Sex With My Babysitter

Sex With My Babysitter

I'm a 17 year old virgin. Yep I said it. I've had girlfriends but they didn't last long enough to the point where i could fuck them. I just think there's never gonna be a day when i get to do it with a hot chick. I'm prolly the only guy in the school who hasn't done it yet. Oh well.. Anyways today is Friday and my parents are goin out which means I'll be stuck with a babysitter. My parents still think I'm a little baby. I swear I could hear the kids at school makin fun of me.
"Hunny... come down here" mom said.
I went downstairs and saw mom with her serious face on. Uh-Oh.
"Wen the babysitter gets here i want you to behave. Don't cause any trouble. Imma ask her if you were behaving too."
"mom." I said. "i'm 17 for crying out loud i dont need a babysitter."
"Are u an adult? No. I still decide wats good for you." she said
I was about to respond but that's wen the babysitter decides to show up. Time to see who it is this time. I walked to the door just as mom opened it. My mouth dropped open. Standing before us was a beautiful blonde. She had an amazing body but a petite frame. She was cute. Mom said her goodbyes and the left. Now... it's just me and her.
"I'll be in my room if you need me... i don't wanna cause you any trouble." I said. Of all the things in the world that i can say, i chose that. Smh.
"No... if you don't mind... I'd like to join you... gotta keep an eye on you." she said
Oh great.... a "i'm watching your every move babysitter" ugh
"Fine whatever" i said walking up to my room. I was not prepared for what was about to happen though.
When i entered my room, she was right behind me. She closed the door and locked it.
"umm...why'd you lock the door?" i asked
Without answering me, she pushed me onto my bed and got on top of me.
"let's have some fun." she said leaning down and kissing me. If i knew this was gonna happen, i would have brushed my teeth. She sat up and begun to take off her shirt. Wen she had it off completely, she worked her way down and took off everything she had on. By this time, i had a major hard on. She noticed it as well because she started to undo my pants buckle. She pulled my pants down and took them off as well as my boxers. My cock was erect. She gently began stroking it. Looking at me, she leaned down and kissed the top of my cock. I swear i was gonna cum rite then and there but i held it in.She then put it all in her mouth and i was recieving my first blwjob. Her head bobbed up and down as she took in every inch. This felt so good. A little moan escaped my mouth.
"You like that don't you?"she asked. She gave me a handjob and licked my cock now and then. She's a pro at this. She then began to suck on my balls. First the right one then the left one. "Oh shit I'm gonna cum" i said as my load shot out of me.
"mmm u cum a lot" she said licking it all up. There was still sum cum oozing out of my cock. She started sucking it again making sure there was not a drop left.
"You taste good." she said getting on top of me and kissing me again. Her tongue poked out her lips asking for entry of mine. I opened my mouth slightly and our tongues met. We had a hot make-out session. I wanted to know how she tasted like so i flipped her around so that i was on top of her. I kissed her neck and made my way down to her breast.They were firm and her nipples were erect. I slowly sucked on one biting it gently. She was moaning a little. I sucked the other one just the same. Then i traveled down further until i reached her pot of gold. Her pussy was so wet from all of her juices. I slowly past my hand over her pussy lips spreading them out. That got another moan out of her. I gently flicked my tongue against her clit. Her body writhed in pleasure. I did it two more times. Each time she wanted to push my face into her pussy deeper.
"Oh baby yes, eat me." she moaned. Thats wen i literally starting her pussy. She tasted so good. She was moaning like cazy. Her hand was in my hair pushing my face in deeper. I flicked my tongue in and out of her pussy. She was holding onto the bed sheets. I gently bit down on her clit. Her back arched and she had her orgasm. More of her sweet juices flowed into my mouth.
"I want you to fuck me now baby" she moaned. I let her recover from her orgasm before i spread her legs and rubbed the head of my cock against her clit. "Oh yesss" she moaned. I entered her slowly feeling the wetness of her insides. She moaned louder. She pulled me closer and i got the idea that she wanted me to pound her pussy. I started thrusting in and out of her slowly but then picked up the pace. Her breasts were bouncing up in and down with every thrust. She let out full blown moans. I knew that i was only minutes away from coming. You could here my balls slapping against her pussy. I felt my balls tighten and i shot my load into her. "Oh Shit" i said as my load kept on shooting out. She gripped my back and she had her orgasm. I pulled out of her and collasped on the bed. Job well done huh?

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