I finally got it. We both moaned and sighed to each other fighting with our pelvises. Going back and forth seeing which one of us was more eager, If I could thrust before she could swallow me whole or if she could push me back before I could kiss her womb. She realized I wasn’t backing down and she took it a step further. She threw me back to the ground again reminding me who actually was in charge here and started riding my dick. I wanted to at least reach out and suck on her sexy mouth again but her outer arms locked and slammed my hands down in the floor again while her inners grabbed my face and teased the fact I couldn’t reach her lips. She looked at me while riding my dick like crazy and I completely gave in and fell in love with her hypnotic eyes. I got excited as I thought I was going to get my kiss as she lowered herself passed my lips and to my ear to whisper something so seductive it made me tingle. “I know how much you like it in your ass.” She said as she thrusted her tail in my rectum and relocated my g-spot.


   Her tail was not like the stereotypical demon tail with the arrow at the end of it. This was a slender red tail that ended abruptly like a pencil, sharp, not sharp enough to actually pierce anything or hurt but sharp enough to make you focus on whatever it was touching. This tail was wiggling around and drawing circles on my g-spot making me spaz and twitch inside Delila like I was finally ready to come. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was riding her tail almost as hard as she was riding my dick as inner arms took me in and we made out like wild animals as our bodies locked and contorted on each other as I cummed deep inside her.


   After a few hours of laying there and making out. She finally unhinged from my lips and removed her long tongue from my throat and I could breath again. I think I died eight times making out with her, but it was so good it was worth it. we lay there in a puddle of wet mess just breathing on each other. She finally lifts up on top of me and stretches her arms. “well, that was easy.” She said finally getting off. “oh, this was your idea of going easy on somebody” I say still dazed with a goofy look on my face. “*giggle* nope, not really, look on your chest.” She says in a cheerful demeaner pointing to what she was talking about. I look down and my heart sunk. Greg, the reason I came here, the strange mansion, the fact I was fighting this demon, Officer Bullet and everything that has been happening all rushed back to me as I saw the symbol on the rug branded on my chest as a demonic voice emanated from the girl. “You’re my property.”


   I bucked the hell out of there. I ran passed the lobby and straight for the doors. I could hear a chipper and polite “Byeeee, see you again next time.” Before I ran out the mansion and towards the pathway. It was raining, and I was naked, but I didn’t care, I needed to get out there as quick as possible.


   What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck! How could I betray Greg like that? what the fuck was that? How in the hell did she get into my mind so easily? I eventually make it to the end of the dirt path. Last strut, mid second, I suddenly remembered I was trapped in an invisible force field. With no time to react I stumbled on the other side of the path not yet realizing that the force field was down. After realizing I had came on the other side unscathed, I quickly ran to my house… and then I just stood there.


   What was that? What exactly would you call what happened to me? Is that what happened to that kid all those years ago? Did Greg have a mark too, did he want to warn me or or. I stopped thinking about it immediately and said that this was far enough for one day. I decided I was going to take a shower, get something to eat and then go to bed. Whatever questions needed to be asked would be asked tomorrow.


   A loud piercing scream could be heard from the top corner of my house where my bathroom was. My dick was missing.

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