Little Daniel

Little Daniel

Intro: this story is based on real events however locations have been changed for the protection of others.

My name is Tommy and im around 5’3” 145 pounds and in my opinion not gay but totally Bi. Im 16 now and this Story is about actual events that happened when I was 14. Any way to the story.

When I was 12 my mom had died and my dad started dating again and appearently he had bad taste in girls cause they were either A: ugly as hell, B: Hot as Hell but thieves, or C:Either and had kids. Well when I was 14 my dad found a new girlfriend who was alright looking but she had 4 kids! Her name was Hailey and she had adopted the kids after her husband died to fill the void I guess.

Out of the 4 kids, one stood out from the others, Daniel, he was so cutest looking little 8 year old I had ever seen. he was 8, Red hair, and was always hot looking to me. One day I had desided to take my laptop over to haileys house and when I thought no one was looking I would look up some porn or somethin. Her legitimate blood son was named johnathan and he was 22 he left for college last year and left the upstairs bedroom as there video game room and when I was there it would be my bedroom.

Well one day I desided to watch some porn upstairs on my computer. my dad and hailey had taken 3 of the kids out of town for the day and left me to watch after daniel. They would be gone for 8 hours so she left me some money for pizza. Well I was going upstairs to look up some porn when I realized.

“shit what am I gonna do about daniel, I cant just leave him down hear he might get hurt or something”

“Well maybe I can get him to be distracted or something”

I thought hard trying to find something that he could do to preoccupy himself for like 20 mins while I slip upstairs and then it hit me.

“Daniel, come here for a sec”

out of the blue he came running out of his moms room where he isnt supposed to go ever.

“Why were you in there you know your not supposed to be in there. Do I need to call your mom?”

“No, please don’t ill get in big trouble” He pleaded .

with that sexy little look on his face I couldn’t help it I caved.

“Fine I want call your mom but don’t go back in there do you understand me ?”

“Yea ok. I wont go back in her room.” he said

“Good now go get your bike and ride in the back yard with little johnny next door in the backyard”

The backyards didn’t have a fence so the boys rode there bikes in the big backyard because there moms didn’t want them to get into the road and get runover.

“ok I will” he said

As he ran out the back door I could see thru the window him and johnny riding around. I ran upstairs and turned my computer on and started browsing some Bi & gay porn I pulled out my 8 inch long hard cock and started stroking as I watched the videos. finally a really sexy guy came on the screen and layed on the bed and without having any lube the other guy shoved what had to be a 11 inch cock ball deep into the guy on the bed!! oh I was in heaven imagining myself as both the guy being fucked and the guy doing the fucking.

About 20 mins went by and the grandfather clock in the hall went off in the hall chiming to count 5 pm. All of a sudden I heard daniel coming up the steps to my room and I had remebered his mom had told him to get a bath at 5. the little shit must know how to tell time. I panicked and tried to put my still solid dick back in my pants but it didn’t work so I just covered up my manhood with a blanket right before he got upstairs.

“hey Tommy” He said

His clothes were upstairs so that the younger kids couldn’t get to them. As he said hey my mouth fell open as I saw his perfect little 8 year old ass . he must have taken his clothes off down stairs and ran naked up here. as he turned towards the chester drawers too get his clothes his little butt just wigled freely and I lost all control. still horny and hard I threw the cover off and ran over to daniel grabbing him and covering his mouth. I threw him down on my bed and I could tell he was scared.

“What are you doing, what are you going to do to me” he asked with fear in his voice

his eyes fell to my rock hard instrument and he knew what I was gonna do. i pulled him off the bed and while I was standing infront of him he began to cry I told him if he made any noise I would tell his mom he went in her room knowing it would scare him more.

“now listen here Your gonna be my bitch, do you know what that means?”

“no” he said

“it means your going to do what ever I tell you to do and if you don’t ill tell your mom”

I knew I had his attention and my cock was hungry for his ass.

“now suck my dick, Bitch” he didn’t move

“I said suck now do it !!” I grabbed his head and forced him to swallow my dick.

His tounge felt amazing on my cock so I shoved it deeper in his mouth until he was gagging from deepthroating me.

“fuck yea suck my cock dammit, yes hell yes, o god you mouth is amzing.”

he was aquirming trying to get away but the more he moved the more my dick ran over his tounge and it just made me hornier. I took my hands of his head and he released my cock.


I slapped his face and said…

“Either you suck my dick right or ill tell your mom”

He got back infront of me and without me even doing anything shoved my tool back in his mouth he sucked and sucked and ran his tounge over my head and that just drove me nuts.

I pulled out and threw him onto the bed I got ontop of him and pulled him up into the doggystyle position.

“The more you move the worse it will hurt”

I shove my cock deep into his ass until It wouldn’t go any further then I pulled out some and slammed it right back in he was in pain and he was yelling like crazy I reached and picked up some tape and a sock I shove the sock into his mouth and taped it shut.
“Fuck oh my god your tight as hell but not for long”

Damn he was the best fuck I ever had I rammed back into him until I started getting an even pace. I was going in and out and I could hear my balls slapping his ass as I went back in each time. I could fill it coming my nuts began to tense as I sped up. I could feel it I was about to cum in his ass.

“Oh god im about to cum here it goes, OH SHIT!!!! OH FUCK!!!!”

MY seed filled daniels insides and kept going I must have had 9 spasms before it stoped I pulled out of him and he fell onto the bed unconcious. I got up off the bed and couldn’t help but think. Oh my god did I just do that? I did, I just raped daniel. the thought made me get horny again and before I knew it I was hard again. I had an idea. I picked up the phone and called my boyfriend.

“Hey josh your not gonna believe what just happened”

I explained to josh what had happened and 10 mins later 2 things happended. 1 was that daniel woke up and the second the door bell rang I ran down stairs and opened the door and as soon as the door opened he pushed his way in kissing me up against the wall and said where is he?

we ran upstairs where daniel was standing and josh stripped down.

“Daniel this is josh and hes gonna fuck you while I do, understand? ”

He nodded and I walked over to him as did josh we stood infront of him and without me saying anything began to suck my cock and stroke joshs, he swithced back and forth several times.

“Damn his mouth feel good” said josh

I told daniel to stop and pointed at the bed without sayin a word he got up on the bed and got in the position. since I had already fucked his ass I decided to let josh have it I would settle for his mouth.

I put my dick at his faced and he practically swallowed it whole as josh slowly shoved his 7 inch dick into the 8 year olds ass. josh started slow and began to speed up while daniel deepthroated me of his own accord.then I noticed that daniel was backing his hips back to meet joshs thrusts he was liking it.

“So the bitch like to be fucked don’t you bitch?”

“Yes” he said as his mouth sliped off my dick then right back down onto it.

after 15 mins me and josh were close he was first.

“Oh my god dude im cumming, uh, uh, uh “

as his dick pulsed inside the boys ass he began to suck faster on my dick and I was so close

“My little cock whore wants me to come in your mouth don’t you?”

he shook his head right as my load blew down his throat

he took his mouth off my head just as another blast was fired and he was covered by 2,3,4 shots of my juice.

“Swallow it you cum Whore” he swallowed without any hesitation.

he began to wipe the cum off of him with his fingers and lick it off. He was my personal bitch and he licked it.
Later that night he walked in as I was still nked and hard once more he came over and sat in my lap and the head of my cock flew up his ass and he sat there for a second before he started bouncing up and down my pole. He began to moan as did I. I stood up with him still impaled on my dick and layed down on my back. he began to ride me cowngirl style sliding up the shaft until it was almost out and them slamming himself back down.

“you love being my bitch don’t you? You’re my little whore arent you”

“o god yes im your fuck toy god slam your dick deep inside me” he said

after about 5 mins I came and he collapsed ontop of me.

End of part 1

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