The wish 2

The wish 2

It’s been a month since Seth raped me at the sugar cube, and to make matters even better i found out he started working at my company. I feel sick to my stomach every time i think about going to work and to make the circumstances even better in my favor.....his office is right next to mine. He would always compliment my hair and outfit or make sly remarks about what happened. I wanted to report him but a girl at work was recently fired for making a false claim against one of the bosses. I was worried it would turn into a he said she said and they wouldn’t believe me because he built his reputation as a shy sweet guy, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. So I just kept my mouth shut and tried to ignore him.

Until one friday night about eight pm. Most of the staff had gone home except me and a few others but they were about to call it a day as well. “Hey sky wanna join us we are going to the bar for some food and a drink or two.” A coworker asked grabbing his coat. “Nah I’m going to stay here a bit longer I wanna finish this report.” I smiled telling him to go without me and that I will join next time. He smiled back and left with the others to the elevator. As I almost finish my report I had Jim came walking in.

“Hey skylar can you stay late tonight I need these files sorted and stamped for tomorrow’s meeting.” Jim asked our manager for the financial team in the company. Jim was a nice guy on some scale. Rumor around the office currently is that he recently divorced his wife after their son Terry came out as gay with his best friend. But that’s none of my business. I nodded yes and he put the paper work on my desk as I continued typing my report. As I heard Jim talking to someone outside my office. “Hey Seth. Heading home?” he asked. “Yeah, I was just about to ask Skylar if she wanted to go out for a drink tonight.” He replied my heart started racing as I felt him walk closer towards my office.

“Oh no I just asked her if she can stay late to finish some paperwork for me.” Jim sounded a bit guilty. “No worries I can help her. I don’t mind staying late.” He replied
“well okay. I’m gonna call it a night see you guys Monday.” jim said then Jim’s footsteps grew quieter.

“Noooo” I thought to myself as I heard a knock quickly turning around finding seth there. “Hey Sky. Jim just told me about you needing some help. Mind if I joined?” he smirked it looked warm but it was cold, I felt a chill run up my spine and back down my stomach making me nauseous.

“No that won't be necessary I can handle it on my own.” I said coldly turning my back to him. I started looking through the files to organize then as I felt Seth eyes on me. I did my best to ignore it and get my work done and go home hoping he wouldn’t do anything. It felt like hours went by with him staring at me. “Maybe if i ask for his help he will go away.” I thought. Finally building up the courage I swallowed hard then asked, “Are you gonna help or just stand there?”

He came behind me slowly putting his weight on my back forcing me down a bit and whispered in my ear. “Look at my baby girl playing grown up.” I gasped as his hands groped my breast squeezing them and messaging them slowly. “s..stop.” I stuttered a bit as i slowly felt myself getting wet enjoying his warmth. I closed my eyes trying to distract myself from what he was doing, then he suddenly let go.

Opening my eyes, also shaking I quickly stood up trying to get past seth to go to the bathroom, “Hey hey hey where are you going?” Seth said grabbing my arm. “None of your business.” I shot back pulling my arm back but he tightened his grip. Pulling me in front of him.

“Now is that anyway to talk to Daddy now?” He growled lowly but angrily. “Let go of me!” I said struggling to break free. His grip grew tighter as I tried moving closer and closer to the door.

He pressed me against the wall kissing and biting my neck grabbing my other hand pinning them up. “No stop..”I begged trying to slip out of his grip to no avail. He kissed and bit up my neck slowly unbuttoning my shirt with his other hand, sliding his cold hand into my shirt sending goosebumps up my spine, he quickly unfastened my bra. I decided to wear a strapless so it quickly fell off of me and onto the floor. “Mmm they look so delicious” he breathed over my tits starting to bite and suck on my left nipple, then my right switching back and forth making them hard. His hand started roaming my body fully unbuttoning my shirt, going further between my legs and lifting my skirt up a bit and sliding it into my panties.

His fingers were freezing slid up and down my slit making me shudder in pleasure, using two fingers he spread my pussy lips letting my wetness run down his fingers slowly sliding one finger inside me. “Mm you’re so wet” he taunted me sliding his finger in and out of me slowly his cold finger warming up to the heat I was giving off. I bit my lip and held my breath for a moment trying not to moan as he started fingering me faster and harder. It felt so good I felt like a dam about to burst. Seth leaned to my ear and started kissing and sticking his tongue in my ear which is my weak spot. I started twisting and turning a bit but he held me in place gripping my hands tighter then his fingers found my clit. He circled around it faster while going back to sucking and biting my right nipple. I couldn’t hold it anymore I was so close I could scream. He came back to my ear and whispered, “Cum for me.” As he rubbed my clit faster and faster. My pussy started spasming and contracting in and out wildly cumming harder than I ever thought possible. I started panting as he shoved two fingers into me forcing wave after wave of pleasure making me cum longer. Finally soaking my panties completely, only standing from him hand holding me up and the hand pinning me against the wall.

Seth pulled his fingers out and pulled my skirt up over my stomach and leaned me over my desk. I wasn’t going anywhere, tryin to catch my breath while recovering from my orgasm. He ripped my stockings exposing my pussy and ass more and I heard him undo his belt and zip which made me wetter. “I have been thinking about this pussy since the club.” He moaned as I felt him slide the head of his cock inside me. I could felt his huge head stretching my entrance and it hurt but felt good too. “” i whimpered softly still too weak to move. “shh just take it like a good girl.” He chuckled slamming every inch into me without warning into me. I laid there taking it as tears rolled down my face and his weight pressing down on me making it hard to breath. He grunted and moaned thrusting into me like an animal in heat. The sounds of my wet pussy excited him even more. He gripped my hair pulling me up making his thrust even harder and deeper making me moan as tears fell. “Stop crying see how good im making you feel? Hear that pussy of yours begging for my cock?” Seth growled low in my ear my head started to throb.

He let go of my hair and took my tits in his hands squeezing them and playing with the nipple. “God please make him stop.” I thought to myself as I felt my body begin to burn up. His deep thrust felt so good, but I couldn’t let him break me. He bit my neck thrusting faster and harder. “Fuck that’s it push back on Daddy’s cock just like that.” He moaned squeezing my tits harder I started moaning louder. I kept
Repeating in my head “Don’t break. Don’t Break. DON’T--.”

He pulled out of me leaving only the tip in then slammed back into me. “Ah!” I moaned. He did it over and over till I couldn’t take it anymore. Then he stopped completely pulling out. “ please…” I begged.
“Please what?” Seth chuckled. “Put it back inside.” I looked down in defeat. “Is that what Daddy’s baby girl want?” He asked. I nodded. Seth picked me up and laid me on my back on my desk slamming back into me and rubbing my clit faster and faster making me gasp for air. “It’s so good daddy mmm” I moaned playing with my tits. “Mmm my baby girl enjoying herself now.” He grinned moving my hands and squeezing them himself.

Seth slammed into me rougher, his breathing got more shallow. The sound of his balls slapping against me and his grunting sent me over the edge, tightening around his cock. My breathing turned swallowed while closing my eyes tightly as I arched my back cumming hard drenching his cock in my juices. He slammed into me faster and faster giving one finally slam before filling me with boiling hot cum sending another wave of pleasure throughout my body. “shit” He whispered giving me his last few drops of cum letting his cock go soft inside of me before pulling out. I quickly dropped to my knee and started sucking his cock clean. He smirked as he moaned holding my head as he grew again in my mouth. He started fucking my throat, I could barely breathe but i didn’t care. “oh you’re my slut now. You’re gonna please Daddy’s cock now aren’t you?” He groaned continuing to fuck my mouth harder letting his balls bounce off my chin with each thrust. All i could do was weakly nod as be used my mouth for his pleasure. I felt his cock throb in my mouth followed by his bittersweet cum I quickly swallowed trying not to gag from the taste.

Seth let my head go throwing me back and fixed his clothes, then crouched down to me. “you’re daddy’s little girl now” he smiled He got up and walking out of the office.
Leaving me there confused and wanting more. I sat there on the floor taking a moment to get myself together and finally found the strength to fix what was left of my clothes and head home.
Finally getting home, I kicked my shoes off and took off my clothes and went to take a bath. I ran my bubble bath like always and stepped in. Soaking my stress of my day away then I thought about Seth and what he did to me. I closed my eyes and slowly slipped my hand between my sore pussy slowly fingering myself moaning. “ah....daddy…” i whispered. Suddenly, I heard. “yes baby girl?” my eyes shot open and there was seth standing over me smiling.

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