OFFICE FUN 5: The Shop

OFFICE FUN 5: The Shop

Like all my stories, this is a story with sex as opposed to a hard-core porn story.


I decided to take everyone at their word. The following day, Tuesday, I came into the office and greeted everyone as I normally did, though the greeting I received back was much more attentive and sweet. I dropped my purse and bag on my workstation surface and went about turning on all the machines, changing phone messages, etc. I stood in the center of my circular workstation and realized I had eyes from many directions on me. There was no reason for anyone but me to know that I might act so quickly to a suggestion made last night. But, they were anticipating … or hoping.

I looked around at everyone and just then Bob walked in the front door and stopped in his tracks at the sense he had walked into something. He spotted me standing, saw my fingers move to my blouse buttons, and smiled as he proceeded through the front area, past me and into his office. But, he only dropped his backpack there and leaned against the door jam to watch along with the others.

I opened my blouse, pulled it from the skirt, and slid it off my shoulders and down my arms. I carefully folded it and turned to check the reaction. I wore a black lacy bra to enhance the cleavage look. I smiled at seeing the attention I was receiving. I undid the clasp and zipper at the side of my skirt and dropped it to the floor, folding it, too. I stood in match lingerie of black lace, the panty being a bikini style. My thigh-high stockings were sheer black with lace tops, my heels were black patent-leather with 4-inch stiletto heels.

I left my workstation and walked up to Bob and lift a finger to his chin to close his mouth. “I thought they had a good idea, today could be bra and panty day.”

A few minutes later, Bill Clancy came in through the back door and stopped in his tracks as he took in the view of me sitting at my monitor in bra and panties. “Now, that’s what I am talking about.” I turned and smiled at him as he knocked at Bob’s door and went in. Bill reappeared in the doorway and caught my attention. I went into Bob’s office and stood alongside Bill. There was no time like the present to introduce the rest of the company to our motivational plan and the quicker the better, actually. If we could beat the rumor out to the shop, it would further enhance our honest intention to present a non-biased approached.

We agreed to do it the exact same way we did it with the office guys, though Bill warned me that the shop guys would likely be more playful than the office guys were. I just smiled. I remembered that all this got started when I confessed a hunger for more after having had sex with Bob one night. He recognized that hunger in me as being real when he joked about picking guys up at bars. It felt like it took no time and here I was getting fucked multiple times a day by my co-workers. And, he was right, of course; it was much nicer in a controlled environment with guys who cared about me.

Assembling the documents for signing this time was much more than last time. After collating the 20 sets of documents, I waited for the text from Bob indicating that all the shop personnel were assembled in the employee lunchroom. Bob and Bill were going to present the same information to them in the same way and undoubtedly get the same skeptical, unbelieving reaction. But, Bill was sure they would ultimately play along in the same way the office guys did. All he needed was for the supervisors to positively react and the others would follow, and the supervisors were already in on the idea.

When I got the text, I gathered the documents, a pen tucked in my stocking top, and moved the back door. I elected to walk from the small office building to the shop building across the paved surface separating the two while in my bra and panties, but NOT naked. I was still getting used to all of this. Bob was right that the exhibitionistic element was a huge turn-on, but naked outside walking across an open paved surface was more than I was ready for. As I made my way across the 30 feet of paved surface, though, I wondered if anyone’s reaction to seeing a woman carrying a stack of papers while in bra and panties would really be much different than see her naked.

But, if I thought walking across the open space was weird, entering the quiet, empty shop was more so. The shop’s layout had the delivery and shipping bays near the office building and the employee parking and entrance on the opposite side so the lunch room, lockers, and showers were on the far side of the building. Bill had taken me on a couple tours of the shop since being hired so I moved along the bays to make my way to the other side where the employee meeting was taking place, all the while expecting someone to catch me, which was weird because they would be seeing much more very shortly.

Once, again, I stopped alongside the partially open door to the lunch room and lightly rapped on the door indicating to Bob and Bill that I had arrived. The first thing I heard was, “Sorry, Mr. Hansen, but … you’re shitting us, right?” There were nervous reactions from others to the bluntness of the challenge, but the laughing response from Bill and Bob eased their tension.

Bill’s voice in response was easy and casual, “I know exactly what you are thinking because I had the exact same reaction myself when Bob presented the idea to his managers, though perhaps not in the same words.” There was more light laughter. “But, he convinced us the same way he is going to convince you, but the forms have to be signed.”

With that, he came to the door and took the forms from me with a wink and smile. He whispered, “And, I still have trouble believing it.” I smiled and agreed with him.

I stood outside the door in my lingerie feeling aroused and very naughty.

It occurred to me as I listened from outside how well Bill handled the discussion and comments. Bob was there for reinforcement of the bizarre idea, but this was Bill’s group and he was in control of it. I listened as he asked if everyone had finished reading and signing the documents, covered a few more skeptical questions, then made the final declaration that the forms required a witness and I would be doing that. They were still wondering who and how all this was going to happen when I pushed the door open and stepped into the room.

I glanced at Bob whose face was an encouraging smile and nod. It was only after taking a deep breath after a couple steps into the room to take my position alongside Bill that I realized how deathly quick a room of 22 men could be when they are shocked into disbelief. From somewhere in the group came, “No way.” “Patty?” And suddenly a lot of murmuring.

The room was made up of six round tables with four chairs around them. Right now, they were mostly filled with the workers. Along the wall to the shop was a line of three vending machines and a counter, sink, refrigerator, and two microwaves. On the opposite wall from me was another door that led to the locker room and beyond that a small shower room that I was told didn’t get much use except for the occasional situation when someone had plans for right after work.

Bill went through the same explanation that was given to the office guys. I would move from one to the other to verify the documents were signed, that they understood them, and finally to witness each. As Bill made the last comments, Bob came up behind me and undid my bra. I slipped it off my arms onto the nearest table, then shimmied out of my lace bikini panties. Bill nodded to me and I took a breath. I was about to wade into 20 men while naked. I didn’t need any verification, though, I was wet before I left the office.

After going around to each of the workers, checking documents, asking the same questions, and witnessing 20 times, I had been felt up, fondled, and probed enough that I almost came by the time I left the last man. My legs were shaking by the time I rejoined Bob and Bill at the front of the room.

Apparently, there had been a discussion or decision made about how the group would be divided. The meeting broke up and 15 of the men rose and filed out of the room giving me nods and smiles. The remaining men finally stood and moved forward from a variety of different tables as Bob and Bill also left the room.

One of them stood slightly ahead of the others, “We were asked to draw numbers.” He looked around himself, “We got lucky to be first, though nobody really felt they lost. We all get our turn, right?” I nodded. Hesitantly, he asked, “This is for real? You’re really wanting to do this with all of us?” I nodded and assured them I really was more than good about it. “All of us in the shop, the office, and managers, too?” I nodded.

“I assure you, I am. What Bob said, I believe. This is a win-win-win. You guys get laid; I REALLY get laid; and the company should show improvement if we all want this to continue. We all win.”

They didn’t need anything more than that. The next moment I had five pairs of hands on my body and soon the simple, safe touching moved to more intimate touching and probing of my body. My feet were spread wider as hands and finger moved between my thighs as I kissed one, then another, and another of the men.

I stroked the front of the pants of two men directly in front of me and found them already hard. “Somebody better get undressed now.”

That resulted in a flurry of clothes coming off and tossed onto and off nearby tables and chairs. Seeing the cocks coming into view, hard and rigid, I saw no reason for spending time sucking on them. I wanted to be fucked and my sense was they were much of the same thought.

I stood before them, a dripping pussy and erect nipples displaying my own arousal. One man stepped forward and bumped me back into one of the tables. His hands around my waist assisted me to sit on the table, my legs being lifted into the air and spread as he moved between them, his cock aimed at my open pussy. He looked down at my pussy and then at my face. I smiled and assured him not to worry about foreplay, I needed to be fucked. He smiled widely at the directness of my instruction. I sighed at the touch of his cock head on my pussy as the others crowded around the table to watch closely and to touch my willing body. His cock moved up and down my spread pussy lips until it was placed at my hole. He glanced at me and I nodded my eagerness. He pressed forward and I gasped at the initial penetration of his cock past my opening, my pussy grasping the new cock.

My head and shoulders were curled up to watch him enter me, then fell back as he continued to press smoothly into my well-lubricated pussy, his cock expanding my pussy at the same time my pussy walls clamped around the invader. He paused, pulled back slightly, pressed forward and brought another gasp from my lips. When he was fully inside me, a soft sound like a purr rumbled from my throat.

Someone took my hands and pulled them above my head, clasping them in one of his, then lightly stroking with his fingers down my arms to my armpits and my sides. Two others covered my breasts and nipples with their mouths, tongues circling the nipples, lips kissing and sucking. Another set of fingers snaked down my body to capture my clit. It felt like every erogenous zone on my body was being stimulated at the same time. These men knew what they were doing. They mixed gentleness with rough, tentative touches with aggressive thrusts and fondling.

My back arched on the tabletop as my orgasm was already cresting. So much stimulation at once from so many locations, all the while a cock was fully and aggressively pounding into my pussy, stroking my walls and slamming deep inside me. I gasped and cried out as my orgasm neared peak. Then, as if orchestrated, the cock inside me came out and I felt an emptiness of absurd proportion, all fingers, hands, lips, and tongues pulled away from me. I was gasping for the orgasm that was just a moment away from realizing. My eyes flared open, searching, and pleading silently.

I heard a soft, “Shift clockwise.”

Everybody shifted. The man on my left at my breast moved between my legs, placing my calves on his shoulders and slamming his cock into my gaping and drooling pussy. The fingers, mouths, lips, and tongues all shifted, likewise. My body rocketed back up in stimulation, quickly regaining the effects that had put it on pause for those moments. Soon, I was gasping with the same desperation and need. The stimulation of my nipples made them feel even to me to be little tight nerve ends on my breasts. My clit was throbbing from the attention and sending jolts of arousal throughout my body. The light touch on my arms, pits, and side was a combination tickling and sensory caress. The new cock in my pussy slammed at me with the same energy.

I was at my peak, again. Another moment and I would explode. I was half anticipating they would let me down, again. They all paused one after another and I groaned my frustration of anticipation of another stop when they suddenly all took me over the edge. The cock inside me erupted with a heavy spurt of cum, my clit was pinched, and each nipple twisted. I groaned, moaned, and cried out as I climaxed in extraordinary rapture.

My body shook for moments and when I focused on the men, again, they had again shifted. Nobody was in the same location and a new cock was in my pussy. He didn’t stay there long, though. He fucked my pussy deep and rough, then pressed my legs towards me further to expose my ass. I felt his coated cock press at my asshole. He searched my face and I nodded my approval. He smiled and pushed the cockhead past my sphincter. In a moment, he was fucking my asshole with the same energy. The man in a position to stimulate my clit was also working my empty, but messy pussy. His fingers moving from my pussy to my clit provided welcome lubrication to my throbbing clit. The other men resumed the attack on my other parts.

They switched like this until each of them not only came in my pussy or asshole but successfully brought me to five amazing orgasms.

They assisted me into a chair, one getting me a bottle of water and another draping a shirt over my upper body. I was bleary-eyed and dazed. Sounds were coming from my mouth and I could hear sounds from them, but nothing was making any sense. I was securely supported in the chair by two of the men, one kissing my forehead, the other stroking my shoulder and arm.

As my eyes began taking in the scene around me, I found Bill standing in the doorway. He had a gentle smile on his face as he watched his guys attending to me, then begin dressing for the start of their workday. Bill came and sat with me at the table as the guys filed past, kissing the top of my head, and voicing their thanks.

I looked at Bill with fatigue showing across my body, “Wow! Those guys worked me like they were porn movie regulars.”

Bill laughed, “Maybe just from watching too much porn.”

One of the guys came back in and went to the lockers, returning with a towel he handed to me. He winked, “You might want to bring some towels … you know, for times like this.” I smiled and thanked him.

* * * * *

I did use the shower room and felt weird the entire time. It was an open shower area with three showerheads on each side, completely open. I had the feeling that I was doing something nasty, like taking a shower in the boys’ locker room, which I was, I guess. It also dawned on me that everyone in the company now had seen me naked, so being in their showers wasn’t going to expose me any further.

I slipped on my heels and carried my stockings, bra, and panties as I exited the lunch room and walked through the shop to the other end so I could cross the paved lot to the office building. That walk through the shop was anything but discrete and quiet. What guys weren’t working in the area I passed, moved from their workstation to form a line of appreciation with clapping and whistles. At the far end, I turned and gave them an elaborate curtsy.

* * * * *

I turned from my monitor at the sound of Bob’s voice. “Bill reported you got quite a workout this morning. Are you okay? You need some rest time before …”

I smiled as I leaned back in my chair, my legs parting slightly in the casual pose. “Before the next round, you mean?” He blushed and nodded. “No … I’ll sleep well tonight, though.”

He sat on the edge of my station, “You know I am going to be asking you frequently just to be sure … are you still wanting to do this?”

I spread my legs wide and ran a finger through my pussy. He could see it start to glisten right before his eyes. “I appreciate your concern, Bob, both as a boss and a friend.” My other hand rose to a nipple and I fondled it before realizing I was doing it. I blushed and looked at him shyly, but I didn’t stop what I was doing. “To be honest, I didn’t really understand what this was going to fully entail. Neither of us did. It was just very erotic and arousing. I said I want to change and have the cock I was denied and you had the idea to accomplish that.” I pulled my finger from my pussy and lifted it to my mouth as our eyes locked on each other. I exaggerated the motion of sucking my finger. “It is a lot, I won’t lie about that. Almost every day is multiple partners, but … and this will make me sound like a wanton slut … I love it. It’s what I wanted … so thank you.”

He laughed, “There are 26 others who are thanking you!”

He turned to go back to his office but turned around. “By the way, is this a new dress code for you?”

I laughed, “Well, I liked Ted’s idea that I could choose my attire and switch it around to be interesting. I started the day in ‘Bra and Panties Day’ and switch by mid-morning to ‘Naked Day’. Is anyone complaining?”

“Oh, Hell, no!”

* * * * *

I returned to the shop an hour and a half before quitting time. I was still dressed in my ‘Naked Day’ attire which meant I had my heels on. The guys in the office enjoyed the wanton-me very much. After being in the enclosed space of the office for hours, it felt very sensual just to be walking outside across the open space of the paved lot. I had already scoped it out and there were few lines-of-sight where I would be visible off the company property … but still.

My walk through the length of the shop created the same reaction as when I left in the morning. My hands weren’t empty, though. My clothes were in the office but I was carrying the mail that was directed to the shop. That meant the mail was being delivered later than normal, but I was combining two activities. I was doing my bit for improving productivity, you might say.

I dropped the mail on Bill’s desk and he shook his head. I asked what, “It’s hard to believe it’s that time of day already. I’m going to give it some more time before talking to Bob, but the singular focus I have seen in the shop today has been astounding. Even during breaks guys are talking about problems and solutions.” I smiled. “I don’t know, Patty, but this might really work.” His eyes moved over my body. “I hope you are ready because these guys really want this to continue.” I moved to his side, parted my legs, and indicated with my eyes. He tentatively moved a finger to my pussy, pulled it back and licked the juice off it.

“Yeah, I’m ready!” I smiled. “When I am standing in my bedroom thinking about what outrageous outfit to wear and I am already getting wet. I can’t believe I talk this way to you guys.” I left his office, giving my bare ass a little extra motion.

I was joined between Bill’s office and the lunch room by who I assumed were the next five guys. I put my arms out and took two of them to a chorus of hoots and whistles from the other guys on the floor.

I was already naked so I watched and waited for them to join me and they didn’t keep me waiting long. They formed a tight circle around me and I saw, again, how one or two guys seemed to take the lead, the others willing to follow. I sank to my knees and moved from one cock to the next with one in my mouth and two in my hands. I finally focused on two of them to get the party going.

It wasn’t long before I was being assisted to my feet and bent forward over the nearest table. With my breasts pressed into the tabletop, I spread my feet wide to give the first one access and he took it. With one hand on my waist and the other guiding his cock up and down my pussy slit, he found my hole and press forward, his hand on my waist holding me to the table as he pressed in. Back and forth, pushing and pulling, his cock moving in, pulling out, and moving further in. I moaned softly as he worked his cock deeper into me and I heard him making similar sounds.

Once he was seated deep in me, I looked to the side and found another hard cock near the table. I motioned him to me and I wiggled my body across the table to take his cock in my mouth. After a while, the man in my pussy was thrusting hard and grunting. I thought he would cum first, but the man at my mouth suddenly pulled from my lips and I knew he almost lost it but wanted my pussy, too.

I felt thick fingers at my clit and flipped my head around to find a different man on his knees intent on raising my arousal. I pressed my hands into the tabletop as my orgasm rose and the man fingering me pressed hard against my clit as the cock inside me spurted into my pussy. That sent me over the edge and my orgasm joined his. I cried out as he moaned and groaned and grunted with each spurt of his cum.

The next man just replaced the previous one. He stepped up behind me and slipped into my drooling hole. The third man asked me to flip over, which I did with the help of the last two to stabilized the table as I turned. Each one came in me and I came again on the third fuck.

The last two were big, strong guys, maybe the biggest I had seen in the shop, and they took dramatic action. Whether they had done it before or had merely worked it out between them as the others fucked me, I wasn’t sure.

One lifted me onto the table, his cock working its way into my pussy. The other guy moved me to the side so my head overhung the edge. I opened my mouth wide obediently and he slipped his cock into it. After fucking me at both ends for a while, the one in my pussy moved my legs up to his shoulders and grabbed me under the ass. The one in my mouth told me to grab his biceps as he held me under the shoulders. Then, everything went crazy. They lifted me this way and moved to the side so I was suspended in the air, held by these two men, their cocks in opposite ends of my body.

They developed a kind of one-two rhythm and I swung back and forth between them. My pussy was fucked and the one in my mouth moved back as my body and mouth followed him. The one fucking into my mouth and the guy on the opposite end duplicated the retreat and fuck motion over and over as my body went into a natural swing between them.

Then, they stopped. I wondered, unable to ask, what they were mumbling to each other about because my body and mind were truly fucked up by that time. For a few moments, I hung in the air with cocks stationary inside me, then they awkwardly began moving, again. This time it was together, both cocks thrusting into my opposing holes, then pulling back and thrusting back in. I orgasmed multiple times before I felt them both erupt, filling both holes. I had cum dripping from my pussy and from my mouth as they continued to fuck me for moments before stopping and easing me back onto the table. I lay gasping. My legs were draped over the edge of the table while spread wide and leaking the cum of four men.

Cum was pooled in my eye socket from what had escaped my mouth and I felt some running down the side of my face and into my hair. I was limp and exhausted as they lifted me to a chair. They steadied me as one of them gave me a bottle of water. I was still breathing heavily between gulps of water.

As I got some control of my breathing, I looked at the table and started giggling.

We were all sitting loosely around the table sipping water and enjoying the moment. My giggle surprised them. “What?”

“Sorry, it’s not what we did or you.” I indicated the tabletop with my head, “I wonder what the cleaning crew is going to think happened here?” We all laughed.

* * * * *

A month later and I am in the conference room with Bob and the managers. Today, I decided, was ‘Negligee Day’ and I wore a black, sheer baby doll that was closed only at a bow just below the breast. At some point during the day, I didn’t bother putting the matching panty back on. I was seated on one side with Bill Clancy. On the other side of the table was Stan Jacobs and Marty Adams. Bob was at the head of the table.

We had just reviewed the productivity and quality number for each group covering the past four-week period since the implementation of our experiment. The numbers were reviewed several times to be sure, but they appeared to be correct. Our experiment was working. The meeting was scheduled for after-hours to ensure privacy while discussing the numbers and an honest appraisal of what was happening. As it turned out, concern wasn’t warranted. The feeling of pride and accomplishment of a four-week period of success was turned toward me.

“Patty, you can’t know how good this makes me … us … feel. What you have given to this company is beyond words.” Bob was being effusive and it didn’t feel right.

I put up my hand to stop him. “I appreciate that, all of you. I assume there is a raise coming with those thanks.” They laughed, checked with each other, and nodded. Not that I ever doubted it. Bob had long said that I would be included in a generous profit sharing. “But, you know it isn’t just me. I think I am the carrot. Everyone in the company was motivated and that made the difference.”

Marty laughed, “Yeah, they were motivated to be able to continue chasing that carrot. You’re one hell of a carrot to be chasing, Patty.”

I smiled demurely, curious given the situation and my next words, “Thank you, but all this talk about carrots is getting me hungry for something else long and hard.”

We ended the meeting with another management gangbang.

* * * * *

After the meeting, I went home for a quick shower and to put on nice clothes. Bob was taking me to a nice restaurant … again. Our dinners and time spent together were becoming more frequent and natural.

I looked across the table at him and found him gazing at me, a gentle smile on his face. He had a way of sensing when there was something on my mind. I nodded.

“I heard from the girls last night.”

He nodded, playing it careful, “How are they doing?”

“Good.” I glanced up at him, lowered my eyes to the wine glass in my hands. “They are coming home for a long weekend soon.”

He nodded, again. “That’s wonderful. It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?”

I nodded this time. I looked at him and blushed as I formed the words to put him. We’d always told each other we were ‘just friends’. It had become a part of us, a tease we shared.

I cleared my throat and took a sip of the wine, “They want to meet the man who has created such a change in me.” I looked up at him. “I tried to push it off, to dispel it as something in the phone call communication, but they know me better than that.” He was watching me closely, his eyes boring into mine as if he were trying to read the thoughts inside me in case the words didn’t come out.

Then, he gave me a way out, “One man caused a change? Maybe it was twenty-six.”

I bore my gaze back into his eyes and I saw it there. The corners of his mouth rose an instant and recovered, his eyes grew misty. I smiled with another blush. With all the things we had done in the past month, how does he get me to blush?

“No … it is one man.”

He smiled back.



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