About Missy - 1

About Missy - 1

Introduction: (Jan 2005)

In the story "Mail order sex slave" posted under her name, Cathy used my first name for the main character. Missy's not an uncommon name so I shouldn't have been offended, and wasn't. In fact, I'd like to think she sort of had me in mind, because the idea of appearing in a porno story excites me the way flashing my pussy does when I'm at a nudist beach with Katlin (and sometimes Cathy). But I'm not much like the young girl in the story, either in age or appearance. - Yours, Missy

Incidentally since she doesn't spell everything out, Missy is 18, 5-10, 130 pounds, 36C-25-37 and very pretty. Guys seem to like to know that sort of stuff about us. And in this case the story is actually about the girl writing it, so I guess it might matter. Obviously she's hardly petite like the girl in my original story. The real Missy looks more like a super model than a china doll. She has long blonde hair and looks Scandinavian. Aslo, since much of this story involves Katlin, we checked with her first. But, like Missy, she was delighted. - Cathy Cook


About Missy


There was nothing good about eighth grade until I became friends with Katlin. I didn't like any of my teachers, I hated school, and mostly my father up and left before I finished seducing him.

Mom had been treating daddy like shit for years. I guess fourteen years earlier she should have gone ahead and gotten the abortion. But then, where would I be? Anyway, she'd never wanted to get married and started having affairs maybe three months after I'd gotten myself born. When I was seven or eight she stopped having sex with dad, though she'd do it in the back seat of a car with almost anyone else. About the time I turned twelve I had my first period and realized that there were now two women in the house and at least one of us should be nice to daddy. But he seemed as opposed to incest as he was extra-marital affairs.

I did get him to fondle me a bit, usually starting with long, lingering hugs. Sometimes I'd sit in his lap and he'd put his arms around my waist. I could feel his erection pressing in to my fanny so why shouldn't I move his hands to my crotch and tits? It had taken two years to get from mild tit squeezes to finger fucks but I was sure it wouldn't be long before I got him to pop my cherry. I hadn't been cultivating any boyfriends because I already had a lover. He was just slow in admitting it. Then suddenly he was gone!

It would have been wonderful if mom had moved out and not dad. Not only did he move out, but he moved far away. The divorce settlement could have gone worse for mom, but my father didn't give his lawyer a free rein. My mother had a good job and a bad reputation. It had never made the papers, but her infidelity was well known. Only he and I knew that his fear of incest was what had finally driven him out. Even his lawyer assumed he'd just gotten fed up with a wife who'd been openly cheating for their entire marriage.

There was no alimony in the settlement. Mom kept the house and got a fairly good child support allowance. She was really pissed when I turned 18 last June and dad started sending the checks to me instead of her! For four years she'd treated the money as hers. She hadn't even intended to spend much of it on my college bills, making me take out huge loans. Mom actually went to the judge and demanded she continue getting the money, which got her no where. In fact, according to the court settlement he didn't have to pay anyone anything after I turned 18. Next Sandy demanded I endorse the checks to her.

I did that only until I went away to college last August. Now I don't and now she no longer talks to me. When I went home last Thanksgiving and last month for Christmas to see my friends, I stayed at Katlin's mother's house. One afternoon during the break and while my mother was at work, Katlin and I went over to the house and moved out anything personal I wanted to keep. There wasn't much and most of it went in the back of a closet in Katlin's house. Now I can get to things easily without having to risk an encounter with my mother. I'm bigger than her so why am I'm afraid of her?

After dad left, I started getting interested in boys my age. It was about the same time I suddenly becoming good friends with Katlin, though we'd known each other since the beginning of sixth grade. Katlin had lost her father several years earlier and she was very sympathetic. Our situations were somewhat different. My father was still alive, still loved me and sometimes visited me. But my mother and I hated each other while Kira is the nicest mother a girl could want.

Of course, Katlin and I shared that other interest, boys. And she hadn't been spinning her wheels like me. One of her current guys, Robert, was in ninth grade, already in high school, which was a big deal although he was only a year older than us. Almost immediately she decided that Robert was going to fix me up with Kevin, a guy she really had the hots for but only knew through Robert. She was sure Kevin was the kind of guy who was already "going all the way". And Katlin and I wanted nothing more than to "go all the way" with a guy, maybe any guy as long as he'd officially rupture our hymens. With the use of dildos, however, it would only be "official", not real. Katlin and I had both taken care of the actual destruction of our cherries, first on ourselves and, almost immediately, doing it to each other. Before I got to be good friends with Katlin I never realized that a dildo feels ten times better when someone else is pushing it inside me, even another girl. I'd never actually given myself an orgasm with either a dildo or my fingers. But the first time Katlin licked my pussy lips I exploded all over her face. From then on she could do almost anything to me and get me to cume.

I didn't give Katlin her first climax, however, because Robert had beaten me to it. While they weren't "going all the way" they were pretty hot and heavy into oral sex. Katlin had taught herself how to do deep throat using Bob's penis. And apparently Bob had loved every step of the process. He wasn't all that good about tonguing her vagina and wouldn't go near her anus. But by kissing and licking her pussy lips and clit, he was giving her orgasms every time. And often she'd give herself a climax just by sucking his dick, especially when she had the whole thing down inside her throat. At first this had scared her because she couldn't breathe for short periods of time. But once she got past that and started feeling erotic about having him fully inside her, it became orgasmic. One thing she hadn't done, but was tempted to do, was suck him without taking a break until she lost consciousness. She'd warned Robert that if she passed out he must immediately stop fucking her throat. But so far that hadn't happened.

It's amazing how quickly Katlin and I became lovers, actually only a matter of hours. We had both stayed after school one day in March in 2000 for a play rehearsal in which we both had minor parts. So we walked home together, living only two streets away from each other. I started telling Katlin about my father leaving, and about the impending divorce. It turned out even Katlin had heard about Sandy's infidelities, but not that my mother and I were also on such bad terms. And now I was stuck in the house with the parent I hated while the one I loved was gone!

Of course, she asked me to come over to her house for what was left of the afternoon. My mom and I hardly ever even ate dinner together so I could probably have stayed as long as I wanted. But I didn't dare not show up without telling her first. So I just planned to stay for a few hours.

Katlin's house was almost as empty as mine. Her older sister was away to college and her father had died several years earlier. But Katlin loved her mother and it felt like Cathy was still very much a part of the family. Katlin showed me her older sister's bedroom and it looked neat but lived in. Then she dragged me over to Cathy's dresser and opened up one of the drawers. Behind a pile of sexy underwear were two unopened boxes each containing twelve condoms!

"That's my ace in the hole if Robert doesn't buy some himself soon! Cathy won't mind. She even knows that I know they're there. I think she left them there for me, just in case I needed them. Kira would get me some if I asked, but it's easier to do stuff like this with an understanding sister, even one six years older than me."

"What's Cathy like?"

"Nice but strange, especially for a girl. She was already 18 when she did it for the first time. Yet she was doing deep throat when she was fifteen. You know everyone in my family is a nudist, don't you?"

The sudden change of subject was disconcerting. And no, I hadn't known. I didn't know I knew any nudists. In fact I had all the usual wrong impressions about nudity. I didn't know that some nudists are obnoxiously "moral". Katlin's family just seemed to enjoy beaching and camping naked. Her parents weren't religious fanatics. But they weren't swingers either. Kira, now that she was again single by reason of having become a young widow, could probably pick up guys on the make very easily walking around naked on a free beach, but didn't. Kira had just turned 43 and was still stunning, much prettier than Sandy who was only 34. Yet my mom thought she was God's gift to men. She'd dress up like a whore, go to bars and get herself laid, without even insisting on a motel room. I think she actually preferred parking lots. Sometimes she'd pretend she was still in her twenties if the guy didn't know her daughter was prettier, taller and had bigger tits. I think she's glad she doesn't have to be seen with me anymore even though she does miss the "child support" checks.

Although I was interested in Katlin's family being nudists, I was still more interested in her hand that was now fondling my breasts. I'd never been touched like that before except by my father. I didn't know it could feel so good when a girl was doing it. I leaned back and sighed, letting the box of condoms drop back into the drawer. Katlin's only a few inches shorter than me and I found myself comfortably leaning my head back on her shoulder, relaxing, letting my legs open up as if wanting more. Without thinking, my body seemed to know where her caresses should go next. I was wearing jeans and suddenly they felt like unwanted baggage.

"Do nudists go naked in their own house?" I asked mostly as a suggestion.

"Kira, Cathy and I do. And my dad did when he was alive. I don't know what other nudists do."

"I think I'd like to be a nudist!"

We went into Katlin's bedroom, where we each undressed the other. I don't know why it was so much fun doing it that way, but I knew it would be. Katlin then told me that while she was heavy into the oral sex with her boyfriend and had already sucked two other boys as well, she'd never made love to another girl. And it was obvious to both of us that we were about to make love. Being bigger, I suppose I'd have made the better dyke. But Katlin seemed to like taking control. Maybe I just wasn't being fast enough for her.

At almost fourteen, my pubic hair was already as thick as it is ever going to get. Perhaps it goes along with being blonde. When I first developed, I was almost embarrassed that except up close it didn't look like I had any pubic hair. But then my tits got big so that no one could look at me and think "immature". Since I'll never have a photogenic beaver, more recently I've just kept it shaved, going for the naked pussy look. Some guys like girls with big thick black beavers. But I can't offer that anyway.

Katlin loved my sparse nearly invisible pubic hair telling me that it seemed funny for a girl to have naked pubes who was almost six feet tall and had large breasts. She may have said funny, but her tongue told me she was delighted. And her tongue delighted me. So much so that I got feeling funny all over, sort of shaking and twitching and wondering what was wrong with me. And while Katlin's mouth was doing things to my pussy lips and clitoris I found myself squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. Then suddenly but gently I felt her tongue slip down inside me and I discovered what all the twitching was leading up to. Until then I'd had this idea that an orgasm was something you had when a boy stuck his penis inside your vagina. I didn't know it could happen other ways and I didn't know it didn't always happen when a girl had intercourse with a guy. Somewhere between my pussy lips a little hole I didn't even know was there opened up and squirted out my love juice all over Katlin's face. I didn't even realize what I was doing. All I knew was that it felt wonderful!

And then I did something totally unfair. I fell asleep! And I had this most wonderful dream about falling in love with a girl. When I woke up, or maybe regained consciousness, Katlin was still patiently licking me, cleaning up the mess as if my cume was the best tasting nectar in the world. We both smiled at each other and she continued licking and kissing me all over, not just between my legs.

Eventually I regained enough control of myself to take an active part in our love making. Katlin took her turn lying spread eagle on her back on her queen sized bed. I started with her lips, kissing her gently, my new and only female lover. I licked and kissed her neck and noticed that her nipples were enlarged and stiff, and also sensitive. I felt between her lower lips and found her clitoris quite easily. It was in the same condition of excitement as her nipples. I love sucking Katlin's nipples. As I did so for the first time she arched herself, throwing her head back and let out a long sigh. I could feel her left nipple seemingly grow between my lips and the other one between my fingertips. I bit gently on the one between my teeth and she screamed so I stopped immediately.

"Oh that felt so good! I think you made me cume", she sighed.

I took this as a suggestion to investigate. Between Katlin's legs she'd suddenly become much wetter. Where my fingers went I soon followed with my lips. Because I had my mouth in the right place, and because she gave me a second's warning, I got her next climax right in my mouth. My cume isn't the best tasting cume in the world, because Katlin's is better. And maybe we both even prefer male cume anyway. But this was my first time tasting cume, male or female. And I loved it as much as I loved Katlin.


Kevin turned out to be everything Katlin and I hoped for. She arranged a double date for us the following weekend. I wasn't sure what to tell my mother. She didn't seem to care much what I did, but I had this feeling I shouldn't let her know I was enjoying myself. Going to Katlin's house every afternoon was something she hardly noticed. But dating might mean sex. And my mom liked to think I wasn't old enough for that. So I told her I was spending the evening with Katlin and had been invited to spend the weekend.

"Good, because I'm having dinner with a friend," she responded. About the only thing Sandy ever ate on dates was cume. This just meant she wasn't planning to have dinner with me.

Well, for once I was hoping to have at least a snack of male cume myself. I'd still go for a regular meal as well. Being active and young and tall, I don't have to watch my calories the way my mom does. Of course, I wasn't certain about what was going to happen with Kevin. But if he was willing, there was not going to be any of this first date shit for this girl. I was more than ready to get fucked and Kevin looked awfully good to me. Of course, Bob and Katlin were still at the oral stage themselves, so I wasn't really counting on anything more myself.

The date was for dinner, a movie and some partying afterwards. Being in tenth grade and already 16, Kevin had a license, though he wasn't supposed to drive after dark except with members of his family for the first year. He simply dismissed this by saying we were all "like family" and Katlin and I were very impressed! Hell, it didn't matter. We were going fucking, not drinking. And when did a guy get so he couldn't drive just because he'd gotten himself laid?

The big question was where? Katlin and I knew it was going to be up to us. The car was the obvious answer, but not the preferred one. Then Kira stepped up to the plate. She knew what we had planned and made no attempt to stop us. In fact, Thursday she informed us that she'd have to be away for the weekend and wouldn't be around to help us entertain our boyfriends. To this day, I think she only arranged that weekend trip so we could have the run of her house. I guess Kira was a horny teenage girl once herself.

The date was for Friday night, though Katlin and Bob were seeing each other often twice on weekends. I think, though there was nothing set up officially, that it was understood that if Kevin liked me he'd be seeing me again the next day. Dinner and the movie were great, I think. I don't remember what anyone ate or what the movie was, but I loved playing with Kevin under the table and feeling his hands inside my clothes during the movie. I doubt I even knew while I was "watching" it what the movie was. We left the movie, got in the car, me in the front with Kevin, and right there he started undressing me. I was so horny I almost forgot our arrangement, but then Katlin spoke up in the back seat while fending off Bob's groping fingers.

"No, let's go to my house!" she suggested.

"But your mom will be there."

"Nope, she's away for the weekend!"

You could see the lights flash in both sets of male eyes. Obviously they'd never had two willing members of the opposite sex in the privacy of a house before. Nor had we. But we'd known about it for more than a day.

"Did you know" I asked them, "that Katlin and her mom are both nudists? And there's a rule that females are not allowed to wear anything inside her house? I guess guys are allowed to choose. But Katlin told me she and I have to undress just inside the front door. I hope neither of you mind?"

My teasing was almost too effective. Kevin, who wasn't that experienced a driver anyway, almost crashed the car. I guess there are other things besides alcohol that can impair a guy's driving. Later I realized that neither guy, of course, had ever had group sex. In fact they were both virgins! In spite of their lack of experience, they were either quick learners or just naturally talented. Before I said anything, neither guy had imagined we would let both of them see both of us naked. The proper thing was for each couple to go into a separate bedroom.

"There is one exception to the girl undressing herself once she's inside the door. If there's a guy present who wants to do it, she has to let him have the honor." I was making up "rules" right and left and having loads of fun! My next rule was that the guys had to undress the other one's date. And do us one at a time so every one got to watch the girl being stripped. The only real problem was, who got naked first. I wanted it to be me. But we all knew Katlin deserved the right of first exposure.

A girl who looks pretty with her clothes on is usually pretty with her clothes off, especially if her breasts don't sag. Katlin has firm breasts, and a yummy figure. She's got the same figure as her older sister Cathy, but she looks like a clone of her mother, which means she's both shapely and gorgeous. Katlin and Cathy differ in other ways from the neck up. Cathy's an engineer. Katlin's into traditional girl things, like music, drama, and getting fucked in eighth grade. And she wasn't hiding that fact from Kevin and Bob any more than she was hiding her pussy lips. Of course, she also has this full, thick mat of pubic hair which she trims carefully and loves showing off.

Kevin, following my rules, was undressing her while Robert and I watched, Robert a bit popeyed. I'd seen Katlin naked and in good light before. But maybe he'd never gotten that good a look at the beauty he'd fondled many times. Or maybe Katlin's body just always affects a man that way even if it's not the first time he's seen her naked. Several times, when Kevin seemed a bit shy, she took his hand and rubbed it against whatever part of her body it was nearest. I got a little jealous, or maybe just horny. So when she held Kevin's hand to her breasts or crotch I did the same with Robert's. It wasn't quite as much fun for me because he had to feel me up through my clothes. But his erection told me that he was not uninterested in my body.

When Katlin finally admitted she was naked and there was nothing else Kevin needed to do, it became my turn to be undressed. I guess Kevin continued fondling Katlin but I hardly noticed or cared. Kevin wasn't my lover, just my date. If things stayed switched I didn't mind Bob becoming my lover. No, not at all. I wasn't sure how he might feel about Kevin fucking Katlin before he'd ever actually done it, but I knew Katlin didn't care. Ultimately she wanted both guys and didn't care which one was the first to put his penis inside her vagina.

Another thing we discussed the previous day was the rubbers. Katlin and I were both pretty sure it was the wrong time of the month for both of us, she less than a week after her period and mine due any day. So we decided that we'd do it au natural this first time. And we both promised that it would be only this once, that we'd use Cathy's condoms the next time. But a girl's got to feel a naked penis inside her some time, so why not the first time?

At first I was going to help Bob so that I could get naked quicker. But it was so much fun being undressed that I found myself just enjoying it like a spectator, watching my own seduction with almost disbelief in how much I was enjoying it. Bob was very good at undressing girls. He'd practiced with Katlin, and maybe others. Getting half naked and making out was pretty standard stuff I guess for girls our age. I'd sort of missed that myself because I was too involved with my father, so I was probably enjoying the anticipation even more than they did.

I felt my blouse unbuttoned, and saw my bra revealed like a work of art. It practically was a work of art and wasn't particularly cheap either. My tits looked beautiful with my nipples showing through the delicate lace. Because they're big my tits sag a small amount, and I look better with a bra on under a blouse. But this particular bra was designed to be seen much more than provide support. My skirt was both short and slinky and Bob had a little trouble unbuttoning it. But every few seconds he'd fondle my buns so I didn't get impatient. My panties were also a work of art and Bob was properly appreciative. They were lacy, thin, stretchy, and gathered my pussy lips into little bulges that looked like a female offering. A thin elastic thread vertically up the back gathered the panties in to my crack so that each cheek was shapely revealed. When I'd modeled for Katlin the day before she said I looked good enough to eat. I sure hoped so! My undies were intended to make a girl look naughty and naked and sexier than naked. And I think they did. For a while Bob only wanted to admire me with them on. I wonder if guys have any idea how much trouble we go to to look sexy? I must have spent a hour choosing the panties so that Bob could admire them for about 30 seconds. And it was worth it!

"You have to take them off sometime. You can't fuck me with them on. They're too delicate and will rip!"

After I said this he slowly finished doing me. Then he picked me up, like a man does his bride and carried me over the threshold of Kira's bedroom. Robert was only fifteen and I was already nearly full grown and not small. So I was very impressed with his demonstration of strength. For several years I'd been taller than all the boys my age, and probably stronger as well. So this new situation with a boy a year and a half older, was a real joy for me. Both Cathy and Katlin had queen beds in their rooms. But Kira had this huge King, just right for a two couple orgy. This was another item Katlin and I had discussed. She had assured me the cover was washable.

I think while carrying me into the bedroom was when he decided he was going to pop my cherry and let Kevin have Katlin. Or maybe there never was any decision, just the fact that neither guy seemed willing to let go of the girl he was holding. I think this was the first time I realized how easy it is to get what you want when the guy wants it as well!

My actually deflowering happened very quickly. And so did Katlin's. I let Bob lay me down on the bed but I sat up while he undressed, then insisted on sucking him, making him wet while sticking several fingers inside myself. I then laid back down on the bed, spread my thighs wide apart and waited.

It's supposed to be hard, but I'd been stretching myself with a dildo I'd stolen from my mother. She had so many I don't think she ever realized it was missing. Anyway, holding myself wide open I felt first Bob's tip, then the rest of him, slide up inside me in one smooth slow penetration and suddenly I realized I was no longer a virgin! I was absolutely ecstatic, more pleased with now being a woman than even with that wonderful stuffed feeling I was experiencing. There wasn't much friction or stretching, just this wonderful feeling of being penetrated to my innermost being. I never guessed that this would make me feel suddenly so different about someone. But Bob was now my God, the most wonderful thing that had ever walked the face of the Earth! Right then I would have died for him! I could even imagine spending the rest of my life making love to only one man if he would have me. I was pretty gonzo!

When I was convinced life couldn't get better, he started moving inside me and I discovered how wrong I was. I could have fainted with delight. Maybe I did faint when my first orgasm hit. I learned there were orgasms and there were orgasms, and this compared to the ones I'd had with Katlin was a super orgasm! I felt it start somewhere like in my fingertips or my toes or legs. It certainly hit my inner thighs and fanny and my anus before erupting in my love hole. This time my gushing love juice found a male erection for its proper target. I had to close my eyes because it felt like they were going to pop out. And all the time my wonderful lover kept fucking me with just the right amount of force.

Maybe any amount would have been the right amount. In my eyes and in my body, Bob could do no wrong. The guys weren't supposed to cume after fucking us. But then Katlin and I were supposed to be fucking each other's partner as well. I couldn't remember any of our great plans, hers and mine. Right then, with my legs wide open and wrapped around his waist and his penis deep inside me, I didn't want to do anything except anything Bob wanted. My wonderful lover Robert! So it's no wonder we just kept fucking, I suffering several more orgasms, until I felt Bob's erection start to twitch inside me. He wanted to cume inside my vagina! Oh, how wonderful! I encouraged him and was rewarded. As he gushed inside me I felt my own sex let loose again, and was helpless to prevent mixing my love juices with his, though his were mostly deep inside me and mine where mostly all over the base of his penis.

And it was only ten-thirty in the evening!

About a half hour later I started reviving, returning to this mundane plane of existence. Apparently Katlin's virginity had received the axe about the same time mine had. Neither of us had paid the least attention to what the other two people sharing the bed were doing. There was this problem with curfews. Not mine or Katlin's. The two of us were free to fuck the whole night away. But the boys, no, the men, had made no such plans. We were so clever in planning everything. But if we'd let them in on the surprise they could have pretended to be spending the night at each other's house or something. Neither had a definite curfew because people always expected the guys could stay out as long as the girls. But both said they'd better show up before two, which meant leaving our bed around one in the morning. Robert had planned on seeing Katlin early in the afternoon after finishing up some errands. Kevin was pretty sure he'd be free for another "hot date". His mother was visiting her mother and his father never said no.

So it was arranged. The boys would be taking us hiking then to dinner and the movies again. But in actually, they were going to hide their car in the garage so that we could spend the whole day the way we wanted, fucking.

While he was fucking me, Robert was the only man in the world worth fucking. But about an hour later I made no objection when the guys wanted to change partners. I felt a little jilted but even more excited. After all, wasn't it Kevin I'd planned to have inside me in the first place? And now that I'd had a chance to think about it, hadn't that been Katlin's voice screaming out her pleasure right next to me when he was doing the deed to her? The idea of getting his penis inside me suddenly seemed like a wonderful idea. It certainly turned out to be a wonderful experience. When the guys finally got off of us leaving two well fucked females, now women, lying spread eagle on the bed next to each other, I could hardly move. I heard them washing, then dressing, then letting themselves out the front door. Sometime later after the sound of their car had long passed, I felt the bed move slightly. Katlin's lips were on mine and I heard her say something sweet and loving to me, but I don't know what. It was daylight when I woke up.


After I became a woman in the biblical sense, dad's occasional visits got a lot easier to handle. I remember telling him over dinner in a nice restaurant that I was no longer a virgin. And I remember his response word for word:

"Good. You needed someone to do it for you."

He then went on to asking me how school was going and how was I managing with my mom, almost as if she were some stranger, not a woman he'd been married to for fourteen years. My deflowering was something he seemed to consider simply a good achievement on my part, like getting an extra "A" on my report card. From then on we've been simply good friends. I don't try to seduce him and he almost seems to forget I ever tried.

But this doesn't mean I wouldn't still like to if he ever became interested. Maybe I could show him some things I've learned. In high school Katlin and I probably had more sex than my mom was having, though with far fewer guys. We just weren't being sluttish about being sluts. Like the time I lost my cherry. It was delightful romantic and Robert and Kevin still love me today. I know I made it almost as good for them as they did for me.

But the most wild thing Katlin and I did was hook up with Mark for most of our senior year. Mark is almost seven years older than us, and we were a month short of seventeen when we first met him. Katlin is two days older than me and for five years now her mom has always had a party for both of us on June 8, the day in between. I never even mentioned these parties to my mom. I almost think it was a surprise to her when I turned 18 last summer.

Katlin likes to flirt with men older than her. She knew Mark was probably in his mid twenties, and pretended she was also. They got talking in the grocery line and were lovers a few hours later and several days passed before she told him the truth about her age. In our state, sixteen is the age of consent so there was no legal risk for him. But God help him if he took a picture of Katlin with her nipples exposed. They'd nail him for child pornography, in spite of the fact that being a nudist in a family of nudists, Katlin has posed naked for pictures most of her young life.

The next day she could hardly wait to tell me about her affair with an "older" man. And naturally, I wanted to meet him. In high school, by the time you're a senior, no one is surprised if you fuck your boyfriend. Katlin and I went a bit beyond that having started, both of us, in eighth grade. Nor did we feel we had to restrict ourselves to just one boy, though we didn't advertise having multiple affairs. We acted like nice girls so teachers and guys who didn't know us assumed we were. Boys we dated, however, were happy to have sex even if we weren't "going steady" with the particular boy. I was presently having sex with two boys, one of whom Katlin had had a long affair with previously. We loved talking about their techniques, especially if we'd both had sex with the same guy.

The next day Katlin was supposed to meet Mark at his apartment. So I showed up with her. When he opened the door he didn't seemed happy to see me. So instead of shaking his hand, I swarmed into his arms. His open mouthed expression of surprise was perfect for Frenching. I'm a big girl, so I didn't have to reach up much to grab his head and press my lips into his open ones. In a position like that, with my arms wrapped around him and my tongue in his mouth he could do nothing but cooperate. In seconds the fondling became mutual. And that afternoon we showed Mark that making love to two girls at once can be even more fun! For a year about all we did with him was fuck in his apartment. Once he knew we were only seventeen then both of us looked seventeen to him. And he was afraid everyone else would also see him as a cradle robber. The fact that Katlin and I were known to lots of people in our relatively small city meant his fears would probably be realized. So both of us continued dating our high school boyfriends and only fucking Mark in his apartment, but doing it very often and usually together.

Here in college, my sex life hasn't changed much. Different guys is about all. I don't have any girlfriends I'm close to like Katlin so I email her all the time. I don't have any one here who's close who I can brag to. In fact, what was risqué in high school is pretty normal behavior for girls in college with strong hetro tastes. In fact, just being good looking and willing isn't even enough to guarantee a girl a date whenever she's in the mood. My sex life isn't bad either. But I think I'm going to enjoy this project that Cathy and I seem to be falling into together. And I have a lot more free time in college than Katlin seems to have.


closing - I started this to let readers know what I'm really like. Cathy and I are already working on several fiction stories including possibly "Zanadu" the expansion of "mail order sex slave", and "Phoenix" about an 82 year old man who wakes up to find he's become a luchious 16 year old girl. If enough people want more about my sex life, well, I've had plenty of dates in the last four years. - Missy

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I walk into class and take my seat in the middle of the class. My girl, Lacy, takes her seat next to me. What's up girly? She asks. Hey! I say excitedly, maybe too excitedly. Ok spill.” “Spill what?” “Who is he? Who is who? I say with a sly smile. The bell rings and a man walk’s in closing the door behind him. Saved by the bell. I think to myself. I look at the man. He's tall with dirty blond hair, blue-eyes, and very handsome. Sexy I must say. Good morning class. I am Mr. Miller. I will be...


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Rachel Fucking the Couple

Rachel Fucking the Couple One day, I went to a party at a friends house where a young red head dancing caught my eye; seeing her dance turned me on. I walked up to her and started dancing too, soon we were dancing together. After dancing for a while we sat down and started talking. I introduced myself as Rachel, she told me her name was Jennifer. After a while of talking Jennifer and I noticed that the party was dying down, and people were leaving. Jennifer asked if she can get a ride home since her boyfriend had her car...


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Karen tapped Steffi on the shoulder and told her that Miss Peters wanted to see her in her office right away. Steffi finished buttoning her blouse and asked, Did she say what she wanted? Nope, shot back Karen as she hurried out of the locker room, she didn't seem upset or anything, she just wants to seeya! Christ, muttered Steffi, it's lunch time and I'm being held over after gym class, as she scooped up her towel and gym clothes and stuffed them in her back pack. Karen said you wanted to see me, Steffi remarked in a questioning voice after...


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A Day Never Forgotten- Part 1

NOTE: I suppose you could call this story rape. It wasn't much, but it impacted me farther than anything has before. Yes, this really and truly happened to me. Read on, please. There's not much sexuality in part 1, but in parts 2 + 3, THERE'S A LOT. I had no idea what was in store for me as I disobeyed my fathers wishes and left the trailer pack when he was at work. He'll never know... I thought innocently as I did a wheelie high in the air on my dark brown Felt bike. Alongside me were three of my...


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BBW real estate agent

It was time to move. I had come into some money from good investments and inheriting some extra money so I decided an upgrade was in order. I found a local Realtor and made an appointment to talk to somebody about finding the perfect place. The receptionist gave me a date for the next day with a woman named Jennifer. When I arrived at the office the receptionist showed me into the office and told me to have a seat and Jennifer would be with me shortly. It was not long before the lovely Jennifer came into the office. She was...


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Racos Dreams Coming true!!!_(1)

My name is Raco and I am 15 yrs old I am not athletic I was always the one that liked the books and being inside...I'm in the closet and no one knows that I'm gay never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl cause I just don't have an interest in them......my dad is gone most of the time working on construction projects out of town and when he is home he sleeps and its hard to wake him up....my mom doesnt pay much attention to us cause she works and goes to school...well this story is about me...


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I became my kinky sister-in-law's sex toy.

My wife, Jan had gone to a convention about something related to her work and would be gone for three days. This was just perfect for me. After I got off work I picked up my girlfriend, Judy and took her home with me to spend the time that my wife was going to be gone. I told her not to pack any extra clothes as she would be naked most of the time. We were well into the first night and having a great time. I had spread out a blanket on the living room floor in front of the...


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The Tennis Adonis

The score is 40-15 and its championship point yet again for the invincible Andy Cruise! The crowd roared their approval as Andy served for the championship. Serving his trademark ace, the opponent could only look to the sky with a resigned look and accept defeat graciously. For Andy, it was his 8th Grand Slam in two years. He had become so used to winning that it had become a monotonous routine. Still, life had been good to him and he was always thankful for that. After the victory ceremony, Andy headed back to the sanctuary of his hotel room to take...


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Rose, the mom alone

Rose Over the next few days I received texts from the twins. Helen wanted me more than anything and was will to meet me anywhere to show me. Rose sent me a text asking to meet and talk before I get together with either or both of her daughters. Her second text invited me to meet her. I was just given an address and time. So when I arrived I was surprised to be standing in front of a massage parlor. As I walked through the door a cute young Hispanic woman greeted me and ask what kind of pleasure I...


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Virgin Bedroom

This is my third story that I’ve written for this site, and again I apologize if there are any spelling or grammatical errors, or any other mistakes for that matter. I really like feedback and if you’d like to point out any mistakes do so constructively, I don’t respond well to people who criticize my punctuation when their message is typed in all caps or the like. Keep in mind this story is completely true with a very very small amount of embellishment to keep the story rolling so don’t post saying that it could never be true, because it is...


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