My family as it is

My family as it is

I’m Dave, or David when mom yells out and I’m in trouble for something, I’m 17 years old, a senior in high school and graduating this summer in which I plan on going to out university to become an engineer in either architectural or mechanical field, haven’t yet decided.
I live with my divorced mother Lauren, she’s 37 but she says 29 which is funny but that’s what she says.
Then my younger sister Nicole, she’s 15 almost 16, she turns that in 3 weeks and mom and I have been planning her party for a few days now.
Dad got tired of his marriage vows and decided to go fuck some other women and now he’s living across the country in New York where he’s got a new job and girlfriend.
Now that I’ve introduced everyone to you here’s how this family started its new journey in life.
Most school days starts the same way as they had even when dad was around but he’s been gone for nearly a year now and mom refuses to find another man and I have to tell you, she’s becoming a real bitch because of this.
Sis and I have talked to her sister to try to convince her to intervene but she won’t saying she needs her freedom time, just hang in there but it’s really hard when she starts yelling at us for nothing.
Now mom is as I said 37, she’s got brown hair that flows over her shoulders, she normally wears it down but like when she goes for a swim or jogging she wears it in a ponytail that is hotter than hell with her 36dd tits in her two piece suit or her sports bra, umm, I’m getting a hard on just thinking about her, ok, enough of her.
Then there is Nicole, she’s got light brown hair that she also wears down and is maybe to the middle of her back but she’s been after mom to get it cut into something called a pixie cut, something above the shoulders is all I get out of it. She’s got 34c tits and they stand out from her little frame nicely, I’ve caught glimpses of her nude and she’s got a nice figure for a little sister.
I’ve only seen mom’s tits bare a few times and that was just a brief glimpse but Nicole I’ve seen her for a bit when she thought I wasn’t home and her and her boyfriend were fucking like crazy in the livingroom.
After they were done and she came upstairs seeing me she giggled saying so, did you like the show?
I said yeah but he can’t hold it off to long and that sucks for you I bet?
She says oh I don’t mind, he can bring it back really quickly so I get off eventually.
I chuckled saying whatever works I guess and we laugh.
She says so I bet Jessica loves it when you slide your cock into her doesn’t see?
I said yeah she likes it well enough, why, you jealous or something?
She giggles saying well I’m not sure, I’ve never seen your cock yet.
I laughed saying well all you had to do was ask.
She says ok, I’m asking then.
I grunted out a blurp of a chuckle and standing up I unzipped my jeans and slid them down, then as I started pulling down my boxer briefs her eyes were glued on my crotch.
When I stood up and my cock was hanging there all she said was oh fuck me now David please and I just laughed saying what, your guy wasn’t enough and she says no, please, you’re fucking a monster, I want to feel your cock in me, please?
I said nope, I don’t do sloppy seconds, maybe when you’re not filled up with his cum I’ll think about doing you then, she slaps my shoulder saying shit head, I said bitch and we call each other that when we’re playing back and forth before mom gets home.
That was the first time I’d ever seen my sister totally naked and she wasn’t at all shy about letting me see her after that.
Our morning starts off like all families, being called down to breakfast because we’re up in our rooms getting ready or sleeping in most times.
Mom wears the same thing every morning; she has on a t shirt with holes in the sides and one in the front just below her tit.
Sis comes down in a pair of gym shorts and a t shirt that shows off her nipples poking thru and not too much showing.
I wear a pair of gym shorts that aren’t too long and a t shirt so mostly it covers everything until I get a glimpse of mom’s tits or pussy or sis teases me by showing me her pussy by pulling the leg opening out and flashing me.
Then that’s when it gets a bit uncomfortable after that, my cock according to my girlfriend Pamela is a healthy 8” and almost 3” across.
Nicole loves making me hard because the head sticks out of the bottom of my shorts as I sit there and she likes seeing mom’s reaction when she gets an eye full of it.
Well one morning last week Nicole got caught flashing me and she was sent to her room for it, mom says how awful for her to do that to you, it must make you uncomfortable doesn’t it honey?
I smiled saying yeah a bit and mom looks down at my crotch as I’m sitting there and seeing the head poking out of my shorts she gasps and not saying anything runs out of the kitchen and doesn’t come back before I leave for school.
Well it was early spring and Nicole’s party was this weekend, mom and I hadn’t spoken about her little teasing thing anymore but Nicole was begging me to fuck her for her present at least, I said ok, ok, if you don’t get fucked on your birthday, I do you that entire night ok, if you can take that many times and she laughs saying I’ve had Ben fuck me nine times before we quit, I chuckled saying yeah but he’s not me now is he?
She just smirked raising her right eye brow saying nothing but smiling.
That next morning was Friday morning, I told mom that Thursday morning next week we were off for prep day, and she checked her calendar saying hum, you’re right, what is prep day?
I said it’s so the teachers can get all their crap together for graduation and all, so they have to work it but we get it off, she says strange they don’t let it be on a Friday, I said you’re tell me, we all said the same thing but they wanted Friday so that’s that.
Saturday morning we all came down separately, it’s great to sleep in and I also call Pam and we talk some before I come down, mainly about fucking and shit like that but when we can see each other that weekend and when we can fuck some more, she’s as horny as I am I think.
Pam is my height, that’s one of the things I love about her, she’s also got some awesome tits, they are 34d and she loves it when I nibble on them as I’m slamming her pussy with my cock.
Well mom came downstairs and was busy in the living room when I finally came downstairs, Nicole was already gone with her girlfriends, they took her to the mall so she could pick out her present leaving mom and I alone for the morning.
She smiled saying want some breakfast honey?
I said yeah but I’ll get it, no problem so I walked in and I didn’t see she was behind me as I went in there, I turned around and nearly knocking her over I grabbed her shirt trying for her arm and as she went down her top tore open and nearly off and seeing her tits in full panoramic view I got super hard and my cock came out the bottom of my right leg opening and that was all it took.
She feels my cock pressing against her leg, she looks down and moans, she tries to get up and leave but when she moves I think she’s falling again and grip tighter and that’s when she busts out with let me go, you’re hurting me and I do and she falls on her ass on the floor and she starts screaming at me that I did that on purpose how dare I let her fall.
I looked at her as I stood up, top all torn nearly off fully exposing her tits to me, my cock is rock hard now and all I thought right then and there was I was going to fuck her and fuck her hard right now so I saying nothing bent down, taking her tits in my hands as she tries to push me away I looked into her eyes saying nothing to her it was all eye contact, she calms down and laying back she offers herself to me, I drop my shorts, she gasps hard and loud, I bend down taking her shorts in my fingers and as she raises her hips I pulled down her shorts and off, she is lying there totally nude and letting me soak in her beauty for a moment.
I squat down between her legs and touching her moist pussy she jumps slightly but I don’t move my hand from her slightly covered mound.
She moans as I run my fingers through her slit, touching her folds gently, she arches her back as I play with her and when she gets close she moans loudly pinching her nipples and it’s then that I slide not one but two fingers into her moist hole and she screams oh god yes and she shakes and twists all over the kitchen floor rolling thru numerous orgasms.
I hold my fingers deep inside her and as she calms down off them she looks at me smiling, I pull out my fingers and licking them tasting her musky scent I slide my cock into her and she arches her back again saying oh yes baby, fuck mommy’s pussy, fuck me hard with you big cock, I need it so badly.
I’m slamming my hard cock deep into her as she and I become one on the floor, she’s gripping my back as if to say you’re not going anywhere for a long time and I’m certainly not going anywhere except deeper into her wanting hole.
I’m fucking mom for a long time and when I feel myself close I grunt out I need to cum and all she says oh yes baby, give it to me, give mommy your hot load and with that I let go all I have at that point deep into her pussy.
Mom shakes and shivers, she’s moaning loudly and as we settle back down Nicole is standing there with a grin on her face saying oh my god that was hot and somehow mom finds the strength to push me off her and she grabs her shorts and torn shirt running for the safety of her room.
As I looked up at her and I’m lying there with a limp cock and a it’s dripping my cum and mom’s pussy juices, Nicole has her hand inside her pants just fingering herself to death, she rips off her shorts and before I could say no, she’s atop me and sliding down my now hardening cock and she rides me for three orgasms of her own.
As she takes my load I can’t help but think of mom and so after we calm down I say I need to go to her, stay here and don’t follow me.
Nicole is smiling like a Cheshire cat saying ok, ok, go on and she rolls off me laying there on the floor.
I grab a towel off the stove door and wiping myself of as I go to her room, I don’t knock, I walked in as she crying on the bed face down.
I come around to what was dad’s side and climb atop her bed, I say mom, it’s ok, really, don’t cry and she looks over at me still nude saying I just allowed my teenage son to fuck me like some cheap whore, what’s so ok with that.
I said mom, it happened, don’t beat yourself up over it, you needed some attention and it happened.
She looks at me with a petrified look in her eyes, she said yes I did, but it shouldn’t have been you that I did it with, but you’re my son for heaven’s sake.
I said mom, it’s ok, really, no one will ever know and believe me, I loved it as much as you did if not more and I leaned over and kissed her cheek and as she rose up after that I kissed her lips, she cooed as that happened and then as she rolled over onto her back to look at me I climbed atop her and as spread her legs apart for me once more and I fucked her again, this time we did it four more times until she could hold any more of my cum in her and it was flowing out of her stretched out hole but we didn’t care anymore.
She laid there smiling but with a bit of apprehensiveness in her gaze too, I held her close and not letting her leave me for a time I said look mom, if it’s any consolation I’m not ashamed of making love to you and as far as Nicole, well she’s been wanting me to do her for a long time and she got it this morning after you left, so, she’s ok with it too, you just need to talk to her about it and set some kind of guide lines for the new future ok?
Mom looks at me saying but you’re my children, I shouldn’t be having sex with you, it’s all wrong.
I said and you’re been dating for how long now?
She says that’s beside the point, the point is, it’s wrong.
I said ok, so I won’t make love to you anymore with my huge cock that feels so good inside your pussy, she slaps me saying stop that, that’s not fair, I laugh saying so, it’s not fair to let me have you twice and no more now is it?
She says but that was a fucking of desperation and nothing else, I laughed saying bullshit and you know it, so when you get honest with yourself you’ll see I’m right and that will be it after that, I’ll be out talking with Nicole or with a slight chuckle knowing her fucking her some more when you come to your senses.
I get up kissing her lips and as l left her lying there with a after fucking glow to her I went outside to where Nicole was and we sat there talking.
I asked her why she was home so soon, she said that her best friend wasn’t feeling well and they rescheduled for later this week.
I said well now that you’ve seen what happened we need to talk and she smiled saying don’t worry bro, my lips are sealed, really, I’m no fool.
I said good because mom is really uptight about this whole thing right now, so don’t say anything until she does ok?
She says got it bro, so, does this mean we can still have sex?
I laughed saying well I guess it does, but like all things, it stays in this house ok?
She says ok with a huge smile coming from her face and her reaching down to my cock.
I chuckled saying let’s wait a bit ok, mom is feeling low because of what happened and she needs us to be there for her, Nicole frowned but understood and I went back into her room to talk.
When we came out of her room she wouldn’t look at Nicole face to face, I held up my hand to Nicole and she got what I was saying I hoped, she smiled saying nothing but mom was a bit upset.
It wasn’t until later that evening before mom actually said something to her and when that happened it was like a damn burst open and there was lots of crying and hugging between them and I just sat back in awe.
After they wiped there tear filled eyes dry and they were done with their girly affections it was somewhat obvious that they were ok with each other now.
We said nothing about the earlier events that evening, Sunday mom and I finished the plans for Nicole’s birthday bash which included a pool party and I even told mom that she might as well stay inside because us horny teens being in the pool are going to be having sex and she didn’t like the idea but accepted the fact that we were right.
Well the party was a smash, there was some light sexual touching and fingering, even a blow job in the corner, the birthday girl did get fucked by her boyfriend in the pool and all was cool about that.
When everyone was gone and it was just the three of us, I took off my suit and jumped into the pool asking who wants to join me and Nicole of course was right there but it took mom a bit to warm up to the fact that we were naked and swimming and she got into the pool with her suit on but eventually took her top off swimming that way.
That night I fucked Nicole all night until we were both exhausted and for teens that takes a bit to do.
The next morning when we got up we stayed that way but mom still had on her panties but no top, we let her go until finally later that evening as Nicole went to her room with my coaxing I got mom naked fully and she and I had sex once again there on the floor, she was like a crazy woman with me inside her, she wanted me never to pull out and to just fuck her until we both passed out but I did anyways much to her dismay.
After that I set down some rules, if, if she wants this to continue then she’s going to have to play by the rules, and that is if we’re naked she is to be too, none of this half way crap and mom started to say something but I stopped her saying just a moment, I said we’re a family and families don’t have to be prudes around them, right?
Mom smiled, I said well, now, I love you and so does Nicole so, be open about this and we’ll all have a regular family but with no boundaries to hold us back, she finally looked at me saying ok, I will try, I said nope, no trying, you’ll do it and you’ll do fine.
She stands up, pulling off her panties saying here, you keep them, toss them in the laundry basket, I’ll not be needing them anymore, I said there you go and we walked out together to find Nicole in her room and not even out where I left her.
I think she was relieved to not find her daughter there then, so we sat down and watched some TV with her hand on my cock and my hand just slightly rubbing her clit.
It was soon after that, that she bent down taking me into her mouth and started sucking me off until I blew, she swallowed it all and as she came up I looked at her as she licked her lips saying wow, you taste as good as I imagined, I said well let me see and I pulled her legs apart and went down on her as she came almost instantly I was lapping her juices up and after she was done I said umm, you’re right as we laughed at each other.
That was the start of our new family relationship, no more clothing was worn, except when we had company and no one was jealous of the other when I was fucking the other, so it all worked out for the good of the family.
I’m attending the university for my degree now and I still live at home but they both know that sometimes I won’t come home because of having a party or being with another girl that I’ve met, they both know I’m going to find that perfect woman for me and I’ll stay with her, so I’m glad they accepted that part of growing up.
Mom has started seeing other guys and has brought some home a few times but she doesn’t like having him there when we’re home because of the no clothing situation, it might be hard to explain if he would see Nicole nude and all or even me for that matter.

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