Melissa Teaches class and gets Taught

Melissa Teaches class and gets Taught

This day was not going to be fun. How did Melissa get chosen to be the one to teach this class? A co-worker had gotten sick at the last minute and she had to fill in. There were other people who knew the company better than her. She was just going to have to grin and bear it as the decision had already been made. Melissa had been chosen to give a talk about her company to a group of potential recruits at the local high school.

Melissa arrived at the school much early than she had to make sure she could set up the room to her liking. She was allowed past the guards and parked in the teacher’s lot. She felt funny returning to a school after she had been out for so long. Things sure had changed. Much tighter security now. All the doors had locks. Classrooms even had autolocking doors so no students could enter after the bells rang.

The hallways were quiet as the classes were already in session. The sound of her heels echoed down the halls. The sound reminded her she chose the wrong shoes to wear today. She hadn’t expected to be on her feet for very long. Melissa was supposed to meet her husband for dinner after work and had dressed more risqué than usual. He had been recovering from a minor surgery and hey hadn’t made love in weeks. She was wearing a semi tight skirt that went down just to her knees. Melissa’s legs were clad in crotchless pantyhose. She had on a pair of silky panties so she had no fear of flashing anyone but she didn’t want to make it that hard for her husband later. The satiny pair of underwear would show the panty lines if she stretched too far. Her shirt was plain but still revealed some skin on her shoulders. She had been happy with the outfit choice this morning knowing the reaction it would give her husband. She was in the middle of her cycle and most fertile. They had been trying for some time to make a baby. The thought of finally feeling him inside her again made her horny. If only she had a crystal ball Melissa thought…

The classroom was located on the second floor. It had about 20 desks, a black board, teachers’ desk and projector. The shades were drawn on the windows as they faced the sun but more than enough spilled in anyway. No one was in the room yet and Melissa set up.

She checked the clock seeing she had only a few minutes so she better use the bathroom. While she was washing her hands, she heard the school bell ring. There was a 5-minute interval between bells. Followed by a 1-minute warning before auto lock closed the room for the 1-hour classes. Melissa felt like a kid again having to make it back to her room before the bell rang again. Most the kids looked so young to her since she was now in her thirties. Melissa hadn’t lost her looks. She had beautiful straightened dark hair, a thin body with womanly hips, a nice round ass, and well-shaped legs.

They walked in groups and laughed. Other students walked alone with their heads down. She got some glances from horny teenage boys and girls. It was funny she felt like a giant too. Being 5’7 and wearing heels made her taller than most of the students. It made her feel powerful and confident. When Melissa got close to her room, she saw a boy being pushed into the lockers and some other boys laughing at him. Poor kid she thought.

As Melissa entered her room, she saw 3 or 4 students had already arrived. More trailed in including the bullied kid. The bullied kid sat in the back with his eyes down. They were mostly boys as her field was most appealing traditionally to men. The bell rang quickly and she grabbed her attendance sheet to be passed around. She made them all right out their names and place cards on their desks so she would know their names.

Melissa went to begin her presentation of course the projector was malfunctioning so she would have to give a much more animated presentation. She told the students her name, that she was married and had spent 8 years at her job. She made each student give their name and a brief biography. She sat on the desk and crossed her legs. She had forgotten about her outfit choice again. The boy’s eyes were locked on her and she noticed some of them wandering down to her legs at times. Even the shy bullied one in the back who she found out was named Hunter stared. She did her best to ignore them.

Melissa changed her position and began to walk round the room. Most of the eyes followed her as her ass swayed and her heels clicked. When she got near the back of the room, she dropped one of her papers and had to bend over in front of Hunter to retrieve it. He probably got a nice view of her panty lines hugging her round ass. Well she definitely was getting their attention but didn’t know if the boys were hearing any of her talk. She decided to pass out the group challenge her company had provided to give herself a break.

Melissa let the choose their own groups but noticed Hunter was left out. He was shorter boy probably Melissa’s height or half an inch shorter. He was thin probably weighing less than her and had short half shaved dirty blonde hair. He was not a bad looking kid just weak looking and shy. She assigned him to one of the groups. They all worked quietly as she sat at the desk.

Melissa looked up when someone said “Ow stop.” She saw Hunter being punched in the arm. She immediately informed the student he would not be invited to future presentations. She was not going to have any of that on her watch. The feeling of authority was nice. The rest of the class took notice and no more disruption occurred.

Melissa finished her presentation with an invitation for the students to visit the company headquarters several weeks in the future. The students trailed out as she began to pack up her stuff. She heard the door close as the last one exited. Thank god that was over. Now she could finish her day and meet her husband for some relaxation and sex finally. Just as she was thinking this a text came in to her phone. Her husband had just canceled their date. Well this day is just full of surprises she thought. Melissa let out an audible “Great” and dropped her phone.

“Is everything Ok?” She looked up to see Hunter had not left the classroom. He was still seated in the back of the classroom. Melissa did not notice him earlier. He must have perfected the skill of blending into avoid being picked on.

“Yes, everything is fine. Just silly stuff. Did you enjoy the presentation?”

“Yes. Very much.” He said “You made it very interesting.” Then he began to blush. “I mean your words and company are interesting.” Had this young man just complimented or hit on her? Melissa decided maybe she could boost his confidence.

Melissa walked toward his desk. “Thank you. I have to say too your contributions to the group project were outstanding.” He seemed to melt into himself as she said “group” and got closer. I guess he did not want to be reminded of the humiliation of being picked on. “Really Hunter” Melissa said and reached out to touch his arm “You are very creative.” She felt him tense up as she touched his hard-muscular bicep. His eyes were lowered to her legs and high heels.

“Thank you.” He mumbled. “Hasn’t helped me solve my problems.”

“Things change Hunter. Just be patient.” Melissa replied. “Now we should leave before the doors auto locks.”

“I uh can’t right now.” He said. “I uh um have ah an need a minute.” What was he going on about Melissa wondered probably afraid to face his bullies? She started to say he had to face his fears. “Its uh not um that.” Hunter said. The auto lock would go off soon she had no time for his teen puberty struggles. She grabbed his arm began to pull him up lightly. He was resisting but she heard the one of the bell rings meaning the auto lock would go off in 1 minute so she pulled harder than she meant to and he was on his feet. Now she knew why he had not been able to leave. The front of his pants was tented out around a raging hard on.

Melissa was shocked not knowing what to say. Hunter just stood still as a statue obviously mortified. Should she pretend she didn’t notice? It was too late for that. “Wow I guess you really like my lesson.” Melissa joked and immediately regretted it as his face turned crimson.

“I’m so sorry” Hunter said. “It’s just. You look so hot. O jeez sorry I mean beautiful.” He stumbled across his words. Melissa enjoyed hearing the words even though he was so much younger. The bell rang again and they heard the click of the lock. They were now stuck for an hour. Melissa thought Great first this class, then canceled plans and sex- now I’m stuck with this little ball of hormones.

Hunter finally sat down the tent still bulging. Now that Melissa had seen it her eyes kept being drawn to it to see if it would shrink. After moment of silence it had not budged. Hunter noticed her stares and said “I’m sorry sometimes this happens and it takes forever for it to go down. Especially when I see something so… “He struggled for the last word” Sexy.”

With nowhere to go Melissa thought they might as well talk about it. “What do you find so sexy? This is not unusual business attire.” She asked. Hunter began to talk. He talked about girls his age ignoring him and the way they dressed- either trying too hard or too lazy. Hunter said Melissa looked sophisticated showing a little skin but not too much. He just kept on talking this boy had a lot of sexual fantasies bottled up. Hunter said he liked her pointy shoes and the way stockings made legs look. Melissa could swear the tent in his pants was getting even bigger! He continued to compliment her confessing more that he had never even kissed a girl. Something came over Melissa at that moment. Maybe it was the craziness of the day, maybe the lack of intimacy she was getting at home, maybe stress from work but she felt a strange new desire to help him and share his pain.

Melissa reassured him and even reached out again to touch his arm and brought him up from sitting in his desk. She was taller than him in her heels. Hunter looked up at her with his honey-hazel eyes. “Let me teach you one more lesson.” Melissa said. She kissed him softly on the lips. He then kissed her back. They began to make out and she pulled him closer to her. Hunter’s bulged poked into her thigh igniting her passion further. He kissed like someone with experience she thought as their tongues danced. His hands had found their way to butt and he squeezed it softly. He continued to explore her body as they made out.

Melissa reached down to bulging tent and rubbed his rock-hard pole. A gasp escaped his lips as she made contact. Hunter was like jelly in her hands. She could use him in anyway she wanted. She was in complete control of this horny teen. She positioned herself on top of a desk and pulled up her skirt exposing her satin panties. Hunter felt as if his cock would burst out of his pants. “Now I want you to use your tongue like when we where kissing but do it here.” Melissa said as she pointed at her pussy.

Hunter began to kiss her silk panties and rolled them to the side as he licked up and down her pussy lips. His tongue was warm and stroked her clitoris gently. Hunter poked it and swirled his tongue quickly making her moan softly. For an unexperienced kid he could eat pussy like a natural Melissa thought. She grabbed his short hair pressing his face in harder. His hands gripped her hips as she grinded on his face.

Melissa then pushed his head away and eased herself off the desk. She slipped the panties off but left her heels on. She was going to give this kid an unforgettable lesson. She unzipped his pants finally freeing the boys rock hard cock. It nearly hit her face as it sprung out. She spit on her hand and began to stroke it. Melissa noticed it was pretty nice. Not an ugly looking cock at all. It was a little longer than her husbands and much noticeably fatter. She licked his shaft up to the tip before engulfing it in her mouth. She had always been proud of her skills and Hunters grunts and spasms proved she was still good. He felt even more hard now. She bobbed up and down on his cock with her eyes looking up at him. Hunter was fighting between ecstasy and light headiness from the blood rush in his penis. He could not believe this sexy woman in her high heels and stockings was blowing him. This was beyond any porno he had ever seen and he had seen a lot in his lonely HS life.

Melissa was surprised he had not blown his load immediately. She broke off from sucking his cock and pulled him by his shirt to the teacher’s desk at the front of the classroom. Melissa pushed him down so that he was laying on his back. “You ready for a more advanced lesson now? “She smiled at him wickedly as she mounted him. “You can’t cum in me though. Tell me when you are going to.” She remembered it was her fertile period and they were not using protection. He nodded as she rubbed his hard dick on her slit lubing it up for her hungry hole.

She had troubling getting him in. His head was much fatter than her husbands and her pussy was adjusting and getting wetter as she fumbled with his cock on her wet hole. As the tip entered she moan almost squeaked “ Uh oooo yeah”. His young dick felt incredible. She began to work it up and down in a well-tuned rhythm. She opened up her shirt letting her beautiful breasts come free. Hunter began to touch and kiss them as she rode him. Her nipples were like pencil erasers in Hunters fingers. She rode him up and own and She flexed her hips hard at him taking him deeper inside. She continued this motion as she made little noises of pleasure. “you like what you’re learning today don’t you?” Melissa asked. Hunter shook his head yes. Her hips bobbed up and down as she rode him.

“Time for you to take over.” Melissa said as she moved off him. She removed her shirt and skirt. Hunter could not believe his eyes and she stood wearing nothing but high heels and crotchless stockings. It was like all his fantasies had come true. Now something inside Hunter changed.

Hunter felt confident now. Melissa laid back on the desk. He entered her easily this time. “Umm” Melissa moaned. He began to fuck her with an intensity Melissa had not felt in a long time. “O fuck OOO god yes. Fuck me Hunter” She egged him on as he aggressively fucked her. “Come on you naughty boy give me that dick.” Hunter was giving Melissa the fucking her husband had promised but failed to deliver. She wrapped her smooth legs around his waist pulling him into her.

“Can we do this again.? “he asked. Melissa ignored it as he fucked her.

He picked her high heeled legs onto his shoulders as he pushed in deeper. She came in heavy surprise as he pounded her. “ Yes yes o yes don’t stop o yeah fuc me hard” Melissa screamed as she orgasmed on his cock releasing her pent up sexual thirst.

“Are you Ok.” Hunter asked “I felt your legs shaking.”

“Yeah. I’m really good.” She smiled contently. “Time for the advanced lesson.” Melissa bent over the desk poking out her juicy ass towards Hunter.

Hunter began by rubbing his thick cock on her pussy before plunging in. He had to stand on his tippy toes as she taller than him with her heels on. His thin body rocketed hard into her ass and his balls made slapping sounds as they smacked her clit. The desk creaked as it shook. He gave her his dick relentlessly stuffing her tight, hot pussy full if his young dick over and over again.

“O fuck yeah. Use that pussy Hunter. Just keep fucking me” Mellissa said. Her dirty talk seemed to increase the pace he thrust at her. “Come you dirty boy. Fuck your teacher good.” He watched her beautiful face contort in ecstasy as he gave her his dick, slamming deeply, faster and harder like she begged.

“Do I fuck you better than your husband?” Hunter asked

“OH! Fuck yes, yes, give it to me! Ohhh fuck, you're so much better than Paul! Ohhummmmm, so much bigger and thicker! Ohh, you fill me up soo much and fuckk mee sooooo gooood.” Melissa moaned as he slammed her.

“Do you like my dick more than his.” Hunter asked

"YES! OH YES! SOOO MUCH MORE!" She screamed in ecstasy

Melissa could feel his cock growing as he approached orgasm. She felt an orgasm building again it had been years since her husband had fucked her to two orgasm. She couldn’t believe this young boy was about to make her come again. It had been so long and her pussy had been aching for a good fucking. His young big dick felt even better than her husbands as he rammed into her. Suddenly he stopped and pulled his cock out. Melissa thought he was going to cum as she had asked that he not come inside since they did not have protection.

“Can I fuck you again.” He asked her. Melissa was stunned she hadn’t expected this. At this point she wanted his cock bad. It had been so long since she had any sex and her hormones were racing from her ovulating. Her pussy was screaming to be filled by cock. A raw primitive urge was inside Melissa. “Tell me I can fuck you again if you want my dick.” Hunter said as he teased his fat cock on her pussy.

“I uh I don’t know just fuck me please be a good student.” Melissa begged. Hunter stuffed his dick back Melissa’s hole. Pushing her down the desk as he fucked her doggystyle.

Melissa moaned unintelligibly in reply as Hunter fucked her ruthlessly. Hunter reached forward and grabbed a fistful of Melissa’s hair and yanked her head back as he slammed forward, one hand still holding her slim waist.

"UHHH!" Melissa grunted roughly. She could not believe how good and rough he fucked her and the things coming out this teens mouth.

"Imagine, you could have my big dick ramming into your tight pussy all the time. I'd fuck you on your husbands’ bed, Fuck, you could have my dick in you again, I know you'd love that wouldn't you?" Hunter growled harshly as he held her head back and slammed his dick into her again.

"Uhh yess, oh, your dick is soo good!" Melissa groaned in reply. She couldn’t believe how dirty this teen boy was.

"Then I can fuck you again? I can stuff you full of my hard cock again?" He asked breathlessly, feeling his balls beginning to tighten.

"Uhhh, ohhhh, fuck, maybe...ohh just give me your big dick Hunter and fuck me baby!" She replied as her body began to tense once more, obviously she was about to explode in her second orgasm, perhaps she didn't know that she had said maybe, but still that was good enough for Hunter, it was better than the 'no' from earlier. "UHH! Now fucking ram that big fucking dick in me, OHH FUCK! I'm going to cumm sooon! Fuck yes! OHH YEAH!"

Suddenly, Melissa's loud moans turned to screams and her body began to tense. She started to say what Hunter had been waiting to hear.

"OH! OH! OHHH! YES! YESS! TAKE THAT PUSSY! OH FUCK! FUCK ME Hunter! FUCK ME LIKE A GOOD BOY! OHHH THAT'S IT! OHHHH I'M GOING TO CUM! KEEP FUCKING ME WITH YOUR YOUNG HARD DICK! HOL SHIT YOU CAN HAVE ME WHENEVER YOU WANT! OHHHHHH FUCK ITS SO GOOD HUNTER YOU CAN FUCK ME AGAIN! I'M GOING TO CUUUMM! OHHHHHHH FUUUCKKK YEESSS OHHUUHHHHHHHHH!" Melissa shouted loudly before her words became a wordless grunt of pure ecstasy as her body shook furiously as wave after wave of her intense orgasm wracked through her body.

Melissa felt her orgasm tear through her hot body sending wave after wave of intense blazing pleasure that shook her entire world. Her body shook and her pussy clamped hard onto Hunter's dick. As Melissa's orgasm exploded violently through her body, her already tight pussy clamped like a vice around Hunter's big, thick teen cock sending Hunter to the edge.

"OH FUCK! Uhhh! I'm gonna cum inside you! Fuck! Uhhh!" He growled harshly as he once more reached to grab a fistful of Melissa’s hair and yanked her head back roughly as his thrusts became erratic.

"Fuck, here it cums!" He shouted and then buried his dick balls deep inside Melissa’s hot pussy, yanking her head back until her wordless scream became a gurgling groan, clamping his strong hand hard and felt his balls tighten.

Less than a second later the thick head of Hunters’ large young dick expanded and suddenly exploded deep within Melissa's unprotected pussy. Oh fuck, she had been waiting to feel this.

Suddenly his dick exploded and huge load after huge load of his hot, thick cum blasted deep into her needy, unprotected pussy, deep into her womb where his thick cock was shoved balls deep. Melissa felt the head of his thick teen cock expand as load after huge load of potent young cum blasted deep into her pussy, sending another wave of pleasure ripping through her body as Hunter emptied his young balls deep into her womb.

Hunter grunted as his dick pumped the biggest load of cum, he had ever shot deep into Melissa. He felt his knees weaken as his body tensed violently.

"Take my cum!" He grunted as he continued to hold her hair and neck while his cock pumped all of his cum into his teachers married unprotected pussy.

Melissa felt him shoot what seemed like an endless torrent of hot seed into her body, she thought she might pass out from the pleasure of her orgasm. She lay back in ecstasy wondering what she had just done! She had cheated and been possibly impregnated by this teen student.

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