Ally buries her face in her pillow and bites down on it as she feels the tight ring that is her anus spreading apart to accommodate simply the head of her friend Dean's extraordinarily wide and long cock. She screams into the cloth as the orifice that has never been entered before is stretched beyond the threshold of pain she can withstand.

Ally is currently lying face down on her bed wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that Dean has pulled down to her ankles. Before attempting to enter her ass he had spread a large portion of Vaseline on the outside and pushed it into her with his large fingers. She had groaned loudly each time they slipped inside her. She already feels exhausted simply from clenching the muscles in her ass tightly for the past ten minutes as he has probed her.

On top of the fact that Dean's cock is nearly two inches wide, it is almost ten inches long. Alley herself is an extremely petite girl, only four foot ten with a severe lack of visible bust despite being twenty years old. This lack of height is part of the reason why she chose to date her current boyfriend, Chad, who is only five foot five. At this very moment, he is currently sitting in a chair in the corner of her bedroom holding a video camera.

After a comment on the fact that Ally is the complete opposite of Dean in every way, Chad had insisted that the two of them have sex so he could film the comical result. Ally had refused at first, stating that she loved Chad and did not want to cheat on him but he convinced her by claiming they would have a threesome. The result of this decision has led Dean to try entering her anus rather than her cunt, something she does not believe is possible.

Chad is simply laughing from his corner as he watches what could be described as a horse raping a chipmunk. Ally's head jerks up from her pillow as she feels Dean's large hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. His cock head has still failed to even penetrate her anus. This is remedied by a forceful thrust that causes her eyes to roll back in her head. She releases a guttural groan as she feels one inch of the massive member sliding into her tight orifice.

"How does it feel, Babe?" Chad asks from his corner.

She has to unclench her jaw from her pillow to answer. "Like I'm dying," she groans breathlessly.

"That's the point," Chad laughs. "Look at the camera, Sweetie. I want to capture the exact reason why you and Dean are incompatible as a couple."

"Oh, I don't know. That seems a little harsh," Dean pretends to be disheartened. "I think Ally and I would make a great couple." He accents this statement with another hard thrust that slides another inch of his cock into the helpless girl. No longer biting her pillow, Ally screams shrilly this time.

Dean is black, which stereotypically explains why his dick is so much bigger than the only other one Ally has ever had inside her, Chad's. Also stereotypically, he is a basketball player with large hands and feet. He is six foot four, over a foot and a half taller than the girl writhing in pain beneath him right now.

He means what he says about being willing to date Ally though. In his opinion she is extremely adorable. She has smooth light skin that contrasts with his amazingly. Right now he is admiring the sight of his shadow colored cock slighting into her peach colored ass. This is something he never could have dreamed of happening and yet every time they met he fantasized about it. He has imagined what it would be like to split this tiny girl open with his massive cock every single time he ever hung out with her and Chad.

When Chad offered him the change today, he was definitely not going to turn it down. Apart from her milky smooth skin, he is also attracted to her dark golden hair that shimmers in any light; probably due to how often she brushes it. Today he plans to get some of his cum in it any way he can. He does not know if she will be mad at him but he kinda hopes she will be. At least that way she will not forget their escapade any time soon.

He also wants Chad to have to think about it every time he looks at her from now on; that she was dominated by Dean to the point of letting him defile her beautiful hair. If possible, he plans to get his cock into her small puckered mouth. That way Chad will have to think about it every time he kisses her. His massive member might not fit in her tiny lips but it looks like her slightly pudgy cheeks might be able to hold it.

"Nah, you two would never work. She'd be in pain every time you fucked," Chad finally responds to Dean's suggestion.

"A girl should never be able to walk after sex," Dean announces proudly while shoving another inch into Ally.

She cries out while gripping the sides of her mattress. "Please, enough," she begs while looking straight on Chad with her tear stricken face.

He has a solemn expression at the moment though. Dean's statement is bothering him. He has never been able to fuck Ally so hard that she could not walk afterward. He knows Dean was joking but he somehow wonders if there is some truth to the statement. He doubts any girl has been able to walk straight after being fucked by Dean. Part of Chad really wants to see that happen to his girlfriend. He wants to see her adorable frame writhing in agony from being filled beyond her limits by Dean's cock like he never could.

Not only is Chad below average in height, he is also below average in penis length, which is why he chose Ally as his girlfriend. He realized that such a small girl would not have as much room to complain about his four inch pecker. Up until today, he was the only person she ever had sex with and she never complained. It was still disheartening for Chad though that he was never able to satisfy her with just his penis. Every time they had sex, either he or she would have to finish her off with their fingers or with her vibrating massager.

Ally is still staring at Chad pleadingly when he comes back from his thoughts. "Not a chance," he answers her begging with a forced laugh. "I want to capture every expression of yours as Dean makes your regret even considering him as a partner."

"I never considered him anything of the sort," Ally whines. "This was your…" she interrupts herself to gasp as Dean suddenly slides several inches into her at once. After getting his cock head past her anus, he was able to slip deeper into the straight part of her bowels. However, his tip hits against the wall of her intestines where it curves.

She grabs her stomach as it visibly bulges out slightly due to her organs being moved. She starts to wretch as if she might throw up but manages to stop herself eventually. "That was amazing," Chad cheers from his corner. "It looked like you were stabbing her from the inside."

"Are you enjoying this?" Ally groans in confusion.

"Of course I am," Chad informs her. "Every guy loves seeing a girl getting fucked roughly. It makes her incredibly attractive. It's the same way you feel sympathy for an injured animal."

"Then I shall do my best to injure her some more," Dean announces jokingly as he slides his cock almost completely out. Ally sucks in a huge breath as she feels a hollow sensation wash over her. She feels a cold vacuum from her organs being pushed aside now that his warm cock is no longer filling the gaping hole it has created.

She does not have to wait long though as he grips her ass tightly and slides her backwards on the bed, slamming more of his cock into her than before, leaving only two inches outside. The tip hits the wall of her bowels and slides along it as his cock curves partially. However, her intestine is also forced to straighten to accommodate him.

She wretches again and this time does throw up over the side of her bed as her stomach is displaced. She coughs and sputters to catch her breath before looking up at Chad with a miserable expression. "Help me," she barely manages to speak.

Chad is too busy marveling at her distraught expression to listen though. "I bet she'll pass out with the next thrust," he speaks about her like she is not an actual person with a choice in the matter.

Realizing her boyfriend is a lost cause she turns her head until she can see Dean behind her. "Please stop," she begs him.

"No can do, Sweet Thing." He slaps her butt affectionately.

"You're killing me," she whimpers.

"You ain't gonna die. Besides, even if you were, I still need to do this."

"Why? Do you enjoy seeing me in pain that much?"

"Every guy likes knowing that if a girl's in pain, he's the one that caused it. Right now though, I need you to feel every inch of me. I need you to know that this is what you could be having if you weren't with needle dick over there."

"You're dick's too big for me," she pants breathlessly.

"You'll get used to it. Just try having sex with him after this. He won't even touch the walls."

"But I love him?" she whines.

"He basically just gave you to me for a romp," Dean reminds her.

"You're both doing this to me," she argues.

"He is letting his girlfriend fuck someone else. I'm not cheating on my girl. I'm taking the only opportunity I'll ever get to fuck the girl I'm in love with."

"Wait, you're in love with me?" Ally's eyes widen in surprise.

"You think I'd do this to just anyone?" He slams the last two inches of his cock into her. Her eyes roll back in her head and she falls over on her side. She has passed out due to the pain of having her bowel straightened forcefully.

"Oh my god, you actually did it!" Chad laughs from his corner. "Lift her up. I want to see the stupid look on her face." Obediently Dean grabs a fistful of Ally's hair and lifts her front half up off the bed. He directs her face straight at the camera but she is not able to see it at all. Only the white of her eyes are visible and her jaw is completely slack. There is drool and vomit running down her chin and chest, making her shirt see-through. The rest of her visible skin is incredibly shiny from sweat.

"Reposition her. I want to see her stretched asshole from here," Chad orders Dean. Again he obeys. He swings his legs around on the bed while grabbing Ally around the waist and pulling her into a bear hug from behind. He uses his own legs to bump hers up until she is sitting in his lap reverse cowgirl style.

"Oh wow," Chad gasps as he zooms the camera in on the puffy lips of her cunt. They are incredibly shiny right now. "She's turned on. She wishes you'd forced that log into her cunt."

"That can be arranged." Dean begins to lift Ally, sliding her asshole off of his cock.

"Wait," Chad stops him. The view he has of his girlfriend right now makes it look like she has been impaled on a thick black pole. "I need more footage of her filled ass first," he explains his hesitation to Dean. Without warning Dean slides Ally back down his pole, causing her to scream out despite not being conscious. "I wonder if her organs will ever go back to normal," Chad mutters while watching in awe.

Dean however has started to poke at her cunt lips. They are incredibly puffy at the moment. If Ally really were as turned on as Chad claims, they would have opened up by now. To him she looks like a virgin with how closed off her cunt is. "She's pretty much brand new after the first few inches," he mutters to himself as he pushes one of his large fingers into her cunt, causing her to squeak.

"What was that?" Chad did not hear him but he can tell what Dean said was insulting.

"With my cock stretching her butt so much, her cunt's closed up," Dean makes an excuse. "I really don't think this threesome thing is going to work."

"Don’t worry about that." Chad waves his hand uninterestedly. "I just said that to get her to go along with it. I just wanted to see her face as she took your massive cock in that ass of hers. Man she needs a good fucking. She is such a bitch sometimes." Dean's face twists in confusion as he listens to Chad ranting.

"She is so indecisive and then she gets mad at me for not taking her opinions seriously. She talks for hours with her friends and ignores me. Every month she asks if we can try buying a dildo for her to speed things up in the bedroom. I'm just sick of it. I should have just shoved my fist up her ass. It would've been less hassle on you buddy." Chad acts as if Dean is doing him a favor.

"Of course, then I wouldn't have been able to film it properly. Man, I can not wait to show her what she looks like getting fucked in the ass. Her face was in so much pain. I can't believe she didn't pass out sooner. I hope she wakes up soon. I need some footage of her crying as you sodomize her. Her asshole and face need to be in the frame at the same time. This ain't no ordinary beating. She is getting her ass whooped from the inside by a cock. She needs to know it's happening to her."

Chad has a dreamy look on his face. He is obviously imagining what his tiny girlfriend will look like getting slid up and down Dean's cock like a rag doll. "Man, she looks so cute when she's in pain. I don't know if I just like teasing her if I want her to suffer for being such a bitch. I think I'm gonna try biting her the next time we're having sex."

Dean continues to stare at Chad in confusion, not sure what he is supposed to say. Luckily Chad does not seem to expect a response. Instead he starts slapping Ally's face. "Wake up sleepy head. We ain't done filming yet. It ain't no fun to rape you if you ain't screaming and crying." Her eyes flutter a few times but she does not wake up. Chad frowns at her as if she is being intentionally difficult.

Eventually he grabs both of her nipples through her shirt and twists them. She screams in pain while waking up entirely. "There you are." He slaps her again. "Get ready, we're still filming."

"We are," she gasps while rubbing her sore nipples. Without warning Dean lifts her shirt off over her head. Instinctively she covers her chest at first but drops her arms when Chad orders her to by waving his hand to the side.

"Alright, Dean, we need her in as much pain as possible. Make sure you're hitting the walls of her asshole as much as possible. Feel free to bite her and pinch her nipples too. I've got some needles we can poke them with too. I want her to throw up at least once more."

"What?" Ally shouts in confusion. She is not sure if she heard him right or if she is still disoriented from passing out."

"Did you think we were doing this for your enjoyment?" Chad asks. "It ain't fun to watch a girl enjoying getting fucked. If you like that, go watch a webcam show of a girl touching herself with a dildo. The only reason you fuck a girl with a cock bigger than her hole is to see her squirm.

Ally opens her mouth to argue as Dean lifts her up off his cock again. Before she can say anything he has slammed her back down, replacing her words with a pained winded scream. He repeats this several times, preventing her from being able to talk. Each time she tries though, she loses more air until her face starts to turn blue.

He turns her head toward himself and kisses her, keeping her from breathing in. She eventually manages to suck in some air from her nose instead of her mouth. "What the hell!" she shouts when she finally breaks the kiss. "Do you want to see me in pain too?"

"I want to be the one causing you pain," he informs her. She adopts a stunned expression while blushing. Soon afterward though, her eyes roll back in her head as he starts to slam into her asshole again. Rather than complaining this time she decides to go with the flow and wait it out. She simply gyrates her hips in rhythm as he bounces her with his hand on her butt. She moans and groans every time he hits the wall off her bowels and even gasps when he twists her nipples.

She eventually starts to touch her wet cunt in an attempt to enjoy herself. It is still incredibly tight at the moment but her small fingers are able to slip inside. When Dean notices this he pushes two of his large fingers into her alongside them. "No," she groans while letting her head roll around on her shoulders in a relaxed state. Her eyes are closed completely as she moans in ecstasy.

"Do you want something bigger in here?" he asks while pulling her fingers out so he can fit a third of her own inside.

She shakes her head. "You'll tear me," she argues.

"Perhaps," he does not deny the possibility as he lifts her up into the air higher than usual. She gasps as his cock pops out of her ass. She feels a rush of cold air spilling in to fill the vacancy. She can also feel the fact that her anus is not closing up at all. It is gaping for Dean and Chad to see and film.

"Please," she whimpers while trying to focus her eyes on Dean's face.

"Please what?" he asks coyly.

"Please put it back. I feel so empty."

"Too bad." He pulls his fingers out of her cunt and cups both of his hands around the outside as if to make a funnel. When she gets tired of holding herself in the air her legs give way and she sits down on his cock again. His hands guide it to one spot, straight into her cunt. She screams out in pain as she feels it sliding all the way in. She is more than wet enough though the tight orifice has to stretch to accommodate his girth.

She has trained herself to keep a certain amount of disinterest in sex so that her cunt will not loosen in anticipation. This helps with Chad's diminished size. However, it is a draw back with Dean. She feels like her hymen has torn all over again. In fact, she is starting to wonder if Chad's dick was simply so small that it was not completely torn to begin with.

Now she is stuffed even tighter than with her ass. His cock is still not completely inside her and she knows why. The distance between her cunt lips and her cervix is less than the ten inches of his cock. If he wants to push in any further, he will be crushing her womb.

He does not seem to notices this. He is determined to reach all the way inside her. He lifts her into the air and drops her down on his dick. She feels the tip slamming into her cervix and stretching the flesh of it. It will not open though. It is designed to withstand the weight of a baby and all of its water.

She still feels the pain of the flesh stretching though, just like when a muscle is pulled. She screams out and then devolves into sobbing. Dean simply lifts her up and drops her again. "Hey man, no one said anything about using her cunt!" Chad shouts angrily from his corner where he returned after Ally woke up.

"She's already getting fucked, what does it matter?" Dean shrugs.

"She's my girlfriend. I'm the only one allowed to use her cunt."

"She's more like a public domain slut right now." Dean gyrates Ally on his cock to taunt Chad. She simply groans in pain while letting her head roll around again.

"Alright, that's enough." Chad marches across the room and grabs Ally by her arms. Dean lets him lift her almost completely off of his cock before he shoves Chad away with one large hand. Ally shrieks as she slides back down his cock slowly due to how tight her cunt is. It is closing up even more now that she is in too much pain to enjoy it at all.

"Step off my girl, yo!" Chad loses his temper.

"You pimped her out," Dean argues. "Besides, she's better with me anyway."

"She can't even talk right now," Chad argues.

"Ally, wake up for a minute. Let this fool know he can't get away with treating you like a toy to be traded. I'll be by to drop off my xbox later." Dean winks at Chad. Unbeknownst to Ally, one of the conditions of this was that Dean had to give Chad his gaming console.

"What?" Alley's eyes focus for a minute. "What did you do, Chad?" she demands incoherently.

"Dean just had a little fee to pay for enjoying you," Chad defends himself.

"I can't believe…!" Ally interrupts herself by throwing up again. Chad can not hide how excited he looks. No matter what, he seems to revel in her misery. "Please, just kill me," she groans after she has finished coughing and sputtering. "I want it to end."

"It's not so bad," Dean tries to calm her.

"You're so much bigger than Chad," she groans.

Chad's eyes flare angrily. "Is that so?" he asks sternly.

"I'm sorry, Sweetie. He is. He's destroying me. I can't move. I think I'm going to die. It was never like this with you. I don’t understand. Why are you so small? Is this what sex is supposed to be like? Are you supposed to hate it this much?"

"Well, I think I've heard enough," Chad speaks through clenched teeth. He is trying not to lose his calm. Ally's head rolls around as she watches him pack up his camera and head for the door.

"Where are you going?" she calls after him. He does not respond and instead slams the door to her apartment. She rolls her head around until she is looking at Dean again.

"It's just you and me now, Babe." He can not hide the glee on his face.

"What now?" she groans.

"Now you belong to me. We'll have sex like this every day."

Her eyes widen in fear. "Every day?" she repeats in a slurred voice. He nods while shoving his cock into her cunt again. She huffs and wheezes as she feels the wind being forced out of her lungs again. When she catches her breath she looks at his face once more. "You're going to fuck me to death, aren’t you?" she asks in her slurred speech.

"Perhaps," he does not deny the idea.

"I'm going to die with a cock inside me. Death by impalement." Her eyes are twinkling slightly as she thinks about it. It is not clear whether she is looking forward to the relief of this ending or if she is actually starting to enjoy it.

Dean is enamored with the look on her face. He kisses her while slamming his cock into her again. She screams into his lips each time as he gets dangerously close to tearing her cervix open. Suddenly, just before she thinks her cervix is about to break, he pulls out. She rips her mouth away from his and gasps in relief.

It is short lived though as he grabs her by the waist and flips her over so she is lying on her back with her head in his lap. She opens her mouth to ask what is happening but he tilts her head back until he manages to get the tip of his cock inside her lips. She makes a squelching sound as he slides her whole throat up his cock, bending it and her esophagus in the process.

She slaps his knee repeatedly, trying to warning him that she can not breathe. He pulls her head almost all the way off but slides her back up onto his cock before she can take a breath. She screams into his crotch when she realizes what he is doing. Her throat bulges as air from her lungs tries to escape.

He pulls off enough so that the air is released but pushes her back down when she tries to suck in more. Instead she ends up sucking in her own saliva. She starts to cough, opening her throat partially each time. He pushes his cock deeper into her with each cough until all ten inches are inside.

He touches the outside of her throat and can feel his own cock inside of her. The veins in her neck are pulsing as blood tries to rush to her head. White flashes clout her vision as several blood vessels in her eyes burst. Slowly darkness starts to overcome her. She stops struggling as much and eventually goes slack.

Just before she is about to pass out, he finally slides her all the way off of his cock. She is too exhausted to even cough properly and instead simply gurgles as drool pours down the corners of her mouth. His cock is twitching now, just about to release his pent up cum.

He aims straight at her face. She flinches when the warm liquid hits her on the side of the nose. He redirects his aim so that the next spurt hits her splayed out hair. As her senses slowly return she becomes confused by his actions. "What are you doing?" she coughs hoarsely.

"Marking you as mine," he informs her while pressing the tip of his cock to her lips so that the last spurt goes into her mouth. She tries to spit it out but he covers her mouth until she swallows it. She is annoyed but does not say anything.

"I feel so sticky." She reaches down and touches her crotch. She can feel something thicker than sweater and fluid and knows that it is blood. "I need a shower."

"Not yet." Dean pulls her up on the bed so that she is lying next to him.

"I feel gross," she whines.

"I want you to feel that way for a while," he explains. "Let what we just did soak in."

"You mean what you just did to me," she corrects him.

"And I'm going to do it again," he assures her. She flinches at the thought but she is too tired to argue with him. Staring up at the ceiling she tries to organize her thoughts. She was just traded by her boyfriend to his best friend for an xbox and now she has to get fucked by a massive ten inch cock every day. She can not comprehend how such a thing occurred but she is not mentally capable of arguing at the moment.

Deep down she knows that she should be able to kick Dean out right now and never talk to him again but somehow she feels like that would be breaking the rules. For some reason she wants to finish this game that Dean and Chad started on her terms. Perhaps if she can get used to getting fucked by Dean then that will count as a victory. She will have proven they can not simply pass her back and forth like an inanimate prize.

Something else is weighing on her mind though. Chad said that he likes the fact that she is not enjoying herself. Perhaps that is what real sex is. Perhaps that is why he was always so miserable whenever they slept together.

The image in her head right now is of Dean bouncing a basketball. It eventually changes to him bouncing her on his cock just as easily. He does not care if she enjoys it. She is something for him to stick his cock inside. Just like a game of basketball it is a challenge for him to get inside her, made even more difficult by the fact that she is so small.

For the first time in her life she is extremely glad that she is so tiny. If she were not, his cock might not have filled her so airtight. She is almost looking forward to the next time she can roll her eyes back and simply revel in the feeling of being stuffed to the brim. Better yet she does not have to do anything. Dean is going to stuff his cock into her whether she wants him to or not and he is not going to stop when she screams out in pain.

All of these thoughts are making her extremely horny. She is starting to wonder if it is too late to go another round today. Of course, she is never going to admit interest in doing so. Half the fun is the fact that Dean is raping her. She can never ask for it.

The sinking feeling that she will never be with Chad again weighs on her mind only slightly. Somehow she does not care. She could never go back to him, not after being stretched to her limits by Dean. She should be sad but instead she is almost happy. Everyone always told her that size does not matter. Now she wants to ask them all to say that again after being raped by a black basketball player with a ten inch cock.

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