Lessons Learned_(2)

Lessons Learned_(2)

I walk into class and take my seat in the middle of the class. My girl, Lacy, takes her seat next to me. "What's up girly?" She asks.
"Hey!" I say excitedly, maybe too excitedly.
"Ok spill.”
“Spill what?”
“Who is he?"
"Who is who?" I say with a sly smile. The bell rings and a man walk’s in closing the door behind him. "Saved by the bell." I think to myself. I look at the man. He's tall with dirty blond hair, blue-eyes, and very handsome. Sexy I must say.
"Good morning class. I am Mr. Miller. I will be taking over for Mrs. Wright for the rest of the school year." He says in a sultry mesmerizing voice.
"What happened to Mrs. Wright?"
"Things have come up that she has to take care of."
"I bet he ate her. Look at his big ass. He'd eat Sasquatch if he knew where to find it." I say loudly. The class laughs. He glares at me.
"And your name is?"
"Parks, Rosa Parks. Because if you think I’m going to get up and leave if you tell me to, you can forget that shit." the class laughs again.
"Ahh a wise crack aye?"
"No, a smart ass."
"Well Mrs. Parks you have earned yourself a week of detention, with me."
"Oh. Whoop De damn doo." I sit quietly for the rest of class and the day goes on. The day ends and I go to detention I walk into Mr. Miller’s room. I notice he's not here I turn around about to leave, when I run into him.
“Look if you are going to give me detention, at least, be here in the room when I come. Like damn, I have shit to do.”
"I have shit to do as well; you really think I want to sit here with you and your smart ass remarks? I also don’t appreciate you talking about my size.”
“Dude, I don’t give a fuck. Why don’t you carry your ass somewhere go eat a pie. Or some shit.”
“Do you want to know just how big I am?" He grabs my neck and picks me up a slamming me against the wall. "I have a very bad temper and you have just angered it. I asked you not to say anything about my size. So I’m going to teach you what I do to little girls who think that they run shit." He lifts my skirt and pulls down my thong. He slides a finger across my clit and shoves two fingers deep inside me. I let out a scream. He puts his hand over my mouth. “Shut up. Don’t say anything. Don’t yell and definitely don’t call for your damn boyfriend.” He says shoving his fingers deeper inside me.
He continues to rub my clit and finger fuck me, hitting my G-spot every time. I get close to cumming within twenty seconds, I never felt so much pleasure so fast. I scream into his hand as I cum all over the other one. He lets me go, I’m so weak in the knees from cumming so hard I fall. He grabs a napkin from off his desk and starts to wipe his fingers. I try to crawl to a desk to try and stand up. “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not through with you yet.” He says taking off his belt and pulling off his pants.
“Oh fuck!” I say. He walks over to me and stops in front of me. His dick is on a full hard. It was maybe 9½ to 10 inches in length, and about 4½ in width. He picks me up bending me over the desk.
He smacks my ass cheeks, “You like this don’t you? You like it when a real man takes control?”
I couldn’t lie, I was loving every moment of this. “Yes.”
“What? I can’t hear you, speak up.”
“Yes what?”
“Yes, Mr. Miller!” He stands me up straight, and starts feeling on my breast.
My nipples get hard under his fingers. “Hmm. These are amazing.” He says squeezing them hard. He kisses my neck and whispers in my ear, “How bad do you want my dick in that tight little cunt of yours?” “Bad.”
“That’s not good enough.”
“I want it really bad.”
“Nope, still not good enough.”
“I don’t want it I need it. Please give me your cock.”
“Prove it.”
“How?” He turns me around and puts me on my knees in front of him.
“Suck it.” I obey and I take the tip of his massive white chocolate cock into my mouth. I start to suck slowly but very hard on the tip. I go down on him more taking more of him into my mouth. I gently graze my teeth along his shaft. Going up and down, my speed steadily increasing. After I feel I have a handle on things I start to deep throat him. I gag a little because he is so big. He moans and breathes hard. “That’s good.” He lifts me too my feet.
“What would you like me to do now?” I ask wiping the spit from my face.
“Bend over the desk and hold on.” I do as he says. I feel him line the head of his dick up with my pussy entrance. “Hold on baby it’s going to be a hard one.
” “O-,” before I can get the rest of the word out, he slams inside of me. “Fuck!” I yell. He waits a few seconds then starts to move. He goes in and out at a medium pace, steadily picking up speed with every thrust. I moan softly at first. Before I know it he’s pounding me at what I hope to be his full speed. I'm screaming as he's pile driving my insides I feel myself already cumming. My goodness I have never felt so full. He goes deeper and harder with every thrust. I feel like I am screaming my head off. I reach my arm behind me and dig my nails into his arm. That’s when he picks up the speed. I didn’t think he could go any faster, harder, or deeper for that matter. I’m just on the verge of cumming for the about the sixth time when he stops.
“Please don’t stop. Ple-” I beg when I feel him start to eat me out.
“Cum in my mouth.” He says against my clit. He sucks my clit and tongue fucks my pussy, making me weaker in the knees. As I start to cum, I notice that I have a death grip on the desk. As I cum I start to feel light headed. He cleans me up with his tongue and helps me up. I can barely walk, “Fuck.” I say, “I have never felt that full and stuffed.” Just after I say that a thought comes to my head. “Did you cum?” “No, but I will next time. I was showing discipline, something I will teach you if you ever act up in my class again." He kisses my cheek and smacks my ass, "now get dressed and leave, I have shit to do.” He says with a smirk.

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