Moms helping out.

Moms helping out.

Moms helping out.

Donna sat watching TV with her husband Donald. She was thinking about Loots, her 15 year old lovers cock. She was also thinking about the abortion she had had two weeks ago and she was as horny as hell.

She looked at her watch, it was 9:30 PM and the house was quiet. She shut off the TV and headed up stairs. She was at her sons Eric door and heard strange noises, without thinking she just opened the door.

Eric was seated at his desk, naked with his cock in hand watching the computer screen.

“Mom what the hell are you doing, you should knock before you just come in”.
“Honey, I’m sorry”. She smiled and realized he had a very nice size cock, not quite as long as loots but it appeared fatter.

“Eric its ok, watching porn and jerking off is normal”. “You were watching a porn right”?
“Yeah, you got me there”.

“Well I’ll leave so you can finish, perhaps one of these days we can watch together and jerk off each other”?
“You jerk off”?
“Yes I do”.

“Would you like to stay and watch and jerk off now”?
“I’m a little uncomfortable with your father down stairs; well have to leave the door ajar so we can see if he’s coming up, ok”?

“Wait one moment I’ll be right back”. She went to her bedroom and got a bottle of lube, took off her shorts and t shirt put on a robe and headed back to his room. What the hell are you doing Donna, he’s your son.
Back in the room she smiled ok turn it on. Eric hit the button and a video started.

She reached her hand over to his crotch and touched his cock. He flinched and then sat there smiling at her. She took the lube rubbed a generous amount in her hands and took his member and slowly started to move her hands up and down.

On the screen was a woman about 40, surrounded by four young men naked with there cocks out. She had nice tits and looked familiar.

Eric groaned, “Mom can I play with your tits”?
“Yes, unhook my bra, my hands are slippery at the moment, oh honey push the bra under your bed in case we get interrupted”.
Eric smiled and had her tits out in a flash. He started sucking a nipple and now she moaned.
“Oh that feels good”.
Now she realized what was so familiar about the video, one of the cocks belonged to Mike one of her gang bang partners.

Her son was getting close and she whispered, “What are going to do with all this cum”?
“Suck it out of me, please”.

She thought about it, well it’s not like I’ve never swallowed a load of cum. Just then the first shot burst out of his cock and hit her on the leg. She lowered her head and sucked, cum flowed out of his cock and she gulped it down as fast as she could. It was too much and spilled out of the sides of her mouth down her chin and on her tits.

Eric stopped Cumming and smiled. “That was great mom”. “Thank you”.

“Now where did you get this video”? “Why”.
“I thought I’d recognized two of the guys”. “You did”. “Really”?

“They are Mike and Jerome your gang bang partners”. “You know about the gang bangs”?
“Sure do, I’ve seen every one of your videos and I really loved the DP action”.

“Honey we have to keep this quiet, it must be our secret”.
“No problem mom”. “By the way the lady in the video was Gina Taylor you know her don’t you”? “Yes as a matter of fact I do”.

“Well you and she should hook up, her husband left her and she has a house all to her self”. “Well does she really”? “Yup”.

“Mom tomorrow after dad leaves could I get a primo blow job”? “Sure baby”.

So Gina and I are black cock girls, and the guys are fucking both of us. They must be doing it to her on the off weekends. I wonder if loots knows.

Donald left at 7 AM and before he was out the door Eric was in the kitchen naked, sprouting a hard on.
“Mom I’ve been thinking and since you’ve fucked a bunch of my friend could we, you know, do it”?

“Eric you want to fuck me”? “Sure do”.
“Well I’m not sure you know that’s incest, right”? “So what, you and loots are fucking regularly and you get gang banged twice a month”. “What’s another cock added to the mix”?

Donna thought about it, he’s right and I’m still horny and he has a nice cock.

“Ok, but finish these dishes while I go and get myself sexed up a bit”.

“Honey you finished in the kitchen”? Eric walked into her bedroom. He stopped and stared as she had put on a green thong and black stocking. “Your even hotter then you look in the videos”.
“Thank you”

Eric massaged her clit and sucked her nipples, she was moaning with delight. He rolled on top of her and sunk his fat cock in her.

“Baby go slow you have a fat cock that take getting use to and I want us to enjoy this.

He kept pushing down until he bottomed out and then slowly moved in and out, slowly at first the gradually increasing his tempo. She felt the burning between her legs and grabbed his shoulders and screamed, “I’m Cumming Eric”. She shook violently for 30 seconds before her breathing slowed down.

She looked in his eyes he was smiling at her. “Wow mom I never saw you cum before”
“Honey you never fucked me before”

The tempo had increased and she felt the burning again and he grabbed her hips and yelled, “here it comes mom, and cum started spewing into her canal”. She felt spurt after spurt for at least five times before he slumped down on her.

“That was great mom can we do it again”? “Sure honey loots is coming over this afternoon so maybe later tonight, after dads asleep, ok?

“Mom you and Gina should get better acquainted as Loots and the guys are planning a fuck fest”. “From what I’ve heard you and Gina are the only pussy there planning on having there.

“Well get cleaned up and get to school”. She leaned over and kissed his cock head, he smiled and got up and left.

Loots and Donna fucked all afternoon, to use a term she was well fucked by 4 PM.

“Donna do you know Gina Taylor”? “Yes why”? “Well the guys and I were thinking for the gangbang week we could meet at Gina’s” “She has a big house, no husband to come home and interrupt things and she is another of our girls”.
“Loots baby, I’m confused in order to have a gang bang you need at least four guys and a pussy”. Four guys and two pussies is not nearly enough as you guys cum”.

“I know but we’ve got some friends who want to sink there dicks in both of you, soon”.
“Well are you ok with me getting fucked by other guys”? “Sure”. “Can I have her call you”? “Sure, why not”. Before loots left he picked up Donna's cell phone and dialed. “Hi Gina”. “I’m going to put Donna on the phone she the one you saw in the DP video.

He handed Donna the phone,”Set this up for next Saturday and left”.

“Hi Gina, I’m Donna” “Yes loots and I fuck twice a month alone and then twice a month we have a gang bang”. “I guess they want to gang bang us both this Saturday, I think all day”.
“My husband isn’t the problem, it’s my son Eric”.
“He’s going to be there fucking you, really”? “Well that answers how to get out for the day”. “Look forward to meeting you too, see you Saturday”.

Donna hung up the phone and smiled; Donald would think they were going to a JV meet at another school and probably go play golf.

After Donald was asleep she crept up stairs to Eric room. She opened the door and he was watching here getting a DP.

“Honey both of us will be going to the GB Saturday at Gina’s, our excuse is a JV game at another school, ok”? “No problem mom, as long as dad’s asleep what about that primo blow job”? “I’d much prefer a good fucking but the blow jobs works for now”.

Ten minutes later the taste of her sons cum in her mouth and her tits swinging freely she went to bed.

Saturday morning was a bit hectic. Donna got Eric to help get her outfit out to the car in his gym bag. It was 10 AM and she saw Donald heading for the golf clubs.
“See you tonight dear”. He muttered something and headed for the car.

Donald was gone and Eric and Donna headed for Gina’s. “So tell me Eric, is she a good fuck”? “I’ve only fucked her three times but I sure enjoyed it”. “I’ve seen you in the videos and you seem to be much better”. “But she’s real good”.

When we arrived at Gina’s house we got out and walked up to the front door, Gina opened the door in a really hot outfit of thong, Bra, garter belt and stockings.

“Hi I’m Gina”. “I’m Donna, nice to meet you”. “Come in”.
“You look hot”, “Thanks”
“Where can I change”? “My room, it’s at the top of the stairs”.

“Donna we’ve got several guys here in the basement so I’d like to wait for you and we make our grand entrance together” “Give me ten minutes”.
Ten minutes later Donna came out of the bedroom, “I’m ready”, “Well let’s go”.

They made there entrance and were received with a clapping hands and cheers. They didn’t stay in the basement very long as both women were taken to bedrooms.
Donna didn’t know any of the guys she was with but within a few seconds of the door closing she was getting her clit rubber and tits sucked.

Go that feels good she thought as her panties were removed and a large boy got between her legs and started licking her clit. Sparks were going off in her head and pussy, she felt the twinge and she was close to an orgasm. He kept eating her until,’Oh my god I’m Cumming she yelled” she shook violently and squirted pussy juice all over the boy and herself. She continued to shake and squirt for several seconds as her breathing slowed.

The young man who had just given her an intense climax smiled at her, “Anything we can do for you”?
“Well yes there is I’m a DP girl and I was wondering if you guys would”. “Say no more Mrs. R”

The next few minutes they lubed there cocks and she happily got in position. The boy who had been eating her pushed his cock deep in her pussy. “Um that feels wonderful” Donna said..
After a few moments she felt her ass being stuffed, whoever owned this cock had a rather large one and it really felt good. Donna thought to herself later he can have my pussy later if they do me again. She felt her tits being sucked and her nipples twisted and then finally she open wide as a cock went in her mouth.

The two cocks in her were building a rhythm which was in creditable. She could feel the membrane keeping them apart yet at the same time massaging her pussy and ass unbelievably.
She felt a burning and realized she was pushing hard on the two cocks inside her, when the cock in her mouth exploded, a torrent of cum flooded her mouth and she gulped and swallowed as to not loose any of it. Her breathing was become erratic the burning between her legs was out of control. She felt the cock in her pussy stiffen and blast out gobs of cum, that triggered the cock in her ass to explode and another torrent of c um was flooding her bowels, at that moment she climaxed and almost lost consciousness.

They all laid there for several minutes, as there cocks plopped out of her.
‘That’s was fabulous guys, did everyone enjoy it as much as I did”? “Mrs. R I was working your tits and I didn’t get off”.
“You will now honey” Donna gave his a primo blow job.

By 4 PM there wasn’t a hard dick or an ounce of cum left in any of them.
Donna and Gina went to the kitchen; Gina asked “Want a drink” “Yes do you have any Vodka”?
Donna looked at Gina and asked “did my son fuck you”? “Yes, three times, he has a great cock”. “Thanks”.

“Well since were out of cum and hard dicks I think it’s time to go home before my husband starts calling me”.

Donna changed kiss every guy who had fucked her thanked them and said, “We’ll do this again soon guys”.

On the drive home she looked at Eric, “honey Gina say’s you’re a great fuck and I understand you got her off three times” “I really tried mom”. “Well she said if you ever wanted to come over alone when her kids weren’t home she love it”. “Wow that’s great I sure will”.

“Mom I‘m surprised you didn’t say anything about loots not being there”.
“Honey I’ve been laid so many times today I don’t give a shit if he ever fucks me again”. “The guys at the party were very happy with my pussy and I loved there cocks”.” If loots isn’t interested any longer there were plenty of others who were”.

“If you’re up to it I’ll give you a blow job later”?
“I’ll have to see if my nuts recover”.

Donna was cooking dinner when Donald got home; he pecked her on the cheek and went for a drink. Standing in the kitchen she felt a sudden surge of wet a giant glob of cum was coming out of her pussy. She turned to face the sink, put her hands in her panties got the entire glob on her finger opened her mouth put it on her tongue and swallowed. Eric stood there watching.

“Perhaps after dinner I’ll take you up on that offer mom”. They both smiled at each other.

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