Bi Bi 2 - The holiday

Bi Bi 2 - The holiday

After several Saturdays of being with Ron and Becky I had become accustomed to enjoying being pegged by Ron. Sue, my wife, enjoyed the attentions of both of them. So much so that we all got our heads together to plan a holiday.

The holiday idea came about when Sue and Becky found they holidays were at the same time. I suspect they planned it. So Ron and I organised our holidays to mesh with them. We planned two weeks away at a beach resort. Actually, again Sue and Becky did the planning. Ron and I just agreed. The hotel was right on the beach front and we had two rooms with an interconnecting door. The women explained that it would not require us to enter the hallway to change rooms from time to time. It made sense really. Much more convenient and private.

We took two cars and met up at the hotel. I must say we got several knowing looks as we checked in. I don’t think they fully appreciated our “arrangement” which was just as well. Sue and I hung up the clothes we brought with us and checked with Ron and Becky who had done the same thing. We went into the dining room for a quick lunch. “Let’s hit the beach” suggested Becky. Back in the rooms we put on beach gear and walked to the beach to find that it was a clothing optional beach. Again I was sure Sue and Becky had known that when they booked. We walked down this narrow track to the beach. It was well shielded from the road and the hotel. There were several people already there and a couple were naked.

I guess I should have known what would happen. As soon as we arrived both Sue and Becky peeled off their bikini tops. I immediately got a hard-on and I am Ron was the same. The two women dared each other to take their bottom off and they did. Then they walked down to the water stark naked. Ron turned to me “Roger, why don’t we strip as well” he said and without waiting for an answer he dropped his swim shorts. Not to be the odd one out I did the same. The look on the faces of Sue and Becky was priceless. Two guys laying on their backs with erect penises in full view. Sue cuddled up to me and whispered “I would love to sit on that cock darling” but she didn’t. She just reached down and fondled me. I looked over at Ron and Becky was doing the same.

We were there for almost an hour when we decided to go back to the hotel. Swim gear back on we went to the rooms to shower. Then Ron and Becky came into our room naked and laughed as we had actually gotten dressed. The clothes were discarded and Sue and Becky swapped around several times giving Ron and me oral stimulation before he screwed Sue and I mounted Becky. Something we were all quite comfortable with having done it many times before. After Sue and Becky went to have a shower together Ron and I sucked each’s cock to get hard again for round two.

I had always been a “bottom” to Ron’s top. Sue had been saying I should mount Ron to be fair. I had resisted, I don’t really know why. When the women came back from their shower they could see I was erect and basically ordered me to peg Ron. They even handed me a jar of KY Gel. “OK” I said “you are fine with it Ron”. He just laughed “I have been ready since day one Roger”. I coated my cock with gel and applied some to Ron’s bum hole. He was face down and already moaning in anticipation. Then he was on hands and knees. “Fuck me Roger” he moaned and I advanced on him, aiming my cock and thrusting it into his anal canal. It felt so tight and I was the one who moaned now. I glanced over to see Sue and Becky in a 69 and obviously enjoying it. That got me even more horny and started to pound Ron’s arse like there was no tomorrow. He moaned and urged me on. I groaned as I unloaded inside him. My first pegging and it felt amazing.

Ron had a shower then I did. When I came back into the room Sue and Becky were taking it in turns sucking his cock. Becky pushed Sue aside and sucked him dry. I suspect Sue wasn’t upset as she would suck my cock but never a blowjob. I watched Ron’s face contort as he came and I was wishing it was me. I looked at Sue and she just smiled. Ron and Becky went back to their room and Sue and I had sex before having a nap. It was about 6pm when we decided to meet for dinner. Instead of the hotel dining room we went to a little restaurant down the street. Both Sue and Becky had ditched their bras and enjoyed the effect it was having on me and Ron and every other guy in the place.

Back in the room the women decided that they would swap husbands for the night. WE had swapped before but never all night. Ron and Sue went next door while Becky and I had a shower together and then fucked like rabbits until finally falling asleep. I was woken in the morning with Becky going down on me. Finally I got to feel what a blowjob was like. “Sue never does that” I told her as we had a shower. “I will convince her then” Becky said. I silently prayed.

Sue and Becky said we should try the hotel pool before lunch. Ron and I went down while the women said they would join us later. I was mystified why but didn’t ask. We were sitting there talking when they appeared. I was shocked. They had obviously gone out together and bought matching microkinis. They were practically naked. There were two other guys by the pool and they were having a good hard look. Sue came over and lay on the lounge next to me. “You like it?” she asked. I nodded. “That is so obscene” I said and she laughed. “Yes honey” she whispered “and I am so horny right now”. She wasn’t the only one.

We lay by the pool for about an hour and I had a hard-on the whole time. Back in the room getting ready for lunch Sue and I had a quickie. I think I lasted about 3 minutes I was so turned on. Over lunch both Sue and Becky laughed at Ron and my response. Becky said they had fucked feverously just like us. The rest of the holiday went the same way. Naked on the beach, almost naked by the pool and every type of combination back in the rooms. I found that I enjoyed being a top sometimes but I really enjoyed Ron pegging me. I had accepted that I was, in fact, bisexual as was Sue.

After an exhausting two weeks it was so good to be home again. Sue and I unpacked and sat down with a coffee. I was feeling drowsy then I felt Sue unzip my pants. “There is just one thing I have to do darling” she said and she started to suck my cock. I could feel my orgasm building and out of force of habit I tapped her on the head, our signal for my approaching orgasm. This time she didn’t stop and took my load in her mouth. She curled up her nose and swallowed. I knew how she felt. The first time I gave Ron a blowjob I was that wrapt in the taste either. I got used to it and I hoped Sue would too.

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