My Best Friends Sister II

My Best Friends Sister II

“Hey Joe”

Joe jumps up from his bed and looks over at his window

“What the hell!”

Joe stares at Maryse leaning on his window sill, wearing a huge grin.

“I swear you’re just as bad as your brother”

“Aw come on Joe, you don’t mean that do you?”

“If I say yes?”

“Oh well…”

She lets that hang there. Joe shakes his head, and suddenly realize that he is only dressed in his boxers

“What are you doing here?”

Maryse fakes a hurt look

“Just coming to see you of course, it’s been two weeks since I last saw you”

“Yeah been having a hectic time in class”

Maryse quickly climbs through the window, she is dressed in baggy jogging pants and a tight t-shirt, her hair is caught in a pony tail and she isn’t wearing make-up.

“Well I’m here for our jog session”

“Isn’t the season still some time off?”

“Just get your lazy bum in gear, I want to go jog”

Joe sighs and turns to his closet, he pulls out a t-shirt and throws it on, he gets out shorts, drops his boxers and gets into the shorts.

“Oooh nice ass”

Joe just waves her away with his hand as he pulls up his shorts and gets out a pair of socks, he sits down to pull them on and Maryse sits down next to him.

“You know Joe, I only used this as an excuse not to get badgered by my parents about doing something active”

Joe grunts

“So you do not like exercise?”

“Oh no I love exercise and working out and playing sport, I just think that I really got to study hard this term to get the results I need to get into college”

Joe looks at her as he fasten his shoes

“But you have been doing great”

“Yes but this year I really got to put in more Joe, I really want to have good points”

Joe gets up

“OK let’s hit the road”

Maryse gets up and look at the books on Joe’s desk

“I see I’m not the only one studying hard”

“Well I also have big dreams you know”

Maryse looks over her shoulder at Joe

“Just stay on the road you are, I think you are one to achieve those dreams”

Joe grins

“Getting sentimental on me Reese?”

Maryse chuckles and shake her ponytail

“Maybe I just care Joe, let’s go”

Joe frowns to himself as he follows Maryse out of his room.

“Joe are you going out?”

Joe stops at his mother’s voice

“Joe and me is going out for a jog”

Joe’s mother comes out of the living room

“Oh Maryse, so good to see you. How are you doing?”

“I’m good thank you and you Mrs. Anders?”

“Oh come on now Maryse you know me long enough now to call me Zandre and I’m doing great thank you. Since when are you two jogging? I thought Joe is already exercising himself into a coma”

“Oh we are just going to go for a jog, mild exercise to keep me in shape and to pry him away from his books for a few minutes”

Zandre just chuckles

“That is not too bad an idea, but make sure not to burn him out dear, I bet he still wants to study a bit when he gets back”

“Sure thing Zandre, I’ll go easy on your small boy here”

Maryse drags Joe after her

“Have fun hunny”

“Bye mom”

Outside Maryse grins at Joe and heads to the gate, Joe follows and closes the gate behind him. Maryse stands with her arms on her hips and grins at Joe

“Sometimes I think you are slower than Andy”

Joe starts to stretch out slowly

“At times I can also be a bit lazy”

Maryse looks at Joe

“What are you doing?”

“Warming up, it’s not good for your muscles to just start jogging”

Maryse starts to follow Joe’s movements as he warms up. A few minutes later Joe stands ready and shakes arms and legs, he grins at Maryse

“C’mon granny, time to get going”

Maryse looks up at him and aim a slap at him, but Joe just jumps aside and jogs down the sidewalk

“Catch me if you can, I am the Gingerbread Man”

Maryse laughs and sets off after Joe, she catches up with him three blocks later and he sets the pace for the jog, they start to talk about school and the football season. Joe can’t remember the last time he enjoyed a jog so much, usually it was with a bunch of his football friends and the conversation usually was about girls, sex and parties. With Maryse he could actually talk about numerous things and she could talk along with him as their general knowledge seems to go towards the same subjects. They jog out of town and Maryse points at a side road they must turn up into, Joe follows her lead, suspecting she’s been here a few times. Joe glances at her and admire her breasts moving inside the confines of her sport bra, he listen to her talking about the groups they have in class. The cheerleaders, the snobs, the popular kids, the ever present nerds and a few Goths, Joe grins at her

“So where do you fit it?”

She glances at him and laugh half out of breath

“The popular kids…but lately I found myself…with the nerds”

Joe chuckles

“That must mean that the nerd group suddenly became very popular”

Maryse grimace

“How the hell…can you still sound like…you haven’t been jogging?”

“Just regulate your breathing Reese, force yourself to breathe deeply”

Maryse chuckles

“Oh yes easy for you to say, you don’t have these puppies bouncing around”

Joe laughs and slows down until they are walking

“Just catch your breath, we still got some time left”

Maryse just keeps walking as she tries to regulate her breathing, after a few minutes she nods and they set off again

“So why would you think the nerd group is suddenly more popular Joe?”

Joe glances over at her

“Well the prettiest girl in school is in their ranks”

Maryse scoffs

“Claire Goodman is the prettiest girl in school Joe, even you know that”

Joe chuckles

“Claire is a bitch, she’s only popular because her dad allows her to throw big parties with lots of booze”

“Then maybe that is what I must do also get a bit of attention”

“Aw the cute little lady isn’t happy with her legion of fans”

Maryse glances curiously at Joe

“What do you mean?”

“Hell Reese, every guy on the football team talks about you, I’ve been to some of the parties, I heard the guys talk. You’re like Aphrodite or even Venus to them, the most beautiful lady in school”

Maryse grins and impish grin

“And you Joe, what do you think?”

Joe grins back at her and doesn’t answer, when they get to the edge of a stand of trees he decides that they should head back. Maryse is starting to show signs of strain and he knows that they won’t talk much on their way back. He jogs in silence and wonder why Maryse would want to know what he thought about her, it’s not like it should matter? Sure she had sex with him, but from what he heard it’s just like scratching an itch for her, no serious commitments to it. Maybe she wants to know how Andy’s best friend felt about her? But that doesn’t make sense at all, she never before showed any signs that knowing what people thought about her actually mattered. He senses more than see Maryse slowing down, he follows suit and soon find himself walking, he glances at Maryse and sees a kind of brooding expression on her face

“Joe? Can I ask you something?”

Joe looks at her

“Sure Reese, what’s up?”

She looks at him and in those eyes he can see a terrible conflict

“Do you think I’m a slut?”

Joe blinks his eyes


Maryse tosses her ponytail in either aggravation or irritation

“I heard people talking behind my back, calling me cheap, easy and a slut. I know that there are stories going around about me in school. I want to know if you think I’m a slut, I know I basically blackmailed you into fucking me and that alone should make me a slut in your eyes, but just answer me please”

Joe looks at her, those pretty eyes, soft lips, the soft arch of her neck, he thinks about the stories of her fucking a new guy every week, the story about the foursome at the behind the bar. Then he thinks about what he knows of her, her quick wit, her clear laughter, her friendliness. He shakes his head slowly

“No Reese, I do not think you’re a slut”

He glances at her and see that she’s busy looking at him thoughtfully

“You know Joe, you are a rare breed, let’s get home, I also have some studying to do”

As they jog back home Joe keep on wondering what she meant with that. The rest of the way they were silent only commenting on passing vehicles or buildings, Joe decided to jog with her to their home and then go back to his place. Soon he was behind his books again and the strange moment forgotten, a small movement outside catches his eye and as he looks up Andy leans on his window sill.

“Hey Joe whadya know?”

Joe chuckles and pushes his books away

“Just working on that Geometry we write Thursday, what are you up to?”

Andy rolls his eyes

“Taking a break, listen what did you do to Maryse?”

Joe immediately feels guilty as he remembers the evening that he lost his virginity to Maryse

“Why do you ask?”

Andy looks at Joe weirdly

“She came back from the jog with you, went up to her room and cried herself to sleep”

Joe blinks

“Nothing, we just jogged and she had a weird moment while we were coming back”

Andy frowns

“What do you mean strange moment bro?”

Joe motions Andy to come inside, Andy wastes little time climbing in through the window

“She stopped and asked me if I think she’s a slut, then she said that she knows about all the rumours about her in school”

“What did you tell her?”

Joe shrugs

“I said no, I don’t think she is a slut. She told me I’m a rare breed and then we came back”

Andy sighs exasperated and throws himself into a chair


They both burst out laughing and start to talk about the next season. About an hour later Andy leaves, Joe checks the clock, notices that there is still some time left so he continues with his studying. An hour later he pushes away from his desk and switches off his reading lamp, he yawns and stretch out before stumbling to his bed, slipping out of his t-shirt and plopping down into his bed, sleep claiming him almost instantaneously.

Joe slowly wakes up, he wonders what woke him up, he shrugs it off and snuggles up to the soft body next to him…wait a minute! Soft body? He is almost instantly awake, before he can do anything further, two soft lips are pressed against his and the body moves up over him. The lips slowly withdraws from him and in the semi darkness he can make out a familiar figure straddling him


A finger is placed on his lips and replaced by her lips, this time he kisses back, his hands are placed on soft hips and he starts to explore the body draped over his. The tongue darting into his mouth and entwining with his tongue is sweet and the breath against his face is warm. He run his hands over the soft, yet firm ass and squeeze gently, a soft sigh emits from her and she pulls slightly back and whispers

“Hey lover”

He blinks

“Maryse? How did you get in?”

Her chuckle is soft and throaty

“You forgot to close your window after Andy left”

He feel her soft hands slipping off his boxers, exposing his hardening cock, he can feel her body slide up over his again and her soft breast presses into his face. He seeks out her nipple and sucks it into his mouth, finding it already hard, he wiggles his tongue tip over the hard nub as he keep on sucking, her breathing is soft and warm on his face

“Baby, I’m going to make you feel good tonight…”

She pulls her breast from his face and offers him her other breast whose nipple he greedily sucks into his mouth. She sighs softly

“But I want you to come visit me on Friday OK?”

The soft breast and hard nipple is slowly taken from his mouth, she slides down him and her lips seeks out his and she push her hot body tightly against his body, when she pulls away he tries to pull her back to him, but with slight resistance she moves down his body. He lets her go, her nipples traces a trail down his body, and he can feel his hard, throbbing cock push between her soft breasts. She stops and he can feel her breasts squeezing harder around his shaft, he glances down at her and sees her pressing her breasts together with his cock sandwiched between them, she starts to move her breasts up and down his throbbing shaft. He closes his eyes and groan softly as her velvety skin brush over his sensitive shaft, he lays back, closing his eyes in pleasure. He jumps slightly as a warm, wet feeling clamp over the head of his cock, he feels her breasts moving from his cock as her mouth pulls him in deeper. He grips her hair in one hand as she seems to slide his cock into her mouth and down her throat in one fluid motion, eliciting another low groan from him. She starts to slowly bob her head up and down over his groin, her soft hair brushing over his thighs as her hot mouth sucks on his throbbing cock. Her tongue dances around his shaft and to add more sensation she allows her teeth to lightly scrape against his shaft. He breathes deeply, trying not to moan out loudly, a sound that would attract a lot of attention from his light sleeping parents. Her long fingers find his balls and gently start to fondle them, her head starts to speed up and he grips her head between his hands, moving his hands along with her head, feeling his cock sliding down her throat and her soft moans vibrating through his cock and through his entire body. He breathes deeply and swallow slowly, his back arching slightly from the overload of pleasure coursing through his body, her mouth slips from his cock and he opens his eyes as the cool air brush over his wet cock

“Do we have a deal baby?”

He only manages to croak out


Almost instantly her mouth engulfs his cock again, her hand gently milking his balls as she add her hand to her mouth, squeezing firmly as she lick and suck on his cock. He lets go of her hair and grip his sheets, clenching his teeth and squeezing his eyes tightly shut, suppressing his loud moan of pleasure. Her mouth and hands feels like a soft wet vice milking his cock and balls, he can feel the pressure building at the base of his cock and gasps softly for breath

“I’m going to cum”

Her hand slips away from his shaft and her mouth and throat engulfs his cock, taking him deep into the hot depths of her mouth, unable to hold back anymore he releases his pent up orgasm. It feels like his body explodes in absolute pleasure as his cum erupts from his body and down her throat, she pulls back slightly, resting the head of his jerking cock at the opening of her throat, swallowing his cum as it pumps from his body. He grips the sheets harder, pushing his head back into his pillow as two weeks worth of cum empties from his balls. His body slumps back into the bed, gasping for breath, he keeps his eyes closed as he continues to breathe deeply to catch his breath. He slowly opens his eyes and looks down, Maryse is gone, he sits up and switches on his bed side lamp, and he looks around but sees no sign of her, even the window is only open on a slight crack. He finds his boxers next to the bed and slip back into them, he picks up his cellphone to look at the time and sees a text message, he opens it and read

“Don’t forget to come visit Friday lover”

He closes the text messages menu and lies down on his bed, switching off the lamp, he stares up at the ceiling. Thoughts rushes through his head, foremost are: What the hell did just happen? He closes his eyes and as he drifts off to sleep a small smile spread over his lips as he recalls her soft hair under his hands.

The rest of the week Joe spends his time studying, going jogging with Maryse, gyming and hanging out with Andy. Friday comes around and Joe starts to wonder what to expect when he goes over to the O’Hanigans after school today. He tries to get a whiff of something strange going on, but Andy seems to know of nothing and according to him they are all going to be at home today. Joe decides to just give in and accept that it’s just going to be a normal visit, the rest of the day seems to crawl by and Joe starts to get irritated and by the time the final bell goes Joe is so wound up he can feel himself shaking


He looks up from where he is busy placing his books into his back pack, Miss Stevens is looking at him from behind her desk

“Yes miss?”

“Could you help me with these books please?”

Joe smiles, suppressing a sigh

“Sure, no problems”

Joe finishes packing his back pack, slings it over one shoulder and goes to Miss Stevens’ desk, she shows him a bunch of library books. Joe waits until all the other students have filed out, before he picks up a load of the books. Miss Stevens picks up the rest and she walks out of the room heading for the library, Joe follows her with his arms full of books. Miss Stevens is easily one of the youngest teachers in school, she finished her own studies last year and got an opening in their school when Mr Andso retired. Joe found that she is quite a capable teacher and that she always was ready to listen to her students. Getting to the library Joe places the books down on the Return shelf and Miss Stevens thanks him. Joe just smiles and says it’s a pleasure before heading for the gates, he must admit that Miss Stevens being well built and pretty doesn’t make helping her to carry books too much of a task. Joe start to walk leisurely down the road, whistling AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, one of his all time favourite songs. When he gets to the O’Hanigans’ house, he notices that Mr and Mrs O’Hanigan is already home, which is not a very unusual occurrence on a Friday. He knocks on the door and Mrs O’Hanigan opens the door with a huge smile on her face

“Hey there Joe, how are you doing?”

“I’m good thanks and yourself?”

“I’m great thank you, come on in. Maryse should be along in a few minutes”

“Excuse me?”

Mrs O’Hanigan frowns

“Why are you here Joe?”

“Well I got a text from Maryse to come visit today”

“How odd”


“Well she told us a bit earlier that she has a new boyfriend and that she is going to come show him to us today. She said he is a very kind and considerate guy and that we would most probably like him”

Joe grins

“Well then, let’s get inside and see who Mr Perfect is”

Mrs O’Hanigan laughs and lets Joe in, closing the door behind him. Joe places his back pack down next to Andy’s and walks into the living room, Andy is busy watching Mythbusters and Mr O’Hanigan is busy reading a newspaper, after greeting each other, Joe sits down and watches Mythbusters with Andy.

“It seems like your mom is rather excited”

Andy shrugs

“This will be the first guy that Reese actually brings home to meet the family”

Joe chuckles and they go on watching in comparative silence, half an hour later the front door opens and closes. Everybody looks up expectantly and Maryse comes walking into the living room alone, Joe starts to laugh softly and Mrs O’Hanigan comes out of the kitchen area, searching for and not finding anybody else, she looks a bit down cast

“Reese, honey, where is the guy you said you’re bringing over?”

Maryse grins one of her impish grins

“He’s already here mom”

She points directly at Joe, there is a shocked silence as everybody stares at Joe. Joe struggles to close his own mouth. Maryse grins at him and he wonders if she’s going to blurt out that they had sex as well

“W-what do you mean?”

Andy’s comment breaks the silence, Maryse turns her gaze to him

“Well it’s easy little brother, you see mom and dad have been complaining about me not being able to find a guy. Well we all know Joe, he is kind, considerate and has a great personality. I can’t really think of anybody better”

Suddenly Mr O’Hannigan bursts out laughing

“From the look on Joe’s face I’d safely say you haven’t told him that news yet”

Maryse giggles

“Are you going to say no Joe?”

Joe just mutely shakes his head

“Good boy, you are already house trained it seems”

Mr O’Hanigan’s retort breaks the sudden tension and everybody laughs or chuckles, Andy punches Joe on the shoulder

“Normally you must become best friends with the girl’s brother, seems like you did it backwards”

Joe, still a bit shocked, grins at Andy

“I am unique that way”

Maryse settles down between them and slip an arm around Joe, Mrs O’Hanigan smiles

“Such a lovely couple”

Maryse settle her head on Joe’s shoulder and whispers softly

“I hope I did the right thing, I don’t want to labelled as an easy slut anymore”

Joe places his arm awkwardly around her and gives her a gentle squeeze, everybody seems to notice that this is something really important for her even though they couldn’t hear her words to Joe. Mr O’Hanigan gets up and heads toward the kitchen, Mrs O’Hanigan follows him, Andy seems to be unsure of what to do, but he pretty soon gets up and rushes down to the den. Maryse looks at Joe and smiles softly at him, Joe grins and shakes his head

“You really caught me off guard there Reese”

She giggles softly and Joe hugs her tightly against him

“I do not know if you did the right thing Reese, but we will make this work or try our best to let it work out”

She smiles and rests her head on his shoulder again, he whispers softly

“What was that about last time?”

She chuckles softly and whispers back

“I just wanted to do it”

“And you disappeared”

“You know I’m a vocal girl, if I did what I really wanted to, your parents would have been very shocked baby”

Joe chuckles

“That is true as well, now what?”

She snuggles close

“Now you are mine, I’m going to kill any girl that looks at you and I can have you all to myself”

Joe laughs

“Well I can live with that”

They sit like this for a while, Maryse seems to be in a happy state of mind and Joe just processing what happened. A bit later they are seated at the table, Maryse in the chair next to Joe, they discuss the weather, sports, school and the last season of football as they feast on the roast beef, baked potatoes, green beans and brown rice. After dinner they disperse, Mr and Mrs O’Hanigan to the living room, Andy to the den and Maryse dragging Joe after her up to her room. Once inside Maryse slips out of her clothes, leaving Joe still clothed staring at her perfect body, she grins at him

“Time to do your duty as a boyfriend”

Joe blinks at her and she laugh softly

“Just strip baby”

Joe removes his clothes, being this close to a very naked Maryse has the expected result. Maryse steps closer, her hand wrapping around his hard shaft as she pulls his head down for a kiss, she pulls away and slide her hand up and down his shaft, sending shivers of pleasure through his body

“My, my, my seems like somebody is very eager hmm?”

Joe grins at her

“That is an affirmative ma’am”

Maryse smiles

“I’m yours Joe, do with me just what you want to”

Joe looks around then leads her to her desk, she gets a impish smile and hops onto the desk, Joe pulls her closer to the edge and she uses her hand to guide him to her wet lips, Joe kisses her gently as his head rests between her hot lips

“You seem quite excited yourself”

She looks at him

“I did have almost a whole week to think about how good it will be, you really got me very excited with that tongue of yours on my nipples”

Joe slowly pushes forward and she closes her eyes and breathe in deeply, Joe pushes deeper until he is fully embedded inside of her

“Mmmm don’t move babe, just stay like this for a while”

He leans in and start to gently kiss her neck, he can feel her hands slowly stroking over his back and her soft breathing is warm in his neck. She shifts her pelvis tighter against him and he pulls back slowly and thrust back into her, she moans softly

“Yes baby, fuck me with that beautiful cock”

Joe slides his hands up her spread legs and cups her hips, holding her as he starts to thrust slowly and deeply into her tight pussy, she kisses his neck, moaning against his skin. Her throaty moans vibrating against his neck urges him on to thrust faster, pulling her into his thrusts by her hips. Her breathing becomes faster and she moans louder, digging her nails into his back, pulling him tighter against her. He can feel her hard nipples push against him as he thrusts harder and faster inside her, she moans harder, moving her hips forward under his hands. Their groins are soon wet with her flowing juices and slap gently together as he slide deep in and out of her, they are both breathing hard, close to gasping for breath as they move hard together

“Oh baby, it’s so good”

She leans back, breathing hard, looking up at Joe. Joe stares at her breasts bouncing under his continued thrusts, then look up into her eyes. She grabs his shoulders and pull him into her, kissing him and rest her mouth against his neck, her breath warm and almost scalding on his skin

“Harder baby, make me cum for you”

Joe obeys her and thrust as hard as he can into her, their groins slamming hard together, her loud moans sends shivers of pleasure through his spine, he can feel his orgasm building up in the base of his cock. Maryse bites hard into his shoulder and he can hear another of her high pitched screams die a wet death against his skin and feel her body convulse around his cock, he thrusts one more deep thrust and clench on his teeth as his cum erupts from his cock, he pulls her hips tight against him and tries to thrust even deeper into her. He groan as his cum keeps pumping into her, again he empties himself inside her, her muscles massaging his cock, feeling like a velvet hand trying to milk him dry. They gradually come down from their respective highs, both breathing deeply, they stay locked together for a while as they catch their breath. Joe slowly leans back and Maryse smiles up at him, he smiles back at her, she sits up, leaning in against him and kisses him gently.

“Next time we do it slower OK?”

He nods and she touches his cheek

“Let’s get dressed, we want to look respectable at least”

Joe chuckles softly and helps her from the desk

“You know Reese, this is going to be a very long season”

She chuckles and slips her hotpants on

“Aww will my baby have no time for me?”

Joe laughs softly as he slips on his boxers and jeans

“Just saying that you are going to have one very tired boyfriend at times”

Maryse slips on a t-shirt and shorts

“That’s OK, but just be sure that you are going to sleep a lot more than usual”

Joe slips on his shirt and sits down on her bed

“I can believe that”

She giggles and crawls onto the bed to sit next to him, wrapping his arms around her, she tilts her head to look at him

“I’m a bit curious”

Joe raises his eyebrows

“You know what curiosity did to the cat”

“I’m not a cat honey”

“But you have one”

She laughs and shoves her shoulder against him

“Oh hush you”

She settles into his arms again

“You know those stories about me right?”


“Which one do you not believe?”

Joe thinks for a while

“Well apart from the three bikers…”

She looks around


He nods

“Yes that is how the story goes. You had a foursome with three guys behind the Hog’s Bar”

She shakes her head

“Geez that is just a load of bull, OK sure I got drunk and one guy got lucky because he had a nice bike, but that is about it”

Joe gives her a tight hug

“It’s OK honey, don’t let it upset you”

“If that is the scope of the stories, I’m surprised you didn’t turn me down”

“I just thought of what I knew about you, not the stories I heard. I know you’re not even close to being half as bad as the people say you are”

Maryse sighs and settles back against Joe

“It seems like I have a long way to go and I may even tarnish your name due to gossip from other people”

Joe breathes in the aroma of her hair and realises that he doesn’t actually care, all he knows is that he has deep feelings for Maryse and it’s not only due to the fact that she took his virginity and that they just had sex. He smiles and gives her a tight hug, gently kissing her neck, she giggles softly and hits him with her elbow

“Stop being such a naughty boy”

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Techno rabbit vibrator. Sex experience with my friend’s mother -2 “If there are more than one, there is a way which you have to do in order to divert them completely so that I can have a chance to destroy the data. “I told her. She replied “what is that I have to do?” “You have to provoke them for multiple penetration, so that they are busy in fucking you without knowing what is happening around them” “ooooooh! No. I can’t do that, I can’t resist their fucking dicks entering me at a time” she replied in aggression. “If you can’t...


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Karen tapped Steffi on the shoulder and told her that Miss Peters wanted to see her in her office right away. Steffi finished buttoning her blouse and asked, Did she say what she wanted? Nope, shot back Karen as she hurried out of the locker room, she didn't seem upset or anything, she just wants to seeya! Christ, muttered Steffi, it's lunch time and I'm being held over after gym class, as she scooped up her towel and gym clothes and stuffed them in her back pack. Karen said you wanted to see me, Steffi remarked in a questioning voice after...


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Hot Milf Nextdoor

Hot Milf Nextdoor The hot little minx next door has a penchant for much younger men. I have personally witnessed her fucking the pool boy, the pizza delivery guy, the cable man and just last weekend the lawn boy. She is a redheaded vixen about 5 ft 5 with DD breasts. Her nipples are teardrop in shape and dark brown, contrasting her pink flesh. To say that they are magnificent would be an understatement. She might weigh in at 130lbs. In her thirties she is married to a man much older than her. Older than me in fact, and I just...


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