Riding a big black cock

Riding a big black cock

I was out late at night on a Saturday. I had been at a nightclub with a few friends, and they were drunk. I was sober, I don't drink. (That's probably why they asked me to tag along, so I could actually drive them home and keep them out of trouble.) So, we all hopped into my red, spotless SUV (I'm kind of a clean freak, one spot of dirt and I freak out.) And dropped off my friends at their homes. "See you, Kate!! I'm just gonna go watch some porn because I'm always so horny when I'm drunk!!!" I smiled and waved. She's probably going to invite some random guy from her contacts over, and then suck on his cock and ride it, and beg him to eat her cumming pussy. I just continued down the road when something caught my eye from my mirror.

It was a sign. It read: "Seeking virgins! Wanna have some fun? " I, of course, was a virgin. But I was proud to be a virgin. But thinking about my friend's sexual encounters when she is drunk suddenly made me to horny to bear. I pulled over and stepped out of the car. The guy holding the sign was a very tall black male, who smiled when he saw me. "I don't even need to ask, I can already tell you're a virgin. You gotta cute little ass." His hand grabbed my ass, and I stepped back. That sudden move scared me. "Now I can FOR SURE tell you're a virgin. Usually sluts would tell me how much they want dat ass fucked with my big black cock." "It was just a sudden motion, but I-" He put his hand over my mouth. "Horny virgins are the best to fuck. Come with me." "Don't be a idiot, Kate," I thought. "He'll probably kidnapp you and sell you away to some horny fat guy." I began to run, when he grabbed my shoulder. "When girls try to run away, it makes me wanna fuck them even more. He pulled me close and began to lick my neck, and then gently kissing it. I moaned. Then, he lead me to his car. "Goodbye, virginity," I thought. And stepped inside the passenger's seat.

The man tapped his fingers against the wheel. "So, what's your name, cute ass?" "First of all, don't call me cute ass," I shot back, "And my name is Kate. What's yours?" "Maverick. Famous for big cock and eating little virgin pussy." We drove for a little while longer, when he pulled over. "I can't hold it anymore," he whispered. He pinned my down against my seat. His lips hit mine, and his tongue met mine. He wrapped his around it, and I could taste his saliva. "Damn," he said, "Your tongue tastes so good. I bet that pussy will be delicious." His hand caressed my pants, and then, in a flash, unbuckled my belt and yanked my pants off. "I don't- don't think I'm ready," I whimpered. "I am! I'm gonna destroy your ass." He licked my panties. "Heh, you are already wet. How nice." He pulled off my panties, and started admiring my beautiful virgin pussy. He bent down, and then began to eat it. I moaned. It felt amazing. His tongue caressed my pussy, and he licked up all of my juices. "That's the FINEST pussy I've ever tasted!" He took his finger and plunged it deep inside of me. I moaned. I began squirting in the front seat of his car. "Hm? A squirter? How fun." He ate my pussy again, and plunged his tongue deep. "Now, you please my huge hard cock." He unbuckled his belt, and I grabbed it. It was huge! I put it up to my lips, and sucked on his hard cock. "Keep going baby! Suck that huge dick! I'm gonna mouth fuck you so good!" He moaned with pleasure. Suddenly, he grabbed my head, and make me deepthroat his cock. "Mm!" I moaned. I licked his ballsack, and he moaned once more. I sucked the sides of his hard cock. He then yanked off my shirt, revealing my huge breasts. He held me up, and began licking my breasts. He sucked on it, and smiled. "You're so beautiful, and I'm gonna open up that ass and pussy." He leaned me down, and then rubbed his hard cock on the lips of my wet and eaten pussy. "Beg for it," he whispered. "Put that hard, throbbing penis inside of me! Fill me up with your cum! My virgin pussy is ready!" He smiled, and gently began thrusting. I moaned loudly. He went faster. The pain, but the pleasure. Then, I sat on his legs, and we fucked that way. "Keep going! Fuck me harder! Open up my pussy!" He pinned me down ass up, and licked my anus. I moaned. He also then fucked my ass. "Such a tight ass!" He smacked it a few times, and I moaned. "Punish me! I've been a naughty girl! Ooooh~" I leaned by his legs, and he rubbed his cock. His cum covered my face, and I licked it all up. "The best sex I've ever had, and you girl made it possible. I'll fuck you forever." "I'm good with that, destroy my anus and pussy until the end of time. I'll always please you~"

HEY GUYS! That was the end of my story. Did you like? >.< I hope you enjoyed. It was my first time writing a sexual story!! I&#039;m actually a virgin, and Kate is my name, but this situation is completely made up. I&#039;d really love to be fucked by a huge cock and my pussy eaten, but unfortunately that&#039;s not gonna happen ;-;
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