Adulteress' Punishment

Adulteress' Punishment

***Disclaimer: This story has strong nonconsent themes. I do not condone any of these acts in real life and this is a dark fantasy - nothing less, nothing more.***

Miranda awoke in a large shipping container about 8 by 40 foot long. That's all she knew as she came to from whatever he'd drugged her with. Miranda Shaw was a beautiful 23-year-old girl. She was 5'4, slim almost to the point of petite, with long, charcoal-dark hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and perfectly shaped breasts which were neither too small nor too big.

Jake Shaw, Miranda's husband, was her opposite in so many ways. He was built like a man's man. Tall and sturdy, muscles rippled across his iron-hard physique of 6'4. His tight butt could usually be counted on to make Miranda salivate, especially when he wasn't wearing anything below the waist. If Miranda was delicate, like wisps of silk, then Jake Shaw was all triple-forged steel. He sported a soot-colored dark beard with a crescent scar near the bottom of his left cheek, and right now he was staring at her with those intense gray eyes.

Miranda was used to seeing those gray eyes warm to liquid silver whenever they turned in her direction, but not now. No. And it was all her fault.

Something very different burned in those eyes just now. Anger. Betrayal. Rage.

"HOW LONG?" His voice rang out in the shipping container like a judge shouting out a guilty verdict.

She tried to answer but couldn't. She could hardly even move. The slender girl was completely naked. He'd plugged up her pretty mouth with a cock-shaped ball gag fastened to her jaw. Her pleading eyes didn't seem to move him at all. Shackles around her ankles were anchored to big iron rings attached to the shipping container's floor. They forced her legs wide apart, exposing her helpless, tantalizing, smoothly-shaved cunt. At the same time her shackled wrists were hoisted by chains high above her head, each chain strung to iron rings set along the container's ceiling.


Let me explain. Please, Jake!

That was what she wanted to say, but of course she couldn't—not with that awful gag stuffing her mouth…and now it was too late. The damage had been done, and it had clearly gouged deep into the heart of this man who loved her. Or was it 'had' loved her?

Jake was naked and in his hand he held a five-tailed whip with a braided handle and plaited tips. He swished the whip idly back and forth, thoughtful and yet still clearly enraged.

"How long have you been sleeping with Matthew?"

Matthew, her bodyguard. She closed her eyes. Her heart sank. It was exactly what she'd feared. He knew. Oh god…

"Shall we take a look? Shall I remind you of what you've done?" He picked up a remote and looked across at a pedestal with a monitor and Blu-ray player on top of it. He pressed a button and the screen came to life.

A hotel suite, sumptuously furnished, appeared in the background. A lush queen-sized bed with gold sheets filled up most of the room. A gorgeous brunette knelt on those golden sheets, on her hands and knees as she faced the hidden camera. She was naked, her breasts shaking with the force of the man who'd inserted his cock in her warm, slippery, and more-than-willing sex. As the man fucked her from behind, the girl moaned louder. The mattress jostled back and forth with the force of their coupling. The loud smacking sounds continued each time the man's crotch slammed into the girl's sexy ass. The man reached around, cupping one breast as he fucked her.

The girl squealed with lust. "Yes, baby, fuck this pussy. OH Matthew, fuck my little pussy raw. Stretch my cunt. Give me a baby! Oh god! Oh fuck! Fuck me!"

Miranda closed her eyes with an awful feeling as the video of her and Matthew making love continued to play in front of her. Jake muted the sound. Now he stepped up to her, lifting her chin with one finger. "That image and those words will forever be seared into my brain, bitch. Forever."

Tears momentarily sprang into her husband's eyes. "Why, Miranda? Why?!" The rhetorical question hung like anguish in the air.

What made it all that much worse was that she and Jake had been trying for a baby for months. That she was fucking another man without protection—willing to cuckold Jake—perhaps that was what put Jake's anger over the edge. She had been willing to layer one level of deception on top of another, willing to let Jake help her raise a child that might not be truly theirs.

With a deadened gaze, Jake unfastened the ball gag and let it dangle to Miranda's neck.

"Please Jake, it's not what you think!" she sputtered.

"Oh?" Jake's gaze dimmed even more. Suddenly he flicked his wrist, and the whip's tendrils lashed out, smacking squarely across Miranda's supple cones as she cried out.

"AAYY!! Please Jake, let me explain." Her pretty face crumpled for a moment. "I didn't mean to… Matthew and I were just with each other all the time while you were on your business trips. As my bodyguard, he was just always there, always watching over me. It wasn't something that we consciously chose to do. It just sort of gradually…happened. I never wanted to hurt you, Jake. Please, you have to believe me!"

There was another loud WHOOSH of the whip, and this time the five tendrils lashed at her exposed sex.

"AAAY!" She cried out as those tendrils barely missed her clit. Then he walked up to her, gently stroking her sex instead. For a brief, precious time, his fingers were like a balm on her pussy, caressing her joy nub.

"It…'just happened' Miranda? Did it 'just happen' that you were okay fucking Matthew without a condom, having his child instead of mine? Was that unplanned too? Or did you simply not even care?" Jake leaned forward and pressed his lips to Miranda's, his tongue exploring her mouth in a long, burning kiss which she returned with a groan. Suddenly he pulled back with a shudder.

"I remember when giving you pleasure and joy was the one thing in the world that mattered most to me, Miranda. And what did you do? You threw it back in my face. You fucked another man behind my back." He leaned in, his eyes terrifying even as his fingers rubbed her sex with deceptive tenderness. "Well guess what, you little whore? Now you're going to get exactly what you deserve."

What she deserved? What did that mean? Thoughts whirled and raced through her mind as Jake drew back and banged on the side of the shipping container with his fist. Five men dressed all in black walked inside. All five began to immediately strip, leaving their clothes in a heap along the far side of the shipping container until they were naked. All were delicious specimens of the male race.

"Sven, Radic, Viktor, Baen, and Felipe, I'd like you to meet my back-stabbing slut of a wife, Miranda."

Miranda' eyes widened as she saw the five men with their long, thick cocks standing at attention in a half-circle before her. Four of the men looked Russian or Eastern European, and Felipe was definitely a Spaniard. Sven was the biggest of the bunch, with his shaved head, tree-trunk thick biceps, and his cock engorged had to be just over 10 inches.

Baen had a crew cut, and he was possibly the most handsome of the group, although not quite as muscular. Radic and Viktor were definitely Slavic in appearance, with rugged features, and Felipe? The Spaniard had seductive greenish-brown eyes and a more angular face, his frame less bulky than the others. All five men's gazes caressed her naked figure with a hunger that left Miranda's mouth completely dry.

"Please, Jake. You don't have to do this. We can work this out. Jake, I still love you. You're my husband! Jake, please!"

Jake stepped back, his eyes still cooler than day-old ashes. He gestured toward the mattress which had been thrown in the nearest corner of the shipping container. Beside it sat a closed duffel bag.

"There are plenty of sex toys in the bag, gentlemen. Indulge yourselves at this bitch's expense. Make sure she suffers. I want her fucked in all her holes. Other than that, anything goes…and I literally mean ANYTHING."

Sven, the leader with the shaved head, came toward her first. He turned back toward Jake at the last moment.

"Happy to oblige Sir, but do you mind if I make a suggestion?"

"Go ahead," Jake said.

"In my experience there are few things more sensitive than a girl's breasts under the lash of a whip. And there are few things more exquisite than feeling a girl writhe with your cock inside of her." He pointed at the whip, and then slid his gaze to Miranda's breasts.

"Would you be so kind as to whip this slut while I fuck her?"

Jake seemed a little surprised at the suggestion, but he nodded.

Sven suddenly knelt between the girl's legs, lapping at her pussy with his greedy tongue. Miranda closed her eyes, biting her lip to stifle the moan that wanted to sneak out.

"Please Jake. Uhh! Please, think about what you're doing. I'm sorry for what I did, Jake. I never wanted to hurt you. I'll do anything to make it up to you, baby. Please!"

Miranda's words died like moths hit by a hurricane as Sven's tongue stroked along her tiny nerve bundle, creating a tight burn deep in her loins. Her cunt clenched up, her belly clenched up, and she felt a wetness start to form between her thighs as Sven started getting through to her. His tongue dove deeper, exploring her soft, soon-to-be slippery folds, and his hands gently cupped her beautiful young ass. The sounds of his loud slurps and sucks filled the shipping container while Miranda looked down, helpless to stop the lust building inside of her. Meanwhile, she remained all too aware of the four other men with rigid hard-ons all eagerly saluting her nakedness.

Was Jake really going to let all these men fuck her and torment her? Oh god. Had she really driven him over the edge with her infidelity? Her mind raced, trying to come up with the right thing to say. What would calm his anger, though? What words could ease what she had done?

"Jake, I love you. I know it's hard to see that now, but it's...aaahhhh…it's true." She tried to ignore Sven's tongue as it kept caressing her pussy, sliding along her vaginal lips like an awful tease before stroking her clit with renewed vigor.

"Please Jake."

She thought she saw a twinge of uncertainty in Jake's eyes, but then it vanished.

"Quiet, little whore. I won't listen to your lies." As he said this, he flicked his wrist and the whip came slamming across her chest.

"AAAHHH!!" Miranda groaned as the whipping continued, a measured cadence that followed a predictable pattern. The whoosh of the leather, her muscles tensing up for the blow, and then her petite figure writhing in her bonds as the sting smote her tits. Only the distractions of Sven's skillful tongue inside her pussy and licking at her clit kept her from losing her mind.


"AAYY! Please Jake! Stop! Please," she begged.

Now Sven turned back and raised a hand, just so Jake knew that he was about to stand up. Jake waited until Sven had walked around behind Miranda's prone form. Then his hands gently cupped Miranda's breasts, wresting a groan from her throat as his palms cupped the supple, soon-to-be tender flesh. Now Sven's big hands slid down to her hips. He kept one hand on her hip and pulled her butt back towards him until he had the perfect angle to slam his cock into her exposed pussy from behind. He reached around with one hand, rubbing her clit even as he eased his bulbous cock-head between her labia, sinking his shaft into her slick, tight vagina.

"Uhhh!!!" he groaned appreciatively and began to start a rhythm, pulling his cock halfway out and then slamming himself forward, impaling her hard with a tireless, staccato rhythm of fucks.

The sound of the whip returned. Jake's muscular arm lashed forward, and with it that five-tailed whip smacked harshly against her breasts. If this had been a real whip, one designed for livestock, then the beautiful girl's breasts would have already been covered with angry ribbons of welts. Fortunately for Miranda, the whip was a sex toy, and though the tendrils stung something awful, they didn't leave a mark. At least not yet.

"Ahhh!" Miranda groaned as she felt Sven's cock slide deep inside her wetness. The bulky Russian clearly enjoyed the vicelike grip of her cunt squeezing the whole length of his shaft each time the slap of the whip against her tits had her squirming and squealing.

"Oh, yes, you sexy bitch. Keep writhing on my dick. That feels like heaven," Sven growled. He slid his hands along her hips and held her fast, looking down at their enjoined bodies as he fucked her furiously, his cock sliding easily in and out of her damp sex. The truth was, as awful and humiliating as this felt, the cock drilling her cunt and grazing her inner walls with so many decadent sensations had started enslaving Miranda to obscene desires she didn't want to acknowledge.

The next fifteen minutes were a blur of pain and pleasure for the girl. Her slender, feminine figure flailed each time the whip smote her breasts. Each time that happened, her cunt clenched around Sven's cock, milking his balls towards release. Despite the onslaught of stimuli assaulting her brain, Miranda managed to think, to focus her mind on the problem; how could she win back her enraged husband's affection? Or at least make the pain stop?

Suddenly she had an idea.

Sven's cock slammed deep into her pussy, only his testicles showing as he sheathed himself in her flesh. The girl could feel his cock straining inside her. He was going to come soon, to gush inside of her. She didn't want that.

"Please Jake, don't let him come inside me," she moaned. "You don't want him to get me pregnant. I don't want to have any child but yours, Jake. Please!"

But her reminder backfired on her. Jake's expression turned even grimmer. He lashed the whip with even more force across her breasts.


Jake bellowed, "You should have thought of that before you let Matthew fuck you without protection, bitch. As I said before, I am no longer going to listen to your lies." The next stroke smote her supple cones with a special cruelty that definitely came from Jake's sense of being betrayed. Two thin, red stripes sprouted across the girl's beautiful breasts, and Miranda realized that her words were only enraging Jake even more. If he kept hitting her like that, her breasts were going to be more than just tender and sore. So instead she shut her mouth, just groaning and tensing up with each lash of the whip, with each plunge of Sven's cock.

Sven leaned over, licking the side of her neck as his cock speared up towards her womb with a series of fucks so furious that his balls jostled back and forth in a blur of motion.

"Almost there, bitch. Uh! Uhh!! UH!!!! Almost ready to fill your pussy," Sven growled. He reached up with both hands, cupping and squeezing Miranda's breasts as the moment of truth came. Miranda wailed as Sven's calloused hands touched her overly sensitive tits, then groaned as she felt that cock twitch madly inside her slippery, pungent sex. Her cunt filled with the viscous, slimy cum shooting out of Sven's cock until his swollen testicles finally stilled, his movements stilling as he just lay pressed up against her back, his cock enfolded in her warmth.

He waited, relishing the hug of her snatch around his manhood, until at last he pulled out. His manhood was shiny with their combined fluids. The scent of sex hung heavily in the air. Miranda's head sagged forward. She was panting, huffing loudly. The girl desperately wanted to say something, to make Jake see reason. But she didn't know what she could say. She tried not to think about the sticky cum dribbling from between her thighs. The girl tried not to think about the other four men with raging cocks just waiting to have their way with her next.

Sven walked up to Jake and put out his hand.

"Shall I take over the whip?"

Jake nodded. "Go ahead. I'll stand back and watch."

Sven turned to the others, and Felipe took a step forward.

"I'll take sloppy seconds. I want to fuck that pussy," the Spaniard growled.

The Spaniard strode up to her. He cupped her mons, enjoying the smooth feel of her shaved pubic area. He went from cupping her sex to drilling her twat with two fingers, the slimy leftover cum making for the perfect lubrication as he finger-fucked her and watched the build-up of pleasure behind her eyes.

"Please," Miranda sighed. If she couldn't convince her husband to be merciful, maybe she could reason with these men instead. She had to try.

"Please tell your friend not to whip me," Miranda begged. Felipe smiled, one hand stroking the side of her face as his other hand kept finger-fucking her tainted sex.

"Mmm. Tempting, but what do I get out of it?" he said playfully.

"I'll do whatever you want," Miranda said without thinking.

Felipe's brow jerked up and then his eyes turned wicked. "Did you hear that, Sven? This little slut will do ANYTHING I want to avoid the whip. That sounds entertaining, does it not?"

Sven's smile was grim but amused. "I think you should take the bitch up on her offer." The other men's chuckles voiced their agreement.

Felipe turned back to the sexy brunette, his lips teasing hers until he gave her a French kiss, leaving her breathless. At the rate his fingers were hitting her g-spot and rubbing along her insides, she wasn't far from orgasm either. Now, sensing her mounting lust, he slipped his other hand to her sex, his fingers rubbing at her clit in a devastating series of caresses.

"Ughhh!!" Miranda moaned. Her nipples beaded up. Oh god, her cunt was on fire! No…! Her mind started to scatter…her body responding to the Spaniard's touch. Her leg muscles turned to jelly as all of her being got reduced to just the sensations along her clitoris, inside her slimy pussy, along her delicate labia as the man's fingers did their work fucking and stroking, fucking and stroking… fucking and… oh god…

"CUM for me, bitch. You know you want to," Felipe shouted.

Miranda's hot, slick passage made squelchy-wet sounds as it sucked at Felipe's darting fingers. This couldn't be happening. Oh god. NO! Miranda's eyes widened as Felipe leaned over to taste one of her nipples, sucking it hard and deep into his mouth until the new sensation tore through her aching tit like exquisite torture.

"CUM now or I tell Sven to whip you!"

Miranda whimpered and thrust her crotch forward to meet the thrusts of Felipe's fingers. Anything but that awful whip. The lithe brunette moaned with feeling as she kept shoving her pussy to meet those furiously pumping fingers. Now she couldn't stop, the train was about to derail. Her mind…it might just explode.


Miranda's slender feminine figure arched violently. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She felt a million stars exploding behind her eyelids as it happened. The inferno in her loins erupted like lava spewing from a volcano. Her cunt cream gushed onto the Spaniard's fingers. Felipe felt the girl's quim clench up on those same fingers as she writhed in pleasure to the clinking of chains. Finally, her heart still hammering in her ribcage, Miranda slowly became aware of her surroundings again. She saw Felipe's glistening fingertips right in front of her face.

"You came hard, bitch. You gushed all over my fingers like a whore. Now taste yourself." He inserted his fingers into her mouth, and she sucked obediently. She was hyper-aware of Jake in the background, watching her. Some of his anger seemed to have dissipated, replaced by lust…and something else she couldn't quite identify.

Now Felipe drew his fingers from between Miranda's lips with a grunt.

"You have had your share of pleasure for the time being. Now it is time that you made good on your promise. You want a reprieve from the whip? Fine. You'll get one. After I'm done fucking your pussy, you are going to suck your fluids off my cock, and THEN you and I are going to spend some quality time on the mattress. I'm going to lie back and let you do all the work, and do you know what you are going to do, bitch?"

Miranda shuddered, afraid to ask. "No, Sir. W-what?"

"You're going to lube up my cock with some nice warming oils and then put my cock in your ass and impale yourself on it and ride me." The way Miranda's eyes widened, every man in the shipping container knew at the same time; this girl had never done anal before.

"Please Sir, I've never…" She couldn't even finish the sentence.

"Never been fucked in the ass?" Felipe said brightly. "Don’t worry, slut. I'm a good teacher, and I have a feeling you'll be a quick learner." As he said this, the Spaniard walked behind her, spread her ass cheeks wide, and positioned his cock-head between her vaginal lips, thrusting with long, easy strokes as he began to fuck her.

Meanwhile Jake stalked up to her. His angry gaze held hers.

As Felipe's cock slid through her insides, ricocheting inside her cunt in ways that sent shivers up her spine and had her nipples beading up anew with lust, her betrayed husband grasped her by front of the neck, almost choking her.

"Are you happy now, whore? Now you have all the cock you can handle. That and more."

"P-please Jake," she sputtered. "I love you," she said, and now there were genuine tears in her eyes. She tried to ignore the ravishing sensations of Felipe's cock continuing to pump her pussy and just tried to focus on the man she still loved despite her unforgivable actions.

"Ahhh! This slut's cunt is dripping-wet. She loves my cock," Felipe sighed. Her teeth rattled as he threw his hips forward for another pulverizing stroke.

Meanwhile, Miranda could only think: What am I going to do???

Then it hit her, the one thing she could tell Jake that just might soften his rage…


Author's Note:

This is a fantasy, which by definition means I would never want to see this happen in real life. When I write these fantasies I imagine myself as the girl being forced to submit, and that more than just turns me on. I write these stories because submission, and the threat of dominance over me, is what stokes my libido like nothing else in the world. Whether you are a dominant or a submissive, I hope you feel that same rush. Life is too short not to...

I will be updating this story with a PART 2 soon because I know cliffhangers can really suck. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did, I promise you'll have more to look forward to…


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