The Cuckold - Part 2

The Cuckold - Part 2

Synopsis of Part 1. Sandy and Ben were a very inexperienced married couple. Both came from very strict religious families. Due to Ben’s gambling debt, Sandy had to fuck Rex, Ben’s bookie, to get him off the hook. Rex had a huge penis, something neither Ben nor Sandy had ever seen before. Rex’s cock drove Sandy crazy, giving her orgasms that Ben could never produce. Sandy loved fucking Rex so much that she insisted that in the future she be allowed to fuck him at least twice a week. Ben reluctantly agreed. It was either that or lose her.

After the initial session with Rex, Sandy became an insatiable lover. Whereas the couple were previously lucky to make love every couple of weeks, now Sandy had to have Ben’s cock twice a day. Ben would wake up every morning with his hard cock in Sandy’s mouth and she would expertly suck him off and swallow all his cum. Rex had complimented her as a natural born world class cocksucker even though she had no prior experience. Rex said she was the only woman to take his full nine inch cock right to the balls.

Then when the couple went to bed at night, Sandy would get Ben hard, climb on board, and fuck the poor guy’s brains out. And she still craved more. After a week of this she told Ben that she had to experience Rex’s huge monster cock once again. She told Ben to call Rex and have him come right over. When Rex arrived, Sandy told him she hoped he was prepared for a marathon session because she wanted to ride his dick for at least an hour. It really hurt me to hear her say that to another man. She further said she wanted to coax at least three orgasms out of him. He said he would do his best. As the two of them started to undress, Sandy turned to me and suggested that I get naked too. When Rex started in on her by eating her pussy, Sandy beckoned to me to join her. She grabbed hold of my already hard cock and held on tightly while Rex’s tongue probed her cunt and asshole. She never let go of my cock the entire session. It was like her security blanket.

I was in much closer proximity to the pair this time compared to the first time Rex fucked my wife. I could smell the funky odor of sex as my wife’s pussy got super juicy. It sickened me on one hand but made my cock super hard on the other. When Rex actually started fucking Sandy’s wet cunt, I watched his huge penis plunge in and out of her body. Despite the fact that Sandy was not jacking my cock, just holding it tightly, I was shocked when streams of semen began to involuntarily spurt out of my cock. At first I was embarrassed that I came so easily but the feeling of my orgasm was so strong…one of the best I had ever had…that my embarrassment was replaced with pride. I got an extra surge of satisfaction when I noticed that the majority of my cumshot had landed on Rex’s ass. Rex was so busy pounding his cock into Sandy’s cunt that he wasn’t even aware that I had coated his butt with semen.

I heard Rex ask Sandy if she wanted to take his first cumshot down her throat and she eagerly replied that she did. Rex pulled out of her sopping wet pussy and started jacking his big dick. She dove down and greedily slipped her lips over his bulging cockhead and began sucking him for all she was worth. He slammed his cock all the way home and let out a scream of pleasure as he orgasmed down Sandy’s throat. Sandy still had a death grip on my dick and despite the fact that I had just cum a few minutes earlier, damned if my penis didn’t shoot out some more cum. “Hey,” I thought, “this isn’t so bad.” I had had many orgasms in my lifetime but I couldn’t remember any of them being this intense.

After Rex had finished shooting his load down Sandy’s throat, the three of us collapsed on the bed. “Omigod,” Sandy exclaimed, “I must have cum four or five times while you were fucking me. Rex, your dick is magic. It gives me sensations that I never knew were possible.” I was getting tired of hearing about how great Rex’s cock was, even if it was true. It had turned Sandy into a totally different person. Me too.

Rex went on to fuck Sandy a couple more times, once with a cumshot, and to also let her suck him off to completion for his third and final cum.

Finally Rex left but not before Sandy unzipped his pants just before he went out the door, took his flaccid cock out, and planted a juicy wet kiss on the head as she thanked him for another wonderful evening. It kinda pissed me off that she would do this right in front of me with no consideration whatsoever for my feelings. But she was so obsessed with Rex’s cock that I doubt that my feelings were ever a thought in her mind.

A couple of days later Sandy told me that Rex had called her on the phone. He had a buddy at the gym where he worked out that had a cock nearly as big as his. He told Sandy that it was obvious that she was obsessed with large cocks and that she might get off having two big hunks of hard meat to play with.

I was aghast! “You’re not going to do that are you?” I demanded.

“Why not? I think it sounds like fun. I can think of a lot of great fun things to do with two big dicks. I would love to get them to both cum at the same time. Just imagine all that spurting cum. Rex said his buddy his a big cummer just like he is and you know how much I love to see the cum fly. You are welcome to join us.”

“I think I will pass,” I replied. It’s hard enough for me to see you enjoying one huge cock. I don’t think I can handle two.”

“Sure you can,” she purred. “I saw how you involuntarily had two big orgasms just from watching Rex’s big cock fuck my tight cunt. With two big cocks to turn you on, who knows what might happen.”

Maybe she’s onto something, I thought. I guess I will give it a try. I would never have guessed in a million years what actually transpired.

A few nights l later Rex introduced us to Tony and once Tony got naked, sure enough his cock was as big as Rex’s and just as hard. I found myself really attracted to the smooth shiny head on Tony’s prick. What’s wrong with me, I wondered? I shouldn’t be admiring another man’s cock.

When the four of us were naked in the bed, I have to admit it was an incredibly erotic sight. I was, of course, just along as a spectator but I was thrilled as Sandy took turns sucking the two huge cocks. She was unable to grip my cock like she had a few nights ago but it didn’t matter. I was so turned on that every few minutes a stream of cum would spurt out of my prick. As Sandy traded back and forth between the two hard cocks, sucking one and then the other, she motioned for me to come closer. “Ben, I want you to join me. Here, you suck Tony’s cock while I suck Rex.

Now you have to understand that I was raised in a super religious family. Even a hint of homosexuality was the worst possible disgrace that could come down on a person. The idea of putting another man’s cock in my mouth was a repugnant thought. But over the past few weeks I had been exposed to seeing Rex’s cock over and over and I saw how much enjoyment Sandy seemed to get when she sucked him off. How bad could it be? The whole idea of taking a hard cock in my mouth was no longer the horrible idea it had been just a few short weeks before.

Sandy motioned to me again, so I slid forward and took Tony’s monster cock in my hand. I gently pulled his foreskin back fully exposing the glistening cockhead. I had to admit that looking at it up close and personal was a real turn-on. I really had a very strong desire to kiss it, lick it and ultimately suck it until a load of semen shot down my throat. So that’s what I did.

I slid my lips over Tony’s straining prick. The skin on the head was stretched super tight and easily slid past my lips. Feeling that large cockhead filling my mouth was one of the best sexual experiences I had ever had. I wrapped my hand around Tony’s shaft at the base of his cock and started jacking him off as my head bobbed up and down on his delicious prick.

“Omigod,” Sandy exclaimed. “That’s the hottest thing I have ever seen. Ben, I know you want to give Tony as much pleasure as possible. Suck your finger to get it wet and shove it up Tony’s asshole. Work it in and out while you suck him. He will be coming in no time flat.”

I followed Sandy’s instructions and felt my finger slide up Tony’s ass. Maybe it was my imagination but I swear that it felt like his cock got even bigger and harder in my mouth.

Did I want this guy Tony spurting a load of semen down my throat? You’re damn right I did. I couldn’t wait to feel his cock explode in my mouth and fill it with cum. And then it happened. I felt his body stiffen and then the cum began to spurt out of his big prick. I swallowed as fast as I could, but it was just too much. The damn stuff squirted out both sides of my mouth as I greedily sucked the head of his prick until he cried for relief.

Wow! What a trip. Now I knew why Sandy loved to suck cocks so much.

Did I tell you about the “club” we joined? Rex told us about it. He was already a member. A rich older woman had a huge mansion on the edge of town. The place had something like 14 bedrooms and a number of very large “common” rooms. It was in reality a swinger’s club. There was a fairly steep fee to join as a member. I guess that was to keep the riff-raff out. It was couples only and the place swung into action every Friday night. There was a small fee each Friday. Overall the place had a couple of hundred member couples but each Friday about 20 to 25 couples would show up.

It was Sandy’s idea to join. I wasn’t that crazy about it initially because I figured it would just be more guys fucking my wife. But then I realized that it would also be my opportunity to fuck more women. The way it worked was the women had to make the first move. If a woman came up to a man in the club and grabbed his dick, it meant she wanted to fuck him. Sandy managed to fuck about five or six different guys each Friday. I was surprised that I was pretty popular. I usually had at least two invitations to fuck each week, sometimes more, but two was about my limit. When we first started going to the club Sandy sought out the guys with the biggest dicks. She was definitely a big cock lover. There were only about ten guys total with massive cocks and she fucked and sucked every one of them several times. But she also worked her way through most of the members over the next couple of months. Because she was not only one of the most beautiful women in the club, but also one of the best sex partners, she was extremely popular. She made sure that she spread her favors around so that none of the guys who wanted to fuck her were disappointed.

While I preferred to do my fucking in one of the private rooms, Sandy liked to put on a show in one of the common rooms. Usually there could be four or five couples going at it in one of the common rooms at the same time. But once Sandy arrived it usually ended up with her putting on a show for the other club members in the room. She loved to show off her deep throating skills and it was with Rex quite often. He had the biggest cock of all the members, and everybody loved to watch Sandy take his massive member right to the root and swallow his huge loads.

After a few months of steady fucking just about anything that breathed, Sandy and I had settled into a certain routine. When we first started our sexual adventures, I was pretty much relegated to the role of cuckold. I got to watch Sandy get fucked by multiple cocks and because she preferred them big, that left me out. But one thing Sandy learned early on was that she loved having her asshole licked and tongued. She claimed she had her most intense orgasms when her asshole got tongue fucked. She wanted to know what it would feel like to have a cock penetrate her ass but all of her preferred partners had cocks that were way too large. She probably could have managed it but she didn’t want to even try.

But she thought my small dick was the perfect size to fuck her ass and once we tried it, she had literally the best orgasms of all. So, Sandy’s ass became my personal playground. To help build up my self-esteem, her asshole was ruled off limits to everybody but me. Not even fingers or tongues from anybody but me were allowed near her butthole.

I liked it, not only because it was my private sexual playground but because it felt really good on my cock. Her sphincter was much tighter on my cock than her now well used pussy. And now I was totally in command while I was ramming my rock hard penis into her tight little asshole. Every night I dutifully shot her ass full of my hot cum. She even talked me into giving her a good ass reaming in full view of the other club members. Our little show would start off with her giving me one of her classic blowjobs. Of course, it was no challenge for her to take my full six inches all the way down her throat. After sucking my cock to maximum hardness, then she would lovingly coat my cock with her favored lubricant and also smear some on her asshole. Then on her hands and knees she would present her ass to me. I would rub the head of my cock up and down her ass crack and all over her little rose bud. After a few minutes of foreplay, while our audience watched intently, I would position the shiny head of my cock right over her entrance and then push forward sliding my cock right up her rectum to the cheers and applause of our fellow club members. I would then grab her thighs and start pistoning my prick in and out of her beautiful body. Most of the time I would finish off by burying my dick deep in her ass and shooting stream after stream of my hot cum into her bowels. But every once in a while, the exhibitionist in me would take over and just as I would start to achieve orgasm, I would pull my cock out of her asshole and pump copious amounts of semen all over her beautiful ass.

It’s a funny thing about my cumshots. Before Rex got us on the sexual fast track, my cumshots were nothing special. Compared to Rex they were pretty pathetic. But the more Sandy and I fucked, and the more different women I shot my loads into or all over them, my cum loads seemed to grow in volume. While I was still a long way from matching Rex, my cum loads now were quite impressive and I know that when I would pull out and spray Sandy’s ass with my semen, the fellow members watching got quite a kick out of it. I had received a number of compliments on how powerful the cum would shoot out of my prick and splatter all over Sandy ‘s body. There was one very attractive female member who had chosen me on numerous occasions and although her primary desire was for me to fuck her cunt, she always wanted me to finish by spraying my cum load all over her tits and belly. Another older member wanted me to paint her face with my cum. I was always happy to oblige.

Although there were no rules against same sex contact in the club, it didn’t happen too often. But every once in a while, I would get the urge to suck a cock and there were several members who were more than happy to get one of my blowjobs. And conversely, I would occasionally get hit on by a male member who wanted to suck me off. I didn’t care who sucked me off as long as they were good at it. And of course, most of my fellow club members were very good with any action involving a hard cock.

One night at the club, Sandy had chosen off six different men, most of whom were quite well endowed. But she wanted something a bit different. She wanted to perform in one of the common rooms and have the guys line up and fuck her one after another, depositing their cum loads in her pussy consecutively. As soon as one guy shot his load and pulled out, she wanted the next guy to immediately shove his dick into her cum filled cunt and fuck her. Of course, as her pussy filled up with cum, each successive guy took a bit longer to cum because her cunt was so slippery. But somehow all six guys were able to achieve orgasm. After the last guy shot his load and pulled out, she stood up, spread her legs, and let six big cum loads drool out of her pussy onto the floor as all the members on hand observing her gave her a big round of applause.

Now that Sandy and I were both getting our fill of sex, I no longer felt like a third wheel. My role of cuckhold seemed to be over. It still pained me to know that Sandy vastly preferred Rex’s huge cock in her cunt to mine. But at least her asshole was my private domain. Now that I was getting all the sex I could handle on a weekly basis, the fact that Sandy preferred other men’s cocks to mine was no longer a big deal to me. I was comfortable with our relationship.


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