My Secret Life_(1)

My Secret Life_(1)

I have a secret, a dark secret. I have a secret life. During the day and when my husband is home I am a mother and a housewife. I run my house and make sure everyone is out and about on time for work and school. I keep my house clean and make sure everything is in order. But once everyone is out of the house I become a different woman. I have an hour to get ready which includes a shower, my hair and make up. I am clean shaven and put on my uniform. My uniform consists of a short black skirt, knee high black stockings, a white button up shirt and pair of black heels. My hair must be dried and put up in a pony tail and my make up must be black eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick. At 9:30 am I must be on my mat by the front door, on my knees and my head turned down. I must not look at my master when he enters the house. I must stay still until he wishes me to move. The door opens and in walks my master. He stands in front of me and says “stand.” I stand up as fast as I can, keeping my head down and eyes on the floor. He places my collar on around my neck. My collar is the symbol of my submission, I must never touch it. He snaps his fingers and points to the floor in front of him. I hurry and drop to my knees in front of him as he unzips his pants. I watch anxiously as he pulls his semi-hard cock out. I can feel myself getting wet as he holds his cock in front of my face. “Suck” he says. I eagerly take him into my mouth. I run my tongue around his head then down his shaft, I cover his dick in my saliva before I suck his head down my throat. With every bob of my head I take him in deeper and deeper until all of his 9in is down my throat. I pull back just enough to take a breath before engulfing him again. I continue to suck him for a good 10 minutes before he tells me to stop. I release him with a “pop,” his cock throbbing and glistening before me. I sit back on my heels. I can feel my juices running down my legs and was sure there had to be a puddle on the floor. I can feel his eyes on me, roaming over every inch of me, making sure everything was perfect. “Unbutton your shirt” he commands. I quickly undo my shirt, fumbling over the buttons. He reaches forward and grabs my right nipple. He pinches and rolls it between his fingers. He pulls and twists. He is testing me. I could feel the floodgates open. my pussy juices were rushing out. I let out a slight whimper as he pinches again. Before I could think his hand came around and landed hard on my ass. His swat landed so hard it knocked me to the floor. “Get up” he commands. I try to push myself but before I could his hand landed on my ass again, even harder than the first time. I fought back tears as I pushed myself back up. He grabs my hair and pulls back so I am looking up into his piercing green eyes. I finally was permitted to look at him. I cant help but smile as he looked down at me. “Are you going to do that again?” he asks. “No Master” I replied. He just stared at me. He lets go of my hair and hooks his finger under my collar, lifting me to my feet. He lifts my skirt and runs a finger between my lips causing me to quiver. He removes his hand and holds his fingers to my lips. I eagerly suck my juices off of his fingers. I suck his fingers just as I would suck his cock. He laughs and says “youre nothing but a little whore aint ya? Always wantin something in ya.” I could only nod, keeping my lips tight around his finger. He pulled it out and motioned me to the bedroom. I follow him to the bedroom and he points to the floor in front of him. He gives me his cock and says “suck, and this time make me cum.” I quickly go to work on him. I take him all in at once, eager to please him. I suck and suck his massive cock down my throat over and over again. He thrusts his hips forward grabbing my head and holding it against him. He starts to fuck my throat. I can feel my saliva drip out of my mouth and onto my tits. With every thrust, he pushes in as far as he can. He holds my head and pounds my face, I do my best not to gag. He starts to grunt and rams his cock down my throat as he starts to pump his hot cum down my throat. His first spurt hits the back of my throat, his second he pulls out just a little then slams back into me. He keeps pumping load after load into me, so much that it starts leaking out the side of my mouth. I cant keep up with him, his cum starts dripping out of my mouth and onto my tits. After a few minutes he pulls out and says “Clean yourself up, youre a fucking mess. For fucks sake you cant even swallow a load right.” “I’m so sorry Master.” I trembled as I used my fingers and tongue to clean up the excess cum. He just sits there and watches. I sit back on my heels, head hung down staring at his feet. My pussy is throbbing, just aching to be touched. The thought of touching myself makes me cringe, the punishment isn’t worth it so I sit there and wait. “Take off my boots” he says. I start to unlace them then pull them off and set them to the side. He stands up and drops his jeans and boxers. As soon as he sits down I start to pull them off. In an instant he grabs a hold of my pony tail with one hand and uses the other to grab my throat. “Did I tell you to take my jeans off?” I try to shake my head no but his grip was too strong. “You stupid fucking cunt.” He picked me up and threw me down on the bed. I lay there shaking. I displeased him, I disappointed him. I wanted to apologize but knew better than to speak. He shook off his pants and boxers the crawled on top of me. His hand went back to my throat. “Why do you keep disobeying me? Do you need to start from day 1 again?” he sad coldly. “I…I just thought” I stammered.
“See theres your problem. I do the thinking for you remember?”
“Im sorry Master.”
“Youre damn right youre sorry. But not sorry enough, at least not yet. Roll over.” He lets go of me and I roll over onto my stomach. “On your knees and spread ‘em” I obey. He runs his hand tenderly over my back, over the red handprints on my ass and down my leg. He brings his hand back to my ass and SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I gasp, careful not to make a noise or move. I can feel him caressing my ass again, running his hand over his fresh handprints. I brace myself for another assault but it never came. Instead he positions himself behind me. I can feel him press his cockhead against my pussy. He pushes in, just enough to make me squirm. He grabs my hair and pulls m head back “Don’t you dare cum until I tell you, got it?” “Yes Master” I reply. He wraps my hair around his hand and thrust into me, he buries his entire cock in my pussy in one thrust. I resist the urge to scream. He pulls out, not all the way, just leaving his head in and rams into me again. He feels wonderful, I do everything I can to keep from cumming. My pussy is on fire and dripping. He continues to pound me for all im worth. He lets go of my hair and grabs my hips, pulling me to him as he thrusts. He thrusts into me with enough force that I could feel his balls slapping against my clit. My whole body was on fire, every touch and sound threatened to send me over the edge. “Fuck me” he grunts. I push back against him, matching him thrust for thrust. My tits swing in rhythm, my nipples rub against the sheets adding to my insanity. “Do you want to cum?” he asks.
“Yes Master. O please.”
“Do you deserve to cum?”
“No Master.”
“Well at least you know you’ve been disobedient.” He thrusts into me harder and harder until I cant take it anymore. He fucks me until I am sure I am about to cum, right to the egde then stops. He takes his hands and rubs my ass then spreads my cheeks. He pulls his cock out of my throbbing pussy and places his head at my ass. I relax as best as I can as he pushes his way in. he eases in inch by inch. He stretches my ass with every inch. He pulls out, leaving only his head in me. He slowly pushes in again causing me to squirm even more. He pulls out. I was trembling uncontrollably. His hands caressed my hips. He slams into my ass. His entire cock was not buried balls deep in my ass. I feel as if I am going crazy as he starts pounding me harder and harder. I don’t know if I can keep control over myself. I don’t know how long he rammed my ass, I was being help on the brink of orgasm the entire time. Finally, after what seemed like ages, he said the magic words “Cum slave.” I let go as I felt wave after wave after wave of my orgasm pass through me. I shook as my pussy clenched at nothing, my ass wrapped tight around my masters cock. i could feel him his cock start pumping, filling my ass with his cum. His pulsing cock kept my orgasm going. I wriggle and writhe under him, trying to get more. I can feel my juices pouring down my leg. I try as hard as I can not to scream. I am so engulfed in my orgasm that I don’t feel him pull out and get off the bed. SMACK! “That’s enough. Now get yourself cleaned up. Im done with your slutty ass for the day.” He gets dressed and leaves me there in a puddle of cum. I fight the urge to grab a toy and keep going. I get up and get in the shower, admiring my red ass in the mirror first. I have such a great master I think with a smile. I get in the shower and clean his thick cum out of me, licking my fingers every now and then. I make sure all my make up is washed off, my uniform gets put away in where no one can find it. When I am presentable and no long quivering I leave to run my errands. I love my husband, I really do…but deep down I am a slave to my master and nothing will change that.

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