Interspecie Breeding

Interspecie Breeding

This story is not based on any actual event or person. All characters and all parts of the story are completely fictional. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Huff, huff, a~ah...” A male voice was drifting from a cracked bedroom door. “Ngh, huh, huh, uh...”
The male voice was grunting, huffing, even straining a little bit. Aside from his voice, there was just quiet. It appeared to be mid-morning, with sunlight coming in from the eastern side of the ranch-style home. The bedroom was on the eastern side, and a stream of sunlight was peeking from the bedroom door that was left ajar. In the hallway in front of the door, lay the family dog Duke, a large, solid black purebred German shepherd.
Inside the bedroom, a man in his early thirties with jet black hair was lying on top of his partner. His hair was jet black, and sweat glistened on his shoulders. He was completely naked, as was his partner. Beneath him, the small female had her legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her.

“Oh, God, Jenna! I love you so much!” he cried in ecstasy as he humped at Jenna. She was not making any sounds, save for the occasional grunt or forced moan. He didn't seem to notice or care that the poor girl was completely faking her ecstasy. He had her in a missionary position, her legs around his waist, and his thighs folded up underneath her upper legs, supporting her lower body as he fucked her. He thrust in and out of her, his penis lubricated by a mixture of their juices. The only sounds in the room were of his grunting and his penis slipping in and out of her, his balls slapping against her ass as he fucked her.
“I'm gonna cum, Jenna! I'm gonna cum!” he shouted as he gathered her up into his arms and leaned backwards, pulling her into his lap. Her hair was long, easily waist-length, and the color of an autumn day. It was a lovely golden color, with streaks of red and lighter blond. He tangled his hands into her hair, moaning her name into it. It was at that moment that his penis erupted, sending streams of his warm cum into her battered pussy. He slowed his movements to gentle grinding, attempting to milk every last drop of his seed into her.
Jenna hadn't uttered a word, but she kept her arms and legs wrapped around him, petting his hair and touching his muscles with her slender fingers. “Did you enjoy that, Mark? Do you enjoy filling my pussy?” The man she called Mark simply nodded into her hair, gasping a little for breath as his heartbeat slowed.
“I have to get ready for work. I enjoyed you this morning.” Mark leaned back and kissed her, then he pulled his now softened penis from her pussy, a thin string of cum attaching the head of his penis to her soaked pussy hole.

When Mark left the room to gather his clothes for a shower, Jenna lay there, staring out the window across from their bed. This man didn't care a thing for her pleasure, only for his. They had been married for less than a year, and it was his family's idea, not hers nor his. Of course, he didn't care one way or another as long as he got his morning sex. He worked from noon til late at night, and she worked late at night til morning. Usually after the sex, she would immediately go to sleep so that she could be awake later that evening for work. Instead, this morning, she sat up in bed and looked to the bedroom door. Her beloved Duke had poked his head into the bedroom and was looking at her intently, his head tilted a little sideways.

“Well, good morning, Dukey boy. I didn't see you there.” The dog approached the bed and licked Jenna's hand. She smiled and got up from the bed, taking tissues from the nightstand to mop up the glob of cum that Mark had left on the bed. When she stood up, Duke sniffed at her still sopping wet pussy, then licked his lips. She patted him on the head again and tossed the tissues, then pulled on a pair of panties, a pair of lounge-around shorts, and a t-shirt. She walked to the bathroom door and knocked with her knuckles before shouting, “I'm going to go to the garage and do some garden work.” Mark didn't reply, but she heard him singing in the shower, so she figured it didn't matter. She looked at the digital clock on the table and saw it read 11:45 am. Mark would be late if he didn't hurry his ass up.

“Do you want to go, Duke?” Jenna asked her dog as she left the bedroom, slipping her feet into her slippers that were in the hallway. The dog followed her happily. The woman made her way down the hall and into the kitchen. She grabbed a dog biscuit from a candy dish that sat near the sink and flung it to her canine pal, then exited through the screen door next to the refrigerator that lead out behind the house to the detached garage. Duke followed, licking his jaws exaggeratedly after crunching down the treat.

It was a mild spring morning, and Jenna sniffed the air deeply as she strolled leisurely to the garage. She knew it was time to start planting her seedlings because there would be no more frost. In her head she visioned where she would plant her flowers. As she unlocked the side door of the garage, Duke shoved his nose between her legs, sniffing deeply at her pussy. She squeaked and giggled. “Hey, now! What do you think you're doing, huh?” Duke just looked at her and licked his lips again. She rolled her eyes and entered the garage, flicking on the lights.

Neither of them parked their vehicles in the garage since she used it as her gardening area during winter. Now that spring had come, she had been hardening her plants by moving them all outdoors during the nighttime, which left the garage mostly empty. She decided today she would move the last of her plants outdoors and begin digging holes to plant them. Jenna turned and looked at Duke. He was still behind her, sniffing at her pussy. He licked the back of her leg.

“What is it?” she noted that his tongue felt funny there. He did it again. “Call me crazy, but I think you're letting me know you knew I didn't have fun this morning.”

Duke just looked at her with his big brown eyes. He was a dog, he didn't know what she was saying. She patted him on the head again.

“You know, nobody can hear me in here, and if I estimate correctly, Mark has already left for work. I guess if my husband won't do it, I'll just make myself orgasm. Do you want to watch, boy?” She was halfway joking, but Duke continued to just stare at her.

Jenna reached up on a shelf where she kept some quilts and blankets and she pulled down two that seemed clean. She shook them out then began laying them on the floor. She also took an old pillow and shook it and beat it a little to get the dust off, then lay it on top of the quilts. She pulled off her shorts and her shirt and stood there in just her panties. She checked to make sure all the doors were shut and the curtains on the small window were drawn, then she sat down on the blankets. She lay down with her head on the pillow, and sighed. She wasn't horny but she figured she could make herself.

She started by cupping her breasts and finding her nipples. She closed her eyes and started imagining that a super star celebrity was the one doing it. She smiled, tweaking her nipples between her fingers, pinching them, caressing them. For a moment she wished that her breasts were big enough so she could suck on her own nipples. She spread open her legs and with one hand still on a breast, she used her right hand to start stroking her moist pussy. She let out a soft gasp as she stroked herself, pretending that her super star celebrity was doing it for her.

Duke sat next to her, watching her. What was his human doing? He had not seen her do this before, but she was making the sounds that he recognized from behind closed doors. So she must have been doing this every morning! After the male human humped her and left, she always made these noises before she slept. Duke licked his lips slowly, and sniffed her, blowing his breath in her face. This stirred her from her imagination.

“Oh, I forgot you were there, boy! I wasn't serious when I asked if you wanted to watch!” Jenna laughed at him, then closed her eyes again. She started rubbing her clitoris with her fingers, moaning softly under her breath, pretending it was now someone's hot, wet tongue. “Oh, yes, right there. I wish you'd put it inside me.”

Duke walked around to sit in front of her open legs, and he leaned in to sniff at her. She didn't notice, so he kept sniffing. It smelled pretty enticing, his human's juices. He continued to just sniff, not even realizing that his thick, doggy member was starting to become hard and was slowly starting to slide out of his fuzzy sheath.

Jenna didn't notice him. “Oh, yes, right there.. lick me right there!” she was still imagining her celebrity was licking her vagina. Duke seemed to think she was talking to him, and so he nuzzled his nose closer to her pussy, and his tongue slowly slipped from his lips and lightly touched her hand. Jenna's eyes snapped open and she sat up abruptly, staring down between her legs. Duke's tongue was lapping slowly at her hand as she fingered herself.

“My God, Duke! What are you doing?” Duke didn't even budge. His senses were taking over, and the aromatic scent that was seeping from her wet pussy was arousing him. She trembled just a little and moved her hand. What a taboo thing, to have her pet licking her. But she didn't even try to stop him. Instead, she spread open her thighs and with her fingers, she opened up her pussy lips.

Duke immediately took over, and shoved his hot, wet doggy tongue into her pussy. She howled in ecstasy, this feeling she had never once felt. Her dog was lapping hungrily at her pussy hole, at her clitoris. His tongue was hot and slimy, and was sliding in fast, quick lapping motions all across her sensitive female bits.

“Oh, oh, Duke, oh my God, yes!” she lay back on the pillow and heaved, her heart rate speeding up as her dog licked her. Duke was whimpering too, and she didn't know why. She had not yet noticed his enormous erection hanging between his legs.

Jenna got up, much to his dismay. “Don't worry boy, I'm just turning around.” She turned around so her back was to him, and she stuck her ass in the air. She lay down on the pillow, keeping her ass sticking up. She spread her legs open wide. “Lick me, Duke! Lick me harder!”

The dog obliged, now with easier access. He could stand now, and he shoved his muzzle almost into her pussy. His long tongue sunk into her pink folds, and he managed to shove it inside of her. She cried out as his tongue wiggled into her. Now he was lapping at her insides, his long tongue getting deeper inside of her with each lapping motion.

“Oh, my God! I'm going to cum! My dog is making me cum!” She screamed, grabbing the pillow as she reached her orgasm. Her pussy juice came spilling out of her pussy, her dog lapping hungrily at it, sucking it out of her hole and swallowing it. He licked her thighs, her mound, he even started licking her asshole. “Yes! Yes, oh!” She was moaning into the pillow, heaving and shaking.

Duke then realized how erect he was, and his instinct came in. He was going to breed his human now! Duke abruptly stopped, and before Jenna could react, he had mounted her. He wrapped his fore arms around her ribcage, underneath her breasts, and he began to hump her.

“What? What are you doing? Oh no, oh no! No, Duke!” Jenna started to try and squirm away, but her dog was almost 160 lbs, which was easily 40 or so pounds heavier than she. His body weight was heavy on her and was holding her down. She felt his enormous erection shoving against her thigh as he sought the opening to her pussy. Jenna was in shock and was trying to move away from him, but his weight was just too much. Within a few seconds that felt like hours to her, Duke's hot penis had found its mark.

“No! No! Not there, Duke!” Duke wasn't obeying her anymore. He was the alpha male, and she was his bitch. He penetrated her pussy hole with his slimy hot erection, and he shoved it deep inside of her. She cried out in pain, as his penis was easily wider and longer than her husband's. Duke shoved himself into her until the head of his penis had found her womb, and then he began to breed with her.

Jenna was moaning but repeatedly telling him to stop, but he wasn't listening. He started humping wildly, shoving himself in and out of her, faster and harder than her husband ever had. He was hurting her, but it felt so good too. He was whimpering as he mated with her, his only instinct now was to breed, to impregnate her, to fill her belly with puppies. Even though he was a dog, a vagina was a vagina, whether it belonged to another dog or to his human.

“Oh my God, I'm being raped by my dog!” Jenna was moaning as and crying now. She couldn't get away from him, but it felt so good to have him fucking her. She could feel the veins in his penis pulsating against her walls, his heart was racing.

It was then that Duke decided it was time to ensure her pregnancy. Until now, his knot had been deflated. Now, as instincts took over completely, it began to swell, and he began to actively try and push it inside of her vagina. She realized this immediately, as she felt the bulbous lump begin to try and shove its way into her tight pussy. She bit down on the pillow as Duke's knot gradually made its way into her. The dog was humping almost violently, whimpering as he tried to shove it into her. It took him several spastic tries before he ultimately shoved it in, with a soft 'pop' sound. Jenna cried out in pain; his knot was much wider than his penis, and now it was completely inside of her and still swelling. Duke was still humping, which was causing it to now try and come out of her, but it was now at least twice the size of his penis.
“Duke, Duke...” Jenna just kept whimpering his name as he raped her. The dog howled suddenly, a howl of sheer ecstasy as the beast reached his orgasm. The tip of his penis was pressed fiercely against the womb of his human, and the hole erupted in spasms as he began spraying his thick doggy semen all inside of her. Instincts were telling him he was impregnating her, but his body was just having an intense orgasm.

Jenna screamed in pleasure at the feeling of her dog's hot cream pouring into her body. “Holy shit, Duke! I can feel you pouring into my belly! It's so hot and thick!” She was writhing in an ecstasy she had never felt before. Duke was still moving his hips, squirting his cream into her now in lesser amounts. He was whimpering in pleasure now, knowing that he had successfully bred his bitch. His body gave way and he fell on top of her, breathing heavily. His knot was still buried deep inside of her, and his goopy cream had filled her entire tunnel and belly.

Jenna breathed heavily, not wanting to move. She moaned and writhed, gasping as her mind raced. “I was just raped by my dog. Oh, God, I was just raped by my dog! A dog! An animal!” her head was swimming.

Suddenly, after what seemed like hours but was merely minute, Duke tore his slightly deflated knot out of his human. She cried out in surprised pain, and her belly and vagina immediately began convulsing. Her body was forcibly pushing the invasive un-human sperm out of her belly. She turned around and sat on her butt, watching the thick cream spill out of her vagina.

“Oh. I can not believe that I just fucked my dog.” She looked at Duke who was sincerely pleased with himself. He was licking his used member, sucking the taste of his human off of himself.

“As horrifying as that was, Duke, that was the best orgasm I've ever had in my life. I kind of hope we can do it again, Dukey boy.” She lay on her back and her dog came and lay beside her, his head on her chest.

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