An Amazing Night

An Amazing Night

The Amazing Night.

“I’ll be there in about half an hour.” said Michael.

After Chris hung up the phone he was excited for the first time in a long time. His favorite cousin, Michael was coming over to visit. It was Friday night and Chris was awaiting his cousin to come over. They used to be really close as kids, and now with both of them 16, they were eager to finally see each other, after about 4 years.

Chris was enjoying a slice of leftover pizza when the doorbell rang. He rushed to get it and opened the door to see a new and improved Michael. They hugged and then Chris stepped back to check his cousin out. He thought in his head how sexy Michael had gotten. Michael was about 5’10 and from a quick glance, 185 pounds. He wasn’t ripped with muscles, but he was toned.

Chris was in awe for a few minutes when finally Michael said “ Dude, what are you staring at!”
“Nothing.” quickly replied Chris.

They had sat down, and Chris’s parents would be gone for the weekend, so they plopped on the couch with a couple of beers. Chris was 6 feet, and about 187 pounds. He played football, so he was really muscular, and he got a lot of hot girls. But he recently became bi-curious, and beat off frequently thinking about fucking hot guys.

After a while it was around 6 and both boys were a little wasted. Michael struggled to his feet and walked into the bathroom. Chris sat, dazed, and flipped to a porn channel. It was a video he’d seen before, with two guys and a girl. He got turned on quickly, but not by the girl, but by the hot guys. After a few minutes, Chris heard the shower turn on and as soon as he heard the door slide back, he pulled out his cock and started to jack off.

Chris was about 4 inches while soft, and a nice 8.5 inches while he was hard. As he quickly jacked off while watching the porno, he seen the girl sit back as the two guys began to fuck. He got instantly turned on as one guy slowly licked the others asshole. He dreamed constantly about the sensual taste of a guy’s asshole, but never let his dreams come to reality.

After about 5 minutes he started to feel his self beginning to come. The porno got really wild as one guy started to fuck the other in the ass, another thing Chris often dreamed about. He felt his self begin to shoot, and then there were white globs of semen spurting all over the place. He kept going until all of it had came out, and then as a shock to him, Michael came out of the bathroom.

“Oh shit Chris!” Michael yelled as he ran into the kitchen.

Chris cleaned up and went into his room, to ashamed to apologize to Michael. He laid in his covers and soon fell asleep. When he woke up it was around 8 a clock and Michael was downstairs on the phone with his girlfriend. When Chris came down, Michael told her he would call her back and then hung up the phone.

“Look, I’m sorry, are we still cool.” said Chris to Michael.
“Yeah man, I didn’t know you were fucking off, I’m just pissed I saw your dick.”

“It’s not really that bad bro.” said Chris.
“Whatever.” said Michael.

They started drinking again and then Michael suggested the best idea of the weekend, truth or dare. Chris quickly agreed and Michael was first. He choose Truth.

“Are you into guys?” asked Chris
“Yeah a little, I’m bi-curious.”

Then Chris picked dare and things got a little interesting. Michael dared him to take off his shirt, so Chris did, revealing one of the sexiest 16 year old bodies Michael had ever feasted his body on. He gawked for a few seconds, then realized Chris was noticing, and stopped. Michael was next and chose dare.

“I dare you to take off your shirt too.” said Michael.

Michael took off his shirt to reveal his sexy body. He had a tattoo on his left rib that said, God on it. Chris was a sucker for tattoo’s and almost drooled over Michael’s. The room was soon full of lust, and even though Chris didn’t know it, Michael was enjoying the situation as much as him. And soon Michael would take advantage of it. Chris, went next and pulled dare.

“I dare you to get butt naked.” said Michael.

Chris unbuttoned his pants and then pulled them down to his ankles. Michael noticed his incredible bulge and waited anxiously to see Chris’s manhood. Chris slowly pulled down his boxers and his hard cock popped out like a jack in the box. Michael had full view of Chris’s 8 inch surprise. He started in awe and admired his cousin’s amazing dick. Michael picked dare, and then Chris dared him to do the same thing. He pulled down his pants, and to Chris’s surprise, he had no boxers on.

“Where are your boxers?” asked Chris.
“I never put any on, is that cool?” asked Michael.

They never put there clothes back on, and after some more drinking, it was about 2 am and it was time for bed. Chris slept in his bed, and Michael slept in Chris’s parents bed. After watching some boring TV reruns, he started jacking off thinking of Michael’s hot body. When he came he laid down in his bed and dosed off. He was awoke by Michael looking around on his dresser for something. He opened his eyes, and seen one of the most amazing things he had ever seen. Michael was totally naked, bent over, with his nice thick ass in full view. He turned around, not knowing Chris was asleep and got in Chris’s bed.

It was around 4 am when Chris was awaken by a bad dream. He looked over and saw naked Michael in his bed. He pulled back the covers and slowly ran his hand down Michae’s back, and then started rubbing his ass. It felt so good in the palm of his hands, as he got both of his hands, and jiggled his ass cheeks slightly. He thought to stop, but sexuality took over him and he slid down the bed and rested his head on Michael’s ass.

He kissed his back and slid down to his as cheek. He kissed each cheek twice, and then licked each one. He spreaded his ass cheeks and licked Michal’s asshole. The sensation was to much for Chris, so he kept on doing it. He soon started fingering Michael’s ass, while sticking licking the asshole, and the finger. He started to lick even harder when the unexpected happened.

“Please don’t stop.” said Michael.

Chris was shocked, one of the sexiest guys he ever met wanted to fuck him! He didn’t hesitate, he got up and turned the light on and mesmerized Michael’s ass. He then licked it like no tomorrow, and then flipped him over to see his 9 inch cock. He licked the shaft up and down, and then sucked the balls. He put the head in his mouth and licked it. Then he got ready, and put Michael’s whole dick in his mouth. He started to suck it and noticed that the taste of Michael’s dick had me him hard as a rock. He went up and down and soon almost passed out from the sheer pleasure. Michael pressed his head down, and than Chris sucked Michael’s dick as hard as he can.

After a while, Michael announced he was about to come. Chris said, “go ahead” and kept sucking. Then something hit Chris in the back of the throat and he swallowed it all. He was so tasty, and Chris almost died in ecstasy. He flipped Michael over, and licked his ass again. Then he got his bottle of lube, lubed up his now 9 inch dick, and lubed up Michael’s sexy asshole. He then slid his dick in Michael’s ass. It slid in just right, and Chris started fucking Michael as hard as he can. Michael grabbed onto the headboard as he screamed from the pleasure. After a few minutes, Chris said he had to come, so Michael started sucking Chris’s dick.

Michael tasted his ass while sucking the dick, and that turned him on even more. Chris came in Michael’s mouth, and Michael swallowed it all. He smiled after he tasted the delicious baby batter.

They fell asleep, with Chris holding Michael’s ass close to his cock. They slept like that, all night. And when they woke up they both had the same thought. What an amazing night.

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