Bryan and Amy Part 2

Bryan and Amy Part 2

"Yes big brother, just like that" Amy couldn’t believe this was happening. She was enjoying this. Having her brother jack off and help her masturbate was more than she can take. She wanted more. She wanted him inside her. Little did he or she know, they were both going to get what they wanted..............

At this point, I couldn’t control myself. I have one hand jacking myself off at a furious pace and the other hand is on a vibrator that is rapidly going in and out of my sister’s pussy. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I exploded. Just then, my sister got up and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. She turned around to face me. She took my hand off my cock and grabbed it. I let out another loud groan. She looked up at me and smiled. “I’ve always wanted to try this,” she said to me. I didn’t even have time to ask what she was doing because she had just put my cock into her mouth. It felt so warm and tight that I couldn’t resist grabbing my sister’s head and start pumping my hips so that my cock went deeper down her warm throat. I was so close. I could feel that familiar tingle as the sensation went from my balls, which were smacking against my sister’s face, to my shaft, which was now entirely buried in my sister’s mouth.

My brother’s cock tasted so good. It was smooth and hard and I could taste the pre-cum that was leaking out of the head of it. It was salty and had a sweet after taste. I knew I would be doing this a lot more often. Bryan was forcing his cock down my throat so fast I thought I was going to gag. I never did. It was like my brother’s cock was made for my throat. Then he screamed at me. “I’m about to cum, sis!” I didn’t know what else to do so I just kept sucking his cock. Then I felt his cock pulse and his salty-sweet cum filled my mouth. I swallowed. There was so much of it. I gulped at least five times before his cock began to go limp. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and licked my lips. I just couldn’t get over how good he tasted.

I couldn’t believe this! My little sister just gave me a blowjob and swallowed my cum. It was so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this. But it was exactly those thoughts that turned me on most. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the luckiest big brother in the world. Amy got up and started to get dressed. “Have you ever given a blowjob before sis?” “Nope. That was the first time I ever did that.” That was a little hard to believe. She had used her mouth like a pro. And she never even gagged. I smiled at her. “You could’ve fooled me.” I helped my sister get dressed, I put my shorts back on and I asked my sister if she was as hungry as I was. She said she was starving. We went to go make dinner. The entire night, my sister would do little things to get me worked up. She went to go take a shower and came downstairs wearing a little purple sundress. It was almost see through. It had under wire in the front so that it lifted her tits. Even though she was only 16 she was already in a C cup. The dress also hugged every curve of her body and even rode up her legs so that the dress stopped only halfway down her thigh. Every time she walked past, I didn’t know if I could walk away or just fuck her right then and there. But our mother was home and it took all my self-control not to pounce on my sister.

Turning on my big brother was so much fun, especially when I wore my favorite dress. It was short and revealing and made my boobs look bigger. He was trying his best not to drool. Even at the dinner table, he sat next to me. Every five minutes or so I would feel his hand slide up my thigh, but I guess he thought better of it because whenever he got close to my pussy, he would move his hand. I don’t think he knew how bad I wanted him to touch me. Our mom went to bed right after dinner and told us to do the same. Bryan and I started up the stairs. Bryan said, “Goodnight sis.” He looked me over one last time, licked his lips, and reluctantly turned to go to his room. “Wait big brother,” I whined. He turned around and started at me with concerned eyes. “Can I have a hug before I go to bed?” “Sure you can.” He held his arms out to me and I took advantage of the opportunity. I skipped over to him and jumped on him. He was surprised and almost lost his balance, but he steadied himself and slid his hand under my dress and squeezed my ass to keep me from falling. I wrapped my legs around him for better balance. Then I kissed him.
It was my first kiss and it came from my brother. He kissed me back and assaulted my tongue with his own. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced. I reluctantly pulled away and smiled at him. He was smiling at me and I began to feel wetness between my legs. He gripped me tighter against him. “That was a lot more than a hug, Amy.” “I know but I just couldn’t help it. I’ve been horny all day. I can’t just go to bed without touching you. I can’t keep my hands off you, Bryan.” “Trust me sis. I know what you mean.” I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped out of his arms and got down on my knees in front of him. “What are you doing, Amy?” I answered him by sliding his shorts down and grabbing his semi-erect cock. He groaned and I put one finger up to my lips as a warning for him to be quiet. I put his cock into my mouth and sucked hard. He gasped sharply, but this time it wasn’t as loud. I licked the head of his cock and it instantly got rock hard. I slid every inch of him slowly down my throat. As my head bobbed up and down on Bryan’s cock, he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. It felt so good to have him down my throat that I didn’t want to stop. But then, we both heard it. It was the sound of footsteps in my mother’s room.

It took all my strength not to make too much noise while my sister sucked me off. It felt so good. I don’t care if she is my sister. She gives the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. The sound of footsteps stopped me from fucking Amy’s mouth. If our mom saw us like this, we’d be dead. I helped my sister up and we ran into our rooms. As soon as I heard my sister’s door close and I closed my own, our mom’s door squeaked open and she walked down the hall to the bathroom. It was then I noticed I had been holding my breath. I let out a long sigh and got into bed, with my cock still hard. I thought of anything but my sister to make it soften. Eventually it did and I drifted into an uneasy sleep.

A blast of thunder shook me awake. Not that storms scared me. It’s just that it was extremely loud. I couldn’t say the same for Amy though. She was terrified of storms. Just the thoughts of my sister made my cock stand straight up. I couldn’t help but to stroke my self. The image of my cock going in and out of my sister’s mouth made me increase the speed of my hand. Then I saw my door open. “Bryan?” It was Amy. “What’s wrong sis?” “The thunder scared me. Can I sleep with you?” My cock pulsed and got harder when she said that. “Sure sis. Climb in.” She walked in and closed the door behind her. She got into my bed and instead of lying down next to me, she laid on top me causing my cock to be between us, pressing against her stomach. If she felt it, she didn’t seem to mind. Then I noticed she was completely naked. My cock got as hard as a steel rod. I might get the chance to fuck my not-so-innocent little sis after all.

Opportunity revealed itself again to me. A storm had begun outside and I am not too fond of them. I went to snuggle up with Bryan. At least I felt safer there. But I had taken off all of my clothes before I came here. Maybe if he fucked me, I wouldn’t be as scared. And now as I lay on top of him, I was incredibly horny and I was glad to see he was already naked and hard for me. I sat up on his stomach causing my pussy lips to grip his cock. “Damn sis, you are really wet. The storm wasn’t the only reason you came to my room was it?” I smiled to myself in the darkness. I rubbed my pussy back and forth across the shaft of his cock. “I told you earlier that I wanted you to fuck me. And plus you owe me for the blowjobs.” He responded to that by turning so that I ended up being under him. He pushed my legs back towards by head and positioned himself at the entrance to my pussy. “You got it sis.” He shoved his cock into me. I let out a loud moan. “Shhhh,” he warned me. “Mom might hear us.” I just smiled in the dark. “Mom’s not here. One of her friends called and said they were stuck in the storm. She went to go help and she won’t be back for a few hours.”

He went back to fucking me. Slow at first, and then he picked up the pace. I was moaning and thrashing around uncontrollably. My big brother was fucking me!! I brought my hips up to meet him thrust for thrust. My brother’s groans were turning me on in ways that I’ve never been turned on. He fucked me harder and faster. His hips were smacking against me as he buried his entire cock deep inside me. I was screaming at this point. “OH GOD!! THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD! FUCK ME BIG BROTHER!!! FUCK YOUR LITTLE SISRTER’S PUSSY!!!”

That did it for me. My little sister just said the one thing I was hoping she would say. Thinking it gave me an instant boner. But hearing her say it drove me crazy. I started slamming my cock into her. Her juices were all over my cock, making me slide in with ease. She felt so tight, wet, and warm. I couldn’t get enough of it. Every time I pushed into her, the muscles in her pussy contracted and squeezed me tighter. It was only making me want to cum faster. “I’m close to cumming sis.” I wanted to at least warn her. “ I DON’T CARE,” she screamed. “I WANT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME BRYAN!!!” That sent shivers through me that caused my cock to pulse as my cum shot inside my sis. Her pussy muscles contracted and my Amy started moving up and down which meant me was doing it on purpose. Then her head flew back and a scream tore from her lips. She moved her hips up one last time and I was completely drained. My cock started to go limp. I slipped my now-exhausted cock out of her pussy and lay down beside her. She grabbed my arm and put it around her, intertwining her fingers with mine. “I love you, Bryan.” “ I love you too, Amy.” I was perfectly content now.

My brother had just fucked me, cum inside me, and told me he loves me. This was the best day I EVER had. And now I’m laying here with my brother’s arm around me. I drifted off to sleep feeling happy and satisfied. I woke up about an hour later to see that my brother was still awake and holding me. He also had another hard on. I turned over and faced him. He was smiling at me. I slipped my fingers around his rock-hard cock and started to jack him off. “Looks like someone is ready for round two.” His cock pulsed and straightened. “I think I’m ‘up’ to it.”

That was the first of uncountable times that I fucked my little sister. Every time we had sex, it went on for hours. I eventually broke up with Marcie and told her we needed time apart. She called me immature and stupid and said she never wanted to speak to me again. This was fine with me. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Marcie and I was kind of down when she said that. But the sadness went away when I thought about how Amy was going to make me feel better later when I told her I was down. No one fucks me like my little sister.
The End

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