The Knotty Ladies Club

The Knotty Ladies Club

The Knotty Ladies Club

By Drakon

Kate stood on her balcony, looking out at the picturesque view of the central California coast. She had enjoyed this view for as long as she could remember and even now at fifty five it still took her breath away. Her waist length raven hair fluttered in the cool late afternoon breeze as she reviewed the long list of things that needed to be done before her guests arrived, but the serine setting made her mind wonder.

The three hundred plus acre estate her parents had bought was covered in grape vines, that when harvested would be sold to local wineries to support the cost of living in this beautiful area and provide the money that allowed them to enjoy their true passion, breeding champion Great Danes. Her father had raised nearly a dozen award winners over many years before his passing and at times the stud services would bring in more money than the vineyard. Kate had helped out at the kennel from the time she could walk and grew to love the majestic beasts.

After returning home from college, Kate took a more active role with the kennel. She managed the business and improved their exposure, increasing the profits several fold. When her parents passed away while she was still in her early thirties, Kate decided to expand to raising Mastiffs and German Shepard’s to increase the business even more. At least that’s what she told those who knew her. In truth, Kate had more than a casual love of canines. She lost her virginity to Duke William, her father’s fifth champion. She was eighteen at the time and she loved William. She had raised him from a pup and had a bond that was so special she felt it only natural she should be the first to be bred with him. Her parents never knew, nor did anyone else and this made her feel very isolated, but she would change that.

Kate smiled inwardly as she thought how this ‘club’ began. She and her dear friend Melissa, a lawyer, were discussing her business and some legal matters over wine when Melissa mentioned she really loved German Shepards. Feeling a bit giddy from too much wine, Kate asked how much did she really love them. Well she soon found out from her drunken friend that she had always wondered about being licked by one but was afraid to find out what it would feel like. It wasn’t long before Kate had one of her male Shepards lapping away at Melissa’s wet sex and the rest is history. That was just over five years ago. Kate has been very ***********ive about the people she would invite to join this exclusive club, but the membership slowly grew to its present size.

Kate had given her staff the weekend off like she normally did before one of these little get togethers. They had cleaned the eight room mansion and prepped what food she had directed them to. The rest she would take care of as needed. Kate loved to cook and was an accomplished chef in her own right so preparing meals for such a small group wouldn’t be a problem. There were only six members of what they called “The Knotty Ladies Club” at the moment but this meeting of their wicked coven was going to be special. They were going to induct a new member.

The roar of a high performance engine coming up the long wooded drive brought Kate back to the present. She walked down stares to the front door just as the motor fell silent in the expensive BMW convertible. The blonde driver opened the door and stepped out. It was Melissa. Her shoulder length hair was pulled back in a pony tail to keep it under control while racing up the twisting coast highway with the top down. She wore a short tan skirt with a rose colored blouse and high heeled sandals. Her outfit really showed off her trim 5’-5” frame and large breasts. Kate hugged her friend and helped her carry her bags inside. Over the next hour the remainder of the members arrived including Kim, a 24 year old Asian college student in her second year at veterinary school and soon to be inductee.

Kate served wine and some tasty morsels before they all sat down in the dining room for dinner. As she scanned the faces seated around the large circular table, a profound image developed. She noticed just how diverse their little group truly was. It crossed several boundaries including race, social status, age and even sexual orientation. There was white, black, Asian, Hispanic and thanks to her Navajo mother, native American all represented. There was a corporate lawyer and a grocery store checker; a financial advisor and a college student; even a fire fighter and a musician. As far as age goes, Kim was the youngest and Kate the oldest. Kate also knew at least two of the women were straight and she wasn’t the only bisexual there either. Jane, the musician, was the only self avowed lesbian in the club though. The others liked to needle her and say she couldn’t call herself a true lesbian since she actually had sex with MALE dogs. She usually responded to this with an extended middle finger, which brought on a round of laughter from all including Jane.

The conversation at the table was all about getting to know the new girl and catching up with old friends. It was completely devoid of anything sexual. After they had finished dinner and cleared the dishes, the group retired to the lounge where a delightfully sweet Muscat was poured. Now the subject of sex was brought out in uncensored purity. The women discussed their experiences since the last meeting in graphic detail. The atmosphere was electric and the level of arousal was off the scale. Kate excused herself for a few minutes and when she returned she got the attention of the group.

“Ladies, its time. You’ll find your robes in your rooms. Meet back her in five minutes and we’ll get started,” she stated and the women headed up stairs.

They laughed and talked as they went, groping breasts and slapping firm asses. Their salacious behavior fueled by a lot of wine and sexually charged talk. As Kim climbed the stares she had a confused look on her face.

“What are we supposed to be doing?” she asked Jane, the one who had recommended her as a potential member to Kate.

“Go to your room, get undressed, put on your robe and meet back down stairs,” Jane responded with a sharp swat to Kim’s firm ass.

Kim did as instructed and returned to the lounge. She noticed she was the only one wearing a white robe, the others all had on bright burgundy robes. She soon found out that it was tradition that the new members wore white to the initiation, clearly a ‘virginal’ reference. Kate ushered them out to the kennel where she gave some instructions.

“Make your choice for the evening then bring your mate out here and we can get the fun started,” she said as she handed each woman a short training lead.

Inside the kennel, the women strolled along the large runs seeking their partner for the evening. Each run had the dogs name on it and they wore collars with tags as well. Danes, Shepards and Mastiffs all highly excited from the intoxicating aroma of the sexually aroused females, barked and paced in hopes of being chosen. Kim walked down the line of candidates until she stood before a beautiful black and white Dane with big sad eyes named Toby. She was captivated by the massive beast sitting before her quietly waging his tail. She had found her partner. Opening the gate, she attached the leash and led him from the kennel. Kate was waiting outside with an equally impressive Dane. He was black as night patiently sitting at her side. His name tag read Rex.

“I see we have similar tastes in mates. Toby is from the same litter as Rex here. I think you’ll like Toby, he’s a very good lover and a good choice for a first time,” Kate commented with a warm smile.

Kim felt happy and aroused by Kate’s compliment and was anxious to see what was next. Although she was no stranger to canine sex, this would be the first time she had ever been with such a large animal. The other members made their choices and regrouped outside. Kate led them to a basement entrance and the women filed in with their charges. Kim was surprised by what she saw inside the twenty five foot square room. Many candles burned in sconces place around the room, bathing it in a warm light. In the center of the room was a raised circular platform roughly ten feet in diameter with a piece of furniture on it that looked like a wedge shaped ottoman. There were two padded tubes lying flat and close together, set back about a foot from the taller end of the wedge and two handles in front of the shorter side. The platform was carpeted but the ‘ottoman’ was covered in a black, velvety material. There were six armless recliners spaced evenly around the platform, all with the same soft covering as the ottoman.

Kate turned to Kim and looked into her eyes saying, “This is the moment of truth. If you have any doubts or reservations about what’s gonna happen next, now is the time to let me know.”

Kim looked stunned at the idea of backing out. In fact she was even more turned on now than she had been.

“I’m ready,” she said enthusiastically, “What do I do?”

Kate explained how to ‘mount’ the alter. That was the name given to the platform and its unusual accoutrements. She was to put her legs in the padded tubes to protect her calves and feet from Toby stepping on them and possibly injuring her, then lay over the angled pad to help support her body when Toby mounted her. The off set of the tubes from the pad would give him room to grip her waist. Finally the hand holds were only there if she needed them for stability.

The other women and their partners took up positions next to a recliner and removed their robes; stepping forward Kate did the same. They made themselves comfortable in their respective seats as Kate helped Kim with her robe then sat down with Rex by her side. A shiver of anticipation ran through Kim as she stepped onto the platform with Toby in tow. Over head was a mirrored ceiling and recessed lights that illuminated the alter, it was then she realized just how much she was going to be on display for the others in the room. Normally this would have made Kim very nervous as she was shy in public but she was feeling a surge of sexual arousal she had never felt before.

Kim knelt and slipped her legs into the tubular sleeves. The soft material and memory foam lining them engulfed her calves and feet. It felt like she was kneeling on a cloud. She looked at the wedge gently sloping down and away in front of her, running her hand over its velvety surface. It was padded with the same foam as the tubes but there was a solid structure inside to maintain its form. She looked back at Toby, patiently sitting on the floor then to Kate who gave her a warm smile and a nod. It was time. Kim laid her upper body on the ottoman and took hold of one of the handles. She patted her firm ass cheek and Toby jumped to action.

Toby’s tongue ran up Kim’s glistening cleft from her erect clit to her puckered rose bud. She moaned softly then noticed the platform was moving. It was turning slowly in a clockwise motion, giving each spectator a 360 degree view of the action. Toby plunged his warm tongue into her wet pussy making her gasp. He was bringing her closer to orgasm with every pass. Her face rested against the resilient surface of the wedge with her eyes open to see what the others were doing as they came into view. Their eyes roamed over her and Toby with growing desire. Some massaged their breast while others lightly fingered swollen clits. This erotic vision was the final stimulus that sent her over the edge when Toby’s tongue raked across her sensitive clit.

“OH GOD!” was all Kim said before her orgasm took hold.

Kim pushed back into Toby’s unrelenting tongue as she shivered violently. Her cries of pleasure filled the otherwise silent room. She wasn’t finished with her first orgasm when she felt a second one building but before it could arrive, Toby stopped licking her dripping sex. She was panting hard then looked back at her lover who was making ready to mount her. He carefully positioned himself, his front legs closing around her tiny waist. His furry chest rested on her back, crushing her into the cushioning foam. Kim’s grip on the handles tightened as Toby pulled back on her, making probing thrusts with his hips. The height and angle of the wedge put Kim’s pussy at the perfect level for Toby and he hit the target on his third try. The narrow tip parted her pink folds making way for the larger section behind to stretch her tight opening, then came the tapered area in front of the bulging knot that allowed her hungry pussy to pull him in. For a brief moment she thought about how perfectly designed a dogs cock was for fucking a human female, then the pleasure mixed with some pain hit her.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Kim cried as his fiery crimson cock penetrated deeply.

With three or four powerful strokes, Toby had Kim fully impaled on his thick hard rod up to his knot. His thrusts increased in frequency until he was sliding in and out of her clasping pussy at phenomenal speed. Kim was making high pitched chirps in time with Toby as he hammered away. Her cries were joined by the lustful moans from her audience as well as the whines of the other dogs eager to be mating their bitches. Then like being engulfed in flames, Kim was consumed by another orgasm. She bucked and screamed, driving backward to get every inch of Toby’s cock in her convulsing canal. Toby shifted then with a powerful lunge forward, forced his knot into Kim’s tight pussy.

“Uuuuuhhhh…OH Fuck! He’s huge! Uuh…Uuh…Uuh…And it’s getting bigger…aahh…aahh…AAHHHHHHH!” Kim couldn’t say any more as she tried to relax and accommodate the enormous swelling that was taking place inside her body.

Toby made a few more jerky thrusts then leaned forward over Kim. He was so much larger than her that his head was in front of hers. He was panting heavily then he let out a low groan followed by a whimper as he unleashed a torrent of hot dog cum deep inside her. Kim had her eyes clamped shut and her teeth clenched, her knuckles were white from gripping the handles so tightly when she felt the liquid heat flooding her womb. Kim came again.

“OH YES! Cum for me…Make me your bitch!” she cried.

Her body quaked as one tremor after another rumbled through her. She tried to control her breathing but she was gulping air with ragged gasps. She was aware the other members were now engaged with their partners, some being licked while others were already mounted both missionary and doggy style. Kate had her legs wrapped around Rex as he pounded her fiercely. Toby then released his grip on her waist and supported his own weight as he stood over her. She was still being buffeted but then figured out it was her thrusting back into him, not the other way round. Each movement she made gave her a tantalizing sting of pain along with a wave of pleasure. She was pumping herself up for another orgasm.

Time was a blur to Kim. She had no idea how long she had been tied to Toby or how many orgasms she had experienced but as long as his throbbing cock would bring her blissful release, she really didn’t care. She heard a deep groan from Tonya, a heavy set black woman who was Kate’s financial advisor, when the huge Mastiff she was fucking turned and stood ass to ass with her. Like an unheard signal, all the dogs dismounted and turned, including Toby. Every woman was in the throws of orgasm at that point from the tugging and turning. It was a chorus of rapturous cries, bodies trembling and bucking, and then the other members shouted in unison.

“Welcome to the Knotty Ladies Club, Kim!”

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