Amy and me 4

Amy and me 4

A peaceful sleep is exactly what I needed. And the fact that I had Amy in my arms just made it all better. But I should have stayed asleep because I woke up to yelling and screaming. “I WANT HIM OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!” I heard one voice yell “WHY WHATS THE BIG DEAL?!!?!” I hear another voice say. I woke up and sat up in bed to see Amy yelling with her mom. “I WANT HIM OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!” Miss May yelled. “Easy…” I said “I’ll just wake up Max and tell him to take Trish and go home.” I said getting out of bed but laying back down remembering that I was naked. “No.” Amy said looking at me. “She wants YOU to leave.” That news knocked the sleep right out of me and I was instantly awake. “What? WHY?!?” I asked. “I take you in…” Miss May said walking around the bed and slapping my in my face. “I give you a home when you needed one.” She said slapping my face again. “I try to give you a chance at a new life to rebuild yourself and make new friends and this is how you repay me…BY HAVING SEX WITH MY DAUGHTER!?” Miss May said slapping my face again. I didn’t care if I was naked or not I got out of the bed and got in her face. “Ya you did and I owe you for that you can yell at me and scream all you want but you will NOT SLAP ME IN THE FACE!!! I didn’t even want my mom or dad hitting me.” I said getting in her face. Miss May gulped and took a deep breath. “Get out of my house.” She said with a determained sound in her voice. “Fine!” I yelled directly into Miss May’s face making her cower a little bit.

I walked out of Amy’s room with Amy following behind me grabbing my arm and pulling me around. “No don’t go she’s just mad now she doesn’t mean it.” Amy said with a sad look on her face. “No, No Miss May means it but its ok.” I said with Miss May stepping In the hallway. I took a breath and looked at Miss May. “But I want you to know even if I leave I’ll still be with Amy. There’s always school. Weekends, outside. You’ll never know when im with her or not. And all I have to say is Fuck you Miss May. You belong In the in the ground not my parents.” Miss May went red with anger and walked up charging her arm to slap me in the face. I would never hit a girl. Doesn’t mean I won’t scare them. “DO IT!!!” I yelled at her. She retreated her hand as I turned around to enter my room and grab a duffel bag. I Packed as many clothes as I could fit into there and grabbed my laptop and iPod. If I was gunna be homeless atleast I’d be homeless and listen to music. I packed my bag and took one look at Amy. Spitting in Miss May’s direction I went down the stairs and left the house.

I checked my iPod for the time 3:34 P.M. Shit I thought. This was gunna be a long ass day. With 60 bucks in my pocket I went to this MetroPCS Store in town. I looked at the phones and decided on a small shitty phone for 10 bucks. After talking to one of the people there I got a 10 dollar phone for 5 bucks and a plan for 45. I left the store with a cell phone a plan and 10 bucks in my pocket. I decided where to go next. I grabbed my duffel bag and sat down at this skate park near my school hoping to see people I know to pass the time by. I went online of my phone and posted that I had a new phone and needed numbers. I put my phone away and just walked around the town till it was 9 oclock. After looking for a place to sleep I decided that to visit dear old dad and mommy dearest. I walked 20 minutes to Green View Cemetary and jumped the fence. After combing the gravestones I saw my parents. I put my bag down in between them and rested my head on the bag and rested my eyes. I guess I must have passed out because next thing I know I was getting kicked awake. “Hey wake up.” I felt a hard boot hit me in my stomach. I got up in attack mode to see A Sight for sore eyes.

“Vampira?” I asked. “In the flesh.” She said with a laugh. Flesh was right. Wearing a see through mini skirt and a black and blood red corset which showed off a lot of skin. I looked at her face black eye liner and red lipstick. I doubled over in pain as I clutched my stomach. I help up my hand to see blood. Not a lot but enough to scare the shit out of me. “Why Am I Bleeding?!?” I asked “Oh sorry Must have been my boots Sharp as hell. Come with me I’ll clean you up.” She said taking my hand and my bag and leading me out of the cemetery. After a short walk we ended up infront of a old rundown building. Vampira opened the door and walked in as if nothing was wrong. I however nearly shit myself walking very slowly. “Doesn’t it bother you that this place looks like something out oof Saw?” I asked still holding my side. “Not really I call it home. This place has been abandoned for years. I however found an old apartment in here. Cleaned It up and now me and two others call this place home.” She said trying her key on the lock of an apartment. After no prevail she kicked the door open and walked it.

I rushed into her apartment and was shocked. This place was amazing. Blood red wall paper in the small living room the kitchen was small too and was paint white. There was a short hall with three doors. One at one end. One at the other and one in the middle of the hall. I sat on the couch in the living room and looked around. Poster everywhere in the living room and in the hallway. “Take your shirt off.” Amy said disappearing into the kitchen. I took off my white blood stained shirt and put it next to me as Amy came back with a white wet rag. Sitting down next to me she pressed the rag against my cut making my suck in my breath. “So why where you seeping in the graveyard?” She asked. “Kicked out of Miss Mays house.” I said. Vampira looked at me and pressed a little harder on my cut. “So you came to the graveyard?” She said. “Well it’s where my parents where buried so I didn’t mind it…Wait why where you there?” I asked. “Séance.” She said looking at me with a laugh. “So why did you get kicked out?” She asked. “Miss May found me and Amy sleepin naked in her bed. So May figured we were fuckin and kicked my ass out.” I said with a chuckle. Vampira put the rag down and put some bandages on my wound and patted it to let me know it was done. “So where you gunna go now?” She asked. “Probably back to the graveyard.” I said grabbing my bag. “You know you can stay here.” She said with a smile. “Really?” I asked. “Ya but your sleeping on the couch. I have the room in the middle. Jessica sleeps in the room on the left and Lilith sleeps on the room to the right.” Vampira said pointing to the doors. “So Jessica the Scene chick sleeps in the left. You the goth sleeps in the middle and Lilith the Emo sleeps on the right?” I said. “Why are you putting the lables in this?” “Oh I just thought it was funny cause Im a punk so I figured we had a full house type of thing.” I said with a nervous chuckle. Vanessa gave me a smile “Don’t be nervous im not gunna hurt your or anything.” She said sitting next to me again. “Can I call you anything besides Vampira?” I asked “Queen…Mistress” She suggested. “I’ll call you vampira.” I said with a smile. A small ringing went off and Vampira went into her corset and pulled out a cell phone. “Its Amy. Probably calling to tell me what happened to you.” Vampira said with a smile. She got up and turned around to walk into the kitchen. It was about that time I noticed how sexy she was. Around my height…Nice thick ass a bit bigger than Amy’s and really big tits. I dunno if they were D’s or Double D’s but they were massive. They only talked for a little bit than She came back into the room. “Amy said she’s glad your safe and she wants you to call her tomorrow when you feel better.” Vampira bent down as she told me this and I got a good look into her cleavage. My hard on was rubbing against my pants. “Amy also told me to make you feel better about what happened.” I got confused. “What do you mean?” I asked. She chuckled “God your dense.” She said pushing me on the couch and attacking my neck.

I love Amy a lot but I have to admite Vampira was the best at sucking and biting my neck. The Fangs really helped. I could tell She was going a little light on biting my neck so I told her to go harder. She looked up at my untieng her Corset. “If I do it any harder I’ll break skin.” She warned me. “Go ahead” I said. She took off her corset and went back to my neck biting down and just like she said breaking the skin. I never thought it could happen but my cock was so hard that it actually popped the top button off my shorts. She stopped and looked at me smiling. I could see my blood staining her teeth. “taste sweet.” She said with a laugh. I looked at her big tits and saw her nipples pierced. “Lets go to my room.” She said. “You really have a Vampire fetish don’t you?” I asked. “Wait till you see my room.” She laughed. She opened the door and I couldn’t believe it. Skull’s everywhere. Black candles. Purple carpet with purple wall paper and posters of Marilyn Manson, Dracula, and Bela Lugosi. And to top it off a really big and really wide coffin.

She opened the coffin up and it actually had a mattress. She laid ontop of it removing her panties keeping on her Mini skirt and fuck me goth boots. I focused on the tattoo between her tits. A skull with a serpant in it. “Take me.” She said with a seductive smile. I dropped my pants and me being completely naked I Jumped on her attacking her tits with my mouth. I dunno what she was moaning. But I think it was in latin. Satanic bitch. But I figured out she loved when I bit and pulled on her nipples with my teeth. I was still bleeding from my nick as little trickles of blood dripped onto the matress. “More!” she yelled as I pushed her body down on the bed and forcefully pulled her legs apart. I looked at her pussy. A tattoo oof vampires teeth above her shaven pussy. And a small little sliver stake piercing in her clit. I licked my lips and hers and went in for the kill “AHHHHHHHHHH” She moaned as I licked her clit and started to suck it for all it was worth. “That’s it Psycho….Eat me…Eat me…” She kept repeating as I licked three of my fingers and violently shoved them into her Pussy. I wanted to make her cum. I kept making the word D-R-A-C-U-L-A with my tongue over her clit and I kept humming every song I knew in my head. “Im Cl-Cl-Close…..More…More” She said panting. Her big breast heaved up and down and I forfully grabbed them and pinched the nipples hard and lightly bit the clit. “FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed in such a high pitched voice that I thought my ears where gunna pop. I drank ever bit of sour cum that vampire loving bitch had In her cunt. After she was done cumming I wanted more. “That was unreal…your good at making your mistress cum.” She said with a laugh. “Sorry im More dominate than you.” I said getting up and grabbing a lit black candle placing it near us. “No your not.” She said I figured Id prove this bitch wrong with my hard dick in hand I pushed her onto the bed and shoved my cock in her mouth. I moaned as her pierced tongue burshed the underside of my dick. “SUCK IT BITCH…SUCK YOUR MASTERS COCK!!! AND IF YOU BITE I’LL PUT YOU THROUGH HELL!!!!!!” While I pinned her down on the couch I started to hump and fuck her face. Spit would espcape her lips from time to time. I looked down and saw her eyes closed. I turned my head and saw her playing with her titties. This slut loves to be dominated. After a few more minutes of her pierced tongue sliding and loving my cock I pulled out and started to beat her red face with my cock making wet sloppy spit go all over her face. “Time to clame whats mine!” I said flipping her over admiring the bak tattoo of a coffin with a cross on it. I smacked her pussy a view times and shoved my fingers in it feeling how wet she was. She was drenched “This…is…now…MINE!!!” I said as I roughly rammed my cock in her pussy making her scream. I wiped the blood off my hand and smacked her in the ass leaving a bloody hand print on her left cheek. Every time I slammed into her pussy her ass would jiggle like crazy which drove me wild. I took the black candle and tipped it sideways spilling hot wax on her ass. “AAAAHHHHH MORE MORE MORE” she screamed between gasps and pants. “Want more?” I asked. “Yes please.” She said “please what?” I asked. Still hammering into her she remained quiet. “PLEASE WHAT?” I yelled smacking her ass hard I continued to smack her ass repeating myself until finally she said what I wanted to hear. “PLEASE MASTER!!!!” she screamed. Music to my ears.

I pulled out of her ass and I spanked her ass with my cock making sloppy wet sounds which got me harder. I pulled back and thrusted forward sending my cock into her tight warm asshole. “YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed. I grabbed the black candle and blew out the flam taking it and shoving it into her pussy. Double fucking her Dick in ass and Candle in pussy. She was screaming and throwing her hips back to meet my thrust. After a few minutes off watching her ass jiggle I was at the point of eruption. I yanked her to the floor by her hair and turned her around shoving my cock in her mouth. “EAT IT!!!!” I yelled as I fucked her face and came hard and fast. I couldn’t stop exploding. Her throat kept expanding and contrasting to swallow my seed. After 45 seconds I stopped cumming. I wipped my dick with her hair. “Im….I-Im…Full” she said laying on the floor in a pile of sweat, and cum. “Good. I’ll be on the couch.” I said leaving her room putting on my pants and shutting the door waiting for Jessica and Lilith to get home.

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