Program Alpha-Omega 2

Program Alpha-Omega 2

Episode 2: Removing the Parental Controls

Zack wasn't sure how to feel Friday morning. He'd come within moments of realizing his dreams with Claudia, and yet his mother had interrupted and short-circuited his plans. Surely there must be a way to get around his parents. It was a sign of his frustration that the obvious solution didn't come to him until lunchtime. He was, once again, sitting alone, trying to watch Claudia covertly. She caught him looking at her, and she just smiled and waved.

Her friend Stephanie turned to see who she was waving at. When she saw him, she asked Claudia, "What is it with you and that guy? He's creepy."

Claudia looked at her as if she'd just said the moon was about to crash into the Earth. "Huh? No, Zack's really nice, once you get to know him." She added to herself, "Really nice..." Her eyes sort of glazed over, but Stephanie snapped her out of it.

"You really need a new boyfriend if you're starting to look at the sophomores. Geez, Claudia..."

Of course, Zack couldn't hear their conversation from where he was. And, truth be told, once Claudia had caught him watching her, he'd stopped looking, returning to the problem of how to get his parents out of the way, so he could finish what they'd begun. How do I get them to leave us alone while we make out? I mean, it's not like I can take my computer on a car trip. And I need the program to... Idiot! The Program, of course! It works on me, it works on Claudia, it must work on everybody... all I have to do is program Mom and Dad to leave us alone together, so we can have some fun.

Now that Zack knew what to do, he had to tolerate two more hours of school until he could do anything about it. Once again, he took a little berating from Mr. Parks for not paying attention. If he only knew what I was doing...


Once home, Zack's theoretical answer to his problem had to be put into practice, and that became something of a problem. It was troublesome for two reasons: first, he'd never actually tried to program for more than one person, and second, he wasn't sure how to script the actions to make someone NOT do something.

"Oh well," he said to himself. "Nothing to it but to do it..." Once more he delved into his code. Along the way, he made a few minor changes to the program itself, so that now not only were the command scripts external to the program, but so was the matrix. This allowed him to make changes to that more easily, so that he could save the matrices for different people. He spent the night working on a matrix for his parents, having to adjust for age, and some other psychological factors revealed in Adam's research. By the time he'd worked it all up, it was after two in the morning. He quickly zonked out on his bed, not bothering to set an alarm for the next morning. He wouldn't see Claudia again until Tuesday, so he had time...


...His dreams were troubled. Unlike the pleasant dreams he'd been having, there were no ethereal maidens. He was enshrouded in a storm of colors, a swirling mass of unease. He was running down corridors, not knowing which way to turn. He ended up in one blind alley after another, having to retrace his steps and choose another path. He came to one more blind alley, but this time, when he turned around, the path behind him had closed. The walls slowly began to close in on him. Just as he was about to be crushed, he bolted upright in bed, awake. A last vestige of the dream echoed through his head...

<<You&#039;ve forgotten something...>>

Or was it part of the dream? It sounded awfully familiar... Eh. Just a bunch of bullshit my head dreamed up. Probably from all the weird shit I&#039;ve been watching on television lately. Looking at the clock, he saw it was already ten in the morning. He got up and showered, then headed down for some breakfast. He noted the house was empty, and then remembered his parents had gone on a little outing together. They&#039;d been talking about it at dinner last night, but he&#039;d been so wrapped up in his project that he hadn&#039;t paid any attention. He did recall they would be back before midnight, so he figured he&#039;d just use the program on them when they got home.

For the rest of the day, he lounged about, watching TV, reading a little, surfing the Web. As usual, he didn&#039;t have any homework, because he tried to make sure his weekends were free. He nuked some leftovers for dinner, and settled down to watch some movies until his parents came home.


His parents made it in around ten that night, having spent the day first looking for a new car, and then driving out to see his father&#039;s brother. Grant Griffin&#039;s brother was in a sanitarium, having been the victim of chemical poisoning as a child. It was rather sad, and Zack didn&#039;t like to go visit him. His father understood, and didn&#039;t force him to, though he and his wife, Sharon, went at least once a month out to visit him. They were both pretty worn out as they hung up their coats. Zack thought this might be a help to his program, not having fully alert minds to cope with.

"Hi, guys. So, any luck finding a car?" Zack asked.

"Well, we found lots we liked, it&#039;s just that most of those crooks want way too much money for them. We&#039;ll keep looking," his father answered. "So, what did you do all day?"

"Oh, the usual. I finished up that program I was working on. You guys said you wanted to see it..." Zack sort of let the question hang.

His father stifled a yawn. "Will it take long?"

"Nah, just five or six minutes."

"Okay. How about it, Shar?"

His mother just nodded and said, "Lead the way."

They moved down the hallway to Zack&#039;s room, where his computer was already on. He entered his password, and let the system come up. "You&#039;ll want to stand right in front of it, &#039;cause that&#039;s where you get the best view," he said, moving out of the way as he double-clicked the icon to start the program.

Zack wasn&#039;t paying that close of attention to his parents as the program ran. He just sat back on his bed, waiting for it to finish. As it got closer to finishing, though, he did look to see that they were "under". And it was clear that something was wrong. While his mother was acting just as Claudia had, his father was not. He was, in fact, looking more at her now, a look of concern on his face. The clincher was when the program finished up. Zack went pale as his mother&#039;s hand traveled across her chest, and down, and across, dipping between her thighs. Oh, shit! I didn&#039;t change the gesture!

Not that it should have mattered. Had they both been under, only he would have noticed. But his father was clearly not under, and he was looking at his wife with worry now. He looked to Zack for an explanation, but he just shrugged. They thought his program was just some pretty graphics: he wasn&#039;t about to hint that it had anything to do with her reaction.

His mother soon cleared her expression, however, and when she spoke, her voice was clear and strong. "That&#039;s very nice work, Zack. You have a real talent for this sort of thing. Don&#039;t you think so, Grant?"

Her husband stammered out, "Y-yeah, right, Sharon. Good work, son. Look, we&#039;d better get to bed, it&#039;s been a hell of a day."

His parents each bid him good-night, and left him alone.

Why didn&#039;t the program work on Dad?

<< You&#039;ve forgotten something...>>


His query was met with silence.

Fine, dammit! If it must be in the dream world, then let&#039;s go in the dream world!

Zack booted up the script he&#039;d written for himself, having modified it to allow him to slip into a natural sleep after the special dream-state. He double-clicked the icon, and quickly moved over to his bed, where he could still easily see the screen.

Once again, Zack was immersed in the sounds and colors of the program. Once again, his body relaxed into a blissful state. And once again, he was surrounded by his bevy of ethereal maidens. The Claudia-maiden approached him as usual, and began to caress his dream-body, sending electric charges through him.

<< We are glad you have returned... but you are not happy.>>

I am confused.

<< How may we be of assistance?>>

Why didn&#039;t the program work on my Dad?

<< You have forgotten something...>>

So that was you! What did I forget?

<<Your father is a male. Your mother is a female.>>

Damn! How could I have been so dumb as to forget that! But, how do I integrate both sexes into a single will matrix?

<<Observe, and learn...>>

Once again, the language of the matrix flowed before his vision. He saw that there were many red areas this time. Luckily, he had added commands to the script to give him instant recall of this dream, so that he need not fear forgetting it all before he awoke. He noted that the matrix was much bigger than before, almost triple in size. He wondered that it would be more than just double, but the maidens had retreated from him so that he might study the matrix. He took it all in as it moved past his eyes, and he absorbed all of the information.

Once it had all assimilated, he wanted to ask the maidens more questions, but they refused.

<< Soon, you will understand. But not now.>>

Who are you?

<<We are you.>>

With that, they faded off into the distance, and Zack faded from dream-world into sleep, where his dreams were no less unusual, but much less vivid.


In his parents&#039; bedroom, however, the activity was less placid. They had gotten ready for bed, as they normally would, and Grant was waiting for Sharon to emerge from the bathroom, so that he could ask her what had happened to her in their son&#039;s room. When the bathroom door opened, however, Grant&#039;s mouth refused to work, as he realized his wife was not wearing her usual cotton nightgown. She was not, in fact, wearing anything at all. The light from the bathroom silhouetted her figure, until she turned it off, submerging the room into darkness. She moved quietly over to the bed, crawling across it to her husband.

Grant was totally unprepared for this, as Sharon was never the one to initiate sexual activity. His mind reeled as her soft lips brushed against his earlobe, whispering into his ear, "I need you, Grant. I need you now." Her hands pulled down the covers, and moved over his pajama-covered chest. He thought to protest, but his wife was so ardent about it, and, truth be told, her hands and mouth felt very good. She was kissing his neck now, moving around and up to his mouth. Their lips locked, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth, dueling with his, then withdrawing, enticing his tongue into her mouth.

Meanwhile, her hand reached down to his pajama bottoms, reaching under the waistline to massage his dick outside of his briefs. He moaned into her mouth, encouraging her to continue, while his hands reached out to caress her smooth skin, one hand finding a breast while the other reached down to caress her ass, and pull her over onto him.

Both of her hands now reached down, inside of his underwear and caressed his hard cock. He groaned with the pleasure of it, now fondling her ass with both hands, their lips still locked in sensual embrace. She could feel his readiness for more, and she was determined to give him all he could handle.

Sharon broke their kiss, and slid down her husband&#039;s body. As she did so, she peeled both his briefs and his pajamas away from the object of her desire. Once exposed, Grant&#039;s dick stood away from his body, hard, long, and ready for action. Seeing it twitch before her eyes, Sharon could no longer resist her urge. Her mouth opened and slid over the head of his cock, sucking him in, her tongue sliding along the underside and sending shivers throughout his body.

Grant grunted at the sudden pleasure his dick was reporting to his brain. Never before had his wife been willing to go down on him. He might have questioned why the change, but he was in too much pleasure to care. His hands rested gently on her head as it moved on his dick, her lips sliding over its surface soft as a paintbrush, but making contact the entire length, which sent tingles up his shaft.

Sharon continued working her mouth and tongue over her husband&#039;s prick, sliding more and more of his length in, until she felt it hit the back of her throat. She had never once done this with a man before, but she seemed to know almost instinctively that Grant would love this. Her lips moved faster and faster along his rod, her tongue dancing around it as her hand softly gripped the portion not in her mouth. Her other hand was busy between her legs, massaging her clit to keep herself fully aroused, to be ready for her husband&#039;s entrance.

Grant had not had a mouth on his cock in over seventeen years, and he didn&#039;t remember it ever being this good. He had tried everything he knew to hold off, to control himself, but it was no use. His wife was a natural cock-sucker, and she was quickly bringing him to the point of no return. He tried to warn her, but she only moved faster on his shaft, her hand now lightly pumping the rest of his cock. Finally, he had to let go, and felt his cum explode into her mouth. His wife, surprisingly, continued sucking, swallowing all he had to offer.

Nor did she stop sucking when his orgasm died. She kept up her oral assault until his cock was fully erect once more, something he had not anticipated happening. Before he knew what was going on, Sharon had straddled his waist, and her hand held his prick at her opening. He could feel the heat radiating from her pussy as it neared his cock. He almost came again as the velvet skin of her cunt slithered over his rock-hard dick. She paused for just a moment when she was fully impaled on him.

Then she leaned forward, and began rocking. Her movements were short, quick, and extremely pleasurable. Her 34-B tits were swinging before Grant&#039;s eyes, and he couldn&#039;t resist taking one into his mouth and sucking on the nipple, swirling his tongue around it. She uttered a long, low, "Oh!" of pleasure as his other hand found her other breast, tweaking the nipple with his thumb as his fingers molded the flesh.

Her rocking increased in pace as her climax approached. She was moving so hard that the bed was slamming against the wall, and Grant was glad that Zack&#039;s room was not next door. Her moans became cries of ecstasy as her body was seized with pleasurable spasms of electric sensation. She kept up her movement throughout her orgasm, only slowing as she began to come down from her high.

But Grant had not come inside her yet, and now that he was fully into his second stride, he needed to finish. He pulled her to him, and rolled them both over, so that he was now on top. He spread her legs apart with his hips until she moved them up on either side of his waist. She looked up at him and gutturally ordered, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me until I pass out!"

With that, Grant started rutting into his wife for all he was worth. They were moving together with such force he could actually hear his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. He reached down, and pulled her ankles up to his shoulders, giving a better angle for him to push into her. Sharon&#039;s cries of joy filled the room, and were probably easily audible to Zack, but Grant no longer cared. He continued ramming into his wife, faster and faster. She orgasmed repeatedly from the fucking, and he was starting to feel the tingle in his balls. He began to play with her tits as he thrust into her, sending her ever higher. Finally, his cum erupted from his prick, filling her cunt with his seed. Her orgasm at that point wracked her body, sending her into convulsions of pure bliss. They each grunted through their climaxes, until, at last, spent and weary, Grant rolled off of his wife, and lay beside her on the bed.

Looking over, he found, to his utter amazement, that he had, indeed, fucked her until she passed out.


The man sat alone, working at his desk in a darkened office, his desk lamp casting a pool of light across its surface, but fading quickly back into the inky darkness of the room. He was studying the pages of a technical document, the lines and squiggles seemingly meaningless, but with definite purpose for the man reading them. His brow furrowed as he made notes on changes to a specific area of one diagram, and cursed when he was interrupted by a discreet knock at the door.

"Come!" he ordered.

The door opened to reveal one of his underlings, one who had been with him almost since the beginning. This one had almost made a breakthrough, but had been stymied by some as-yet unknown fault.

"Yes, what is it, William?" the man asked.

"Sir, the program has been accessed."

"Oh, really?" interest, for they might yet find their target. "By whom?"

"Online name of Zmorph."

"A screen name is worse than useless to me, William." Anger. Disgust. Aggression. The information was not what he&#039;d hoped for.

"I am aware of that, sir. We&#039;ve located his ISP. We&#039;ll have a name for you within the day."

"Very well. Thank you, William, that will be all." Resignation; a sigh. The information might yet be theirs.

"Yes, sir," William said as he closed the door, leaving the man alone with his diagrams, and with his thoughts.


Zack woke up fully refreshed from his sleep, and immediately set to working on his new matrix. He only really needed one that would work on his father now, but he figured he might have need of such a dual-role matrix later on. It took him only two hours to copy from his memory onto his screen all the items seen in the dream world. I still wish I knew who those ladies were, though. It&#039;s just weird to be listening to some voice, without knowing what it really is. And why wouldn&#039;t they answer me my other questions?

Having completed his work, and noting that it was time for lunch, he headed downstairs to make himself his usual sandwich and chips. He ate peacefully, until his father wandered in. He looked a little bedraggled, still in his pajamas, but they were rumpled far more than they should have been just from being slept in. His father got himself a cup of hours-old coffee, and slumped down in the chair across from Zack.

"Son, what the hell is that program you wrote really all about?" Grant demanded.

"Huh? Dad, it&#039;s just a bunch of graphics. Mr. Parks wants us to have a good audio-visual display in our last project of the year. I figure this one to take the top of the class."

"Don&#039;t bullshit me, Zack. I know it does something other than show pretty pictures. You did something to your mother last night, didn&#039;t you?"

"Dad, I don&#039;t know what you&#039;re talking about." Well, he wished he didn&#039;t, anyway. "What are you saying? Is Mom sick or something?"

Yeah, &#039;or something&#039; is right... "Your mother is not behaving like herself. Or, at least, she didn&#039;t last night."

"How so?"

"What do you mean, &#039;How so&#039;? You mean, you didn&#039;t hear anything last night?"

"I went to bed right after you guys left my room. I was probably asleep before you guys got undressed."

Well, that&#039;s a relief, anyway... I&#039;d hate Zack to think we were some kind of animals in bed. Though, last night was a lot more fun than we&#039;ve had in years in bed... "Zack, be honest, what does your program do?"

"Look, Dad, it&#039;s just a bunch of fractal graphics, and some cool sounds. You want to see it again, just to prove it? Without Mom this time, so you can pay attention."

"Okay, that would be a good idea." It never occurred to Grant that the program might be changed to adjust to the target, and he&#039;d already seen it once with no effect.

The two of them headed up to Zack&#039;s room, where they repeated last night&#039;s run. Not entirely, though. Zack realized, as he had made the new matrix, that he had used Claudia&#039;s matrix to build the one for his parents. That might explain what his father was hinting at had happened the night before. It was an unexpected effect, but his Dad really wasn&#039;t complaining too hard about it, so Zack figured it would be okay.

The new matrix, being so much larger, took nearly twice as long to run. But at the end of it, his father committed the new verification gesture, a triple shrug of the shoulders. He turned to Zack and said, "Well, I guess I was wrong, son. It is a pretty nifty display, though. Sorry I accused you of..." Well, what the hell did I think he&#039;d done? Written a mind control program? "... messing with your mother."

"No problem, Dad. Say, you&#039;re gonna miss the game, if you don&#039;t go watch it now."

His father looked at his watch. "Hey, you&#039;re right! Well, I&#039;ll catch you later. Good work on the program. I think you&#039;ve got an &#039;A&#039; there." His father, who loved sports, hustled out of the room toward the living room, and the TV.

Why can&#039;t all problems be solved as easily as this one? In his success, he ignored just how many tries it had taken him to get to this point.


Zack stayed up a little later than usual that night, and, sure enough, his mother and father were acting like animals in heat. He&#039;d never heard them having sex before, and the sounds both disturbed and excited him. He knew that, with his parents now out of his way, soon he and Claudia might be making such noises together. Might? What do I mean might? We damned sure will!

Having all his problems solved for the moment, Zack was able to focus on school Monday. Mr. Parks was especially gratified to see that Zack seemed to be back to his usual self, working hard on his project for the end of the year. Zack was even back to showing the other students how to get their projects working, which was something Mr. Parks was actually grateful for, as it allowed him a chance to work with the really struggling students, while Zack showed those who needed just a few hints. It was a friendly relationship that had never been solidified by so much as a conversation. It was just how they behaved.

Zack, meanwhile, was acting "normally" in an effort to keep his mind off his goal of getting into Claudia&#039;s pants. He&#039;d done his usual spying on her at lunch, this time managing not to be seen by her. It seemed more fun to him to watch her without her knowing. He was anxious to see far more of her than he could see from across a lunch room. It took a great deal of effort for him to keep his mind on the work, but he was managing. He&#039;d actually finished his class project up a few weeks back, and was merely playing with it now, to see if he could make it just a little better here and there. It amused him that he hadn&#039;t actually lied to his father: their class project was about audio-visual effects. Zack had taken that one step further, as usual, and his program allowed the effects to be modified interactively. It was a simulation of moving through a wormhole in space, and was reminiscent of the effect used in either Stargate SG-1, or certain Babylon 5 episodes. As he watched one of his classmates run his program, looking for bugs, it occurred to Zack that the graphics in this program showed some striking similarities to the Alpha-Omega program he&#039;d been working on. Completely unintentional, since he had developed the graphics for this program before ever knowing about the A-O program, but a strange coincidence.

Zack was so involved with helping a classmate with his project, that he ignored the school bell, and ended up racing for the bus. As he was bolting the last fifty yards, he got distracted by someone yelling, and ended up barreling into someone, sending them both sprawling.

He hopped to his feet, more or less unhurt, and gathered his stuff before looking to see who he had knocked over. It was Stephanie, Claudia&#039;s friend. He offered her a hand up, but she just looked at him balefully and struggled to her feet.

"Zack. I should&#039;ve known. Can&#039;t you even watch where you&#039;re going? And, by the way, stay away from Claudia from now on. She&#039;s too good for you, hear? She doesn&#039;t need to be getting messed up with some little geek like you."

She left him no time to respond as she stalked off. He sprinted to his bus, but as he sat down, he thought to himself, If I want Claudia, I&#039;ll have Claudia, bitch. And you just might be next!


That night, as Zack lie in bed waiting for sleep to come, he considered more carefully his thoughts about Stephanie. He considered her attributes, her dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, petite nose and round face topping a body with average-sized, but very firm tits, a great set of legs, and a wonderful ass. She wasn&#039;t Claudia, to be sure. Claudia was his "cream of the crop", but Stephanie certainly wasn&#039;t something to be tossed away untried. Her attitude toward him had become somewhat harsh of late, and he didn&#039;t like that. He figured it was because Claudia and he had been spending more time together, which, up until recently, had been totally platonic. Stephanie obviously did not think him worthy of Claudia. He knew differently. And he knew now that he could have Stephanie when he wanted her. When did &#039;if&#039; become &#039;when&#039;, Zack old boy?

Pondering these thoughts, he fell asleep with a grin on his face, to some of the most erotic dreams he had ever had.


Zack was surprisingly mellow the following day. Surprising to him, anyway, though no one else saw why it should be any different. He breezed through his first classes, knowing that he would be able to recall the material with ease, now that he had the program to help him. He knew he should develop a script that would allow him to selectively retrieve information on a permanent basis, but he hadn&#039;t had the initiative to bother with it yet.

His mellow attitude, however, changed at lunch. It wasn&#039;t that anything extraordinary or troublesome happened, but that was the first time he saw Claudia that day. In his current state of arousal, his mind automatically pictured her nude before him, her arms out to him, begging him to take her, to use her as he chose. He had to shake his head to clear these thoughts, but they didn&#039;t go away entirely. His mind continued to cycle back to them throughout lunch.

As he was ready to leave, he worked up his control, and he walked over to where Claudia sat. He asked his usual question about their tutoring session, and received his usual answer. As he left, he let his eyes trail over Claudia, and then they passed slowly over Stephanie as he turned to leave. He made sure she saw him, for he wanted her to feel uncomfortable around him for the time being. He was enjoying this little game that she had started, but that he would ultimately win. He knew that. She didn&#039;t, and his look annoyed her.

"What do you want, Griffin?" she snapped.

"Oh, nothing. Bye, Steph." She hated being called &#039;Steph&#039;. "See you later, Claudia."

Even the rest of the seniors, who generally ignored him, knew that some new war had started, and they wondered just why a sophomore thought he had the wits to win.


Having seen Claudia at lunch revved Zack&#039;s hormones into high gear. He could barely contain himself for the rest of the day, considering what he&#039;d be doing with her that evening. He knew that he could at the very least get a hand job out of her, as that was pretty much what she was already giving him last week. He was reasonably sure, though, that he would get a lot more than that. Would they get so far as having sex? He hoped so, but he wasn&#039;t counting on it. He knew she had some ingrained thoughts about dating underclassmen, and he didn&#039;t know if his... their program would overcome that or not. But he was sure as hell going to try.


Arriving home from school, Zack showered and primped for nearly an hour before declaring himself ready for his date with Claudia. Date? Well, it&#039;s not really a date, but... more like a make-out session. Without the car. And his mind gleefully pointed out that his parents would be in the house the whole time! He wasn&#039;t sure whether that excited him because of the power he now had over them, or just because it meant someone else would know he got laid that night. How will they react afterwards? I mean, I know they won&#039;t come into my room and stop us, because they can&#039;t, but what will they do to me afterwards?

Zack fretted over this for a while, but then realized he was probably creating more trouble for himself than was actually there. And, of course, he was killing time while waiting for Claudia.

By the time dinner rolled around, he was about as hyper as he could get. His parents noticed, and were mildly amused. As parents, they knew of his infatuation with Claudia. It was impossible to miss. They wondered if the girl would ever relent, but because of the age difference, they wouldn&#039;t actively encourage Zack to pursue it. They wished he would find a girl in his own grade, but they knew that he only managed to spend so much time with Claudia because they needed each other academically. His parents also wished Zack was more able to socialize, but didn&#039;t know how to help him overcome his shortcomings in that arena. They could only hope that he would someday come out of his shell and "blossom" as the saying went.

Claudia arrived at her usual time, in her usual attire. At least, Zack thought it was her usual attire, until he noticed that her shirt was far tighter than those she usually wore around him. And her legs were barely covered by the shorts she wore. It was a warm spring evening, and she was dressed for it. Her long brown hair was gathered into a pony-tail, giving her face a slightly impish look, as her smile graced him with its presence. Zack just stepped back to let her in, not able to say anything as his mind wandered over all her curves, both visible and hidden. And, really, there weren&#039;t all that many hidden from him right now, but they were the ones he most wanted to see.

Zack and Claudia moved quickly back to his room. It didn&#039;t occur to Zack, in his current state of excitement, that Claudia seemed just as eager as he was. His mother passed them in the hall, and couldn&#039;t resist poking fun at her son.

"More computer studies tonight, eh, Zack?" she smiled.

"Not tonight, Mom," he replied. "Tonight, we&#039;re going to study biology." Or, more precisely, anatomy!

"Have fun. Don&#039;t work too hard."

Both kids quickly acknowledged her, and ducked into his room. Zack closed the door. He was half tempted to lock it, but he decided against it. If his parents&#039; programming didn&#039;t work, he would be in deep shit after tonight, whether they could get in to stop him or not.

Though Claudia&#039;s excitement was building, she kept herself composed. She set her books down on the desk, and carefully turned to Zack. He was looking at her, no, leering at her almost, and it was obvious what he wanted, though he fought to hide it. Ever since last week, she had wanted it, too, but she didn&#039;t want to show him. She couldn&#039;t go out with him, he was an underclassman. It would destroy what social status she had. Playing for some time, to let him adjust to her being in the room, she asked, "Can we use the program again tonight, Zack?" She didn&#039;t know she was sealing her fate with those words.

Zack snapped himself out of his daze. The words the program burned through the fog, and Zack remembered what he had to do. "Sure, Claudia... um, let me see..." he realized that he hadn&#039;t changed the program back from when he used it on his Dad. He fiddled for a second, not really doing anything, then said to Claudia, "The damned link got messed up somehow, I&#039;ve got to reset it." He typed in the appropriate command line options, and then sat back. He motioned Claudia to the screen as he double-clicked the icon.


A few minutes later, Claudia straightened, running her hand across her chest in the old "Z" maneuver. Zack left this gesture for Claudia, because he liked how she looked while doing it. Once more, Zack moved in. She turned to him, and nearly threw herself at him. She moved over onto his lap, kissing him hotly. Her tongue slipped warmly into his mouth, dancing around his mouth, caressing his tongue, and then she enticed his tongue into her mouth, their lips locked tightly.

Zack was caught off balance for a moment, not expecting Claudia&#039;s forceful reaction. He recovered quickly, though, and his hands roamed her body freely now, up and down her back, and then squeezing her ass cheeks. She moaned into his mouth, and pressed herself more tightly against him.

Zack pulled her shirt out of her shorts, and ran his hands beneath it, up her bare back. She squirmed in his lap as he caressed her bare flesh, and then ran his hands around her sides, and began to fondle her breasts. He tweaked each of her nipples in turn as their kissing continued. Her writhing had given him a massive erection, and he wanted nothing more than to tear her clothes off and fuck her mercilessly, but he also wanted this first time to last.

Claudia broke their kiss and leaned away from Zack, raising her arms as a gesture for him to remove her shirt. This he did, and was presented with a view of her wonderful, firm tits, her nipples hard, ready to be sucked. He tossed her shirt onto the desk, and lowered his mouth to one of those nipples, pulling it into his mouth, and flicking the tip of his tongue across it repeatedly, eliciting a deep moan from Claudia. He continued to massage her other tit with his fingers while his tongue danced across her nipple. She was once again writhing in his lap, and he knew she could feel his hard-on pressing against her crotch.

She reached down and pressed her hands gently on either side of his cock, running her fingers along the length of that cloth-covered rod. This drove Zack wild, and he could barely hold off. He lifted his mouth from her breast and told her to stand up. Once she did, he pulled his pants and underwear down and off, yanking his shoes and socks with them. He nearly tore his shirt getting it off. Now he was completely nude, and she was naked from the waist up. He would soon have her out of the rest of her clothing, but he wanted more contact first.

"Kneel," he said. She quickly complied with his instructions. He was sitting back in his chair, and she was right in front of him. His cock stood up proudly, a full seven inches and thicker than any she had seen before. "Now, run your hands over my dick." She reached out and gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft, moving them up and down his length, exciting him until he could barely stand it. Through gritted teeth, he said, "Suck it, Claudia. Put it in your mouth and suck it!"

Claudia hesitated only for an instant, and then leaned forward and took him into her mouth, sucking just on the head at first, still running her hands up and down his pole. Slowly, she began to take more of him in her mouth, moving slowly up and down his cock, licking around the head and applying suction. This was not something that Claudia was used to doing, but it was what Zack wanted, and it was what he would get.

Her lips dropped lower and lower onto his shaft, until her lips rested against the base of his dick. She had deep-throated him! Zack was both astonished, and in heaven. She paused only briefly before she started moving her mouth more quickly up and down his rod, running her tongue along the underside of his dick while her lips passed quickly over the veined skin of his prick.

Zack was certain a vacuum cleaner couldn&#039;t suck this hard. The pleasure was shooting through him, and he was using all of the control he had to hold off his climax, but he was close to coming, anyway. When he finally couldn&#039;t stop it, he grunted loudly in warning. Claudia just kept sucking as his cum spurted from his dick. She was swallowing all of his sperm, not missing a drop. Zack&#039;s vision blurred with the thrill of it.

As he came down, he didn&#039;t figure he was going to get anything else that night. But Claudia was still sucking him, and he was amazed to find that he was getting hard again. He let her keep on until he had fully hardened again, and then he pulled her off him. He stood her up, and then reached for her shorts. The button and zipper came loose easily, and as he began to pull them down her legs, he realized she wasn&#039;t wearing any panties. As he leaned over to pull them all the way down her legs, he could smell her arousal, and he could see the dampness glistening between her legs. He couldn&#039;t resist placing a kiss against the top of her pussy lips, on her hooded clit. Claudia moaned loudly, and nearly fell against him.


Outside the door, Zack&#039;s parents had heard all of the unmistakable noises of sex happening inside the room.

"Shouldn&#039;t we be doing something about that?" Grant asked.

"Yes, we should be leaving them alone, Grant. Would you want him listening to us?"

"No, I suppose not." Grant was still a little confused, but his programming held, and he accepted his wife&#039;s words without argument.

"There&#039;s something else you need to do," Sharon said.

"What&#039;s that?"

She grabbed his hand and pulled it to her pussy. "You need to take me down the hall and fuck my brains out," she whispered hoarsely.


Back in Zack&#039;s room, Claudia and Zack were once again kissing, standing at the foot of his bed. Zack&#039;s hand snaked down to her crotch, and her legs parted to give him access. He ran his hand lightly against her slit, and then slipped his middle finger deep into her. He felt her shudder with the sensation, and he began moving his finger in and out of her, while his other hand slipped around her back, holding her against him. Their lips remained locked, but she moaned constantly into his mouth.

Finally, Claudia couldn&#039;t stand it any longer. She broke their kiss and panted, "Zack, for God&#039;s sake, fuck me! I need you inside me! Stuff that big, hard cock of yours in me!"

Zack himself was more than ready to fuck her, so he pushed her gently down onto the bed, and then crawled up over her. He placed his dick at her opening, and paused. He had only had sex once before, and it had not been a good experience for anyone involved. He knew that this time was different, but that didn&#039;t keep him from pausing.

Claudia, however, just wanted him inside her. She reached down and grasped his dick firmly, pushing it into her. Once the head of his dick was inside her, he needed no further encouragement, and his cock slipped eagerly into her sopping wet pussy. Though she was tight, he managed to slide all the way into her in one long, sensuous stroke, the velvet of her cunt grasping his cock like a million gentle fingers massaging him at once. She began to rock her hips against him, and he got the message. He began to slide in and out of her, moving slowly at first. Claudia found this both extremely frustrating, and immensely pleasurable. She was groaning in pleasure, and never wanted it to end.

Zack began to move faster as he sensed they were both becoming even more aroused. He leaned down to kiss her tits, lavishing kisses all over them, and then sucking each of her nipples into his mouth to suck on them briefly before moving on. Claudia writhed beneath him in ecstasy, unable to contain her cries of pleasure any longer. The room was filled with the sounds of their fucking: his grunts, her screams, the wet sounds of their bodies coupling, the creaking of his bed. He reflected briefly that it was a good thing his parents were under control, because there was no way he&#039;d have been able to hide this.

Suddenly, Claudia was rocked with spasms of pleasure, her body thrashing beneath him in the throes of passion. Her cunt rippled along his cock, trying to pull him all the way inside her. The velvet fingers of her pussy massaged and gripped his cock until he couldn&#039;t stand it any longer, and he, too, came, wave after wave of cum splashing into her hole, filling her as they both cried out in climax.

It seemed like forever before they came off their high, and when they did, they lay beside each other on the bed, his cock still buried in her pussy. They kissed tenderly as they snuggled that way. Only then did they notice the rather loud noises of sex coming from down the hall. Claudia was slightly shocked, but Zack just smiled quietly to himself. Well, at least Dad is getting some, too...


After a while, Zack looked to Claudia, and knew it was time to test the other part of her programming, the part he&#039;d added just yesterday.

"Claudia?" he asked, wanting her full attention.

"Hmmm?" she answered sleepily.

"I want to keep going out with you."

"But, we haven&#039;t actually been out together, Zack," she answered.

"Well, okay, then I&#039;d like to keep screwing you," he said with a chuckle.

"I want that, too."

"But, do you think we should be able to... see other people, too?" This was the acid test. Her response was written into her programming.

"You can have whoever you want, Zack. But it wouldn&#039;t be right for me to have anyone but you."

Perfect response! "Okay, I&#039;m glad we agree. But, Claudia, I need you to help me get my next girlfriend."

She was completely awake now. "I&#039;m not sure how I can help, Zack, but I&#039;ll do whatever you want me to."

"That&#039;s good. All you have to do is convince her to come to my room. I&#039;ll take care of the rest."

"I can probably do that for you, Zack. Who is it?"

"Your friend, Stephanie," Zack said matter-of-factly.

Claudia was stunned momentarily, and then her programming took over fully. "Yes... I think you&#039;d be good for Stephanie. She needs someone like you."

"I&#039;m glad you see it my way, Claudia. When might you be able to bring her over here?"

"Well, unfortunately, Stephanie is very busy during the week. I probably won&#039;t be able to get her here until the weekend."

"That&#039;s quite all right, Claudia."



"What about me? If I bring Stephanie here, what will I do while you are... you know?"

"I&#039;m sure I can find something for you to be doing, Claudia, don&#039;t worry." Zack smiled inwardly. He knew what Claudia would be doing while he was fucking Stephanie, but he wanted to surprise her with it.

"Okay, Zack. I&#039;ll try to get her here on Saturday afternoon, then, if that&#039;s okay."

"That would be absolutely perfect, Claudia."

While they had been talking, Claudia&#039;s hands had been roaming Zack&#039;s body, and he realized that he was once again hard inside her. Without any words, he rolled over onto her, and began rutting into her once more. Their sounds of passion filled the room once more as their bodies engaged each other, seeking pleasure.


The next day at lunch, Claudia passed by Zack&#039;s table and quickly bent down to say, "I convinced her to come see your program on Saturday. She thinks we&#039;re going to the mall after that. I hope I did okay." He could see the concern in her eyes that she had done what he wanted.

"Perfect. Now, Claudia, kiss me."

With only the slightest hesitation, Claudia leaned over and placed a very warm kiss on Zack&#039;s lips. He shouldn&#039;t have made her do it, because it ignited in him the fiery need for her body.

As she broke the kiss, he ignored the amazed stares of their classmates as he asked her, "You are coming over for tutoring tonight, aren&#039;t you?"

"Of course. Wouldn&#039;t miss it for the world," she said, as she turned to go.

Zack glanced over at Stephanie as Claudia walked back to the table. Stephanie was looking at her friend incredulously. As if I&#039;m some kind of leper. Well, Stephanie Bromwell, we&#039;ll see how much you despise me after this weekend!



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