The Becca Chronicles Ch. 10 (Final)

The Becca Chronicles Ch. 10 (Final)

Chapter 10

So, that’s how it all started. As I write this, I am sitting in the one-bedroom apartment I share with my brother at university. My parents pay the rent so they, obviously, know our living arrangement. Eric and I live as husband and wife at college. Yes, we realized that we had fallen in love with each other, even though we knew we shouldn’t let it happen. Our parents found out about us when I was eighteen and a senior in high school. We screwed up. Just once, but we screwed up.

On a school night, Eric came into my room and we made love a couple of times and we stroked each other and we talked quietly until we both fell fast asleep. Apparently, I forgot to set my alarm for the next day and Eric never got up and went back into his own room. In the morning, his alarm was ringing and ringing but we were dead to the world.

My mom heard the alarm and couldn’t figure out why Eric wasn’t shutting it off so she went into his room to investigate. She found the alarm ringing and Eric’s bed empty and obviously unused. My mom decided to check why I wasn’t up and about and came through the bathroom and into my room to find Eric and I spooning naked in bed. Needless to say, the shit hit the fan.

We had no choice but to come clean and admit that we’d been having sex together for several years and that we were in love with each other. My parents didn’t have anything they could do about it. They wouldn’t throw their daughter out of the house and Eric was not yet an adult legally so they couldn’t toss him out. They also knew that coming down on one of us would cause them to lose both of us. In the end, they accepted the situation but didn’t like it one bit.

So, here we are at college living like a married couple. We realized that even though we couldn’t get legally married, there is nothing stopping us from living as though we are. Everyone at school thinks we’re married because we have the same last name and we’re constantly kissing and touching each other. Yes, we now hold hands in public and a lot more. PDA is a good thing. When we thought about marriage, we realized that though you need a license to get married, what good is that license? You never need to renew a marriage license. You never need to show a marriage license to anyone to prove you’re married. So, what’s the point? Neither one of us is particularly religious so we don’t need a priest, minister, rabbi or Justice of the Peace to officiate a ceremony. In fact, we consider a marriage license as being unconstitutional as it violates the separation of church and state. None of the above-mentioned religious officials will perform a marriage ceremony without a marriage license. A marriage ceremony is a religious occasion and the fact the state imposes a government mandate of licensing infringes on religious liberty.

We found that whether two people are married or not they can purchase property, buy a car, rent an apartment, have kids, etc. So, who cares if we are married? We love each other and intend to spend our lives together including having children. No one will really know we’re siblings unless we move back to our parents’ city. We intend to just stay in this city after we graduate or move somewhere else depending upon the job situation.

While in high school, we both dated some as a cover for our relationship. But neither one of us developed any relationships outside of ours. Neither one of us has ever had sex with anyone else and we just don’t have the desire to do so. We give ourselves to each other completely. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for each other. In fact, I got Eric to start doing something most guys won’t do. He does it for me because it turns me on.

Eric willing eats my creampie after he fills me with his cum. Maybe it isn’t so bad for him since he used to give his friend Steve blow jobs back in the day. If he’s willing to swallow another guy’s cum, he should be able to handle his own. He says that though cum doesn’t taste all that good, when it’s combined with my delicious pussy juice it’s like the nectar of the gods. I love when he licks me clean after sex and keeps going until I orgasm all over his face. Those are some of my best orgasms.

And something I do for him is to let him fuck my ass whenever he wants. It feels pretty good, but I prefer his dick in my mouth or my pussy. But I’ll do it for him because I love him to death.

Eric is now almost six feet tall and towers over my 5”4”. His dick grew some as well. It was always just fine as it was, but he added both a little length and, more importantly, a little girth to move his dick into cock status. I love having it in any of my holes. I love walking to class with his cum dripping down my legs. I don’t wipe it up because I want people to see the product of our love.

I always dress sexy for Eric because he likes me to. I wear very short skirts or shorts and loose tops so he has easy access to my tits. Those, by the way, also grew a bit as they are pretty much a full C-cup and still as perky as ever. I never wear a bra or panties so that my body is easily accessed by Eric. I like to wear crop tops or tank tops so that he can easily see my tits and reach into my top to feel them. He’s still a tit man, through and through. I don’t care when he touches me or where we are. If he wanted me to take off my top in public so he can feel or suck on my tits, I wouldn’t hesitate.

We have a favorite tree on campus that we like to sit under and make out and feel up each other. We get a special thrill getting nasty in public. I guess we’re exhibitionists at heart. I’d love to just get naked under that tree and have Eric make slow, passionate love to me while students walk by going to class. Unfortunately, the campus police would frown on that.

So, that’s our life now. We have a couple more years at university before we graduate and have to brave the entire world with our incestual relationship. We haven’t had a single problem with it at school, so we don’t see a reason to be worried for the future. As I said, no one ever asks for proof of marriage so why would someone question us? We wear wedding bands to complete the façade and I hope to get a real one with a diamond someday. I can’t wait until we can have our own kids and a home to raise them in. We’re hoping for a boy and a girl. We’re thinking of naming them Jack and Jill and making sure they share a bathroom.

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