The Rose Garden 4

The Rose Garden 4

Beth bit her lower lip nervously as Brian led her naked form to the device on the left side of the clearing, a modified saw horse with an upper bench about two hands wide and covered with soft padded leather. Its solid mahogany legs carried anchors to which Beth’s wrist and ankle cuffs were attached after they laid her naked body on the bench face down.

The angle of the bench’s legs spread Beth’s legs apart to reveal her pussy and bum hole, and it was the latter that attracted Riff’s attention. She had never allowed him that hole, and now it was time to take it.

A butt plug first, greased with lubricant, shoved into her anus filling her rectum. Then the flogger on her bum, soft leather lashes that only burned a little and reddened her ass cheeks. Then the riding crop, short sharp slaps that left distinctive square marks on her buttocks and thighs. Finally, the real whip, the shot-handled snake whip with a dragon tail that was more slap than bite. Beth would not agree. The lashes from Brian’s whip bit deeper into her ass globes and left long angry streaks across her quivering flesh.

She began to weep softly. Brian stopped whipping and nodded to me. Cock rampant, I drove into the soft, wet interior of her vagina. I held my penis there in the divine warmth of her pussy, savouring the moment of victory, completion of a successful cock voyage into the kingdom of cunt.

The blunt end of the butt plug banged into my pubic bone as I rammed my cock hard into her cunt, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. The bench rocked and Beth squeaked and moaned as I rubbed and reamed my prick in her pussy.

“Lord, I love this woman,” I thought, “and I love her snatch, all open and fur-lined and well lubricated for me.” And I swear I saw the aching glory of a resurrection before my eyes as my cock stiffened and squirted, and my whole body passed momentarily into a spiritual world where ultimate wisdom could be found in the ecstasy of an orgasm.

Meanwhile, Brian had gently nudged the head of his penis between Beth’s panting lips as she shivering and shook under my sexual onslaught in her cunt. She paused with almost a thoughtful look as she saw and smelled and tasted Brian’s cock in her mouth. Slowly, then with faster strokes, she began to lick the sensitive underside of his cock head, much to his delight and mine. Beth was letting herself go, embracing her sexual feelings.

Just as she was beginning to feel all tingly and excited, she felt the butt plug pulled out of her rectum and a soft-but-firm cylinder pushed past her anus into her rectum. With a start, she realized it was Riff’s cock. She sensed his distinctive aftershave wafting on the night breeze as his strong hands gripped her hips and pulled her ass onto his rampant cock.

“Finally,” Riff thought as he grunted and slammed into her asshole again. “She has denied this for years, and now I’ve found a way to do you, and in front of witnesses so you can’t deny it later. I’m finally fucking your ass, and my cock is really enjoying your nice tight bum hole, so I’m going to doing it again and often …”

When Riff was done, Beth’s ass cheeks showed a trace of white slime down the crack and across her anus and vulva, Riff’s cum from anal sex. Beth was stunned and weeping again, feeling assaulted by her man, which is exactly what Riff wanted her to feel. Brian came over and spoke softly to her as he undid her bonds. Grateful for his gentleness, she let him lift her off the whipping bench and onto a large soft mat laid on the ground.

He lay down beside her, kissing her and caressing her breasts and stealing his fingers between her labia. Then he lay back and pulled her onto his cock, filling her cunt now aching for a cock. As he stroked in her pussy, Brian nodded to two of the special volunteers who shed their cloaks and showed erect penises. One went to Beth’s face and introduced his penis into her mouth, which she gratefully accepted and started to suck. The other went behind her and carefully pressed his cock head into her anus, taking care not to dislodge Brian’s cock in her cunt.

Then with synchronized thrusting motions, the men began strong, rhythmic plowing of Beth’s mouth, ass, and cunt. I was delighted at the scene, and so were the others. Their cell phone cameras flashed as the special volunteers recorded the triple fuck. When all three men had cum in Beth’s orifices, another trio of volunteers took their place, and she got another triple injection of semen.

When all had had their fill of her body, the women gathered around Beth again. They bathed her and wrapped her into her robe again and let her sleep.


Night birds called, and the occasional whirring of wings overhead alerted Beth when she woke that the moon had waned and the stars still twinkled at her through the jungle canopy.

The naked lady who gently roused her took her by the hand and led her to another naked lady, a plump woman with short dark hair who was talking to Brian. This was Mamie, a nurse by profession who looked after the medical side of the sexual activities enjoyed by the botanical garden’s special volunteers. She inspected Beth from head to toe, examining especially her ass, breasts, and pussy for signs of wear or potential problems in her ordeal to come.

Satisfied, Mamie nodded to Brian, and between them they marched her under the overhanging tree branch and held her there. I lowered the chain from the pulley overhead and attached it to Beth’s wrist cuffs, and Riff nodded with approval as I activated the hoist and stretched Beth’s hands helplessly over her head until only her toes just touched the earth.

“Damn,” I muttered as I watched Beth struggling for her balance. “That’s a fine woman.” Riff laughed at this and nodded. “Oh yes,” I commented, “she is one tight ship, my friend. She has it all. Pretty face and hair, nice big tits, nice round ass, and one delightful, perverted cunt that vibrates when you fuck it …” I rolled my eyes, and we both laughed. Beth stared at us with a frown. Was she disapproving, or just apprehension about what we might do to her?

We started with the floggers. A flogger has multiple stands of soft fabric that will warm the skin when applied vigorously and deliciously just before a fuck. We do not use the floggers you saw in old movies about pirates or Romans. Those floggers, known as scourges, were solid leather soaked in brine to make them hard and able to salt the wounds they made. In addition, the scourge had nails hammered into the ends of the leather strips to tear open the flesh and leave bloody stripes on the victim’s skin.

Brian applied the first blow to Beth’s ass. She reacted with a startled “Oh!”, and then manic laughter. Those reactions continued in diminishing form and volume until the seventh blow, whereupon she fell silent. The sibilant whisper of the flogger strands flying through the air toward her reddened ass cheeks was the only sound in the forest, as if all nature were drawn to the scene of human punishment, both horrible and exciting.

“Whish …. owww”

“Whish …. oh”


Brian stepped back and handed the flogger to Riff. “Your turn,” he told him. “Next ten.” I raised my eyes at this. Was Beth ready for twenty? How far would Brian go? He shook his head. “No. She’ll be OK. And rests between.”

Riff enjoyed applying the flogger to Beth’s buttocks perhaps a little too much. Anyway, he began where Brian left off, on the hills of her jiggling bum cheeks, and then moved up toward her tramp stamp and finally down the curve of her bum onto her generous thighs. A couple of stray strands even found their way up her ass crack and smacked her pussy.

“Oh!” she squeaked as the flogger flipped on her cunt lips, and Riff noted with great satisfaction that her squeak meant she was both startled and pleased at the little nip she felt on her vulva.


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