Slow Dancing_(0)

Slow Dancing_(0)

Once in a lifetime, you run into a very powerful, strong partner - one who
can sweep you off your feet in a heartbeat... one who promises to be the most
memorable lover you have ever had. Many people search in vain to find such a
love - mine walked into my office one day.

I was sitting at my desk, working hard.. and happened to look up to see the
man of my dreams waiting outside my boss's office. The aura of power that
radiated from this man was enough to make me stop working on the urgent
project I had buried myself in, and look up. I was rewarded with a 6' tall,
dark haired, dark eyed, bearded vision. In a warm, low, well-modulated voice,
he asked me where my boss was... and introduced himself to me as being from
our Corporate office, here for a special meeting. I was struck speechless,
but did manage to page my boss. I tried hard to get back to my project, by
my mind was filled with images of this strong, striking man running his
hands all over me.. kissing me everywhere.. making me scream for release.

My boss appeared, and the two disappeared. From the tension levels, I could
tell this was no ordinary meeting. After about an hour, the two emerged from
behind closed doors. I tried to smile softly as my vision passed by my desk,
but he was absorbed in his conversation, and did not even know I existed. My
heart sank, for the strength of this man's presence was incredible.

I was stunned about a half hour after they left their office by a summons to
report to the conference room. Not having any clue of what was to happen, I
went nervously to our quiet, oak paneled customer presentation room. At one
end, with papers neatly stacked sat this wonderful dream of a man. The room
was silent, and we were alone. I could hear the thudding of my heart. He
introduced himself a second time, and informed me that this was a sealed
meeting, and that he was there to investigate a sexual harassment charge. I
was told to take a seat, make myself comfortable, and placed under oath! The
questions turned out to be almost mundane, over some fairly trivial
incident I had witnessed the previous month. The entire time he questioned
me, his voice was low, slow, and deliberate. He did smile non-committally
several times in response to my measured answers. As he brought the
deposition to a close, he laid his pencil down, held my gaze with his, and
asked a couple of personal questions. With a quiet smile, he thanked me for
my efforts, and sent me back on my way, after cautioning me not to speak
to anyone about what had gone on that afternoon. Saddened, I smiled at him,
and thanked him.

"Angie, what is your schedule like for the next couple of hours?" he asked

"The usual. Why, Sir?"

"I have the feeling you have more information for me, but do not feel free
to tell me here. This is a serious issue, and I do need to hear everything
you have to tell me. Will you join me for lunch, and we can talk more

"Y-y-yes, Sir. I can do that."

"Good. I would enjoy that very much. Please do not return to your desk. This
is a very quiet investigation, and I do not want to arouse any suspicions
among the staff. Your boss knows you are with me."

"Thank you, Sir."

I allowed this gorgeous creature to usher me out of the building, and into
his rental car. We drove to a nice restaurant, and he had us seated way in
the back, in semi-darkness, far away from anyone who might want to eavesdrop.
His questioning began again, but on a more personal note as we reviewed the
menus and ordered lunch. I felt myself being drawn into his spell, craving
more of his company. We chatted during our meal - not even about the company,
but pleasant, polite conversation about each other. His smiles became more
frequent, and I relaxed even more. All too soon, the meal was over, and we
were back in the car on the way over. I had a hard time surpressing a smile,
and blushed to notice how wet I was. I had just spent an hour with one of
the most delightful men I had ever met. He stunned me by asking me if he
could pick me up for dinner. Who could resist?

I managed to get through the day, and get home in time to get ready for the
evening. Something told me to dress very nice - and wear the new lacy
lingerie that was tucked in the drawer. By the time I was ready, he was
knocking on my door. Trembling slightly, I opened the door to his warm
smile. He was certainly different away from work! Dinner, while memorable,
was over all too soon.

"Amgie, I still have a couple of questions for you, but I left the forms
back in my suite. Would you mind accompanying me?"

I smiled in response. I did not want to be taken home yet - this man was
intoxicating! So, I went with him.

His suite was elegant and spacious. He had me take a seat in his sitting
room, and served me a glass of wine while he went into the bedroom and got
his papers. When he came back, he had shed the jacket, tie, and shoes he
had been wearing all day. Sitting near me, he poured himself some Amaretto,
and quietly began talking again. All I knew was I wanted this man very much,
and I got the feeling he was quite interested in me from the questions he
was asking and his body language. He did not try to touch me... but was
feeling me out just the same.

"Are you quite comfortable with me, Angie?"

"Why, yes, Sir. I have enjoyed this evening very much."

"I find you very stimulating, and would like to get to know you better. Do
you have any problems with that?"

"Not at all, Sir."

"Then, please, make yourself comfortable." His manner changed subtlely from
cold and formal to warm and caring. As I stood up to remove my suit jacket
and take off my shoes, he stood also, coming closer, until he put his arms
around me from behind in a huge bearhug. "This job can be hell. Everyone
hates you for the job you must do, and few respect you afterwards..." he
lamented quietly. I turned to face him, and allowed the hug to continue...
let myself be drawn into his warm embrace. We stood, locked in a deep, warm
hug for several wonderful minutes. Without another word, I allowed him to
unbutton my blouse and remove it, then my skirt. I stood before him in my
satin and lace camisole, tap pants, garters and stockings.

"You are very lovely, Angie.. inside and outside."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Are you okay with me, Angie?"

"Of course, Sir. I have very much enjoyed myself today."

"Wonderful. Now... how about if you stand here before me, and show me the
rest of your charms..." he said softly, yet firmly as he sat on the couch,
sipping on his Amaretto. A bit nervously, I began to strip for him.. first
one stocking.. then the next, draping them around his neck playfully. The
camisole came next. I teasingly lifted the bottom edge slowly.. letting it
hover just below my 38Cs. I pulled it up inch by inch, revealing my firm,
white tits capped with large dark nipples. I watched his delight flash
across his face and remove the last of the camisole quickly. I stretched
before him, allowing my tits to tease him.

"Lovely, Angie... please do go on..."

I smiled as I hooked my thumbs on the tap pants, turned my back to him, bent
over, and pulled them down slowly. I heard his muffled gasp as I turned back
to him and he realized I was fully shaved. Dropping the tap pants onto my
pile of clothes, I reached behind me and unhooked the garter belt, finally
standing before him totally naked.

He rose from the couch, and kissed me passionately on the mouth while he
cupped a tit with his hand. Taking me by the hand, he led me to the bedroom,
pulled the covers off, and placed a pillow on the bed.

"Please lie down on the pillow, Angie." Quietly, I followed his instructions,
placing my ass on the edge of the pillow. I lay quietly with my legs closed,
breathing softly. "Are you always this cooperative, Angie?" he asked with a

"Hmmm.. yes, Sir."

"Wonderful. I think we are going to have a great time, little one." He quietly
removed his clothes, and laid down beside me. Warm, soft hands began to
explore lightly.. teasingly. I was already so hot and worked up, I moaned
softly as he caressed me all over. He leaned over and took one tit in his
mouth, teasing the nipple as he lightly pinched the other with his right
hand. I arched my back and moaned again.. craving more of his touch, loving
the way he played with my tits. My legs fell apart on their own accord,
inviting the intruder to explore my deepest, wettest passages.

He took his time exploring - kissing and nibbling on every inch it seemed,
playing forever with my tits until I wanted to take his mouth and force it
to roam to my hot slit. I found myself wiggling under his caresses, needing
his hot probing tongue on my engorged clit. Instead of satisfying my hunger,
he held my legs apart, and began kissing up and down the inner thighs..
coming close to my hot center, but not touching it, driving my crazy with
anticipation and desire.

I closed my eyes and willed the hunger to subside just enough for me to
keep my sanity. I was rewarded by the cold touch of ice on my hot clit,
followed by a slow exploration with the remains of the melting cube into
my steaming, wet slit. He traced my crack all the way back to my ass, then
came back forward, slowing inserting the ice into my pussy and fucking me
with it, then going back to tease my clit. I moaned louder with delight,
loving the sensations of the melting ice cube and dripping water on my
pussy. Leaning down, he hungrily slurpped the liquid, licking hungrily,
making sure he got all the drips of water up. Holding me wide, he followed
my crack back to my ass, licking me clean, then back up to my pussy. Using
his hands to hold my lips far apart, he dove into my pussy, slurping and
licking until all traces of the melting water were gone.

Placing the thumb of one hand on my clit, he began a slow methodical probing
of the folds of my outer lips.. squeezing gently, watching the pleasure on
my face. Holding my lips far apart, he rolled my clit between his fingers,
pulling on it gently, then leaning down and sucking it into his mouth. He
nibbled lightly, then returned to sucking and licking it until I was very
close to an orgasm. When he felt me tense, he stopped, and started probing
my pussy with his fingers, inserting one slowly and deeply, then stroking
softly in and out. Crooking that probing finger, he stroked the roof of my
pussy, sending my G-spot into quivering spasms with just the right amount
of pressure. The one probing finger was soon joined by a second.. stroking
in and out while he teased my clit.

"Would you like release, little one?"

"Hmmm.... meaning??"

"Would you like to be allowed to reach that orgasm that has been brewing?"

"Ohh, yes, Sir!"

"Good.. all you have to do is ask next time." With that, he increased his
sucking and strokes until I was wracked with a huge, screaming orgasm. He
coaxed and teased it until I was shivering and quivering with the force of
the waves flowing out from my pussy. He slowed his strokes, occasionally
flicking a finger across my clit, watching me jump with a merry twinkle in
his eye. Letting me relax for just a moment, he then had me turn onto my
belly, ass high in the air. Teasing my engorged slit with the head of his
cock, he rammed it in all at one time, burying it up to his balls into my
hot, wet folds. Stroking furiously, he rammed his rock-hard cock into me,
filling me with that gorgeous meat, holding onto my hips, and fucking me
for all he was worth. His orgasm was fast, shooting load after load of
sticky, hot cum deep into my pussy. Spent, he collapsed on top of me,
panting, happy.

"Angie, you were excellent. I would like to do this again tomorrow night...
Would you perhaps like to play and explore a bit more?"

I smiled in response.. how could I refuse??

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