My New Brother Zane

My New Brother Zane

School was about to end. It was the summer of my junior year of high school, and finals were coming up right after prom. Prom was a different story, though, so I’ll skip out on the details there. I was just about to turn 17 that June, so by far one of the youngest in the class, though I didn’t look it. I am tall with blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and a huge smile. And a tan. I live in bright hot sunny Florida, so that one’s a given I suppose. My name is Tyler.
I have two little sisters, both of whom are much younger than me. Dad lost his job early on, and they just didn’t have time to…well anyhow this is about stuff other than my parents love life. If you want that, I guess ask someone other than their son to write about it…
Every guy secretly wants a little brother. Not just because they’re adorable and the key to getting amazing dates, or because they’re a lot easier than sisters, but simply because slavery becomes legal and I suppose it’s someone to hang with. I mean, who else is your closest friend? Well that said, I didn’t have one.
So here I am, sitting here, senior year, life changing, and my parents sit us down for dinner at a fancy restaurant. This rarely happens. Something big must be about to happen.
My dad sits up a little straighter, looks at all of us kids, then mom, then back at us. “Your mom and I have been talking…”he says, then takes a sip of red wine. “We have decided we have always wanted another boy, especially because we have two beautiful girls, and we have had such a great time raising Tyler,” he pats my arm and I look at him curiously, “that we…well, we think we may adopt a boy. His name is Zane.”
My little sisters get all giddy and what not. I mean hey, they’re thinking little brother like baby. I’m thinking great, a baby, or worse, a kid with major psychological problems. I mean, this is my senior year coming up. A brother is sweet but still…
After a long dinner conversation, my thoughts opened up a little. Turns out, Zane is 15, about a year younger than me, and lives a few hours from here. We are meeting him this weekend, to which he will come stay with us for a few days. Turns out, my parents have been doing some serious work under the radar.

So the weekend finally gets here, and we show up in Orlando. He’s been staying in foster care, and the parents seem nice. The house is a beautiful two story Victorian. These people must be crazy fostering teenage boys…
We stand there in the foyer, waiting for him to come down. I see a hand running down the balcony railing, but not much else. Then legs. Wow, this kid must be tall, like me. Legs, legs, crotch…ok hurry up cant stare at that all day bro…torso, chest…this kids in shape…head…wow that’s shaggy hair…Zane.
He jumps off the third step lands directly in front of me. “HI!” he says with a huge grin. We both blink then stare. Woah, this kid seriously looks like he could actually be my brother…
“We kinda do look a like…” he says, then extends his hand. “Well hey! I’m Zane. You must be Tyler. I kinda stalked your facebook some.”
I laughed and shook his hand. Funny guy…. The family all said hello, and we sat in the formal living room and had sweet tea. Zane and I ended up talking the most, probably because we sat on the same couch, while the foster parents talked with some agent lady or something and my sisters played with the foster parents little girl Hannah. Yeah confusing, I know. Lots of talking. Turns out, though, that he would be staying with us on some pre-arranged “trial run” sort of thing to see how he fit with the family. My mom and his foster mom were on the same cheer squad in high school, so we got to pull some strings.
The three hour car ride back home was pretty normal, actually. Like I said, my sisters were happy to have a cute boy in the car with them, especially a new “big brother,” and I actually had a friend. We talked about sports, he played soccer and baseball; music, both of us loved it all; and school.
Our house is a two story colonial style on three acres. It’s pretty big, 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. Though we did have a guest room, it was decided he would stay with me for the week, or the first few nights at least, just to be more comfortable.

We both retire upstairs to my room after the long afternoon, dinner, and running around playing tag out back. Zane sits on the edge of my bottom bunk, so I grab my computer chair, prop my feet up on the desk, and flick on my lava lamp for some soft lighting.
“So…” Zane trails off, suddenly kinda nervous, it seems. “N-nevermind…” he says, lowering his head.
“What’s on your mind, bud?” I ask, rolling over a little closer. “You can stay in the guest room if you’re not comfortable.”
He shakes his head, the big dirty blonde mop whipping the air. “No no…it’s not that. Just…I’ve… never had a big brother…or anyone really…”
I slowly slide off the chair and onto the bed beside him and put my arm around him. “Well, you do know,” I whisper as I pat his shoulder. He picks his head up a little to look at me with those sad little green eyes.
“I’ve never had a girlfriend…”
Try as I might, I cannot repress the stupid grin on my face.
“Don’t laugh. Its…I…I just cant…”
“Buddy,” I say shaking my head and laughing a little, “seriously. Its ok. I didn’t have my first girlfriend until last summer.”
He stares at me confused. “But you’re hot!” he blurts, then goes all bug-eyed like he just exposed some national secret. “Oh…uh…I mean…”
“Dudeeee!” I say all surfer like and punch him playfully in the arm, “hot like bottle rocket on the fourth of July!”
He relaxes a little, so we talk about girls. It’s getting late, and being the typical 15 year old guy he is, his thoughts go a little more and more sexual as he opens up.
“Hey so…I keep getting…like…sometimes when…Can I ask something personal?” he just blurts out mid conversation about what the hottest actress is at the moment.
“Uh…sure?” I say, leaning back.
“You ever get like…” he crosses his legs and adjusts his shorts. I see where this is going, as he tries desperately to adjust his shorts. “like…you know…” He says as he all but looks at me.
“Awkward boner?” I laugh. He smiles sheepishly at me.
“Sorry if I turn you on so much.” I wink. “Well yeah man, it happens. In class, movies, around friends…you name it, it pops up.” He nods. A few moments pass as I study him, wondering what he’s thinking. In the dim light I can see him shaking. I put my arm around him and pull him into me. “Hey, were pretty much brothers man, or gonna be soon. You can talk to me about anything man.”
He sits there quietly, then nods. “I just wonder if I’m normal,” he says barely audibly. “I mean, I know my foster parents love me, and your family, but…I’ve been alone since I was six. And I don’t have a girlfriend, don’t know how to get one, don’t know what’s going on with my body and thoughts…”He lets out a huge sigh and I see a small tear run down his face.
“Zane, its ok bro,” I whisper as I rub his arm softly. “You’re ok. I mean, you’ve got a family here. Or will soon. You’ll find a girl.” I squeeze his arm where his biceps have started to develop some, “and hey, puberty’s doing you some good kid!”
“Yeah…I suppose.” He says then looks at me. “Thanks Ty.” He looks down again, obviously thinking hard. I pat his back, letting him know its ok. “You ever…”he starts, ”You ever wonder if you’re…if youre big enough…down there?”
I laugh and tell him most guys do.
“Yeah just…I remember being a little kid. I walked in on this older guy in the house, Chris, who was taking a shower. I mean, his was sooo much bigger you know? I mean, am I gay for thinking about that? I can’t be gay. I mean, y’all wouldn’t adopt me if I was gay. And I couldn’t like girls. But I think about him, and how mine compares now, and I’m not gay Ty I swear I’m not, but like…ugh! Whats going on Ty?” he cries, slumping against me.
I sit there silently for a moment. “Well, to start with, I think you’re probably a lot bigger now that you were then, and most guys wonder how they compare to others. So good news, you are normal there. And I mean, some guys go through a stage of wondering what other guys are like then get over it. Its just a stage. I think you’re ok man.”
I figured hed ask. He did. He wanted to know if I had ever had that stage. I did. Kinda am still in it, actually, but a lot less than when I was younger. Much less than last year.
“So, how big should I be?” He asks, looking at me curiously.
“I dunno…Im like 7ish?” I say and shrug.
“Oh good me too!” He grins. “I was just worried watching this…uhhh…”
I start laughing. “You talk too much you little perv!”
He shrugs. “Hey don’t most guys look at that stuff? I thought you were supposed to, just not around other people.” He grabs at his crotch again, obviously trying desperately to keep me from noticing his hard on, which he is making even more obvious.
Finally I give up and just pull my basketball shorts tight, revealing my slight boner I had kept hidden until now. All this talking about woodies and porn and girls had finally gotten me hard. He looked down, somewhat surprised. I’m not sure what was more shocking, the fact that I showed it or had simply kept it hidden for who knows how long.
Zane started squirming again. “I…I gotta pee,” he said in the worst lie I’ve ever heard. I pointed to the door on the left of the bed, the bathroom. He went in.
A few minutes later, I knock on the door. “Havin fun in there buddy?” I laugh. There’s a scrambling noise and a quick “uh-huh.” I turn the knob. He forgot to lock it.
Sitting there on the toilet is my soon to be little brother, attempting to pull thin sports shorts over his raging boner and failing. Its obvious he has been jacking off. I lean against the door frame. He really didn’t think his new big brother was stupid, did he? His head lowered, in complete shame. I walked over and knelt down in front of him. His eyes look up at me, sad. I pat his shoulder, then walk out. He follows a few minutes later.
“You’re not mad are you Ty?” He says, standing in front of me while I sit on my bed.
This kid is adorable, and the fact that he is about to poke me with that massive boner makes the awkward situation even more funny. “No Zane, were teenage guys. Everyone does it.”
He nods. “Wanna do it with me?” He says quietly, his voice shaking. “I kinda wanna see…” his shaking voice fades.
I grab his pants and give a tug. “Those obviously aren’t hiding anything at all,” I say sarcastically. His dick bounces up, finally free. It is big. Almost as big as mine.
The poor guy is shy at first, then makes his move. He slowly grabs onto my crotch through my shorts. “Can…can I feel it?”
His fingers slowly pull back the elastic as his hand slips into my boxers. I feel it tickly the tip of my caged monster. My hand gropes around for his. I find it and he lets out a deep sigh.
My pants are then ripped off and he starts milking my cock hard. I buck into his hand a few times as I feel his surprisingly low hanging balls. Theyre not huge, just hang really low. I lay down on the bed, and he jumps ontop of me. His dick grinds into mine.
“Rape much?” I laugh and grab his bubble butt. It’s in really good shape from so much running.
I can see his grin through the dim light. He rolls off and starts rubbing up and down on my pulsing manhood. I start rubbing his.
“You know any tricks? Ive never done this…” He says, sitting up a little.
I think for a moment, then start moving my hand a little differently, add a little spit, and go some more. He hasn’t thought of spit before, apparently, which I find odd. A little lube does the trick as usual, and soon hes moaning and thrusting his hips around. Big brother point bonus: teach the little bro how to jack off properly.
He sits up and looks at me curiously. I ask what hes thinking. He just smiles and straddles me, our dicks touching. I look down, and he struggles to line them up, or appears to rubbing them together. I then realize hes trying to see whose is bigger. Like I said, mines a little bigger by about a quarter of an inch. He looks up at me. “You win.” He lays back down, defeated.
“I know something you might can beat me at” I say, turning over a little to look at him. He looks at me, suddenly excited. “Can you shoot?” I ask when he can’t wait any longer for a new game.
“Shoot?” He asks, a curious smirk coming over his face.
The two of us start jacking ourselves off. I told him to copy me, but tell me if he felt like he was going to cum. Not gonna lie, it is kinda hot having someone watch you jack off. Anyhow, so I start rubbing slowly, then spit on my hand and rub a little faster. I squeeze the top some, rubbing just the uppermost part. Then the bottom. Then caress my balls with my right hand, switch, and rub left.
“Woah that feels cool!” HE says to himself after switching hands. I just shake my head. This kids nuts. He looks back at me and starts going faster like I did. He squirms.
I look over. “Remember, don’t cum! Tell me if you’re close, I’ll tell you what to do.”
He stops. “Oh yeah…Im close.”
I reach over and squeeze the top of his dick. He pushes his butt into the matress, holding back orgasm. “Hang on…” I say, waiting for his locked and loaded balls to relax. They do. “Ok start again,” I command, and resume rubbing myself.
“Wait…so we don’t cum? I thought that was the best part?” He asks completely lost.
I just laugh and tell him it’s called edging. Basically, you put off orgasm for a few times, letting it build up. Kind of like pumping a water gun. The more you pump it, the more you can squirt.
I swear, if that kid light up more, the room would have gotten brighter. “Oooohhhhh!!!” He said, “Gotcha!” then started pumping furiously on his dick. I just kept going at a normal pace, trying not to laugh at his adorable face, completely focusing on his manhood, biting his lip in complete concentration.
“Youre goin down broski!” He giggled. “Ive gone a few days. I almost hit my bellybutton last time I went this long!”
I ended up snorting holding back a laugh. “Oh trust me, itll go farther.”
I stopped, squeezed the tip a little, then started back. He copied me. We lay there for a while doing this, both mirroring each other and trying different hang positions. Eventually, we agreed it felt kinda cool getting jacked off by another person, so we focused on each other for a change.
After about three minutes of jacking each other, I let go of his to focus on my own. It was time for out shooting competition.
“Ready kiddo?” I asked. He nodded and grinned.
“Heck yeah!”
We both start pumping furiously. I counted down. 1…2…3…

To say it was the biggest orgasm of his life would be like comparing the titanic to a canoe. As I lay there, my dick pulsing streams of hot gooey jizz, I counted his spasms. 1…2…3… He just lay there in shock as a shot hit his face, running down to his lips.
His hands quit moving, so I reached over and slowly squeezed his cock as it released all that built up cum in about 5 shots and then a few pulsing streams. When he finally started breathing, it was deep and heavy. He wiped his mouth with his hand, then licked his lip curiously.
“HM…tastes…kinda…different.” He panted. “But WOW!” he looked over at me. I had shot to my chest. “Woah. Youre like a freakin super soaker bro!”
I had shot a little more by volume, being a bit older, but he probably out shot me distance wise. (I still hold the record though. 12 streaming shots of cum, the second landing 6 feet infront of us, by the way. Yes, it is possible. NO, I didn’t move the rest of the weekend) Anyhow, this time he won.
After a moment or two to catch his breath, he looked over at me and said wow about a dozen times within a few minutes. I just lay there smiling. Bro points quadrupled, teach the kid to edge AND shoot.
“You ever taste it?” He asked, sitting up and trying to contain the pool of sperm on his belly.
I shrugged. I had once. It was ok, though not good enough to try again. I told him if he was done eating his then we could go shower up, together to save time.

We stepped into the warm shower. It was around three am, and after the massive orgasm, both of us were pretty tired.
I soaped up his back, then just decided Id wash him and he could wash me. I gave his dick a little tug when I got to it, saying “Good work soldier!” then stepped aside to let him rinse the suds off.
He, washing mine, commented about it being a “freakin nuke.”
We decided bonding time was good to start with, so we just cuddled in the bottom bunk and fell asleep, nice and clean. By the way, cuddle wise, it was more brother to brother cuddle. Not like romantic cuddle. We weren’t naked or anything.
Six months later, and after many more “trial sleepovers,” Zane is officially my little brother. It is now my senior year. We both have girlfriends, actually dating two sisters…its weird how that happened…and I am preparing to go to college in a few months. There are many more stories, but those are for another time. Hope you enjoyed. We both did. Later!

PS, check back sometime. Maybe ill tell another. College is pretty crazy…

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