Settling In

Settling In

A friend called asking if I had an apartment that a young divorced woman could rent. I said send her over to this address in Highland Park, I would meet her there. Amber is an attractive young woman, 5' 8" tall, slender body, shoulder length blonde hair, small tits and has been divorced for three years, no children and no boyfriend. I invited her into the furnished apartment. " I'm John," I told her. " I'm Amber," she replied. She came in walking past me, I closed the door and locking it as I scanned her up and down, focusing on her small ass. I walked up behind her whispering in her ear, " Put your hands against the wall and don't move 'em until I tell you otherwise." A shiver of fear went through Amber as she put her hands against the wall, she suddenly recognized me remembering my reputation. My reputation of taking advantage of young women, " I've only come here to see the apartment," Amber said, surprised that her voice is a whisper. Amber feels my hands at her ankle. My hands traveling up her leg, over her calf to her thigh. Amber groans softly as she feels my fingers kneading her thigh through her slacks.

Slick juicy cum flowing to Amber's cunt lips and she wonders if there is so much pussy juice there that it will seep through her panties and slacks. Amber had pinned her blonde hair up loosely, allowing several tendrils of satiny hair to fall down from her temples. She had on small gold hoop earrings that shone brightly. I handed Amber a snifter of brandy. " Don't worry, I'll take care of you." Amber feels her heart rate quicken as I sat next to her on the couch. I'm extremely wealthy man, powerful business man, chisled facial features, educated and sophisticated man and my reputation as a playboy and ladies' man is well deserved. Amber has heard that my cock is positively enormous. She wonders if those are just rumors. " Thank you," Amber replied quietly. " I've been a little shook up about this situation. " I mean, finding an apartment is difficult." I slip closer to the blonde, my hip almost touching hers as we sat on the couch in the apartment living room. " I can imagine that it's been hell for you, as" an attractive young divorcee," I replied my sincerity showing in my tone. I glance down at Amber's tits and feel a stirring in my balls. Amber's small tits are pressing against the lace blouse and I can just barely see the darkness of her chocolate-brown areolas. Her nipples, are making blunt dents in the material. If only the damn blouse didn't button all the way up to her neck I would have had a magnificent view of her cleavage.

" John, I don't know how I can ever repay you." Amber looks at me, crossing her legs at the knee. She feels the heat in her pussy and happy that she had panties on. " You've been wonderful through this." I start toward Amber. She closes her eyes and a moment later feels my lips touching hers softly, tenderly. A soft moan came from her chest as my tongue plays over her lips. " Amber, I'understand you have been divorced for three years. I also understand you don't have a boyfriend." I whispered. I kiss her again, putting my brandy snifter on the floor without taking my lips from hers. The blood racing through her veins. Her nipples got even harder and more erect as my lips nuzzled her neck and earlobe. Amber's hands are trembling, and she almost drops her glass. " Maybe I should leave," she said. " No, you've got to stay." I put an arm around her shoulders. With the fingertips of my right hand I turned her face toward myself. " You've got to stay."

Amber feels her will power melting. The heat in her pussy is so intense it frightens her. Before, we sat down I fondled her breasts and she had enjoyed it. But now she is being seduced by me instead of being forced to do things. " Do you want me?" she asks, her eyes closed. " Yessss! Amber, I want you very much!" When my lips came to hers again, Amber kisses me with passion, responding openly now to my lust and her own. She put her right hand on my thigh, her left hand still holding onto the brandy snifter. My tongue pushes between her lips. Amber slithered her tongue against mine delighting in the taste of his mouth. Her clit blazing furiously, making warm, slick pussy juice seep to her cunt lips, preparing her for my nine-inch-long prick. When I put my hand on her tit again, Amber's body jerks. It is like she has been shocked by electricity. My fingers pressing tenderly into her firm flesh again. I fondle her nipple caressing it through her blouse, making the nipple stand out even more prominently.

Amber feels the long line of buttons down the front of her blouse coming undone. My fingers move slowly, deftly, unfastening them one at a time. When her blouse is opened to just below her small tits, she feels me stop. At first Amber is frightened, thinking that I'm going to follow her pleas for me to stop. Then she feels my fingers slipping inside her blouse and she shivers, kissing me on the mouth as I sought her hard, tingling, bud-like nipple. Amber sighs, pushing her tongue into my hot mouth as my hand slips inside her blouse. She feels my fingers against her electrified flesh searching for her nipple. When she feels me pinch her cherry nipple, Amber jerked from head to foot from the contact. " John... John... John..." The word seems to say everything that Amber feels. I massage her small tit, working the nipple over between my fingers and thumb, sending her senses soaring as her cunt got hotter and hotter. Between her cunt lips, Amber's clit feels like it is burning up with anticipation.

She squeezes my thigh softly, raking her long, painted fingernails over my flesh through my pants. I remove my hand from inside her blouse and made a quick job of unfastening the rest of Amber's buttons. I push her blouse open and stare at exposed tits, the areolas dark with lust, the nipples aching for attention. " Oh, God!" Amber gasps, unable to believe the wild fuck-lust that is going through her. Boldly, surprising herself, Amber reaches between my legs. She finds my prick and, like the rumors had said, it is huge. She squeezes the cock head in her palms, feeling it throbbing, feeling the heat of my prick through my pants. I dip my face down, kissing Amber's neck as I work my way toward her tits, she laid her head against the back of the couch. Her fingers toying along the length of my prick, Amber made no move to pull my zipper down or get my cock out. Amber is having second thoughts after feeling the size of my cock.

Amber squirming on the couch, waiting for the bliss of my hungry mouth devouring her ultra-sensitive nipple. " John...John...John..." When my mouth opens wide and I suck in much of Amber's aroused, lust-hardened nipple, whatever doubts she had vanished. She knew with clarity, that she had to feel my cock driving into her cunt and rubbing against her fiery, red-hot clit. " Mmmmmm!" I moan, flicking my tongue against her nipple. The glass dropped from Amber's hand as she feels her tingling nipple being sucked and licked. Her tits, which are smaller than other woman's from the time when she was very young woman, has always been ignored by men. Perhaps it is because of this reason that Amber is enjoying her tits being given such loving, lusty attention. " Take me, John!" she whispers, stroking my hair as I suck on her nipples. " I want to feel your cock inside me." I slide down between her legs spreading them. I unzip my pants sliding them down freeing my large python, I start rubbing my cock tip up and down her small slit lubing it before positioning my huge head at the opening to her pussy. " No John...please." but it is too late I start to ease my tip into her dripping pussy and she feels it stretching around my head, I slowly start to fill her.

"Oh fuck! You're so very tight!" My cock head is now in her vaginal channel, her channel feels the size of straw as my cock tries to stretch her. I'm still inside her allowing her to accommodate my size. " John please! You're too big, I can feel you stretching me open! " I ignore her again as I pull my cock back slightly then without warning slam into her, ripping through her small channel " OMG please!" She screams as tears roll down her cheeks, I again ignore her as I gently start moving my hips in and out until inch after inch is buried inside her to the hilt. Amber is experiencing excruciating pain, it is barely bearable, she is biting her lower lip. I start a steady and gentle rhythm holding her legs in the air to allow me complete access to her violated pussy with my massive cock. Soon the pain turns into pleasure as her body starts to respond and she feels a orgasm building, she starts to move her hips matching my thrusts allowing deeper access to her inner sanctum. " Oh baby, your so very tight, it's like a vise on my dick!" " Oh John! Please! Fuck me harder!" Amber's tight tunnel stroking my shaft, sheathing and unsheathing with each stroke.

I'm reaming Amber's pussy grinding myself against her cunt lips, feeling my balls rubbing against her ass cheeks. " You're beautiful," I whisper in her ear. Amber stroking the nape of my neck as she feels her sizzling clit getting rubbed by the upper surface of my cock. My cock plowing straight through her, driving deeper into her cunt, no cock has ever been this deep. " I love the way you fuck me," Amber whispers, writhing her hips in a circular motion to take my cock deeper into her cunt from different angles, she has never experienced different angles of penetration the new sensations of friction against her swollen red-hot clit is ecstasy. " Fuck me," Amber coos, raking her fingernails over my naked shoulders as I impale her, slamming my massive cock to the hilt in her. Amber's thighs, encased in tight black silk stockings, quivering as my hips slam hard against her, driving my cock into her again and again. She feels my fingers pressing into her tit. I kiss her lips hard almost bruising them, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, demanding that Amber respond lustfully to everything I'm doing to her.

Amber has never known such incredible heights of ecstasy. The long thick hard-driving cock rubbing against her swollen clit. She feels the tightness in the pit of her stomach as her orgasm is building. She sucks on my tongue, writhing in ecstasy beneath me, her hips undulating from side to side as my shaft continues pistoning in and out. " Sweet Amber," I hiss. Amber sees in my eyes how I'm fighting against the pleasure she is giving me. To know that she can turn me on delighted her. A loud scream of exultation caught Amber by surprise it took a moment before she realized the scream is her own and her cum is gushing out of her pussy. " Fuck meeeeee!" she wails helplessly, lost in the extraordinary, blinding, consuming sensations that is ripping through her curvaceous body. Her juice gushing from her sweet cunt. Her clit detonated, unable to take the slick friction my cock is giving her any longer without exploding. She writhes and shakes, her body bucking and convulsing beneath me as I skewer her overheated cunt with my long thick powerful cock. Amber opens her mouth to scream again but is silenced when my mouth covers hers and my tongue presses hotly, hungrily against her own.

As Amber is coming down from her climax, she feels the throbbing of my cock head against her cervix. I pull up, pulling back all of my cock from her cunt, then ramming hard into her again. This time, when her cunt lips are around the base of my cock's shaft and my cock tip is again against her cervix, she feels my balls pull up between my legs as they rub against her ass cheeks. A river of cum spewing from my balls, gushing like lava into Amber's receptive pussy. I pull my jerking cock out of her until only the cock head is still in her, then I drive into her again. Again, when my cock is fully embedded in her, I explode in a fountain of hot, thick creamy cum. " Give me your cum," Amber hisses, the words coming out choked and strained as she is struggling through the last of her orgasm.

It feels like my cum is boiling hot inside her. Amber's hips undulating, keeping her right foot up on the top of the couch, her left foot on the floor to allow me full access to her cunt. As I came, my fingers pressing deep into her tit, bruising her. She didn't care. Now that she is feeling my long thick throbbing cock spitting out hot jets of cum into her, she is willing to do anything I want, give me any thing I desire. " Ohhhhhh!" I sigh. As the sound that rumbles from my chest dies away, the climax stopping. Amber holds me close, feeling my heart pounding close to hers, feeling my cock throbbing inside her. " You're wonderful," Amber whispers tenderly, her body tingling with the after effects of the magnificent fucking she'd ever experienced. " I never thought a man could make me feel so complete, so sexual satisfied." I kiss her cheek softly.

With her eyes closed Amber asks, " What do you want to do? I want to please you more than any woman ever has." This pushes me over the edge as I ram into her one last time, holding still as she feels my thick member pulsing inside her again filling her. This feeling pushes her over the edge, again spiraling her into another earth shattering orgasm as she screams my name. We both lay here silently covered in a sheen of sweat.

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