Road Trip part 3

Road Trip part 3

Cast Descriptions
Guy Donnelly: 6’0” approximately 175 pounds, very good shape due to active and regular work out regimen. Shaved dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, pale skin from Irish decent. Dirty bit: fully erect approximately 8 inches. Trademark clothing: black leather jacket with hood.
Korinna Patrick: 5’8” approximately 125 pounds, Curvy build not active with working out but not lazy. Shoulder length brown hair and Grey eyes, lightly tanned skin but Caucasian. Dirty bit: C cup breasts to D cup, Hips 36”. Trademark look: Think the girl you could take home to your parents.
Katy Monroe: 5’7” approximately 155 pounds, full figured but actively works out. Short black hair down to her ears and Green eyes, tanned with heavy ear piercings, Caucasian. Dirty bit: well endowed D cups and hips almost 40”. Trademark look: Punk girl you met behind a corner store who asked you to buy her smokes.
Mathilda Amdahl: 6’4” approximately 215 pounds, Built like a wall with an active workout regimen and basketball player. Shoulder length blonde hair, a little wavy with pale blue eyes, Caucasian. Dirty bit: B cup breasts and muscular build. Trademark look: The girl you bring home and she talks to your Dad about more sports than you do.
Imelda Ortega: 5’9” approximately 150 pounds, Lean build due to an active job as a mechanic. Long black/brown hair to her shoulder blades and deep brown eyes, Latina. Dirty bit: B cup breasts and 36” hips. Trademark look: She’ll fix your car and fight the girl at the bar but she’ll take your nut if you give her a reason to.
Rachael Bingham: 5’6” approximately 105 pounds, petite build light activity such as yoga. Long strawberry blonde hair to the small of her back with some curls and deep hazel eyes, Caucasian. Dirty bit: barely a B cup and 28” hips. Trademark look: Sweet, Innocent, could make you feel bad just by crying. The one you want to bring home to Mom and Dad.
Natsuko Nakamura: 5’2” approximately 85 pounds, Small build. Short black hair with blue highlights in the bangs down to the bottoms of her ears and brown eyes, Japanese American. Dirty bit: A cup and 26” hips. Trademark look: The little Asian punk girl. Sister to Junichi.
Junichi Nakamura: 5’7” approximately 145 pounds, Lean build without working out so minimal definition. Black hair short and styled with a part on the right side and grey eyes, Japanese American. Dirty bit: fully erect approximately 6 inches. Trademark Look: Nice computer guy with more smarts than brains. Dating Lilly and Guy’s go to man for tech support.
Lilly Takedo: 5’7” approximately 190 pounds, heavy build from bad genetics and no real work out most of her life. Shoulder length black hair kept straight, brown eyes. Dirty bit: B cup to C cup breasts and 40” hips. Trademark look: Fat bottom girls make the rocking world go ‘round. Jun’s girlfriend and sometimes conscience for the group.
Ben Scranton: 5’11” approximately 165 pounds, muscled but no definition. Black hair is slicked back and combed, near black/brown eyes. Dirty bit: Fully erect approximately 7 inches. Trademark Look: Casual prep of the crew, currently dating Guy’s sister Liz.
Hanna Michaels: 5’6” approximately 135 pounds, curvy frame but a hint of athletic muscle from basketball. Curly ginger hair down to her shoulders with pale green eyes. Dirty bit: Large B cup breasts to C cup and 32” hips. Trademark look: All around good girl, she’s the bi girl you bring around your girlfriend.
Devin Hewitt: 6’5” approximately 310 pounds, built like a barrel and stronger than most people around his age. Shaggy blonde hair and hazel eyes. Dirty bit: Fully erect approximately 8 inches. Trademark look: Camouflage coat that doesn’t work for hiding him, gentle giant of the group.
Masha Golovin: 6’ approximately 170 pounds, muscled from work but not work outs with mild definition. Curly as hell blonde hair that when worn down get to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. Dirty bit: b cup breasts and 38” hips. Trademark look: Denims and athletic wear for durability, Devin’s girlfriend.

It’s probably morning with the little bit of sun that is lighting the room through the window of the RV that starts to wake me out of a wonderful dream that I was having. My reality however is turning out to be much better than the dream from the sensations I’m getting down on my ‘little friend’ down below has me stirring a bit. There is giggling when I feel my ‘head’ go past a pair of lips and warm wet tongue working the length of my shaft. I have figured out why I was having such a great dream when I decide to see who is down putting weight on my legs and giving me a great wake up. I am greeted by brown hair from Kori and strawberry blonde hair of Rachael and its Kori who is working me into consciousness with her mouth. Both girls look up at me with their pretty eyes and I see Rachael smirk mischievously, which is uncharacteristic of her.

“Good morning sweetie, Kori is teaching me today,” Rachael says kissing my hip.

“Okay what is she teaching you,” I ask smiling at my girls.

“I’m teaching her how to give a blow job,” Kori says pulling her mouth off of me.

“Okay and she does just fine at that,” I reply propping myself up on my elbows.

“Not like the rest of the girls do. Look at last night; I was so beat up from the waist down that I thought I was crippled when I woke up this morning. But Katy got me up and moving around and when I stretched out if felt wonderfully sore but I was fine,” Rachael tells me with an determined tone,” I want to learn so that if you decide to give it to someone hard and I’m around you don’t look for someone else.”

I want to protest but a pinch from fingers on my sack by Kori tells me that I should just not say anything and let the girls work. Kori puts me back in her mouth and starts working me over with long smooth strokes. I’m getting harder and it’s not long before I can feel myself enter Kori’s throat and she does a wonderful job contracting her throat on my member. I feel her back out and I’m almost fully hard when Kori moves out of the way and Rachael moves in to take her place. I watch as my innocent little Rachael takes a few tentative licks as Kori starts talking.

“Okay now first off don’t just dive in and hope for the best, he’s just happy that we do it and while the rest of us love it cause we literally have him by the balls,” Kori says before winking at me,” take your time and ease yourself into it.”

Rachael nods as though she understands and slowly licks the length of me. It’s actually a bit true that while the other four girls have a bit more experience with taking me in their mouth but I always liked the idea that Rachael was different and it was a ‘big thing’ for her to get me worked into her mouth, which we’ve done a couple times but usually I just enjoy our regular moments. I can tell Kori notices my hesitation with the ‘lesson’ she’s teaching. I watch as Kori crawls up with her purple panties and matching bra and she leans into me to whisper.

“She was talking about all the things she doesn’t get to do that we all do for you and she feels left out,” Kori tells me in my ear.

“Maybe I liked the difference,” I reply as the first few inches of my member enters Rachael’s sweet mouth.

“Well I think you’re going to like it and shut up,” Kori purrs before licking my ear,” now show me how you do him first.”

Rachael moves up a bit and takes me in her hand holding the base of my cock gently; I smile as we make eye contact before my cock disappears inside her mouth. She works me slowly and with a softness that I’ve grown accustomed to, it’s only a few inches but she does it well enough that I’ve never felt the need to say anything. She’s working me over while the whole time Kori is lying next to us just observing her as she works. It’s that warm and wet softness on the head that I’m starting to get into when Kori has Rachael stop.

“Okay well you hold him like you’re afraid of it,” Kori says getting an odd look from Rachael.

“Okay well I just thought he liked me using my hand,” Rachael pouts.

“That’s good for a start but if you’re really wanting to do this you take your hand off and get more of him in there,” Kori says as Rachael gets into a better angle laying between my legs.

I relax and observe my first girlfriends’s ‘teaching’ as she observes Rachael’s second attempt. I’m at near eight inches and about four of that my beautiful girlfriend is working diligently to keep me happy. I smile down at her I can actually feel Rachael smile as she moves in to take more before I hit the back of her mouth and the gagging noise that comes out doesn’t sound pleasant.

“Easy Rach, don’t force it. When he gets harder you need to change your position on him,” Kori diligently instructs by helping Rachael slide down so that he throat lines up,” Now here’s the tricky part, relax your throat and just breathe through your nose.”

I watch as Rachael hunkers down on her belly in between my legs, I can see she’s still got her bright green boy cut panties on from last night as she puts the head of my cock in her mouth and slow back. It’s wet and comfortably tight as I hit the back of her mouth and it slowly opens into her throat. I can tell she’s struggling but Kori is rubbing her back and I marvel as she slowly backs up and slowly pushes my back into her throat a little deeper this time. Finally I watch as her nose touches my stomach barely and she backs up quickly before gasping a little and smiling.

“Good job,” Kori says rubbing Rachael’s back.

“It gets so tight I almost panicked when I couldn’t breathe through my mouth,” Rachael gasps.

“Sadly now we have a problem,” Kori tells Rachael getting a concerned look from here,” You got him all hard and I think you need to really feel him cum.”

“Oh no I’m still sore from last night I don’t think I could take that again,” Rachael says a little panicked.

“Well then let him fuck your throat like he does Imelda and Katy,” Kori says dropping the bomb on a wide eyed Rachael.

Rachael moves back in and starts taking me in her mouth hard and fast hoping to get me off but the look I’m getting from Kori is telling me to hold out and do something with her. I’m not sure what or how to handle breaking in my innocent girl friend and while last night was a hard spur of the moment thing this is different. Rachael is giving me her all when I just let my carnal side take over.

“I’m done waiting, get ready,” I tell Rachael taking the sides of her head in my hands.

Rachael’s eyes widen a little and I can feel her tense up a little when I pull her head and push my cock back into her throat. It’s warm and even tighter than before and I back only two inches out before pushing it back in deep. I don’t know why I’m feeling more turned on now but I can tell Rachael is trying to remain calm as I feel panicked short breaths come out of her nose as I ‘gently’ fuck her face for the first time. I’m surprised when all of a sudden a moan comes up my cock from Rachael’s mouth and almost sends me over the edge. I look down and see Korinna’s hand down the back of Rachael’s panties and I’m guessing rubbing her worn out folds. The whole thing is hotter than it was for me a few minutes ago and I realize that I’m going faster than I thought into Rachael’s mouth than I had intended, sadly for her I don’t think of this as a bad thing since she’s moaning and when she tightens up from what I can only feel is a orgasmic moan of her own I buck my hips hard and bury my cock as far down her throat as I can before shooting my load as a direct shot to her stomach. I am cumming hard and I feel Rachael almost voluntarily start to swallow which just adds to my sensation as I let go of her head and lie back completely awake and spent. Rachael’s mouth finally comes off of me and I’m flaccid in the cool air before both girls cover me up with the blanket and start to chat while getting dressed.

“You took that so well, I could see you swallow him down and everything,” Kori says, praising Rachael’s efforts.

“I almost passed out but you rubbing me made me breathe and that was awesome,” Rachael reveals getting a pat on the ass as they leave the bedroom.

I lie in bed for a while before finally getting some shorts on and a tank top and joining my girls in the RV. They’re all chatting about different things and mercifully I’m not the subject of any conversation as I grab a piece of fruit and move up to the passenger seat and start to chat with Vinnie.

“Hey man are you doing alright up here,” I ask as I take the seat.

“Yeah kid, just checked in with Marcus this morning, we’re set to get into our motel stop late afternoon today and then when we get our rooms we’re gonna go try to relax because it’s not easy to drive you kids,” Vinnie tells me smirking,” I thought I would be dealing with some ridiculous kids just wanting to party and do dumb shit but you are all squared away with what you’re doing.”

“Yeah we have too many adventures already we just want a vacation so we can relax and be with each other,” I reply taking a bite of apple.

“Fair enough kid, besides you and your crew are doing us a solid by being the last piece of bitch work we get to be before we patch in for good,” Vinnie says with a sigh.

“Sorry if we’re a burden and all but you wanted this,” I retort chuckling.

“Yeah I do, but do me a favor, please try to keep the girls from running around in their underwear. I’m trying to drive here,” Vinnie says jokingly.

“Oh okay so nothing like this,” I say before turning to the back of the RV,” Hey Kori, babe?”

Vinnie looks at me funny from the corner of his eye as Kori makes her way up and leans down over the seat to talk with me. She’s got on beige capri pants and a big t-shirt as I pull her around the seat and into my lap. I pull Kori’s shirt up and she giggles as I stuff my head under it and start kissing the tops of her breasts.

“Guy this is the front seat, you said only in the back,” Kori says attempting to admonish me.

I grip her ample ass with my hands and squeeze gently. I can tell she likes it but the whole thing is still a funny moment and she’s tapping my head to get my attention when I hear Vinnie chuckling. I mumble something from in between her breasts and get a laugh out of both of them.

“Okay, Guy stop you need to shave because that’s not playful anymore,” Kori says taking my head out of the shirt.

I let her get up off my lap and watch as she heads to the back where the rest of my girls are laughing about my antics. I turn my attention back to Vinnie who is calming down from his laughing fit and calls me a dick before I get up and head back to shave at my girl’s request.

Leaving Utah and getting into Colorado is a nice change and over the hours of drive we go from mountains and deserts to trees and more mountains. The scenery is a nice transition and it’s a little after four local time when we finally roll into the outskirts of Denver and get into the motel that the drivers picked so they can rest and recuperate. I watch as they get all the rooms situated and we start figuring out who among us is getting a room. It’s Devin and Masha who are first up for a bed and considering they’ve been cooped up in the U-haul for days we all agree they get one and finally a two bed room is the second and last one that we get for Jun, Lilly, Hanna, Ben and Natsuko to share. Natsuko decides to stay in the RV alone and I figure I’ll talk with her again when we’ve had time to stretch out and relax.

“Okay kid we’re got a ride coming for us so until ten tomorrow morning you are all on your own,” Marcus tells me as he and Vinnie head out.

I nod and watch our drivers leave only to remember we have their numbers if we have an emergency. I find out from the girls who spread out that we have ice machines and a pool that we can use till eight, I head into the office and talk the man inside into letting us use it for longer and he agrees after giving him a twenty and promising no drugs or a giant mess. I let the rest of the crew know the change in details and get almost unanimous praise from around the board as everyone starts to get changed into swim suits. I get mine on and don a shirt as I follow five wonder asses of my girls clad in bathing suits as we head to the pool. To go down the list, Korinna is sporting a cream colored one piece that does a wonderful job holding to her full figure. Mathilda in contrast to her personality has on a bold red two piece that looks more like boy cut shorts and a sports bra. Imelda and Katy are playing opposites much to my enjoyment with Katy rocking a two piece with a zip up top in black where as Imelda has on a one piece that you have to zip up to cover her chest in white. Finally Rachael is in a pink two piece with a strapless top.

I’m in love all over again as we head to the pool and the girls get wet while I sit in the shade and relax. The rest of the crew comes out save for Jun, Lilly and Natsuko. Devin cannon balls into the pool and we all laugh as everyone just chills out and relaxes while swimming and playing around in the pool. We must be there an hour when I see Lilly in a blue one piece looking like she’s having a not so happy word with Natsuko outside of the bus. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m more concerned since Natsuko has been so distant and head over to see what’s going on. As soon as I walk up I can see Lilly has Natsuko’s binder and is sounding really fucking angry as she’s talking fast in Japanese.

“Okay I don’t need a translator to know your pissed Lilly but you need to step back and explain to me what the hell is going on,” I say stepping in between them.

“No it’s okay Guy, we’re okay,” Natsuko says with more fear in her face than when we talked at the rest stop.

“No we’re not. You need to read this Guy,” Lilly says handing me the notebook,” I think everyone does.”

“Lilly what’s going on,” Jun asks running up in his swim trunks from the room.

“I can’t read this Lilly,” I tell them handing back the book,” It’s written in Japanese I think.”

Jun takes the book and starts to read when I watch his eyes widen in shock before turning to his sister. I’m still out of the conversation since it’s all in Japanese and I can tell while Lilly is mad Jun is more concerned and I think asking questions when Kori and Imelda come over to see where I went.

“What’s going on Guy,” Kori asks confused.

“Basically the note is a confession,” Jun says quietly,” my sister was talking with Heather before we started the year last year and sending her pictures of you, Guy. It even talks about how she said that Heather’s idea to come at Kori and the girls may have come from what she told Heather anonymously.”

My stomach sinks at the news, Natsuko betrayed us. She got Kori hurt because she was talking to Heather behind all our backs. I’m at a loss for words and the rest of the group comes around at some point and I can hear them all going back and forth at each other. I’m almost separated from the whole situation and observing from the outside. Kori has her hand over her mouth in shock while Imelda is almost holding her up and staring a hole through Natsuko. Katy is being held back by Devin as she is yelling profanity at Natsuko. Masha is making Lilly back off with outstretched hands and I’m watching Jun and Ben shout at each other while Hanna is trying to get Natsuko to speak. Rachael is the only person to see me in my state and shakes me out of it.

“Guy you need to do something,” Rachael says to me panicked,” Everyone is fighting.”

“Everyone stop talking,” I say stepping into the middle.

I listen as opposed to look as I hear everyone start to quiet down. I know what I want to do but sadly Ben decides to put his two cents in first.

“I say we put her ass on a bus back home,” Ben starts in.

“She goes we go,” Jun says getting a look from Lilly, not accusatory but angry and understanding.

“Stay or go I can’t believe you did that to us. We’re friends and you told Heather to come and hurt us,” Katy spits as I see Natsuko cringing,” I am gonna kick the shit out of you right here for starters.”

I move Devin out of the way and make eye contact with Katy, she’s pissed but I watch her soften as I will her to back down. I look to Kori who is still shocked and to Imelda who nods and takes her inside the RV.

“Nobody is doing anything to her,” I say getting quiet from everyone in shock,” You will leave her alone, all of you. Nobody will touch her, nobody will harm her, and nobody will get any sort of revenge of any kind.”

“Guy that is such bullshit,” Ben says as I turn my attention to him.

“Guy I get that she was a friend but she’s betrayed us and Kori got hurt,” Katy says making a valid point,” We don’t let people who hurt us go unpunished.”

“Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Not anyone of you is to harm her in any way, you do that and I will personally make you regret ever seeing my face again,” I say turning to Katy and Imelda,” And if you think that means that it won’t hurt me to leave anyone of you behind because of this I will.”

“Guy why are you defending her,” Kori says quieting the group from the door of the RV.

“Because I gave my word that nothing would happen to Natsuko on this trip. No matter what I would not let anyone, not even the women I love, harm her in anyway,” I say as Kori stares into my soul,” I gave my word to all of you and I can’t break this like I can’t break your hearts. Please just trust me.”

“She hurt me. Nobody touches her,” Kori says getting a look from everyone,” If anyone deserves to hurt her for this it’s me and I’m not going to lose him just because one of you did revenge on my behalf.”

“Okay everyone needs to step away right now and breath,” Rachael says bringing the final calm to the storm of our lives,” Devin and Masha can Natsuko stay with you two for a while till I come and get her?”

“Yes we will keep her safe,” Masha says calmly leading Natsuko away.

I watch everyone disperse and I follow Kori inside the RV, the rest of the girls get inside and I can feel their questions burning through me and I calmly head to the bedroom and change into jeans and a black t-shirt along with my coat and boots. I rejoin them and all my girls are still in their swim suits as I say my piece.

“I gave my word to Natsuko’s mother, I didn’t understand the reason why she made me do it and I figured it’d be a nothing task. Now I know better but I have to keep my word,” I tell my girls quietly.

“Okay but why do you have to keep your word when it’s one of us who was hurt,” Katy asks confused,” If you were manipulated then it doesn’t matter and we should deal with this now.”

“Except it doesn’t make sense, since everything ended Natsuko hasn’t been acting like everything is fine,” Kori says bringing focus to her,” She’s been scared of Guy and distant with all of us. If she did what she did for gain then why the guilt, I want to know more first but not tonight.”

“Okay sis that’s great and all but I’m stuck on Guy ‘having’ to keep his word,” Katy says becoming upset again.

She’s the only other person in the room who is standing with me and I can tell she’s too mad to understand. I know I’m going to have to break this down quickly; I back her up against the wall and slam my hand against the wall next to her shocking the whole room.

“I break my word to her and that’s where it starts, what promise have I made do I break next,” I ask before backing off,” I either keep my word on this or I might as well just cut ties with all of you. Now you want me to start breaking things off I’ll start right here and now.”

“No you won’t,” Rachael says pulling my attention to her,” You get some space and think, then you come back and we work it out. But you come back to us we’ll be here.”

Rachael takes my hand and gives it a kiss before I head out from the RV and make my way down the road. It’s still bright outside and I’m down the road alone. Normally I’d listen to music or try to figure out how or why this happened but tonight I’m just dark and angry and I have nobody to blame but myself. Shit was going too good, I should have seen it but I was too blinded by the fucking moment that I missed Natsuko’s demeanor for months. She was tired of hiding and so what she just writes a confession in Japanese for us when only her brother and Lilly can read it. It’s not making sense as to why she would do anything like this to Kori or any of the girls. I was good to her I think, always respected her and gave her my time when she needed it. I’ve treated her almost like a girl friend but she’s too much of a friend for that and we both know there are no feelings so I’m stuck back in the immortal question, why?

An hour of walking and I’m passing through a more inner city than I’m used to but I keep my head down passing people and they mind their own business. I must have a shadow about me that is keeping people from talking to me when the homeless guy doesn’t even try to ask me for some cash. Yeah I’m that far down in the black that when I hear the unmistakable sounds of anger and fear coming from across the street. My curiosity gets the better of me and if I can’t cause violence I figure I can watch some. It’s down a large alley, almost big enough for a car to get down save for the dumpsters. My entertainers are what looks like a small tanned guy in a light purple hoodie and grey sweat pants being threatened against a back wall by an angry Latino male in sagging jeans and a button up shirt. I don’t hide my approach from them but they seem to be more interested in their own conversation when I watch the Latino turn the smaller guy around and start fumbling with his pants. I went from curious to disgust in under four seconds. All I want is some violence but now I’m stuck with a gay porno. Well if you want something done right you better do it yourself.

I sprint up and grab the Latino by the collar and pull him backwards before bringing my shin in contact with the back of his knee hard. I watch as he hits the ground and starts to get up but I catch him flush with the bottom of my boot and I can feel the teeth loosen as I send him rolling against a dumpster. I’m seeing red and where I would normally wait for him to defend himself but instead I bring my boot toe into his ribs. Over and over I kick him before dropping to my knees and holding his head by the hair at the top start slamming my fist into his cheek and eye repeatedly. I don’t tire out after raining countless shots to the head but I do take notice of my work with blood on my hands and a face that resembles hamburger. Nose is all sorts of sideways and I think I’m being asked to stop but it’s coming out funny. I stand up and see movement out of the corner of my eye and turn to strike my new target, my reaction being better than most I stop my fist in mid flight and see that the little guy is more of a woman now that I can see her face. She’s about 5’7” and has dark brown skin almost Arab with very plain features and simple glasses. She’s staring at me with a healthy amount of shock and my brain kicks back in with what to do about a bleeding person in an alley and blood on my hands, walk away.

I get clear of the alley and notice that the world kept on spinning no matter the carnage that did or could have occurred in the alley. I don’t know what to do but I know exactly where to go, Kori. I want Kori and I want her right now more than I’ve wanted anything in a long time. Not saying I don’t love and want all my girls but for some reason the only thing on my mind is Kori. I am walking faster than normal when I can tell I’m being followed and stop suddenly to see the young woman, still probably older than I am about three steps behind me.

“What,” I ask quickly.

“I wanted to thank you,” She says a little scared and confused.

“So you did now go home,” I tell her turning back to my walk.

“Hey are you okay,” she asks trying to keep pace but ends up jogging a little.

“I feel like I just fucked Mila Kunis without a condom and she called me back,” I tell her not breaking stride.

“Well I mean I could do the real thing for you,” she says causing me to stop and glare at her,” I mean you did save me from an alley rape or something so I figure I owe you one.”

“And explain to me why, when I have blood on my hands and women waiting for me back at my place that I would want to fuck around with you,” I ask backing her up against a wall,” Really I don’t have time for your crush on the knight in shining armor because I’m not.”

“Not a what,” the woman asks me confused.

“Not some stupid… fuck it nevermind,” I want to say knight but she’s not following the conversation and I’m getting distracted from what I want right now.

I keep walking and she keeps talking to me trying to gain some sort of information as to who I am and what I’m doing here. I don’t really answer and she just keeps dumping information, apparently her name is Lana and she’s down here for college and was jogging home when she got stopped by a guy and dragged into the alley. I haven’t even shown her the slightest interest and yet she keeps talking and while I’m planning on fucking Kori in front of god and the world this little twit is making a case for gagging her with my cock. I’m not sure about stopping and just getting it over with but as soon as I see the RV I am hyped up for Kori in the worst way and as I get to the RV I yank the door open and rush inside to find nobody is ‘home’. I left them all here and they’re not here, I came back and they’re not here. Fine I’ll wait for them to get back is my thought and I sit down on the bed all decked out with my hood up and blood on my hands.

“So do you want to talk about where the ‘girls’ are,” Lana asks following me inside and closing the door.

“Sit down and shut your fucking cock sucker,” I tell her coldly,” I will wait for my girls and you can either wait with me in silence or you can leave. If you are serious about fucking me then you’re going to have to wait because someone deserves it more than you right now.”

My words startle my new ‘fan’ and I watch as she quietly sits down at the booth and table facing the door and we sit quietly and wait.

Mercifully I don’t wait for more than what feels like a half an hour when I hear voices of my girls and as soon as the door opens the first thing that they see upon entering is Lana as she bolts up from her almost nap.

“Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in here,” Katy says being the first one in the RV.

“I came with him, I followed him here and he said he was waiting for his girls,” Lana replies worriedly.

“Came in with fucking who,” Katy asks covering distance before looking up and seeing me on the bed.

I watch as my girls pour into the RV but apparently there is something about me that has them at a loss for words. I see they’re still in their suits and Kori is in the middle of the pack when I lock onto her. I gesture for Katy and Matty in the front to move out of the way before standing up and calmly stalking my way up to Kori. She isn’t afraid as much as concerned, I let her put her hands on my head like she’s gonna try to read me before scooping her up off the floor of the RV and kissing her like it’s been years apart. I’m on fire and she’s making squealing noises for surprise as I adjust my arms to keep her up in the air and when she doesn’t quite react to my full force kissing the way I was hoping, I lower her down and back up a bit.

“Too much,” I ask coyly while smirking.

“Guy what the fuck happened? Why do you have blood on your hands,” Kori asks confused while leading me to the sink.

“Oh it’s because of Lana,” I say nodding over to our guest,” She gave me the gift of violence and followed me back here to have sex as my reward.”

My words get a mixed reaction from all my girls, Katy and Imelda are pissed about her wanting to have sex with me I think while Rachael and Mathilda are just concerned about me and violence. I let Lana explain what happened from her point of view while Kori checks my hands and washes the blood off. She’s taking her time listening and watching my reactions but the whole time Lana is talking all I’m thinking about is take Kori to bed and ride her till my hips break, or her hips, or the RV bed breaks. She is trying not to look at me too much and after watching her wash between my fingers again for the third time I pin her to the counter with my arms on either side of her and stare straight into her steely grays.

“I want my Kori,” I say like a grumpy child.

“Guy according to Lana you beat a man into a hospital bed almost two hours ago I think you need to calm down and…,” I let her get that far before latching either of my hands on the sides of her head and force her to look right at me.

“I… Want… My… Kori… And… I… Want… Her… Now,” I tell her firmly as she does her soul gazing.

“Guy maybe you should calm down and recover for a minute,” Rachael says quietly.

It’s Kori this time who latches onto me hard and finally I am almost right where I want to be I get her ass on the counter and she wraps her arms and legs around me while we kiss each other with more passion than we’ve had in the past six months. Not saying there wasn’t love but this is some much more right now as I lift her ass off the counter and carry her to the bed room. Once inside I kick the door closed and lie Kori down on the bed maintaining our kissing as I pull my coat off with some effort and press my entire body against her. We’re a mad ball of limbs just pawing at each other and finally Kori puts the brakes on and stops kissing me and get’s my attention.

“Stop for just a moment and strip down please,” Kori says gasping for breath.

I back off the bed and kick my boots off before pulling off my shirt, while I do this Kori sits up off the bed and pulls off her cream colored one piece freeing her breasts before lying back and pulling them off her ass. I get my pants and underwear down before I see Kori crawl to the end of the bed and start to stroke my rigid member. I’d love for some foreplay another time but this is not that time, I stop her and crawl back up Kori’s body backing her up the bed again and I feel her spread for me. No hands are needed as I hit the entrance to her velvety folds and with no resistance press my whole cock to the hilt inside her. Kori gasps at the rigidity of my intrusion and I start slowly pumping in and out of her warm folds. It’s hot and gripping me with firm intent as I savor the sensation, each thrust accentuated by a sharp shake at the end. Every time I finish a thrust Kori’s body jumps a little and we lock lips again and I feel her start to buck against my steady thrusts. I’m on fire and from the feel of her so is Kori as our bodies start filling the bedroom of the RV with a slapping noise every time we connect. Kori locks her legs around mine and I start to feel a bit of a rush but instead of letting it take me over and blessing out I push harder and faster.

“Oh Jesus Guy I’m almost there don’t stop,” Kori gasps as she stops moving against me.

She’s just taking it all now and waiting for her reward for finally listening to me and while I plan to give it to her I won’t settle for anything less than her being in the same manic and happy/pissed off mood that I’m in and if that takes all night I’ll have someone get me some Viagra and a few Monsters because I’m not going anywhere. I prop my body up on my elbows and bring my legs up and start taking short fast thrusts into Kori’s wanting pussy. Kori tries to bring her legs up to wrap them around me but I pull my arms back and lock my elbows under her knees almost pinning her thighs to her sides. My fast strokes are hitting Kori deep and I’m enjoying her face as it contorts in a rush of pleasure when her eyes open suddenly along with her mouth in a silent scream. Her hands take my face and we kiss open mouth as she moans into me, her velvety folds shaking around my cock as I bury it deep and wait for the orgasm to subside. I let her legs down and she starts to relax when I make my cock jump a little inside her and she gives me a startled look of disbelief.

“Are you serious, I thought you came,” Kori asks still catching her breath.

I grin mischievously and keeping myself inside her as I sit up and roll her onto her side. Just the rotation of her pussy around my cock is enough to make me thrust once inside her and I do getting a groan of approval. I get her all the way on her right side with her left leg hiked up and her left leg under me, the position has her tighter than before. I see she’s still reeling a little from the adjustment but I’m not wasting time as I push the rest of my cock back inside Kori. I watch her shudder and I start pumping long fast strokes in and out feeling the slickness of her first big orgasm. It’s almost like I’m on automatic as I grip Kori’s ass with my hand for a grip and jam my whole length inside feeling my sack rest on her thigh, Kori groans in reaction and I see her smiling a little which spurs me to keep punctuating each thrust with a hard push at the last inch. We’re sweating from the exertion but I don’t feel tired and Kori’s not complaining in the slightest as I take my hand off her ass and slap it once but grip it hard while grinding my cock inside her. I smack and grip Kori’s ample ass again and watch as her hand takes mine and holds it there, I speed up going faster and watch as her large C cup breasts start shaking with my working of her pussy. Kori is trying to pull me in deeper and I feel her get wetter than normal when music hits my ears from her mouth.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming again, how are you doing this,” Kori asks eyes wide in shock,” don’t stop for anything, I am gonna cum for you again baby.”

I’m rabbiting my cock in and out when Kori’s left leg hooks my ass and holds me in place, her whole body shudders for about a minute and I see her shaking as she rides out her second major orgasm of the evening. I stop and pull out finally feeling the sweat on my body as I enjoy the aftermath that I’ve put my first girlfriend in. She’s still on her side breathing deeply and fast but it’s slowing down as time ticks by and finally she looks up to me still perched on my knees near her ass.

“That was amazing, I don’t know what happened to you but I get what you’re doing now and its okay baby. We’re gonna be okay,” Kori says before looking down and seeing my still erect penis,” Oh no you cannot be serious?”

I watch as gingerly she checks herself to see if I came and when she sees I haven’t her eyes widen as does my grin. I straighten Kori’s leg softly and take a pillow and lay it down on the bed at about where her hips are. It takes me a moment but I get her on her stomach with her ass in the air slightly thanks to the pillow. I put Kori’s knees together and start lining up my cock head with her folds, each swipe past her lips gets me a groan of approval and sliding into her now is tighter than expected and I’m a little shocked she’s not more accepting of me physically. I force my way in grunting and laying over her propped up on my elbows Kori turns her head towards me.

“I came so hard my body is trying to hold on by clenching down, you sure you can continue lover,” I hear her say as a wicked grin hits her face.

Finally she gets what is happening and I back up half way and slam back inside Kori’s velvet furnace hard. Her ass is an ample cushion allowing me to pound and hard and fast filling the room with a slapping noise once more. I’m working at break neck speed with my thrust and I can feel my orgasm screaming at me for release, Kori is grunting hard and encouraging me.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me and cum like you want me to have your child. Make me cum with your hot cock and fill me with your seed,” Kori says almost purring.

Never does she say anything like this to me during sex or love making and I start to feel the rush of my body and grind hard with short thrusts as I reach my apex. Kori’s eyes are closed and her teeth are clenched but I’m the one making noise as a growl loudly as the first shot of my cum leaves my cock and coats my girlfriend’s pussy. It’s hard and I’m still shooting as I can feel my eyes roll up in my head, I’m breathless and instead of rolling off Kori a softly collapse still shooting my last into her. Kori is whispering words of encouragement but I can’t tell what they are as I’m exhausted on top of her back. Finally I hear something not expected from underneath me.

“Help girls, we need some help in here,” Kori says as loud as she can.

The door flies open with Matty and Imelda bursting into the room. I can’t see what’s going on due to my inability to move but Kori is more collected than I am right now.

“I need him off of me, I can barely move and I don’t want to and he’s exhausted,” Kori says as the girls start to help.

I get moved off Kori and my next sensation is the cool air of the RV on my spent member. Instinctively I reach for Kori but Imelda stops me and gets me under a sheet before her and Matty move Kori over so I can hold onto her. I hear the girls talking and Lana is confused as to what is going on but Rachael is handling it by the tone as I pass the fuck out with my body cuddled up to Kori.

I can tell it’s early morning when I wake up sore and sticky, I must have been out and sweating because the girls are all in bed and sleeping as I get up. I figure a shower would be good since we can take a moment to refresh supplies before we leave the state. I stagger out of the bedroom and into the small shower, it amazes me how the compacted the bathroom is as I get in and kick on the warm water. I am feeling refreshed as I stretch a little in the confined space, barely big enough for two standing, I know because Katy and Imelda tried to get cleaned up at the same time on day two and the fight was hilarious and didn’t end in family violence.

I’m getting close to done and I can tell that I’m not alone but with my face in the water I start to feel small hands tentatively take hold of my cock like it’s going to bite the person handling it. I take a moment to figure out who it is and quickly grab the culprit by the hair and pull her in the shower with me.

“Ow that hurts, you’re hurting me,” Lana says as the water starts pouring over her.

“Who said you were allowed to touch that,” I ask sounding angrier than I am.

“I just thought that I could see it and touch it for a bit since you already had sex tonight,” Lana says still holding me as I let go of her hair.

My eyes are clear as I see her body for the first time outside of her sweats. She’s a tight little thing with breasts that are more of nubs and a clean shaven pussy. She works out a little and that makes her wiry but mostly she’s got barely any curves to speak of but I do see enough. I take note of her as she still hasn’t let go of me and with me half hard I make my cock twitch in her hand causing her to jump.

“Oh shit how did you do that,” Lana asks looking down at me in her hand.

“Seriously? When was the last time you had someone make you cum,” I ask plainly.

“Well it’s been a while since I made myself cum,” Lana says looking away,” my ex broke it off when he found someone who had more to offer than me.”

“Yeah a piece of shit would do that and I’m guessing outside of porn you’ve never seen my size,” I ask her getting harder as she starts unconsciously stroking me.

“No I haven’t and holy shit you’re hard,” Lana says looking down and then back up at me,” Can you go again tonight?”

“I can and I can be gentle if you want, I can just put the tip in so you’ll feel like you’re with your ex,” I say with a little bit of sour humor.

“The tip would be good so I can adjust slowly,” Lana says ignoring my bad humor.

“Yeah and I’m gonna say no on that one. I’m going to put your skinny ass against this wall and then I’m gonna fuck your pussy has hard and as deep as I want. When I’m done I’ll finish wherever I want and you will be fucking grateful,” I inform Lana in a stern tone.

Lana starts to sidestep to get out of the shower but I stop her by using my arm to block her escape and take my free hand and start to rub her slit. The sensation of a new hand on her causes Lana to back up against the wall as I find her clit with my finger and apply a small amount of pressure. Lana’s mouth opens and a low moan escapes her lips as I start to get her to wet herself up for what is gonna come next. I put her against the corner of the shower and take my hand away from her slit; I bend down slightly and spread her legs before hiking them up with my arms so that she is spread eagle with my cock just rubbing her clit. The whole thing has her nervous and excited all at once and I’m aroused to see how tight she is when I try to adjust so that I can get inside her to only be met with some ‘aiming’ issues. I stare at Lana for a moment and she finally figures out that she’s gonna have to guide me and using a hand gets me to her hole before wrapping both arms around my neck. I get the head of my cock inside and almost immediately Lana starts whimpering and biting her lip. I’m almost wishing I had some lube because while Lana is wet it’s like trying to fuck a closed fist. I get about an inch in and I can see her shaking her head frantically. I don’t push further and I feel her try to get me out of her which I help with more than a little put off as she hits her feet and stands in front of me shaking her head.

“Too much, that is gonna split me in half,” Lana says embarrassed in the running water.

“Yeah he will but it’s a great fucking ride,” Katy says startling the both of us.

I don’t know how long my bad girl has been there in a barely fitting tank top and panties but the look on her face is an approving one as I watch her shut the water off and help Lana out. Katy get’s her sat down on the toilet and hands her a towel before turning to me and grinning wickedly.

“First lesson chick,” Katy says to Lana behind her,” Never let your man waste a hard on.”

I watch Katy as she squats down in her tank top and panties taking me in her hand and leading me forward a little so that my cock is right in front of her face. I get a grin upwards from Katy and a look of confusion from Lana as Katy wastes no time proving why she is such a bad girl by shoving my cock to the base into her mouth and down her throat. It never ceases to amaze me that she can do this often as she wants but when she backs up till just the head is in her mouth and slams the whole thing back in at break neck speed I’m grabbing the handle on the shower to help me keep balance as the rush of her mouth sends me into high gear. I look at Lana who is rubbing her self quickly like she’s trying to match the pace of my blowjob while pinching her nipple. Cumming now is going to be a lot easier than with Kori earlier because there I had a goal, now it’s Katy with the goal and I can feel it my peak coming soon as I keep hitting her throat. I hear the same whimpering from Lana again and see her start to shake a little at her orgasm, it’s almost cute how timid she is but she wanted to stop and now Katy get’s the win from me.

“Katy get ready,” I tell my bad girl bracing myself for my orgasm.

Instead of slowing down to take me she just starts slamming her mouth harder and tightens her mouth and lips to give me a suction effect that has the base of me ready to blow. As the first shot of my orgasms hits I groan and Katy quickly pulls her mouth off me and moves her head to the side. She aims my cock and in the close quarters of the bathroom I watch my first shot hit Lana in the face, then the next few in her chest and stomach. The whole thing shocks the hell out of her and Katy has a wicked grin for me as she sucks the last bit out and hands me a towel to dry off. I into a pair of shorts and dressed we exit the bathroom when Katy grabs Lana by the hair and puts her face against the refrigerator forcefully but not painfully.

“You better understand something bitch. You ever touch him again like that and I swear I will…,” Katy starts to say but get’s cut off.

“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again I promise,” Lana whimpers afraid of what comes next.

“Bitch I will finish my sentence,” Katy says slapping Lana’s panty covered ass,” You ever touch him like that again and I swear I will take the big strap on we keep and fuck you silly if you don’t finish the job.”

Katy lets Lana go and while she’s scared she’s not running from Katy which is good because two women chasing each other through the motel parking lot in their underwear is either a good porno, horror movie or episode of cops depending on the context. I start to feel weak and Katy notices it helping me back to bed, we get cuddled up and Katy pulls her new cuddle buddy in wrapping around her like a big mean animal would with its prey. I curl into Kori who responds to my touch by backing against me as I drift off to sleep again.

I wake up to a moving vehicle and the smell of warm food which makes me start to get up when Kori who is sitting against the back wall of the room with pillows pats the spot next to her and I crawl my ass up to her and we sit together sharing her plate of food. Imelda comes in to check and seeing me up lets the other girls know that I’m awake and I watch as they pile onto the bed sitting around waiting for someone to speak.

“Okay before we begin what happened to Lana,” I ask looking out the door way.

“She left this morning and said that she’d text you later when she get’s herself sorted out,” Matty tells me plainly.

“Yeah aside from the random girl you saved and brought back we need to talk about Natsuko,” Imelda says bringing a heavy mood to the room,” she’s a friend and she’s been there longer than a few girls here have but you hurt family and that means you go.”

“Okay girl I get that but here’s my problem, we know she did something with Heather but we don’t know what. She’s been talking to her but we don’t know what she said or even if she gave Heather the idea to have me beaten or worse,” Kori says taking my hand,” I want to get us back to relaxing and having fun on this trip and that is
what Guy did for me last night.”

“That and fuck you like a Terminator,” Katy says getting a laugh from all of us.

“He did do that too but why are we here,” Kori asks plainly,” We are here for us, this group of girls with our man. It’s our time to enjoy and think about what to do with ourselves next and have some fun while doing it.”

“Okay but what about Natsuko,” Rachael asks bringing the topic back where I don’t want it right now.

“Easy, we ride out the trip. Ignore her like we should and the second we’re all back home take her to a field and kick the shit out of her,” Katy says dropping her bombshell on the rest of us.

“No you won’t, Natsuko is mine,” Rachael says getting an odd look from the girls,” I want answers, when I thought Kyle was keeping things from me I wanted the truth and Guy gave it to me hard and brutal but I finally knew the truth. We need that before anyone does anything to her. Isolate her from affection fine but let me talk her into telling us the full story and then if she’s really done everything you think she has I will not say anything to what happens back home.”

The room is silent save for the sound of the road under the tires and our breathing. Kori leans her head on my shoulder and I watch as Imelda quietly takes a moment to leave the room and bring me a plate of food for myself, girl made eggs and bacon which is good start to my morning. I eat as all of us sit in the quiet when Katy starts to cry a little. I place my hand on her shoulder and Matty sitting next to her puts an arm around her.

“She’s my friend, I just don’t understand why she hid it from me,” Katy chokes out her words.

“Fear, Natsuko is our friend and a free spirit. We’re tied to each other and that scares her,” I tell Katy getting a solemn look from all my girls,” You touch one of us and all of us will hunt you down. She knows that’s what we do. How scared is someone when they know exactly how bad it can get when they turn their backs on their friends?”

I see Imelda nodding and we all take a moment to get into a massive hug pile before Kori kicks everyone out so that her and I can get dressed and join the rest of the world. I catch up with Vinnie over the next few hours; apparently they hit a strip club and had a good time. I confess I’ve never been to one and he laughs at me.

“Kid you have five women that I know about, you could run a strip club with those girls,” Vinnie says still laughing.

“Except they’re mine, don’t want people touching what’s mine,” I say chuckling back.

I spend my time back with the girls rotating who gets a foot rub or shoulder rub as we ride down the road enjoying the new upbeat mood. We hit the border into New Mexico and less than ten minutes in we see flashing lights and Vinnie calls me to the front.

“Hey kid they’re telling us to pull over, anything I should know about now,” Vinnie asks concerned.

“Nothing unless you brought it with you,” I reply as he slows the RV down.

I don’t know who it was that saw our caravan but apparently since Colorado is weed free state and New Mexico isn’t their Highway patrol has four cars and two dogs going through our vehicles while we stand in the sun on the side of the road. All of us are talking while our drivers are being asked a gauntlet of questions. The whole thing seems ridiculous as they run our ID’s and the dogs proceed to rummage through our belongings.

“Hey don’t let that crotch sniffer eat my edible panties,” Katy blurts out getting all of us to laugh.

Her comment even got a Patrolman to chuckle a little as the resume the search. I feel eyes on me and find they’re coming from Natsuko. She is staring at me like I’m going to do something horrible and I decide to approach her tapping Kori and Rachael to follow. The three of us aren’t the most intimidating trio but right now Natsuko is the one behind the eight ball.

“Guy I really need to let you know I didn’t mean for….,” Natsuko says before I cut her off with a gesture.

“I don’t want to hear it; it’s not time for you yet. When we decide to deal with what happened concerning you and Heather then will be your time to speak to me. Until then nobody but one person is to touch you and that’s Rachael,” I tell Natsuko getting a fearful look as Rachael puts an arm around her,” I want you to think about this Natty, nobody will touch you till we settle this. No hugs, no kiss, Hanna won’t come for some quick fun, and Ben won’t even try to get in your pants. You are alone with your deeds till Kori and I say otherwise.”

My words sound like a death sentence and I step away with Kori while Rachael starts to let Natsuko vent a little. Sadly one of the Patrolmen see’s Natsuko starting to cry and heads over to talk to her. I can barely hear him but he’s trying to see if there is something wrong with our group and if she’s okay. He promises her that if she’s in danger she can tell him and she’ll be safe. I watch a officer pass her with a dog and immediately Natsuko goes into hysterical rambling in Japanese putting the officer between her and the dog. Jun and Lilly head over and Jun translates that Natsuko had a bad bite from a big dog when she was little and she’s been horribly afraid of them since. The whole thing is as stupid as a plan could be but the cop let’s her move away from the dog and she composes herself and the officers wrap up their search and amazingly find nothing inside the vehicles. As I head inside the RV I see Natsuko getting in and she waves at me a little before getting in the bus. Vinnie gets our vehicle down the road and we’re all laughing about the stop by the cops. I sit down next to him and can see he’s still not laughing with us.

“Hey man we didn’t do anything wrong and we’re clear,” I tell Vinnie as he checks his mirrors.

“Yeah kid well speak for yourself,” Vinnie says focusing on the road.

“Wait what did you do,” I ask getting concerned.

“The Old Man had a pick up for us back in Denver; we’re sitting on about ten pounds of Jamaican prime export to deliver to the Union when we get you kids dropped off,” Vinnie tells me noticing my growing anger.

“How the fuck did you sneak ten pounds of weed past the drug sniffing dogs,” I say loud enough to get all the girl’s attention.

“In the shitter box, we haven’t emptied it since before Denver and we’ll be doing that after we drop you off,” Vinnie tells me smugly,” You’re in the free and clear kid.”

“I’m calling the Old Man and getting this shit out of the vehicles before we get to my ‘Mother’s’ house,” I tell Vinnie bringing the number up on my phone,” Anything else you wanna tell me like about a dead hooker taped to the bottom of the RV or a prostitute you left high in the room at the Motel?”

I don’t let Vinnie answer as I walk away and the phone kicks on, just one fucking thing after another. It’s Kori who takes me by the face after I get off the phone with the Old Man and has me rest my head in her lap to relax; tomorrow we arrive in Texas in the morning. I get to see the Old Man, Hector and Carlos, Abigail and Bethany, even Jackie and Detective Escalante. I remember Loretta aka Mom and Mr. Delauter; they are never going to see this coming. I’m bringing the horde with me and we’re taking over.

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