I’ve never been a very social person. I was never one of the people who were invited to all the loud parties. I’m more like the guy who lives across the street from those people and wishes they would keep it down. I do, however, get the urge to wander late at night, and sometimes I join a party just to have something to do.

It was a Thursday, Friday if we wanted to be technical, since it was after midnight. I was walking through a neighborhood near my dorm room. The only light was provided by streetlights and the half-moon in the sky. The way the neighborhood was set up, all apartments faced the highway, and since I was walking on a regular road, I was passing by other people’s backyards. In one of the backyards, there was a group of three girls gathered around a fire pit.

“Heeey,” one of them called out. In the middle of the fire pit was a hookah, and one of them was inhaling.

I’m mainly not a social person because I’m very passive. I’ve never gone out and searched for friends. But when a chance is handed to me, I always take it.

“Hey,” I said. I walked over to them with my hands in my pockets. The backyard was small. There was a sliding glass door that went into the house, then a fire pit, then the grass sloped up to the road I had been walking on. The three girls were all sitting cross-legged around the hookah. I sat down next to the girl who had called out to me.

All of them were dressed up, but the girl who called out was a bombshell. White denim shorts that had the pockets coming out below the hemline. Sky-blue tanktop that came down to just above her belly button piercing, with a white parka on over it. The parka looked expensive. It also looked warm, which was good. It was only fall, but I couldn’t imagine the rest of her clothes were giving her any protection from the cold. Her hair was long, curly, and chocolate brown. It was a lovely contrast to the white parka. Her face was clear, her makeup well done. Her nose pointed upwards, giving the impression of snobbishness. Her eyes were the same color as her hair.

I realized she was asking me where I was going.

“Umm…nowhere in particular. I like walking around at night.”

“You should come with us!” she said. “We’re about to go downtown.”

“Umm, sure.”

“I’m Fawn.”

“I’m Dave. Nice to meet you guys.”

The two other girls took that as their cue to introduce.



Robin was cute. Lacey was not. If Fawn was a bombshell, Robin was…approachable. She didn’t have the same superstar beauty, but I would have talked to Robin over Fawn if I had seen both of them at the mall. Lacey also wasn’t approachable, but for the opposite of why Fawn was. If you saw Lacey at the mall, she would be reading alone at a table in the food court, and you wouldn’t take that as an invitation.

Lacey wore a flowered dress that looked like it inspired a sofa cushion. It was cheap. I didn’t know anything about fashion, and even I knew it was bad. It wasn’t her fault, necessarily. All the sexy clothes- slinky cocktail dresses and denim minishorts- were all made in small sizes. I’ll stop trying to dance around it; Lacey was fat. She had two chins, so that wasn’t as bad as it could have been. She was a dirty blonde, a plus in my book. She had the kind of smile that looked like she meant it. But that didn’t change the fact that her upper arms were as big around as my thighs.

Robin was wearing blue denim shorts that came just above the knee. She had on a band shirt with a dark gray design of an old-school record player made of heart and veins. Well, probably a band shirt. The name under the record player was no one I’d ever heard of. Over the band shirt was a red and black plaid button-up that was way too big for her. I couldn’t see her hands. It was adorable. She was the one who had been taking a hit from the hookah when I walked up.

She caught me staring and winked lazily. Her eyes were electric blue. Her nose was a little too big, and didn’t match the rest of her face. Her hair looked like it had been dyed, but dyed well. Dark red, almost brown. Long and curly.

She tried to give me a chance to smoke, but I waved off.

“You don’t want any?”

“Uh…nah, not really the smoking type.”

“Too bad.” She could pout like no one I’d ever seen. And her lips looked just as good on the end of the hookah, sucking down smoke.

Fawn took control of the conversation after that. Quizzing me about my major (Sociology), favorite class (Archery), and complaining about her rotten luck with teachers. I did my best to respond in kind and keep the conversation going. I learned that Fawn and Robin were juniors, and Lacey was a sophomore, like me. Lacey and Fawn shared two classes, and Fawn and Robin shared an ex.

“Oh, and he had the biggest, blackest dick”, Robin said.

“He did!” Fawn laughed. “I scared I would get ripped in half every time we did it!”

I was a bit uncomfortable at this point. I let them reminisce and talked to Lacey. My minor was Film, and she ended up knowing more than I expected about cinematic techniques. She liked Quentin Tarantino more than I did. We talked about how great it was that Breaking Bad didn’t sell out and ended the show when it was still good. And then it was time to go.

Robin’s car was the biggest, blackest truck I had ever ridden in. We could have fit everyone I knew in college in the bed of the truck, though that might not be as impressive as it sounds. Robin was a terrible driver. The club was only three miles from their neighborhood, but I feared for the lives of other drivers the whole way there. She seemed to think right of way went to whoever was biggest, and it was always her. Or maybe she was just high. Whatever.

It was one A.M. when we entered Sha Toe Day Dance. (Try saying it out loud.) I was the management’s new best friend, coming in with three girls, and they let us cut in line. The club’s schtick was that it had two separate dance areas, with a transparent soundproof barrier in between them, and different music playing on either side. You could watch the other side of the club be horribly off beat to you, because they were on a different rhythm. They switched up the theme of each side, but tonight one was what I would call techno, and the other was what I’d call rap.

Fawn and Robin were still up on the hookah, and immediately dragged me to the rap side and started mock-fighting over me. I saw Lacey sit down at an empty table, also on the rap side, and start playing with her phone. But then I was…distracted.

I hadn’t seen it before because we were all sitting down, but Robin had an ass. Oh my god. As soon as we stepped on the floor she was grinding against me. I had hold of her hips and my dick was rock hard. But I had barely gotten to enjoy it before Fawn was pushing her out of the way.

“Hey! I found him, I have dibs!” She laughed and put her ass right on me. She bent over and started twerking. I’d been twerked on before, but all of them had done it rough and fast. She was slow, and rubbed just the right way up and down. It was like getting a lapdance standing up. I groaned, and was concerned that I’d come right there on the dance floor.

“You never called it!” Robin pushed down on her lower back, and leaning over her, kissed me on the mouth, full tongue. She tasted like smoke and lust.

I wasn’t the only guy getting some on the dance floor. Not by a long shot. But I was the shortest, whitest dude out there. I weigh a hundred and fifty pounds, but a lot of my muscle is lower-body, so I couldn’t even say I was buff. I saw some guys staring, wondering what I had that they didn’t. I guess sometimes you get lucky.

Robin put my hand on her chest. I felt her tits through the thin band shirt. No way was she wearing a bra. I groped her, and kissed back hard. Fawn was still grinding soft and slow on my dick. It almost hurt, how hard I was.

Fawn realized she wasn’t winning, so she straightened up and faced me. Robin stopped kissing me for a second, but my hand stayed where it was. The other one was at her waistband, starting to go under her shirt. Her skin was warm.

“Daaave.” She was nearly as good as pouting as Robin was. “Tell her I have dibs.” Robin stepped back, standing next to Fawn, and joined her in pouting.

“No, Dave, tell this skank to step off. You’re all mine.” I was starting to get the sense that this wasn’t really about me. It was just a contest between them that I happened to be the prize of. I didn’t currently have enough blood going to my brain to complain about that though.

“Wellll. I think that…technically Fawn did see me first.” If I had had any brains, I would have told them that dibs had to be earned.

“Daaave. I can’t believe you. Kissing me like that and then leaving me.”

“Sorry, girlfriend, Dave knows who the best one is.” She stuck her tongue out at Robin. Just then, another guy took Robin by the hand and started dancing with her.

“Wha-! See you guys later!” Damn.

“Well now, Dave, you have me all to yourself,” Fawn breathed, fluttering her eyelashes. Okay. The music picked up and she started twerking again. I trailed my hands down the front of her thighs, and we moved in unison. I tucked my thumbs into her pants. Pushed farther down and felt a little tuft of hair. She jerked, and put her hands on my wrists, but didn’t slow down. I pulled my thumbs out a little bit. Then abandoned it altogether, and groped her. Oh my god. Her tits were C-cups minimum, and she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Her hands pulled mine back down. Moved across her midriff. Back to her thighs. God, I just wanted to touch her everywhere.

We moved to the wall and I leaned on it. She ground on me, faster and harder now. I pulled her up and around to face me, kissed her, squeezed her ass hard, smacked it. I could feel her whimper against my mouth when the smack came.

“Hey…” she caught her breath. “Maybe calm down there a little, big guy.” I took her by the shoulder and turned her around so that her back was to the wall instead of mine. I stuck my hand down the back of her pants, felt her bare ass. No panties. Her hand was on my elbow, and she got quiet.

I pushed her against me, placing my other hand on her lower back, and kissed her neck. Bit her neck. That little whimper again, and I squeezed her ass. I grabbed her hand, and walked her to the bathroom. There were three in the club. All co-ed and small, all of them locked, and all of them had a guy with a key outside who kicked you out after ten minutes. Bathrooms for fucking, basically.

I gave the bouncer outside some cash and told him not to kick us out until twenty minutes had passed. He nodded, locked us in.

Quiet. They had these soundproofed too. Fawn looked a little scared, not nearly as high as she was earlier.

“Hey, Dave…you know we were just messing around right? Just teasing?”

I didn’t say anything. For a few seconds. I was too turned on to think straight.

Then, “Sure, duh.” I smiled at her. “But you got me a little too turned on out there, just needed to come in here to jerk one.”

“Ha. Oh, okay.”

“You mind twerking on me for just a bit longer?”

Still relieved that I was okay with the teasing, she happily turned around. I smiled.

“Nice and slow this time.”

She nodded, and stepped backward. Bent over until her ass was the highest part of her. I could see the sweat on her lower back. Dancing is work.

She did take it nice and slow. I kept my hands friendly, just on her hips. Eventually she relaxed and we were moving in unison, like before. I took half a step back and kept one hand on her so she wouldn’t fall. She tried to straighten up.

“No, stay there, just hold on a second.”

I unzipped and let my pants fall to my ankles, stepped out, then ground against her in my boxer briefs. I was sure she could feel the difference, but she kept going. Not sure how long it had been, not sure when twenty minutes would be up. But the only thing between her ass and my dick were two thin pieces of fabric, and I’d take everything I could out of the time I had left.

I pushed her into the wall, grinding against her. I pulled on her wrists so that they crossed over the front of her body, and were stuck in front of her. I put one of my hands where her wrists crossed over, and held both of them tightly in mine. I bit her neck and pulled down my boxer briefs with my free hand. One thin piece of fabric.

“Dave,” she moaned. “Dave, Dave.” I had to resist the urge to say what.

I unbuttoned her pants and stuck my hands down the front. Quickly, not trying to sneak my way in like before. Abruptly she stopped moving against me and started struggling, trying to free her wrists, but didn’t say anything. I put my middle finger inside her. She was wet, dampening the little patch of pubic hair she hadn’t shaved.

“It’s okay, don’t stop,” she whispered, and I took that as my cue for a second finger. She was still fighting me, pulling her wrists apart, and I could barely hang on. But the way she moved against me while struggling turned me on even more than the twerking, and she gave out high squeaky breaths as I fingered her.

She broke the hold I had on her wrists, and turned around, trying to slip by me. I slammed her up against the wall. She was so soft. I could smell her perfume, and a bit of the sweat from dancing. I pushed her arms high, then went low, finally pulling her shorts down around her ankles. She wasn’t pushing me away, just holding on tightly to my back. I fingered her while she kissed my neck.

I grabbed her hair, pulling her head up and kissed her roughly on the lips, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She moaned against me, and humped my hand.

I took my hand out and squeezed her ass tight, then moved my other hand to her upper back. I picked her up like that and put her on the floor, legs spread, but feet still forced close together by her shorts.

I forced my dick in her mouth and she gagged. I groped her through the shirt while pushing on the back of her head. Her soft brown eyes looked up at me, simultaneously pissed and turned on. Her tongue moved over my cock like an expert and after the first surprised gag, she was taking it like a champ. I was almost ready to come now, but I couldn’t yet.

I ripped her head off my cock by pulling her hair. She seemed reluctant to let it go, and her tongue ended up out of her mouth. Her hair was a mess, and with the tongue out she looked playful and horny.

I needed a minute for my boner to calm down, so I decided to eat her out. I pushed her forward and lifted her legs up, then put my head down and my own tongue out. I wasn’t too experienced, but she tasted amazing and it drove me over the edge. My tongue was everywhere at once, moving stiff up her lips, flicking soft over her clit, and going as deep as I can to taste her. She bucked under me, screaming. Her hands were in my hair forcing me down and her hips were coming up to meet me.

I pulled back for a moment and made her beg.

“Dave, you keep going you fucker. I’m almost there…” Her eyes were open wide, pupils dilated. Her hair was still messy and the desperate horniness in her voice was perfect. I bit her thighs, dragging my teeth downward and she jerked. My mouth made it back to her just in time to taste her come.

My dick was ready to go and no longer too ready to go. I pushed her shirt up for the first time and enjoyed the sight of her nipples. Just a bit bigger than a quarter, with a few moles on her right breast. I groped her left tit and twisted the nipple. She screamed again, still turned on. I put my dick in and started fucking hard and fast.

She chose this moment to start fighting back again. She pushed on my right thigh and my chest, trying to force me out. I grabbed both of her hands and lifted them over her head while I fucked her. We locked eyes, and she bit her lip. I grinned, and with that I was telling her that right then, I could do whatever I wanted to her.

She was warm against me and her come was wet over my dick. She was slick, and tighter than anyone I’ve ever fucked. I figured, I’ve already made her come, so I wet faster and much harder than I usually do. She closed her eyes and grunted every time I thrust into her. I bit her neck, hard. She started to buck again, hips coming up to meet me each time.

Eyes still closed, she whispered, “Daaaaave. Daaaaave. Fuuuuck.” I could feel heat rising in my dick and I held it back for about twenty seconds before-

“Auuaaargh.” Release, god, fuck yes. She kept moving against me, eyes closed. I stayed in to the hilt and ground in slow circles. My turn to twerk. I left her neck and moved to her ear. I bit the lobe, gently. I’m always extra gentle after I come, maybe overcompensating for the roughness. Umm.

“Yeah, you like that didn’t you, Fawn.” She came, nails digging into my back.

“Yeah…” she whispered, totally relaxed.

We got out of there. The bouncer stopped me, hand held out but smiling.

“It’s been more than twenty minutes, but when I checked in, you seemed a bit in the middle of something.”

Fawn blushed. I gave the guy some more cash and told him to have a nice night.

Fawn and I went outside, and she texted her friends that we were ready to go.

She rubbed her hand on the crotch of her pants. “You shouldn’t have come in me…”

“Sorry.” I wasn’t.

“Anyway…I never actually got your number, what was it?”

“I know where you live. I’ll stop by if I want to see you again.” I checked my phone, then stuck it back in my pocket. It was mostly as an end-the-conversation gesture, as the exact time wasn’t important this late at night. I started walking off.

“Hey, we can give you a ride home!”

“I need to finish my walk, but thank you!” I half-turned around to wave, and saw her staring after me, biting her lip.

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